i wanted a spin off show


I’d much rather see them live to the end and THEN get together, rather than see them kiss just to have one of them get killed. 

Basically, I just want to keep Melissa and Norman together on my TV screen for as long as possible. 

I’m cool with there being a spin off series of the two of them after the apocalypse, when a cure has been found and society slowly starts getting back to what it was. 

That would be cool. 

Maybe it could even be a AMC comedy series. 

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bucky tell us a story about darcy

darcy lewis goes drinking with thor.

that alone should be enough to send your imaginations spinning off to wild places, but that, my friends, is only where our story begins.
it is also something you should know, just in general, in case you happen to encounter darcy lewis.
she’s tazed a god twice, and she goes drinking with thor. on a regular basis.
the first time thor wanted to go drinking after i showed up, lewis was there too. and naturally, if thor was going out so was she. neither of them knew us newbie avengers well yet, but being sociable sort of people, they invited us to tag along. scott immediately agreed, but sam was caught up doing some beta testing in the labs with tony, and said he would catch up when they were done.
so darcy, thor, scott and i went out drinking.
fun fact about thor: it takes him approximately one million alcohols to get drunk, but once he’s there, he likes to sing. preferably epic ballads of victory in battle, but he’s pretty much game for any catchy song that will get a bar excited. that being the case, lewis and thor’s go-to midgardian bar is a karaoke joint.
im sure you begin to see where things are going wrong.
fun fact about darcy lewis? she can also hold her alcohol, but cannot carry at tune. like. at all.
that doesnt stop her from singing, mind you. gotta respect a lady who knows shes terrible but enjoys herself anyway.
scott apparently loves karaoke. i dont know why that surprised me, but it did. even more surprising? hes not actually that bad, although like 90% of his song choices were bruce springsteen. no clue why. anyway, thor was delighted by having a buddy who was not only willing but able to sing with him, and after scott got over his star-struck-ness they had a pretty great time.
it was a good thing that thor and lewis went to that bar on the regular, because im sure any place that hadnt been prepared for them would have kicked all of us out. as it was, they finally booted us out the door after a rousing rendition of ‘wrecking ball’ had most of the bar on their feet. and broke two tables.
(thor apparently settles his tab there in asgardian gold, so no hard feelings from the bartenders.)
the night was young and all of us had enough booze in our systems that we decided to catch a cab back to the tower and see if we could rope anyone else into some shennanigans. thor was buzzed at least, which for thor means his voice is even boomier and his gestures are more expansive–you gotta be ready to duck. scott was drunk, no question about it, and that was probably why theyd wound up singing wrecking ball in the first place. scott’s a cheerful if floppy, “ i love you, i love all of you guys, i love everyone in this bar ” kind of drunk, and was mostly travelling by merit of being wrapped around thors bicep. i was a little buzzed myself, and lewis had had nearly as much as i did. remarkably, she seemed to be chugging along pretty well, some weaving and slurring aside. the lady lives up to her god-tazing reputation.
anyway, we got out of the cab at the tower and started making our way to the doors. scott had partially detached from thors arm and needed extra support, so i was helping keep him from capsizing while lewis trailed a few steps behind the three of us, making color commentary of our three stooges act.
and then out of nowhere, she just…yelled.
all three of us whipped around as quickly as three drunk superpeople can, just in time to see darcy lewis dish out what looked to be a pretty dang textbook perfect roundhouse kick to the chest of some poor guy.
the guy went down. lewis went down too, because the kick had totally overbalanced her. thor and i dropped scott and ran over to help.
which was when sam sat up and said ‘that was a hell of a kick’
because apparently hed finished up his testing and gone out to catch up with us, made it partway down the block to call a cab, then saw us getting out of our taxi. he jogged back–not being particularly stealthy, but we were drunk–and put his hand on lewis’s shoulder to get her attention.
lewis, having pretty poor vision even sober, and worse vision when drunk and without her glasses, just saw some big male figure who’d popped up out of nowhere and grabbed her by the shoulder.
so naturally she kicked him in the chest.
she apologized profusely, but the rest of us thought it was pretty funny. and sam was impressed the next morning when he discovered that she’d left a visible footprint on his chest.
darcy insists she has no idea why she did it. or where she learned to kick like that.
the rest of us have just chalked it up to mysterious darcy lewis powers.

I really want Magnus Bane to get his own spin off series.

He is seriously the most interesting character, and has so much back story. I want a show that solely focuses on him.

I want flashback episodes, and into the future episodes where he is happy with Alec.

I want to see his relationship with other downworlders and fellow warlocks such as Catarina and Ragnor (they could totally bring him back)

I just need more Magnus in my life cause im greedy af and shadowhunters isn’t providing enough of my fav

I’m relatively open to all kinds of ideas and theories, the’re a lot of fun to talk about and mess around with. 

But there are just some i just can’t accept, and i think it’s harder to accept, when they were created on little fact…and seem to only exist to put down. character or ship.

I love tom, but i can respect it if someone just simply doesn’t like him.

He’s flawed, every character is, which is a good thing, he’s going to screw up…nobody is perfect…

But abusive? 

Abusive is a strong thing to call somebody, if you’re referring to someone as being abusive you are referring to someone who can cause physical and/ or mental damage to someone…and who doesn’t care about the victim’s feelings and /or well-being.

