i wanted the whole scene but nope

Nope, all I see is that C.R.E.A.M nigga, that green! 💸 I’m a black king, black jeans on my black queen, ✊🏿 and her ass fat, too fat for a flat screen! 🍑 I’m the type of nigga make the whole fuckin’ trap lean! Kingpin nigga, put wings on a crack fiend! If they want a nigga, they gon’ have to send a SWAT team, and I’m goin’ out like Scarface in his last scene 🔥🔥🔥

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You want to know what bothered me as a kid?

That one scene in Reign Storm.

When Pariah picks up Danny and Vlad he exclaims “They’re both ghosts AND humans! Will this day of surprises never end?”

RIGHT AFTER this Valerie comes in yelling “HEY STONEFACE! SURPRISE!”

Like, when I was younger, I had this massive OH SHIT moment because I thought she heard what Pariah Dark said. THAT SHE KNEW DANNY AND VLAD WERE HALF GHOSTS! But nope. She still doesn’t know. Even though she clearly responded to what Pariah said with the whole “SURPRISE!” thing.

AND I WAS SO MAD TOO! Because I thought ‘holy shit this is going to change everything! She’ll stop hunting Danny! She’ll become a part of the team! Danny’s finally going to get an ally who can fight with him rather than support him! That’s awesome!”

And then nope. IT still goes back to her hating Danny Phantom. And good god did it annoy the shit out of me forever afterwards. I was always so frustrated whenever Valerie showed up as a hunter because I had my heart set on her teaming up with Danny. Especially after all their ship teasing in the second season because dammit THEY WERE FREAKING CUTE.

So I started thinking, y’know what, I’m older and have a better understanding of story telling now, I’M GONNA MAKE AN AU OF IT NOW.

So now I’m going to start up the tag “Phantom Hunter” for this AU idea where Valerie joins the team after Reign Storm. I’m not sure how deep this rabbit hole is gonna go besides some fanart for it, but let’s see!

what i liked the most about ghostbusters (2016)

  • abby consistently supporting and giving a chance to the outcasts in her life (erin first, then holtzmann)
  • kevin wanting to be a part of the cool gang
  • holtzmann taking care of the girls in the ways she knows: calling abby to eat, creating interesting gadgets, modifying the ecto 1 so it would look cooler, etc
  • patty’s ‘nope’ when she sees a scary room
  • erin and abby redoing the photoshoot for their book
  • the girls just having fun
  • non-sexualized clothing
  • them being unable to buy the warehouse at first
  • that whole scene when they are thrown out from the university
  • however little science there is, science!!!!!and!!!!!girls!!!!!!!
  • all them cameos
  • friendship & love & fun 

Watching the whole kiss scene is even better, yes I saw the screenshots before the show, my expectations were high, and I was not dissapointed in fact they were exceded:

- Vegeta was not upset because Bulma kissed him

- He was not upset because it was in public, in front of these people 

- He was not upset because of what others may think

- He was upset because he thought she kissed him because she felt sorry for him. 

It was all about Bulma and her intentions, because her opinion is the only one that counts, because he wants her proud of him at all times. He doesn’t want her pity ever, he wants her love and acceptance, that’s for him the only good reason for her to kiss him