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I wanted to do this for a long time as a useful material for my future work. Except that I wanted to draw people first, but everything is clearer with them. Ari - anthropomorphs who live in the neighborhood with people and are called depending on the locality. Here I showed all the indigenous female representatives. Males usually have sharper facial features and in some cases additional fur on the chin and jaw.

Markary - for the most part they live in the desert by large tribes. They have big ears, thin muzzle and blue eyes. The color of the fur varies from dark red to black. The exception are those markary whose ancestors left with people to the southern mountains - their fur became white just like the lamark people, whose hair was white when contacting the places of spirits. Also they are modest in terms of clothes and ornaments. “Just to be comfortable to wear”.

Royshary - they live in forests, on islands and swamps, the most “urban” representatives of their people. The color of the fur is from white to gold, the inner side of the ears and eyelids are always darker. The main eye color is green, sometimes yellowish or orange. They are very fond of beautiful jewelry, clothes with fine ornaments and a purple color. Purple color in general is the national property of the royshary because they were the ones who could get this expensive paint.

Kailary - inhabitants of the steppes, some of them still lead a nomadic life. Constantly trade with people a variety of clothes, jewelry and talismans. Their main feature is to wear a large number of braids from ribbons and laces, imitating a mane. The color of the fur is from gold to dark brown (in some cases reddish), the color of the eyes is similar, but brown predominates.

Danackary - they live in the northern mountains and islands and don’t have much contact with people like the rest of the ari. Large muzzle and ears. Their fur is thick and long, which allows to wear braids. Color varies from white to dark gray or black, the inner side of the ears and marks are always lighter than the basic shade. Eyes blue or gray.


Vampire Game Pack Recolors

After such a long wait it is finally here. The reason for the delay? Because I started this pack back when I thought it would be a good idea to do the elder recolors along with the regular ones. It’s not a good idea, but I had it already mostly done and didn’t want to throw away a lot of hard work. So all of the adult hairs have the elder shades for elders, and the regular shades for teen-adult. The accessories are the same color for every hair, but I suggest you download these accessory overlays so you can make them any color you want. Requires the Vampire Game Pack. 


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What about bishofying Dark Rebellion and Starving Venom? (I'm not sure about Clear Wing because White Wing Magician strongly implies that dragon is actually female.)

Clearwing is my favorite and I would never leave her out! (I too believe she’s a girl) 

(I wanted to post these when I had more detail to them and had color and stuff, but in light of recent arcv events and just all around feeling shitty today I wanted to post the thing I’ve been working on this week, even if it’s not finished, to maybe feel happier and maybe make other people feel better)

How Lars in space could have been done.

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that the last Bomb did not handle Lars being in space well at all. A slew of contrivances and poorly thought out ideas coalesced into these confounding eps that had Steven doing everything BUT helping out Lars. The whole bomb just leaves a bad taste in my mouth the more I think about it, especially when better options were available to them. Which is what I want to talk about here. 

The writers want to develop Lars into an independent and self reliant space pirate. They had this idea of Steven and Connie showing up and seeing Lars as this confident captain with his own arch enemy and how cool it was. It is pretty cool too, I rather enjoyed the idea. However the way they got to that point is just poorly thought out. A good rule of thumb with writing is if a scene (no matter how cool it is) requires the characters to behave in contrived and confusing ways to make it work, then it needs to be cut or reworked. 

You cannot have this Lars reveal be surprising to Steven without him not showing up through his head for weeks. No matter HOW you try to clean that up (like having Lion leave with a hurt Connie), it is going to ultimately make Steven look like a self involved douchesnozzle. 

Thus, as fun as that Star Trek like scene is in isolation, it is ultimately detrimental in context of the show because of the hoops the plot had to jump through to get there

Now I’m not saying ax everything. Some ideas like tension between Steven and Connie could definitely work. However the focus should definitely be about bringing Lars home and developing his character. 

Here’s what they could do with the six eps: 

Please note these are very rough ideas. If I were to do them, they would be far more fleshed out than they are here. These are what i’d consider brainstorming prompts for further development down the road. 

Episode 1 of 6: 

Connie and Steven’s relationship is still rocky in this version, however Connie and Lion stay in order to help Lars. She gives Steven a very cold shoulder and makes it quite clear she’s livid with him though. Steven will be quite sad about that, but he to will be focusing on helping Lars. With some discussion with the Crystal Gems, it is decided that they will bring weaponry over through Lion’s portal along with Pearl, and she will start training Lars and the off colors in the ways of sword fighting and combat. The Off Colors will see the Crystal Gems as an inspiration, and Lars as one too via giving them this hope. 

Episode 2 of 6: 

Steven has a rough conversation with Lars’s parents and pledges to bring him back home. Sadie hears that Pearl is giving a crash course on fighting to the off colors and Lars on how to fight and she wants to be a part of it. Garnet takes this one as she sees it is relationship focused and that is totally her bag. They work on a fighting style for Sadie that would fit her as well as giving her a focus of bringing Lars home.

 Despite her fervor with wanting to help Lars, she shares with Garnet and Steven that afraid of seeing him and how he’s changed. It would be acknowledging that he actually died for a second there. It hurts her just thinking about how she may have never seen him again. Connie, who would be in the room, leaves as a signaler that she felt similarly about Steven giving himself up. That is when Steven feels the weight of his actions even more. 

