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Alpha/Stiles Stilinski Smut

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! 

Stiles hasn’t been sleeping lately, he’s been having nightmares. So I’ve decided to stay with him for a few nights.

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Why did Mare not help his host out... Just sitting there and letting him get choked is not cool, dude :((

(Thank you for the transition, cutie pie!)

Mare can’t survive for too long outside of a body, but it’s been a while since he’s visited Scott. He doesn’t want to interrupt Nate’s recording, so he slips away quietly, not even bothering to tell him that he’s going. He doesn’t think Nate would care anyway.

He’s in the middle of a conversation with his friend when he feels Nate’s heart rate pick up and start racing. Mare presses a hand to his chest. Nate could be exercising again, maybe going for a run after recording, but… this feels different. There’s fear in it.

Normally that would be a good thing for the figment, but not when it’s his host, not when he feels Nate being choked. Mare falls to the floor, gasping for a breath, but if Nate can’t breathe, neither can he. Nate’s panic, his biggest fear, floods Mare’s mind with static until finally the hands relent. Without an explanation, Mare disappears to find his host.

Dark is gone by the time he shows up to find Nate gasping for breath and carefully brushing his fingers along the bruises forming quickly on his neck. He’s still shaking. Mare, trying to control his own trembling, kneels down in front of Nate, eyes wide with fright and guilt. “Dark,” Nate manages to squeak out, but Mare shakes his head.

“Don’t speak,” Mare mouths.

If this damages Nate’s voice at all… it’ll be all his fault. His fault for not being there when Nate needed him most. His fault for angering Dark in the first place, and Dark, he knew just how to hurt Nate most. Anger swells in the figment’s chest, and Nate can feel it, too. He shakes his head. They don’t need to start a war.

But Mare wants to, more than anything right now. He specifically would like to take a metal pipe to Dark’s face, but he doesn’t know how well that would go over. Frankly, he doesn’t care. But he doesn’t want to get Nate into any more trouble, so instead, Mare melds with his host again and takes them both to Ego Inc., to the clinic.

Dr. Iplier looks up from his desk when Nate suddenly appears in a pool of mist in his office. Mare points to the bruises, and Dr. Iplier jumps up. “Don’t speak. I want one blink for ‘yes’ and two for ‘no.’” With that system, Dr. Iplier slowly pieces together what happened and starts to do what he can. “Don’t use your voice. Everything’s all swollen for now, but with time, it should come back.”

He glances up at Mare. “This is what happens when you challenge Dark. Take my advice and stay away from him. Next time, he won’t be merciful enough to stop before Nate’s dead.”

Mare bites his lip and looks down at his hands.

“Is Nate doing ok?” Mare blinks twice, and Dr. Iplier sighs. “Go see the Host on his floor. He might be able to help a little. Sometimes his narrations can heal simple wounds, and if nothing else, he can help calm Nate’s nerves.”

Mare pauses a moment. He doesn’t know a lot of sign language, but he does know how to say “thank you.” Dr. Iplier shakes his head. “It’s what I do.” With that, Natemare disappears. Dr. Iplier has to stop himself from punching a wall, but on top of his anger, he doesn’t need a broken hand, too.

The Arrangement (Part 4)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Summary: You’ve had a friends with benefits arrangement with Yoongi for about a year now and things are going smoothly. Or they were going smoothly until Namjoon stumbled on your dirty secret. Now things are way out of control.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader. Pairings may change depending on the chapter.

Warnings: Smut, oral, pet names, exhibitionism, dirty talk, sub!Hoseok

Words: 1951

Originally posted by meanyoongis

               Before you’re even inside your apartment your phone rings, Hoseok’s face lighting up more than just your phone screen. He always manages to make your day a bit brighter and has an insanely creepy way of knowing just when you need him. At the start of your relationship you were hesitant to get close to him as his very aura managed to drip sunshine; however, when he finally let you in on the part of him that wasn’t all rainbows sprinkled with happiness you relaxed. All the nervousness fell away until it was just you and Hoseok. The real Hoseok.

               “Hobi!” You greet him excitedly. “What’s up?”

               “Not much.” His sweet voice is muffled through the phone. “We just finished dance practice and I wanted to call and check on you.”

               “Oh, well, I’m just getting off of work. I was supposed to get off two hours ago but they asked me to stay a while longer.”

               “Wait, that’s why you left in such a hurry this morning?” Relief is obvious in Hoseok’s tone. “I thought you were angry with us.”

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He Pretends to be Your Boyfriend

Scott: “You know (y/n), you haven’t had a boyfriend in a while,” your annoying, snotty Aunt spoke, making your eyes grow wide and nearly choke on your water you were currently drinking. You sat in your living room with some family members, and your best friend Scott. Scott had been over when your Aunt and a few siblings decided to drop in, much to your dismay. You didn’t say anything as you watched your Aunt take a sip of her tea, your mother giving her sister a look of dissaproval. “I’m just saying, you must be doing something wrong. You need to have a man in your life,” she said, making you want to not only curl up into a ball of embarressment because she was saying this all in front of Scott, but also punch her in the face because of her arrogance. “Actually,” Scott piped up, slinging his arm over my shoulder, “I’m her boyfriend.” Good thing you weren’t taking another sip of water, because you’re pretty sure it would be all over the room right now. You watched as you Aunt’s face fell, and your mother suppress a laugh as she watched Scott smile cheekily in your Aunt’s direction. “Well,” you Aunt said flustered and a bit awkward, “very well then.”

Stiles: “What about this one?” You asked holding up a dress towards yourself, admiring the light green fabric. “(Y/N) honestly, you look beautiful in anything,” Stiles said a bit tired, making a small blush rise up your cheeks. You had dragged Stiles with you to get a dress for your cousins sweet 16, and after almost an hour, you could tell Stiles was getting pretty tired. “Okay, I’ll just get this one seeing as you look like you could take a nap right now,” you laughed, making Stiles smile and spring up from the seat he had taken on the ground, the two of you walking over to the checkout line. As you approached the counter, a boy took the dress from you, scanning it and swiftly putting it in a bag. “I’ll just add the employee discount to that for you,” he smiled as you handed him over the amount of money. “Uh, thanks,” you said thankfully as Stiles gave the guy a weird look. “Anything for a beautiful girl like you,” he said as you immediately felt an arm reach its way around your waist. Stiles tugged you closer to him, eyeing the cashier as you picked up the bag from the counter. “Uh, sorry man, didn’t know you were her boyfriend,” the boy said nervously, making you shake your head. “Oh no, he’s not-” you started, but got cut off by Stiles. “Mhm buddy, keep your eyes off,” Stiles said trying to act tough, leading you away from the cashier before you could say another word.

