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Fuck managers: we've got a relatively new manager who is incredibly uptight about the rules. Our doors only work one way and are on opposite sides of the store, and were not meant to let people out the "in" door. I let a disabled elderly woman out these doors because she hadn't realised where the exit was and I didn't want to make her go all the way across the store again when the disabled parks are by the entrance anyway. For some reason, this makes me a terrible employee.

Oh and another thing with the ED stuff, just because you have an eating disorder doesnt mean you cant alternate between wanting to be curvaceous and healthy and emaciated and dying. Its very common for ED sufferers to oscillate between these two. It doesnt mean you are not valid in your struggles, like some people will have you believe. Many times a day i wish to be curvy and have big boobs and then think the polar opposite. It doesnt mean that you arent deserving of help. Im sick of seeing people on here trying to push down this unhealthy belief that there is only one way to be a “real” anorexic. Complete idiots. Im so tired

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Not every single character in fiction has to be gay and it's seriously tiring to watch this kind of slowly turning into toxic culture where every character should be anything but straight. Like Rick making Reyna straight isn't the end of the world and I frankly much rather have him write a character who is a lesbian than a force written one. Some people are just??? Attracted to the opposite sex??? And while I understand that 90% of fiction is straight couples and characters in books 1/2

2/2 it’s also getting better where other authors and new authors are writing more gay characters and it’s great !!! Like them shine !! YA lit is getting more diverse and it’s ridiculous and stupid to watch a fandom lose their shit over one character not be a lesbian and how dare she like guys??? I get rick could have probably written it better but to me it seems like Reyna had that unrequited love romance plot going. But this toxicness of the situation is getting out of hand

What I’m getting from all the “I hate Rick and everything he stands for” posts is that a lot of people are mad about how he said Reyna wasn’t gay, not the fact he said it at all. People throwing around words like “compulsive heterosexuality” and “bi erasure” (which I find to be a little ironic since I got attacked from the same people for saying Reyna was bi). I’ve seen some of the wlw folk talk about how they’re mad because he didn’t consult any bi or gay women, and “assumed” he knew what a harmful stereotype he was avoiding be not making her gay.


Except he did talk to other bi and gay women about it. And I’ve talked to quite a few wlw girls on this site as well as irl about this. Including myself, none of us feel it’s even remotely as bad as people are letting on. And I feel like in the midst of all the anger and outrage, some people have forgotten that we are entitled to an opinion too. I’m a part of the LGBT+ community, and this fandom. Why should my voice not be heard on this issue?

In any case, showing young girls it’s okay not to date someone is?? A pretty cool thing to do in my opinion. You can moan all you want about Frazel or whatever, but honestly? I’m 21 and have never dated anyone. It’s awesome that I can relate to a character like Reyna on that level, and I’m really glad Rick has decided to leave her single for now.

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Kadena - odd habit one of them has that the other notices after some time

Relax,” Adena hums, rubbing soothing patterns against Kat’s back while she stands at the kitchen counter brewing coffee.

“Hm-what?” Kat turns to look at her.

“You’re nervous,” Adena says, soft. “About that big budget meaning today, I presume. You need to relax.”

“How did you…”

Adena loops her arms around Kat’s waist, holding her with a loose grip and pressing a kiss into her hair.

“You have a tell,” Adena smiles, feeling the muscle tension seep away as Kat sinks into her embrace.

“Do I?”


“Care to share?”

Adena debates whether or not to tell her for several seconds, not wanting to make Kat hyperaware of a subconscious habit. But she knows it will only bother her, not knowing, so—“You hold your elbow with your opposite hand,” she says, kissing at her shoulder this time. “When you’re anxious.”

Kat frowns and looks down to where, sure enough, her left hand is still clasped around her right elbow, despite being somewhat relaxed against Adena.

“Just breathe.” Adena hugs her from behind, a brief embrace, then steps away to grab her purse and keys. “And let me know how the meeting goes.”

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I have another question by the way. Why you said that we want red lights instead of blue to sleep ? What's the difference between them ? ( Instead of the color)

The blue light in your phone and computer screens reduce your ability to produce melatonin, which is what you need to be tired and sleep. It does this more than any kind of light because your body is just more sensitive to that color. The red is the opposite. 

Threat - Alfie Solomons

relationship; alfie x reader.

requested; yes. (Can I request an alfie imagine where reader is his wife, and he gets really scary protecting his wife and child from someone who wants to hurt them? But as soon as they’re safe he is super sweet and caring and fluffy with them like total opposite of terrifying gangster bear who protected them? Thank you so much if you do decide to write it your imagines are so amazing!!)

word count; 885.

authors note; this hasn’t been edited yet so ignore the mistakes if there is any.

