i wanted the little dude so bad

more au ideas no one asked for
  • “you’re super short and i’m sorry but it’s really really cute whenever you try to reach that book on the top shelf here lemme help you- oh no don’t be embarrassed, your face is all red and you’re even more adorable now i am going to die” au
  • “i’m a biker and one day i was biking in your neighborhood while you just happened to be outside watering the plants and since you’re so goddamn cute i accidentally steered into a pole and now you’re giving me first aid (holy shit you’re even cuter up close)” au
    • “you’re biking through my neighborhood and you ran into a pole so now i’m really concerned and patching you up, oh my gosh you’re really hot even though you have a bloody nose” au
  • “i’m at a karaoke bar and i’m sober enough to realize that your voice singing my absolute favorite song is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever heard, and you caught me staring and winked at me oh shit” au
  • “you fell asleep on my shoulder on the plane ride and i would ask you to move but you look so comfy and adorable when you sleep. also you smell really good and the feeling of your breath on my skin is somewhat relaxing, maybe we can go out to lunch in this shitty airport when you wake up?” au
  • “you’re so perfect and i’m in love with you but i’ve never actually met you and you keep avoiding meeting up, so i called nev and max to help me figure out whether or not you’re catfishing me” au
    • “whoa it turns out you were actually just super shy and you’re even cuter in person pls kiss me in front of all these cameras” au to followup with that
  • “i’m a quiktrip worker and whenever I work a night shift, you always arrive and buy like 3 cans of redbull and you look exhausted, do you need some help? are you okay?” au
  • “you invited me to your brother’s/sister’s wedding as a plus one bc we’re hella best friends but we end up making out at the afterparty and now everyone thinks we’re fucking so uh,, u wanna go out for a drink sometime? try this whole couple thing out?” au
  • “my sister tried to set me up with her friend but little does she know that i am hella gay and i end up falling in love with her smoking hot brother, and whenever i hang at her place we always tell my sister that it’s for a date when really she’s now just trying to set me up with her brother” au
    • (this can be tweaked in any way to fit your otp :p)
  • “i’m one of those talk show stars that walks up to random people on the streets and asks them really obscure questions, and you’re really cute and camera shy and i’m sorry but it’s adorable how you stutter when you’re nervous, uh, perhaps when there aren’t so many cameras surrounding me i can buy you a drink?” au
    • “you just came up to me on the street and asked where the weirdest place i had sex was and i’m assuming it’s for one of those talk show things, but i’m really nervous because you’re really really hot in that suit holy shit” au
  • “will you stop flirting with me you just got seriously injured and i’m the EMT trying to tend to your wounds in the ambulance, i don’t give a fuck that i look cute when i’m concerned, you’re lucky you’re not dead you dipshit” au
  • “my mom/sister/dad/brother/best friend doesn’t know we’re dating but one day he/she/they walked in on us making out and started cheering oh my god this is so embarrassing i’m so sorry” au
  • “you have fire powers and i have ice powers and one day you save my ass and even though we’re supposed to be rivals, you’re actually really really cute and warm can i just stay in your arms forever bc i am perpetually cold” au
    • “you have ice powers and i have fire powers and i save your sorry ass from getting hurt/killed, okay i know we’re supposed to be rivals according to every legend ever but you’re adorable and wow you’re really cold, would you like me to warm you up?” au
  • “i’m so sorry i’ve been stowing away on your ship but i’m lonely and tired and starving with nowhere to go so please take pity on my poor soul bc you’re the sweetest pirate i have ever met and since we’re in the middle of the ocean now there’s no way you’re taking me back to land anytime soon” au
    • “i would be furious at you for stowing away on my ship if it weren’t for the fact that you look really sick and sad can i help you” au
  • “dude why did that siren take on my image to try and seduce you, is there something you wanna tell me” au
  • “I’m an elf with really bad aim so while hunting i accidentally shot you in the shoulder with an arrow i’m so sorry can i make it up to you in any way? oh shit you’re a wizard, please don’t turn me into a frog i’ll do anything you want me to” au
  • “we’re coworkers and all the other employees ship us so just for fun we all go out clubbing/to a bar but little do we know its actually a plot they set up to get us to realize our supposed love for each other. wait you’re actually a really good dancer and your laugh is so endearing and, holy shit, maybe our colleagues were right” au
  • “i catch you at the bus terminal shivering your ass off because it’s 30 degrees and for some godforsaken reason you’re wearing a short sleeve t shirt, so out of pity i lend you my hoodie and you look so surprised it’s the cutest thing i’ve ever seen, setting aside the fact that you’re a goddamn idiot, do you want to get sick?” au
    • (cont.) “you look so sad and cold that i just tell you to keep my hoodie b/c you obviously need it more than i do. a week later i see you at a coffee shop/book store/etc. and you’re wearing my hoodie which you look so fucking tiny and cute in, and you just saw me and you look super embarrassed; you offer me it back but i tell you it suits you more and we end up talking and i buy you a drink” au
  • “we’re partners in cupcake wars and i never realized how cute you look with frosting on your face until now but no distractions, we have to fucking pummel these other teams because we are the best goddamn cupcake company in the universe WE CAN DO THIS” au
  • “i’m swimming laps in a lake alone at night and i thought no one else was here but i just swam right into you and uh?? you’re not wearing a shirt and you’re hot as hell pl ease take me right here” au
  • “i took you to my family’s lakehouse and we went jetskiing which you were so adorably excited about b/c you’ve never been, and when we drove around on the water at ungodly speeds u held onto me b/c there was nothing else to hold onto” au
  • “my friends dared me to buy 20 condoms but i didn’t realize that the cute cashier would be working tonight so i avoided eye contact as i piled them onto the counter and please stop laughing so hard, oh my god it’s for a dare okay i’ve never had sex in my life and once you stopped laughing, i swear i fell in love with that sparkle in your eye as you grinned wildly at me and asked me out for a drink” au
  • “i accidentally called the wrong skype number and it turns out the person i called was you and you’re in a different time zone, so it’s 3am where you are and you just woke up and look fucking pissed but you’re cute so… let’s do this again when you’re not asleep. i’m more than willing to stay up into the dead of night to talk to you” au
  • “i’m a radio host who indirectly mentions you and flirts with you on my show but you’re so goddamn clueless, please just notice me i’m so desperate for you it’s kind of sad (see: welcome to night vale)” au
Take a Chance

The gifset of Dean giving himself that little pep talk from 7x04 inspired me to write this. Dean x Reader, Dean’s POV. Hope you like :)

For fuck’s sake, Dean, you’ve done this a thousand times. You can charm a woman without even breaking a sweat. Why are you so damn nervous?

