i wanted him all in one so

Had this sketch of Saitama lying around and I wanted to ink something for a cooldown after work to demonstrate Frenden’s ink brushes to my coworkers. 

I just like drawing him and Genos in different normal outfits. This was based loosely offa something my SO was wearing a little while back. 

The T-shirt is all me tho lolll tempted to actually make it into a real thing. 

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Seriously feel like this season is leading towards a Mary vs Cas scenario. Like the BMOL want to get rid of all supernatural, angels included no doubt? How can Mary not own up to having stolen the colt which would've SAVED cas in the last Ep but then be calling him one of her boys the next minute and now do this??? Makes no sense. And what are these cosmic consequences gonna be? Have the writers just forgotten those.. man there's so much going on this and legit can't see where it's going at all

…………..oh god im not ready

I want to write a Cassian POV ficlet of him in the data vault after he falls, but every time I try, I can’t get past the idea in my head that instead of climbing all triumphant like and defying the odds, instead he realizes he fell on a maintenance platform and just crawls into an elevator and rides up.

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Who are you gonna cosplay?!

For Wizard World Cleveland, which is coming up next month, I’m going to cosplay Ultear from Fairy Tail:

And since the cast of Dexter is going to be there, I’m going to pull out my Dexter victim cosplay:

For Colossalcon in June, I’m going to cosplay Team Skull:

And since Dante Basco is going to be there (AND I CAN’T FRIGGIN WAIT TO MEET HIM), I’ll be cosplaying my favorite character of all time, Azula:

I saw you are going to cosplay Lance!!  That’s so exciting and I can’t wait to see photos :D  I want to crossplay Keith, but I don’t know which outfit I want to do!  Either his regular clothes or this one:

Thank you for the ask, @pidgepitchu!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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You write Magnus kicking ass and killing in such a wonderfully sensual way. It's like a seduction and you put in such a way that makes it life like and real and I got that just one of your Ao3 stories now all I can think about is wanting a scene where Alec is showing Magnus how to defend himself with a sword or dagger cause he doesn't know Magnus is that much of a badass and Magnus playing along. Until they bet on either sex or where to go for a dinner date, then Magnus beats him in seconds.

damn this is such a compliment thank you so much!

i love writing magnus fighting because he is so damn fluid and preceptive, and i definitely see it like a seduction, and with all of his training and how much time he’s had to hone every skill it would be something to behold

i wrote something like this about alec “teaching” magnus archery

i started writing something with daggers but it got out of hand so here it is



Some doodles from my itsy-bitsy tiny sketchbook (seriously, it fits in my palm). Obviously i am starting with UF!Pap XD i wanted to give him some more expressions since im usually drawing him all the same. Thats why i made that shocked face inspired a bit by one of chapters from TheirWings AU (YASlol) but i wont say which hehe and more shy/blush one cuz i wanted to mmake something cute too ^^

Yay for Monsterkid and my 1st attempt on him. Hes a cute fellow and was wondering how he would look in my style so yeah, have a flat faced dino haha.

I am so bad at drawing children so i hope they look like kids instead of chibis heh but it was really fun to draw them. No idea about their clothes but i wanted to make them a bit different from each other and i kind of like how Chara came out a bit shy/uncertain.

I want to do As/Flowey next time:D Hope you like them!
UT© Toby Fox

UF!Pap © owner

It’s funny how some ppl think it’s a coming out video. D literally said it’s a funny video and if you find any joy laughing at him because his life is a joke you’ll enjoy it. And even then, why would it be so so exciting for him to come out. Regardless, he shouldn’t feel like he has to come out. Like I don’t get the hype? So he might not be straight? Cool.
It’s awkward to think about him coming on tumblr and seeing all of this because what if he doesn’t want to make this whole video about coming out but he sees people genuinely upset if he doesn’t make a one and then feels pressured to. Long story short, leave D alone and let him live his life.

