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for todays 1 day 1 shouritsu i tried animating for the first time!!

(ritsu voice) who the hell is thi– oh its suzuki!

its not done yet and theres quite a few parts i want to fix and i want to color it but im just really excited about making characters move ;__;

One, two or three?

Word count: 4,049

Warning: smut

Request: Kai makes you orgasm three times with his magic while talking on the phone

*gif by me

Rays of sunshine shone down on your naked body, only your bottom half covered with white covers. You slowly fluttered open your eyes, trying to adjust them to the bright light in the room and as you moved, the tension was still present in your legs, feeling weak and as if you wouldn’t have the strenght to get up because of a late night encounter you had shared with Kai. You and Kai have been dating for a while, but the attraction between you two has still been present until this day, sometimes unable to keep your hands off each other and last night was one of those days. Kai has always loved the way you reacted to his touch, to his long fingers slowly tracing all over your body while his lips kissed every square inch od your exposed skin, making sure every part of you was equally loved from his side as he worshiped your naked body and always made sure you knew you were his only. You got up, watching how a sheet that was wrapped around you slowly fell down on the floor, covering your feet before you stepped out of it and headed to the bathroom, warm water running in the shower as you stepped in, letting it caress your body, droplets of water cascading perfectly down your sensitive skin. A feeling of hot water reaching a spot between your legs made you flinch a little bit, slight pain traveling through your legs. You traced your hands all over your body as you remembered exactly how Kai’s hands felt on your skin last night and how he brought you to your high repeatedly.

His fingers traced your body, making sure you felt him on your ass, his body pushing you into the counter in the bathroom, the mirror placed in front of you giving you a perfect view on his face behind you and how his teeth sinked into his bottom lip and then releasing it, making your arousal drip down your thigh. He tugged at your light lacey nightgown, reaching just below your ass but it being transparent, Kai was able to see everything, including your hard nipples and how they gotten harder every time his lips brushed against your ear.

‘You look so damn sexy. I could fuck you right now. So slow and so deep. My big cock stretching you out so beautifully. You just have to say the words.’ His raspy and quiet voice so slowly slipped into your ear, a wet patch adorning your panties from his words.

'I’m s- oh my god.’ He pushed two fingers into you swiftly, moving them in a scissor’s motion, your walls tightening around him as if they were trying to keep him inside as much as possible, dying for Kai to finger fuck you right there and then.

'What was that, sweetheart? I didn’t hear you properly. Could you- say that again maybe?’ His lips brushed on your ear, his tongue leaving s wet stripe on your ear and then suckling on your earlobe. 'Open your eyes, babe. Look at how beautiful you look.’ You struggled, the way his fingers moved inside you making you just want to keep your eyes closed but you knew that he would punish you by delaying your orgasm over and over again until you were a wet and frustrated mess under his touch.

'I’m so-sorry.’ A chuckled echoed through the moan filled bathroom, your eyes locked on the mirror, watching how Kai’s lips parted every time your walls clenched around him.

'Sorry for what?’ Flows of frustration kept colliding through your body. Especially when you saw a big smirk on his face and an expression that said “I know how I make you feel and I know you love it”. You hated that he had such control over your body, but then at the same time, that was all you wanted him to do because he did it so damn well.

'Sorry for w-wearing lace panties a-and short skirts when you are working on s-something important.’ You stuttered and almost screamed out when you felt him adding another finger inside your body, stretching you out even more. 'F-fuck.’

'No cussing. Control that pretty little mouth of yours.’ He pulled his fingers out of you and brought them up to your lips, coating them in your juices before he pressed them on your clit, making small and fast figure eights. He used his other hand to grab your chin and roughly turn your head to one side to press his lips on yours, gathering your arousal from your lips as if it was the tastiest icing on a cake. He drove you mad just by pleasuring you with his fingers and with his words. What his cock was able to do to you was something completely different, something you have never experienced in your life before.

'And why did I made you apologize for that?’

'Because it’s distracting.’ Your fists clenched the edge of the counter, your knuckles turning white from a tight grip. 'Kai, please.’ Eyelids on your eyes started closing as you felt your orgasm slowly approaching, your walls contracting at the pleasure that was about to come.

'Look how beautiful you look when you cum. So damn gorgeous.’ Your eyes somehow opened again, Kai’s fingers flickering on your clit. You couldn’t hold it back anymore, your orgasm slowly but perfectly tearing through your body. Every cell in your body was shaking from an intense release and it had gotten pretty tough to stand when your legs started shaking like every single time he finger fucked you, no matter in what room, everything around you went blury. 'Such a good girl.’ He licked his fingers clean again and made a popping sound when he pulled them out of his mouth, his tongue gathering the rest from his lips.

'Now-’ he slammed his clothed crotch into your ass, his hardness evident on your body, making a moan escape your mouth. He grabbed your hand and placed it on his cock, pushing his hips into your hand as much as he could. 'Look what you did to me. I fucking need you.’

'Kai’ the only thing you had managed to do was moan out his name, your voice barely audible.

'I’m gonna make you feel so good.’ The weight of his body pressed on your back, your hips grinding into his clothed crotch. 'But you can’t cum until I say you can. Understand?’ You kept quiet, knowing that if you even tried to say anything, the only thing that would escape your mouth would be a moan and because of your silence, Kai’s hand harshly met your right buttcheek, the sound of a dull sound echoing through the bathroom. You flinched at a slight sting on your skin, but it only made you wetter than you already were. 'I asked something. Understand?’ You nodded your head and the next thing you felt was Kai burrying himself deep inside you.

You walked out of your room slowly and even though it seemed impossible, your legs were still weak after so many hours of sleeping. You felt as if you were running a marathon and then didn’t stretch well after. You put on your favourite black lace panties and Kai’s favourite black shirt that reached the middle of your thighs, covering your ass perfectly.

'What? No! Of course they can’t do that!’ He nodded his head at you and smiled, but his smile quickly disapeared and was replaced by his frown, his hand resting on his hip. You sat down on the sofa and pulled your legs up, crossing them. 'Because I put that spell on and they better not mess with anyone’s life just to prove that they can after all, beat me at everything. They can’t.’

Who was he talking about? You thought to yourself, your brows furrowing in confussion. You reached to the coffee table in front of you and picked up one of the books.

'If they want my help, they should just ask, I don’t bite. Well, actually, sometimes I do.’ He laughed at his own joke, making you roll your eyes and hope that he didn’t see that. You burried your nose deep into the book and completely shut yourself out of whatever Kai was rambling about. 'Of course, like tha-that’s possible.’ He stuttered when he saw what you were wearing. He plopped himself down on the couch and let out a deep sigh as he adjusted his pants and himself on the couch, trying to focus on the phone call. You have completely dozed off but you snaped out off your mind and your book when you felt a familiar feeling on your skin. You shot a glance towards Kai and saw his index finger moving around. The way he kept circling his finger in the air was exactly what you felt on your skin.

He’s using magic. Again.

He kept going higher, an invisible finger gently tracing your bare thigh, shivers rolling down your spine. You knew exactly what he was doing, but you didn’t know why. That was until you figured out what you were wearing.

Fuck!’ You cussed under your breath and prepared yourself to get up only to be pushed down again by his magic. His index finger swayed from side to side, gesturing a simple no.

'Yes, that’s exactly what we want to do.’ He kept talking while his invisible finger traced your bare skin again, but this time it didn’t stop at your thigh. He traced it all the way to your wet core, circling around the wet patch on your black panties, making your arousal drip even more before he slipped his finger inside you, stretching you out like always. You dropped your head back on the pillows behind you and parted your mouth, all the words that you read in such a short period of time, completely vanishing from your mind. Kai’s words quickly turned into a simple background mumbling as your senses completely went numb. It had never occured to you that magic could be used in that way, but when you met Kai, you had a chance to learn a lot of new things, things you never knew existed, including pleasuring someone with magic. As much as he loved using it in the bedroom and around the house, he never stopped there. There were times when he used magic on you when you were sitting in the booth at Mystic Grill. His eyes bored into yours while he was getting you closer to your release as seconds passed, watching how you struggled to keep your moans quiet or inside your body, fighting to scream out. A familiar smirk has always adorned his face and he knew that once you and him get home, he would have his way with you, fucking you into the mattress like there was no tomorrow.

