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Mekke øl + mutually failing at talking to their crush because they’re nervous

Under Attack - Kara Danvers x Reader (Supergirl)

Prompt: “Kara has lost her powers again in fight with the last alive Metallo - which was the goal for Lilian Luthor (she get out of jail), because without he Supergirl Cadmus attack the city with ease - they want to once and for all purge it from aliens. Reader goes for Kara to CatCo because she is afraid for her, when the Cadmus attacks area nearby - Reader is really badly hurt (bleeding out), and while spending last moments, trapped with Kara under the building - she begs Kara to save herself” - anon

- I kinda got a bit carried away and then it got sad maybe but just imagine it’s all fine afterwards and ur fine and join the supersquad or something , enjoy!!! (and sorry it took me so long to actually update it!)

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You raced to the CatCo building, terrified to find your girlfriend already injured or worse. You had been at home when the news started featuring what you knew to be the Cadmus attacks on Supergirl. As soon as the news story began you were up and in your car, Kara being the first person on your mind. Just the thought of losing her made you feel ill and so without thinking you pushed down further on the gas pedal, desperate to get their as fast as possible. 

On arrival, you parked in the car park underneath the building, fumbling to get your door open in order to clamber out. You ran over to the elevator, hoping it wouldn’t take forever to reach you. To your surprise it opened on your arrival and out ran a flustered Kara.  

“Kara, Cadmus… you need to get out of here.” You panted out, still not having recovered from the rush you were in.

“I-I know, I’m going somewhere safe now.” You took some time to take in her appearance. She had bags under her eyes, her hair was all out of place and for the first time in so long she looked vulnerable. She seemed ready to break any minute now and you felt the need to just wrap your arms around her in order to protect her. 

“Are you sure?” You asked, walking with her as she went to walk through the underground car park and to the exit. “You can come back to mine.” 

“No, I have another place.” She dismissed you, continuing to stride on as you faltered slightly at the blunt delivery of her words. She must have noticed the lack of your presence next to her so she stopped too, looking over her shoulder to see where you were and guilt flashed over her face. “Sorry, I would love to come with you, I just – I have somewhere I really need to be. And I have to go meet my sister and-“

“No, yeah, that’s fine.” You nodded in understanding, knowing it was a scary time for everyone right now.

Kara slowly started to approach you and a faint blush covered her cheeks, making you feel smug that you got to call her yours. “But, hey, I’d love to come over to yours at some point. Maybe when this is all over? We can do something?” She suggested,

“Yeah, definitely.” You nodded. “But for now, you need to get somewhere safe.” You managed to remind yourself of the task at hand. You had somehow forgotten the perilous danger that was facing you; you were distracted by pretty girls way too easily. 

“Yes, okay, thank you.” Kara sighed and smiled reassuringly at you. “Everything will be fine, I’ll see you soon? Now you, get home safely. Okay?” You nodded and she mirrored you before rushing forward to kiss you. Knowing you could have stayed there for hours, you forced yourself to pull away and smiled. She grinned back in return and you knew, had you the chance, that you’d quite happily make out right now. Instead you gently pushed her to go, waving bye as she left and blowing an air kiss.

You smiled to yourself as you walked over to your car and went to unlock it when there was a loud booming noise and you blacked out, falling to the ground.

There was a loud ringing sound in your ears, followed by the booming of your heartbeat, then followed by the wailing sound of car alarms. Your eyesight was bleary and when you lifted your left hand to your forehead you could hardly make it out. Once the sound in your ears had softened slightly you could make out the faint noise of multiple voices shouting over each other. And as you fully regained your senses, not only could you see and hear properly but you could also feel a wave of pain suddenly wash over you - that last sensation wasn’t so great.

You couldn’t help but let out a whimper of pain, which soon transformed into a yelp when you tried to move. “Y/N!?” You heard Kara’s voice above everyone else. “Y/N, where are you?” You were so relieved to see her alive and well as she scrambled over some fallen debris in order to find you. She hadn’t seen you yet and another voice that you couldn’t recognise stopped her, making her turn around.

“Kara, we need to get you out of here before Cadmus hit again. You’re already vulnerable; you are not doing yourself any favours. We’ll make sure the emergency services find Y/N and get her the best attention we possib-“ He instructed but when Kara had had enough she advanced on him, cutting him off as she spoke with a sharp tone in a way that you had never heard before.