That’s a pretty hard accusation to place on Tom, especially when he’s still a character with much mystery behind him.

I wouldn’t be nearly as bothered by it, however, if the fandom didn’t treat this as more of a FACT sometimes…and not an headcanon.

You can’t use a headcanon as a reason to hate Tom, or hate any ship he’s apart of.

A headcanon is a theory or idea of something that may happen, or could happen…..it’s nothing that’s confirmed yet.

Unless Tom is proven to be abusive on this show, he’s not.

And it’s a hard claim to stake, because it really doesn’t make a lot of sense considering his character and his relationships.

But Star-!

Star is one of the biggest reasons i don’t buy this idea.

all of her actions towards Tom are not the ones of a victim of abuse. She’s not really afraid of Tom, has no problem saying no to him, and frankly doesn’t really seem to hate him despite everything.

And if Tom DID abuse her, that doesn’t add up and instead raises more questions like:

  • Why did Star accept Tom’s invite so easily in BMB? And leave so willingly in this and the original storyboard?
  • Why is Star so forgiving towards Tom?
  • Why does she still have his number?
  • Why is she perfectly fine with Tom and Marco hanging out together?
  • Why would she egg Marco on to hang out with Tom?
  • Why does her reaction to him inviting her in BMB sound more annoyed then angry and aggressive if he hurt her?

Look, i don’t know for sure about what happened with their relationship, but this is not how an abuse survivor treats their abuser.

Star would want nothing to do with him, wouldn’t let Marco ever hang out with him, wouldn’t willingly go anywhere with him anymore, and would treat him a lot more coldly.

But he’s mean!! He’s hurt star and Marco-!

Here’s the thing about abusers, they don’t realize (Or Care) about how they treat the victim. 

This is literally the opposite of Tom’s entire character.

When Tom hurts people, he genuinely looks hurt and ashamed of himself.

When he gets scolded, he looks as if he’s about to cry.

Making others sad and/or upset isn’t something he takes pride in and he has no problem taking the blame when he screws up.

He genuinely apologizes, this is not something an abuser would do.

Tom’s character revolves around him trying to improve upon himself, he goes through the effort to become a better person and tried to fix something he knows is causing so much trouble, You can’t simply pretend these efforts mean nothing when they’re such a big part of his character.

Tom’s flawed, sure, but so are Marco and Star.

And between the three of them, Tom tries the hardest to change for the good of himself and everyone around him.

There’s also the matter that out of everyone on this show, Tom gets this label despite him never harming anyone on this show.

The most damage he’s done to anyone so far is hit Marco with some ping pong balls, that’s not exactly the worst Marco’s encountered compared to what Star has put him through.

Sure he attempted to attack Marco during BMB, but considering that fight never happened….we’ll never know what Tom could’ve ended up doing or if he even would’ve gone through with it.

The guy kinda lost everything that night, his anger was building all night and this was what broke the camel’s back.

It’s probably harder to handle this kinda thing when your emotions link to your powers.

He didn’t even hurt Marco in “Friend-enemies” when he got upset, and the position he chose to “Attack” him with doesn’t look too effective considering it looks more like Tom’s going in for a kiss.

(( No seriously, who attacks people in this kinda position?))

But in “Mr Candle Cares”… he said he was gonna destroy Marco!!!

Yeah, but did he? He and Marco played 58 games, despite the fact that they only needed to play one to decide Marco’s fate and Tom never told him to stop starting these new games.

Honestly is anyone really sure Tom would’ve “Destroyed” Marco? 

It looks more to me like he’s all talk in that scene, upset Marco discovered his plan and is trying not to panic about what he’s gonna do about it.

Cause he can’t let Marco leave and tell Star, but now he doesn’t know what to do with him.

When he thought they kissed the worst he did to Marco was spin him and get him wet.

B-But he wanted to do a battle to the death!

Ok, for one, i think that has much more to do with Tom’s violent culture, and less to do with him being abusive. It’s probably how the underworld settles deputes normally, and considering Tom’s species seems to have a harder time being killed off….it’s probably less of a big deal to them.

Tom wasn’t raised in exactly the most comfortable and understanding universes the show has presented.

So Far Tom’s been about as dangerous as a kitten. Star’s done worse damage to other’s then him.

Heck i’m sure the water fountain at the school has harmed more people then Tom at this point.

but one of the last things that needs to be said about this and why this doesn’t work is that if Tom was meant to be this awful, unforgiving, harmful person….why try and make him sympathetic?

The crew actually loves Tom, and if you’ve been around to their blogs it’s very common to find the crew’s draws of Tom…sometimes by himself, but other times with Marco and Star.

It’s clear the crew likes him, and they constantly put him in a position where he’s friends with Marco and Star.

If Tom is meant to be this horrible abusive person? Then why give him sympathy? Why allow him to have anything to do with Marco or Star?

If you’re going to portray an abusive relationship, one of the last things you want to do is make the abuser sympathetic.

Especially on a show like this one that’s meant for kids.

If you wanted to make Tom abusive, why not keep his old evil design? That would fit more with that idea, not this version.

You can interpret the characters how you want but saying that this is canon, and putting people’s ships down because of this claim that has no real good evidence to it….that doesn’t work.

It comes off more like the fandom wanted an excuse to hate Tom, and find ways to put down other’s for their ships.