Isaac: “Now, choose your partner carefully, because you will not only be working with this person for the next two months, but it will directly account for forty percent of your grade in this class. And with those wise words of advice, go!” The teacher said, making everyone in the class spring up from their seats and run to the person they wanted as their partner. You looked over at your only friend in the class, Isaac, who already had a smile on his face as he sat down next to you. “Partners?” He asked, but just as you were about to respond, a boy walked up to you. You knew he was in a few of your classes, but you had never really talked to him. “Hey (y/n), want to be partners?” He asked cockily, already pulling up a seat before you had even responded. “So I can’t really work on this project all that much because of lacrosse practice, but I’ll make the cover page if you want?” He asked as you raised your eyebrows. Like hell you were doing all this project by yourself. “I don’t really know what you think, but I think (y/n) would rather work with her boyfriend, but that’s just my opinion,” Isaac stated rather annoyed, as you couldn’t help but let out a slight chuckle at the guys reaction. It was silent for a few moments while the boy stared at Isaac. “Oh, um yeah, of course,” he mumbled, standing up and walking away defeated as you looked at Isaac, both of you bursting into laughter.

Liam: “Liam, I need you to do me a favor,” you asked as the both of you stood in the hallway. “And what would that be?” He asked as he shoved a random textbook into his locker. You closed your locker and leaned against it as you nervously bit your lip. “Pretend to be my boyfriend,” you spit out before you had even realized what was happening. You hand flew to your mouth as your eyes bulged out of your head as he closed his locker and looked at you. “Excuse me?” He asked confused. “Look I-” You began to explain before a boy walked up, making you groan. “Why hello (y/n), looking lovely today,” the boy said as you put a fake smile on your face. You were pretty new to Beacon Hills, and this one boy has been bugging you since you got here. “So have you reconsidered my offer for a date yet?” He asked with eyebrows raised as you took a deep breath to remain calm. “Not entirely,” you said honestly as Liam looked between the two of you, jaw clenched together. “Well like I’ve said before, the offer still stands, and I would love to take you out,” he said. This kid would just not give up. Liam must have understood what was happening, because the next thing you knew, his arm was wrapped around your waist, and his lips briefly met yours. You tried not to look too shocked as Liam turned to face the boy. “Sorry, she’s taken,” he said with a big smile on his face.

A/N: Requests are open! For preferences, specify scenario and if you want specific guys in it, if not, I will just do a few random ones. For imagines, specify which guy and scenario(:

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i really loved this episode, especially that it was so luke heavy. but it also focused on the political side of this world and it was interesting to see how everyone acts in such situations

- even though magnus understood that it was the right decision to keep his and alec’s professional and private lives seperate, he was still hurt. their decisions are already being questioned, on both sides. so it’s not easy to make this work, especially now when they are both leaders of their people
magnus is still in so much pain and his insecurities are even more visible now, that ‘have i done something wrong’ absolutely broke my heart. because he just blames himself for everything, even when none of it is his fault

- even though i know alec and magnus are dating, every time they mention it, i live. alec calling magnus his boyfriend, i need more of those small but important moments

- MR. LIGHTWOOD AND MR. BANE I SCREAMED they tried so hard to keep it professional but they managed to sound flirty even in such a situation. they’re so in love and they can’t stop themselves even for five minutes

- magnus congratulating alec on his promotion and then supporting his decisions… I LIVE. power couple af

- and magnus’ face when raphael called him out was amazing haha ‘son, i don’t need this right now’ ‘dad, please’

- alec being the head of the institute is everything. he’s been waiting his whole life for this and finally it has happened
and izzy being a proud sister? i have so many feels about this, i love it

- alec and izzy tried so hard to keep straight faces when jace said book club… bless their solidarity

- alec reaching out to luke specifically to show him respect was such an important moment
alec is trying really hard to unite everyone, even when the clave is so unhelpful (to say the least) and he realises it too well, he knows that luke has every right not to want to attend those meetings or cooperate with shadowhunters more than is necessary

- alec being there for his mother, making sure that she’s doing okay… i just love alec so much. because no matter what happened between them in the past, he’s still making sure that maryse is somehow dealing with her situation and he reminds her that he’s by her side 

- i loved the scene between alec and luke. alec knows he needs to do A LOT to gain luke’s trust because so far shadowhunters were only failing him and he suffered too much because of them. even though alec doesn’t approve it, he understands very well why luke wanted to kill valentine on his own 

- it was a bad decision to go to valentine’s cell. but honestly? i really can’t blame luke. he tried to give the clave a chance, he tried to let them handle it. and how did that end? the clave doesn’t care about the downworlders and luke has lost too many people, he suffered too much because of valentine. of course he wanted to kill him 

- jace playing on the piano was such a beautiful scene. and that comparison to him and sebastian playing at the end. showing just how similar their lives were when they were kids, yet so different. valentine using angel and demon blood on both of them but destroying lives of both of them
(no, i’m not trying to defend sebastian in any way. but he could be a normal person if it hadn’t been for valentine… who just killed his first son and created a monster) 

- jace’s smile when maia’s name was mentioned is the most beautiful one and i loved every second of it
even though i know they could never be an actual couple, i still love the fact that their relationship or whatever it is, it brings both of them happiness

- can we talk about the fact that jace didn’t want to make another move on clary just because she had a boyfriend? because jace would never want to do something so horrible like stealing someone’s girlfriend, he didn’t even want to think about his own feelings

- jace was so worried about his boyfriend when they were about to go to the seelie realm, it was just so adorable

- 'that tree almost tore simon’s pretty face off’ 'you think i’m pretty?’ please tell me how either of them is straight, i’ll wait 

- all those cute things jace said about simon… yeah, tell me how jace isn’t in love with simon 

- maryse congratulating alec on his promotion and supporting him, i love everything about this. and when she mentioned alec writing his own memos in crayon when he was a kid, i was in tears. i love when she mentions all those moments from the past that show they are family, a real family 

- maryse trying to fix her mistakes, make things right with everyone she hurt… i can’t wait to see that. she’s always wanted to do the right thing but in doing so she hurt a lot of people. and now she realises this. i hope we will get to see more of this, especially that her situation with luke still needs more work on her part

