i wanted it to look kinda fluffy

SHEITH POSITIVITY WEEK - DAY 7: Proposal (free day).

Do you feel the same when I’m away from you?
Do you know the line that I’d walk for you?
We could turn around or we could give it up

But we’ll take what comes
Take what comes

Oh the storm is raging against us now
If you’re afraid of falling then don’t look down
But we took the step or we took the leap
And we’ll take what comes
Take what comes

Feel the wind in your hair
Feel the rush way up here

We’re walking the wire, love
We’re walking the wire, love
We’re gonna be higher
We’re walking the wire, wire, wire

- “Walking The Wire” by Imagine Dragons

A bit sketchy, but I kinda like how this one turned out. I wanted to draw some fluffy sheith proposal for ages now, but I guess I needed a proper occasion for it, first. :D

How You’d End Up Dating Peter Parker

Warnings; Fluffy, kinda angsty, not much tbh

A/N: SO, a few things happened after I posted Uncharted - Chapter 1. First, I got an amazing response and I can’t thank you enough, secondly, I got way to fucking excited, and thirdly, I wanted to post something. I’ve already written Chapter 2 of Uncharted, but I’m posting that on Monday and I’m stuck with nothing to do. Then this happened. At 3 am

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  • That’s what he looks like when he sees you for the first time. 
  • Liz who????
  • He doesn’t forget about Liz, but she pales in comparison 
  • You have AP Chem together, but you’re new in school or smt like that.
  • This precious child has to build up courage for 6 whole months
  • Let’s face it, every conversation between Ned and Peter went something like this:

Ned: Hey, did you study for —

Peter: I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it, today is the day.

*ned rolls his eyes because this happens every single day oml

Ned: Sure, Peter

*You walk by, minding your own business

Peter: Ned, I can’t do it. 

Ned: *GrOAns because just say HI GodDAmmIt PeTeR!!!111!

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  • The day where he does build up the courage to speak to you, you end up talking to him first. 
  • And you’ve lowkey highkey had a crush on this soft-sweater-wearing-but-has-a-jawline-that-can-grate-cheese that’s in your AP Chem class.
  • And he’s a blushing mess.
  • In all fairness you are too

  • Stuttering

  • The teacher assigning a project together 

  • Peter being petrified
  • “Uh so- like….. do you wanna, do you wanna come to my place? Um, to work on the project, of course.  Yea? Yea. Ok.” *soft smile*


  • Asking Aunt May for advice
  • *Just be cool, relax!” “Yeah?” “Ya, she’ll love you!” “You really think so?”


  • His heart beating so fast in his chest when you knock on the door
  • Having more fun at his place then you’ve had the whole year. 
  • Laughing at the science puns on his shirts

  • Being caught staring
  • BEInG CauGHt StARinG

  • lmao look at his soft hair

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  • Then you’d get close
  • Like real close

  • Bestie close. (But y’all want more)

  • Until the end of the year came
  • And he became more distant 
  • FuckIng Stark Internship 

  • You’d be sad, not because he’s busy all the time, but because he wouldn’t tell you what was going on. 

  • Then one day, you’d have enough.

Y/N: Don’t you understand ? You’ve been disappearing day in day out, coming back tired, with bruises. And you Won’t. Tell. Me. Anything. Peter! God, I miss you!, I miss you so much and I’m worried because all you’ve been doing is leaving me high and dry every single day and I’ve had enough. 

Peter: I– (y/n) – I can’t…

Y/n: Why? Why not? Am I not good enough? Have I not proven myself worthy of your —

Peter: Because I LOVE YOU. That’s why… And I can’t, I can’t see you get hurt.

Peter: It’s because I’m- I’m Spiderman

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ARe YOu CrYiNg yeT???????

  • You’re shook af
  • Then you kiss him 
  • At first he’s doesn’t move.
  • He’s like bitch what the fuck
  • And then he’ll melt into it

  • You’ll pull apart, breathing really hard.
  • “Well, that wasn’t so hard was it?” 

pairing: lin-manuel miranda x reader

prompt: lol u both try to surprise each other at the same time

warnings: swearing, fluffy (v sweet!!! you might get a toothache!!!), suggestive ;)))))))) 

words: 1,783

a/n: i !!! love !!! this !!! i’m gonna do a laf one like this kinda soon. pls feel free to leave requests! i love the ones you guys have been giving me xoxoxoo lemme know whatcha think/like/want 

Masterlist         /         Prompt List

“Three cream, two sugar, please.” You told the barista looking up from your phone. You smiled slightly when your eyes returned to the screen. Lin was up and retweeting his favorite Tobillo photoshops. Checking your watch, you realized you were 30 minutes early to work and decided to enjoy your coffee at the cafe; sitting down at a rounded table.

You thought for a minute before setting to work, cropping a photo of Ariel with Tobi’s face before sending it in. Lin almost immediately quoted it, saying:

Bahahhaha this is why I love Y/N. Aren’t you late for work?

You instantly smiled, tweeting back:

@Lin_Miranda I’m early actually

He fired back:

@Y/N that’s a first ;)

You rolled your eyes. A moment later, you had a text from Lin.

from: lin

i miss u :,(

to: lin

pls don’t make me cry i’m in public

from: lin

i’ll be home soon!!

to: lin

you told eliza that too and then you went off and fucking killed urself

Lin laughed aloud, causing a few people in the sound room to look up to him. Blushing feverishly, he texted back.

from: lin

true. but i guess that makes it a good thing that i modeled you after jefferson and not eliza. who else would be so…

You laughed at Lin’s teasing remarks. Still, you wished he were hear to tell you them in person. Biting back, you responded:

to: lin

you’re so full of yourself

from: lin

you would be full of me too if i were home

You immediately check over your shoulder to make sure no one saw that, cursing yourself as your stomach twisted and a blush flooded the back of your neck. You squeezed your legs together as you responded.

to: lin

how many days till you’re home?

from: lin

just over a month

from: lin

so far to many

You sighed, picking up your coffee and heading to work. Long distance sucked. You missed him constantly. It’s not like you were mad at him for committing to Mary Poppins; the opposite, actually. You had never been so proud of your boyfriend, you just wished that your job allowed you to see him more.

Still, when he posted a picture of himself at the BAFTs, you couldn’t help it when you bought a plane ticket for the following Saturday to surprise him.

That night in Europe, Lin FaceTimed you off his Mac, instantly greeting you with a smile.

You couldn’t help but notice the bags under his eyes from working so hard. It was late, too: maybe 11. Lin usually didn’t stay up much later than nine, but he really wanted to see your face after work today. He was in bed, the computer on his lap, dressed in boxers and a blue tee.

You felt the tears well up in your eyes as you saw his face. The two of you talked every day, but you only FaceTimed once or twice a week as a result of your schedules.

“I miss you,” the two of you said at the same time. Lin threw his head back in a laugh, a giggle escaping your own lips as you poured yourself a glass of water.

“Tell me about your day,” Lin said.

You instantly fueled his request with stories of weird encounters at the hospital you worked at. Lin listened endearingly to each one. He told you about how much he was learning and how happy he was. Throughout it all, however, he never made it past five minutes without telling you how much he loved you.

As it two in the morning for him and eight for you, he yawned.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow, babe. Get some rest,” you said. He went to argue but sighed when a yawn interrupted him.

“I love you,” he said.

You smiled, “I love you too.”

Across the ocean, Lin hung up the FaceTime and grinned to himself. He was beyond tired, but despite his mind’s need for sleep, he went onto Delta airlines and booked a flight to New York for next Saturday.

The weekend came sooner than you expected. Maybe it was your excitement to see him, but before you knew it, it was Friday evening and you were packing a bag and setting an alarm for five a.m.

Lin was doing the same in Britain, adding your favorite sweatshirt that he had forgotten to leave for you at home. He smiled to himself, thanking the front desk man as he left the building.

“I’ll be back on Wednesday,” Lin said, practically skipping to the cab outside.

You drove yourself to the airport, working your way through customs before settling down on the plane. This time tomorrow, you thought, you’ll be in his arms.

Lin boarded his plane, the grin never leaving his face. He was so close to being with you, he couldn’t wait. This time tomorrow, he thought, you’ll be in his arms.

You didn’t get as much sleep as you were hoping to one the jet, but you immediately felt rejuvenated at the thought of being with Lin in just over an hour.

Lin on the other hand, managed to sleep the entire way. He walked sleepily off the plane, slugging his backpack over his shoulders. JFK was huge, but he knew it like the back of his hand, weaving in and out of people to get through customs. Lin was was speed walking towards the parking lot where his Uber was waiting. He kept his hood up to avoid too much attention, grinning to himself when he saw the same model of your car.


