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“I had a syringe put to my neck by a drug dealer in Dublin when I was about 16. 
I was buying hash in the wrong part of town — well, the right part of town for what I wanted, I suppose — and I hadn’t 
got my wits about me that day. I got jumped on, thrown into this f*cking rubbish chute with a big metal door, which immediately closed behind me and left just a crack of light coming through. And then 
a syringe was pressed to my throat, 
filled with what could have just been 
ketchup, but I wasn’t going to ask for 
the lab results. I’ll never forget that. That was very scary.” — Colin Farrell 

Dolly wrote “I Will Always Love You” in 1973 and big old bad Elvis loved the song so much (duh) he wanted to record a version of it. BUT part of that agreement included Dolly having to sign over her publishing rights on the song which she refused to do, so he never recorded it and she was told by many this was a very poor business decision. Well the song went on the make millions for her over the decades through royalties and when Whitney Houston wanted to cover it for The Bodyguard, Dolly gladly gifted the song over to her, because she knew Whitney would do it justice. It’s the only song in country music that has hit #1 two times by the same artist (1974, 1982) and then covered by a pop singer to hit #1 again twenty years later.

I really think Dolly is exemplary in trusting her gut and creative senses, which is something all artists can admire and hope to be as steadfast in doing. She rose to the top of an industry that was not friendly towards women, and was unapologetically the best version of herself. The song, though billed as a romantic love song, is actually about her decision to leave her performing and business partner, Porter Wagoner and pursue her own career. So the greatest love song of all time is actually about a woman deciding to chase her own dreams. It’s a love song to herself. Okay thank you goodnight, long live the Queen of Country Music!

“What can I call you?” - Kim Jongdae


Your voice echoed through the line. No sounds came out of the other line. It wasn’t a big deal, you had plenty of people hang up on you on this line. That was part of the job, being a sex operator and all. It was your job to turn on the customers and go along with every single little thing they wanted you to do. But there were customers that would call, and back out last minute. I guess it was kind of embarrassing to talk dirty through the phone.

You flipped over on your bed, looking at the time you had waited for a sound from the guy on the other line. 2 minutes. You had lost another customer, but at least you would get paid for the two minutes of static silence.

Just as you were about to hit the disconnect button, a soft voice came through the line. If you had had music on like usual you would have completely missed what he had said.

“Hello? Are you there?”

You settled yourself into the sheets around you. Now the breathing on the other side of the line was obvious and you could tell he was actually waiting on the phone. This was the part you hated, hearing the voice and trying to play a game inside of your head in how the mystery man in the other line looked like. But it was something you would never find out. Did it bother you? Yeah. But this was the easiest job you could even think of. And you enjoyed it fully.

“Yes hun. I’m here! I’m y/n! I heard from your voice message that your name is Jongdae. Is that correct?” You asked, trying not to sound too happy or compassionate. For some reason your head spun with the awkwardness that was on the line. Another minute passed before he answered.

“I’m sorry. I’m not alone right now. My roommates are down stairs..But yes, my name is Jongdae. Is there any chance we can make this quick?” You had to stop yourself from laughing at the desperate tone in the voice of the male on the other line. It wasn’t odd to hear but this was a new scenario for you. A male calling while his roommates were only a flight of stairs away. He did know this was a sex line right? That involved talking?

“The quickness depends on you, sweetie.” You said a hint of cockiness in your voice. You could hear his breath come out in a puff on the line and you could only assume that he was smiling. Which made a smile in turn come to your features.

“Then I guess it won’t be too quick.” He replied without hesitation making a chill shoot down your body. This is where your favorite part came in. Where the male on the line was obviously interested in it, but still in the getting there stage. You got to know a few things to help along the process.

Without bringing the phone away from your face, you reached down to play with the sensitive skin on your sides and neck. Trying to get yourself in the mood not only with the words from the male.

“Are you saying you last long, Jongdae? I’m sure girls love that aspect of you. Is there anything you would like me to call you?”

He voice came out silky and much different than what it was just a minute ago. “Call me sir, and please. No more of this getting to know you bullshit. I want to hear you.”