And considering Jackie gets worse treatment then Tom, despite doing nothing wrong…that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Tom’s a mystery, there’s a lot we still need to know about him. But i don’t believe this abusive version of him was what the show was intending to create.

Untill there is more evidence then “ Tom’s done bad things”, (something that all people do), this is just a headcanon that isn’t very likely to be true at all.

And it really needs to die because it’s not doing any favors for this fandom at all by taking a character whose most relatable to victims of abuse, and labeling him worse then the show’s intentions.


translated by @maksisskambackwards and @linneaxskam and me :) 

Host: Hi.  How is it to be Carl Martin and not Eskild?

Carl Martin: The answer to that is that I’ve been Carl Martin my whole life so that’s not a problem at all.

Host: You’re nailing this.

Carl Martin: I’m nailing it.

Host: Fuck (fadern is not as bad as fuck tho, so like a soft fuck), we’re gonna miss Eskild.

CM: Yes, me too.

Host: What’s your hope and dreams for Eskild?

CM: I hope he dies now with Skam and gets a future in the fan’s fantasy. I think that Eskild should get to rest in peace as the guru he is.

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Forever And Almost Always - Part 1

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 2 Series Playlist

Summary: Series: Bucky is the ex you keep going back to, but what happens when one of you is interested in more than just the rebound? Chapter: You run into your ex and the pull is instant and all too familiar.

Warnings: swearing, implied smut (nothing explicit included)

Word Count: 1313

Author’s Note: Ok! Here we go! I’m kind of excited about this series. It’s been in my head for months, but trapped there through all the craziness in my life right now, but I think I’m well enough ahead to start posting. Fingers crossed I don’t get behind. :)

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Leaning forward, arching over the sleek glass bar top and spinning the credit card in your fingers, you waited impatiently for your drinks. You were more than ready for another. Another 3, if you were honest. These kinds of parties were never your scene. At first they were exciting, sure, but pretty soon they all started to look the same and you started to feel the same restless boredom tugging at the corner of every conversation, every polished smile.

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The Story Of A Girl Who Has A Crush On A Cute Cashier

“It’s okay, you can do this, talk to her. She’s just a girl. Just a gal. Like you. There’s nothing weird about this. She’s human, you’re human. Everything should be fine.” I whispered to myself until I noticed what I was doing and stopped. I approached the front desk and looked at the cute cashier.

I only gave her a glance but it was enough to see what I wanted to see. I saw her beautiful neon blue hair, her adorable freckles and her pink eyes. I saw the little chub to her cheeks and I saw the smirk on her face as she played a game on her phone while waiting for customers. I saw enough to know I was in love.

“Hello.” I said, and my voice cracked. I fucked up. I fucked up so bad. I put down my things on the counter and remained quiet.

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*whispering* lance circus auuuuuuuuuuuu *naruto-runs away*

Girl. GUUUURL i am living. I could probably make this a huge fix of it’s own too, but i won’t cuz I’m very sick. haha. Ok!

“Oh no,” Hunk blots off the white paint that has spotted his bright orange clown pants. His trailer smells like an odd combination of makeup and fresh bread. 

“There’s no way in hell you’re using me as your sacrifice.” Hunk cries with more determination.

“Aw c’mon Hunk! You’re always being shot out of a cannon or something! How is this more dangerous?” Keith whines. His throwing knives jangle in his back pocket.

“Um, well for one thing…. it’s not a real cannon. It’s one I designed and built so I know exactly how much firepower it has and the risk that’s involved.” He sets down his pants. “And like, the whole joke is that I DON’T get shot out! There’s no risk.”

“We also go through our equipment before every show for safety checks.” Pidge chimes in from her dark corner of the trailer. He hair is still sprayed in crazy directions from their last performance, but she’s removed her makeup. There are still traces of red around her mouth. 

“And Hunk even reduced the sugar content in his pies because they were stinging his eyes a bit too much.”

Hunk nods to confirm. Keith rolls his eyes and groans.

“I’m desperate here guys. I really need a new partner. Thace just called and said the doctors won’t sign off on him touring.” Keith had gotten the call just hours before. Thace had been his mentor and partner for all of their tours, but in recent years he had taken more of a back seat. He would participate less in the throwing aspect, and now just enjoyed spinning on boards blindfolded while Keith threw knives at him. Only the circus performers could tell that he was secretly napping under that blindfold. 

But Thace was getting older. He would joke that Keith should find some “pretty young thing” to replace him, but Keith enjoyed working on their act together. he liked the close bond and comradery that they shared and thought he could get at least three more tours out of him. Unfortunately Thace’s heart had other plans. 

“Pidge?” Keith asks. She snorts.

“Honestly, it’s not very impressive if you miss me. I’m such a small target. Not very entertaining.”

“That’s true.” Keith sighs. She definitely had a point.

“You could try Lance?” She asks. On the outside it’s an innocent enough question. Lance was their star trapeze and high wire artist. He was athletic, looked good in a leotard, and used to the adrenaline that came from circus work. Logically he’d be a perfect fit.

But Keith sees that knowing smirk on Pidge’s lips. He walks out of their trailer with a huff.

“Forget it.”