That was your car. He double checked the license plate, confirming it was yours. What were you doing at the airport? Did you forget to tell him you were leaving the state? Even then, you always texted him before your flights. He checked his phone, making sure it wasn’t still on airplane mode. Nothing. Hoping you weren’t in the air, he called you.

In Europe, you had just walked into his apartment complex, waving to the bellman as you walked up the stairs.

“I’m surprising my boyfriend,” you explained. The man nodded, ushering you forward.

You felt your phone jolt. Lin.

Grinning, you answered the phone, “Hello?” You asked innocently.

“Where are you right now?” He asked suddenly. You almost laughed.

“Why don’t you open your door and find out,” you smirked, leaning up against the wall outside of his apartment.

“What? I’m not home,” he said.

Your brows furrowed, “It’s like, ten at night. Where are you?”

“Where are you?” He questioned.

“I’m, uh, outside your apartment,” you mumbled.

You heard him groan, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” You frowned slightly before he continued, “I’m at JFK.”

“What?” You almost shouted, quickly lowering your voice to avoid waking up his neighbors.

“I was trying to surprise you.” He said lightly, making your heart ache.

“I was trying to surprise you too,” you smiled.

“I love you,” you both said in sync. Giggling, you asked what to do.

“I have to head home on Sunday, so if either of us fly home, we’ll barely get any time together,” you sighed.

You heard Lin huff, “But I miss you.”

“I miss you too,” you sighed.

“Okay, uh - go down to the front desk and I’ll call and tell them to give you a key to my room. You can stay there, and I guess I’ll just go to the house.” Lin reasoned.

You nodded, “Okay. Will you water the herb garden?” He chuckled before agreeing.

“I love you, thank you for being so perfect,” you said.

“I love you more. I’ll see you in a month, mi reina,” He said before hanging up.

He hit his head against the seat of the Uber he had gotten into, groaning.

Monday came quickly, Lin had given you a few restaurants to go to, a museum to visit, and even had you stop into his office to meet a few people. It was amazing, but didn’t make it any less lonely.

Lin took the day to himself, walking into your favorite cafe with a grin on his face. He spent most of it at home, just hanging out. The only thing that would’ve made it better was you.

On your flight home, you were honestly a little pissed. You were tired and hungry and a little unsatisfied, for lack of better words. Both of you had made these grand gestures, and neither of you were able to see each other. It wasn’t fair. Snuggled up in one of his sweaters you had stolen form his closet, you tried to sleep until you landed.

to: lin

landed. thanks for a fun weekend :/ love u

You unlocked you car and climbed in, immediately jacking the heat. February in New York was not warm. Shivering slightly, you started your trek home. It wasn’t more than a 45 minute drive, but it felt shorter than usual.

Shutting the garage, you walked into your house, throwing your keys onto the counter. You glanced at your watch: 4:36. You weren’t particularly hungry, but got some popcorn to eat while you watched some TV before dinner.

You trudged into the living room, the bowl of popcorn in your arm as you checked your phone for texts from Lin; nothing. He was probably in the air -

“Hey, Y/N.”

You jumped, your popcorn falling to the floor and littering the carpet. Your head snapped up to see him. Lin. Sitting on the couch, criss cross applesauce.

“Oh my God,” you breathed.

Lin smiled as he stood up, “You didn’t actually think I’d let you go without seeing you, right?”

The tears in your eyes welled up and you thought your heart might explode it was beating so fast. You sprinted the last few steps across the living room, nearly collapsing on top of him. He caught you, burying his face in your neck, holding you in his arms.

God, I miss you.” He sighed. You squeezed your eyes shut, willing the tears to stop.

“I love you so much,” you laughed lightly, backing away just enough to see his face. One of his hands left your back to brush away a stray tear before bringing it back to hold you as tightly as he could.

He smiled as you took his face in your hands, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips. You could feel his grin against your mouth as you tanged your hands in his hair, tugging slightly when he nipped your bottom lip.

He pressed his forehead to yours, “I love you too, mi reina. I love you too.“

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Ahhh! I've been looking for a blog with open requests thank you thank you! Can I have RFA +Saeran walking in on MC playing an instrument like really well? Like she'd been hiding it but they Caught her? Thank you! I would love you 5ever lololol

Maybe this isn’t as fluffy as you wanted, I tried to give MC some motivation for not wanting to play, and some of them are kinda sad, but I hope you still enjoy this!

RFA + Saeran reacting to MC playing an instrument really well


  • You told him you used to play violin as a kid, but never showed him, alleging you were rusty
  • It was one of his rehearsals on stage, you were watching this in your seat
  • When there was a problem with the sound system, the pre-recorded soundtrack from one of the song wasn’t working
  • He immediately looks at you and tells somebody in the staff to get a violin asap
  • “Come on, babe! You’ve got this!” “Zen, it’s been too long! It will sound awful!” “So my melodic and soothing voice will muffle any bad sounds. Please? I just need something to set the mood for my solo!”
  • How can you say ‘no’ to his pleading eyes? You agree hesitatingly. The staff guy hands you a violin.
  • Zen starts to sing as you gently move the bow on the violin’s chords. It starts a little rough, but you get used to it pretty quickly.
  • Everybody is staring at you, and Zen stops singing to watch you. Shit! Is it that bad? You stop immediately, puzzled.
  • “Babe, it’s wonderful!” he hugs you, and all the staff go “awwwww”.
  • Now he never rehearses his songs without your violin soundtrack.


  • You showed him photos of when you used to be on marching band at school
  • Yeah, he always wondered why there was a big tuba hidden on your closet, he never thought you actually played it, this thing seems so big for you
  • He begs you to play a little for him, you refuse telling how long has it been, you probably don’t even know how to do this anymore.
  • So he takes the tuba and tries to blow, it’s so cute because he’s so red and it can’t even make a sound.
  • He tries and tries, but bless his heart, he’ll pass out due to lack of oxygenation on the brain if he keeps going with this.
  • So you gently take the tuba and give him a few tips about how to properly breathe and how to place your lips correctly, showing him to do it in the process.
  • Then you realize you’re actually playing the tuba, and he’s watching you with all the attention in the world.
  • Did he just trick you to play to him? Oh, behind that cute face, there’s a mischievous brain…
  • “Oh, I think I got it, MC. Let me try again!” Nah, not really, he really just wanted to learn how to play.
  • He manages to make a very weak sound to come out of the tuba, and you aren’t even able to tease him as how much he’s celebrating to his little improvement.


  • She notices you have the tendency of drumming your fingers on the table, you always apologize if it’s annoying her
  • But it’s never annoying, because it sounds really rhythmical, as if you knew exactly how to drum.
  • She asks you and you shyly explain you used to play drum, actually, you were on a band in high school
  • You showed the photos and she loves it, you looked really cool back then, she would never say it out loud, but you looked “badass”
  • She wants to see you play so much, but you brush it off telling your old drum is at your parent’s place and you’re very rusty.
  • But she keeps begging, and you’re such a sucker when she pleads you just like that. Also, it’s a great excuse to take her to meet your parents lolololol
  • So there you are in your old room, she can’t hold back a chuckle seeing all the rock band posters, you were so different back then…
  • But yeah, probably not that different when you hit the drumsticks against each other says: “1… 2… 1, 2, 3, 4!” and start playing.
  • You even get a little cocky twirling one of the drumsticks in the palm of your hand before hitting the drums. You just really want to impress her.
  • Your father knocks at the door telling you to shut it down, and you immediately stop, he thinks you’re obeying him, but you just stopped to make out with your girlfriend.
  • Yeah, nothing much changed since you were a teenager, after all.


  • C & R just bought a record company, the fist artists to sign up are this rock band
  • Even though he hates it, Jumin is doing PR and meeting the guys, he brought you along to make this bearable
  • You’re trying so hard not to fangirl, you love this band and are so happy they are making a comeback under your fiancée’s label record!!!
  • Jumin is bored as shit, but he keeps smiling and posing to the photos with the band.
  • One of the photographers suggests he should hold the bass, he refuses and passes it to you. “Here, why don’t you do it?” you look at him, puzzled.
  • You awkwardly take the bass and run your fingers on the chords, it’s been a while… “Do you play?” one of the guys in the band asks.
  • “She used to.” Jumin answers for you “See how it feels natural on her hands?” you’re blushing hard, it’s too hard to handle this interaction between your fiancée and the guy you used to have this huge crush when you were younger, and they’re talking about you!
  • The guys keep encouraging you to play a little, and how wouldn’t you do it? All the men you love are expecting this from you! So you play a famous bass line from one of their band’s songs.
  • The guys are cheering you and Jumin smiles softly. You told him how you had to sell your bass to pay a few bills and how much you missed to play it.
  • Luckily enough, now you’re earning this bass with the autographs from all the band’s members a a gift. Jumin can’t hold back his own smile seeing you so happy.
  • But his smile fades away as the guys get too excited about you, telling they want to take you on tour and everybody would pay attention to a bass player like you.
  • You smile politely, step away a little and hold Jumin’s hand. He’s not the rock star of your teenage dreams, he’s just… something even better. And you’re more into private jam sessions right now, with just you fiancée as your audience.