You head raced. Not with hormones or anything of attraction but you couldn’t figure out the guy on the other line. Not many customers got you thinking this much, and honestly since this was so anonymous most nights you found yourself in sweats in a tee aimlessly moaning into a line just to make money. No meaning behind it at all. Sometimes if you were really lazy for the money you would put on a soundtrack of moans and run your vibrator. That’s just how your sex line went.

But Jongdae? Even the sound of his voice coming through the line made your legs clenched shut a little. “Do you want to hear me touch myself sir? Do you want me to moan out your name as I play with my pretty tight pussy?”

A soft moan, followed by the obvious sound of a zipper coming down on the other end of the line. Your heart sped up a bit as you hurried to shimmy out of your pants. “That’s exactly what I want you to do kitten. I want to hear ever little perfect moan that can come from your pretty lips. Let sir hear how he’s turned you on just with his voice.”

For once you followed the commands that came through the line. The thick tone of the male making you want to do much more than just moan in a phone for him. Your fingers easily slipped past the boundaries of your panties, running soft circles into your sensitive nub. Moans fell off your lips at an alarming rate. You found yourself actually enjoying the call for once.

“That’s a good little kitten. Do your fingers feel good? I want you to be louder sweetie. Tell me exactly how you feel right now. Do you wish that those fingers of yours could be replaced by my cock?” Your heart dropped, beads of sweat forming on your hairline at his words. This was a completely different guy you thought you were talking to in the beginning.

This is where the imagination from the beginning comes in. What did this guy look like? How would his hands feel running over your skin? How would his lips feel on your bare skin? Would his hands be rough enough to handle you? Thoughts got the best of you and your pitch got higher. You slipped a few fingers past your entrance, delicately curling them upwards.

“Ah, sir.” You were lucky words could even come out at this point. “I would much rather have my pussy clenching around your cock. I want to pleasure you sir. With my mouth, my hands, with my whole being. Would you like that? Someone that would submit to you completely? Huh sir?” The breathing on the other line got labored and you could tell he had been going at it the whole time you were talking. You didn’t give him the chance to reply before your thoughts got the best of you.

“I’m so wet for you sir. I want to feel your cock pounding into me as I moan out your name.I want to feel your rough hands grabbing onto my hips..” Your moans covered up the rest of your words as you felt the familiar knot in your stomach forming and quickly at that.

His moans were much more prominent than before and you could tell he was getting close. “You have such a filthy mouth kitten. Believe me you would be getting a punishment if I was there for being so dirty. Are you close kitten? I wanna hear those sweet moans as you cum.”

You unconsciously nodded your head as to his words, speeding up your fingers, chasing your release. “Yes, sir. I’m cumming.” Your whole body shook as your orgasm hit you like a tsunami. Flashes of white bursting like fireworks behind your eyelids. You could tell from the sounds I’m the other line that he as well had hit his high and was riding it out the same time as you.

The line gathered silence for a few moments before he spoke again. “What did you say your name was again?” You giggled, wiping some sweat from your skin. “Y/n? If we ever see each other, let’s act like this didn’t happen.” You chuckle. You had never met a client outside of the line and you hoped you never did. With that you were both saying your goodbyes and hanging up.

But for the next few days his voice rattled in your head from time to time. It never really disappeared. Which was odd, and less pleasing than you thought it would be.

A few weeks later you sat a couple rows back in your first lecture of the new semester. Familiar faces surrounded you but some were completely new to you. But you could tell from how many were not new that this class was going to be a good one for the semester.
A unfamiliar good looking face stared you down from an above row and you found your self curious so you stood to go introduce yourself. As he saw you approaching him he stood to greet you, bowing slightly. You stopped him and smiled. “I’m y/n! Nice to meet you! What can I call you?”
Just by the look on his face you knew something was wrong. His eyes widened and you noticed him smirking slightly. What was up with him. One word came out of his mouth and you found yourself in the same state of shock.


❆ A Big Big Big Thank You for every single person that participated!  ❆

Yesterday was our last day as part of Reveal Week, and seeing everyone’s gifts posted throughout the week was honestly one of the highlights of my life. I love this fandom and how loving, creative, helpful, and awesome you all are.

You guys blew this out of the water with your content and holiday cheer!!! 