fishblr… i need advice… so i have an adorable orange comet goldfish named seymour, and he’s absolutely precious. recently i’ve been scrolling through the fishblr tag, and i realized that his living conditions are… less than ideal. he has a three gallon tank and we only change his water every few weeks. im going to change that. out of all the goldfish i’ve owned he’s the one who’s lived the longest, and im incredibly attached to him. i want to make sure the rest of his life is long and fulfilling. i really do love him a lot.

i just don’t know where to start ;_;; my mom and i are going to look at tanks this weekend, but it’s kind of confusing. i’ve read that goldfish need ten gallon tanks minimum, but some other sources said that they need twenty. so here’s what im asking: is it ten or twenty? are there any tanks you’d recommend / advise me to avoid? how about substrates? filters? can goldfish live with aquatic plants? all advice and comments will be taken into consideration.

ill be making a fishblr side blog later, and once i do ill link the blog to this post so if you can follow seymour’s progress if you want. thank you all for reading this!! i really appreciate it!

A House of Cards

“I wan’ to pu’ you on the highest pedestal an’ watch a world of sharks swarm ‘roun’ you. Wantin’ you. Gnawin’ at you, bu’ can never have you. I wan’ to ruin you as much as I wan’ to worship you.”

Celestine had been right. She had gotten to him. Crawled so deep beneath his skin, it felt like a raging inferno of mayhem below his surface. She had backed him into a corner with her question, do you want me? The answer had to be real, for a lie in one direction would mean his promise to the dead was nothing but rust. While a lie in the other direction would not just close his access to her, but would forever ban him entry. The problem was, was that his answer had been too honest and its damage was yet unknown. 

A want to destroy her appealed to his ever expanding god-complex and a want to embroil her within his world, his life, meant that he had lied to Mavas. This rail he walked in the dead center was a treacherous act of having it all and keeping it all. The wrong move. The wrong word. The wrong pause and everything would come tumbling down like a frail house of cards to bury him. 

“Captain.” A young boy’s voice broke the song of Sunspire’s morning fishery. He had brought with him a letter and instructed to read it, was paid a few silver for his trouble. 

“Kurel,” The youth cleared his throat with the discomfort of having recited verbatim the opening informal address. “I contacted the distillery and told them you would be the one doing distribution and that I was taking myself out of the equation completely. They agreed and will continue to load The Mycrae on Saturday nights, so your crew can go to the ship Sunday and retrieve the whiskey. If you use the ship do your best to have it back on time. If it isn’t at the dock at the designated time, the supply ship will just turn around and there will be no delivery. Best of Luck, Azuzre’Eish.”

Kurel brought a hand to his face and rubbed at the corners of his covered eyes, as if he hadn’t slept in days. The information in the letter would have been better known a week prior. Before The Black Maw had been sent to investigate the possibility of a ruse and blown The Mycrae into splinters– not that he had the funds to pay the Sloop’s crew to even keep them employed. But when one broke down, based upon the letter Kerrwynn had sent, Kurel had stupidly and effectively destroyed his own ship.

“Go fin’ my war council.” Rumbled the dread-captain with a bite of aggravated flippancy with a toss of a single gold coin to the boy. “Brin’ them to me.”

In five days he had made two new deals and had proposed what would be no less received as a ludicrous. He just had to convince them that if Demytrya accepted what he offered her and he was given what he wanted in return, the opportunities would never be greater for them.

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@moonhartsffxiv : For all Anarba’s goofy charm, the man CAN be quite intimidating looking! He’s quite aware that his appearance can frighten those outside the Xaela tribes… and in some of his first jobs found his loud voice and glowing gaze frightened children and more timid ladies, despite his good will.