  • Due to the background check, he is pretty aware of your passion for jazz and how you used to play the sax when you were a teenager.
  • He didn’t find any videos of you playing, though. What a shame…
  • But he knows you keep a sax on your closet, and he’s dying to watch you perform a little to him.
  • You are not sure what you’re looking at when he invites you to come over. He’s wearing a black beret, round shaped glasses, a black turtleneck sweater and black pants.
  • “MC, I would be so glad if we could inspire each other. I wrote this spoken word piece, would you play a little?”
  • “Saeyoung, it’s been so long.” “Oh, but what is time, MC? If nothing but this old man holding his pocket watch, watching us through his thick lens of despair, despairing at how much time he lost without living the fullest…” he talks dramatically, doing some contemporary dance moves with his arms.
  • Yeah, you have nothing to say, better put your lips on the sax’s mouthpiece and go along with whatever he’s trying to do.
  • As he keeps reciting something about space cats and salty and sweet flavors of HBC and Dr. Pepper dancing in his mouth, you just focus on playing the sax.
  • Why did you ever stop doing this? Yeah, maybe you couldn’t be a pro as you wished, but playing just for fun is awesome too, you shouldn’t have been so hard on yourself.
  • Saeyoung apparently agrees, as he’s watching you, mesmerized. He even stopped reciting his great poem just to listen to you and be transported to New Orleans, circa 1922.
  • When you finish, he’s applauding you. This will definitely be the main subject on his next poem.


  • He also has a background check of you, and he knows you play piano! He even managed to get some videos of you doing recitals as a kid and as a teenager.
  • He lost count of how many times he watched those, and every single time, he whispered to himself: “So… fucking… cute!”
  • He would love to watch you live, but how could he manage to get a piano?
  • You’re organizing a RFA party, the first one since he officially joined the organization, he doesn’t care about anything , he just wants a piano at the party.
  • As the party is happening, you keep watching the piano player, Saeran notices and observes your fascinated face, you look like you’re on a trance.
  • “You alright?” “Yeah, sure, it’s just… I used to play piano to my sister when she was alive. I… didn’t feel like playing when she left. Is this silly?” oh… now he feels like an asshole, this piano is giving you bad memories!
  • “No, It’s not silly, I guess…” “Yeah… so hey, let’s get back to work!” and then everything felt wrong about that piano there. Shit, what was he thinking? He really thought you would just see the piano and feel this urge to play it? Stupid! That’s what he gets from daydreaming so much about you.
  • When the party is over, you two are working on make sure everything turned out as planned. He sees the empty room, and the piano there… ugh, he feels sick! And he can’t even look at you.
  • “Hey, what’s wrong?” “I’m sorry about the piano thing, okay? I thought you would like to play as soon as you would see it, I didn’t know, I…” “Hey, it’s fine! Don’t worry!”
  • You chuckle “That’s why you were so insistent on the piano?” he’s blushing. And he’s even redder when you sit on the bench. “Any requests from the audience?”
  • “Hey! You don’t need to do this for me! Come on!” “Nah, I want to, it’s been a while I don’t play to someone who’s so willing to listen. So… got any request?”
  • He loves everything you play, and he catches himself sitting beside you, completely hypnotized by your focused eyes and your agile fingers.
  • But what he really likes is when you teach him to play a few notes of “Three Blind Mice”. Your sister always smiled when you played this one, it was almost like the smile you’re receiving right now from him. Turning bad memories into good ones is so overwhelming.
Sleepy Waters

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Request: Okay so my request would probably end up being kinda long so if you don’t want to do it I understand completely and won’t love you any less but could you please do a Dean x reader titanic au? You can change the ending to make it fluffy if you want

Pairing: au!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language, disaster scenario

A/N: Um, I may have royally changed this from what you were probably looking for by setting it in modern day and making it more Poseidon Adventure-y and basically not following the plot of Titanic at all…yeah…I came up with this…sorry…

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[So, uh, what's the differences between Taako before and after Wonderland, if you don't mind me asking? Like, a side-by-side!]

heres the first solid design i ever drew for him

and here’s how i’ve been drawing him post wonderland

(ignore the bigger nose, thinner ears and height, those are just things that changed as i drew him more and more, they’re not wonderland changes)

the main change is his hair, i h/c that losing his natural beauty meant losing his fluffy curly locks, now his hair is just kinda flat and thin. that was the best way i could think to portray that sacrifice

and then i’ve just been drawing him without his hat, scarf and coat because those seem like things he would have lost or discarded. maybe his hat got blown away when wonderland disappeared, maybe his coat was too torn up or bloodied to save. idk i just wanted to draw him looking like a mess after wonderland

i drew this little thing the other day with my mouse as i wait for my tablet, i wasn’t going to post it since it’s not finished yet.. but after a few slight touches with photoshop i managed to make it look kinda decent :o
—so here’s a soft(&abitgloomy?) toukachan ✨🐰

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The crew with S/o who has a protective dog


Black Hat:
-He may or my not have tried to eat/ kill it on more than one occasion.
-After a while, he has grown used to the creature, intrigued by it’s undying loyalty.
-“It’s like Demencia but it doesn’t talk back.”

Dr. Flug:
-Uh…Oh..H-hi doggie….
-He may be a bit nervous at first, especially if it is a larger breed of dog, as he is so skiddish and doesn’t want to hurt the dog or himself. Also, it was so protective over you…both of them took a while to warm up to one another.
-Eventually he would get used it it and want to be around them all the time.
-Their dog is kinda like a less 7 ft tall 5.0.5 and the three of them hang out a lot.
-Playing with his s/o’s dog would really help to reduce his stress ((which I think everyone beside’s Black Hat knows Flug needs)).

-PUPPYYYYYY! AWWWW! Look at how cuuuuttteeeeee!
-Love at first sight.
-So fluffy and sweet!
-She probably is the kind of person who talks to dogs as if they are babies.
-She also likes dogs much more than babies.
-The dog should probably be more scared of her x)&

-A new friend!
-At first when their dog was protective he would growl back, but it wouldn’t take long for their dog to like him.
-He may feel threatened at first that there is another fluffy cute thing around, but then the commonalities would just lead to friendship.
-Like another fluffy cute friend who also has trouble speaking to their friends? Match made in heaven.
-5.0.5 and the puppy would also take naps together. On occasion one could see 5.0.5 and the dog asleep in a corner.
-Also maybe he can communicate with them.

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Imagine where Juice tells reader about the moment he fell in love with her? pleaseee!! ❤️

Originally posted by imallaboutthe-fairytalebaby

A/N: I tried to make it FLUFFY just for you darling! You’re amazing & the bomb.com, I hope you enjoy!



Juan laid next to (Y/N) stroking her hair softly as they looked up to the stars that were shining in the night sky. “You never did tell me the moment when you had fallen in love with me.” She said softly as she traced shapes into his chest lightly with her finger “You really want to know? It’s kinda corny.” He said as he saw her plop up on her elbows “Now I need to know.” She said looking at him softly as he sighed pulling her down to his chest once more “Promise you’ll let me finish it completely before you comment?” He asked as she listened to his heartbeat increase slightly as he felt her nod on his chest.

“Okay, well it started the first day I saw you smile. You weren’t even talking to me, you were smiling at something Tig did to try and get your attention, but something about that smile told me I needed to make you mine. So from that day I kept trying to catch your eye, get you to talk to me, to laugh at my jokes, smile in my presence basically anything until I worked up the courage to ask you on a date.”

“When I did get the courage you had told me yes without hesitation, so of course I was worried. Practically shitting in my pants, believe it or not. I was just so fascinated by you, the way you made me feel, the way you gave me goosebumps anytime we were together. It was like the best dream that never stopped playing, and who was I to stop something so amazing from happening to me.”

She felt his heartbeat increase as she listened to his breath because unsteady.

“I fell in love with you when you were crying in the corner, looking like a raccoon who had watched everyone she loved burn. I know that sounds horrible but you need to understand, this moment as you sat in the corner crying I felt something inside me break down in my chest. That was the moment when I knew I wouldn’t be able to get you out of my mind, I didn’t care that you just got out of a two year relationship all I cared about was being selfish and taking you for myself marking you as mine. I didn’t care that the guys tried to make advances towards you, I didn’t care that your hair wasn’t perfectly placed, that your makeup was a mess, that you were at your lowest point.”