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Even though Reveal Week is over, this fandom is the gift that keeps on giving, from the mind-blowing edits, to the cry-inducing writing and art, and I hope everybody takes the time to love on any of this content and hopefully you’ve found a new friend or blog to follow that inspires you. 

We did try our best to make sure everybody got a gift by doing the check-ups, but alas, life is life. That being said, you’re not out of the count yet, I’m going to be making a list of people who hadn’t received their gifts and doing an additional Pinch Hitter Weekend!!!

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“Do you think if one of us wasn’t in the band we would be this big?”“No”“No absolutely not”“I think we balance each other out”“I think when we look back nothing will ever be this big”“But isn’t that scary? the best times of your life are now”“It’s like a Benjamin button thing that we get to do it backwards? we get to do this and after have a proper normal life with a wife and kids”“What’s mad is we won’t be doing this”“Yeah” “So do you think like we’re still going to be mates” “I think so” “I think we will” “Of course” “Do you want my email now or later?” “I think we’ve gone through too much together”“We’ll always be a part of each other like growing up and i’m just glad we did it from the start how we wanted to”“There are so many bands that come and gone i would like to be remembered to for the records we did”“You know what it will be nice to be remembered even a mother telling a daughter the boy band at my time one direction just had fun they were just normal guys but terrible terrible dancers”

PAGE PACK; blocks (about me x3, blogroll, tags)

this page pack includes pages you can build yourself using blocks and three different layouts: column, grid and small. there are 8 blocks to choose from (header, text, quote, image, audio player, links, info and small blogroll) and you can use them on all the pages. on column and grid layout you can have as many blocks as you want and on small layout you can have 4 blocks (or 2 + big blogroll or tags block).

you can take the blogroll page and switch the image block to small blogroll or text block if you feel like it or add 15 image blocks to your grid layout about me, the possibilities are endless. the layouts i made for the previews are just suggestions and you can edit them as much as you want to.

you can change the block background color on the css part (changes all the blocks) or on the html part via filling the background-color:; part just below the block name (changes just the specific block). also only the small blogroll and text blocks have scrollbars other blocks just cut the content if it’s too large. 

there are some instructions on the coding so check them before asking anything. the audio player block uses billy audio player you can find here (please don’t ask me questions about the player i can barely use it myself). use colors wisely and here are the instructions for customizing and installing. follow the rules and have fun!

preview,  download [column about me / all blocks visible] 

preview,  download [grid about me / working preview]

preview,  download [small about me]

- choose from 3 different layouts 
- header with title and basic links
- 230x230px images
- column and grid already include every possible block so you can copy and paste them for more or delete if you feel like it

- sidebar image on grid by babyxnanas

preview,  download [small tags page]

- header with title and basic links
- 230x230px images
- special tags block that can’t be moved into a different page
- four possible blocks
- has a search box on it

preview,  download [small blogroll page]

- header with title and basic links
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- special big blogroll block that can’t be moved into a different page
- four possible blocks
- hover to see the urls of people you follow

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It’s been one entire year since I first started this blog, and I just wanted to make this post to say thank you to all the friends I’ve made since then, as well as everyone who has ever followed me, reblogged/liked any of my posts, or even taken some time out of their day to send me a nice message ^^ I can’t fully express how grateful I am for all of those things, but hopefully this conveys that to some extent.  Thank you again, for all your support.

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Title: You Don’t Have To Do This Alone

Words: 1564

AN: Here it is! This is the third part in the Two Little Lines series. I have some big stuff coming your way as long as you want it! I see at least two more parts, maybe even three in the near future as long as I keep getting this response. I can’t believe Two Little Lines has over 100 notes! Thank you all for the feedback and reblogs. You are all the best, and I love you all! 

Read Part One Here  Read Part Two Here


It had felt like years since you had been in this place. You were sick of the nurses,the doctors and defiantly the food. You were craving a big bacon cheeseburgerwith a side of French-fries… Maybe even a chocolate shake… It’s no question that the baby got its appetite from Dean. You knew sooner or later you would have to tell him the truth about why you left. Especially since Sam would know soon. ‘He should be here soon actually,’ you thought. He was at home when you called, so it would take about a day to get here. But knowing Sam and the way he drove when he REALLY needed to be somewhere… He would arrive much faster then that. You sat back, resting your head on one of your many pillows, and clicked on the TV…. Gosh. He was everywhere. You couldn’t go one minute without seeing something that reminded you of Dean and it was starting to bug you. You knew it was stupid. But seeing him everywhere you turned around made you feel guilty. Deciding there was nothing to do except wait for Sam and watch the dominos fall, you settled in and turned up the TV…  This was Dean’s favorite episode. 