A loud moan escaped your lips when you felt him adding another finger, grazing against your walls and making scissor motion to stretch you out. Your juices covered his fingers completely, your walls embracing them so naturally, like they belonged inside you. You shot a glance towards him and saw him shaking his head no, meaning you had to be quiet. You hated him for it but you were also eager to reach your orgasm as you felt the pleasure slowly gathering up in your body. You spread your legs apart, giving Kai a perfect view on your laced panties, and threw your head back again.

'Just a second-’ he murmured and pressed his phone to his chest, his finger still moving, matching the actions that you felt inside your body. He slowly pulled himself off the couch and walked towards you as he leaned down and pressed his lips on your ear, his fingers circling at a slow pace inside you. 'You have to be quiet, unless you want someone to hear your perfect little moans.’ His words traveled all the way down to your heat, making your walls contract again and a quiet moan to escape your mouth. 'Every time you let out a moan, I will add it to the scale of how hard I’m gonna fuck you later.’ He pulled back and looked at you, a big grin plastered on his face. He was proud of himself because he knew what those words did to you and how turned on you were at that moment. He loved torturing you with his words and how his invisible fingers kept pleasuring you without losing their perfect rhythm, drove you completely crazy. You watched him plopping himself back on the couch and putting the phone to his ear to continue his conversation. Unbelievable, you thought to yourself and sank your teeth hard into your bottom lip, trying to stop yourself from screaming out loud but once your legs started shaking and your orgasm tearing through your body, a loud moan escaped your plump lips. Kai’s lips curled up into a smile as he lifted his index finger up, gesturing a number one on a scale. You were a complete mess, your heart beating so fast that you had a feeling that it would jump out of your chest and into your lap, your legs feeling like jello, shivers rolling dwn your spine. You let out a big sigh, feeling relaxed when you felt Kai’s invisible fingers leaving your body, only to be pushed inside you again just a few seconds later.

'Kai..’ you whispered and watched him how he shifted in his seat and adjusted his zipper and his pants, his prominent erection visible through his black pants. After a few moments he stopped moving them, but they were still inside you, your tight walls wrapped around them and your eyes locked on Kai who was still on his phone. You wanted to get up and jump on his lap, take his phone out of his hand and beg him to fuck you right there but it was impossible to get up. It was as if someone had glued your body to the sofa, your arms the only parts of your body that were free to move.

'Tomorrow. I’m going to be pretty busy today.’ He trailed off and smiled, making sure that you understood what he meant by that. His fingers slowly started moving inside you again, but instead of circling them around, he started pumping them in and out of you, his knuckle brushing on your clit, making a loud moan escape your mouth. He lifted his index finger and then his middle one, again gesturing a number two on a scale. The air almost left your lungs causing your breath to hitch and your teeth sink hard into your bottom lip. You pushed your nails into the sofa, hoping there won’t be any holes because of your hard action. Kai looked like he was utterly fine with seeing you like that, falling apart under his magic, fighting to hold back your moans, but besides a very obvious bulge in his pants, his breathing had also turned faster and shallow, his leg bouncing up and down which you knew he only did when he was nervous and really turned on. You smirked at him, his brows furrowing in confussion, clearly lost as to why you smirked at him while his fingers were destroying you into pieces. You dropped your head back and closed your eyes as your second orgasm slowly tore through your body, a bead of sweat forming on your forehead.

You could still feel his fingers inside you, but they weren’t moving. They stayed inside your heat, your juices slowly dripping down on Kai’s shirt, your hands covering your face when you felt a slight pressure on your clit. He was going for a third orgasm. Your legs were numb and if you even tried to stand up, you would end up collapsing on the soft carpet. You felt tears burning in your eyes because of too much pleasure and because it was so hard to take it but it was always like that with Kai. He never stopped at one orgasm. He would push you to the edge over and over until you were a screaming mess underneath his touch. The pressure on your clit was getting a bit firmer, a feeling of someone pinching it made you scream out, but you quickly covered your mouth, not because of the person Kai was talking to on the phone, but because you knew what Kai would do to you once he’s finished. Your eyes fell down to his clothed crotch, his bulge looking bigger than before. He was dying to unbutton his pants and take his cock out only to burry it deep inside you and show you that you’re his only and that you really shouldn’t tease him with your lace panties. You slowly started feeling your third high coming closer, a few white stars flashing before your eyes.

'See you tomorrow then.’ The raspiness in his voice turned you on even more. He hung up and placed his phone on the coffee table, his eyes finally finding yours. 'How close are you?’ He asked quietly, a loud moan escaping your mouth, making him chuckle. Dammit. He did it on purpose, knowing that you won’t be able to keep your moans inside your body as he showed a number three with his fingers. Another orgasm tore through your body, your breath hitching in your throat and your toes curling in pleasure, a single tear rolling down your cheek. You finally felt the magic leaving your body, your whole being feeling as if you were melting on the sofa and slowly sliding down to the floor.

Your eyes fluttered open, meeting Kai’s face that was unbelievably close to you, his blue eyes a shade darker, filled with lust and desire. He chuckled under his breath and wrapped your arms around your body as he picked you up and carried you towards the couch. He placed you down slowly, your back resting against big pillows.

'What did I say about wearing lace when I’m working?’ His voice sounded so sexy, so desirable and even though you knew the answer to that question, you couldn’t get yourself to utter out a few simple words. 'Nothing?’

'Please, Kai.’ It sounded like you were holding back your tears, frustration and exhaustion colliding through you, your body in need of Kai’s incredible sex. He placed his finger on his lips and made a shhh sound, his eyes closing for a second.

'We said, no wearing those babies when I’m working. It’s distracting and it’s making me hard, so damn hard.’ He cupped his crotch, your eyes following his hand and watching his actions. In a split second, he pushed your legs apart and tugged at the shirt you were wearing, ripping it off in one swift move.

'That was my favourite one.’

'You know what’s my favourite thing? This right here.’ He placed his finger on your heat, some of your juices transferring from your panties onto his fingertips. 'So damn wet and all because of me.’ He quickly leaned down and placed a quick kiss on your crotch before he ripped them into pieces, your glorious naked body all exposed to him. 'Tell me, what do you want me to do to you?’ He trailed his fingers through your folds. 'Do you want me to eat you out and then fuck you slowly or do you want me to fuck you now, but roughly and so damn deeply?’ You groaned out at his words as they traveled all the way to the place you needed him the most.

'Fuck me now!’ It was more of a shout than a quiet answer and he wasted no time in taking all of his clothes off, ripping his boxers into pieces and letting his thick and long cock spring free, a drop of pre-cum glistening on his tip.

'As you wish.’ He spread your legs even more apart and knelt down, his cock perfectly alligned with your entrance. He slammed himself into you roughly, a scream that escaped your mouth echoing through the living room. Without any hesitation, he thrusted deep, rough and fast, your breath hitching with his every rough thrust. He grabbed your hips, his fingers digging into your skin as he started jamming your hips onto his. He was being rough with you as he was a couple of times before. It felt so good to have him inside you, to feel him stretch you out so perfectly and to fill you up over and over again.

'I can’t get enough of you. How?’ He whispered and suddenly picked you up as he was careful to stay burried inside you while he laid you on the couch and got on top of you, your leg resting on his hip. 'You feel so damn good wrapped around me.’ He burried his face into the crook of your neck while his hips kept thrusting roughly into you, his hot breath caressing your sensitive skin. 'This is where I want to be. Burried so deep inside you.’ He whispered in your ear and tugged at your earlobe with his teeth gently, your back arching at a sudden feeling in the pit of your stomach.