- izzy supporting maryse, telling her to leave robert. yes, i cried a lot. even though izzy has always felt like she wasn’t enough, she still loves her mother deeply and wants her to be happy

- maryse acknowledging alec and magnus’ relationship, FINALLY realizing that her son is happy and in love and FINALLY she understands that. this means everything

- i cried even more when maryse was actually behaving like izzy’s mother. she apologised for everything wrong she’s ever done to izzy and she wants to be there for her daughter
it was one of the most important scenes in this episode

- izzy’s training scene… oh boy sign me up
but it hurt a lot to see izzy thinking that maryse wouldn’t accept her. it did happen way too many times and now izzy thought it would be the same. izzy deserves people who will love her for being her

- but can she just throw me like she threw sebastian? please and thank you

- no matter how horrible izzy feels, she’s always there to support clary. izzy is the best friend anyone could ever ask for

- seelie realm is so beautiful and all seelies that live there are just so much different from the ones who live in the real world. i hope we’ll get another look in the future 

- seelie queen is AMAZING. you can see she’s at least 10 steps ahead of everyone and she has just began plotting

- it’s really interesting that the seelie queen wanted simon to be her ally. makes you think what exactly she is thinking about

- raphael hating sebastian from the second he met him is my aesthetic 

- 'all shadowhunters look the same to me’ meliorn delivering iconic lines

- i honestly couldn’t care less about that clace kiss. the only thing i actually think about when it comes to this scene is what a huge impact it has on simon. not only was he betrayed and cheated on right in front of his eyes but it also proved everything that the seelie queen had told him. and it’s that the shadowhunters will always choose their own. whether it’s true or the queen was just using the situation, nobody can deny that this will break simon into a million pieces 

- clary needs to finally leave simon alone, she doesn’t deserve him. she needs to let him move on because she’s never loved him, at least not romantically 

- rizzy is finally dead and i love everything
it’s clear that raphael still cares about izzy but in the end, he knows that they could never be truly together 

- sebastian needs to leave maia’s name out of his evil mouth

- sebastian was freaking scary when he talked to raphael. and even though he was correct, he had no right to say any of this to raphael. sebastian is a million times worse ugh

- the last scene with sebastian was freaking scary… and also, who did he kidnap?

- sia and bjork are seelies, i love name dropping on shadowhunters

- ollie is adorable but she needs to stop snooping around or she’ll get herself hurt… or worse

- 'i’m all for unity, but does he have to bring them here?’ sounded so much like 'i have nothing against gays but can they just not do it in front of me?’
and it only proves further how horrible people most of shadowhunters are

The Wonder of You (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Originally posted by buckynsebimagines

Prompt: Ooo how about Sebastian finds out the reader is pregnant & he’s just so excited & it’s all fluff but then he ends up having to travel for filming when the reader is in their third trimester but he manages to get to the reader when she’s giving birth & it’s magical and fluff & full of love & tears & just, ya know?

Pretty please do a daddy Sebastian fan fic. Just like you I live for that shit as well. Just warms my ice heart.

A/N: P.S this is the face Seb makes when the twist happens. You have to read it to find out. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this adorable slice of parent Sebastian. Send me more prompts like this- and be specific! Thank you to @eileensalgado and @agentsofcap for their prompts! 

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Fun Fact I am the heathen who puts Ketchup AND Mayo on my burgers. In fact I love it enough I specifically order burgers with a mayo ketchup mix on them when i get fastfood.

Congrats to team Mayo!! I had meant to post this before the splet happened but my carpal was acting up as well as my brain

legend-waitforit-harry  asked:

"Wanna go out sometime?"

I just finished writing this and I have to admit that if this happened to me I would faint on the spot. I kinda proud. Under the cut cause it turned out longer than i intended. 

Prepare for a great friend Amber, a shy y/n and a very confident, and coffee lover Harry.

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@peafowlsoul I’m can’t say anything for cartain and I’m not even infer this with too much of certainty, AS the plot and situations are ever-changing but yes. I think so.

Before :re 125 I was pretty sure he’d die of exhaustion, of his own mentally mind and for the fight, though I was still still sure he’d settle with Touka before that. I didn’t think his willingness to live would be regained so easily, as what I didn’t predict was that Touka could see so well right through him, much like only Hide did before.

Between you and me, the only one who thinks you’d be better dead is you. - :re 122

This implies clearly Touka could see through him. And how do we understand she can also pass through him and extirpate what is hurting him? Because when she asks him in :re 125 why he’s crying he, for once, doesn’t answer. Doesn’t try to justify how he would, indeed, be better off dead, how it’s better for anyone, how he will die “in style” and saving everyone, a hero’s death for a hero who doesn’t bear living. No, he doesn’t answer and he embraces her, and that is how we know he’s starting to find a cure, because he’s starting to look at something, in this case someone, that isn’t his pain.

:re 125 is not “Touken sex”. It’s Kaneki starting to heal. It’s him not only fighting for ghouls because “there happens to be ghouls he cares about”, rather because he, himself as a ghoul wants to live, because he has found a reason to live, someone to live for, more specifically.

Now this will seem to contradict what I said in the post you answered to, that he’s somehow planning to give himself up in the end to CCG for the sake of his species and well, subjects. First of all, that is an idea of mine, something I can see happening. But most of all, why do I see it happening? Because I don’t see any other way for the CCG to maintain a face if they won’t punish at least one ghoul, and specifically, their leader.

Think of it as in the French revolution. When the revolutionaries decided to decapitate king Louis XVI, they weren’t just specifically punishing him. They were condemning the Ancient Regime as a whole, the system, the social injustice, the nobles and the clergy, if not politically - which was definitely the case - at least simbolically.

This is what I see happening now. In certain terms, Furuta already did it when he punished that fake Kaneki, and I don’t think it’d be him doing it, in the future. But I can see it happening.

Remember? Kaneki’s story is, by definition, a tragedy, and in :re we were reminded that “the sky above a tragedy is clear blue”, meaning that while all ghouls walk free as a result of his sacrifice, he himself met the end of his own story and those who love saw the tragedy befall upon them.

I am not human, are you?

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BTS AU (werewolf)

Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4 / Part5 /

A/N:Hello everyone, I am back with part2. Who was excited?No one?Ok well it’s just me then.Anyways I am really having fun with this Au, sorry for any mistakes made and I hope you like it. Requests are open.