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You’ve been overloaded with work and have been quite distant with Yoongi lately…

Genre: Smut

Word count: 2.5k

It was another boring day at the office and you could feel your blood vessels folding with the amount of silence that filled the room for the past hour. You were carefully yet eagerly watching the hour hand on the clock to turn 6 and as soon as it did, you didn’t think twice to announce your goodbyes and leave the damned place. Although it was a boring day, you still had tons of work to do when you got home. You had to fill in patient forms, discharge forms and even write out 9 patient evaluations. But at least you had someone to go home to, to help you take your mind off of some things.

The stench of disinfectant wafted through the hospital, and as you were walking you felt your butt buzzing. You reached for your phone and pressed the home button as you were taking it out of your pocket.

Ugh. Now I won’t even have him to keep me occupied you thought. You wanted to reply to him but you were sick and tired of him coming late home every day. You stared at the screen for a second but then realised its better if you just left it. He’d know you had read it and he’d know you’re pissed.


You reached your front door after the cab had dropped you off and were searching for your keys in the midst of all your folders and paperwork, when you felt someones hand on your shoulder. You immediately knew who it was and pressed your tongue against your cheek to stop yourself from saying anything.

‘Hey…It was only a joke. I wanted to see what your reaction was’

‘Well, well done, you got a reaction’ you replied while finally finding your house keys. You opened the front door and stepped in. You took your shoes off and slipped your slippers on. He silently followed you behind to the kitchen.

‘Not replying to my text is barely a reaction babe’

‘Look, I’m really not in the mood right now. I’ve got shit tons of paperwork to finish and I haven’t even finished filing up half the forms. Why don’t you go and play your videogames for a bit and I’ll see you in bed’

‘Well maybe I don’t want to go and play games. Maybe I want to join YOU in bed. You’ve been really distant with me recently. And it’s because of this damn job’ he sighed

‘Well at least now you know how I felt when you were away on tour’ and you immediately regretted mentioning that. You both know how tiring the tour was for both of you. It was really testing the limits in your relationship as the only concert where you were able to see him was the Tokyo one where you flew out for 2 days.

‘Oi, that’s not something that I could control’

You ignored him and walked over to the fridge. You could feel his eyes watching you in anger and you again found yourself with your tongue pressed against your cheek. As soon as you went to open the fridge door, you felt his hand and he immediately swivelled you around and pushed you lightly against the fridge. Both of his hands were above your head and he gazed into your eyes, intensely. He lifted one hand off of the fridge and he placed it on your hip.

‘I’m hungry’ he grunted

‘I-I was just making us some dinner’ you were startled by his touch. You blinked rapidly and he noticed straight away. You didn’t want to give in just yet, so you composed yourself immediately and ducked under his arm and walked towards the living room. ‘We’ll just order takeaway then’ you said, half smirking as you walked away knowing you dented his ego a bit. Yoongi was always the type of person to get what he wanted. Even with his past relationships, they’d never say no to his wants. It was probably his eyes or the way he spoke. Those deep, dark, brown eyes that looked like anyone else’s brown eyes, but once you took a careful look at it, you’d get lost in it forever.

You heard Yoongi sigh deeply in the backround and again he started following you but this time he took loud stomps, making sure you knew that you’d pissed him off.

You slouched yourself onto the sofa and grabbed your phone to call the local kebab shop to order yourself some chicken and chips and, of course for Yoongi, kebabs on sticks and chips. He placed himself next to you and slid your legs over his. You were wearing a pencil skirt that was fairly tight around your thighs, but that didn’t stop him from sliding them up a bit, as though he was trying to tease you. The kebab shop picked up, ’Yes…Hello. I’d like to order 2 pieces of chicken and chips for one please-‘ when you suddenly felt his fingers making his way up your thigh. You took a sharp inhale of breathe and quickly collected yourself and immediately carried on your order while looking at him in surprise ‘sorry and uhm…2 kebabs on sticks with medium sized portioned chips please.’

You then heard him whisper ‘make that a large portion of chips, we’re gonna be burning a lot of calories off later anyways’ you playfully slapped his hand, gave the address and thanked the man on the phone and set your phone down to the side.

You and Yoongi had previously been ‘friends-with-benefits’ and unfortunately it ended with both of you catching immense feelings for one and other. You remember he confessed it to you behind their company building after rehearsals when you went over for a casual fuck in his car.

While the TV was playing in the backround, you could feel his cold fingers sliding, once again, up your thighs and as your skirt was being pulled upwards, your skin was being revealed more and more. He leaned in towards your ear and whispered ‘I’m sick and tired of these games. You will NOT protest today. And you will NOT say no to whatever I say. Comprende?’ You felt your tongue against your lips, licking it gently. You couldn’t help yourself but let out a shaky exhale. He tightened his grip a bit on your thigh and that sent a jerk of sensation throughout your body. ‘Understand?’ You loved it when he took charge. ‘I understand,’ you said….shakily.

And slowly he lifted your skirt up even more until he was left with just your knickers to overcome. You could already sense that he was a bit horny as you saw a tent in his pants that you knew he wanted to get rid of.