“No, J’onn. I’m not leaving her just to be found.” She took a shaky breath and continued with a much softer approach. “Please. We need to find Y/N. Where is she? Just to know she is okay, J’onn, please.”

His silence presumably meant he had given in, knowing that the Kara was distraught and needed some comfort in knowing you were ok. You couldn’t make out much in your daze but your eyes managed to catch on to some movement as Kara crossed back over the fallen debris and this time she seemed to at least walk in the right direction towards you.

Her eyes finally landed on you and she let out a gasp, hand flying up to her mouth as tears started to brim her eyes. “Kara.” You tried to speak as loudly as you possibly could but the attempt brought a trickle of liquid up your throat, causing you to try to cough it up. You had no idea of the extent to which you were injured but judging by the sheer pain it was probably a lot. “Kara, you need to get out of here. It’s dangerous.”

“I’m not leaving you, Y/N.” She shook her head. “I didn’t think… I didn’t know this would happen. I’m so sorry.”

“No, don’t be sorry. This isn’t your fault. You couldn’t do anything to stop it.” You comforted her, reaching out for her hand. 

“Maybe I can’t go back and stop it from happening, but I can help you now. Just wait. I’ll get you out of here.” Kara kissed your forehead gently and stood up, striding over to the block of rubble that had fallen on your leg. She went to lift it but was then confused when she couldn’t, finding herself too weak. A frown made its way onto her face before she kicked the block in anger. “Stupid, stupid!” She yelled, now resorting to punching it. You so wanted to be able to walk over to her and comfort her but you hardly had the energy to move your hand.

“No, stop. Stop! You can’t do anything, Kara. You’re drained of any power. Which is why we need to get you back to headquarters where we can get you some help.” Alex finally intervened. She had hardly ever seen her sister so worked up. Kara’s anger had escalated until she ended up collapsed in a sobbing heap next to you

“Alex. Help her. I need her to be okay.” Kara’s pleads were choked by her sobs, tears streaming down her face. She had no interest in whatever her sister was talking about, only you. And even in such a dangerous situation, you still couldn’t help but feel a flutter in your stomach at the idea that Kara actually, truly, lovingly cared for you. “If I can’t do anything then you’ve got to help, please.” The sight made you start to well up and the realisation of your situation dawned on you.

“Kara you need to go.” You finally croaked out, noticing the paramedics coming in behind her. “I’m sure I’ll be fine.” You made your best attempt to smile despite the pain you were in. “I will be fine.”


“Go. Stop being my superhero and go get yourself feeling better. I love you.” You tried to smile. “I’ll see you later.” You insisted, your breath hitching at your throat as you didn’t know how true your last words were. Nevertheless, Kara dropped her defensive stance in defeat and Alex took this as the perfect opportunity to drag her away. 

Whilst Kara tried to resist with shouts and punches and kicks, it was a futile effort without her powers and Alex easily took her. Before you knew it they were gone.

You let go of the breath you were holding and tears rolled down your cheeks as you replayed Kara shouts of protest. What really scared you was that you didn’t know whether you would get to see her again, and being so tired and drained of energy didn’t help with your emotions. 

You tried to stay awake for as long as you could, replaying memories of all kinds of memories of your months with You finally gave in when an oxygen mask was spread over your mouth and nose and you felt your eyelids grow heavy, succumbing you to darkness.

Forgive the crap quality, but I wasn’t able to find this gif anywhere else, so I had to make it myself, and it’s my first gif. I just have to talk about this moment right here. Vax knows that he has no right to be in control of the relationship, but he wants Keyleth so badly. He knows that his previous proclamation of love is untrustworthy because of the circumstances, so he reestablishes here, in the most unassuming, nonthreatening manner possible, that he wants to pursue the relationship, but only once he knows Keyleth is ready. I love these two, and to see them absolutely go bonkers for one another is so damn cute! I just have all the Vaxleth feels right now and it’s just too much. Someone should either take away my giffing privileges or jump in my ask box and scream about these two dorks with me, because I’m going insane.


Soon, everything you love… everything all of you love, will be taken from you. Forever. And out of your suffering will rise my victory.

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Short reaction. What will the members do if like you're another member's younger sister, and they thought it would be funny to play a lame joke on you by hugging, kissing your cheeks, and getting on top of you, but you started crying because you thought they were going to do something to you? Weird request, IK. You can ignore this if request is not open.