With his ears, he looks so silly that no one finds him threatening at all… which is exactly what he wants. A man can’t preach the good word of Nophica to people who are afraid to listen… and it’s nice to see babies laugh instead of cry when he looks at them~

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i think there are obviously concern trolls who just like to stir drama, larries who dont want harry to do well unless it has to do with Louis and others who do not want to do harry do well and are open about how they want him to fail so he goes back to 1D. But there are also really harry fans who are nervous and i think it is ok and normal. i get butterflies when the people i love got important things to do. i want him to kill it. i have faith he will kill it but still nervous for him x

Idk….i guess my faith in him overrides 99.9% of my nervousness for him. He just has something about him. I dont think ive ever been so completely captivated by one person in my entire life. Im just all in for harry.

another update on pxelboy

Hey, y’all. @deathishauntedbyhumans here again. I’ve received so many kind messages inquiring after Alex, and I know that I promised to give an update on him if I heard anything.  I haven’t heard from him, but I’ve gotten an update on him that I wanted to share with you. One of his family members contacted me and let me know that he is doing alright, and that he should be back in contact in the next two weeks. Whether that means just email –which is how we communicate, most of the time– or tumblr as well, I’m not sure, but if I have a way to reach him and he can’t come online here, I can most certainly pass any well-wishes along. As I said before, if you have any other questions or need to talk, or want me to try to pass anything along to him, you can always message me on my tumblr. 

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I didn't die I just became very thirsty damn I want to lick his abs

Did i ghost write this I’ve been literally saying that I wanted to lick his everything all day have you looked at his fucking thigh look I even took a screenshot so I can keep staring

like im drooling look at those fucking legs and his stupid abs and his stupid neck and stupid face i want it all

one day when i meet him this is probably most likely whats gonna go down but also im gonna touch his stomach and his thighs and whatever else i could reach but I know what my priority is (totally kidding but still he’s a brat i hate him)

My Little Mochi 6

[So sorry for the wait guys! It’s finally here! The newest little chapter of My Little Mochi! Enjoy!!]

After Jimin was finished in the shower I averted my eyes away. As much as the temptation to look at Jimin’s body screamed in my head, I had enough decency to give him his privacy. I then felt a light tug on my shirt and when I turned around Jimin was wearing one of my oversized white tee’s and black skinny jeans that shaped his legs surprising well. It was wrong for me to say I wasn’t stunned by his look. I never ever liked sharing my clothes, but for some reason seeing my clothes on Jimin made me feel overwhelmed with a sort of warm, mushy feeling. I wanted him to wear my clothes all the time…Once I realised how long I’d been staring down at Jimin I quickly diverted my gaze feeling my cheeks burn up a little. “…So…you ready?” I choked looking back to Jimin who just nodded whilst chewing on his bottom lip nervously. I crouched down a little to reach his level and placed my hand on his shoulder. “Hey it’s ok…I won’t leave your side, I promise” I reassured and he looked up at me with a bewildered expression, before letting out a small smile, which made me melt a little inside.
I started to walk out Jimin following shortly behind me. I grabbed my phone and keys before exiting the house. I looked back to make sure Jimin was still there, but he wasn’t behind me, instead he was stood on the doorstep staring right past me. I turned around to see what was so distracting and then I saw someone from my class that I’d never really spoken to heading my way.

“Hey Jungkook!” He called out finally reaching me with a dorky kind of smile. He was quite tall with dirty blonde hair. I did recognise him a little, but I wasn’t quite sure at the time where from.

“Hello..?” I replied a little confused as to why he was trying to make conversation.

“Ah I suppose you don’t know who I am. I’m from your class. Taehyung” He explained and I tilted my head a little as I remembered seeing his face a few times.

“Oh right…umm hi” I answered back a little unsure what else to say.

“I noticed you weren’t in class this morning, so I came to give you some notes” Taehyung answered whilst handing me a plastic wallet filled with a few papers.

“Oh umm thanks…” I gratefully took them with a small bow, then I noticed him looking behind me a little with a soft expression. I turned around to see Jimin hiding behind the car, peaking round every now and then. “Jiminie…?” I called out in a gentle tone, but he just shook his head before hiding behind the car again.

“Who’s that?” Taehyung asked curiously.

“Just somebody I took in last night. Taemin brought him over to mine. He was found wandering the campus…” I found myself answering his question which had me a little confused because I barely even knew him.

