i wanted so much to do this

god, anime Tony is so pretty in the Rise of Technovore movie, I honestly sat people down and forced them to watch this clip just to point out how pretty Tony is 

he is only lovingly rendered when he’s inside the armor though. like, those are the high-budget money shots, the rest of it…………..leaves a lot to be desired HAHAH

I started this about a billion years ago when I was missing @cannibalteeth, @aethersghoul, @capedcrepes, @ithinkhisnameisemil, and @keelee-von-cupcake after our convention adventure, and I only just finished it.

so today i worked with two little boys who were yemeni refugees and couldn’t speak english and the school administrators were so frustrated cause we have no esl teacher or any translator and so they were just….there…..and not understanding anything……………and idk how no one thought of this before but i used my tablet and google translate to talk to them and you should’ve seen their faces when they figured out that they could talk to me and they were honestly the sweetest and silliest kids i’d ever met and i love them so much????????

today i had coffee with my favorite former high school teacher, my grade 10 english teacher who was a very motherly figure to me back then, underwent emotional abuse from her own mother and understood the position i was in back in high school when my parents were particularly bad, and was probably the first person not on the internet and first adult (i was in grade 10, i was 15) that i actually told about the emotional abuse that went on in my home

she has two little kids now, a 3 year old girl and an 8 month old boy, she brought them with her and they’re both adorable, and she kept saying how proud she was of me and the grown woman i had become, listened eagerly to my stories about coming out to myself and becoming interested in lgbt+ catholicism and christianity, and the group i had started at school, the change i was inspiring, the book of my poems i had written and self published that related to the subject, how proud she was of it all, her own stories about lgbt+ people she knew that had inspired her and loved her even though she wasn’t part of our community

and i’ve never been so proud to make someone else proud, i’ve never been so proud to see someone i looked up to and thought of as a mother become a mother, i’ve never seen someone else’s life i’ve wanted so much as to be that teacher, that person, that has people my age look up to her, that has high school kids look up to her and want to talk to her all those years later, that has two little children on the run with her and is teaching them things and loving them and feeding them at the same time she’s busy living life and inspiring people my age, that’s what i want, that’s where i want to be in 10 or 15 years

Okay. Giving the head’s up now.
I’m going to archive this blog. I’m starting over.
Because, and I’ll be frank…it’s getting exhausting.
I have FAR too many followers that never interact with me. And I follow too many people that I either never interact with, or…whom I do not get replies from.
So! Over the next day or so, I’ll be archiving this blog, moving to a new one, and readding a few people.
I’ll be blunt, I’m going to be a lot more selective.
It’s just…getting very tiring to keep up with things, the way they are now. It takes so long to get through my dash, my goodness! I hate missing anything ;o;
I’m here to have fun. And lately, it’s felt more like a chore than fun. And that’s not what I want D=
So, in all honesty…if we don’t interact much now, I’m not sure I’ll follow you again with the new blog. It’s nothing personal, and I’m not, like…angry with anyone? Though I know there’s been some drama lately @~@ I’m just…a very anxious person, and lately I’ve felt very overwhelmed and stressed.
Believe me, I enjoy all of you! But…when it comes to this blog, I just feel like a few start would really help me…relax. And keeping things smaller will help me from getting overwhelmed again. Clutter like that just does a number on my brain.
I hope that’s understandable ;w;
I will also unfollow everyone on here on the archived blog. Just so an empty blog isn’t stuck in your follower list or whatever, idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ll do that once I’m done to make sure no one’s lost!
So! Just a heads up. It’ll take me a bit to get things straightened around. But! Once I’ve gotten everything in order, there’ll be a new promo floating around, and I’ll refollow people I’m active with, and…we’ll start from there! n_n
Thank you all for your patience and understanding!
I really do care about each and every one of you, and I hope you’re all well ;w; This is just something I need to do, so that I feel comfortable and relaxed with a hobby I very much enjoy. If you have any questions, or…concerns? Just let me know!
See you on the other side!

BTW! ALL of the threads here on the tracker will be carried over! It’ll take me a little while to repost them all, but I DO want to keep them, so no worries! Odds are, I have it archived if it’s not on the active list, so I CAN find it again and bring it back! The ones on the list NOW are just the most active/recent - the rest are archived so it’s easier to sort through n_n

Since Milady de Winter is a spy…what if…what if…

The reason Haru joined the group so late is because she’s a spy, planted either by the female investigator we see in the intro or an opposing group.