I feel like all of these are pretty similar, but I hope you enjoy it anyways~

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Seokjin would jump off of you the moment you started crying, apologizing profusely and asking if you were okay or if there was anything he could do to make it up to you; he knew he’d messed up and he wanted to make it better if he could.

Yoongi didn’t know what he could do to help; he’d messed up - badly - and he didn’t think he could do anything but make it worse. So, after freezing for a second, he’d run to get your brother, not caring that he’d probably get the shit kicked out of him for making you cry in the first place.

Hoseok, in his rush to get off of you, would end up falling to the floor, scrambling away from you as he apologized over and over again, stuttering and making very little sense, with one of the only words that you could make out being “sorry,” which he repeated until someone finally shut him up.

Namjoon didn’t hesitate to sit up, pulling you up with him before scooting as far away from you as possible to give you space before asking what he could do to correct the mistake he’d made; he’d screwed up and taken his joke too far and he wanted to show you that he wouldn’t ever actually hurt you.

Jimin was panicked when he saw you begin to cry, falling off of you quickly and putting as much space between you as possible. He couldn’t find the words to express just how sorry he was, so he ended up saying nothing, just opening and shutting his mouth until your brother started screaming.

Taehyung began to apologize exactly where he was, still hovering over you without realizing that that probably wasn’t helping. One of his hands hovered over your face, tempted to dry your tears with his thumbs but not doing anything except spitting out apology after apology.

Jungkook was too stunned to do anything; he couldn’t open his mouth to apologize or scramble off of you like he kept telling himself to do. It wasn’t until your brother entered the room, wondering what was going on, that he threw Jungkook off of you, and he apologized from the floor.

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96 with jihope pls ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)

You guys are horrible. xP

“Hyung… Why are they so small?” Because Hoseok is an idiot, that’s why. Because Hoseok didn’t take into consideration that while he is all lean and lanky, Jimin is built thick, his thighs and ass pretty much all pure muscle. Because Hoseok didn’t pause and realize that shorts that are a little short on him would pretty much turn into Daisy Dukes on Jimin because the kid has an ass of gold. 

“I - uh…” Hoseok is still trying to formulate a full sentence when Jimin spins around in front of the mirror, frowning at the sight of the material clinging so tightly to his rear. “I can get you a different pair!” 

Except Jimin shakes his head, smiling lightly. “Nah - it’s not a big deal, I appreciate the fact that you loaned me clothes at all - anything’s better than having to wear rain-soaked jeans. Besides - it’s just you and me for movie night, so it’s not like it’s that big of a deal, right?” Oh, but it is

Hoseok has been dating Jimin for a month and a half now, and that month and a half is quite possibly the most glorious time of Hoseok’s 22 years of living. Despite everyone calling him the pure ray of sunshine, it’s really Jimin who is always shining bright - he’s never met a person who is so consistently positive, kinda and caring, and it makes him want to constantly do better for the younger boy. 

The only issue is that Jimin is also mind-blowingly hot, which occasionally interferes with Hobi’s intentions of being the gentleman boyfriend who wouldn’t dare do anything his boyfriend doesn’t approve of. Like right now, as they’re lying on the couch, Hoseok curled up behind Jimin, those dangerously tight shorts leaving very little to the imagination. Hoseok tries to shift back, feigning a yawn as he stretches away from Jimin - except then the smaller boy is shifting back, slinging his arm across Hoseok and pulling on his hand to pull him back closer. 

The horny young adult in Hoseok is thrilled - the part of him that wants Jimin to know that he likes him for more than just his incredible ass wants to curl up into a ball and die. “Hey - do you want anything to drink?” Hoseok asks, gently nudging the back of Jimin’s neck with his nose (and he desperately hopes that the kid’ll say yes because he needs to get out of here and breathe for a second). 

Jimin, however, shakes his head. “Nah - m’good.” … Right. Okay. That’s when Hoseok sighs, his fingers gently drifting up and down over Jimin’s shirt as he tries to distract himself. He can do this. He can totally do this. 

No, no he can’t, because those two on screen are making out, and now all he can imagine is Jimin grinding up onto his lap, and oh fuck him, that is definitely his dick starting to press up against the younger’s ass. Hobi sighs quietly, letting his head fall forward to rest against the back of Jimin’s neck, closing his eyes as he tries to think of anything that could kill this boner, of how the fuck he’s going to explain himself, of apologizing for giving Jimin shorts that are so dreadfully tight… Until Jimin shifts back. 