Because, dumbass, it’s Y/N. This time it’s not some random bar chick that I’ll probably never lay eyes on again. And I don’t want to mess things up. I don’t want to do something that’ll make everything all awkward.

I just want… I just want to be with her. Whatever that means. And I don’t even know how to say that without making things all fucking weird.

Just tell her the truth. Well, the surface truth. Say you’re bored. Take a chance.

She doesn’t need to know you hate being in a separate room from her, that you miss being around her. That you feel not all there when she’s not around, like a piece is missing. That you’re dying to touch her. Like really touch her.

Okay. Here’s her door. Just heard a noise, so you know she’s awake. So knock already.

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Not him

“Why not?” Jughead chewed on the cap of his pen curiously, his eyes lifting to stare blankly at his best friend.

Archie was nervous, his posture made it very clear, he was rigid and fidgety, his hand constantly scratching at the back of his neck.
“I don’t know, I kind of want to try something different, pizza sounds good ya know.”

Jughead slowly slid his notebook away from himself, picking his bag off of the floor and staring at Archie from across Fps trailer, something was up and he was going to get to the bottom of it.
“We go to Pops every friday night, it’s tradition. Why the sudden change of heart?”

Archie pulled his own backpack over his shoulder
“A guy can’t change his mind?” At Jugheads incredulous eyebrow raise Archie sighed

“Fine. Betty has a date tonight..at Pops.”

Jugheads stomach clenched and his heart hammered quick and rapid in his chest, it hurt. It always hurt, the thought of her with someone else, holding someone else, kissing someone else, if made him sick. They had broken up about three months ago, Things had been way too stressful, trying to manage being a Serpent and on the Southside while Betty was on the north side trying to find her orphaned brother, time wasn’t on their side and they had to call it quits, it was wearing them down and it wasn’t healthy.

But god did he still love her. He thought about her everyday, asked Archie constantly to make sure she was okay and never went a day without walking by her house at night. They had promised to keep in touch but it hurt too bad.

“So what, I can handle it. I want a burger. Let’s go” Jugheads eyes were set firmly as he breezed past Archie, jumping into his fathers beat up pickup truck and nearly sped to the little diner off of Main Street.

“Jug! Slow down! The booths aren’t going to move any time soon.” The redhead panted as he hopped out of the car and tailed His seriously strange best friend. As soon as the glass doors swung open Jughead was searching, Archie finally seemed to catch on, clapping a hand to The dark haired boys shoulder

“Dude, think this over.”

Jughead turned calmly, his eyes finding the familiar ponytail almost as if he was drawn to it.
“I am thinking” and then he was gone, headed for a Beautiful blonde cheerleader and her date.

Betty was smiling, her perfect lips wrapped around the straw of a chocolate milkshake.. she doesn’t even like chocolate, she likes vanilla and sometimes strawberry, this guy didn’t know her at all. Betty’s fingers twirled a curly honey blonde strand innocently, meadow green eyes trained on the blonde boy in front of her, his letterman jacket prominent on his back. To the untrained eye they seemed like the perfect couple, beautiful teen drama pair, but Jughead knew better

Jughead knew Betty

And damn was she bored, her eyes were slightly glazed, her free hand tapping on the countertop as she smiled that absolutely fake show smile, her cheeks stretched wide. When her eyes drifted above her dates head Jughead knew it was time to make his move.

Sliding casually into the booth, he grinned when the boy he was seated next to nearly jumped out of his skin. Betty’s eyes widened as she looked frantically around.

“Hey Betts” Jughead smiled his hand reaching for hers across the table, in a moment of shock and awe betty allowed him to take it, his thumb running slowly over her knuckles. The blonde beside him cleared his throat, knocking them out of their personal bubble.

Betty ripped her hand free, pushing herself back into the booth.

“Jughead! What are you doing?”

Jughead grabbed a fry and shrugged
“I can’t say hi to an old friend?” He questioned, there was something dangerous in the way he was staring at her.

Betty shook her head
“Nows not really a good time, Adam and I..”

Jughead cut her off
“A date right? I gotta say for first dates this is pretty lame. We went to the bijou and watched a while thirteen hour marathon, remember that Betts?” His eyes bore into hers

“Juggie..” Betty whispered

“And what’s up with that shake? Is that chocolate.. dude did you even ask? She hates chocolate she only drinks it when she has too.”

Adam stuttered his eyes falling accusingly on Betty who just glanced away.

Jughead wasn’t done yet
“And can’t you see how cold she is? She always gets cold when she drinks milkshakes, you shoulda offered her your jacket, it’s cold out she shouldn’t even be wearing a skirt like that in this weather, do you want her to get frost bite?” Jughead barked out, glaring at the new boy at his side

“Listen man..” Adam protested

“No you listen, I’ll bet you didn’t even compliment her lipstick, it’s a new shade. It looks great on her but you probably didn’t even let her know. You don’t deserve her, not even a little bit.” Jughead growled, his knuckles turning white while he gripped the Diner table

“Jughead, what….”

Adam stood quickly, dropping a twenty dollar bill on the table
“I thought this would go a little better than this, maybe we could try some other time Betty, clearly you have some… issues to work out.” He left quickly, abandoning his date and rushing out the doors.

“What a loser, doesn’t even stay to..”

Betty was up and out of the booth in seconds flat, brushing past Jughead as she headed for the door, Jughead followed quickly

“Betty! Betts I’m sorry, okay listen I didn’t mean to ruin your date.. I just..”