The bakery was active with employees as they all hurried around to get the commands finished. Your held your daughter close to you, arms wrapping around her shoulders as she stood in front of you, admiring the life that she wound one-day lead. Everything that Alfie did was for you and Lily, your daughter, which you respected and treasured. Alfie spotted the two of you after a few minutes and quickly finished his outburst at one of the workers before jogging over and swinging Lily around in his arms.

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I know I wasn’t going to weigh in on Monday’s anymore but I skipped Friday because of dreaded period week and it’s starting to wind down now so I thought I’d go for it..

Sooooo closeeee to 200 💪🏼

I remember during my second trimester of pregnancy when the scale hit 200 for the first time in my life and I was so weirded out by it! I knew i was creating life and I actually really loved my body but it scared me and felt like some line that I never wanted to cross

Now 3 years later I’ve been so stuck there and 200 has become a big line for me but in the opposite direction. I want so badly to reclaim myself and my body

On July 24th I weighed 210.4 and now I weigh 200.4 which is about 2.5 lbs of loss per week I’m calling that a big win!

For the first time I feel like I’m doing this is a sustainable and long-term way!

🥂 here’s to one more step closer!

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Lotor, even though we're on opposite sides of morality, I believe that if we were to team up we'd be able to do anything with just our gorgeous white hair. (Officiallura)

You just want me to let my guard down so you can win the top model competition. Watch out YOU SHALL NOT PREVAIL.

sentence prompts [100]

1. “did you really think they loved you?”

2. “do you have any idea how many packs of ramen i could have bought with that kind of money?”

3. “i can’t make it stop because i don’t even know what it is”

4. “your email password is ‘ibetyouwontguessmypassword’… you are literally the opposite of mysterious”

5. “shh.. hey shh, i’ve got you alright?”

6. “it’s not that i don’t like them.. its just that make me wants to slam my head against a wall”

7. “there’s so much to think about”

8. “i think you’re indirectly saying that you like me but i’m not really sure and i'm really bad at picking up on signals so please be straightforward before i embarrass myself any further”

9. “you deserve to hear those words but i can’t be the one to say them to you”

10. “i hate everyone, its just that i hate you slightly less”

11. “i mean it’s the only way… right?”

12. “when i said ‘break a leg’ this is not what i fucking meant”

13. “how do you know when?” 

14. “i’m so tired i’m starting to imagine things. like, i think your face in inching closer to me but that could totally just be the lack of sleep and-mmm”

15. “stop fucking crying” 

16. “when people talk about being awkward.. do they not realize that real awkwardness is throwing up on a casket at a funeral, not just pretending to be embarrassed when you ‘accidentally’ bump into a hot guy?”

17. “i can’t make this decision for you”

18. “would you stop looking at me like that?”

19. “no, like.. what do you really want?”

20. “remember that time you stepped in dog shit on our first day of school and you had white shoes on and- and why are you making threatening hand gestures at me?”

21. “i’m a fucking mess”

22. “oh my god i think i just peed”

23. “god! stop it! why do you always fucking do that?”

24. “dude, you remember that commercial with the lady that falls down the stairs and can’t get up? yeah.. that’s basically you right now”

25. “why didn’t you love them?”

26. “that is my muffin you fucking jerk face”

27. “I just don't get it, no matter how hard i try”

28. “did i mention how much i hate you? oh i have?… well just a reminder.”

29. “either shut up and take a nap with me or leave”

30. “you’re so far gone”

31. “you spent 20 minutes trying to teach a chair how to respond to it’s name… i think it’s safe to say that you were drunk as hell”

32. “everything just kind of.. hurts, i guess”

33. “hey have you seen my- are you crying over that damn disney movie again?”

34. “i’m not them”

35. “what the hell do you mean you’re not a dog person?”

36. “i can't”

37. “did you just.. did you just snort?”

38. “i don't want this”

39. “did you just give me the middle finger?” 

40. “you’re making this worse for yourself, you do realize that right?”

41. “rock, paper, sciss- fuck!”

42. “i know i don’t deserve it, but please?”

43. “are you sure you’re studying because this looks like the intro to a very poorly funded porno”

44. “want me. need me. crave me”

45. “i’m trying to write a poem but i can’t think of anything that rhymes with- what are you looking at?” 

46. “i should have noticed”

47. “listen as much as i love your hugs, i can’t really breathe at the moment”

48. “breathe with me. in. and out.”

49. “what do you mean you’ve never owned a rubber ducky?”

50. “you are so fucking beautiful and you can’t even see it”

51. “how does he expect me to run to class when i can barely walk up one flight of stairs without heaving afterwards for five minutes straight?”

52. “stop saying sorry”

53. “yeah, uh, what the fuck”

54. “i can’t remember a time when i didn’t feel this way”

55. “hi i’m- wow you are a beautiful and i just made this so uncomfortable by saying that out loud”

56. “i’m so sorry, oh my god, i’m so sorry”

57. “so you can punch someone in the face but you can’t kill a spider?