'I can’t-’

'Yes you can. Do it for me, let yourself go, baby.’ He groaned out and only a few thrusts were needed for you to fall apart underneath him, you walls embracing his thick shaft like it was made to be there. His cock kept slamming relentlessly into you as he picked up his pace and thrusted into you with no mercy, a stinging feeling finding it’s place between your legs. A single tear rolled down your cheek and your nails dug deeply into Kai’s back, his blood finding it’s way to the surface. Only one more clench of your walls was needed for Kai’s orgasm to be triggered, his warm liquid spilling inside your heat, filling you up. He collapsed on top of you, still inside you as he propped himself up on his elbows, his face only an inch from your face.

'Fuck.’ He uttered out, a sudden laugh from both of you echoing through the living room.

'I know.’ He pulled himself out, your body flinching up a little bit.

'Does it hurt?’ It was as if it was a completely different person. Just a minute ago he was a sex god, penetrating you like there was no tomorrow and now, he was a sweet human being, concerned about your well being.

'Just a little bit, but I can take it.’ You rolled on top of him, your legs on each side of his waist.

'No sex for you for at least five days.’

'Yeah…’ you rolled off him and grabbed a blanket that was on the couch, wrapping it around your naked body. 'Good luck with that.’ His eyes widened and his brows furrowed in confussion.

'You think I can’t go five days without sex?’

'I know you can’t.’ He chuckled and wrapped his arms around your body, his fingers tracing invisible patterns on your back.

'Watch me.’ He said confidently as a smirk grew bigger on your face. You pulled yourself out off his grip and jumped down on the floor, a blanket falling down at your feet.

'No. You watch me.’ You pointed at him and then at you before you tripped over your own feet, still feeling a little weak and started walking away from him slowly, your naked body fully exposed to him. 'I will walk around the house naked from now on.’ You turned your head just enough for your eyes to catch a glimpse of him.

'Fuck, you’re so sexy!’ You screamed when you saw him jumping over the couch, wrapping his arms around your body and lifting you up, your legs wrapping around his waist. 'There are some other things we can do for fun.’ He winked at you, a quiet chuckle escaping your body as he carried you into the room you and him shared, not planning on leaving the house for the rest of the day.

Dolly wrote “I Will Always Love You” in 1973 and big old bad Elvis loved the song so much (duh) he wanted to record a version of it. BUT part of that agreement included Dolly having to sign over her publishing rights on the song which she refused to do, so he never recorded it and she was told by many this was a very poor business decision. Well the song went on the make millions for her over the decades through royalties and when Whitney Houston wanted to cover it for The Bodyguard, Dolly gladly gifted the song over to her, because she knew Whitney would do it justice. It’s the only song in country music that has hit #1 two times by the same artist (1974, 1982) and then covered by a pop singer to hit #1 again twenty years later.

I really think Dolly is exemplary in trusting her gut and creative senses, which is something all artists can admire and hope to be as steadfast in doing. She rose to the top of an industry that was not friendly towards women, and was unapologetically the best version of herself. The song, though billed as a romantic love song, is actually about her decision to leave her performing and business partner, Porter Wagoner and pursue her own career. So the greatest love song of all time is actually about a woman deciding to chase her own dreams. It’s a love song to herself. Okay thank you goodnight, long live the Queen of Country Music!

Hey guys! I promised a tutorial so here’s a little one.

I’m just going to explain overall what I did and not go into anything too detailed. Feel free to throw me a question if something is left too unclear!

gif made by

My wings are articulated and they’re not attached to my hands in any ways (Though I’m planning to change that by adding a string connected to my hand because my original way of pulling them up didn’t work, they’re too heavy with the feathers).

Here are some pictures of the base:

The idea of articulated wings is that the whole structure moves when you lift/move one part.

As you can see from the picture there are 3 longer and 2 shorter pieces. They’re made out of plywood but I’ve heard that balsa wood is a better option.

There are a total of 7 (14) joints at the points where the pieces of wood overlap. Each wing is attached to the back with a hinge so that I can fold them behind me (Useful in crowds and when walking through doors).

Then there are the feathers, aka the reason I never want to touch scissors again

I used 7m (23 feet) of white felt. I soaked the whole amount of fabric (in pieces) in a mixture made out of glue and water to harden them. It takes at least one or two days for them to dry completely. I forgot to flip some of them around at least once so they got stuck on the floor, dont do that. Cover your floors! I used some big trash bags I found lying around.

I also glued some sticks to the longest feathers after cutting them out to give them more support and to make them look more feathery–like. I made probably 400–500 feathers. I recommend getting your friends to help cutting them if you don’t want to lose your mind :’D

Getting the feathers attached was a tricky part. You can’t just glue them to the base or they’ll be sticking into odd directions when opening/closing the wings.

They need to move around freely so basically I just sticked a loop of wire to each feather. Then I put another piece of wire through it and secured it into place by twisting the two ends together. After that I glued the thing to the frames.

So beautiful! But hey, they aren’t supposed to show. Hot glue is gonna be your best friend at this point.

The biggest feathers are all attached to one big ”ring” made out of thicker wire. Big mess and the backside of the wings.

The feathers are in 3 layers, each layer overlapping the previous feathers:

The primaries and secondaries (1st layer) are painted from both front- and backside. The 2nd and 3rd layers cover the framework so you’re gonna need a lot of feathers over them. Note that wings don’t look the same from both sides!

I used the same technique for attaching the 2nd layer as for the 1st (wire-thingy) but I glued 3 feathers into each other to save time.

The 3rd layer is just glued to the top because will face the right way even if you do so.

When I had attached the feathers they were just hanging straight down (gotta love gravity). I had to do something to get them to lift up when I open the wings so I sewed them together. There goes a thread in the middle of each feather giving the wings also a maximum opening point (which is pretty big). I made some knots that the thread doesn’t slip away.

You won’t be able to do anything with these if you can’t get them on. I made a harness that you put on like a backbag through a hole in the shirt.

And woop, there it is! A pair of hella big articulated wings.

A picture of them closed

…aaand open.


Some notes!

– This is kind of obvious but making wings like this is expensive and time consuming. I used probably around 100€ for the materials and the hours I’ve spent on this project are also close to a hundred (2 weeks of working from 10AM to 8PM or more, ugh)

– If you decide to do something like this please be careful not to strain yourself too much! I was crouching on the floor for many days in a row and my back and knees hurt like hell in the evenings. Also my right hand still hurts from bending all the wire although it’s been a week already.

– You’re gonna need space. No, not a small corner with a little table, I mean a huge amount of space. For the most of the time you need to work with the wings open (on a floor unless you have an enormous table), and mine are twice the size of me! tho I’m a 16–year–old short girl The wingspan is around 4+ meters, so, yeah. Of course you could always make smaller ones which I really do recommend.

– Surprise, this is also really messy! Especially the feathers make a big mess and you’re gonna get little pieces of felt stuck everywhere.

– This requires some sort of knowledge of using different tools. And skill. Feel free to challenge yourself but this isn’t the easiest sort of thing to do. It was hard even for me although I’ve made a pair of (still) wings before.

– These were surprisingly easy to wear around the convention even though the place was small. They are pretty heavy but not too much to not be able to wear them for 2 days straight.

– I bet that there are a lot better ways to do some parts and I’m fixing them & updating this tutorial when I can figure out better alternatives. (Also if you can think of something before me, send me a message!)

I hope that this was at least somewhat useful although it’s not really detailed. If you do make something inspired by this I’d love to see the results. Also it would be great to put a link to this so that other people can also get help making a pair uvu

Edit: Check out also my “davesprite cosplay” tag at my blog for more information!

