i wanted it in color but oh well

Hello hello hello heeeeello!

Midnight here !!!! Okay no one cares for that i guess ! XD

Since i’m in a anxious mood, i want to go over and tag some people.

So one thing i would L-O-V-E to say!! Golly i haven’t interacted with people much….. But oh well ! ^ ^;!!

But! I would love to give people certain shoutouts so!!!!! Okay! >:D

To the art section ! I’d like to give some godly…goddesly… XD cool artists

Which is?
I really like your art cheatsy, it’s comical and happy ! The coloring is beautiful!!
Oh looord! Your style is so cute! I rarely see art that seems to be drawn traditionally ! I really enjoy your styles too, its AH-dorable.
A shocker huh! Okay i honestly love your styles. Friend, you can draw !! I love the style and your coloring.
Oh my gosh!!!! You have talent friend!!!!!
I love seeing your art friend !
I hope people notice more of your arts !

KAJAHU im a fAN of YOU friend!
But honestlyyyy??????! Your art is heart-attacking amazing.. Also your persona!
Hello you !!! I’m a fan of you too! Bad news ! XD means i annoyingly tag!
I love the very creative fact blog you made up especially drawings !! Wadda talented one whOA.
Follow for Ballora facts!
To find out news of your blue heeled lass~
I absolutely love this person(s) behind this because the drawings are so simple and adorable !!
Heck, shadow bonnie is my second favorite too.

I 100% recommend !!!!! You are amazing and your art and blog style is so ((WOW!?))
Keep it up friend !

Oooh okay anyway! Lets wrap it up !


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Reasons Why “Kubo and the Two Strings” is the Best Animated Movie of 2016, Regardless of What Fancy Award Shows Say

1. It’s simple enough to reach younger audiences, but dark enough to speak to the older audiences as well.

2. It stares death right in the eyes and says “I accept that you exist and I will not run away from you.”

3. Excellent voice talent. I’m not going to go into the colors of the cast, because this is an animated movie, which means you are looking at animated characters and not who’s behind the microphone. 

4. True dedication, as shown through its gorgeous and pain-staking animation, as well as its true and honest respect for Japanese culture and mythology.

5. Magic, but not the kind that brings people back to life, oh no. The magic of storytelling and memories, and how they both have the power to heal. But there is some real magic in there, too. 

6. Not done for merchandising, but because LAIKA Studios wanted to tell a story.

7. It’s a story that will resonate with people for years to come. 

8. It shows that not every hero or protagonist has to be perfect. They can be disabled, either physically or mentally. 

9. The misfits don’t have to be shunned or made fun of. They can be loved unconditionally and can love back unconditionally. 

10. Men and boys can be gentle, kind, and emotional. They can also be goofy, light-hearted, and extremely loyal. They can be all these things and still be strong. 

11. It was never a revenge story. It’s a story about acceptance and the process of healing. It’s about bravely fighting for yourself and those that you love, not to lay waste to someone who has hurt you.

12. It proves that the act of forgiving is the strongest act there is, and holds more power than any final blow. 

happy twintails day! i doodled the first twintailed best gal that came to mind✨

well there is magic all around you, if i do say so myself
i have known this much longer than i’ve known you

my half of the witch harry art trade with @believeinbritboys (their half is amazing, seriously go check it out!!!!!) 

i wanted to do a lot more with this but my tablet broke right as i was finishing .. go figure.. p upset i couldn’t finish it- i even had to write my signature w my touchpad lmao but!! anyways!! here’s harry and a three eyed cat.. magically stirring his tea.. 🌝 hope you guys like it!


Choose wisely, Pacifica

(haha i just wanted to draw my version of older! dip and mabes. Feel free to tag as either dipcifica or mabifica

or both because both is good

both is awesome)


Guess who? It’s me, Star! I have some exciting news for you. Well, first, Marco got kidnapped and I blew up a bunch of stuff, including my wand. And I was super bummed because I thought I was never gonna get to do magic again, but then I got my new wan- My new waaand! Oh, yeah and Marco’s okay. Say hi, Marco