58. “i keep telling myself to ‘stop waiting’ but here i am.. still waiting”

59. “how is it 3:00a.m, i thought it was like 10:00p.m”

60. “i almost long for it now”

61. “they love me, they love me not, they love me, they love me n- wait fuck there’s only one petal left, i always knew this game was rigged”

62. “you’re scaring me”

63. “you literally roll your eyes every other minute, how are your eyes not stuck in the back of your head by now?”

64. “how can’t you see that you deserve so much better than me?”

65. “i am 99% sure that the world is out to get me, the other 1% is holding onto the hope that my 11:11 wishes are valid”

66. “wait, are you crying?”

67. “wow that dry drool on your chin really suits you”

68. “are you drunk?”

69. “don’t ask me about my feelings when you already know exactly what I'm feeling”

70. “i may or may not have possibly accidentally maybe stained your favorite sweatshirt?”

71. “is it not enough?”

72. “so, any questions, imbeciles?”

73. “they love me, you’re wrong”

74. “there is a very large chance that i like you back.. but like, who knows..”

75. “you’re not supposed to eat that part!”

76. “i was waiting for you and you knew it and still, you did nothing about it”

77. “please stop tickling my neck it’s not funn- oh my god!”

78. “i know that you never really listen to your voicemails but here i am anyways and i just wanted to say…”

79. “it’s not my fault i’m so devilishly handsome”

80. “i didn’t mean to, i don’t- I'm not, i-”

81. “me too. wait no i mean like- i love you too. not me. i don’t love me too. not that i’m insecure. i just meant like that i love you not me. does that make sense?

82. ”i didn’t mean to make them cry!”

83. “everyone is always saying that i don’t have to have a plan yet. but if that’s the case, then why does it seem like everyone else has a plan except for me?”

84. “i think i’m gonna throw up..”

85. “you’re always saying how tired you are. but what exactly is it that you’re tired of? because i know it’s not just the lack of sleep.”

86. “maybe it was the 7 doughnuts. but I mean, just a guess”

87. “stop yelling at me!”

88. “so a little birdy told me that you think i’m cute?”

89. “i was so in love with who i thought they were”

90. “did you really mean what you said back there?”

91. “i’m so tired of feeling unwanted”

92. “i wrote you just like i promised, like we promised. why didn’t you ever write back?”

93. “i didn’t know you could sing”

94. “why are you being so cold”

95. “you said i was the one you wanted”

96. “tell me what to do, please!”

97. “i’m so sleepy”

98. “can we stay home and watch documentaries on netflix?”

99. “i triple dog dare you”

100. “do you think you could teach me how to swim?”

Different Pt 1.5

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Suga x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 562 

Warnings: Mature/Sensitive Themes

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

Angst Version:

Tears filled your eyes as soon as you left the office, and the entire journey home was one of the most uncomfortable silences you’d ever experienced. It was odd, because silences with Yoongi were never uncomfortable, but rather the opposite, you didn’t always need words to communicate, silence was the best sometimes. But even if you wanted to say something then, what would it be?

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i love maizawa/erasermic a lot. so…. have some more tickle fight hcs.

they both have very particular goals when they get all frisky and playfight-y. aizawa definitely shoots to shut mic up, like make him shriek so hard he laughs silently while mic is the opposite and wants to make aizawa yell and cry.

i wanna say aizawa is the lee way more often. cause he’s such a sourpuss. he’s always grumpy and tired. mic constantly wants to hear aizawa’s voice and especially his laugh so he aims to have him giggle as often as possible as much as it pisses him off. and aizawa does like to erase mic’s ability to laugh and beg when he’s the ler instead. he can be really mean with the whole “i can’t hear you” teasing. but then again it’s easy for mic to pinch his waist and make aizawa squeeze his eyes shut so he can speak again.

generally aizawa is more ticklish with his neck being the most ticklish thing ever. and his ribs that kinda protrude out are sensitive as well. also he has some ticklish toes that are mic’s favorite thing to play with when he’s trying to sleep. like he’ll lay down on the bed with his foot out from the covers and mic will grab a foot and put it in his lap and tug on his toes to make aizawa get up. he’s so bitter over the fact that mic drives him out of bed by touching his feet, he’s like “get away from me 5 more minutes” but his voice cracks. plus, mic isn’t afraid to plant some toe kisses as well as some massaging fingers. he’s more of a pleaser than a receiver. while as aizawa is super lazy all the time.

