i wanted so much to do this

I’m not dead just ridiculously busy with moving and whatnot!! I haven’t had the chance to draw in months and it almost started to physically hurt not to be able to draw so my resolution: to use the time i could be sleeping to animate 8,D

Got dem Sailor Moon feels back from marathoning all the newest musicals and crying at the beauty that is Yuuga Yamato as Mamoru Chiba.

To: Wifetron || From: Matt

In light of all the madness that has taken over dashboards and countless tags and too many friggen hours to count, it’s time for your favourite romantic Shitposter to make some declarations. This post is from me to you! Only the entire world of hellsite-tumblr.com gets to read and react to this too. Enjoy everyone ~

@jc-drawings || Woman, there’s not enough words in the English or Polish dictionary to describe the amount of passion, friendship, love, and respect I host for you. Not enough romantically pleasing syllables to enunciate the emotions I feel inside when we flirt and trashingly tease one another. You were my first stable mate on here and someone I’ve come to cherish deeply in the end of our month long companionship we hold now.

You are brillant and sassy and witty as hell. You’re fantastically artistic and I’m always blown away by the doodles and sketches you draw. I admire your brains and talents and I’m always thirsty for more. Your happiness is infectious and your bitter anger is fearsome. You’re not a woman I want to willingly cross but you are someone I’ll fight to the ends of the world to protect. Thank you so much for being a friend and internet wife. I don’t know what I’d be doing without you.

@rebelgirlmatrix1213 || Sweetheart, you’re worth so much more than the countless stars that inhabit the multidimensional galaxies that exist. You’re a force to be reckoned with, a vast pool of potential ever waiting at your fingertips. You’re going to storm the world with your kindness and humour and I’ll get to watch from the sidelines with so much pride. You are my Commander and I am your lieutenant in this shitposting world. I will always have your back.

You will go forth and anything you do it’ll be done so well. You’re compassionate and so caring and so god damn warm in personality it’s absolutely awe-inspiring. You deserve the universe and don’t you ever forget it. I’m sure you won’t becuase you’re just as eloquently intelligent as you are comical. You can do whatever it is you dream to do. I promise.

@leavesoflothlorien || You’re an angel born to shower the world with empathy and humility. You are forged with the finest purities underneath the roughest stone. You take my breath away with just how much you care about humanity - you break and warm my heart with how much compassion drips through your veins. It’s something humanity has lost over the years. Please hold onto this. Don’t lose it too.

Your linguistics is tantalising and I want you to keep pursuing writing. Don’t give up. Look at JK Rowling. She got shot down 10 times over becoming an iconic legend for many many eras to come. Don’t sell yourself short, I promise you’re a luxury item and the rest of the world will one day see it. Keep being you. Take on the world, storm it with your kindness. I believe in you, I believe in you oh so very much.

@camphalfgalra || Darling, remind me never to piss you off. You’re an Amazonian goddess and an unstoppable survivor. Nothing will ever be able to cut you down for long - where one Maria falls ten more takes her place. Believe me when I tell you that anyone can tell your resonance and resilience is unmatched. There is no one like you and never will be again.

You leave me in awe and mild fear with your ability to rule over the very people who tried to hurt you. The strength that runs through your veins.. incredible. It takes a very unique and powerful woman to stand up to consistent death threats and other thing with such flair.

You’re so fucking strong Maria - you’re a breathtaking unstoppable force. Never forget that about yourself. Keep wearing your crown, because hunny it suits you well. I really hope to get to learn more about you and become better friends.

To You Four: Thank you for taking me in. Thank you from the deepest most bottomst parts of my heart for letting me become your friend. You have no idea how much your shaping me, how much you mean to me. You’ve showed me miracles and trials that I’ll never forget. You’ve reminded me what friendship was again, it’s something I’ll never be able to pay you back with. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I hope we’ll be friends for years to come.

To the rest of Wifetron: I’m sure you’re just as incredible, unforgettable, and talented. I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten to really meet you and talk with you yet. I hope we can change that soon. But I promise I already have your back if you find yourself in need of a friend. I mean it.

I feel like I want to make some people SHOOK today, so here is a free mini-lesson for everyone (P.S: If you’re American then please pay close attention):

-There isn’t a single country in the Middle-East that has the word “stan” in it. Not a single one.

-And yes, that includes Pakistan & Afghanistan.

-Yes you heard me correctly, both of Pakistan & Afghanistan are not in the Middle-East, but instead they’re in South & Central Asia.

-Muslims don’t wear turbans, at all.

-Arabs/Middle-Eastern people also don’t wear turbans either, at all (In some Arabic countries there ARE types of traditional headwraps and they’re called “Emamah”, however they’re not called turbans and you can easily tell the difference between them if you bother learning).

-The only Religion/Culture whose people do wear turbans are called Sikhs, follower of Sikhism religion. And no, Sikhs are not from the Middle-East either, but are primely from India.

-There are over three muslim countries in Europe. And no, the muslims there aren’t immigrants but are in fact native white Europeans who are also Muslims (Yes white European muslims exist, since you know, Islam is a universal religion not an ethnicity or a race)

-There’s over 50 Muslim countries in this world and aside from Iran there isn’t a single muslim country in this globe that forces women to wear Hijab (Headscarf) By law. 49 out of 50 muslim countries don’t have laws forcing women to wear Hijab or face veils.

-A Muslim woman wearing a Burqa is an extremely rare thing that can hardly be found in any Muslim countries, so if you see a Muslim woman covering her face with a type of cloth then that piece of cloth is most likely a Niqab NOT a Burqa (Seriously, don’t bother saying Burqa cuz 99.9% of the time, the thing you want to describe is probably not a Burqa)

-Only 23% of the world’s Muslims population are from Arab/Middle-Eastern countries. Yes, there are more non-Middle-Eastern/Arab Muslims than there are Middle-Eastern/Arab Muslims.

-Prophet Muhammad’s wife Aisha wasn’t 7 when she married him, but was actually 19 at the time of the wedding (And this have been debunked for centuries now, yet it’s still used by Islamophobics till this day).

-Almost everything I have said in this post have been true for centuries actually, so if you didn’t already know at least one of the things from this list then you really have no excuse to be this deep in the dark.

ok but at the start, they seriously told us with visuals who would pilot the lions, other than their designated pilots………………….

pidge and hunk are the only ones for green and yellow….

we don’t see a mini blue lion or learn anything about what it looks for in a paladin because lance interrupts, but we only get shots of allura and lance while the blue lion is being discussed….. allura goes on to pilot blue.

the red lion is in between keith and lance…. lance pilots red at the current time. this makes the shot of the black lion and who is shown with it very intriguing….

shiro is there, of course… then keith, his head completely in the frame. he’s now piloting black. then — barely there but there, nonetheless — there’s lance.

The Bakugou Protection & Appreciation squad 💕

(Day 7 of Inktober2017: Shy)


I’ve only known matt for a few hours but if anything happened to him i’d kill everyone in this room and then myself

anonymous asked:

who are your favorite minor pro heros in bnha?

I feel like this was incredibly predictable haha if you mean even more minor then Kamui Woods and Edgeshot are definitely faves of mine, I wish I could see more of them !!!