Episode 3 of 6: 

Steven pops in during the middle of a fight with Robonoids. Lars is making short work of the attacking forces with his gradually refining skills. Steven says he has a surprise during the fight, but he keeps getting drowned out by all the action. Lars ends up finding out what that surprise is when Sadie leaps out of his head with a gem hammer and smashes a robonoid. She is wearing bits of gem armor that was given to her by the Crystal Gems for the visit, and Lars is wearing his newly acquired attire and cape that he stole from Emerald. Needless to say they like each others new look, and Steven just gushes over it in the background. 

Lars reveals that he’s been learning the lay of the land and is developing a plan to steal a Homeworld ship with the off colors. The stories of Earth that Lars has been telling has been spreading and bolstering morale among the off colors, and he has saved their gems on a number of occasions now thanks to being gemless as well as getting trained by Pearl. Much to Steven and Lars’s protest, Sadie chooses to stay awhile longer before she goes back to Earth. 

Episode 4 of 6: 

Lion is getting miffed with his mane getting used so much, and Steven comically makes attempts to placate the animal. Meanwhile Connie is still irked at Steven, and he’s been trying to make it better, but nothing he’s been doing seems to be helping. Meanwhile Lapis learns about what has been going on and wants nothing to do with it, taking the Barn and leaving the planet. Peridot is devastated. Steven can see with that that there is a parallel between Lapis abandoning Peridot and their home and himself abandoning everyone to give himself up to the gems. After talking to Connie about that, she opens up a little, but she’s still quite hurt.

Episode 5 of 6: 

The plan to steal the ship is coming together, however there are still pieces of the puzzle missing. With some talks about how to make the plan better, they remember that Peridot is probably the most versed out all of the Crystal Gems when it comes to Modern day Homeworld. it’s also amusingly revealed that Peridot really never cared for Emerald in the first place so she’d be thrilled to get back at her. Plus it takes her mind off of Lapis leaving, which still makes her wallow in depression when thinking about it. She helps finalize the plan with Lars, and they prepare for their daring escapade.

Episode 6 of 6:

Lars and the off colors, flanked by Sadie, Connie and Steven, execute the mission to steal the ship right out from under Homeworlds nose. By now, he has come into his own as a fighter aided by his pink form, and his confidence has let him make plans without second guessing. Also thanks to Peridot, his plan is much more thorough than he would have been able to do on his own, making the heist even more slick and stealthy. During the climax of the heist when they succeed in stealing the ship, Steven and Connie hug each other with glee, and though they draw back in embarrassment afterward it’s clear that things are far more patched up than they were. Sadie and Lars similarly are quite pleased with themselves after working together as a team to get this mission done with the Off Colors. 

Interspersed with all of these there would be references to what Lars is doing when they aren’t there and how he’s been progressing. The goal is to have the development of Lars feel natural and to give him that sense of independence and accomplishment while also having a healthy dose of help from his friends. He would still be the one steering the ship and making the plans to bring the off colors to earth, but he wouldn’t be doing it off screen while Steven dicks around on Earth. 

I also like the idea of Pearl and Garnet training Lars and Sadie how to fight. Pearl would be a good match for Lars because they are both rather neurotic and self conscious, though Pearl is much more open about her feelings than Lars is. I also could see Lars with Pearl’s rapier fighting style. Garnet on the other hand would know a relationship from a mile away and would be able to teach Sadie not only how to fight but how to channel her passion into it. She’s a really strong girl as it is who once poofed a gem monster, so it is not much of a stretch to say she’d take to Garnet’s training. 

Sadie’s situation with Lars as well as Lapis leaving the planet would work much better to show how Steven hurt Connie when he gave himself up to homeworld than what they actually used….namely the Mayor. Not only are their much stronger parallels with these situations than with that really irksome mayor subplot, it doesn’t require you to distract from the main issue of bringing Lars home. 

Additionally I think making Peridot’s knowledge of modern homeworld in conjunction with the probable knowledge of the Off Colors would help make the heist much more plausible. 

I didn’t make much  in the way of developing the off colors in these because they are 1) only rough ideas of episodes and 2) we don’t really know enough about them yet to make assertions about them. You could certainly develop them within these rough ideas though, there is plenty of wiggle room for development here. 

This is also limited to these six episodes. If I were to broaden the scope of rewrite I’d have far more things I’d want to add. Within the confines of this bomb though, I think these rough ideas would have birthed far more satisfying episodes than what we got. Even if it requires the sacrifice of that fun introduction scene of Pirate Lars. Like I said, you cannot be so married to a scene or idea that you cannot ax it in order to tell a better story. If it requires you to take too many contrived leaps of logic in order to make it work, it doesn’t need to be in your story. 


Finally somewhat good pictures of my new hair color. I still have a hard time to find a place where it still shows the color when i take a picture. It keeps looking black or blue-ish but it’s actually purple. Kind of dark but also light?? It’s weird but I actually really like it except for the part where i need to turn on different lights and go to different places to take pictures

Also ignore the fact that all of them are in crappy quality. 

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Wayward Sisters main characters 

“A wise man once told me, ‘Family don’t end in blood,’ but it doesn’t start there, either. Family cares about you, not what you can do for them. Family is there through the good, bad — all of it. They got your back. Even when it hurts. That’s family.”


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

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Thank you for remembering Kinoshita and Narita in your karasuno art!!!

thank you for noticing them!!!