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I’m starting @berrysweetboutique‘s Pastel Rainbowcy Challenge! I’ve never actually played with berry sweet sims before, but I’m excited to try. So meet my founder, Eidolon Cassata!~ He was prettier in CAS, Ima tweak him some more >.>…

We did it… We won. You know Trahearne… I was so close to ruin. Perhaps it was the dragon’s lingering influence. I almost couldn’t do it. The thought still lingers in my mind to have let you live, even if it meant damning Tyria. I can only hope you’ll forgive my foolishness. 

I’m still not over louis filming his video in Doncaster, including all of his friends, people he had in his life since he was a kid! And (as it looks like for now) Bebe being completely fine with it, supporting his choice, travelling to donny herself to film the video, tagging herself in his home town, bringing her own friends too. This is going to be amazing, i can feel it! And I’m so pleased by what little we’ve seen (so far). I cant wait to hear the song and see the video ☺️

  • mom: i just don't get it. you're taking meds, you have a therapist, you're in DBT, and you have the support to get better. why are you still so self-destructive??
  • me: "per·son·al·i·ty dis·or·der
  • ˌpərsnˈalədē diˈsôrdər/
  • noun : personality disorder; plural noun : personality disorders
  • a deeply ingrained and maladaptive pattern of behavior of a specified kind, typically manifest by the time one reaches adolescence and causing long-term difficulties in personal relationships or in functioning in society."

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Who do you want Varian with if not Amren?

Boy do I have a LIST for you. 

  • Helion
  • Random High Fae from Day Court 
  • Random High Fae from Summer Court
  • Random lesser fae from Day Court 
  • Random lesser far from Summer Court 
  • Remember that soldier Varian was checking on?? Touching his thigh?? That was his boyfriend and that was gay™ 
  • The merman that totally exists and that Varian is totally in love with
  • Random surfer chick who teaches Varian to surf 
  • Random sailor guy who takes Varian out on cute lil boat rides 
  • That one Summer Court warrior who stuck by Varian’s side the entire battle 
  • That cute lil Day Court librarian 
  • An artist from the Summer Court?? She paints Varian’s body when he’s asleep and he wakes up looking like a masterpiece and it makes him so happy?? SIGN ME UP™ 
  • A healer from the Dawn Court make it happen
  • Cresseida’s best friend? Listen normally I’m not for this trope but by all means for Varian I WOULD BE ALL UP IN THIS TROPE 
  • Enemies™ To Friends™ To Lovers™ 
  • Casual hook up and oops I think I got attached to you and ugh I think I got attached to you too 
  • Helion’s Captain of the Guard 
  • A peregryn?? Sign me up™
  • A seraphim? Sign me up™ 
  • Whatever Day Court’s faes with wings are called? Sign me up™ 
  • One of the generals of Summer/Day/Dawn Court armies
  • His childhood friend who he thought would never love him back but DOES love him back and now they have to reconnect and navigate their way around their feelings 
  • Vassa?? Honestly sign me up at this point Vassa is shippable with any and everyone (Vassarian??)
  • Azriel?? THAT’S RIGHT I SHIP IT. 
  • Ngl anyone black please like… I need one (1) healthy black ship that I can get behind and give up my life for. I need parents. I am parentless. 
  • AND MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE: Varian being single because not everyone needs a s/o to be happy and not everyone needs to be in a relationship especially when that relationship is forced and came out of nowhere and reduces him to a love interest that no one cares about but aw he’s kind of cute I guess and I bet he gives mad™ good™ sex but other than that don’t really care about him oops 

when i was in the mental health facility (which was a nightmare btw) at one of the therapy sessions one of the other patients said something like “i should go into the therapy field” and the therapist just fucking. scoffed at him and laughed like it was ridiculous

“a mentally ill person taking care of other mentally ill people? that would be a disaster, they would just make everyone get worse”

except no, it wouldn’t. mentally ill people are much more likely to connect with and believe therapists and psychiatrists who have personal experience with mental illness, not to mention it’s incredibly helpful to see physical proof that it’s possible to get better and cope with their symptoms

neurodivergent people are much, much better suited to be in mental health fields than neurotypicals

Ahhhhh gotta forever love the ray doesn’t wanna be in fics debate

Look ray is happy streaming then that’s where I want him to stay, he smiles so much and him and Tina are both so happy and I want nothing less for them. I don’t want ray to come back because I like ray as a streamer, it suits him. He is the most antisocial hermit I know in the best way possible.
And Jeremy Dooley is a fucking gift to this world he is so funny and cute I love everything he’s in and he does for the community. He is a lad through and through and I love him so much.

Honestly the best fics have all seven being happy together. But if a fic has just ray or just Jeremy it ain’t worth any less because that how that story was written. I love them both and I’d wish people stop fighting over people place in ‘the main six’
The main six doesn’t even matter anymore, with Geoff on sabbatical, Lindsey being around longer the half of the original main six, Trevor & matt not quite in the support room but not in the main room, just who the Fuck cares?!?!?
Kdin, Caleb and Kerry were all in some way members of AH in some way now look at them all? People & companies grow and change, the fact is I love all members of Achievement Hunter, past, present and future.