Betty whipped around, leaves rustling under her feet

“You just what?! You don’t want me so no one else can have me? That’s not fair juggie. What’s next you barge in on my wedding and object?!” Betty pouted,throwing her hands up dramatically.

He couldn’t help the smile that poked through, her glare dampened it though

“I just.. who said I don’t want you? Of course I want you. I’ll always want you, I hate seeing you with those assholes, they’re not good enough for you. You deserve so much better.”

“And that’s you?” Betty questioned stepping forward

Jughead swallowed thickly
“No. god no. I’m the opposite of good enough for you. But I love you and you make me better. I want to.. I want to try again. If you’ll have me I’d love to be your boyfriend again.”

Betty bit her lip before nodding almost imperceptibly her arms opening wide
“I missed you.” And then he was wrapped up, her body tugging him into her.

“God I missed you Betty Cooper. Please don’t ever date blonde, letterman jacket wearing douche bags with tribal tattoos.”

Betty giggled glancing up at him

“How did you know he has a Tribal tattoo?”

Jughead sighed dropping his lips to hers

“Lucky guess” he mumbled

anonymous asked:

Hello, friend! I sometimes feel bad that I like games like Mystic Messenger because I know the characters are much older than me (I'm at the end of eighth grade), so I was wondering if you could do a RFA+V+Unknown reacting to a Highschool Freshman MC. I 100% understand not wanting to put a romantic relationship for any of them, so it's all up to you, I guess! Also, I'd just like to know, how has your day been?

i know the feeling dude, even though i’m 18 i still feel too young to date most of these guys  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ don’t feel bad about liking these types of games, they’re a lot better than many other addictions!

 this is going to be platonic relationships where they basically just view you as their little sister, as i don’t want our lovely characters to seem like pedophiles

my day has been awesome btw as i actually celebrated my birthday! thank you for asking, how was yours? i hope it was good ♥


  • He was honestly expecting you to be a lot older, probably even older than him as you were so mature
  • Honestly thought Seven had pranked him again when this young (admittedly cute, but in an “awe, she’s adorable” way) girl showed up at the RFA party and blushingly introduced herself
  • He apologized a lot that he had mentioning wanting to kiss you!
  • You kissed his cheek to tell him that it was alright and he blushed awe cute
  • Let you play video games with him and made sure you ate healthy
  • He’s basically a stereotypical brother


  • ????
  • He felt so extremely guilty for coming of as this creepy old pervert who flirted with you
  • Literally apologized so much you had to tell him to shut up
  • After he had gotten over the initial shock, he was basically acting like your guard, watching over and protecting you 24/7
  • “All men are wolves, MC!”
  • He swore to give you the big brother he never got, and was supportive of everything you did
  • unless it was dating


  • Well, you already felt like her sister
  • She was suprised by how young you were, but mostly because you reminded her of herself - she had also been basically grown up at that age
  • I swear she’s actually like a mom, always making sure you get enough rest and actually have time to enjoy your childhood
  • She changed up her offer a bit, asking you if you would like to help her out in the café with her during the weekends, so it wouldn’t affect your school work


  • He was so confused
  • He didn’t mean to be judging, but how could someone that tiny understand him that well
  • He did feel slightly creepy for saying suggestive things to you on the messenger, but hid it until you brought up that he seemed bothered
  • Would still spoil you to no end
  • Loved to see you play with Elizabeth, as it was the purest thing he had ever seen


  • Of course he already knew from his background check
  • He did also see from your social media that you were smart, mature and responsible, especially for being so young
  • He honestly found you adorable, so he didn’t lie when he described you as a “cute girl” for the RFA members
  • Didn’t tell them your age just to troll them tbh
  • Felt just as protective over you as Saeran


  • When Seven told him about you and asked if you should join the RFA, he was kind of hesitant
  • Would you be able to organize something as big and important as the party?
  • Always the trusting person, he decided to let you give it a shot, seeing as Seven described you as seemingly responsible
  • He was extremely happy that your youthful cheeriness brought joy to all the gloomy members! He appreciated you!


  • He did feel kind of bad to trick such a young girl into Mint Eye’s plan
  • But as he had heard for years, “the younger they start, the better they get”
  • Suprised by how difficult you were to trick, but that only made him more positive that you were perfect for the plan
  • When everything was over, he was actually really glad to be part of your childhood, as it gave him the chance to experience it for himself


anonymous asked:

Your asexuality is invalid because asexuality doesnt exist. Ot shouldnt even be in the lgbtq community. Ace people arent ace, they're just people who are too disgusting to get fucked. You aren't ace, you're just someone who wants people to think you're unattainable by not wanting to get some dick. I hope you rot.

Listen here ole buddy,ole pal, normally I’d just delete this but since you caught me in a bad fucking mood I guess I gotta answer you to let off some steam.

You better be fucking reading this shit my pal, my dude, my little sweetheart, my satanic lil dipshit, I spent the rest of my childhood and early teenage years wondering why everyone was so into getting crushes and looking at dicks and vaginas everytime they got a chance too. I spent most of my life wondering why the FUCK anyone would watch porn (both in school and out of it) because I never knew what that shit was all about. I grew up buffering over a sex joke someone told and being treated like a baby when I said I didnt get it.

I spent my whole fucking life wondering why sex outside of making a child was so important. I spent my high school years awkwardly trying to fit in by fake laughing at sex jokes I couldn’t understand.

I never got sexually attracted to men, women, or anyone in between and when I mentioned that you know what they would do? They’d look at me like I was lying. They’d look at me as if I said the weirdest shit they’ve ever heard. They’d laugh and they’d INVALIDATE me. They would say that it’s just a PHASE. That the right person would come along and make me fucking moist down south.


Has never happened and it may never will.

I am ASEXUAL. I do not find anyone sexually attractive. I will not spread my legs to the first person who makes a sexual move on me.

I do not find anyone “fuckable”. And I am fucking happy with that.