Three hours of Dr. Sexy later, a crash and yelling caught your attention. The sound of a booming voice came echoing down the hallway. 

“Just tell me where she is!” You straightened yourself out and cursed when you realized you couldn’t run and get him. High blood pressure… Damn. 

“I’m sorry sir, you aren’t on the visitors list and….”

“Sam?!! Sam, I’m in here!” There was a scuffle and then there was Sam, barging into your room with a grumpy nurse on his tail.

“I’m sorry miss, he insisted on coming back here….” She started.

“It’s okay! Really…. he’s family.” You insisted, reaching out from the bed and taking Sam’s hand. “I was expecting him.” You gave her your most convincing smile; she looked skeptical, but gave a curt nod and then left the room. After she was gone, you and Sam stayed frozen, neither of you knew what to say, or do next. The grip on your hand tightened and before he turned around to face you. When you couldn’t take it anymore you held your arms out and motioned for him to come closer. His arms wrapped around you in a familiar hug. You had missed this; Sam had always been able to calm you and provide comfort and it was no different now. He pulled back and gave you a smile.

“Look at you! Did you miss a few haircuts?” you teased, ruffling his hair. His gave you a *shut up, don’t say one more thing about my hair* look.

“Okay, okay… My hair is long very funny. But don’t think you can change the subject and get away with any of this. Its time you tell me what’s really going on.” Damn. Why did he have to see right through you? This was it. After this, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore. “here goes nothing,” you thought. Your hands moved to the top of your blanket and grabbed the fabric between your fingers. Taking a deep breath, you slowly moved the blanket away from your body, revealing your large stomach. Trying to gage his reaction, you watched as his face scrunched up in confusion. He started to pace back and forth all the while mumbling something you couldn’t quite make out. He finally stopped walking, and looked up at you.

“I think I need to sit down.”

“Okay big guy, come here” you patted the spot next you on the bed and waited until he was seated next to you to place your hand on his arm. “Sam?” he didn’t say anything back, just continued to look at your stomach. Well, if he wasn’t going to say anything, then you were going to use this time to your advantage and get it all out. “I found out the day I left. I know that it seems wrong, like I abandoned him…. But I did what I thought was best. Dean doesn’t want that life Sam, he may have thought he did once. I mean look at what happened with Lisa and Ben…. I couldn’t put him through that. He would have felt trapped, and then would resent me. It would kill me if that happened Sam. It would break my heart.” Sam turned his head to face you, searching your face. He looked like he was about to say something, but before he could get it out he was cut off by the doctor.

 “Hey! Looks like your feeling better. I’ve got your release papers here.” Finally. “But…” NO… you groaned internally, “Before we do that, lets take a look at that little guy in there.” Sam was silent in the corner of the room watching as you pulled your gown aside, allowing the doctor to place the cold gel on your stomach. “There’s your baby.” The sound of it’s heartbeat ran through the quiet room; all three of you listening intently.

“There’s my little nugget.” You smiled at the sonogram of your baby and rubbed your stomach. You would never get tired of looking at the little human. You were surprised when Sam moved to stand closer, his eyes mesmerized as much as yours were.

“Did you say ‘little guy’?” Sam said, speaking for the first time since the doctor came in the room.

“Um. Yes I did, but I was just being general.”

“Oh. Got it.” Sam’s face deflated a bit. “ I was just curious.”

“Well I can tell you the sex if you would like. I have all the equipment right here.” Sam looked at you expectantly. It had never really occurred to you that you might want to know the gender of the baby before it was born. You already knew that no matter what the baby was, or who it wanted to be, that you would love it unconditionally. But…since the information right there, you couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

“I would love that.” The doctor nodded and went back to the computer, enlarging the image, making it easier for you both to see.

“That” he pointed to the screen, “is your little girl”. A baby girl! You were going to have a daughter. Sam squeezed your hand.