Word count:  4,854

Warnings: Blood and swearing.

  You were able to reach your house with out meeting other werewolves on the way, luckily for you. As you walked in and closed the door, your mother pulled you towards the training room in the basement.The only place where she was sure no one could enter. You were sitting on the floor and your mom was looking down at you.

“Why did you go out without telling me?” she asked you, cutting through the silence 

“Because I always stay home at night.”you muffled out

  Your mother sighed and bended down “You could have asked.” you looked at her

“But you said I can’t.”

“Yes, I was talking about tomorrow, well today to be more specific.”she said “And you know why.Now tell me what happened.”

  So you did, you told her how you met the werewolves, but you said only about 4 of them, not the 5th. Why? Because you weren’t sure what she was going to say. After tonight you made your decision. Standing up you looked at your mother with a serious face. She nodded understanding what you wanted.

“You are giving up sleep for this. Are you sure?” you didn’t say anything, just kept your expression “Then, let’s start.”

  If destiny was going to place all this responsibility on your back, than you were going own this thing. Once the clock hit 7 in the morning, you were in your living room and your mother was placing cold packs on your back, trying to sooth the pain.

“Ow ow ow ow!”you were almost howling 

“This was your decision.” your mother reminded you

“I know, but still you could have gone easy on me.”you pulled your shirt down

“I could have, but what good does it do you?” she went to the kitchen to make early breakfast 

“Well for starters, my whole body wouldn’t hurt right now!”you yelled out ,holding your neck, to make sure she heard form one room away

“The thing on your neck wasn’t from me. You blocked all my high attacks, there is no way.” she yelled back ”Come to think of it, where did you get it from?”

  After you realized where you placed yourself, you began stuttering “I um…I hit myself by mistake. You know how clumsy I am.”you laughed uneasily 

“Yeah, you are right.”the sound of plates echoed from the kitchen “Come and eat, you have school remember?”

“Uhhh I totally forgot about that.” as you were eating you weren’t thinking about anything at all, you were relaxed ,before you leaned back on the chair “Ow!” remembering why you had cooling packs there.

“Careful.”said your mom

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If you’ve been hanging out for a while, you’ll recall that I had a vision of my future husband’s hand back in August of 2015. (Probably because I can’t shut up about it.)

So I was in my blog archive looking for a specific text post, and Life Entry #260 happened to catch my eye. This was written in July of 2015, maybe two or three weeks before I had that vision. It’s a letter to dear husbando, telling him that I’m ready for him.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

“But let’s face it: I’m tired of looking at the wrong guys. I’m tired of shaking their hands and shrugging my shoulders - oh well! - when they turn out to be anyone but you.” 

*arches eyebrow*

“I want to meet you. Get to know you. Get all fluttery and stupid around you. And then, I want to feel the one thing I’ve never felt before: certainty.

And the best part:

“But if you could bear with that, it would be nice to see you soon.”

A couple weeks later, I had the vision of his hand and felt that soulmate feeling of missing someone I’ve never met before.


Too Cute to Be Real II

Part 1: Hi, I’m the Prophet

Request: okay um @olgaplaygames‘s request is a little too long to describe, but I’ve kinda deviated from the original request to suit the storyline better, so it may not be exactly as they requested…

Pairing: ‘prophet’!Chuck x Reader

Summary: Reader babysits the prophet Chuck Shurley during the Apocalypse, but over time finds herself falling just a little bit deeper in love with him every day

Warnings: sad pining after your best friend

Originally posted by soluscheese

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Awkward Announcements | Liam Dunbar Imagine ft. Stilinski Family Feels

request : do you think you could do an imagine where the reader is stiles’ younger sister and she and liam have been dating for awhile and when y/n finds out she’s pregnant with liam’s baby she and liam have to tell her dad + stiles and it’s just v awkward and funny and stiles is overprotective and the sheriff is just like omg why must my children give me anxiety. 

a/n : i aged liam + you up to eighteen bc i feel like it works more, ya feel??

“Do we have to tell them?” Liam had his hands perched on the steering wheel of his car, the anxious expression that had appeared that morning still not leaving his face. You sighed, rearranging your hair in his rearview mirror and nodding. He had been going on about this for the past three hours. You knew he wasn’t ready- mostly because he also knew that your father was going to kill him whilst Stiles held Liam down- but you were ready. “I mean, we can always just go another day, right? A day wh-where I’m not susceptible to murder.” 

“Aw, look at you, using your big boy words,” you cooed, leaning over to pinch your boyfriend’s cheek. He pouted, glancing out the window toward your house. It was just after school, both you and Liam a few weeks shy of graduating, and you had called both Stiles and your dad home from work early so that you could break the news to them. 

“I’m eighteen, I know what susceptible means,” Liam grumbled. “Speaking of being eighteen, I’m too young die! It’s a miracle I’ve survived this long, can’t we just wait until after graduation? Please? I want to get my diploma before I’m killed by girlfriend’s family.” You pinched the bridge of your nose. 

“Liam Dunbar, get the hell out of this car right now, before I tell them you cheated on me and are going to leave me to be with a thirty five year old named Rhonda.” Liam huffed, shaking his head at your overactive imagination and opening his door and getting out, then coming around to your door to open it for you. You pecked him on the cheek, causing his skin to flush a little. Even after three years of being his girlfriend, he still blushed and got flustered and stuttered sometimes. “If we wait until graduation, I’m going to look like a whale, so they’ll already know that I’m pregnant. Don’t be ridiculous.” 

“Please,” Liam scoffed, taking your hand and walking up the stairs of your house with you. “You could never look like a whale. He’s just a little baby, you’re still going to look beautiful to me,” Liam smiled, slipping his other hand inside your own and moving the other one to your stomach, a prideful beam crossing his face. You leaned over to ring the doorbell, before Liam could drag you down the steps. “How long until he starts kicking?” He whispered, leaning in to gently brush his lips across yours. You grinned against his mouth. 

“How are you so sure the baby is a boy?” 

“Father’s intuition?” He joked, his hands winding around your waist. Forgetting that Stiles or your dad could walk out at any moment, you kissed him sweetly, his cold hands skimming over your arms, over the area just below where your shirt stopped. Your front door opened then, Stiles ready to greet you both with a smile that was quickly replaced with a look of intense disgust. 