So aphobe anon, I hope you a good life because honestly, if you find the time to attack me with this bs then you must live a very fucking shitty one…

Game Grumps — LoZ: Ocarina of Time  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Good job, asshole!”
  • “I. WANT. MURDER!”
  • “Remember the potato.”
  • “I’m drunk… I’m a little drunk.”
  • “Oh my god. Just smother her.”
  • “Dude, stop hurting her feelings!”
  • “I think I’ll find a way to carry on.“
  • “You’re so insufferable right now.”
  • “It’s a masterpiece. Ten outta ten!”
  • “I love you. I love your fucking brain.”
  • “Wake up! Save the world! Wake up!”
  • “Oh, she is into you! Oh, that is the look!”
  • “Are… Are you gonna say anything or…?”
  • “Wow, she’s more angular than I remember.”
  • “You know what? That was bad timing for me.”
  • “They just kept going, undeterred. It was inspiring.”
  • “Are you fucking shitting all over both of my nuts?!”
  • “That was not funny, I dunno why I’m laughing at it.”
  • “Aw jeez, I was gonna say ‘she’s hot’, but then I saw… her face.”
  • “I mean, look at the way he slurps up his soup. What an asshole.”
  • “I’ve got Reeses Pieces! But, I’m dead… so they’re ‘Deceases Pieces’!”
  • “Wow, you actually did like… almost everything you could to blow that for me!”
  • “Oh shit, your cover’s blown! Here, go into this water! Cover yourself in chocolate syrup immediately! Just dive!”

Commission for coffee shop au klance. Kinda just the beginning of klance, because of the word limit, but awkward bois are the best bois

Also I took a test on what kind of coffee/drink Keith would be and then added espresso lol 

Lance knew that choosing the perfect coffee to start your day could be a crucial thing; you had to take into account how much caffeine you needed, what you wanted to taste on your breath until lunch, how many times you wanted to get up to pee in the next two hours, things like that. He understood that coffee was an important staple to many people’s mornings.

But it didn’t usually take the assholes twenty plus minutes to decide what kind to get.

He had long since finished serving the morning rush and was now waiting, somewhat impatiently, for this guy in the red biker jacket with the mullet to figure out what the hell he was ordering. He had been standing off to the side for a while now, leaving Lance to wipe down all four counters of their island coffee bar that was nestled in the middle of the room and restock the pastry case.

Lance was now tapping his fingers against the wood of the counter, watching the guy from the corner of his vision. Coran didn’t allow phones while people were out front, so he was reduced to reading their menu (which he had memorized) about fifty times in a row.

Finally, as the clock ticked over to 8:30, the guy shifted, glanced at Lance, and then opened his mouth. “Do you um…do you have alternatives for people who are lactose intolerant?”


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i really like how you did soulmate!jungkook! could i request a soulmate au with donghyuck/haechan?
haechan!soulmate anon! can i actually get it in bulletpoint form? eventually if you want to write it all out, that would be great, but i rlly like reading things quickly. thanks, i love you!!

- anonymous

  • ok so in this au you have a timer counting down to when you will meet your soulmate

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Dear fellow straight dudes playing Overwatch

So I have finally decided to start getting more into competitive Overwatch, and I’ve noticed something stupid, simple, but weird. Games where my team communicates, we either win or come so close to winning I don’t even feel bad for losing.
It’s so simple? Why aren’t more people on chat? Is my voice annoying? PS4s come with mics.
But then I remember.
I am a dude.
A straight dude.
With a reasonably masculine voice.

I do not get harassed online.

The online gaming community can be a garbage fire for anyone that isn’t me.

So here is a simple list of how to play overwatch and make the community a little bit better

Rule 1
Don’t be a dick.
I’ll make it simple for people reading this list. If you can’t do rule number 1, then stop playing a team based video game. We don’t want you.

Rule 2
Don’t assume how good or bad someone is based on their character pic
I feel the same level of dread everyone does when I’m on a team with a hanzo and a widow maker. It is possible to nicely ask if we need both. If they don’t change, let them play until a certain point. They might be better at those characters then you think.

Rule 3
Not really a rule as much as a tip, but If no one is talking, you can still have some casual friendly banter with your team.
Make call outs where the enemy is. Congratulate your mercy on a good Rez. People will jump into chat if they find out it isn’t a hateful place.

Rule 4
Call out assholes.
This applies to life in general. Assholes do not get to dictate our fun. Someone being racist. Shut that shit down. Someone being racist. Shut that shit down. Let other not assholes in the group know you have their back

Rule 5
If you feel you are going to tilt, take a break
Tilting is natural. Don’t feel bad about it. But also don’t let it affect yours and everyone else’s good time. Step away from the controller. Have a quick drink. Stretch your legs. Remember that this is a game.

Feel free to add your own rules and tips to make the community better.

This internet does not belong to straight dude, but a few of us are ruining it. Let’s take it back for everyone.

And have fun playing Overwatch

Heroes never die.

anonymous asked:

I'm on my way to start testosterone injections (pretty soon to be exact!!) and I was wondering if there was any advice out there for how to care for my body? I know healthy eating, working out, cleanliness.... how can I care for my changing privates and skin? My mum is a big part of my journey and we both have been trying to find information, but are only digging up the little stuff and not anything genitalia related or skin care related- any help is so appreciated, thank you! Love this blog

Skin care - it really depends on how your skin handled the first time you went through puberty. Most people have the same experience the second time around. SO whatever products worked for you then will probably work for you now too. I personally recommend charcoal based skin care products, they were recommended to me by a couple other transmen when I started T and they’ve worked great for me! I use Biore that I picked up from walmart - I’ve got the acne targeted stuff that I wash my face with once a day and then the cleanser that’s much gentler that I wash my face with as often as I want to (usually twice a day). The reason I point two separate product is because you want to make sure you aren’t using acne wash more than once a day because it will dry out your skin to the point where your body produces twice as much oils to make up for it and you end up with much worse acne than before. So get one acne focused wash and then a gentle cleanser for any other time you need it. 

Ok now for genitalia - I understand why you might not have found a lot of info, I remember having the same problem when I was researching before starting T. I think part of the reason is that it’s a…personal..topic I guess. And another part is that everyone’s experiences tend to be so wildly different. 

The best I can do is give you my experiences, might be a little graphic so I’m gonna try to figure out how to do a read more thing. 

