i wanted it to come out better than this lolol

a rant about trb in chicago yesterday

general things i noticed:

  • something was up with the sound system bc everyone’s voice sounded….higher? even squeaky at some parts lol but at least it didn’t detract from the experience
  • everyone screamed whenever it was yoongi’s or tae’s turn
  • screams for jin and hoseok were pretty loud too c:
  • tae’s growl omg
  • they seemed really happy and energetic
  • theyre reALLY TALL omg??
  • theyre super skinny :( pls eat more

my personal experience:

  • i arrived at ~8:00 because i was supposed to be volunteering there and help set up, etc, but due to some circumstances i couldn’t so i was just wandering around for a while with my friend
  • we went back to the venue at ~12:30 and started waiting. all the fans we met there were super nice, super talented, and really friendly!
  • at about 7 they started letting us in
  • people were chanting “bts, bts, bts” and screaming a lot even before the video introduction lol
  • then they showed the introduction video (the one with the mean teacher and whatnot) and then thEY WALKED ONSTAGE and stood there waiting for the music to start. it was so unreal omg seeing them iN REAL LIFE just STANDING THERE omg. anyway i think there were some technical difficulties because the music didn’t start for a while. fans were screaming and cheering until it started.
  • n.o. started playing, followed by we are bulletproof. i dont remember whether their introductions were before or after hip hop lover, but they all introduced themselves in english and it was all really great.
  • let me know and rain were beautiful. simply amazing.
  • BLANKET KICK WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER. i hit my friend when i saw jihope theyre not even my otp wtf
  • just one day was also really cute and i think everyone was singing along.
  • after that they started talking again, and they played rock paper scissors. yoongi and jungkook lost, so they had to do aegyo and it was hilarious omg and then jimin came and just like shook his butt at us ughHHh
  • after look here and propose they showed another video, a continuation of the first one. they come back out after changing and then it wAS NO MORE DREAM and everyone chanted/sang along
  • AND THEN TOMORROW and tbh it was just crazy and like thighs and body rolls and oh my god
  • then they said they wanted to “make something together” and so they made us sing miss right and i like it. at first we just had to sing the chorus of miss right and we were pretty bad tbh lolol after “youre my only girl”. and namjoon was like “i know you guys can do better than this!!!” and then they started singing the song and when the chorus came they stopped singing and just pointed the mics at us. so we sang/mumbled and then after the song hoseok was just like “oh wow very good” and he and someone else (either jimin or namjoon i honestly cant remember) imitated us and our singing mumbling thing lolol namjoon was like “theyre learning korean!!!”
  • and then we sang the chorus for i like it and imo it went better than miss right haha
  • so after that they sang if i ruled the world and at that point my throat was really hurting so i just like bobbed along enjoying myself
  • the vocal line went backstage AND THEN CYPHER PT 3 CAME ON AND HELL YEAH everyone went crazy omg. forget about the sore throat i was shouting myself hoarse i think everyone was and hoseok was just wild and namjoon was hyper as hell and suga was omg
  • and then cypher pt 2 leading into war of hormones from the “nugu ddemune” part and everyone went crazy again and oH MY GOD TAE’S GROWLING/SHOUTING I FELT IT ALL THE WAY IN MY BONES also there was a lot of buttkicking going on
  • and then danger!!!! everyone sang along and chanted at the right times and it was all very nice
  • then i need u and all i heard was screaming tbh
  • BOY IN LUV oh my gOD tae’s growling again it hurt
  • then they thanked us and went inside
  • then they showed a video from their predebut days and it was very emotional and i was pretty close to crying and they came back out and performed path and it was really touching honestly
  • AND THEN DOPE. holy crap i cannot describe in words how amazing it was to see it live. the synchronization is honestly amazing and it was more powerful than it looks in videos if thats even possible and everyone went nuts and yeah
  • attack on bangtan it was so great but i was getting emotional bc i knew the concert was ending
  • they thanked us again and i remember jin said he liked chicago pizza bc “its very thick” and suga said he liked chicago bc of the figures that came from here and rapmon said hed heard about chicago from a young age and i remember hobi did his stupid little happy dance and i wanted to cry
  • they did i need u again and everyone bowed and went backstage except for jin and tae. i think jin was waiting for his part lol bc he went in after he did it. tae went to the middle and bowed and waved and went backstage but he was like peeping out and waving and then he went in for good. everyone kept singing even after they were gone
  • my ears were still ringing when i left and i feel like they took a part of my soul with them as they walked away too