“You guys act exactly like you did when you first started dating. Children,” he shook his head sadly, but grinned all the same when you detached yourself from a red faced Liam and leaned up to hug Stiles tightly. “What’d you call me and dad in for, anyway? We’re working on a case,” he asked once you pulled away, giving Liam a hug as well. They were close, of course, and Liam really did not feel like damaging the good relationship they had by explaining that he knocked up Stiles’ baby sister. 

Your dad appeared at the doorway as well, and you pushed Stiles aside easily so that you could hug your dad. Liam stiffened visibly, barely masking his concern for putting pressure on your stomach. Stiles gave Liam a confused look when he saw how Liam looked about ready to pounce, but the younger boy shrugged, forcing a weak smile on his face. Stiles brushed it off with a shrug, following you and your dad into the house. 

Stiles and the Sheriff sat on the couch opposite you and Liam, staring at you both expectantly. You and Liam kept exchanging apprehensive glances, you kept twirling your necklace around your finger, Liam kept picking at his sleeve as opposed to saying anything. You crossed your ankles, then uncrossed them, then tucked your legs underneath you, then decided that was uncomfortable. Stiles blinked. Liam itched his nose. Your dad looked around at all of you sitting there awkwardly and sighed. 

“Can we get on with whatever this announcement is? Dad and I have to be back at the station soon, we can’t take two hour breaks,” Stiles groaned, running a hand through his hair. Liam gave you a fearful look. 

“Um, okay, well, we have something important to tell you. As long as you promise not to murder Liam, okay?” Liam placed a hand  on your knee, squeezing slightly. He wanted to tell them. Surprising turn of events

He stared at you as he said it, so he didn’t have to see Stiles’ murderous expression of pure rage, or your dad’s matching one. “Y/N is having a baby. Our baby. She’s, um, she’s pregnant,” Liam forced out, his words nervous, running together, but they both caught on easily, sitting up straight in their seats with wide eyes. 

What?!” Stiles exploded, making Liam flinch back and grab your hand tightly. “You’re pregnant? But y-you’re a baby! You’re going to have a baby!” You couldn't’ tell if his exclamations were of happiness and excitement or rage and disbelief, so you decided to go with the former. Your dad sat in stunned silence, and Liam was staring at him uneasily. 

“You all right there, pops?” You called out to him. He looked back up at you and Liam after Stiles waved his hand repeatedly in front of his face, his expression unreadable. 

“How did this happen?” He asked calmly. 

You shifted toward Liam, gently stroking his hand with yours. You could tell he was getting more and more nervous about all of this. You coughed. “Um, well dad, there’s this process. It’s called sexual reproduction? I don’t want to get into specifics but there’s this thing called fertilization where-” 

“Y/N, I took my eight grade health classes, I know how it happened,” your dad interrupted you, leaning over to smacking Stiles on the back of his head for snickering at your little comment. “I’m asking how it happened. As in, why? As in, why is my eighteen year old daughter pregnant while she’s still in high school?” 

“Dad, c’mon, you have to hear me out… everything is going to be fine, I swear,” you reassured him, standing up from your seat. Liam sat back timidly, and you knew he would get involved if he had to. “Look, Liam and I are going to-” 

“Going to what? I’m seriously wondering how you’re going to pay off your college tuition and handle this baby! Liam, kid, I love you to death and you’re a part of the family, but how are you guys going to raise a kid?” 

“Dad, you’re not being fair,” Stiles stepped in, placing a hand on his shoulder. 

“Yeah, dad, you’re not being fair.” 

“Y/N, I’m not in the mood for you to start with me right now, not when you’ve been irresponsible and-” 

Liam stood up, defensively stepping in front of you. “With all due respect, sir, it’s as much my fault as it your daughter’s. So don’t pick on her for what we both did. And if you think that I’m going to leave her to raise our child by herself, then you’re wrong. I love her more than I have ever loved anyone or anything else. I would never hurt her, or the baby, and I plan to stick around for awhile. Hopefully forever, if that works out like I’m sure it will. I understand that you think we’re too young for this, and maybe we are, but I love her, and I’m going to help with everything and anything she needs. We’re going to be fine. I promise.” 

Stiles beamed proudly, clapping Liam on the back. “I’ve deemed you worthy, little Dunbar. Don’t make me regret it,” he added sternly. Your dad sighed, bringing you in for yet another hug. He didn’t mean to make you or Liam feel bad, he just wanted what was best for you, even if he did come off a little harsh at times. 

“You kids give me anxiety,” he muttered, shaking his head and wiping his eyes.

“Are you crying?” You giggled, wiping your own eyes on the back of your hand. 

“No, I just realized that my baby is all grown up and I’m old and about to have grandkids, that’s it,” he mumbled, laughing slightly. 

“Group hug!” You cheered, pulling all of your little family in for a tight hug, Liam smiling brightly as you all pulled away. “I love you guys.” 

“I love you, too,” Liam said, kissing your forehead. “And I love you, little one,” he smiled, looking down at your belly and placing a hand over it. Your dad cleared his throat, gesturing for you all to sit back down. You obeyed, Stiles sitting with you and Liam this time around. 

“Now, time to have what I like to call the ‘How to Avoid Giving Papa Stilinski an Aneurysm Before His Sixtieth Birthday’ talk. Number one, avoiding sex-” 

“Don’t worry, pops, your son is getting on with no women at the moment. These two horny teens, however,” Stiles gestured to you and Liam, “probably conceived that poor child in the back of Liam’s car. Disgusting.” 

“Yeah, because losing your v-card to a girl who just stopped being a coyote in the basement of a mental asylum is so sanitary and healthy and completely safe and totally normal in society. Not toxic at all. Yeah, uh huh.” 

“Oh, look, I can practically feel the heart attack.” 

“I love this family.” Liam stated, beaming at you all.


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“Please Stiles, don’t do this.” You yelped, tears welling your eyes.

His face scrunched and anger boiled deep inside him. “I specifically told you to stay away from the pack. And you went behind my back.” He groaned. “Don’t you get it Y/N? If you stay with Isaac, you will end up getting hurt. And I can’t let anything happen to you. You’re all I have.”

You felt your stomach churn as every inch of you ached. You hated betraying Stiles, and seeing him so upset. But you also wanted to be with Isaac, because in the midst of sneaking around and all the drama that came, you found yourself falling in love with him.

“Come on, we’re leaving.” Stiles grunted.