“You took him in?!” Taehyung questioned with wide eyes.

“Yeah…uhhh why are you asking?” I retorted a little crossing my arms.

“It’s just that you seem so quiet in lesson…you’re always alone too…I didn’t expect someone like you to take in a random stranger that’s all…” He continued and I turned to look back at Jimin.

“Now you mention it…yeah…I don’t even know why I took him in…” I admitted whilst looking at the top of Jimin’s blonde hair, which could just be seen above the car. “Anyway, thanks for the notes, but I have to be somewhere” I quickly snapped out of my trance turning back to Taehyung.

“Right yes…wait are you not going to next lesson?” Taehyung asked and I shook my head.

“Nope. I’m busy.” I answered bluntly.

“Oh…ok. Well have fun with whatever you’re doing…” Taehyung smiled a little before looking back to Jimin. He shook his head quickly and then turned away. I watched him suspiciously as he walked further and further away. Something about him felt a little odd. Like how did he know my name? How did he know my house number? And how did he even know to look for me in class…?
I shook the questions out of my head before turning back to Jimin who would not move from behind the car. “Jiminie, it’s ok…he’s gone now” I smiled charmingly and he came out from behind the car looking around a little skittishly. “You do know that there will be more people once we reach the shopping centre?” I asked and he just looked down shuffling his feet. “Come on…let’s just get in the car” I sighed opening the door for him. He climbed into the passenger seat, before I closed his door and I made my way to my side. “Put your seatbelt on” I added before buckling myself in. I looked over to Jimin and when he had his seatbelt on I pulled out of the campus parking area and onto the road.
It was too silent and I didn’t really like it. Every now and then I would look over to Jimin and he would always be doing something that would make me feel a little uneasy and sweaty…it could be from him just intensely biting his lip or innocently messing with his fingers, it still made me feel a little hot. I put on the radio in hope to make the tension in the car a little less…what’s the word..? Sexual..? It certainly helped a little, but then I would get distracted by Jimin’s sweet voice singing along to the music on the radio. “Wow….you’re actually quite good…” I gasped as I continued to listen to his voice that rang like angels in my ears. He didn’t say anything he just continued to sing along and I swear he knew every single word of every song that was played.
It was nice to just listen to Jimin’s flowing voice. As he didn’t speak much this was the only way I could hear his voice…“You should sing more. I like it”

“T-thank you…Jungkook-Ah” Jimin spoke out and this caught me right off guard. He said my name and I wasn’t expecting that at all. It made me serve the car a little, but I quickly turned back on track and I just gulped.

“You said my name…” I said in an almost whisper, then Jimin just nodded back with a doe-eyed expression. “Say it again?” I asked with a gulp.

“Jungkook-Ah…” He repeated and my whole body tensed up as the sound of my name rolled off his tongue, but then I realised something…

“Jungkook-Ah? Shouldn’t it be Jungkook-Hyung?” I asked with a small smirk seeing how far I could go, but Jimin just simply shook his head and as I pulled into the parking lot I turned to face him with a small frown. “I am older then you Jiminie” I stated.

“Jungkook-Ah is 19?” Jimin asked not even making eye contact with me.

“Yes that’s correct” I answered.

“Jiminie is 21” He admitted and my eyes grew in size as I stared down at the blonde boy in my car not believing him at all.

“You’re older than me?!” My voice cracked a little as I was so shocked.

“Mhm!” Jimin replied smiling up at me.