“All I cared about was that the girl of my dreams, the woman I was in love with was not being loved because I was to afraid to love her, because I was scared to tell her the truth. But watching you break apart, feeling your heart next to mine as I wrapped you into my arms and carried you to my room to protect you from everyone outside. As I said small sweet little nothings in your ear to help you sleep, as I watched you sleep in my arms, I knew that I had fallen deeply and madly in love you to the point of no return.”

“That my sweet wife, is when I fell in love with you.” He said leaving her speechless as he rubbed her arms softly. “I love you so much Juan.” She said softly wiping a tear away from her eye “And I love you my sweet mess. I always have.” He said kissing her forehead as they continued to watch the stars in silence.

He’s a Keeper -Peter Parker Imagine

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

Request: Hi! Could you pls write an imagine where peter parker and his gf celebrate their three year anniversary and he can’t keep his hands off of her in a super fluffy/kinda smutty way?? Thanks!! 

Pairing: Female reader x Peter Parker

Word Count: 724

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: This was fun to write, I hope it turned out as fluffy as I intended it to. Feedback is appreciated, like always!

“Peter!” you giggle, dragging him away from the shop window where the two of you had found a pair of spiderman dolls. 

“But it’s me. I’m a doll” he struggles against your grip and smiles when he makes you laugh. 

“Look, there’s ice cream” he points towards the ice cream truck, forgetting about the dolls. “Do you want some?” 

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Fluffier Than Expected

Haven’t written anything for ML Fluff Month, so just have a general fluff drabble. With my own weird spin on it.

“Okay. On the bright side, it could be worse,” Chat said, examining himself. It was always a crapshoot when he got hit by an akuma’s powers what the result would be. “I can still talk, I have thumbs…”

Ladybug made another tiny squeal behind her clenched fists covering her mouth.

Chat sighed, flicking an ear in annoyance. “On the downside, I’m FLUFFY.”

There went that Ladybug squeal again.

Chat wasn’t sure what had happened to his suit, and he hoped Plagg was doing okay, but as it was, he kinda looked like a big, monstrous version of his kwami. Like Plagg and a werewolf had a baby.

Okay, no, ew, getting that mental image out of his head.

Chat sighed, carefully scratching the top of his head with his new, real claws as his fluffy plume of a tail swayed behind him in place of his usual leather one. “Okay, I’m still wearing the ring, but I don’t want to risk using Cataclysm like this. Do you have any ideas, My Lady?”

Ladybug squeaked from behind her fists, and Chat sighed.

“Oh, fine. Get it out of your system.”

Look, normally he would be all about Ladybug’s excited butt wiggle before she pounced him to the roof and started examining his new, very real ears, but right now he just wanted a pair of pants, even if nothing seemed to be visible under the fur.

And then gloved fingers slid into the fur on his head, rubbing at the base of his ears, and a thunderous purr kicked up against his will as all thought of pants went out the window.

“Ohmigosh you’re so ADORABLE Chat, your ears and tail and oh cats you have TOEBEANS!” Ladybug grabbed one of his hands and started playing with the pink pads on the ends of his fingers.

Okay, so having Ladybug fuss over him like this wasn’t all bad, especially so long as it wasn’t permanent.

He did make Ladybug promise that they would never again speak about him doing a kicky-foot when she gave him a belly rub, though.

Break The Distance - Jackson Wang

// hello!!! this is extremely fluffy and soft and i’m not really sorry one bit. i loVE JACKSON SO MUCH SO WRITING THIS,,,,PAINED MY ENTIRE SOUL,,, this is fiction so i understand some stuff is kinda off but itS MY STORY I CAN DO WHAT I WANT OK but feedback is extremely appreciated, thank you !!!! :) (should i continue this pls let me know)


Saturday mornings. You lived for Saturday mornings. Waking up at 7 am on a Saturday was your favorite thing to do.

Your alarm goes off at 6:40 so you have a little time to make yourself look not dead. You brush your teeth and run a brush through your hair a few times. Your mom knows your routine, so she has a pot of coffee already brewed. You make yourself a mug and grab a random breakfast bar from the cupboard. You rush back to your room and open your laptop, 6:57. You still had time, so you send a text.

Wow I’m actually ready on time for once :)

Your laptop starts ringing and you immediately press accept on the call. “Y/N!!! Gooooood moooorrrrnning!” Your favorite voice in the world fills your ears. “Hi Jackson.” You say with a laugh.

Jackson. Your best friend for the past almost four years, your boyfriend for the past eleven months. “How are you? Did you sleep well?” He asks, a smile on his face. You love his smile, it makes your heart skip a beat and butterflies arise in your stomach, even after four years. “I did! How was your day today?” He starts talking about all the things he did today, how the younger fencers are progressing very well, the goofy stuff he did with his friends, what his mom made for dinner. You love hearing him talk, you only get to skype once a week, because that’s when it fits both of your schedules.

Oh, yeah… Jackson lives halfway across the world.

You met six years ago on Myspace, both of you look back and laugh at how cringey you both were. You were 13 at the time, he was 14, he lived in Hong Kong, and you were stuck in (y/t). You both made it work, talking every single chance you had, waking up to millions of snapchats throughout the others’ day. People call you both crazy, why would you do all this for someone you’ve never actually met? That didn’t matter to either of you. You trusted Jackson more than any other person on the planet, and he felt the same about you. You both have multiple followers on both of your social media websites from the cute posts to each other, pictures of your skype calls, people love it, for reasons neither of you knew.

And yeah, it’s hard. It’s very hard, especially since you two started dating. Being long distance best friends was hard enough, but dating? It was frustrating, but you made it work. You and Jackson worked together like a well oiled machine, both of you never missing a chance to talk to the other. People were envious, always saying how you two were “goals” and saying they “wish they had a relationship like yours”, but they shouldn’t. It’s hard not being able to kiss away his insecurities when they eat him whole, it’s hard not being able to hold his hand and feel how warm they are, I’ve never felt his arms around me, the closest thing to knowing his scent is the sweaters he’s sent me, I don’t know how his lips taste… It’s hard. But he makes it worth it.

“Sooo… babe I have something to tell you..” He says, looking away with a small smile on his face. “Okay..? Jackson you’re fidgeting, so this must be good news!” You chuckle. He stands up for a second and grabs something in front of him. “Okay… so, you know how our four year friendaversary and one year anniversary are coming up?” He asks, looking into the camera this time, trying to hold back his smile. “Well, duh, idiot? How could I forget?!” You tease him, smiling when he pouts slightly. “Weeeeeellllll.. Uh… I may or may not have talked to my parents and your parents….” “Wait.. you talked to my parents?” “SHH! YOU’RE KILLING THE MOMENT!” You roll your eyes at him, chuckling at his childishness. “Anyway.. before I was ruDELY INTERRUPTED…. I’m, uh.. I’m coming to see you.” He says, a smile bursting through his face, holding up his plane ticket in his hand. You feel your throat dry, tears welling into your eyes, “Jackson.. you’re not being serious.” You manage to croak out. “A week. I’m coming in a week.” You’re sat there in disbelief, staring blankly at the screen and his words sink in, and the tears start. “JACKSON YOU’RE FUCKING LYING TO ME I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU’RE LYING I’M NEVER GOING TO SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN.” You yell, covering your face with your hands, which were clad in the sleeves of one of his sweaters. “Why would I lie? THIS IS NOT A LYING MATTER Y/N.” His laugh bounces through your room. “Hey.. Princess come on, don’t cry this is supposed to be good!” His  voice is quiet and scared, like he thinks I don’t want him here. “Jackson, this is almost four years of skype calls, texts and snapchats, and in a week you’re going to be sitting in my house? I’m veRY EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW OKAY?” Every nerve in your body is buzzing. He’s coming. In a week, 7 days, 168 hours. You’ll have him in your arms, for the first time ever. “How long are you staying?” You ask, peeking over your hands. “If you’d actually look at me I’d tell you.” He remarks, making you drop your hands and huff at him, smiling. “Two weeks.” Your eyes literally almost burst from your head, “HOW ON EARTH DID YOU GET MY PARENTS TO AGREE ON TWO WEEKS?” “I’m magic, baby. That’s how.” He smirks, and you roll your eyes at him.

