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So from Cas’ point of view, everything he’s been doing has been for Sam and Dean. When he comes back in, that will be made pretty clear, and then the question is: Where does he go from there? Once he comes back in, he’s going after Kelly. Once he comes into contact with her [and] her kid, a lot of his misconceptions may fall away. A big part of his time in Heaven has been gathering information, but not reorienting his thinking to the point where he’s against Sam and Dean or anything like that. It’s more like having moments of clarity in terms of why he’s doing this and the price he, personally, is willing to pay to keep Sam and Dean alive or to keep them from experiencing pain.
—  Andrew Dabb
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Name: Florencia
Age: 18
Country: Argentina 

Hi, I’m looking for someone who could help me to practice and improve my English because I’m not longer taking classes and I don’t want to forget what I learnt. I’d love to help with Spanish!

I’m kind of a introvert, but when i get to know someone I talk a lot. I don’t have many hobbies but I enjoy reading, playing video games (mostly Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm) and watching series and anime. 

Preferences: Any native speaker between 17-25yo. I would only like to talk online.


SuperCorp + A Sudden Vacation to Australia??? (at least Lena tried…) 


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Love birds

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