‘Ah, we can’t do this here. It would be much more comfortable if we went upstairs’ And immediately he swung you onto his lap and stood up. Your legs gripped onto his waist tightly and as he kissed your neck, you let out a small moan. At the moment, you two lived in an apartment so you didn’t have stairs to get to your room, so the trip there was much easier. As soon as you two reached your bedroom, he half chucked, half put you down onto the bed. You couldn’t resist biting your lips and the thought of seeing his beautifully sculpted body sent your head into a happy spin. You felt the room suddenly go warm when you saw him unbuckling his belt. He threw it onto the floor and let out a quiet growl.

‘You’ve been really distant with me lately, and you know how much I despise distance’ and as soon as he said that, he climbed onto you and started to slide your skirt and knickers off at the same time. He stared in awe at your amazing body. Your pussy on show for him and nothing could stop the both of you getting the release you wanted.

‘Lets start off with something simple’ and he delved right in with no hesitation, and dug his tongue straight in and started swirling it in circles. Your legs were around him, but they felt so weak. He had his fingers around your entrance, slowly playing with your skin. ‘Mmh, someone’s tasty tonight’ you felt his wet tongue drawing circles and other shapes inside of you and couldn’t wait to feel even more release knowing what was yet to come.

‘Ah…Daddy’ you moaned, as it was the only thing that wanted to leave your mouth.

‘Do you want me to stop…baby girl?’

You immediately shook your head. He smirked, and carried on tongue fucking you. His fingers were also pressing against your folds and your whole body started to give up as the sensation was taking over. You really couldn’t take it anymore, and he sensed it straight away. He got up from his position and wiped his mouth in a cocky sense.

He licked his lips and started to make his way closer to your face. Closer to his lips being on yours. And seconds later, you felt his smooth, soft lips taking its place upon yours and he instantly slipped his tongue into your mouth. Boy, he knew how to work that tongue. Wherever it went it took its electrifying sensation with it. You could feel it swirling around and it sent you into a deep heat. While he was sending you into paradise with his tingling tongue, he quickly, but smoothly, slid off his boxers, and as he did so you felt his lips leave yours and he laid next to you, only to pull you on top of him and onto his dick.  You were so ready to put his dick inside of you, to feel his big thick cock erect inside of you, but this is not what he wanted. Not yet anyways. You went to reach for his cock, but he grabbed your hands and put them on top of his head. There was no doubt that he could feel your wet pussy on his cock. You placed yourself ontop of him comfortably and he put his hands on your waist. You started rocking yourself against it and he let out a gentle moan. ‘Fuck Y/N…’ he had his hungry eyes fixated onto you. You were so ready to feel him inside of you but you know he wasn’t going to let you have that just yet. Your pussy was getting really wet and there was no way that Yoongi wasn’t feeling that. ‘Oh my goodness’ you groaned as you bit onto your lip, to suppress anything louder coming out. He lifted one hand off of your waist that was helping you glide on his cock and reached into your pussy to help you cum even quicker.

‘mmh…fuck’ was all you could let out and you could feel the muscles in your thighs both tightening but shaking at this same time. He swirled two fingers inside and you never knew you could feel this type of sensation without his dick in you, until now. Yoongi had previously slept with tons of girls, so he knew what he was doing.

Yoongi’s eyes were still fixated on you as you were rocking back and forth across his dick and you could feel your entrance tightening before anything really started. ‘Fuck me, you are really are good’ he mumbled. He shut his eyes for a second and sucked in and bit down on his bottom lip as he did so. He felt your pre cum inside your pussy, ‘I’m gonna cum soon’ you mumbled.

‘Not yet, not until I say so’ You loved this dominant side of him. It always turned you on. You always try to hide the fact that it turns you on, but right now, you couldn’t give a fuck if he knows that him being dominant contributes towards you being turned on.

But now you couldn’t take it anymore, you slowly took his fingers out of you and slid his cock inside your pussy. Watching his cock slowly making its way in you sent Yoongi into overdrive and even he let out a groan that resembled an animal. You slowly let your hips thrust back and forth and as you were working up a sweat, you took your hands off of the bed and started unbuttoning your shirt. You maintained eye contact with him the entire time, and just as your breasts were revealed he could see them bouncing and he wanted to suck on them straight away. Mid way of unbuttoning your shirt, he pulled you in closer and started biting onto your neck. He was groaning like fuck and the blood in your body rushed to your head. You were so close to cumming, all you needed was the command and you’d know you’d let go as soon as.

‘How close,’  he half whispered, half groaned.

‘Soo fucking close’ you whimpered under your breath. You looked weak to him but you couldn’t care less.

But then, he flipped you onto the bed, so now he was on top of you while you were underneath. And he set the pace…to wild. Rocking in and out of you in a fast pace, made your walls tighten around his wet cock and he could instantly feel it. He knew what he was doing to you, but he was feeling the same sensation. He bucked his hips into yours and it really sent your head into a wild daze. He finally reached your g-spot and you let out an orgasm that really told him he did his job. You dug your nails into his shoulders and you both let out an orgasm simultaneously while he still rocked his hips back and forth past your g spot. And as soon as the thrusts got harder and harder, Yoongi finally let you to release.

‘Let it go…’ and as soon as he said so, you could feel all your juices flowing and his cock getting even wetter.

‘Mmmh, that’s the way I like it baby…’ he grunted. You tilted your head backwards a bit into the pillow and the whole world felt like it was tilting in the wrong way. You both finally got your release…when suddenly…*DING DONG*

‘Shit the food,’ You whispered, as though the delivery man could hear you.