You two continue chatting, making plans for when he comes, talking for hours about everything that’s happening in your lives, before you realize it’s almost midnight there. “Shit! Jackson, go to bed, it’s late.” “But baaaabe.. I wanna keep talking to you.” He whines, pouting and giving you his signature puppy dog eyes. “No, Jackson don’t do this you need to sleep. You said you have important stuff to get done tomorrow.” You try getting him to listen just once. But, for some reason, he complies, “Fiiine.. But will you stay on until I fall asleep?” You realize the sleepiness in his voice and smile, “Of course, baby.” He curls up in his bed, pulling the blankets to his chin, and lays down, staring at his side of the screen, a wide grin on his face. “What?” You ask, smiling slightly. “This is our last Saturday chat before I come see you.. Next Saturday I’ll be there with you, to have our Saturday chat in person.” His voice giddy, but still tired. Your heart warms so much, it almost feels on fire. “Yeah.. It is.. After this, it’s going to be so much different.” “I know.. But I can’t wait.” His sleepy smile radiates off his face, and you smile back. “I’m going to go to sleep nooow.” You chuckle, “Okaaaay Jackson.” “But don’t hang up!” “I won’t until you fall asleep.” “Good..” His voice carries off, and you sit there with him, messing on your phone before he falls asleep. You take a quick picture of him sleeping with you up in the corner and post it on Instagram with the caption,

Last Saturday Skype chat with my sleepy boy :) @jacksonwang852

Jealousy (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: hi! so I’m like in love with your writings! can I have a tom/Peter Parker imagine where peter and the reader have a crush on each other but Peter/reader act like they like someone else but at the end it’s very fluffy? (I mean I kinda wanted this to be a sad story..) thank you! xx

‘’Do you like anybody?’’ Peter asked you as you watched TV.
You looked at him and furrowed your brows, not really knowing why he was asking that.
You did like him, but you weren’t going to tell him. You didn’t want to neither embarrass yourself, not make things between the both of you uncomfortable.
‘’No’’ you told him. ‘’Why?’’
‘’Just curious’’ he answered, his gaze fixated on the TV.
You let it pass for a few minutes, but curiosity took the best of you.
‘’And you?’’ you asked him.
‘’Me what?’’ he asked, looking at you.
‘’Do you like anyone?’’ you said. You didn’t know what you wanted his answer to be -if he did and it was somebody who wasn’t you, or if he didn’t, and at least you wouldn’t have to live with the fact that there was somebody he liked better than you.
‘’Oh’’ he told you. ‘’I do’’ he whispered, making your heart beat faster. You wanted to cry, but you knew you couldn’t. ‘’It’s Liz. Liz Allan, I mean.’’
You felt your heart break into a million pieces -it was obviously going to be her. Every boy at your school was in love with her. She was pretty, funny, and she knew how to flirt.
‘’Oh’’ you muttered. You returned your attention to the TV, not wanting to keep talking about that.
You felt Peter’s eyes on you, but you didn’t give it much thought as you kept listening to what Ted and Barney were saying, trying not to focus on the sound your heart was making as it broke. You had liked him for years, and you had been stupid enough to think there was a chance he would like you back.
‘’[Y/N],’’ he said, making you look at him ‘’I lied’’ he told you. You furrowed your brows, not understanding what he meant. ‘’I don’t like Liz. I do like somebody, but not Liz’’ he said. You didn’t want to get your hopes up, but you didn’t understand why he had lied in the first place. ‘’I just… I told you that to, you know, make you jealous. I thought you would be mad or something. I’m sorry’’ he told you, looking at his hands and avoiding your gaze.
‘’Why would you want me to be jealous?’’ you asked him. You didn’t want to make assumptions just yet, in fear that it would be just a joke.
‘’Because I like you’’ he told you, finally looking at you. ‘’I’ve liked you for a long time now and I finally got the courage to tell you, and now I think I’m going to throw up, because I can’t stand rejection.’’
You opened your eyes and smiled, quickly jumping over to him and kissing him softly.
‘’I don’t know what rejection you are talking about’’ you told him as you kissed him again, both of you smiling into the kiss.

Flying pucks- Tyler Seguin

Request: Hey can u write one about Tyler seguin where he protects u from like a flying puck during practice and he gets a cut or something but it’s cute and fluffy? Thanks boo boo ❤️

Warnings: maybe mentions of blood and injuries, fluff??

Authors note: this is kinda my first imagine so like I’ll try my best??

I was sitting down watching TV when I heard Tyler coming into the living room. “Babee” Tyler whined and sat down next to me on the couch.

“What do you want?” I asked. I turned and faced him and saw he was looking up at me pouting I laughed lightly.

“Practice is open to family will you come with me?” Tyler asked very hopefully while grabbing my right hand and playing with my fingers.

“Well I’ve got nothing better to do” I sighed and turned off the TV.

“Thank you babe” Tyler said and kissed my cheek.

Once we arrived at the arena Tyler parked and I followed him inside. I went over and sat in the few bleachers that were in the practice arena and played on my phone until the players started coming out and onto the ice. There were a few others families around some wives with their kids and others were girlfriends like me. I had met a few of the other wags and they were all fairly nice and easy enough to tolerate in most situations.

“Y/n! Come over!” Tyler called out from the bench.

I stood up and grabbed my purse and walked over to the bench, Tyler opened the side of the bench to let me into the bench. “Hasn’t been too boring has it?” Tyler chuckled.

“No it’s not that bad I enjoy it actually” I smiled

“Good because there’s still another 45 minutes left” Tyler smiled and then turned around to go back to his coach.

As I was about to go back to my seat on the bleachers I heard Tyler cry out in pain. I turned my head and saw Jamie skating towards him and blood running onto the ice from Tyler’s hand. My heart immediately dropped into my stomach.

“Shit man I’m so sorry!” Jamie said and kneeled next to Tyler while the trainers came out. “I didn’t mean to do that at all” Jamie said.

“It’s alright I know you didn’t” Tyler sighed as one of the trainers wrapped a towel around his hand and helped him over the the bench. I turned back around and saw the blood on the ice and the puck next to it.

“Tyler? What happened oh my god I turn my head for ten seconds and then you’re bleeding!” I said and walked over to him on the bench.

“Jamie shot the puck and I thought it was going to hit you. So I stuck my hand out to try and block it” Tyler explained while a trainer cleaned his cut.

“You won’t need stitches but you can’t finish practice you have to let this heal a bit” the trainer said to Tyler.

“Alright I guess I’ll go home” Tyler sighed while the trainer wrapped his hand in gauze.

Once we got back to Tyler’s house he dropped his bag down in the porch and sighed loudly. “How about we watch a movie and order in some Chinese?” I suggested and rested my hand on his shoulder.

“That sounds like a really good idea” Tyler smiled.

“Alright I’ll go pick out some movies and you order what you want my treat” I smiled and started walking towards the living room. I ended up picking patriots day because I was told it was good.

Eventually we both settled in on the couch with our food. I leaned into Tyler’s side while we watched the movie in mostly silence while eating our Chinese food.

“I love you, thank you for another great night” Tyler said and kissed the top of my head.

“I love you too” I smiled

A/N: okay I’m sorry if that sucked but I hope you enjoyed :) send in some more requests please I’ll try and make the next ones better! :)

Red Ears

Request: May I request a Scenario when Y/n is a new trainee at YG and Jaewon gets all shy around her because he likes her. Suuuper fluffy. Thanks!            

Pairing : reader x jaewon

Genre : fluffy

A/N : jaewon is so good looking i kinda got distracted looking at gifs of him. i just want to say i have no idea what yg building is like inside so this is just my imagination. thank you for requesting and hope you enjoy !!

tee xx

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Part 1 Part 2

Originally posted by annioe

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 2,389

Warnings: Another panic attack, kind of. It’s not bad i swear.

Summary: Jughead is getting closer to the mysterious new arrival in town, but just what is he getting himself into? All is not as it seems…

A/N: This is kinda more of a filler chapter, it’s all very calm and fluffy. Shit is gonna hit the fan real soon though. Also there are probably lots of mistakes, it’s late and if i look at this anymore I won’t want to post it.

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Dance with Devils - Charming Book- Vol. 4 Shiki  (Translation)


I translated Shiki’s drama CD from Charming Book series. It’s based on the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Enjoy! ^^

Special thanks to @violet-sin for the opportunity to listen and translate this wonderful drama CD! <3 :D

If you spot any mistakes, please let me know, so I can correct them. Thanks! ;D

And please don’t repost!

Japanese title: アクマに囁かれ魅了されるCD「Dance with Devils -Charming Book-」 Vol.4 シキ / ドラマCD (平川大輔)

English title: Captivating CDs Whispered by the Devil: Dance with Devils - Charming Book Vol. 4 Shiki (CV. Hirakawa Daisuke)

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that-one-fluff  asked:

For the thingity-thing-thang... Tododeku+Izu's room? Pure fluff tho plz... PS ilysm -Gawc

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[For The Send A Pairing + Location- thing]

Awaaww precious boys in Deku’s rooom!<33 I think one day Deku just invites Todoroki at his home to do homewor/ work on a collab project or something for school, and Todoroki agrees. 

But poor Todoroki has been working so hard and ‘s got a lot on his minndd, family stuff and shit, so when they’re at Deku’s room and working hard, eventually Todoroki just falls asleep like poof – head on the table resting on his arms, breathing heavily and peacefully and Deku just looks at him in awe.