You shot a glance back at Isaac, whose eyes glistened and jaw clenched so tight you were able to see it constrict.

Your heart fell to the pit of your stomach as he slowly nodded and quickly glanced down at the floor.

This was the hardest thing you ever had to do. You had to walk away.

Every Thing Is Lies

Summery: what do you do when an angel with feeling gets cursed with an opposite spell designed to ruin your friendship?
Word count: N/A
Warnings: cas says really mean stuff like the reader isn’t important and he’ll never love her but it’s only because he was hit with a spell!!!
A/N: on mobile again until I get my friend to fix my laptop (also sorry if I made any mistakes I wrote it at like 2AM yesterday and didn’t proof read$

Cas had been distant lately, more so than usual. Sure he had business up in heaven and whatnot, but he usually made time for you and the boys.

But as of late, Castiel had been M.I.A and you were starting to get worried.

“Relax Y/N, I’m sure he’s fine.” Dean would say in an annoyed tone while Sam would say “give him a few days.”

But as the days passed you were becoming increasingly aware of the angels absence.

A week had passed with no word from Cas, not even a simple phone call. Nothing. The boys still reassured you everything was fine but grew more and more irritable each passing day.

What you didn’t know was that the Angel had in fact been making guest appearances to Sam and Dean. Popping in when he knew you were out or asleep.

“Cas, this is getting ridiculous!” Dean whispered angrily at Cas who had taken a seat on the edge of deans bed while both Sam and Dean stood in front of him.

“What would you have me say Dean? Hello Y/N I’m sorry I’ve been avoiding you for over a week it’s because a very powerful witch cursed me and I don’t want to hurt you?” Cas questioned back just as angrily

“Okay Cas, can you just tell us what happened happened from the beginning again?” Sam said in a very calm voice, shooting his brother glares when he sighed dramatically.

“Okay, I went on a hunt because there was a very strong, very powerful witch causing trouble… She put a very specific curse on me that i cannot figure out how to break.”

“Maybe we can help, what’s the curse?”

“It- it makes me, um… Well- you see-” Cas stuttered, face flushing.

“Seriously Cas?” Dean grumbled

“It would seem that when I go near Y/N it makes me say very awful things…”

“What? Like what?” Deans voice dropped

“Like that she is unimportant, and that I would never have feelings for her-”

“Jeez Cas tell us how you really feel.” Dean once any grumbled, voice remaining low as not to disturb you.

“But that’s the thing, it ISNT how I feel, I feel quite the opposite actually, I think Y/N is very important and I do have feelings for her-” another blush crept across the Angels face as he ducked his head.

“So what? This curse makes you say things that aren’t true?”

“But only around Y/N, that is why I have been avoiding her.”

Dean looked at Cas as if he were an idiot.
“Well let’s just tell her that what you say is actually the opposite of what you mean!”

“But what if I say I don’t lover her? Then she will know I love her.”

“You love her?”

Cas blushed again.

“Cas you just said you loved her.”

“I was using an example.”

“Because you love her.”

Cas knew this was going to get him no where, especially with Dean, might as well admit it, right?

“Fine Dean, yes.”

“Fucking knew it, don’t worry Cas I got your back!” Dean said as he slapped the Angel on the shoulder and ushered him out of the room.
“Y/N look who’s here!” Dean called from the bunkers library.

“What is- Cas you’re alive!” You yelled as you ran to hug him. He was very ridged but relaxed when he felt the warmth that radiated off of you. You smelt like vanilla and honey, a smell that Cas found very comforting.

“Now Y/N there’s a problem-” Dean started

“hmm, and what’s that?” You questioned as you stepped out of the Angels embrace.

“The problem is you Y/N” Cas spilled out, hand clamping over his mouth as he looked to Dean got help.

“What? Me? What did I do?” You breathed, hurt flashing in your eyes.

“I met you and you completely ruined my life.” Cas said before Dean could stop him.

You mouth hung open and you couldn’t help the heat that warmed your face.

“Meeting you was the biggest mistake I ever made, and I once consumed souls from purgatory along with leviathans.”

That was the breaking point, spinning on your heels you ran out of the library and into your room, face planted in the pillow as your shoulders shook.

It hurt hearing Cas say those things. Even more so since you had the biggest crush on him. How could he say that to you? Did he really hate you that much?

“Dean you said you had my back!” Cas screamed as he ran his hands through his hair, pacing back and forth across the library floor.

“Well maybe if you’d just shut your mouth and let me do the talking!” Dean shouted back.

“I’m going to fix this, withOUT your help!” Cas mumbled as he stormed off to your room.
It was a soft knock at the door that made you sit up. Probably Dean.

The door opened and a very disgruntled Cas walked in. Your gaze hardened and you clenched your jaw.

“What Cas?”

“Please let me explain.”

You started at him for a good few minutes before nodding.

“What I meant to say was that you are not important to me, you never will be.”

You stood from your bed and walked towards Cas who wore a sad expression.

“Get out.” You growled before you pushed at his chest causing him to step back and out of your room.

“Wait, that’s not what I meant! I mean I’ll never love you!” Cas yelled desperately.

You look at him with a heated glare, tears threatened to spill over.

“How could you say that Cas?” You whispered, voice cracking.
“How can you say such horrible things to me? I do everything for you! I teach you dumb human things, I yell at Dean when he makes fun of you, I defend you and help you and you tell me you’ll never love me?” The tears had rolled down your face, and your jaw hurt from clenching it so hard.

“Please Y/N, talk to Dean, he’ll explain. I don’t love you.” And with a sorrowful expression and the flap of wings Cas was gone leaving you feeling hurt and betrayed and… Empty.
Dean would explain? Explain what?

You weren’t planning to find out any time soon.

We Can Still Be Friends... Not Really.

Ya boy is back with another one.

What’s good?

It has been a while since I made one of these. 

We need to talk about the pilot. Specifically the following conversation and why it’s such a map for Lucas and Maya’s relationship (Start from 1:00):

“Hi, I’m Maya. You’re really cute. We should hang out some time.”

Full stop. Does this remind you of anything? This pretty much describes Lucas and Maya’s relationship, barring certain episodes up until the whole GM Texas Arc in season two. At first, the two of them would banter back and forth, with Maya taking every opportunity she could to try and “break Lucas”. However, as their friendship changed and developed, so did their dynamic. So “we should hang out some time” turned into…

“You make me happy.”