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There’s this pretty cool dude, ok? Some people seem to think he’s cool. Sometimes. He guesses they’re right. I mean, maybe. If they say so. Actually, you know what? They’re right. This guy’s dynamite lit in a box of hot shit. Screw the haters.

The obsession with being cool immediately makes me think of Dave. Karkat and Virgo parallel John and Rose in a lot of ways, maybe Gemini here is the Dave counterpart. 

You could always try to guess his name. But instead of that, here’s a better idea. Why don’t you just fuck off and go to hell? 

Here, name this kooky broad instead.

Wait, broad? What broa-

Ok, what’s her name? 


You’ve got to be kidding me. 

Looks like we’re going back to the other guy again. Alright, hang on…

What? No! I want to learn more about her! She’s got a little kitty hat and her walls are decorated with the blood of her prey! She’s adorable and terrifying at the same ti-

It appears this cool and moody dude had a change of heart. He feels pretty bad about flying off the handle like that, as if shit wanted nothing to do with the handle. Shit would like to reconcile with the handle, and perhaps seek marital counseling. 

So what’s his name gonna be?

Errrrrr. Fine.

a time to remember || sterek || 2.7k

Loosely inspired by A Walk to Remember


Derek is in third period when he meets the new kid. The kid is tall–not enormously so, but he’s about an inch taller than Derek. Derek thinks the kid might be hot if he wore clothes that actually fit. His brown hair is hair is a little rumpled and his face a little pale and sleep worn, neither of which helps. 

Not that Derek cares, really. He feels on top of the world. He’d gotten to third base with Paige last night and she still kissed him goodnight afterward.

Derek doesn’t remember much about third period. Just the kid, mostly. His name was Krzesimir, seriously.

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rose-of-yonezawa  asked:

Bros reactions. MC runs into that one male high school classmate who still has a massive crush on her. Can be NSFW-ish if you'd like

I feel all of them would be glaring daggers at whomever this boy is lmao


  • watches you guys talk the whole time
  • makes sure to keep his arm around your waist and keep you close
  • distracts with soft little pecks on your cheek while you talk
  • basically hovers around you the whole time
  • glares the other male down with his overpowering existence
  • manages to drop hints about how successful he is


  • when he sees this dude he just adjusts your scarf around your neck hiding your hickies and makes them visible
  • toma wait —
  • “I just want him to know that you’re mine. Is that so bad?”
  • Toma he’s just a friend –
  • “That’s not what his eyes tell me.”
  • bc you can always tell a lot about a person by their eyes, he says


  • wouldnt openly do much
  • you know that side eye that everyone talks abt
  • that’s shizuka
  • side eyeglaring, narrow eyes 
  • so conscious of you and how you hug him bc you were friends
  • and when he hears him compliment you on your looks shizu
  • takes you away
  • Where are we going, Shizu?
  • “Not here.”
  • just wants to keep you to himself because he’s afraid you might leave him, this poor insecure boy


  • would be the kind to be buddy buddy w/ him
  • or at least be seemingly so
  • so when you’re all hanging out and having a good time and has his arm around his shoulder in good fun,
  • you see minami whisper something into his ear
  • and all the colour drain from your classmate’s face
  • and you know that he’s probably whispered something horrible into his ear
  • friend probably has to leave soon after and then
  • minami’s just super chipper with you afterward like nothing happens


  • doesn’t care who you’re talking to even tho you’re together
  • but he likes to make sure you introduce him to your friend
  • And this is my boyfriend, Mei. I’m sure you’ve heard of him!
  • ‘Yeah, that piano guy right? Not really my thing but that’s good for you!’
  • says he doesn’t care about it as long as he’s there
  • and you’re holding his hand prob


  • possessive as fuck my dude
  • you know that scarf he always wears he makes some shitty excuse to put it around your neck
  • while your old classmate is talking to you
  • soft smiley eyes but they’re so cold and heartless
  • like fuck off my girl or i’ll break your hands kinda scary
  • but still he smiles at him bc he’s a gentleman
  • sneaks small kisses when he’s not looking
  • makes sure to mess up your makeup too when he’s not looking lbr
Loading Screens

It’s a quiet afternoon, their homework is done and there is little to do until their game finishes it’s update. The palace might have ridiculously high speed internet but Noctis’ apartment doesn’t yet.

The Prince is sprawled over the couch, controller dangling loosely in one hand while the other idly messes with his dark hair. Prompto sits on the floor in front of him, staring blankly at the screen as the bar inches its way to completion. His mind is buzzing with doubts, because it’s the perfect time to tell his friend and really, that’s the whole reason he came over in the first place.

He doesn’t want Noctis, his first and only true friend, to freak out though. Logically he knows that Noctis will be cool about it, that he won’t think twice, but Prompto’s still scared, he’s never come out to anyone before. His parent’s aren’t around enough and he’s never been close to anyone else before.

He takes a deep breath, then stops, but it’s too late because the sound has drawn Noctis’ attention.

“What is it? C’mon man, I know that sigh.”

Prompto deliberately doesn’t look at Noctis as he asks, “Do you like girls?”

Noctis shrugs,frowning a little, “I guess? I dunno dude, I’ve never really thought about it. I’ll probably have to marry someone chosen for me eventually, why torture myself by falling in love when I can’t have it?”

Prompto’s gaze settles on the Prince then, because he hadn’t thought about that and suddenly his own truth seems small. Noctis doesn’t give him the chance to change the subject though.

“Do you not?”

Fuck, he always asks questions like that, like it’s nothing. Prompto inhales sharply and bounces his foot against the carpet,

“I mean, I do…but…I kinda like guys too?”

There, he said it. He watches Noctis’ face, the Prince takes it calmly and seems thoughtful and Prompto swears he sees a hopeful kind of flicker in Noctis’ eyes. Before he can chase it down though it’s gone and Noctis grins at him,

“So that’s why you wanted to be my friend huh? Cause I’m hot stuff.”

Prompto smacks at his shoulder and laughs, cheeks coloring just a little, “Yeah, in your freakin’ dreams. I just felt bad for you having nothin’ beautiful in your life I thought I’d come grace you with my presence. Also you draw in chicks dude.”