Six Years

You couldn’t believe what you were seeing from your upstairs window. There it was, all shiny and still in the best shape possible for her age. His beloved impala parked on the curb, the tall, bowlegged man headed towards your door. Your heart was racing. You and Dean Winchester had not parted on good terms. In fact, you stated you never wanted to see him ever again, amongst a string of curse words. You desperately wished that he would have stayed away.

  It took you six years to get over Dean Winchester. Six long years of misery after he stated that he didn’t have the same feelings towards you, that you were just a convenient lay for him when he was staying in town. Dean didn’t break your heart, he shattered it and kicked it into the dirt like it was something replaceable. Now here he was, headed towards your doorstep. 

  You were hyperventilating. You couldn’t handle this, you couldn’t handle seeing his face again. You knew yourself, you would give into him, you would forgive him and let him back into your life knowing he was going to stomp over your heart once more. Girls like you didn’t matter to him. 

  The doorbell rang and your body stayed stagnant. You willed yourself to stay put, to not give into him, to not set yourself up for another six years of heartache. The loud sound of banging filled your ears next. They were consistent and needy almost. Damn it Y/N.

  Before you could even register what you were doing, you were standing in front of the door. You were going to be strong about this. You were going to state your ground, you were going to be stern. You were going to be the badass Y/N that you deep down craved to be. 

  You unlocked the door, swinging it open. Dean was standing there, both hands on the doorway. He looked up at you, the tip of his tongue peaking out past his lips. He looked much older than when you had last seen him. He was darker; rougher. 

  “Hi Y/N,” he said casually. You were half ready to slam the door in his face, and maybe that’s what you should have done.

  “What do you want, Dean?” you asked coldly, your arms crossing over your body in defence.

  “I miss you,” he breathed out, almost inaudibly. You were tempted to roll your eyes. 

  “Congratulations?” you chuckled. 

  “Guess I deserved that one,” he stated. “I know we left things on a very bad note, but I did what I had to. I had to leave and I had to be sure that you would’t follow, that you wouldn’t call, that you wouldn’t search high and dry trying to find me. But believe me when I say that walking away from you was the hardest thing I’ve had to do,” he paused, taking a deep breath, composing himself. He stood up straight, shoving his hands in his front pockets. “I lied when I told you that I didn’t love you. Fuck, you were the best part of my life and that time we did spend together was damn near perfect. I know I screwed up, big time! But I wanted to let you know that I still love you, god I love you more than I’ll ever be able to tell you. I know I don’t deserve a second chance, but I can’t live with myself without knowing I at least tried to win you back.”

  “I want to know everything,” you demanded. You were proud of yourself. Your voice was loud and stern, it never wavered or sounded weak. You weren’t going to go easy on him. Not after what he put you through. “No more secrets, no more lies. I want to know it all, Dean.”

  “I will tell you everything,” he smiled weakly.

  “Come in,” you said calmly. “And put your tongue away. You’re not going to win me back by trying to be cute.”

  “Oh sweetheart, we both know you think I’m adorable.”

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Title: Heart to Heart
Character: Peter Parker
First part: http://ofnifflersandkings.tumblr.com/post/163640429667/title-mind-over-matter-character-peter-parker

You had calmed down on the ride home, though you couldn’t help but still feel a small lingering sense of hurt that Peter hadn’t trusted you enough to tell you about the whole Spider-Man thing.

Did he just not trust you as much as you trusted him?

The thought hurt like hell though.

You waited until you were home to bring up what had happened inside the monument. You wanted to ask your two moms what had happened right away, but suddenly the idea of telling them ‘Oh by the way, I apparently can move things with my mind.’ seemed like a bad plan inside a moving vehicle on a busy highway.

You loved your parents to peices, but they had the tendency to overreact to small things.

Like when they pulled up to take you home, you were immediately swamped by four arms and the two of them probably asked if you were alright at least fifteen times each.

But once you were home you got all the answers you wanted, even if you didn’t particularly like them.


For the next couple days you avoided Ned and Peter, spending a lot more time with M.J instead. You even debated on talking to Liz, she would approach you and smile, but knew that she was dying to ask you about what the hell happened in the elevator.

But you weren’t entirely sure if you were ready to have that conversation with anyone yet, as of right now, you wanted to forget about the whole thing until you could collect your thoughts.

Peter Parker, on the other hand, was adamant on talking to you.

He had been trying for the past couple of days to corner you in the halls and make you talk to him about what happened in D.C.

But you were always two steps ahead, whenever you even caught a glance of Peter in the hallways you’d turn and bolt in the other direction. In the classes the two of you shared, you would full on ignore his existence, choosing someone else to be your partner and then making a break for it out of the classroom just as the bell rang.

You were good at this whole avoiding thing.

Peter wanted to discuss the whole Washington situation, but really he just wanted you to stop ignoring him. You had gotten mad at him before, but this was different. This was the longest you had gone not speaking to one another, and it was starting to take a toll on him.

Even Aunt May started asking about where you had gone.

Now he was getting desperate.

Peter was leaving his Friday detention, and as he started to make his way to the doors, he caught sight of you walking down the hallway. So, he quickly took off to grab something from his own locker before following you to yours.

He caught you just as you were about to put in your combination when he called out to you.

“Hey! (Y/n)!”

You turned to see him and your eyes went wide before you made a move to run away. It was too late though, Peter had webbed your hand to your locker, keeping you in place.

“What the hell is this?” You asked, trying to jerk your hand out of it, but there was no use.

“Oh my god, that actually worked.” Peter mumbled to himself before he ran up to you, seeing the deep frown that had set into your face.

“Peter, get this stuff off of me!” You said, really not wanting to have this conversation.

“No! Not until you stop ignoring me so we can talk this out!”

You ignored him, instead opting to pull yourself out without his help, harshly yanking on your arm in an attempt to free yourself.

“(Y/n)…(Y/n), stop you’re going to hurt yourself.” Peter said, but you just kept on yanking. “(Y/n)!” He yelled, grabbing onto your arm. “Stop it!”

You exhaled sharply. “I don’t want to talk to you, Peter.” You said, trying to remain calm.

“Yeah? Well I don’t care. You can’t just keep avoiding me, we have to talk about this.”

“Talk about what, Peter?” You asked him, starting to feel the onpour of intense rage flooding into your system. “Talk about how you didn’t trust me enough to let me know about your little secret?”

Peter flinched a little at your tone, freeing your arm from his grasp. “You weren’t supposed to find out.”

You laughed bitterly. “Christ, Peter. I’m one of your closets friends, it’s gonna take a lot more than a mask and poorly executed bronx accent to hide your identity from me!”

Despite the situation, Peter couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re right. A-And I’m really sorry I didn’t tell you. But please, please, let me explain,”

You finally let your eyes meet his, and you saw how intently he was looking at you.

“Please don’t shut me out anymore.”

You sighed again, eyes following to your still trapped hand. “Will you get me out of this thing?”

“Will you promise to come to my place tomorrow morning?”

“Fine! Whatever, just please get this stuff off.”

Peter held out his pinky and gave you an expectant look.

“Seriously?” You asked to which he only nodded, you let out a short groan before wrapping your free pinky around his.

Peter smiled and pulled a small knife from his pocket and cut the web around your hand, wiping the rest of it off. When he looked up, you had already made it halfway down the hallway.


You folded your arms as you waited for someone to answer the door of Peter’s apartment. Regardless of the fact that you were still very much upset with him, you made a promise.

When you noticed the door open, Peter was already standing there. “Hey! You actually came!” He said, holding the door open more widely.

“You have ten minutes.” You said coldly, pushing past him to enter the apartment.

“Where do you want me to start?”

“From the beginning preferably.”

And so he did, Peter recounted his whole entire tale of Mr. Stark coming to his apartment to ask for his help. He talked about helping Tony fight Captain America and the other avengers.

