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I’ve said in a few interviews that I’m working on my next big, spangly thing. It’s a very literary high fantasy. It’s very grown up. I say grown up as a very loaded term because high fantasy is trashy in many ways. But I want to dig into some bigger themes and see what I can do with the genre. That hate fuck, that passion I have for fantasy means something.
—  I don’t feel I’ve done any brain download interviews for a while, mainly due to con season and a lack of a new weird book. So the couple of interviews I did at C2E2 certainly lean that way. Lots of tired Gillen talking brain juice herein, including lots about WicDiv and Phonogram, but here’s a sliver about Spangly New Thing.

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My poor boy. Give it time. You'll get your body back.

“I have my body still but I know what ya mean, I hope I can be big like I was again soon. And I’m not a boy I’m a man…just a very small man…See this is another reason why I wanted to be bigger.

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This is the anon who asked if she was a small or big fat. I only asked so I could make sure I'm not talking over bigger fats. I wanted them to have a place in fat activism. I have been gaslight by my family ever since I was young. I also have body dysphoria. I know I'm fat. I just have trouble with knowing what level of fatness I'm at. I have trouble trusting my own senses. My perceptions change on a daily basis. I wanted to publically apologize though. I'm sorry if I was rude. I love you all.

Hey, don’t worry about it. It’s okay. We understand. 

-Mod Bella 

There is nothing by itself bad with stylizing female characters so they look bigger or are hairy, if anything I want more female characters who are big and hairy.
The ISSUE is when women of colour are portrayed as borderline animalistic big creatures and white girls are more human and allowed to be petite and pretty.
You can do diversity without dehumanizing WoC and butchness or implying femeninity can only be white.

Bruce as a grandpa

- You know with all his kids, legally his and those who are basically his, he is bound to have at least one grandchild if not more.

- Like he has retired from Batman and Tim and Damian basically took over all his duties at WE. Now he has all the free time.

- Also Alfred is totally a great-grandfather.

- Takes the time to spoil them. Not with material items but like games and treats.

- Selina is over often as well to hangout with the little rugrats.

- Finally gets the time to enjoy his family. He is super happy to see his kids getting treated the way they treated him all those years ago.

- The big dinning room table is in full use. There are high chairs and booster seats. Now instead of knives getting thrown it’s cheerios and vegetables that are to be watched for.

- Bruce loves to tell stories. Mainly of Superman or other League members’ embarrassing stories.

- Another wing of the manor has opened because as those kids grow, extra rooms are needed.

- Telling stories about his parents and stupid stuff all the kids did. (Bruce’s kids).

- The family members saying he needs to watch the kids for the night as an excuse to keep him out of the batcave. Old man still thinks he can keep up with thugs on the street. But at 60 plus he needs to take a break.

- When they are all over at once it’s complete and udder madness. The place is a mess, toys are everywhere, at least two blanket forts have been made, someone is still missing from hide and seek, and the Bruce is standing in the middle of this smiling because it’s his wonderful crazy family.


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I brought some oranges to work yesterday but didn’t eat them so this may have happened =D


nobody realises anythings different but ritsu

shou might but nobody knows if thats the case either