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me when other characters died:

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me when eun died:

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Petfinder Crush: this bold and brilliant little nerd who I so wish I could snatch up! (He’s so close to what I’d love to find in 5 years or so, that it is kind of making me reel. This exact combination of moderate, prick-eared, tannish-colored, medium-sized, dingo-reminiscent looks, brimming with charm and drive and brains. This exact wavelength of dog in this exact kind of package.) 

Bolt: 1 year old ACD mix: This boy is made of awesome! He is a busy, smart boy, that would love a home that would give him a job to do…agility, rally, flyball, disc dog, dock diving, daily long hikes you name it…he will excel. He has very high food and toy drive and lovely handler focus when working. He stands roughly 18" (only had a tape measure and he was wiggling too much to get a good read), at the shoulder and weighs in at 28lbs. Everything we have asked of him, he has learned in no time. His basics are rock solid and has more tricks than I can list. He is steady and confident and goes on visits around the prison to different units, sharing his endless energy and charm with everyone he meets. He will NOT do well in an inactive home, or with very small children. Other than that, he has no restrictions, as he is extremely social, and well adjusted.

I am especially crushing hard-core over this video of him. WHAT A HAPPY, ENGAGED NERD, A JOYOUS WORKER BOY. 

I want to add this taupe dog to my khaki dog family so badly.

//I’m probably going to regret putting my two cents in, but with the thing regarding LGBT+ characters in RW//BY, they’ve been promising that they’re there since season one, but we still haven’t seen any.

I’m not saying they had to show up immediately or anything, I’m just saying we’ve had lots of het coded interactions. Examples include Pyrrha liking Jaune, Jaune liking Weiss, Weiss liking Neptune, Neptune liking anything with a skirt, etc. But we haven’t had any LGBT+ characters with casual interactions like that. (And I know any of those characters can be bi but without being told the majority of people will assume they are straight)

I know they’re at the age where you find yourself, but there are kids at 17 who know they like the same sex. I just need casually flirting like we got above with 2 girls or 2 guys. We’re not asking a lot. Just the same sort of casual representation that straight people get.

So I went on my first date in years earlier this year and the girl said to me with unbelievable confidence and condescension that I “don’t know who I am yet and have no goals” and honestly it still bothers me how rude that was??? Who says that the first time meeting someone tho?? She really made me feel like shit that day, so rude man

So what if I’m still learning about myself, like she was only a few months older than me like why did she feel the need to do that to someone the same age as her, we’re all learning and growing girl wtf 😒😒

this is a PSA from memebot’s dadmom because i know some of you are in the US and this is your first time voting so you might not know this but



some states allow early or mail in voting BUT NO STATES LET YOU VOTE ONLINE.

if you see stuff about that IT IS PEOPLE TRYING TO OBSTRUCT VOTING

they are TRYING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. they are hoping that if they spread misinformation about the election they can keep the left-leaning, internet-aware generation from the polls

THERE IS A LONG HISTORY OF DIRTY TRICKS LIKE THIS BEING USED TO ATTEMPT TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM VOTING. in previous elections we’ve seen lists of mostly Black people being targeted for calls saying to vote on the wrong day, stuff like that.


family photos ft. lance

excluding coran bc i can’t do him any justice

  • what she says:im a'ight
  • what she means:honestly everyone in RFA is always worried about mc but no one worries about jaehee like she is so stressed and overworked why are they worrying about the wrong person i wish i could help my girl i wish i could take some burden and stress off of her i wish i could always call her to comfort her and support her but i don't have enough hourglasses and im currently broke she is so amazing and needs to stand up for herself but she also needs to be protected because wowie she is an angel i am in love with her i am so gay