“Wow. That’s my niece.”

An hour later, after your release papers were signed and you finally got to wear your regular clothes, Sam helped you into his truck. The drive back to your apartment was quiet. Not an uncomfortable silence, just a calm, peaceful quiet that reminded you of how you and Sam used to sit in the library and read together when Dean had gone to the range, or was working on the Impala. After navigating side streets and traffic, the two of you stood at your door.

“Look, I know that it’s tiny, and nothing like the bunker, but it’s been a home to me for the last few months. Just don’t make fun of me.”

“(Y/N) you are talking to someone who grew up jumping from shady motel room to shady motel room. I’m sure its fine.” Sam said, reassuring you. You placed the keys into the lock and turned the knob. Stepping into the entry way you kicked off your shoes out of habit, and Sam followed suit. The tiny apartment had a large open space, where you had put the bed and set up the crib on one side. There wasn’t much, just a few of your things. Most of it was things that you had bought for the baby. The other side of the room was a makeshift kitchen with a run down refrigerator and a stove.  “(Y/N) can I use your bathroom? I didn’t get a chance to go at the hospital and it’s been a long drive.”

“Yeah, sure. It’s that door right there.”

“Thanks.” Sam had started for the bathroom, when you remembered.

“Oh Sam! When you flush, make sure to giggle the handle because it gets stuck and the water will keep running.”

“Alright” Sam nodded.

“Oh and don’t wash your hands with the water from the sink, you have to use the jug of water on the counter because the water line is busted. Its not safe to drink either.” You pointed to a stockpile of bottled water in the corner of the apartment.

“(Y/N), what are you doing? I’m not letting you raise my niece here. This is ridiculous. How do you even expect to do maintain all of this when your not even allowed to get out of bed?’’ Sam walked forward and took your hands. “I just think that everyone would be much happier with you home safe were you can be taken care of. You’re my best friend. You don’t have to do this alone.”

“Sam, if I go back I have to face him, and tell him what I did. He’s going to hate me.”

“(Y/N) Dean loves you. I think you should give him a little more credit. He has been on a hunt, he wont be back for at least another week. You have some time to figure out how you want to tell him…. Besides Dean will make a great father. Just look how I turned out?”

Hello my wonderful fellow barduilings!

So I have an idea and I kind of want to gauge interest and the tag has been quite actively the last couple of days so I decided now was the time.

I want to organise a Barduil Round Robin.

A round robin is when we each write a chapter and then pass it on to the next writer. So, I would decide (or indeed consult with any participants) on a theme and we would work out a writer order and just go for it!

It would be very chill because I do not approve of stressful things, you would have plenty of time to do your bit I would make absolutely sure of it, and if you don’t manage it, or your life goes cray for a while that’s okay, you just pass it onto the next person and it can come back to you at a better time.

The end result though guys.

Have you thought about the end result?

Because the way I see it, if enough people get involved, then what we’re going to end up with it this:

A barduil fic written by the barduil fandom.

And idk about you guys but that idea just tickles me.

Do not worry if you’re not confident in your writing or as experienced as others or indeed have never written barduil before, after all, what better environment than being surrounded by other writers on a collaborative project to hone your writing?

After all, we’re the barduil fandom, we support each other ;)

But you don’t just need to be a writer to get involved!

If you’re a beta, great! You can help make the whole fic sound uniform with your mad beta-ing skills! If you’re an artist, sweet! You are more than welcome to ask to see the fic so far and art-ify a scene! 

In fact whatever you do if you wanna get involved just let me know and I will find a way.

So right now I’m just trying to work out whether or not any of you are actually interested in this idea, so if you are, let me know, you’re not tying yourself down for anything right now, just trying to see if this is a viable idea ^.^

Please reblog and spread the word and make sure to let me know if you are interested! I’m unfortunately not psychic and don’t know unless you actively come and tell me you want in, or even if you just have questions, fire them at me :D

Hopefully I will hear from you soon <3

I’ll try not to be rude, but TAETAENETWORK, a network dedicated to Kim Taehyung of the group Bangtan Sonyeondan. I hope this network will unify the ARMY community. I have not yet seen a taehyung dedicated network so yes. I hope we can all be one. Thank you. If you want to join this network, all you have to do is follow the rules and send in application! Be sure to have a KKT, LINE, or KIK account for the group chat!! Note that you do not have to be a 100% taehyung dedicator. As long as you love taehyung, you are part of the family. XX

If you want to join this network, all you have to do is follow the rules and fill in application! Make sure to reblog this post and spread the work!! If this post does not get over 20 notes, I will delete this blog. I hope we can become one big family. 