Truthfully, you thought it was totally awesome, and you couldn’t help but feel a small sense of pride that he was doing something that mattered to him.

But then it just made you upset again.

“That sounds amazing, Peter,” You said to him, now having moved to sit on the couch while he stood in front of you. “I just don’t understand why you didn’t tell me?”

Peter looked at you sadly. “I just wanted to protect you,” He said, crouching down to his knees and taking your hands in his. “Ned wasn’t even supposed to know, it was just a matter of circumstance that he came to know.”

“Does Aunt May know?”

“Absolutely not, she would kill me.”

You had to laugh at that, your gaze on your hands. “I don’t know, Pete.”

Peter sighed, his head falling foward to rest on your knees. “Come on, you have to forgive me. There were loads of times when I wanted to tell you about all this cool stuff, but I couldn’t.”

You laughed, and with a small shake of your head, you had made your mind. “Fine, you’re forgiven.”

His head shot up and he looked at you with wide eyes. “Really?!” And when you nodded he pulled you into a tight hug. “Thank you!”

Peter then got a look on his face. “Wait, what about you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know,” He said making a few exaggerated hand motions. “The whole stopping the elevator from falling to your imminent doom.”

You laughed and tilted your head. “Well it’s sort of a long story, I didn’t know I could that kinda stuff before that. But my moms explained to me that my biological dad had the same powers that I do, well to an extent.”

“Wow,” Peter said, now sitting beside you. “Cause I mean it was pretty cool, you were like a real superhero for a second there.”

You had been carrying around a quarter around in your pocket since then. “Look at this, I’ve been practicing.”

You demonstrated the same trick you had preformed on the ambulance, but now it was much more fluid.

Peter watched the quarter fly through your fingers with wide eyes.

“That’s so cool! Try and levitate this!”

And thus, you and him spent the whole day trying to make various objects fly across the room while Peter looked on with a big smile on his face.

Imagine going over Sebastian’s head.

A/N: Here’s Part 5; I think I see an end coming. 😋 You can read the previous parts here: (Just Friends: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4)

For the rest of the week, Sebastian drove you to work like he said he would. You assured him that you’d “much rather take a cab than sit in your stupid car.” But of course, he didn’t care what you wanted. He was “your big brother” and you were to “do as you’re told.” It went without saying that you didn’t eat breakfast with him on Wednesday morning, or any other mornings. You boycotted everything he made or brought you, using your deadpan stare to let him know this wasn’t something he could fix with delicious scrambled eggs and freshly baked blueberry bagels. He didn’t even need that look to tell him, he knew before he decided that you were going to be upset with him. He thought Chris would be too, but Chris actually thanked him because Chris didn’t think he could be around you either. That night at your apartment was an eye opener, if Sebastian hadn’t called- things between the two of you would’ve gotten very complicated, very quickly.

Deep down, you were grateful towards Sebastian too. Your head knew he was looking out for you and your career, but it didn’t stop your heart from being pissed. From the way Chris was acting around you now, you knew Sebastian had said more to him than “I’m going to drive my sister to work from now on.” Being just friends with Chris was horrible, now you weren’t even that- you were just co-workers. He kept conversations between the two of you strictly professional, calling himself out before he made any of his usual jokes and flirty suggestions. You didn’t even get to have Starbucks with him anymore, let alone lunch or dinner. Your entire week slowed to a stop without Chris to speed things up, without your one hour and forty minute car rides with him. The two of you would always have the most interesting conversations, the funniest jokes, and the best time belting out to songs on your iPhone. Sebastian tried to offer the same entertainment with his conversational topics, corny jokes, and carpool karaoke, but you just stared at him until he sighed and focused on driving.

You knew the car rides with Sebastian wouldn’t last too long as he didn’t permanently live in Los Angeles. You did, even though New York was your hometown and you still had your apartment there. As much as you loved New York, you didn’t see yourself moving back; Los Angeles had found a place in your heart, and eventually that place would be passed onto Boston. You tried to tell Sebastian that, hoping he’d get your metaphor. Yes, he was right about not dating Chris while you were still working with him. But you were afraid that even after the movie, he wouldn’t be ready to see you with Chris; a man who was going to take over his role of taking care of you.

Sebastian had always been the one constant male in your life. You didn’t know your dad, and your stepfather- as much as he loved you- had his own children to look after. But with Sebastian, you were always his priority. He was always there for you, putting your needs and wants above his. He watched out for you even when you didn’t ask him too, even following you to a party or two to make sure you didn’t get into trouble. You remembered how angry you were at him the first time; you saw him across the room and you couldn’t believe his lack of trust. Before you could tell him to leave- a drunk asshole tried to force himself on you and your brother stepped in to save you. From that moment on, having Sebastian at a party you went to was quid pro quo. If he couldn’t come, you’d rather not go because without your guardian angel around- you didn’t want to go anywhere where drinking was involved.

But then Chris came along and you started to go parties with him and not Sebastian. Now that you thought about it, Sebastian looked pretty hurt when he came to your apartment one morning and found out you’d gone to a party with Chris. He could feel Chris replacing him as the constant male in your life, and while he was happy that you’d found a good guy to befriend and crush on- he was still a big brother not ready to let his baby sister go. When you thought about it that way, you couldn’t be too mad at him. You were the same the first time he brought a girl home, you were jealous because she was taking his time and attention away from you. But still, you didn’t sabotage the progression of their relationship. You understood Sebastian’s reasons, but that didn’t mean you were okay with it. Career aside, you could still be friends with Chris; friends who carpool, have drinks and meals, and joke around. Which was why you went over Sebastian’s head and asked a higher power for help.

“You’re awfully chipper today,” Sebastian glanced at you with narrowed eyes as he pulled into the driveway of Elliot’s- or as the two of you saw him, Pappy’s mansion. Elliot was your mother’s godfather, basically like a grandfather. He was the only family living in Los Angeles, so the two of you would always have Sunday dinners at his place. “Does this mean we’re back to normal?”

“We will be after dinner,” you responded with a smugness that Sebastian immediately registered.

“What did you do?” His head shot to you when the car stopped. You shrugged, feigning innocence despite the gleam in your eyes. He rolled his eyes, “run to Pappy. Don’t you get sick of having him fight your battles?” He quizzed. “He’s not going to let you date him, he wants to protect your career too.”

“Who said anything about dating him? I just want use to go back to normal. Look-” you huffed. “You did the right thing stopping us that night, I’ll admit that. But every decision you’ve made for us after- the whole stopping Chris from driving me and telling him to just be professional around me, they’re all fucking stupid.” You bit and he sighed. “I get your concern, Seb. We’re concerned about it too, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.”

“I didn’t tell him-”

“No, you just gave him a whole bunch of rules to follow. Rules he’s so afraid of breaking because he thinks he’ll ruin my career that he’d much rather avoid me,” you told Sebastian and he sighed again. “I know we can’t date, I know what people will say if they find out, but I still want to be his friend. I want to be able to carpool with him and have lunch with him and-” You ran a hand through your hair, sighing. “I just miss him, Seb. So no, to answer your previous question, I am not sick of having Pappy fight my battles. You wouldn’t listen to me when I asked you to back off, so maybe you’ll listen to him.”

You got out of the car and slammed the door shut behind you, heading inside while Sebastian mentally prepared himself for the conversation waiting for him behind those oak doors. Elliot was incredibly headstrong and he got his way majority of the time; Sebastian knew he was just walking into defeat, not that he was going to put up much of a fight after hearing you talk about Chris. You were right, he needed to back off. It was your life and you were smarter than that, perhaps not on that particularly night- but you were, and Sebastian needed to trust you.

You found Elliot in his study room having drinks with- “Chris?” You narrowed your eyes at Chris, who was sitting with Elliot having a scotch. “What uh-” Your gaze darted to Elliot and spotted a smile before turning back to Chris. “What are you doing here?”