Hoseok goes tense at that motion, because he has to have imagined it. There’s no way Jimin would have moved back against him… Until the kid does it again. Hoseok’s fingers slowly curl into Jimin’s shirt, debating whether or not he should pull Jimin away - until Jimin’s fingers fall on top of his, squeezing a little tighter. 

“You know, hyung… If you really wanted to make out that badly, all you had to do was say so.” The breathlessness in Jimin’s voice is enough to have Hoseok going lightheaded, and he clenches that much tighter at the material, scared to voice his next thought. 

“And… And if I want more?” Silence fills the room for a moment, and now Hoseok is sure he’s fucked it up - until Jimin pushes back against his crotch again, a small noise of approval escaping him. 

“I thought you’d never ask.”

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“The night of the full moon. The recording? You came into my house, into my room and you saw what was happening to me. So you took the tape from the camera and you edited it out the most important part! I don’t know why. Maybe because you wanted to take that from me. My moment! Like you take everything… Or maybe you just thought you were protecting me. But it was you, wasn’t it?” / “I don’t know what you’re talking about. But if you need it so badly… Fine.”


#here it is #oliver is putting his heart out on the line again #but as far as felicity knows #nothing has changed since sara’s death when oliver said that he’d end up dying in the foundry #so when he tells her how he feels about her again #she has to shut down #because she can’t handle anymore dangling maybes #and oliver knows that #but he loves her #and he will always love her #so in the last gif #a part of him is hurt #because he wants to hear those three words back from her so badly #but when she finally does tell him that she loves him #it’ll be the greatest moment of his life

Remember when Denise Huth stated on TTD that there are many scenes that don’t make the cut – even big, prominent scenes? And yet, this was not a blooper. This was a moment that the writers intended to show us. Even though it was just a tiny, flirty moment, TPTB felt that it was important enough to write, film, and air.

If the writers really wanted to convey a relationship between two friends, or two siblings, this scene would’ve gone down much differently. It’s one thing that Daryl offered to carry one of Carol’s water jugs – but it’s another thing that his hands were full because he was already carrying two of his own. So that in itself makes the whole thing more awkwardly adorable, because he wants to help her so badly that he actually forgets that he doesn’t have a spare hand to carry another water jug.

But that’s not even the end of it – because to make it even more “flirtatious”(in the Caryl way, that is), and to put it even more past friendship, Daryl fucks up the gesture in the most awkward, clumsy way. He gets flustered and almost dies of embarrassment – and I don’t think we’ve ever seen him embarrassed before. And Carol looks him like this is the most adorable thing she’s ever seen. Brother-sister moment? Not so much.

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Shadowhunters Appreciation Weeks - Week 6 (May 22-28)

Moment you fell in love withLydia Branwell

Having read the books, i already had an opinion on most of the characters, so i didn’t need a ‘moment’ to fall in love (or not) with them. Lydia, on the other hand, being an original character, warrants it absolutely… 

Before the episode came out, we’ve had a character description, a broad idea of what her role would be, and some promotional pictures, and i already loved her. To be more precise, i had a feeling she was gonna be great: in the pictures she looked amazing and very cool, and the description actually fleshed her as her own character, so - contrary to most of the fandom that was freaking out about the possible malec obstacle (i felt confident enough about how their story was gonna unfold that i wasn’t worried even one bit) - i was very excited about seeing her in action and for the conflict she was gonna bring. Strangely enough i felt almost certain she wasn’t gonna be a villain, that she was gonna be good…and boy, was i right! In that first episode, she came in like a boss, commanding the place, trying to make clear of the mess our reckless mcs were causing and it was awesome…but it wasn’t until this^ moment that i was actually sure that they weren’t just gonna use her as a plot device, but they were actually giving her thought! depth! her own motives! resulting from her own (tragic :() backstory! a complex, multifaceted personality! (in just one episode we saw her ‘abrasive’ exterior, her fangirl side, her caring side etc. and we only saw more each episode! -on a side note, it’s proof of how badly most female characters are treated that just the fact that she’s portrayed as a complex human being has me feeling so blessed and grateful to this show…- ) 

So yeah, from this moment on she became one of my favorite characters…