i wanted this in color

hey guys! i got a request 2 weeks ago for icons, and so i just decided to open up a page purely for marina icons. i get bored in my free time & since marina’s on hiatus it’d be a nice way to keep myself busy! hope you all enjoy em.

this time i made 14 vibrant + 1 b&w + 3 misc ones  ^^

please don’t repost/steal or take credit for them! credit isn’t necessary!! but of course it’s appreciated. you can view/download them here.

much love ♡

hey y’all: what games would you guys like to see me play on my channel??

Gugure Kokkuri-San is one of those anime that had a lot of potential but bad execution, and I will forever lament the great family comedy that could have been if not for the lazy pedophilia jokes.

anonymous asked:

You are aware you are enforcing gender roles though, right? Why a pink and feminine theme? What does pink have to do with being a woman? And femininity? You say you care for all girls but then you go for the most stereotypical thing ever. Because screw transgender and masculine girls because boys are stressing you out, right? Thanks, a masculine woman that is tired of studyblrs who keep screwing the feminism concept. Girls don't exist for your aesthetics.

  • I never… said… that pink… was associated… with… being… a woman….
  • I could’ve picked any color I wanted to, but my mood went for pink. 
  • Yes I am a feminist. Yes, as a girl I am aware that girls don’t exist for my aesthetic.
  • I am a studyblr. Not a feminist blog.
  • You shouldn’t make assumptions of people you know nothing about (i.e. every person on the internet)
  • I’m sorry if I offended you, but that wasn’t my purpose. If you don’t enjoy seeing my content then I suggest you unfollow me.

She also likes green colors and don’t see why her Godess can’t be a green unicorn.

She do art. Very personnal art.

Week 4 drawing challenge : Willenaide again with watercolor. I’m not very sure how I should put my color, and I’m bad a this (or, at least, I’m not happy with my color). So, futur experiment are coming ! I want to improve my watercolor technique.

And My scanner is bad, it should feel bad ! :(