That probably isn’t the case, but…just the possibility makes me want to do an AU verse/series of threads like that. Where she grows to like the Phantom Thieves and starts to get conflicted about what she is told is right ‘bringing them to justice’ and her feelings towards them and their mission. 


I don’t think that anyone is worth more than anyone else. I don’t envy you the decisions you’re gonna have to make. And one day I’ll be gone, and you’ll have no one to talk to. But if you remember nothing else, please remember this: chess is just a game. Real people aren’t pieces. And you can’t assign more value to some of them than to others. Not to me. Not to anyone. People are not a thing that you can sacrifice. The lesson is that anyone who looks on the world as if it was a game of chess deserves to lose.

another meme I will never finish | tv shows [7/10] » Person of Interest

as many of you already know, @crackedverbosity ‘s family was deeply effected by the disastrous floods in Louisianan earlier this month. Though the waters have since receded, the need to rebuild her family home has been left in it’s wake. You can read all about her experience HERE.

Cracked, is a beloved friend and i would do anything in my power to help her family, but by myself i can only do so much to help raise money for their Go Fund Me campaign which can be found HERE. I’m hoping to help encourage others to give what they can by offering what incentives i can for helping them raise the money to continue with the mountain of repairs necessary to restore their home!

If you are able to help (and don’t mind me seeing your given name and mailing address) e-mail me a copy of your Go Fund Me receipt (along with your mailing address and tumblr @ so i know who it is! <3) to pidgymails@gmail.com (these can be verified against Cracked’s list, so please, please don’t attempt to send me fraudulent receipts, this is for charity!) and I will snail mail you the corresponding reward pack listed below…


  • two randomly selected mini prints from my existing body of work
  • a hand written note telling you how much i love you!!! <3 <3 <3


  • four randomly selected mini prints from my existing body of work
  • a hand written note telling you how much i love you!!! <3 <3 <3


  • six randomly selected mini prints from my existing body of work
  • one mini print of a new piece made just for this package! <3
  • a set of four 1″ kylux doodle buttons (hand pressed by me!) 
  • a hand written note telling you how much i love you!!! <3 <3 <3

[example of doodle button designs]


  • the prints you will be sent will be randomly chosen, so they may be canonical or AU, but everything will be kylux (and each will be different!). prints may contain some partial nudity (bare chests/legs) but will not be especially NSFW or contain blood, etc. You’ve all (maybe?) seen my work, you know what to expect! hahahah! XD
  • none of my work was ever meant to be printed, so the colors may be a little wacky, i draw in RGB just for Tumblr, so i can’t say what will happen for sure! but they will all be printed on glossy card stock! <3
  • i’ll send your prints anywhere in the world! i don’t know how long it will take to get there… but yeah! (O wO)
  • i wont be sending out the packages until September 30th. as some of you already know i’m getting married in the first week of September, so i’m mostly on hiatus from Tumblr ~ but Cracked’s family has to start repairs on their home right now, so i apologize in advance, but i hope the delay wont dissuade any of you from donating!
  • this post is valid only until September 25th, as i’ll need time to print, cut, and label all the packages to be sent on the 30th!

Thank you to everyone who is able to help! and also to everybody who reblogs this post and helps circulate the word! (-^ ___^-) this means so much to me, and i know that together we can all make a huge difference for Cracked and her family! <3 <3 <3 Much love and hugs to you all!!!


my precious johndaves,,


Look friends, none of these sketchy ass drawings (or the sketchy ass WIPS I still have to finish) can adequately convey how fantastic Sweet and Savory by @sapphyrelily and @seijouho is. It’s an absolutely PHENOMENAL HanaMatsuIwaOi story that will make you laugh and cry and have way too many feelings at 2 in the morning when you have work the next day. ;^;

It’s a text based story, so the selfies/scenes/etc. aren’t explicitly described for the most part, so hopefully I didn’t stray too far from the writers’ visions! (although if I did they should totally tell me)(*wink*wink*)(*hint*hint*)(*NUDGE*NUDGE*)

So yeah. Go read it, tell the authors how amazing they are, and then come talk to me so I have someone to spew my feelings at. :P