i wanted it to look better

On the topic of dragons and dinosaurs, in middle school/high school(I don’t remember when) I had an idea for a story about dinosaurs having been “created by nature” to destroy dragons, and scientists had to bring back dinosaurs Jurassic park style because the dragons returned after 66 million years of being  trapped in dirt.


“The truth is, I wanted to become a storyteller. I apprenticed myself when I was fourteen. But because of my personality, I never took off.

I gave up and thought about leaving, but the 7th Generation kept me on, doing odd jobs. Later, Hatsutaro-san and the young master joined the household, and I ended up looking after them. They both had charm and talent. Their personalities were like oil and water, but because they were both kind, they got along very well. Watching them both gradually advance in their careers warmed my heart. Because they lived all the dreams that I couldn’t.

The thought of getting to see the both of them off…

It’s a sign that I’ve lived a bit too long, perhaps.”

—Matsuda, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

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I love the update so much but I want to pimp slap sans It's so unfair that he actually looks less stressed and more layer back without papy being his brother , he's kinder .

oooh no no he has always been like this.I didn’t have the chance to show him like that ;-; and also the main reason he was stressed was because of alphys. they used to fight a lot as you can see in a page I did somewhere in part 3. but yeah in this timeline things are a little bit different xD you will see even better in the next few pages what I mean ><

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hey! i'm looking for a fic where dnp are rivals in maths n always try to answer questions before the other and get better marks. phil goes to a store and finds dan there who is drunk and mad at his parents for not acepting his sexuality (i think??) and wants to buy nail polish, then phil takes dan back to phil's house and paints his nails in a bathtub. it was a while since i read this so some of the details might b mixed up rip. thank you and ily!

This is by tadachans, who orphaned their fics on ao3!

Everything Led Back To You (ao3) -  First place in the high school art show isn’t even that big of a deal, or that’s what most of Dan and Phil’s friends say. And, well, they’re not wrong. It’s probably just the competing that Dan and Phil like, but they won’t ever admit that.

- Eliza

): not the way I thought I was ending my night, but alright.

I hope that tomorrow is better and that my cats stop knocking their cat grass plant I’m trying to grow for them out of the window bc I’m more than tired of cleaning up dirt and seeds (which the texture of them freaks me out and makes me sick just looking at it bc I’m so fucking weird about looking at weird textures jfc)

I’m over it. I hope tomorrow is better, I want to get out of this funk.


This is the first fanart that I ever post :S :S :S 

I’ve been wanting to fill this page from my “Wreck this Journal” and thought about these lovely hackers (although the image looked better in my mind). Since I wasn’t happy with the original drawing, I decided to scan it and change it up a bit. I’m not very savvy with digital art yet (like, what the heck is that background?) but hopefully I’ll improve!

I’ve read about the rumor that the mystic messenger fandom is dying. I really, really don’t want that to happen. So here’s my little contribution to the fandom.

*The original characters belong to Chertiz.

My friend Naty started to watch The Vampire Diaries

Naty: My God, Stefan and Elena are pure cuteness. I know, it’s about love triangle, but these two definitely end up together. 


Naty: Caroline wants Stefan? Poor girl, he does not want her and probably never will when he has Elena.


My friend: Damon is so hot! I love these kind of bad guys. I think I will love him forever.


Naty: Matt looks like a pointless character. I guess, in the next season he’ll die.

Naty: Maybe Elena will fall in love with Damon.  Their relationship might be better than Stefan and Elena’s, because Damon can become a better boyfriend. At least they can try it, but i think, at the end she will end up with Stefan anyway.


Naty: This show is amazing! I want to see more!


Justin, the cashier,

Today was the first time I saw you and probably the last time I ever will. But I hope you’re okay. I saw your arms.

I don’t know if you’re recovering. The marks didn’t appear to be fresh but they weren’t scars yet either. You didn’t notice me looking but I promise I was neither judging you or pitying you. It was surreal as I have never known anyone in person that self harms. (To my knowledge.)

I’ve been there though. And it made me feel a little less alone in that moment. And I want you to know that it does get better and you are strong and loved. You were a really nice person and quite the looker too. Don’t give up on yourself, okay?

I’m sorry that I didn’t say anything about it. I’m sorry that I couldn’t. My family doesn’t know about me and I wasn’t going to draw attention to something you may be ashamed of.

Please don’t be. You’ve got this.

- The blue haired  girl that didn’t speak.

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Ghost mom!! I've been really upset the last few days, and there's nothing anyone can do about it (it's getting better though), but my mum really wanted to cheer me up. And like. When I got home after school yesterday, she had organized all my anime figurines (+ my drawing model) so it looked like they were all talking to and interacting with each other. It was so cute and my mum is so kind aaaa good vibes to all,,

oMG ur mom sounds so cuteeeee

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That's kinda why you should put a warning. Plus self harm is actually something pretty serious. Some actually do struggle with it, It's reality for them. The warning would actually keep them from having to go through the ENTIRE video and then see something that really don't want to see. One less click. Not everything in life has a warning, but they exist for a good reason. (dude, its the same reason you have a NSFW. Not everyone wants to see it, but the people who can without offense, will.)