Noctis laughs with him but it feels a little off. Prompto watches his friend carefully as they lapse back into the quiet, the weight of his confession is gone and he devotes himself to studying Noctis’ feature. He has a crush on him, he’s not blind to his own feelings about the Prince, but even so he thinks Noctis looks a little sad, a little tired.

He opens his mouth to ask but Noctis isn’t looking at him, sitting up, “C’mon, it’s loaded.”

Prompto snaps his lips shut and picks his controller back up, he’ll save his question for another day, maybe one when he’s brave enough to tell Noctis how his smile make his heart beat harder. Maybe.

my second dad! basil spencer a.k.a. the hot dad!


-Bi(Sexual And Polar) And Ready For Pie

-was literally such a little shit in college oh my god. imagine robert and ernest but worse and way more self deprecating.

-seminole and blackfoot what up

-met his wife, alex, in college and she was the one who got him to clean up his act.

-gets hit on a lot, but he’s too oblivious to notice.

-all of amanda’s friends that were attracted to dudes had a crush on him.

-romances robert.

dadbook profile:

if i was on a deserted island i would bring:

a boat

when i was little i wanted to be:

batman (used to be wonder woman until his mother explained that he couldn’t because he isn’t a woman. tore him apart.)

turn ons:

ironic humour that’s so ironic u dont know if ur being genuine or not

favourite movie genre:

del toro (his movies surpass genres)

on a friday night i usually:

make weed jokes. bad ones.

every day i think about:

how underappreciated gothic literature is. what the fuck. (he studied it in college and wrote his thesis about the transformative power of gothic literature when written by women)

i never leave home without:

a sweet hello kitty watch that was a father’s day gift from amanda


-gothic literature

-horror movies



-early morning (he refuses to believe that any time between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. exists)

-poorly done piercings and tattoos


got more coming up!

HBO’s Girls starter sentences

season 6, part 1 of 2
episodes 1 through 5
76 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: cussing, sexual themes

  • “Oo, well, that’s not very lady-like.”
  • “I give zero fucks about anything, yet I have a strong opinion about everything, even topics I’m not informed on.”
  • “I don’t get how people pick themselves up and keep going.”
  • “I definitely feel like I’m more of a dumpling than a woman at this point in my life.”
  • “I just can’t have you sleeping at my place anymore every night.”
  • “I’m gonna fuck my way to the middle.”
  • “Everyone here kinda talks in this slow unintelligible way that borders on just, like, Matthew McConaughey-Hell.”
  • “Take your shirt off, and put it in the shirt section… Goodbye, shirt!”
  • “If I need a tip about what to talk about at a dinner party in 2005, I’ll call you on your flip-phone.”
  • “I don’t remember much about last night, but I don’t feel violated in any way, so, um… that’s good.”
  • “I don’t want you to be all sick by yourself. You can stay here.”
  • “Is there anything creepier than a fish?”
  • “It’s so much easier to love something than to hate it, don’t you think? Love’s the easiest thing in the world.”
  • “It’s like everyone’s so busy chasing success and, like, defining themselves, they can’t even experience pleasure.”
  • “If you don’t believe in your own goodness, you can’t expect anyone else to.”
  • “By the way, me telling you this does not make me a bad secret keeper.”
  • “I just can’t believe _____ roped me into this.”
  • “Where the fuck do you even get a car like this?”
  • “That was super depressing and totally inappropriate.”
  • “_____, if you’re gonna be such a bitch, why did you even come?”
  • “That’s my best friend. She’s, like, stuck in this, like, psycho-sexual hamster wheel with this total fuck-nugget.”
  • “You were looking at the girl in the yogurt place! I saw! You were staring at her!”
  • “We can’t all be perfect, okay? Everyone has their own path.”
  • “_____, you dumb slut, get down here!”
  • “It can be hard to have observations about other people when you’re only thinking about yourself.”
  • “Do you promise that we’ll always be friends?”
  • “He looks like someone in the Pacific Northwest knit a man.”
  • “Who the fuck are you to say ‘grow up’?”
  • “I’m a horny motherfucker with the impulse of a toddler.”
  • “If not me, who? And if not now, when?”
  • “I am so sick of gray areas.”
  • “What are your dreams for the next five years? Sorry to sound like a People Magazine interview.”
  • “You can’t let politics dictate what you read or who you fuck.”
  • “What would be better than to, like, ruin someone’s life with your wanton sex appeal and, like, icicle sharp intellect?”
  • “Your bed smells like snacks.”
  • “Is green tea alright for you, _____?”
  • “This thing is itchy as fuck!”
  • “I wanna die inside the mouth of a lion with you, and that way we can be together forever, even in the moment of our own death.”
  • “I think I may have been a child sociopath. I mean, I’ve completely outgrown it, but… I’m a miracle. I think I may have to write a term paper on me.”
  • “I’m sure it’s fine. Can’t you just go back and apologize?”
  • “Money literally grows on trees.”
  • “I’m worried about you, _____. You’re smart, you’ve always been smart, but your priorites are cuckoo-bananas.”
  • “You know what, _____? You’re starting to really fucking piss me off.”
  • “It’s been a brutal fucking day. I’m not getting into this with you right now.”
  • “I’m not calling you a waste of space. I’m calling you a waste of potential.”
  • “No one’s making movies about actual human people anymore.”
  • “We might be a pair of goddamn geniuses.”
  • “Yeah, I literally hate death.”
  • “It’s super random, but I’m just not gonna die, like, ever.”
  • “You okay, _____? You’re looking a little… unhinged.”
  • “Are you still hung up on that? Dude, it’s not healthy.”
  • “I don’t wanna hurt you.”
  • “You’re weirder than even me.”
  • “_____, I can’t get over how great you look.”
  • “Do you think it’s so insane if I keep it?”
  • “Yeah, we were all little kids once. It’s wild.”
  • “I don’t need you here. I want you here.”
  • “Are you really this cliché, _____?”
  • “I’m not a bad person, by the way.”
  • “I don’t want you to look at me.”
  • “You shouldn’t have to deal with this. I’m so fucking crazy.”
  • “My head feels so noisy.”
  • “I’m gonna ruin your life. I am.”
  • “I don’t care if you ruin my life. At least you’ll have been in my life.”
  • “Do you have any idea of what my life is like on a day-to-day basis?”
  • “I’m alone. This is it for the rest of my life.”
  • “Stop fucking saying that.”
  • “Do not move. You have really fucked up my day.”
  • “I’m sorry you’re so angry. I was going to try and explain it to you if you’d just let me start at the beginning.”
  • “To be perfectly truthful, I think it’s a really bad idea.”
  • “I understand that this might seem crazy, but I need you.”
  • “You’re not ready for this.
  • "I’m gonna say this to your face 'cause no one else will have the guts to. You’re gonna be a terrible mother.”
  • “Oh, great. You’re gonna cry now?”
  • “I’m done. My life is done.”
  • “Kids are super easy. It’s being an adult that’s hard.”
Desire Pt.6 (p.jimin)

Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4 Pt.5

Word Count:2088

Author’s Notes: Thank you all for reading the series so far! We really appreciate it! Please again follow @bamboree  :) she’s the best!

Summary: Amber has liked Jimin for sometime now. But unfortunately he is dating her best friend. When things start to unfold before her eyes, her life is changed. But is it for the good or the bad?

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

As we got to our cars we exchanged goodbyes. Caroline walked up to me, I didn’t really know what she expected from me. She smiled at me, throwing her arms around me. I stood motionless, patting her back. Eliza and Jimin were talking, a few seconds later she hugged him and got in the passenger’s side of my car.

“Bye Elizaaaa!!” Caroline yelled.

Eliza waved unenthusiastically, shutting the door of the car. I couldn’t help but smile at what she did, Caroline shrugged it off and began walking to Jimin’s car.

I glanced over at Jimin who was smiling too, I stood in front of him and gave him a hug. He gladly returned it, squeezing me tightly.

“Thank you for coming, Jimin.” I said into his neck. He pulled me closer, as if it were possible.

“Happy Birthday, I’ll see you soon.” He whispered in my ear. His voice sent shivers down my spine.

I slumped in the passenger seat. My eyes followed his car, as it pulled out of the parking lot. My vision was starting to blur and I began sobbing. Eliza turned to me while turning the radio lower. We still hadn’t pulled out of the parking lot,“Amber! Holy shit. What happened?”

I rubbed the back of my neck,“Caroline-” I managed to breath out between pants.

“What about Caroline?” Eliza asked, sounding concerned.

“Sh-She’s cheating on Jimin, and there is nothing I can do about it.” I finally mustered. I brought my legs up, clutching them to my chest. A part of me regretted telling Eliza, but the other part was thankful that I let it out and told someone before I burst.

“She what?!” Eliza’s voice rose,“Oh Hell no!”

Tears were streaming down my face,“What am I going to do Eliza?”

“First thing’s first, you have to tell Jimin.” Eliza told me. I felt a giant weight on my chest as the realization dawned on me. “Maybe you could tell him at the beach?”

“And ruin his good time?” I shot back.

“It’s better if he knows Amber,” she told me, as she started the car and pulled out of the lot. “This trick ain’t seen nothing- wait a minute… Is that why she invited us in the first place?” Eliza began going off.

“To get on our good side? Well she just burned her last damn friend in this circle, I mean she did that a long time ago by interfering with you and Jimin. But with this happening it’s perfect- I mean not for Jimin, but for you.” She focused on the road.

My heart constrained.

“I like Jimin a lot Eliza. I want him, but if it involves him being upset because of it then I don’t know if I should pursue it. If he’s happy and it’s not with me, then I will accept that, because you know what? He will always be in my life, and I will see him smile everyday. That’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world. If that involves putting his happiness before mine than so be it.” I guess the alcohol in my system was letting my true feelings come into the light.

“Okay I didn’t know Nicholas Sparks wrote your life, damn.” She laughed,“I know you don’t want to go to the beach.” I looked at her pained expression. She saw right through me, and she was completely right.

“But think of it this way, you won’t really be third wheeling if I’m there, we get a separate hotel room from them, and free food! What more do you need?” She gave me a smirk.

As we rode through downtown I laid my head on window. Flashbacks clouded my mind entirely. “Are you okay?” Eliza’s voice broke my thoughts.

“Not really.” I said, without even thinking about it.

“Something else happened Eliza.” I said breaking the silence.

“Is this some kind of life time movie or what?” Eliza said laughing. “Tell me though, wassup?” She told me.

“Well Jimin and I-” She interrupted. “Y'all what?” She said mischievously.

“We were sitting in the booth when you and Caroline went to dance. He was saying how we didn’t take a picture. So we began taking some, and I felt his hand around my waist. I brushed it off at first, thinking it was nothing. Like a friendly gesture-”

“Girl. You know damn well that wasn’t friendly.” Eliza sassed me.

“Anyways, shortly after we were done taking photos, he kissed my shoulder.” I felt that familiar sensation of my skin burning once again, hearing myself say it aloud.

“Did I hear that right?” Eliza sort of rose her voice again, parking outside of my apartment.

“Yeah you did.” I said smiling.

“Amber. You’re in. You’re fucking in.” She told me getting all excited.

“As if, it was probably nothing.” I replied, taking off my seatbelt.

“It was something Amber, quit being so hard on yourself.” She started her car once again, after I got off.

Eliza rolled down the window,“Text me when you’re inside. Bye!”

“Okay, bye mom.” I stuck my tongue out playfully and waved to her, watching her drive off.

I got my keys out and started walking up the stairs. I wiped my shoes on my welcome mat, and opened the door to get inside.

I placed my purse on the counter, and took my phone out. 3:24 a.m. My time read, damn already?

To: Eliza 💛
- Hey mom. Just got inside, be careful getting home. Thank you for tonight. 👍🏽

I was about to put away my phone, and I got a notification.

Jimin iMessage: (2)

I anxiously opened the message.

I’m sorry it’s really late. But can I come over?