He chuckled and replied, ‘don’t you worry, I’ll go get it. You’re too wet to even get off the bed right now. If you went in front of the delivery man, he’d definitely know what’s up’

‘Well something was definitely up tonight’ and you hinted towards his dick that had finally settled.

‘Huh! Well hopefully, some of that hospital stress is off your shoulders now. Maybe if you go wash yourself off, after dinner, we could play with the left over mint sauce.’

You both chuckled and as he grabbed his gown off the dressing table chair, you admired his beautiful body and all you could think was ‘Fuck, that’s all mine.’ 

My Boys

You run into the living room, rushing around hurriedly and grabbing your things. 

“What’s the rush, Y/N?” John asks from his place on the couch. 

“I’m going to be late,” you reply simply, racing to the kitchen to grab your purse, which you had left on the table yesterday night. 

“For what?” Sherlock drawls, lounging lazily on his chair in his robe. 

“My date,” you blurt out, not even thinking about the repercussions of your words. 

There is a stunned silence in the flat for a few moments, both of them staring at you in shock, but you don’t notice because you’re flying about, trying to get everything together in time. 

“Hold on, what?” John asks, standing up. “A date?”

“With who exactly?” Sherlock demands, leaping up and walking over to you in three long strides. He grips your arms tightly, forcing you to stop and look at him.

“Er, Alex,” you answer distractedly. “He’s an old friend from uni.”

“Are you sure he’s alright?” Sherlock presses. “He won’t hurt you?”

You roll your eyes. “He’s an old friend,” you repeat. “It’ll be fine.”

“Positive?” Sherlock continues, his eyes searching yours. 

You smile at his protectiveness. “I can handle myself, Sherly. Anyways, I gotta go. I’ll see you guys later, yeah? Don’t wait up!” 

“Fat chance,” Sherlock grumbles as you race out the door. 

He turns to see John still staring at the space where you had occupied just two seconds ago, with a look of shock on his face. “What?” 

“She’s going on a date, John,” Sherlock says slowly. “I’m sure you know what that is; after all, you’ve gone on plenty yourself.”


Sherlock sighs, rolling his eyes, and collapses back on his chair. After a few long, drawn out moments, John slowly sits back down on the couch, muttering to himself about “stupid” and “hurt her” and “kill him”. 

Sherlock shakes his head slightly, privately agreeing with his friend’s sentiments. 

“You’ll be running back to me soon enough,” Alex predicts as you glare at him, the two of you standing in front of 221B after a disastrous date. Although you had been perfectly civil, Alex had done nothing but drop dirty jokes and sexual innuendos all throughout your conversation, until you had finally told him you had had enough and demanded to end the date early.

“Don’t hold your breath,” you snap. “Oh wait, actually, do hold your breath. You’ll be dead for an infinity number of years before I talk to you again.” 

“Wouldn’t bet on it,” Alex comments, and you feel your hand itch, wanting to smack that smug look off his face. 

“Oh, yes I would,” you hiss, before turning to go back into 221B. 

Suddenly he grabs your arm and spins you, pulling you back to him and pinning you against his car. He leans closer, his warm breath making you shiver in disgust. 

“Come on, darling,” he whispers. “Let me show you what you’re missing.”

You freeze, eyes widening as your brain flashes back to when you had seen Moriarty, how he had murmured that name of supposed affection exactly the same way. The way he had threatened everyone you loved… 

In an instinctive reaction, you bring your knee up into Alex’s groin, causing him to release you and double over in pain. Immediately you punch him in the face, hearing a satisfying crunch as you did so, then follow up with a kick that snaps his head back. 

You know a blow like that would cause the brain to slam into the front of the skull, so you aren’t surprised when he drops like a sack of potatoes, unconscious, his head hitting the ground with a harsh cracking sound.

You turn and run into your flat, hearing the door slam behind you as you run up the stairs. You burst into the room where Sherlock and John are both sitting, and they jump up immediately. 

“Y/N? What is it?” John asks, both he and Sherlock moving forward to stand in front of you. 

“The bloody idiot downstairs happened,” you hiss, shoving past them to collapse on the couch. 

“What did he do?” Sherlock demands, narrowing his eyes. 

“Tried to get me in bed,” you mutter, rolling your eyes. “Then pretty much tried to assault me. He’s unconscious outside right now… and might have a concussion. Not sure, and don’t really care.”

You rest your head on the couch and close your eyes. “Anyways, I’m exhausted,” you continue. “You mind if I crash here for the night? I don’t feel like going upstairs.”

“No problem,” John says casually. While your eyes are closed, Sherlock and John exchange a glance, then with unspoken agreement both head for the door. You can hear both him and Sherlock moving around, but you’re not sure what they’re doing, so you open your eyes, only to see them leaving the room. 

“Hey, where are you going?” you ask, straightening. 

The two of them stop and look back at you, and in perfect synchronization they both say, “Out.”

You furrow your brow in confusion, but nod slowly anyways. “Er, okay, I’ll wait up for you then?”

“If you want,” Sherlock mutters distractedly. 

You close your eyes again and slump back on the couch. 

When John and Sherlock exit the flat, Alex is just sitting up, groaning and rubbing his head. 

“Stupid chav,” he mutters, unaware that two of her best friends in the world are standing right behind him. 