“Elliot invited me,” Chris told you with a small smile. “And he doesn’t um-” he glanced at Elliot and chuckled softly, “he doesn’t take no for an answer.” You bit back your smile when Elliot winked at you. “Actually, Y/N. Um-” he shared a glance with Elliot that you narrowed your eyes at, “I’ve been meaning to talk to you.” He got to his feet, lowering the glass in his hand onto the glass table in front of him. “Do you think we can go for a walk?”

“Go,” Elliot urged with a nod. “I’ll handle your brother, the two of you go.”

“Thanks, Pappy,” you smiled at him and he nodded. “C'mon,” you chuckled when you glanced over your shoulder and saw Sebastian walking in your direction. “Let’s go before Sebastian blows his fuse.” You held out your hand and felt your heart skip a beat when Chris slipped his into yours. “Have fun, Seb,” you called over your shoulder as the two of you walked off.

“Chris?” Sebastian frowned with confusion. “What the-”

“Sebastian Stan,” Elliot cut Sebastian off, “we need to talk.”

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Part 5B

A/N: Just a quick idea I had and I thought it was pretty funny lol hope you like it!

Warnings: none just a butt load of fluff.

Pairings: Klaus x reader with some other family member friendships thrown in.

Summary: What happens when Klaus gets cursed with a spell that makes him do really embarrassing things any time he sees the reader?

Title: Macarena

It had been a long day… you had gone shopping with Rebekah (for five hours), stopped Kol from doing something stupid (again), watched Hope while Haley went and checked on something with her pack (honestly though, that was the easiest part of your day because Hope is an angel.) And then somehow managed to make time to help Marcel with his new nightwalkers… you had just made it home and all you could think about was your loving boyfriend Klaus and a long lazy night watching your favourite T.V. show.

You walked in the mansion and called out, “Klaus… where are you? I need about two gallons of ice cream, two packs of Barq’s Root Beer and the latest season of Shameless right now or I swear I’m gonna scream.” you trailed off as you walked into his atelier and saw him standing there looking like he was trying to hold in a laugh, “Klaus what’s up with you?” was what you meant to say all that came out was, “Klaus” before he started to do something VERY UnKlaus like…

Keep reading

Title: Just Friends
Character: Steve Harrington
A/n: I missed writing for the fluff boi and ages ago someone asked for fluff for the fluff boi so i present to you, this.

A series of knocks coming from the window next to your bed made you jump nearly two feet into the air. After the initial shock you debated on ignoring the call altogether. You knew exactly who it was, and you had a fairly good idea as to why he wanted to see you.

Steve Harrington was the only person you knew who was able to find some way to climb up to your window.

You tried asking him how he did it, but the only response you got was a charming smile and a wink as he told you it was his ninja skills.

Knock, knock, knock.

You exhailed deeply, shoving your school books off your lap and jumping up to open the windows.

“Hey!” Steve said cheerfully as he less than gracefully flopped into your room. “What took you so long?”

You shrugged your shoulders. “Must not have heard you the first time.” You lied.

Steve hummed, taking off his jacket and draping it on the back of your desk chair. “You sure if wasn’t because you’re still trying to avoid me?”

Dammit, you were a fairly decent liar, but Steve could always see through it, you blamed the fact that you spent so much time with him.

You leaned against your desk while Steve plopped onto the foot of your bed, facing you.

“I’m not avoiding you, I just didn’t know how to talk to you normally after what you told me. It’s not that big of a deal.”

After seeing the hurt expression on his face you immediately wanted to pluck your words out of the atmosphere and shove them back into your mouth.

That was not the right way to phrase that.

“N-No! I mean it’s obviously a big deal, huge deal. It’s just..,” Your hands flailed about as you failed to find the words you wanted. “I don’t know.”

To make a long, and rather painful and embarrassing story on your part short.

Steve had admitted his feelings for you.

And you’re immediate response was to smile at him and nod whilst telling him “l<i>“Oh, that’s nice.”</i> before you full on booked it down the hallway.

It wasn’t that you weren’t attracted to him, quite the contrary actually. You thought he was handsome and charismatic. But then, there were times where you wanted to strangle him.

You were his best and longest friend, you two were in sync with one another, and nothing got passed you, especially his dating habits.

Jealousy isn’t the issue in this case though, it was more that you were worried about the path he had choosen to take with being so reckless in his love life, and regardless of knowing that beyond all that, he really is a good person, your conscience was preventing you from trusting too much.

“You could’ve just talked to me about it, you know?” Steve started softly, his gaze observing your blankets. “It’s not like I’m gonna bite your arm off just because you don’t feel the same.”

“That’s not the issue though.” You said, causing his head to shoot up, a newfound glimmer in his eyes.

“It’s not?” He questioned, a small smile on his face when you shook your head. “Then what is?”

You sighed, hopping up onto the empty space at your desk. “Okay, so according to you, you’ve liked me for awhile?” You paused, continuing once you got his nod of approval. “So then what’s up with you having a plethora of girlfriends in the past two years?” You tone was must have been more skeptical than you thought because he let out a large huff.

“I dunno! ‘Cause I’m a dumb teenage boy who makes really bad decisions because hormones and shit!” He argued, brushing back his hair.

You couldn’t help but chuckle, the awkward tension in the air immediately evaporating once Steve joined you.

“I mean, hey, I won’t argue with you there.”

“Shut up,” He teased with a final laugh. “But the point is, I didn’t really know how to distinguish my feelings for you. For the longest time, I thought you were like an annoying sister who tried to look out for me,” Steve continued, smiling at the look you were giving him. “But, I don’t know, lately I’ve just been wanting to be around you all the time, and I get upset when we aren’t together. And then I came to the conclusion that it was because I’m stupidly in love with you.”

You wanted to shrink into yourself, hearing all of his lovely words made your insides feel like
jelly that would spill out of your ribs. You liked hearing him talk like that.

But you still couldn’t shake the feelings that accepting the mutual feelings would end poorly for the both of you.

You sighed for what felt like the hundredth time and fell down onto the desk chair. “This is so bizarre though, we’ve always been best friends. It feels weird to add more labels.”

Steven tilted his head. “Well we could think of it like a promotion of titles? I just really don’t think I can do the whole just friends thing, You preoccupy way too much of my subconscious for that.”

“Look at you, sounding all philosophical.” You teased, even though mentally, you couldn’t get over how much more attractive he got when speaking this way.

Steve winked. “I do my best.”

You gave him a piercing look for a few moments. And Steve felt like he could hear the gears in your head working together.

“Tell you what,” You began, standing up in front of him. “I’m gonna give you two shots.”


“Well yeah, it’s always awkward when friends try to jump straight into romance territory so even if it’s a disaster the first time. I’ll still give it another go.”

Steve’s smile took up his whole face and he gave you a big hug. “Two dates and a challenge, I’ll take it.”

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unexpected wedding guest ~ peter hale

Prompt - # I think that only works with the groom sweetheart,  # “do you remember that night,” “it’s one I’ll never forget" 

Summary ~it’s the night before your wedding, Peter turns up at your hotel to try to stop you from marrying Scott. 

Warnings - none really , mild swearing 

Pairing Peter hale x reader
Story ~
After months of planning and organising, your big day was almost here, in 12 hours you would be walking down the isle.
Your bridesmaids Lydia, Malia and Kira hadn’t long left you, You had a hen party the week before but Lydia couldn’t let you sit in alone the night before your wedding. So she got the other girls round to your room with facial packs, manicure kits and champagne. You felt tipsy as they left, a quite girly night was exactly what you wanted. After taking a shower, getting out you put on your pyjamas, walking out the bathroom, you start smiling at your dress hanging up over the mirror in the main room still not believing how fast time had gone. 