“…how can someone so small, cute and innocent be older then me…?” I spoke out loud and as soon as the words came out from my mouth I instantly wanted to hit myself. I never meant to say any of that out loud, but it was too late to take it back…

“Jungkook-Ah thinks…thinks I’m…small?!” Jimin looked up with sad eyes and I just chuckled to myself. The fact that he pulled out the small from my sentence was the funny thing…

“I thought you knew you were small” I continued to chuckle, and I saw Jimin’s brows turn into a frown. “I’m only messing…” I lightly hit Jimin on the arm and he quickly flinched away with a small ‘ow’ “Jimin did I hurt you?” I asked with concern evident in my expression and tone. I moved my face a little closer to him in hope to see where I hurt him…

“Fooled you!” Jimin then hit my cheek with his small hand lightly as he giggled softly and my mouth just hung open. I couldn’t believe that only this morning this boy was completely lost and depressed, and now he was giggling and messing around…I just didn’t understand how he could change from one thing to another…but at any rate I just stared at his smiling face and I felt a sense of security and warmth inside me. I was happy to see him smile, I was happy to hear him laugh, and that only made him seem more precious…

[It really JungShook me when I saw how many people liked and reblogged my last chapter. It may not seem a lot, but for something I have written myself to get that many made me so happy! So thank you all! I really appreciate it and I’ll keep writing more and more for you all! ❤️]

prayer request for one of my lil kids at placement. Today was my last day there with him and there isn’t technically anything wrong but he was pretty attached to me and kinda struggles to even have interest in making friends? Basically he’s super sweet but I really want him to have fun with the other kids and make friends! (Obvs I encouraged this while there and he actually did a decent job of playing with everyone today I was so proud! But now it’s all in the hands of others and all I can do is pray a bit) yeah so yeah. That is all.

One of the hardest parts after the end of any relationship is feeling all the missed opportunities.

The weather was beautiful today. I so wanted to be outside, to experience it with someone. And I knew that if we still talked, I could’ve hit him up and he’d have been down to go to our lake, climb up onto the ledge, and look out at the water like we used to over the summer. It was always so breathtaking, and no matter how complicated things may have been between us at the time, when we were there, it was like the wind swept that all always from us. And for a while, it was just us.

I don’t want to go back to him. But I miss that feeling. I miss feeling so free, so peaceful.

I love when some of the students (bear in mind I seldom teach here) come into the office to chat with me
I think it’s because I am not the regular teacher so I am in that weird group of ppl you see at schools like the janitor or the IT guy, that the kids rlly wanna chat to

today was a highlight as one boy wanted to arm wrestle to show off his muscles, and when I beat him they kept bringing stronger and stronger boys to challenge me, all in good fun
it’s really weird that I’m now, that guy

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#anyway when will he choke me with his cravat - tell me about your choking kink (this is not your twin)

i mean i just have a magnus bane kink in general but my favorite part about his outfits is truly all the fussy accessories you can pick and pull at like all the tassels and chains and scarves. i am not ashamed to say i want him to choke me out with one of them like really what a way to go and anyone who denies it is lying.

but also i would like to get punched in the face with all of his rings so there’s that too

@happilyshanghaied @i-have-zero-chill I’m pretty sure about that too, if they’re indeed going down that road. But to this day I can’t help feeling, literally, physically sick when I even think about that Hogface Catastrophe™, I haven’t rewatched that infernal episode again, not do I plan to. I wanted to Hulk-smash my laptop and scream after seeing that shit.

Which is why this’ll hurt more. I KNOW that that Fitz isn’t real, that he’s probably never even known Jemma there (so it’s not cheating or anything), that that ‘relationship’ is utterly fake (if there is one), that the plot rests on Jemma’s getting him back (look around look around how lucky we are to be alive right now), and that we don’t have to worry at all about True Love™ prevailing, but that doesn’t mean seeing Fitz canoodling with somebody not Jemma wouldn’t make me want to hurl. This would make another kind of love triangle, and I don’t wanna go through that hell EVER again (unfortunately I will, if not in this show, in some 20 other ones. *Kilgrave voice* I do watch television!).

I’m not freaking out, I’m just weary. I don’t want to SEE.

I’m not worried; there’s a high chance of them actually writing it, but it’d make an agonising (not in a good way) watch - one part that I’m SO not looking forward to of the super-promising arc. Like the pillar of the fandom, agl03, said: there are far more interesting stories to tell than throwing a rando gf in the mix.