In a flash Sherlock grabs him by the shirt and hauls him up, slamming him against the car parked behind him, which Sherlock knew was Alex’s. 

“Don’t call her that,” John barks angrily. “She’s a thousand times better than you’ll ever be.”

“Who the hell are you?” Alex asks, trying to sound tough. The effect is slightly ruined, however, by the quivering tone to his voice. 

“I’m John Watson,” John introduces, giving him a cold smirk that promises bad things ahead. “And this is Sherlock Holmes. You might’ve heard of us.”

Alex’s eyes widen. “Y- you’re friends with Y/N?” he stutters, even more frightened now. 

Sherlock plasters on a sickly sweet smile. “Flatmates, partners, best friends, associates. Take your pick.”

Now seriously terrified, Alex gulps, his mouth dry. “I- I didn’t know, she di- didn’t tell m-”

“Which is all the better, because now we know what you’re really like,” John interrupts. “And no one treats Y/N like that without getting hell from us.”

Alex opens his mouth, but Sherlock stops his next few words by rewarding him with a hard punch on the jaw, releasing him while he did so. Alex stumbles, clutching his face. 

“Dude, you two are crazy-” he begins to say, but John quickly proceeds to shut him up with another punch. 

A couple minutes later, Alex lies on the sidewalk, bruised and battered, while John and Sherlock stand beside him, looking down at him in disgust.

“Weak,” John spits, his old military self making an appearance as he glares at the man - no, boy - that had been so rude to you.  

“He didn’t even attempt to fight,” Sherlock notes distastefully.

“Or flee,” a voice says from behind them. Both Sherlock and John turn around in surprise, seeing you standing by the door, leaning on it and regarding them casually. 

“Y/N, h- how long have you been standing there?” John stammers nervously. 

“Long enough,” you answer, managing to keep a complete straight face despite how much you want to hug them for being so protective of you. 

“How much have you seen?” Sherlock questions, scrutinizing you carefully. 

Your calm expression breaks into a smirk. “Pretty much everything,” you laugh, bounding towards them and giving both of them a hug in turn. John returns it happily, while Sherlock just stands there stiffly until you release him. 

“You’re not mad?” John asks after you pull away. 

Your returning grin answers all his questions, but you say the words anyways. “Of course not. I can never stay mad at my boys, especially after all they’ve done for me.” 

Laughing, you turn and return to the flat, pausing at the door for a second. You turn your head and smile at them. “Don’t stay out too late.” 

Then the door closes and you’re out of sight. 

Sherlock looks over at John. “We are not ‘her boys’,” he argues defensively. 

John smirks at him. “Yes we are,” he chuckles. “Oh, yes we are.” 

Reggie x Reader: Did You Miss Me?

Warnings: none
Requested: yes

*your POV*

For the record, Reggie Mantle had broken up with me 2 months ago, but for him it’s only been a month. For the first month after the break up he constantly called me and provoked me. He wanted me back, he didn’t want to believe that we were over. But we were and there was nothing he could do. People drift apart but when it’s only one of you that feels it, your heart breaks for the other person. That’s how I felt about Reggie.

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Klaus x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Are you going to the party?” Rebekah asked as she knocked on your door and you mother let her in.

“Yes, that’s why I asked if you had any dresses.” You admitted shyly, hurrying to tug her upstairs and show her the few simple dresses you had.

“I have this one I think you might like.” She smiled and handed you one of the dresses, leaving to go back downstairs while you got changed.

“What do you think?” You asked, spinning into the room and coming to a stop in front of your mother and Rebekah who both smiled.

“Beautiful darling, are you and Rebekah going together?” She asked but the blond shook her head.

“I’m sorry, I have a family engagement but if you need a lift Klaus is heading towards the party… if you don’t mind meeting him a few blocks down the road?” She asked and smiled when you nodded.

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Midnight Blues

Summary: While your boyfriend is away on tour you find it hard to keep the relationship going. Do you call him in an attempt to fix what is left or do you wait until his return not knowing if your relationship will have survived?

Originally posted by thediebutterfly

Pairing: Bang Yongguk x Reader
Genre/warnings: Angst, fluff, a teensy bit suggestive
Words: 1.4K
Notes: Requested by the lovely anon!

Staring at the blank screen of your phone, you can’t stop the sinking feeling rising in your stomach. It had been three months since you last saw Yongguk and every day that passed seemed to drag on longer than the one before.

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When I die I want Marlene king to lower me into my casket so she can let me down one last time

