i wanted the plain black one with the bird on it

Kai Parker - Day 2: Favorite Scene

Well, like most people, I love every scene she shows up in, and it’s hard to choose. I guess in addition to any scene in which he winks and/or smirks at Bonnie, here are the ones where I just can’t take my eyes off of him…(these aren’t my gifs. I can’t make gifs.)

From Bird in a Gilded Cage - Diner Scene. “I’ll go, if you go.”  

Well, forget Damon and Elena. Kai, I’ll go wherever you want me to. The way he looks at her. My God. He’s beautiful. 

From The Downward Spiral - “Bring me Bonnie or else Scene” with Damon. Oh the swagger - I swoon. The cocky way he walked around Damon. How many men can make a plain black coat look hot? Most of all, I like this scene because he is laser focused on gaining Bonnie’s forgiveness.


He’s speechless around her…..his swagger is gone now…no one else is in the room except the two of them. EPIC.

From Bird in a Gilded Cage  - The Snow Scene…. Don’t think much explanation is needed here. You just want to kiss him. Again: I don’t think I could have resisted him if he’d looked at me that way. I’d be Kissing me some Kai in the snow.