“Todoroki-kun…?” He doesn’t want to do it but still kinda does, he lightly touches his head, feeling his fluffy hair and Todoroki just pulls his head closer in his arms as he continues to sleep, and Deku just continues a light trail of affectionate touches, intrigued by Todoroki’s pretty head face & body and he just gently slides his hand from his head down the back of his neck. 

And Todoroki just kinda tenses up when he touches his neck, his head still in his arms but his shoulders raising a little as his body seems to be reacting in a sensitive way, so Deku just cocks his head and curls his fingers and lightly grazes the skin of Todoroki’s neck and YES that’s a soft mewling sound but he’s not moving or waking up, so Deku tests his suspicions some more and lightly tickles Todoroki’s neck. and it’s so CUTE!? 

Todoroki wiggles his body a little and the weird sighs and noises begin to sound more like giggles when Deku sneaks his fingers into his collar and tickles side of his neck and his cheek and ear a little. Todoroki just scrunches up his shoulder and giggles sleepily, and Deku just can’t really stop himself and his next move is one sneaky finger gliding from the back of Todoroki’s neck down his spine and Todoroki just arches up and his numb sleepy body just falls back against Deku as he continues to sleep.

Now with Todoroki leaning against him Deku can just easily wrap both hands around his sides and squeeze-tickle him as he wiggles his fingers playfully, and Todoroki starts to writhe and shake a little, giggles turning into laughter as he starts to wake up.

“M-Mihihi-Midoriyaha!” Now that he’s awake Deku has to pull his next trick so he gently pushes him over, pins him down and smirks down at his confused face before attacking his tummy sides and ribs with both hands, and Todoroki just kicks lightly and throws his head back as he laughs out loud. His laughter gets louder and louder as Deku continues his torture but either he’s still tired or just… not fighting back for other reasons, so he has barely any trouble tickling Todoroki until he wheezes out “–a-ahahalright stop!” and Deku does stop and they just look at each other lovingly as Todoroki blushes and murmures something about being awake now and apologizing for falling asleep. 

Deku just nods, gives him a final poke and then moves back to resume their work because shit needs to happen, but he’s grinning for the remainder of the day and filing that information of ticklish Todoroki away for later use huehue.

Doesn’t Matter To Me {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine 

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Nope. Just a personal imagine I’ve been wanting to write :) 

Warnings: None. You are safe, I have cookies. 

NOTE: This goes out to the WOC and diversity-chickadees who love them some Peter Pan/ Robbie Kay! And thank you to all the people who reached out to my notice and gave me some very helpful information to make this whole thing possible, you guys are beautiful! Now, if some of this sounds ignorant, I apologize, I made it the best way I could, and hope you guys enjoy it no less! Sorry this took literally FOREVER, I’ve kinda been a little under the weather for a while :P 

Being Light skin/Dark skin

  • Due to the lack of sunscreen, you wouldn’t spend that much time in the sun, using the explanation “I attract more sun than you, honey.” 
  • Peter didn’t care about the pigment of your skin, there was a wide variety of lost boys that were tanned or caramel or even chocolate. Being the only colored girl though is what made the situation (in your opinion) much more challenging. 
  • Him touching your natural hair, picking out twigs or leaves that made their way into it. 
  • “It’s so soft…and fluffy. Like a…”
  • “If you say a dog, imma punch you in the face.
  • From back home, you would teach Peter about hip-hop and R&B, showing him a few moves that he found kinda…interesting.
  • “The bloody hell is ‘The Whip’?”
  • “So I just raise my arm in the air, and sway side to side?”
  • Him sneezing into his arm, and you replying with “DAB!”
  • Peter looking at you with a raised eyebrow, completely confused
  • “????”
  • “Never mind.”
  • Him wanting an afro one day.
  • “Uh, yeah no. You would look ridiculous.”
  • “Why you got to hate on all dis, shawty?”
  • “…please don’t ever say that again.”
  • Him listening to Fetty Wap ONCE. 
  • “Baby, won’t you come in my direction?”
  • “It’s freaking ‘Way’, Peter! He said ‘Way’!”
  • Him non-stop touching your large/small ass. 
  • After constant tries to get him to stop, you start to like it.
  • “Y/n, I must say your lower half is quite amazing. It’s so squishy!”
  • Frightening the lost boys when you would turn full black woman.
  • Turning Peter on when you would be really loud, seeing the power you held against the lost boys. 
  • Him always making you mad on purpose just to get a reaction out of you. That reaction turning into angry/rough sex.
  • “You just love pushing my buttons, don’t you?”
  • “It keeps me going, love.”
  • Having doubts about Peter dating you because of the color difference.
  • Him reminding you that he will love you constantly, no matter what you look like.
  • “You’re skin color means nothing, love. I don’t care if you’re a primary color. All that matters is your love for me, and mine for you.”
  • Him thinking that you would make some BEAUTIFUL mixed children. And you would.
  • “Love, they would have your skin and my eyes! And possibly your hair, and smile! Can’t you just imagine?”
  • You thinking that it was a cute idea to have kids with him someday, thinking about the little bugger or buggers having his beautiful green eyes, and your gorgeous hair. 
  • Having children with him, and them being the wonderful mix you both were happy to have. 
  • One of them having your deep(light) brown eyes, will the other having his forest green eyes, both having black(brown) and curly hair. 
  • “Can you believe we made them? The mixture of colors is amazing! Look at their shade of brown, they’re absolutely stunning! We did a great job.”
  • You once coming out of the water, and your hair being more poofy, and Peter and his lost boys teasing you about it.
  • “Oh my God, she can store an army in that hair!”
  • “She looks like a black sheep!”
  • The teasing sometimes going too far to where you would stop talking to them altogether, or them having to catch these hands, or take they L and get to steppin. 
  • “Say it to my muhf*cking face!”
  • “Call me a sheep one more time, I dare you, you little f*ck!” 
  • “Bald-ass, having-ass, ashy-ass looking son of a donkey head-ass-!”
  • Peter having a field day with your sharp tongue, loving the snappy comebacks, and sass that radiated off you. 
  • You not having any of Peter’s shit when he want to start a fight you know he’s gonna loose.
  • “Who the hell you think you talking to like that? You better rethink your life choices and put some respek on my name, and calm it!” 
  • “You gon learn today, Mr.Tight-Pants, you got the wrong one.” 
  • The lost boys loving when you two would fight, loving how animated and straight up petty you were.
  • “OH, so you got a problem? Well, I had a problem about three days ago, when you decided to lock me in those damn cages, just for dancing too ‘sexually’, like dafuq?? Excuse me, did I miss that meeting on who the f*ck you think you are? You not my mama, not my daddy-”
  • “Oh so now suddenly I’m not ‘daddy’? That’s not what you said last night, sweetheart.”
  • That goddamn smirk winning almost every argument, melting you from the inside, having your knees weak. 
  • You loving the fact he doesn’t care about color, he cares about you. Taking care of you, protecting you, being his ride or die for life, because he ain’t ever gon get rid of you. 
  • “You my one and only, you know that right?” 
  • Him loving to have such a vivacious woman in his life, not making a single day of his life boring.
  • “And you are mine.” 