Is that okay?

I calmly set my phone down and screamed.


I wrote back quickly. But not to quickly. 

Yeah! Of course.

I began running around the apartment, cleaning up anything that was out of place.

I called Eliza, getting all antsy.

“Hey I was just about to text you back!” She said into the receiver.

“Jimin is coming over.” I said my words coming out like vomit.

“This just keeps getting better and better. Holy shit Amber.”

“SHUT UP I’M SERIOUS!” I grabbed my clothes that were on my couch and threw them in my closet.

“Maybe he’s going complain about Caroline because maybe he found out.” I said, looking out the window.

“Damn it Amber, shut up. Can you record it?” She laughed.

I scoffed, laughing a bit. “N-no Eliza!”

Jimin’s POV

I kept pacing around my living room trying to process what just happened.

20 minutes ago…

We pulled out of the parking lot and all I could think about was Amber. Although I didn’t have her in my passenger seat.

I glanced over at Caroline who was leaning against the car door.

“Here, you can change the song.” She told me, while handing me her phone.

I scrolled through her music, while occasionally looking at the road.

I was about to pick a song, and then I felt the vibration of her phone in my hand. A notification from Facebook messenger. It was a set of heart eyes, and my curiosity got the best of me and I opened the message.

I saw that Caroline sent a photo of herself from inside the bathroom of what I’m assuming was the club we went to.

I glanced up at the road again, turning into her neighborhood.

“What’s taking so long?” She asked me, sounding tired.

“I’m just trying to find a song.” I selected a random song, and went back to the messenger app.

She wrote,“All for you baby.”


I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I felt sick to my stomach. All these emotions were coursing through me at once.

I checked the road again coming to a stop sign. I exited the app, and chose a random song. I gripped the steering wheel tightly.

“Are we here?” Caroline said with her eyes closed.

“No babe, there was a dog and I didn’t want to hit him. I let him walk by.” I reassured her, and kept driving.

I could see her house, I was so relieved to get the fuck out of here. I parked her car in the driveway, quickly turned it off and hopped out.

I went to start my car, the fog from the night coated my windows. I heard her heels approaching, “You’re not going to say bye?” She said in a sad tone.

I looked up at the girl that wasn’t mine anymore. The pain I was supposed to feel was a slight pinch. I wondered why it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would.

“Sorry, I’m just feeling a little sick.” I gave her a side hug, she went in for a kiss which I dodged. I felt her lips skim the bottom of my jaw.

“Okay dude what the hell? You didn’t want to kiss me at the bar and you don’t want to kiss me now. What’s wrong?” She spat.

“Caroline I just told you I don’t feel well. I just want to go home.” I got in my car and rolled the window down. “Okay whatever bye.” The annoyed tone  pissed me off so I took off.

I could feel tears streaming down my face. I didn’t know if I was sad or angry. Or if I was mad at myself for not feeling anything at all. I know Caroline and I had been fighting but I felt hardly anything in my heart for her.

I could really only think of one person. I had been thinking of them for awhile.

I pulled up to my place, and got off the car.

3:04 a.m.

I needed to see Amber, she of all people won’t laugh and tell me they told me so. I saw the signs in Caroline, she pulled away and I really didn’t stop it.

Before I knew it I was staring at my home screen on my phone. I clicked on the first contact, “A”.

I debated on texting her, what the hell do I say? I wrote and erased for what felt like twenty minutes. I sent what I thought would suffice.

I went to my drawers and took out a white t-shirt and some basketball shorts. I changed my clothes and heard a ding from my phone.

I’m sorry it’s really late. But can I come over?

Is that okay?

Yeah! Of course.

“Shit.” I was thinking she’d say, not right now or maybe we can see each other later on tomorrow. I realized I was pacing and grabbed the cold keys from the counter.

Amber’s POV

I heard a gentle knock at my door. I knew who exactly who it was.

I opened the door to see Jimin in some basketball shorts and a white t-shirt. He looked up at me and gave me a half smile.

I gestured for him to come in and he made his way to the couch, practically throwing himself  onto it. I sat down next to him, nervously drumming my fingers on the arm rest. I turned to tv on to ease the tension.

The theme song to Family Guy played and I let out a relieved sigh. Just when I thought I could relax I felt his head rest on my shoulder. I looked down at him just as he rose his head up.

We were now face to face. He looked at every inch of my face as if he could see right through me, then he looked into my eyes. I felt as if my heart was going to come out of my throat.

I could see his smile lines, and his little freckles. I could see my future in his eyes.

He leaned forward, I could smell his cologne. He placed his hand on my knee, inching closer and closer. I felt his breath on my lips and closed my eyes.

“Oh shit.” I thought to myself. Just before anything could happen the moment was over in an instant when he rose up abruptly and began grabbing his car keys.

“Amber I’m sorry. I- I have to go.”

He stumbled off the couch, he looked at me and ran out. Just like that he was gone. I could hear the tires screech off.

I didn’t even notice the tv was still on. I clicked the power button, and I was standing alone in the dark. Nothing but the light of the parking lot illuminating the room once more.

trenchcoatlove replied to your posti would feel bad about how little attention that…

wait what where

i fuckin luv femshep/tali i’m so sad you can’t do that in-game

oh!! shit dude where’ve you been lmao

Here are my latest Fics:

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“I don’t want to pressure you, but I’m also not going to say no, if you wanted to—to give this a go. I think you’re sweet and you make me laugh and I love spending time with you. I’m down if you are.”

“…you are?”


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Now we wait.

Disclaimer: I’ve got two Shepards, and they’re both in this one, so you’ve got both Shakarian and F!Shali in there.

Beauty Standards

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When you spend your whole life in a suit, you don’t have to worry about looks. When you suddenly don’t need the suit anymore, and the rest of the universe is very much about looks, it’s…different.

Flower Prompts:

Azalea, Marigold, and Kingcups + Quince

And if you go into my #fshali tag you’ll find screenshots of my Talimance from ME2 and ME3 because I’m a cheat.

If you want I can link you to a guide that teaches you how to do it too! If you’re on PC anyway