Rules for applying/being a member:

♚ Your blog must be mostly BTS. There is not definite percentage, but as long as you prove your dedication to kim taehyung, you’ll be fine !! C;

♚ Blog must be active !!

♚ REBLOG THIS POST and spread the word around. Thank you.

♚ You don’t have to follow the admins / members but you must follow the network blog.

♚ Have your ask box open so we can contact you.

♚ Have some kind of group messaging app to connect with admins/members(KKT, Line, Kik) 

♚ Just note that you will be asked for your age and social media accounts!! ( instagram, twitter, facebook) 

♚ Must link the network somewhere on your blog. The icon/badge is still to be made. If you have a design, please feel free to message.

♚ Follow the tag #taetaenetwork

♚ Do NOT trash talk admin/members. We will find you and… c; 

♚ Do NOT steal/repost others’ work. That is some disrespectful sin. 

♚ WELCOME !!! Hopefully these rules were not too rough. Thank you and have fun applying! 

*After applying, the network will message you within 1-2 days!


-Admin KIM

Congratulations @markiplier

Im so proud of our community and how we have made it this far.You have been a big part of my life, so I want to thank you for doing what you do. Also before you say it, (or think it) Your welcome as well, I know I have a hand it in but so do you so Thanks <3.Anyways I hope you like the Gift I made you. I dont have programs to make this look as clean as I would have liked it, I even wanted audio to go with it,  but I tried to make due with what I had. Have fun celebrating! Love ya <3~E

Here’s a look at the process for my witch series!

I start with a quick sketch just to figure out the character’s pose, then block in the body. Next I start drawing in the most important elements (I keep a list of various things I want to include with each witch). For some of the witches these were the symbols surrounding them - like the tarot card reader, where I knew I wanted her symbols to be the four suits.

And for some it was something they were holding, their familiar, or part of their outfit - in the Potions illustration I knew I wanted her to be wearing a big coat and carrying scales and a staff. Then comes the most fun part - putting in all the details and patterns (there’s a LOT more fiddling around and trying different things at this point that isn’t all shown in the gif). Everything is done entirely in Photoshop, mostly using just the standard round brush (with spacing set all the way down to 1%) and the pen tool.

Three more witches to go!

Theme number 2 by  snowflake-rph

Before anything, rules:

I meant to publish it as a surprise for my 200 followers but it hadn’t happened and I’m really impatient therefore, IT’S HERE NOW C:

It took me a lot of time working my ass off on this theme so don’t be a dick and claim as your own, it’s plagiarism and it’s not legal, so don’t do shit.

This theme is not a base!!!!! If you made an edit of it for yourself and you want to release it, don’t do it. Please. It’s my own work and I know that even edits can take days but it’s not really fair. If you want the base it’s  made by azureofrp​, which deserves a big huge thank you! She’s absolutely amazing.
Do not take the graphics on the preview, I made that for me do not steal them!
Don’t remove my credit. It’s small and unharming.
Don’t take parts of my code and publish in your own.

This theme includes:

6 links on hover and 6 links on the side with a blur effect.
A 500 x 250px png.

A 350 x 609px sidebar.

A 100 x 100px icon.



Hi everyone! I recently hit 3k followers so I thought it was the perfect time to do my first follow forever! Also It’s been a year since I changed into a 100% bts blog and honestly, it’s been the best. I’m glad I’m part of this fandom, stanning bts was the right decision and I’m really thankful for all the hard work they put into their music and all the stuff they share with us ♡

I’m still surprised at the fact that I reached this amount of followers (like… how? lmao) because I don’t even talk and post that much but you still like/reblog my content and follow me!! so a big thanks to everyone ; u ; And of course I want to thank the beautiful people I follow for making my dash very pretty and enjoyable with your posts ♡ you’re all amazing!

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