I didn’t add the scars because i wanted him too look cool or edgy 
i added them because the fit his character very well 

Warnings on things aren’t gonna get people get better 
they are only gonna make them ignore their problems until they get worse 

and for the NSFW tumblr part 
there are a lot of people who are under 15 following my tumblr 
and i don’t want them to see porn 

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Momma, i don't know what to do. My gf has borderline and is suicidal. A few months ago things spiraled out of control and she tried to take her own life. After that things got a little better. But now we're on the same path downhill. She says she wants to start taking medication and get help, i even looked up the phone number for her. But she doesn't call. And sometimes it all gets too much in her head and she takes it out on me. I love her so much but i am so tired and running on fumes.

You can’t care for both of you when you’re on a drop yourself. Spend a bit of energy and make the call for her. It’ll suck but it’s better to get her treatment than to try to slow both of your descents. Once she’s got an appointment you can concentrate on what you need to do to get yourself on level ground.

-Lou the Lobster


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How long has it been? I can’t wake up from this never ending dream. It’s killing me. I heard the door open and close. “…Prince Hyuk. It’s been two months. Can you wake up any faster? I don’t want to rush your healing, then again if you don’t want to be hurt even more I need you to wake up for me. Please, for me?” I wanted to answer, but I couldn’t. 

I just reached out for her hand. I felt her grab it and pull it up to her cheek. “You’re very handsome sleeping but I know you’re way better looking awake. Please wake up, Prince Hyuk. You need to marry someone.” 

How does she know about that? The tone in her voice was a little bad. It sounded as if she was heartbroken over something. Maybe she’s still upset in this dream that I can’t wake up from.

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Woah where’d my hair go? 😉💖🎀 •Thanks to my cheating ex fiancé/Daddy, I’m starting to feel better. Not mentally, obvious, but physically. There’s been a weight lifted off my shoulders that I wasn’t even aware of until you decided to betray me. I can finally do things for myself instead of worrying about what you’d want me to look like. So, thank you, so much, for breaking my fucking heart. Hope you’re happy with yourself. 👏✌•
I know its kinda petty but idgaF!
☆♡Temporary cut until I know what style&color I want.♡☆

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I had a friend, we were always together, on day she told me that a girl who is my clasmate and friend gossip about she, i try that my friend and the other girl talk but my friends refuse and star yo lie me that she have things to do. So one friday my classmatr, other friend and my friend talk but after that my friend told me that she doesn't want to be my friend and i was a gossip and bad person and she told to forget our friendship and i was a horrible person. I try to avoid but it hurts.

You dont have to avoid it, look straight at the situation and explain clearly with assurance about what happen with your friend. Dont make excuse, said what you really do. If she been with you long enough she will know whether thats true. But if she doesnt, better leave before too late. Because if she easily believe those that doesnt be with her for long time, shes the one with problem. You can cry all night, all days, months about it it doesnt matter, but dont avoid it its no good for your mental health. Just be sad, crying about it, but look straight to the point that shes no longer your friend. And thats ok. And then youll be better. Losing a friend is really sad and heartbroken, but sometimes it helps us grow and choose friends wiser.

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Subconsciously something changed

I used to be extremely focused on what I ate and was careful and enjoyed eating very clean, it was out of the norm for most people and they looked at me cause I was the health freak and I loved it. I loved being different.

Or at least I thought I did.

Now I look at food in more disgust than anything. I either binge or don’t eat, the feeling of one extreme to the other; from complete fullness to feeling so hungry I’m going to puke. Idk why I push my body to one extreme to the other.

Somewhere subconsciously something changed and I’m determined to figure it out and make it better for myself and my health.

I want to say there is a chemical imbalance in my brain because I believe in science to back things up like this. Somewhere my body decided “I am deprived and I am going to make you like this”.

I don’t like eating in front of people, food doesn’t taste good to me anymore no matter what it is, I feel like my taste buds died in all honesty.

Why do we as humans sabotage ourselves when we have so much going for us? Humans can be so incredibly powerful but sometimes something happens inside us that we can’t control even when we want to.

I’m the type of person that believes there’s a meaning behind why things happen the way they do and there’s always a lesson so we can grow through the struggle. And I’m taking this as that, I am struggling in life right now but I know once I get past it and manage it it’s like a reach a new level of me. A new level of being and growth as an individual. I will see more clearly and feel wiser.

Until then, I am always continually trying to figure out myself and who I truly am. Why do I do what I do, act the way I act, say the things I say. I find nothing more fascinating than figuring out our own mind and body.

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i just want to let you know that namjoon bias wrecked me so hard last night that i'm a whole namjoon stan now



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Harrys hair has never looked better than it did in that ad like I've always wanted to see his hair in front of hi face like that and now I have and it's beautiful jkjkjfrgd