Things I want to see in an Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-off movie:
  • Force Ghost Qui-Gon Jinn
  • lOTS of fLASHbacks
  • Satine references and/or flashbacks!
  • Young Luke being innocent af and reminding Ben of Anakin
  • Obi-Wan sort-of-accidentally using Anakin’s lightsaber along with his own in Jar’kai when fighting a bounty hunter or someone, and then being fucking horrified right after when he realizes what he did. (an excuse for me to see Ewan McGregor using two lightsabers)
  • Obi-Wan acknowledging and struggling to deal with the shit show that is his life (honestly they don’t address this enough in canon)
  • Flashbacks to Obi-Wan’s time as a padawan because there’s barely anything about that in canon
  • Flashbacks to Anakin’s time as a padawan between Episodes I and II
  • Clone Wars flashbacks (bonus points if it relates directly to the 2008 and/or the 2003 cartoon)
  • Obi-Wan crying and having flashbacks and/or nightmares and stuff.  A lot.
  • Obi-Wan better not leave Tatooine, or so help me…
  • Obi-Wan talking to Bail Organa over comm about Luke, and Bail talking about Leia.  Also Bail Organa talking about forming the Rebellion at some point in the future.
  • Obi-Wan talking to Yoda through the Force
  • Obi-Wan learning how to become a Force Ghost after death and becoming much more of a Jedi than before.  Because the Obi-Wan we see in Twin Suns and A New Hope is markedly different from the one we see in Revenge of the Sith, and it has to be because of his exile.
  • OBI-WAN FINDING OUT THAT DARTH VADER SURVIVED MUSTAFAR (this can be done in a flashback or something I guess)
  • Owen Lars being sort-of-an-asshole but Beru Lars being kind to Obi-Wan, even when he asks them to let him train Luke.  (They obviously say no).
Team Trophy Husband Jack

I honestly now want the fic where Jack might be an extremely successful hockey player, etc, but for the rest of the world who don’t follow NHL and sport news, he’s Eric Bittle’s trophy husband.

Eric Bittle, who has his own Cooking Show, a Baking Contest Reality TV spin off, a chain of bakeries expanding all over the country, a series of books, and is a guest editor in some cooking magazines.

He’s Beyonce’s go to guy for Blue Ivy’s birthday cakes.

So yeah, his husband married him for the money. Never mind that they are college sweethearts and they married before Bitty had his big break.

And Bitty married him for his good looks. I mean Jack looks like a model, has that amazing bod and booty and is pretty much silent anytime they are in front of the cameras, it is clear he’s the classic dumb jock stereotype.

Bitty always gets extremely offended by that, Jack thinks it’s hilarious. He might play it up sometimes just to get out of interviews.

Jack always endlessly amused that the paparazzi that follow them are there for Bitty. They don’t particularly care about Jack. Their photos appear in the magazines as “Eric Bittle and husband.”

Jack has managed his life long dream of achieving invisibility in the media by marrying somebody who overshadows him. It is everything he ever wanted. He brags about it to anybody who will listen.

Bitty remains annoyed.

Once they are home, after going to a premiere of something/red carpet event.

“You have won 3 Stanley Cups! One two weeks ago! Why don’t they ask you about that? They only asked you what you were wearing!”

“Hugo Boss” Jack says without missing a bit.

“You could try not to make it so easy for them.”

“Fall Collection.”

“You are enjoying this too much.”

“Besides Bitty, you ordered a Pumpkin Spice drink today and went to do your own grocery shopping, how could I compare to that?”

“Jack this isn’t funny! I’m proud of you and I want them to know that.”

“I’m proud of you too, I mean, look at you walking down the street with sunglasses on.”

“I hate you.”

“Oh look, you are cheating on me with Shitty, Ransom, and Chowder… oh, also with Lardo? Bitty, I could forgive the first three, but not Lardo!”

“That’s it, you cannot buy anymore tabloids.”

“But Bitty! This magazine says we are getting a divorce! If I hadn’t bought the magazine, I wouldn’t have known to start packing my bags. Also, I apparently didn’t sign any prenup, so you owe me a lot of money.”

“I might leave you for Lardo after all.”


Pokemon has many inspirations. We are going to look at Shinto Folklore and animism and how it has inspired many of our most beloved and despised little pokemon monsters.

Closed Captions  available

Transcript below 

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Pretty Girls, Protective Boys, and Alcohol || (Jungkook x Reader)

Pretty girls, protective boys, and alcohol don’t mix well together. A situation in which Sehun gets a little to close to (Y/N), and Jungkook isn’t going to let it slide. 

(Disclaimer: I love Sehun and EXO! He just made a good character for the story.)

Word Count: 2.5k

A huge awards show was coming up, where BTS was nominated for Artist of the Year and Album of the Year among other things. The group behind the awards show had decided to hold a party for all of the nominated artists, where they would be able to come together and celebrate. All of the boys were extremely excited for the nomination party, and Jungkook had been begging me to come with him. I had never really been around all of his idol friends in public, so I was hesitant about the invitation… but I wanted to support my boyfriend, so I joined him despite my worries.

The night started off wonderfully. I was wearing my favorite little black dress, upon Jungkook’s request (it was his favorite, too). The party venue was in a ballroom of a beautiful hotel in Seoul. Lights were strung from end to end, reflecting off of the marble walls. Exquisite food was displayed along the tables, accompanied by a bar with every form of alcohol imaginable; a benefit that everyone in attendance was taking advantage of.

I surveyed the room to find many familiar faces, and if I hadn’t seen these people before, I would’ve been totally star-struck. Of course, there was always GOT7; them and Bangtan were glued to each other at all times. In the center of the room were the boys of BigBang, who were joined by SNSD. They were all dancing wildly, as they probably didn’t feel super inclined to protect their image after their long careers. Off to the side were younger groups such as Blackpink, Twice, and Seventeen. They appeared to be keeping to themselves.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance when I spotted a certain group in one corner of the room. There gathered the entirety of EXO, surrounded by a bunch of girls that they probably didn’t know.

Bangtan and EXO were not friends.

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