The was a knock on the door, stood close giggling "you know it’s unlucky to see the bride don’t you” you shout though the door thinking your future husband was on the other side. “I think that only works with the groom sweetheart” the voice was one you didn’t want to hear but dearly missed, the voice of Peter hale.
You quickly pull open the door thinking it couldn’t be real but there he was stood leaning against the wall, his hands in his pockets, his annoying but lovable smirk and them bright blue eyes that made weak in the knees. 

“hello y/n” he smiled, his voice was velvet soft and silky in your ears, It Filled you with a thousand thoughts and memories of him,  the sweet whispers in your ears each one more intense then then the previous. “you not going to say hello back” Peter’s voice snapped you out of your daydream “why are you here Peter, it’s a little late don’t you think or are you just here to physically and mentally screw me one last time before I get married” you coldly say him pissed off he had the cheek to show up after he left you without an explanation 18 months ago.
Peter now looked nervous rocking on his heels “no! not quite sure why I came maybe to see if you was really marrying that idiot guess its true” you huffed closing the door but he put his hand on it stopping you. “it was stupid of me to come I shouldn’t be here but I needed to see you, talk to you” peter paused and gave you a big puppy dog look widen his eyes and pouting his lower lip. You clenched your teeth together trying to hide your smile at his face. Peter knew it was working so in a whinny voice “please”, you opened the door for him to come inside knowing his stubbornness he wouldn’t leave until you spoke with him.

“you’ve got 10 minutes” you said sternly as he walked past into your room. “oh we can do a lot in 10 minutes” he chuckled “don’t make me throw you out” you replied back. Peter held up his hands defensively “sorry I was joking” he smirked not taking his eyes of you as he sat down. “how did you know I was here?” you asked him sitting on the opposite sofa to him. “Derek” he said you frowned wanting to smack Derek. Peter saw your face knowing what your thinking quickly said “its not his fault, I asked him why he was packing a suit he said it was for a wedding, when I asked who’s he didn’t want to say but eventually told me Scott was getting hitched he was part of the groomsmen” peter smugly started “so when I asked who the lucky lady was he didn’t tell me I looked at his invention and I just couldn’t believe it” he was sarcastic slightly smug like he’d figured out a big secret.

we welcome you to join us at the wedding of Scott McCall + y/n y/l/n at the hills hotel on January 23rd at 3pm‘ 

Peter mocked a posh accent as he repeated the memorised words. This angered you Peter was sat there taking the piss out of you, your relationship with Scott. “is that all you came here for to mock me, laugh at me” you started shouting at him, but it only annoyed you more when he actually started smiling and laughing “ugh what are you giggling about” you snarl at him “nothing just how adorable you are when you get mad sweetheart” he said almost sweetly giving you his flirty eyes.

“don’t call me sweetheart” you said trying to remain emotionless and cold, but inside your heart was pounding for the alpha in front of you, standing up to get a drink trying to focus on something else other then the way he was making you feel. Pouring two glasses of whiskey you walked over handing him one “thank you y/n”. The way he said your name was worse then any pet name he called you it was more seductive. You sat down not taking your eyes from him as he swirled the alcohol around the glass. Looking up at you catching your gaze “no I’m not here to laugh at you y/n, I’m here to save you” now it was your turn to laugh at him, his smirk dropped for a brief second, “I was right your here to mentality screw me over” you whisper to yourself pinching the bridge of your nose already regretting your next question “so why do you think I need saving?” you say a little louder, knowing he’d heard both comments.

Peter smiled “well your about to marry Scotty boy I mean come on even stiles has to be better choice then McCall, we both know your going to need saving from a boring basic future”. Annoyed he was being nasty towards Scott. “and things was so fun with you” you sarcastically answer back with a snarl standing up ready to show Peter the door, but faster then you could blink Peter was on his feet inches away from you. “oh kitten we had lots of fun together” he said lifting his arm to touch your face but you backed away. “I’ll tell you what wasn’t fun, sitting in beacon hills park in the pouring down rain and dark waiting for you” peter knowing nothing he could say would make up for what he’d done mumbled 

“sorry”. You looked at him full of angry “sorry” you smacked him across the face then pushed him hard with both hands wanting him away from you “sorry not going to cut it Peter, 4 hours I sat on that bench for, bag packed waiting, to start a life together just us out of beacon hills” you voice was now shaking the memory, and pain from over a year ago was still fresh like it happened yesterday taking a breath trying to gather the strength to steady your body and tone “even when I was soaked to the skin I still sat believing you was coming for me. then Derek and Scott came looking for me, told me you had already gone even told them where to find me what did you say tell her I’ve gone and I’m not coming back” you didn’t know if the tears running down your cheek was from anger or the feeling of you heart starting to break again reliving that night. “days I tried calling you, hoping it was a lie you hadn’t left me, walked out on our 2year relationship with a word or blink or second thought. I read your message over and over

  'I got your note kitten and yes I do meet me in the park at 9pm we’ll leave together tonight xx’ Im a fool for believing it now” you say.

Peter stepped towards you wiping a tear away his touch was soft, loving and lasted longer then it really needed to. You pulled away from him not wanting to get to close to him. You watched put his hand in his pocket taking out an envelope giving it to you. You took it looking at Peter, he downed his drink in one go and went to refill his glass. Something was off about him making you weary of what was in the envelope, opening it you saw two pieces of paper and 3 pictures. You looked at the first letter, it was your own,

Peter I don’t care if you started the Deadpool or if everyone hates you, I don’t I still love you and want to be with you please if you feel the same meet me take me with you.

You wanted to screw the letter up, cringing with how desperate and cheesy it sounded now. You took the pictures out, the first was of you in your sexy pink lace teddy blowing a kiss to peter who taken the picture. The next was you and Peter looking at each other in the woods, his hand touching your face. you smiled remembering when it was taken a picnic date not long after you where officially going out, you had asked Peter to take a selfie with you using your old Polaroid camera, when you did Peter hadn’t smiled. “your meant to smile for the camera” you joked with him. He looked at you “I only smile when I look at you” he said back smiling  tucking your hair behind your ear, you quickly took the picture without him knowing until it came out and developed. You didn’t know he’d kept this picture you thought you’d lost it the day it was taken smiling at how happy you looked you put it down. The last one was attached to the other letter unfolding it, the picture grabbed your attention and fear. It was of you asleep in your bedroom with a berserker standing over you. You looked at the writing it wasn’t one you knew - 

I found your weakness! pretty isn’t she! Now I want your help to fix a problem I’m having, be a good wolf and come to the distillery and my friend in the picture will leave her unharmed!
Don’t and the next time you see sweet little y/n she’ll be in pieces!
Kate argent

You looked at Peter who had almost finished his 2nd drink as quickly as the first. None of you spoke at first, you sat down thinking about the letter the threat on your life how couldn’t you know or why wasn’t you told. Peter came and sat next to you taking the papers and pictures from you putting them back in his pocket “do you understand why I left now, I never wanted to hurt you but I couldn’t let Kate kill you” he said looking down at the floor you nodded feeling numb. Peter could see how shaken you were, put his arm around you and pulled you close to him, you sank and snuggled into him enjoying being back in his arms kinda like you hadn’t left. “I’d never felt so scared or powerless before” he said calmly like it was nothing, kissing the top of your head. Jumping at his touch “why now, Kate’s been dead almost 7 months, Derek and argent found her body, you’ve had that long to tell me what she’d done so why now the night before I get married” you said backing away. He paused looking you up and down smirking “I know she’s dead I killed her, and as for not coming back well Derek told me you hated me now never wanted to see me again. I saw you, you looked happy and I couldn’t wreck that” he said low.