This is such a loaded line. I would specifically like to refer to Girl Meets Creativity & Girl Meets the New Year - specifically the following scenes:

I’ll be honest. It couldn’t be any more clearer than this. Lucas outright says the following:

“Well, I don’t want that for Maya. I want Maya to be happy.”

 Keep in mind the significance of this scene. This is coming from the guy who was voted “Most Likely to be Okay with Whatever Happens”. Out of all the characters who would have made this outburst, Lucas was the least likely one. His personality literally flies in the face of everything he said. 

Interrupting Mr. Matthews while he’s teaching.

Making a passionate outburst about Maya’s art.

Telling Maya she’s a great artist in front of the whole class.

Maya’s reaction afterwards. 

This is not the behaviour you would expect from someone who is usually okay with everything… unless there are deeper narrative implications behind it. 

Look. I state this every post because I know there will be at least one person who will try and accuse me of pandering to certain parings. So, once again I’ll state upfront: I don’t care who is endgame as long as it supports the narrative. However, you can’t deny facts. This is what happened. This is what Lucas said. 

Moving forward. 

Taking a look at Girl Meets the New Year, we have the following scene:

And the dialogue for those who need a quick refresher:

Maya: Hey, Lucas?

Lucas: Yeah?

Maya: Have I ever said anything nice to you?

Lucas: No. (Not true, but I digress)

Maya: Well, it’s one minute to midnight and I’m glad you’re standing here.

Lucas: Wow. That kind of makes up for everything. 

- Girl Meets the New Year

We need to keep in mind a couple of things in order to really solidify this “you make me happy” statement. 

Maya was at the height of her growth in this scene. She had forgiven herself for being so angry at her father a couple of episodes before this. 

When Maya had first entered the rooftop, she went directly to Lucas. 

Irrespective of what had transpired after, I will argue that at one point, Lucas made Maya very happy. He had a hand to play in her growth, and even as recent as Girl Meets True Maya, Lucas was still reaffirming certain aspects of who she is. 

However, I don’t want to get too caught up in this so let’s continue. 

“You don’t pay enough attention to me.”

Probably one of the most loaded statements in this conversation. This pretty much describes the events of Girl Meets Texas Pt. 2, certain events in Girl Meets the New Year, and the from Girl Meets Bay Window all the way up until Girl Meets Ski Lodge Pt. 2. However, I think the following scene describes this line perfectly:

Lucas: I looked at Riley.

Maya: I know. I saw. 

Lucas: So, I’m looking at you to even it up. 

Maya: Oh, well, a girl always wants to be looked at to be evened up.

-Girl Meets Legacy

Maya Hart was perfectly content with not having to confront her feelings about Lucas. All through her life she lived by the motto “hope is for suckers.” And it was working for a while… until it stopped working. As she befriended Riley, Farkle, and later Lucas, she started to believe in hope. That hope is NOT for suckers. 

So, when it came time to confront her feelings for Lucas while they were in Texas, she was doing everything she could to avoid the conversation. In Maya Hart’s words, she wanted everything to STOP. And then it didn’t. And Riley stepped back for Maya because she thought that was the right thing to do, even though it necessarily wasn’t. And the rest is history.

So, after spending the greater part of 8+ months trying to figure out who was going to be with Lucas, it makes sense that Maya would feel like Lucas doesn’t pay enough attention to her. 

Constantly being evened up.

Unable to come to a conclusion about her feelings.

Unable to talk to the two people who she feels and have helped her and understood her the most in the past. 

It shouldn’t be a surprise what happens next:

“This isn’t working out. It’s you, not me.”

Ski Lodge. Ski Lodge. Ski Lodge. Ski Lodge. To a tee. The Ski Lodge episodes were some of the most controversial episodes that have ever aired on GMW. It seems as if no one is capable of making good decisions here. 

This is the episode when we find out that Maya doesn’t like Lucas because Josh Matthews has suggested that Maya only liked Lucas because she was trying to be like Riley. Couple that with Maya’s regression in the previous episodes due to Riley’s well meaning but misguided assumptions, it should not be any surprise that Maya has convinced herself that she “doesn’t want a nice guy”.

But this line is somewhat ironic given the events that transpired in Ski Lodge. Even though it was Lucas’ lack of decisiveness + Riley’s misguided assumptions about Maya’s growth that really led to her regression, and ultimately her denial of her feelings, it wasn’t just Lucas which led to them not working out. Maya was also pushed back into a box where she believed hope was for suckers as well. Regardless of whether or not the writers intend to have Maya/Lucas be endgame or not, they didn’t stand a chance in Ski Lodge. 

Maya was too far regressed, even more so than she was in season 1, and Lucas as well. Even if Maya wanted a nice guy, at the moment she didn’t think that’s what was in the cards for her. She wanted something more exciting, more adventurous, more fantasy-like. 

But for now, I’ll just leave you guys with this scene and we’ll continue onto the last part of this Lucas/Maya map:

“We can still be friends. Not really.”

This, in my opinion, is the most loaded, and saddest reality of the map for Lucas and Maya. As you guys will see, for the rest of the season, Lucas and Maya don’t talk. 

They don’t banter with each other.

They don’t engage each other in conversation.

Even when they sit next to each other in GM She Don’t Like Me, they still don’t talk. 

Why? Keep on reading. 

I’ll leave y’all with what I believe to be one of the most important quotes of the season in regards to this triangle and well, the rest of the season in terms of character interaction. 

“Oh somebody’s getting hurt. But, I’ve been saying all along that if you guys aren’t going to be honest with each other, everyone gets hurt.” - Farkle Minkus (Girl Meets Triangle).

Why is it that Farkle is a lot quieter than he used to be?

(Because sometimes he feels like he’s not a part of the story. He’s grown and changed significantly, but he feels as if no one has noticed. The fact that all of the important women in his life have pined over Lucas at some point should not go unnoticed. I’m 95% sure it’ll come up at some point.)

Why is it that Lucas and Maya don’t talk anymore?

(Because they were never just friends to begin with. Most of their interaction was bantering/flirting. Since Lucas started dating Riley, and Maya has her long game with Josh, that type of behaviour probably wouldn’t fly. So, they just opt to be amicable with one other, but don’t interact.)

Why is it that the group feels somewhat disjointed?

(Because, like Farkle said: If you guys aren’t going to be honest with each other, everyone gets hurt.)