Being Hispanic/Latina

  • Cooking your favorite dishes from childhood for Peter.
  • Him actually liking them, loving how its spiciness burns the inside of his mouth.
  • “What is this delightful tingle in my mouth?!”
  • “That would be the jalapeno peppers, mi amor.”
  • Him smirking at the nickname. ALL. THE. TIME.
  • Making the lost boys keep their tents tidy, hating messes with a passion.
  • “Make sure every dirt spot is clean!”
  • “There is dirt all around us, for Christ’s sake, Y/n!”
  • The lost boys being terrified of you whenever you were angry, but Peter absolutely adoring when you got mad.
  • Teaching Peter curse words in your language.
  • “Es una bruja cuando tiene hambre.”
  • “WHAT did you just call me???”
  • The lost boys never wanting to get anywhere near you when you’re mad, you throwing everything in sight, and cursing at anything around you in your language.
  • Not taking lip from either Peter or the lost boys, shutting down any attitude that’s given. 
  • “EXCUSE me. Who do you think you’re talking to like that?”
  • Going out with the lost boys when they go hunting, getting the most caught.
  • “Well, my little warrior has brought home the most bacon. Muy bueno.”
  • “And my chief has been practicing his Spanish. Muy MUY bueno.”
  • Him getting chills every time you would speak in your language, begging you to keep speaking it, even during sex.
  • “Aye, Papi!”
  • “Holy shit, say that again.” 
  • Peter replacing the drums for the bonfire with maracas.
  • “Was this really necessary? The drums were fine…”
  • Not all that confident in yourself, thinking you weren’t good enough for Peter.
  • Him caressing your face, making you look into his eyes.
  •  “Yo siempre te querré.”
  • You and Peter showing PDA ALL. THE. TIME.
  • Literally taking his breath away on how passionate the kiss turns, leaving him breathless and in a daze when you would pull away. 
  • When Wendy came, you would be all over him, showing the flirty girl who Peter will ALWAYS come back to, no matter what. 
  • “I’m gonna say this once and only once, understand? Don’t touch him, don’t look at him unless he asks you to, don’t you even so much as think about my man, comprende?” 
  • Peter teasing you whenever you would get possessive or jealous over him.
  • “Whoa, down chica. No need to go all loca on our new guest. You know I love my enchilada more than my white bread.” 
  • Letting Peter treat you like a flower, but also with respect and loyalty.
  • “Love, be careful, let me-”
  • “I can handle myself, niño perdido.” 
  • During bonfires, you would show off your moves, impressing both the lost boys and Peter.
  • “There’s no bloody way you can move your waist like that! It’s like you don’t have a spine!”
  • “These hips don’t lie, baby.”
  • Peter being a jealous little shit when the lost boys would constantly want to know more about you and your culture, him not liking them stealing your attention. 
  • “Why don’t you go back to flirting with your boyfriends?!”
  • “Okay, you’re gonna loose that attitude. I don’t want lost boys, I want a man. I am going to stay loyal to you because I love you. Don’t you ever forget that. You can’t get rid of me that easily.”
  • You being the one to break up fights between lost boys, shutting down the problem real quick.
  • Earning the lost boys respect, and them protecting you whenever Peter wasn’t around.
  • Basically being the mama bear, and if anyone hurt either one of your cubs was bound to be pounced on and mauled to death. 
  • “Y/n, how do you say taco in spanish?”
  • “…Taco.”
  • “HOly shit, are you serious? Pshh your language is so child’s play.” 

Being Muslim/Islamic 

  • “Why won’t you come in the water with us, Y/n?”
  • “I can’t undress in front of you. It’s just…against how I was raised.”
  • You confusing Peter on why you would ALWAYS wear long sleeves, or anything for that matter that covered your skin from anyone.
  • “Love, don’t you get hot?” 
  • “Stop calling me that. I’m fine, you all wear loads of clothing in this weather anyway. Don’t worry about me.”
  • Knowing very well that Peter was evil, but still held great respect for him and his decisions.
  • “I could care less whose heart you rip out. As long as you respect me, I will respect you.” 
  • Him wanting to understand your headscarf, your clothing, EVERYTHING about you.
  • You explaining that you can’t show your most private parts or any parts of the body below your neck unless he is family or the same gender.
  • *Raises eyebrow* “Well at this point, you cover so much to where I am almost positive we are the same sex, love.”
  • Some of the lost boys teasing you about the clothes you wear, making fun of your headscarf.
  • You never wanting to fight with any of them…
  • Until one of them threw a rock at you…that’s when you beat the living shit out of anyone in close range. 
  • Peter having to lock you in the cages for punishment, but being secretly surprised and proud to see you get violent. 
  • “Well, well, well. Looks like little miss respect finally cracked. You really did a number on my lost boys-”
  • “They had it coming to them. Back in history to today, my people were never a violent race. We never fought when we are verbally assaulted, but if we are physically harmed we have every right to fight back.” 
  • Him smirking, as he saw the dark look in your eyes. “Once I let you out, be prepared to have the most respect on this island, sweetheart.”
  •  Most of the lost boys flirting with you, but you never flirted back.
  • Peter never seeing it that way, heightening his jealousy, making him angry at you.
  • “Why must you flirt with everything in sight? Do you like toying with my emotions?”
  • “I barely even have anything to offer them, I’m covered from head to toe. The fact that you think I’m asking for the attention, or ‘playing with your emotions’ sounds like a personal issue. An issue I don’t have the patience for. Now leave my tent, I have to change.”
  • “Anything you have is nothing I haven’t seen before, just change in front of me!”
  • “Exactly, you have seen before, but you won’t see mine. You wanna know what’s underneath these clothes, you’re gonna have to put a ring on this finger.” 
  • Your relationship with Peter being very complicated, you and him never seeing eye to eye, always at each other’s throats.
  • Him loving how strong and independent you are, but it being very difficult for him to get close to you and see the woman underneath all of that clothing.
  • “Why won’t you just show me?”
  • “Why won’t you just drop it?”
  • “Do you not trust my judgement? Are you afraid I might not like what I see, is that it?”
  •  “Why does it always have to be about you? Maybe I just want to have something for myself until I find the right person who loves me for me and not my body! I wear this not only for my religion, but for MY judgment. To see who really loves a woman for who she is, and not for her body! Why do you care so much what’s underneath these clothes? Would it make a difference on how you feel about me, what-?!”
  • Him kissing you strongly to shut you up, you being surprised but slowly kissing him back.
  • Once he pulled away, he would stare deeply into your eyes, taking in every detail of your face. Not like he hasn’t memorized it already.
  • “I’ve already fallen in love with this face, and your fiery personality. I just…I want to see more…I need to see more. My imagination can only go for so long until I snap, love. I will even be satisfied with seeing you without this bloody headscarf.” 
  • With him confessing his love for you,you being relieved that you could finally share the same feelings with him. Nodding your head that he could take your scarf off. 
  • “Peter…if you do want to be with me…you’ll have to ask for my parents permission…” 
  • Him being shocked, and confused. “Y-You’re parents don’t even know that I exist, let alone will they let you be with a demon.”
  • “Well then..at least the permission of someone I’m closest to.”
  • “And who might that be?”
  • “…You, dummy. But,” you put the headscarf back on. “I cannot be rogue of my clothing, until we are married.”
  • “Oh, come on, can’t you break religion and be free? This is Neverland, you can do whatever you want.”
  • “And I want to stick with my beliefs, and wait until marriage. If you care about me, you would wait for me.”
  • Him weighing his options, then sighing. 
  • “I want to hear you say it. Say that you love me…”
  • “…I love you, Peter Pan.” 
  • Him agreeing with your beliefs, then vanishing without another word. Leaving you to stand by yourself, and go over what just happened. You guess you had a boyfriend now.
  • Both of your eyebrow game being ON POINT 
  • You celebrating two holidays with the lost boys: Eid al-Fitr and  Eid al-Adha.
  • “What even are these holidays?” Was the most question asked by the lost boys.
  • “ Eid al-Fitr is a small celebration between friends and family. You guys. And  Eid al-Adha is a HUGE celebration which is celebrated at the end of Ramadan. Ramadan we will start first, which is where we get up real early, eat, and then go the rest of the day until sundown with no food, or water.” 
  • “….”
  • “What?”
  • “Love, we live in the woods. That’s basically how we live most of the time.”
  • You mostly spending time doing your daily five prayers. 
  • “Y/n, must you do this everyday?”
  • “Instead of criticizing, join me for once.”
  • "A demon praying? Yeah, that’s a great idea.” 
  • You coming out on top, being the fierce queen Peter had always wanted, if anyone were to give you lip, he would be there to put them in their place for you.
  • “Respect your mother. You have a problem, then why waste your heart on that kind of nonsense? I will gladly take care of it for you.” 
  • “‘Respect your mother. Heaven is under her feet’. That’s a direct quote from our prophet. In other words, what he said.” 
  • Later on in the couple of years you’ve been on the island, Peter finally swallowed his pride and asked you to marry him. To be his queen forever.
  • And after you were married, as promised, Peter’s imagination could finally come to an end. 
  • “That was not even CLOSE to what I was expecting you to look like underneath all those clothes, love.”
  • You slowly becoming insecure, glaring daggers at him as you raise up from his bed.
  • “Sorry to disappoint you…” you go to get out of his bed, but he stops you, pulling you down to where you were practically laying on top of him.
  • “Disappoint me? Y/n you made the wait so much more worth it by making me work for it. Nothing is more sweeter until you’ve actually waited and made an effort to make it happen. I am honored to be the only man to ever see you this way.” 
  • You being surprised with his response, but smiling at him lovingly, him returning the smile.
  • “Well good. Because you’re going to be seeing it a lot more often.”
  • “Oh, sweetheart…I am counting on it.” 