mic’s hips are quite the death spot though. aizawa isn’t much of a cute romantic tickler, he’s more of a ‘i’m gonna dig my cold fingers into your hips while you’re on the phone with someone important’ kind of guy. and mic has SUCH a cute laugh and it’s the light of aizawa’s life. it’s a scream-squeal laugh and he always curls up during. like if he’s standing up he’ll half lean over but also bring a knee up to his chest. and you BET he really does screech like a bird. he thrashes dangerously too, rolling his hips around to get fingers off him though he can’t. his laugh kinda starts with a cry that sounds like a ‘gyaha’ and it goes really high pitched at the beginning. and he immediately resorts to begging and calling for help even if they’re alone in their room.

aizawa is a toughie to crack. but oh is it so satisfying to see him giggle himself silly. he tries to fight his laughter the whole time but mic is a relentless verbal teaser and it ruins every form of his concentration. “does that tickle? do you wanna laugh now? i can see your lip quivering. you’re laughing. you are. it really tickles huh?” and aizawa makes the mistake of opening his mouth to tell mic to shut up but he accidentally lets out a bunch of squeals and can’t get his words straight and there goes mic again with the “theeeere we go! the floodgates have opened!” or worse he’ll lean over him as he tries to keep himself composed and go “you can do it, stay quiet, don’t laugh!” or “your cheeks are red! look at them puff up”

so i dunno, who’s the mean one here? maybe it’s mic. but still, aizawa’s the one tickling him at night when he knows mic can’t control his volume very well being like “don’t wake up the neighbors” while mic’s like “NO NO nO TICKLES! YOU KNOW I CAN’T” and he’s right he can’t stay quiet and he screams. or while mic’s doing a radio show. orrrr when mic’s taking something out of the oven. orrrrrrr when mic’s trying to put a shirt on in the morning.

but everything mic does makes aizawa laugh anyway like it’s a contest. mic will even stick his tongue out and cross his eyes and make faces to force aizawa to laugh harder and clench his eyes shut. he usually has the edge and can make aizawa into a giggling fool.

they’re both at a really bad disadvantage with each other cause they play with each other’s weaknesses. that’s why toshinori is good at settling it and having both of them under his hands. one in the crook of aizawa’s neck and one grabbing mic’s flank. causing them to essentially smash into each other trying to get away and end up tangled in each other as toshi just laughs above them and gets them to behave.


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I imagine Yuuri M as a law student, because that career is the opposite of medicine, and she must want to make a difference in her family, but she is also intelligent and I imagine her spending hours reading and memorizing the laws, I also imagine her In the top of his generation

you think that? I feel yuuchan is a more creative person, someone that would choose a humanistic university course! but she’s still 16, things might change ahahah 

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The eclipse is making me mad because it's like the only time I will probably ever see one and I can't even see it because. It will make. hurt eye

YEA I KNOW and i am such a contrarian and also have 0 self control like if someone tells me to do something. no im going to do the total opposite just because you told me to do that ndndndndn i am so tempted to look at it but i can’t but i want to

Different Pt 1.5

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Suga x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 546 

Warnings: Mature/Sensitive Themes

Originally posted by nnochu

Fluff Version:

Tears filled your eyes as soon as you left the office, and the entire journey home was one of the most uncomfortable silences you’d ever experienced. It was odd, because silences with Yoongi were never uncomfortable, but rather the opposite, you didn’t always need words to communicate, silence was the best sometimes. But even if you wanted to say something in that moment, what would it be?

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hi um i wanted to write a little thing

i just wanted to really say how much i love @brightsidedan . uh, hey milo. i love you a lot. and i just wanna say that i really, really dont deserve someone like you in my life. im a problematic, dramatic, ungrateful, untalented, selfish person and you’re the utter opposite. but you still deal with me? i have no idea how you do that, but thank you for doing it. im a person with shitty bpd, and i find it really hard to rationalize my emotions most of the time. i feel like such a burden on you, and i don’t blame that on my fucked up mental state. i think im a shitty person who doesnt deserve such a beautiful human in my life. you make me a better person, and without you i probably wouldve been dead a long time ago. you could probably find somebody much better than me, but youre still here, and i cant explain how thankful i am. you deserve the world and all the planets in the universe, and i wish i could give them to you. i know i dont say i love you enough and im sorry, i know i dont hug you enough, and im sorry ! im scared that one day ill be left in the dust, and i know that thats an irrational thought, but its true. you mean the world to me. and you always will. i would rather have you scream about musicals and matpat than lose you. no matter how much i act annoyed, im not. seeing your face light up like that honestly makes me feel at home and im so grateful for you. the fact that i feel at home with you is such a beautiful thing , especially since i dont really feel at home anywhere else. you are so unbelivably valid, always remember that. you are valid in every single way possible, and nobody can change that. you always have open arms to me, and i hope that i can do the same for you. i know im an asshole and honestly i wish i could keep my emotions in check but i cant really do that well. but just know that, even when i act irrationally, or am an asshole, i love you. i really, truly, sincerely love you to forever and back. 

-mia <3


Murdoc Niccals | Strobelite [2017]