The triangle affected everyone, not just those involved. I hope this clarifies the whole map of Lucas and Maya’s relationship. 


P.S: Shoutout to @riarklevevo for talking with me about this weeks ago. This really gave me the clarity to make this post in its entirety.

P.P.S: @theowldetective. Here it is!

P.P.P.S: Another shoutout to @cowboyandshortstack for giving me a lot of ideas for this post with our discussion on the “It’s Not Your Turn Friar!” post. 

anonymous asked:

if you have any ideas for scenarios can you please just write them but with mino?!?!??! thanks so much!!!!! pls do this

Hi anon! I finally have a scenario for you! Well, this is based on a dream I had about me and this oppa. I hope you like this x

External image

Confession (Mino scenario)

It was another school day. The routine never changes – wake up, get ready, off to school and hope that something good happens. However, these few weeks, things have been pretty good. Why? One reason, two words – Song Mino.

We only met and got to know each other when we first got into the same class in our second year of college. I’ve heard a lot about him before we were in the same class, about how he is hilarious, caring and has really good taste in music. They were right. But, I think he is even more than that. Mino is definitely an amazing person and a great friend. We aren’t super close or anything. We were just good friends and hang out a lot during school hours. Having him around in class is great. I never knew I would find joy and laughter being in class, doing work. His presence definitely made everything better.

Then, there was that one time where we walked home together after class. That was when he caught my heart and left it in a mess of feelings (in a good way). Day by day, the feelings grow stronger as we spent even more time together. I tried to ignore the feelings. It was weird to have feelings for him because… he’s Mino! However, the little things he does make me fall for him harder. Like that one time where he grabbed a bouquet-ful of chocolate bars and offered them to me playfully like a proposal. I mean, who wouldn’t fall for that?! That was when I knew, I am falling way too deep for him.

No matter what, I would always try to make time to be with him. I was selfish but I couldn’t help it. I just wanted to be with him. I wanted to create so many memories with him, even if they are just small moments like when we are buying lunch together.

That day, Mino and I were just hanging out before class. We were sitting opposite of each other at the bench outside, enjoying the windy breeze the weather was offering. I was doing some writing in my notebook while he was fooling around with his phone.

“Hey… I know that you like me,” Mino said casually as he got closer to me, over the table.

I felt the blood rushed to my cheeks. I blinked my eyes in disbelief. Am I hearing weird things? I was too shocked to properly marinate that thought in my mind. Before I could ask him how he knew, he interrupted my train of thoughts.

“I want you to confess it to me but I’m not forcing you. No pressure. Oh, we gotta get to class. C’mon let’s go,”

I was in a total daze the whole day in class. I couldn’t put my thoughts in place or even figure out what I want to do. I drop a quick text to my good friends then headed out to the restroom. After a while, my friends, Chaerin and Dara came in.

“Guys, we have a problem. He knows. HE FREAKING KNOWS. Did you tell him? I told you not to tell him!”

“_____, chill! No one told him. He probably figured it out on his own. He’s really good at picking up these things you know,” Dara said.

“Anyways, what’s the big deal? So what if he knows? Isn’t it a good thing?”

I quickly explained to them about what had happened earlier that day.

“Now I have no idea what to do,” I said as I buried my face in my hands.

“Well, to be honest, it’s really your choice,”

I was left with a very vague advice. I was contemplating the whole day. Even though he didn’t give me a specific time, I just wanted to settle on an answer by the end of the day. If not, I would be going back and forth on this and will never come to a conclusion.

Class finally ended after what seemed like ages. It’s now or never. I walked out of class slowly. There Mino was, being his good-looking self, putting stuff into his locker. After much contemplation, I finally decided to do the confession and just wing it. I was making my way to him through the crowd. Our eyes met. Before he could say anything, I cut into his words.

“Oppa, saranghae,” I whispered to his ear then gave him a light peck on his cheek. I quickly ran away from him before he could do or say anything to me.

Just when I thought I was far away from Mino, I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. The person spun me around and the next thing I know, my lips were pressed against his. His hands carefully framed my face as my hands rest on his chest.

“How could you leave your boyfriend like that after telling him that you love him?” he smirked as our eyes meet once again.

The Unknown (Chapter 1)

Word Count: 1,406 words
Warnings: Something that is like a stroke? But it’s not a stroke? I don’t fucking know what this is. I was trying to make myself write, and got this weird idea from my freewriting.
Summary: Michael doesn’t remember when Gavin started acting strange- in fact, he hadn’t even noticed. But when Gavin spends the night one day and ends up having what looks like a stroke, Michael finds that there’s more to the situation than meets the eye. 

Pairing: Mavin (MichaelxGavin)

AO3 Link: (X)

Author’s Note: I know I’ve been sort of MIA from writing for a few weeks. I took a break when I went on vacation, then never started up again. But now I’ve got this weird thing I wrote, and I’ll be writing some more one-shots in the very near future. Also My Definition of You.

Chapters: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)

Chapter One

“So we’re friends, right?”

Michael looked up in surprise at the words, his eyes scanning over Gavin’s face. The expression he held was that of intense contemplation, and Michael wondered what he could have been thinking that led to such a question.

Keep reading

randomqsb  asked:

I'm sorry you have to go through this! Can't even make art without hesitation because someone SOMEONE has to be an idiot and repost it claim they did. I just I'm sorry B[ no artist should have to feel this way!

thanks very much for the support! it’s actually not so much people claiming my art as their own as it is just reposting with no sources or proper links - the biggest offenders lately have been youtubers making videos out of comics they swipe from wherever they come across them (just for the sake of having them in video form? i don’t get what the appeal is when you could just read it at the source…).

a lot of people think it’s enough to just say the art isn’t theirs, but when the artists behind it are trying to get personally recognised for their work and/or make a living from it it can be incredibly damaging to divert attention from them. a lot of artists are happy to have their art spread out further, but for heck’s sake ask them before going ahead with it! working together with an artist can show you a way to share things with a wider audience which is pleasant for everyone, but you’ve also got to respect their boundaries if the concept of giving someone else control of their work makes them uncomfortable.

i’ve seen a lot of pixiv artists quit fandoms over work shared outside the site without their permission (i think ML was a huge offender here as well), but for some reason there’s so much more stigma and backlash when western/european artists face the same choice. either way, it really means a lot when other people are vocal about supporting these artists - no one should have to deal with their work being misused, but it will happen and it’s important to let them know people care when it does.