Being Indian/Native American 

  • You feeling like the elder of the group, if Peter or Felix wasn’t around, and treating the lost boys like your own children.
  • “Now, look up, and you see that star? That’s the North Star. Whenever you are lost, you won’t need a compass. Just follow that star to find your way home.”
  • “Love, that’s completely nonsense. We have compasses, we don’t need silly stars.” 
  • Showing the lost boys that ‘silly stars’ are just as useful as compasses, when you take them on spirit walks, journeying far into the woods, then safely making your way back without any trouble. 
  • Peter not believing it, but is impressed that you didn’t lose anybody, and still made it back safely.
  • “Luck seems to be on your side, love.”
  • “The only luck I need are the trees and the stars.”
  • Being able to outsmart Peter, actually knowing the island better than he ever could, and that ending up with him being furious. 
  • Him locking you up in the cages until you know your place, but keeping your composure the entire time, not giving in to his childish game. 
  • “Y/n, it’s been three days since you’ve eaten or drank anything! Just stop being so stubborn, so I can let you out! I don’t like seeing my lost girl like this.”
  • “The island is more angry with you, than I am.”
  • “ARH! Stop with ‘the island is saying this’ and ‘the island says that’!” 
  • Him being confused with the little accessories you wear some times (or all the time)
  • “What is this red dot on your forehead.” *licks his thumb, about to wipe it off*
  • “No! It is my bindi, you cannot wipe it off!”
  • “???Why not??”
  • You blushing a little, forgetting that you forgot to acknowledge him about him or ask his permission.
  • “It…it signifies that I am..married..”
  • “MARRIED? To who?! When were you ever going to tell me? What’s the bloody bastard’s name? I swear I will rip his heart out and he will watch me crush it, right after I-”
  • You start laughing at his rant, confusing him even more and making him angrier.
  • “Oh you think this is funny, do you?”
  • “YOU’RE funny. I am married to you, Peter.”
  • His eyes widening, then he chuckles himself, slowly hugging you to his side
  • “I don’t recall me ever asking you to, love.” 
  • “You have to? I thought anything on this island belonged to Peter Pan. So if that was the case, why not marry myself to you and make it official?” 
  • You bringing the music, and exotic food to the camp, making all the lost boys either cheer with joy, or groan from eating too much and facing the consequences.
  • “Come on, you guys, it’s not that spicy.”
  • “I for one thinks this is quite delicious, my love.” *kiss to your forehead*
  •   “Leave it to the demon to not think it’s too hot.” 
  • Teaching them the art of Bollywood. 
  • Being able to keep up with Peter, matching him in his wit and mind games, actually beating him a couple of times. 
  • “Peter Pan never fails-”
  • “Except against me, of course!” 
  • Him rolling his eyes every time you would add that in. 
  • Being confident in yourself, but whenever Wendy was around and kept staring at you, you would start to feel uncomfortably small.
  • “What is that red mark on your forehead?” *she goes to touch it*
  • *You smacking her hand away* It’s none of your business, the only thing you need to know about it is that it notifies that Peter belongs to me.”
  • “I don’t see the same on his forehead.” 
  • Peter making sure that you felt loved 24/7, that no matter what, you would always be his #1 Bollywood dancer, or his Eternal Blossom. 
  • “What is a king without his queen?”
  • “A sad, lonely man with a failed kingdom?” 
  • Him looking at you with a raised eyebrow, but the shaking his head. 
  • “Lucky guess…”
  • Both of your eyebrow game being STRONG.
  • “Mine are better, love.”
  • “You wish, I was born with perfect eyebrows. Yours took time to look like perfection, instead of caterpillars on your face.” 
  • Peter introducing you to Tiger Lily, both of you hitting it off the minute you realized you were the same. 
  • “My sister, I knew that some day Pan would trade that forsaken Wendy for a real woman. Welcome home.”

Being Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Filipino/etc. 

  • Spending a lot of time with Peter and the lost boys.
  • Literally making it your everyday mission to be around them, no matter the situation.
  • “Good morning, Peter, do you need me for anything?”
  • “Hey, Slightly, let me help you with that!”
  • “Aw, you got a cut on your knee? Allow me to use this ancient secret, my mother once taught me.” *pulls out a bandaid*
  • You sharing new holidays with the boys, having lots of food, and decorations aimed for your traditions, and FOOD. 
  • “Happy Chinese New Year!”
  • “It’s March Equinox!”
  • “Spring Equinox!”
  • “Sea Day!”
  • “Love, how many of these holidays are we celebrating???”
  • Sharing lots of foods from your home.
  • “So all this is basically raw fish, animals, and noodles?” 
  • “Yeah, great way to dumb it down…”
  • You kinda wanting to go home, due to your strong love and loyalty to your family, and feeling ashamed that you just disappeared without a goodbye. 
  • “Peter…I’d like to go home and see my family…please.” 
  • Him with eyebrows raised high to the sky, confused beyond belief.
  • “You can’t leave. This is your home, we are your family now.”
  • You not going with that response, and keep on trying to persuade him, only making him angrier. 
  • That anger leading into a huge argument, which leads to rage (or tears) and storming away from him without another word. 
  • Peter feeling awful that he yelled at you and you were just worried about your family. He went looking for you, and found you sleeping by a tree, traces of tears upon your pale(or non-pale) face. 
  • Making up later on after he took you back to his tent, him not being able to stay mad at your adorable face (visa versa) 
  • “You’re just too…what’s that word you used earlier?”
  • “Kawaii?”
  • “No the other one, the cuter sounding one. The one where it sounds like you sneezed.”
  • “B-…Baka?” 
  • “Yeah that one! You’re just too baka.”
  • “????”
  • Being like a mother to the lost boys, them being your many many children you love looking after.
  • Whenever Peter wasn’t around, they would go to you, unless they came to Felix first.
  • Felix, even though he was much older than you, saw you as a big sister or a role model, on the account of how loving you are one second, and then inhumanly strict on the next. 
  • “Jacob! Feet off the table!” *smacks with a stick* 
  • 5 seconds after he put his feet down…
  • Kamsa-hamnida, dasom!” *cute smile*
  • Peter loving how motherly you are, almost making him wonder how you would mother your own son or daughter
  • Knowing he wants to have a child with you, but the idea not really sitting with you in the right way.
  • “I just don’t think we’re ready, Peter. A baby is a big responsibly, and you’re just not in the right position for one. Neither am I.”
  • “Y/n, what do you mean? Of course I’m in the right position, what does that even mean? Do you just not want to have a baby with me? Is that it?” 
  • Instead of that thought making him mad, it actually makes him really upset.
  • You immediately rushing over to him, hugging him tightly.
  • “Peter no, of course not. I do want to have a child with you, some day, but…for right now, I like taking care of boys who won’t ever grow up. And picture that being a new born. You wanna stay changing diapers forever?” 
  • Even though Peter is the leader, you make him participate in the chores the lost boys have to do.
  • “Peter, you can help wash the laundry, since you’re not doing anything.”
  • Him scoffing “This is my island, I don’t have to-”
  • “Love-”
  • “Y/n-”
  • “ALRIGHT! I’ll do the stupid laundry..” 
  • You actually being the dominant one, and him having a love/hate feeling on that.
  • “I’m gonna make a man out of you, Peter Pan.”
  • Y/n-”
  • “I’m going to take you to a whole new world!”
  • “ENOUGH with the puns, or I swear to God-”
  • “Anime? Manga-what are these words you are saying to me? Why is this book backwards?? Why the bloody hell is their… EVERYTHING so big!”
  • “Look at the bloody boobs on these girls! What kind of book is this???”
  • You and him having weird conversations, involving where you come from, and what your life was like, and sometimes it leads to your flaws.
  • “Who is this ‘Godzilla’?”
  • “What is this ‘Karate Kid’? Is it a type of snack?”
  • “Why are your boobs so tiny? You are just a load of tiny aren’t you? You know Wendy-”
  • “I’M gonna stop you right there, you jackass! Sorry my breasts aren’t at the size of your liking, maybe you should start looking at my eyes once in a while! But I’ll be damned if you start comparing me to that blonde, bubbled-headed,  busuyariman,  warugaki ,  kuchikitanai ,  kusomajime-”
  • Peter taking every ounce of your foreign curse words, with an amused smirk, actually writing some of them down. 
  • Him having to kiss you deeply to stop your ranting, leaving you a blushing mess.
  • “…You gotta warn me when you’re going to do that…”
  • “Aw, but where’s the fun in that? You’re bloody adorable when you’re embarrassed.”
  • No matter how much you and Peter annoy each other 24/7, you two can’t deny that you love each other unconditionally. 
  • Teasing and trolling Peter when you would speak in your other language, because he’d have no idea what you were saying.
  •  “我那麼愛你,彼得Wǒ nàme ài nǐ, bǐdé.”
  • “What did you say?”
  • “私はあなたのように、多くのピーターを愛しWatashi wa anata no yō ni, ōku no pītā o aishi.”
  • “What??”
  • Finally a few of the lost boys who you’ve taught, or knew how to speak your language finally informs him on what you’ve been saying to him.
  • “She says she loves you.”
  • “THAT’S IT? She’s been doing this for weeks, and THAT’S all she’s been saying??”