Before you could think or ask another question he chuckled changing the subject “but you know what memory has still been my anchor since I haven’t had you in person to keep me grounded, keep me human”. You looked at him puzzled you never knew what Peter’s anchor was, he’d never tell you when you asked, so you certainly didn’t expect it to be you. “no! What?” you asked coyly, Peter leaned in close to you moving your hair to expose your ear “the lost woods motel” he whispered lustfully then  slowly sat back. You blush but start laughing again. “do you remember that weekend?” He asked smirking devilishly “it’s one I’ll never forget” you answered “Derek’s crazy ex girlfriend Jennifer almost to killed me definitely not forgetting that” you laughed. Peter rolled his eyes “I think we remember that weekend very differently” “oh really and how do you remember it, or shouldn’t I ask” you said raising your eyebrows. He stood up putting his glass on the coffee table walking over to the drinks cabinet getting the bottle. He re- filled his glass holding the bottle to in a silent way of asking did you want yours filling to, you held you glass out as a yes.

Peter sat back down with his glass in one hand holding his other arm out for you to cuddle into him. As he spoke you sat close as he placed his arm around your shoulders. “ Well I remember, that weekend, I protected and hid your little butt, then saved your life from the lunatic teacher” he said cocky. You giggled what Peter had said was true but you wasn’t going to let him feel that smug “yep we definitely remember that weekend differently” you say “first off you didn’t even want to help us Derek had to lie and trick you to get you there and trap us in with mountain ash so you really didn’t have a choice” you sat up at little looking him in the eyes continuing “what was it you said oh yeah, why do I have to babysit the useless boring pathetic human girl she’d be better of dead”. You paused to have some of your drink letting your words hit home.

Peter looked down, he felt bad for ever saying that about y/n. Even then he never meant it, he’d only said it to hide his own feelings. from the day Peter saw y/n he wanted her, she was gorgeous, sweet, different, funny, had her own stubborn mind and countless topics to keep a conversation interesting. Although back then Peter believed love was a weakness and a relationship didn’t fit in with his plans for power then, he only truly realised how wrong he’d been when Jennifer did nearly kill y/n.

Putting your empty glass on the coffee table, you sat back but swing your legs over his in an automatic reaction, still focused on what you was saying looking him in the eyes drunkenly laughing “then when she finally found us both asleep some protection you were by the way,” you said sarcastically lightly elbowing him “she was so angry she couldn’t use me in her virgin ritual anymore because I slept with you, she tried to kill me anyway” you finished. Peter faked a look of shock “and what exactly is it that you’re blaming for? ” he said and his arm snaked round your back ticking and poking your side so you couldn’t speak. You giggled and wriggled trying to get out his playful grip, trying smack and poke him back.

It was exactly like that night all over again, the play fighting, the way your heart pounded just like it had, all the feelings you ever had for Peter hale came flooding back in that moment. You moved on top of him straddling him pinning his arms back in a poor attempt to stop him, he laughed using his wolf strength to break out of your hold aiming for your sides again but instead of poking you, he held your hips looking at your eyes then lips back at your eyes. “now i remember definitely this from that weekend” you said then wrapped your hands around his neck kissing him.

Peter kissed you back passionately, holding you tight and without breaking the kiss he lifted you laying you on your back leaning over you. He pulled back with a smirk “actually this is more how I remember it” he said kissing you again. He slowly slid his hand up your thigh running his hand over your bum squeezing it as his lips moved from yours and down onto your neck. Humming and moving your head so he had more space to kiss and bite, you see your wedding dress hanging up.

You push Peter off you “stop, no I can’t do this get off” you said. Peter moved instantly but looked confused at your sudden change of mind. “I’m getting married what was I thinking” you muttered to yourself pacing up and down still annoyed and angry at yourself. You asked Peter to go he put his glass back over on a small round table lingering a minute before turning back at you, you bit your lip holding the door open for him to go. Peter walked out turning before you could shut the door. “wait you asked me why I was here, well I told you I didn’t know I lied. I came here because I wanted to stop your wedding ask you to leave with me tonight for good like we was going to. But more importantly I needed you to know that I love y/n and wanted to tell you your everything to me I hope your happy my little kitten”. You had never seen Peter like this before his sounded desperate and needy, he looked teary-eyed and vulnerable, but what grabbed your attention was his words. Peter had never said the words I love you before. Even in the two years you were together, when you had said it to him, his answers was , I feel the same too or and you too, or ditto but he’d never used them words until tonight. For the first time Peter hale was open and honest with you, but you couldn’t look at him in fear you would run off with him. He kissed your cheek “I understand” his voice quivering then walked away, you watched him disappear around the corner sinking to the floor crying, you hurt so much he was gone again, like you did the night he left beacon hill without you and so guilty for cheating on Scott.

You cried yourself to sleep that night unsure of what to do. You liked Scott he was always there he cared about you and you for him. But you loved Peter you always had the was something about him that lit a fire in you. but you believed that fire had died months ago. That was until his visit, that kiss, his confession of love. It felt like you had burly slept an hour when the alarm went off. You groaned getting out of bed feeling sick and confused about the night before and your feelings now, you went to get a coffee. You screamed jumping out your skin when see Scott sitting on the sofa, a sofa only hours before you was kissing Peter on. You felt nervous, not sure why he was there, his body language was different too you stood frozen to the spot. Scott stood up smiling at you which didn’t help you felt worse then you had all night. Tears ran down your face stuttering and trying to keep your breath calm “I….. I have to tell you something, I… I’m… I’m sorry…. I did something bad…. Peter came round last night” you looked at Scott who was now laughing to himself “it okay I know he was here” he sweetly said. You stopped panicking and looked at him with confusion “how?” you asked.

Scott wanted to make a joke about watching you or stalking you but the look on your face said you wasn’t in a joking mood. “Derek told me Peter was back in town” he started, you cut him off blowing loud “is the anything Derek hasn’t told anyone” you say annoyed. Scott laughed more just like Peter he always thought you looked cute mad “easy he only told me Peter was in town, I knew Peter was here because I could smell his sent in the hallway and all over the room when I walked in, oh and he felt this for you on the mini bar” Scott handed you the Polaroid  picture of you and Peter. Your heart pounded when you saw it, thinking back you realised he wasn’t lingering he was leaving you the photo. “also I saw Peter after he left we had a long chat about you y/n” he looked down bit smiled when he looked up at you. “I know you want Him, you always have y/n, and I can’t be the one to keep you from being with the person you truly love y/n so I’ve cancelled the wedding because I know he loves you too” he didn’t sound mad or upset. 

You stood speechless insure of what was going on was Scott breaking up with you, what had Peter told him about your heated kiss, your mind went crazy over thinking. Scott broke you out of your thoughts “get dressed and meet me downstairs” he ordered. You looked at the mirror to notice your dress was missing a lone hanger left “where’s my dress?” you ask. Scott looked sad again but covered it by raising his eyebrows “that doesn’t matter dressed now” he said pointing to the bedroom. You went inside crying your wedding was cancelled your relationship over, Peter was gone, after calming yourself you did what Scott asked.

Once in a pair of jeans and cute jumper you walked to the lift and nervously went to the lobby where Scott stood with stiles and Lydia. You faked smiled at them wanting to hide and cry feeling depressed and lonely. “here she is” Lydia squealed as you got closer “what’s going on” you asked “I’ve got a wed - ending present for you” Scott and stiles  laughing loud at his play on words. You was really confused now your ex fiance should be angry or upset like you was but instead joking about gifts. “can someone tell me what he’s talking about?” you said. They stopped laughing and all gave you a suspicious smirk “hello sweetheart” a voice from behind you called, spinning fast on your heels knowing only one person called you by that name. Peter was stood there his hands in his pockets looking at you just like he had hours before with a loving smile “I meant what I said y/n I love you please give me another chance to prove it” he asked. Turning you looked at your three friends, who were all nodding and encouraging you to go. You smiled at Scott mouthing thank you and ran to peter hugging him as he picked you up off the ground swinging you round. Peter and Scott gave each other a look and smile of understanding and appreciation “you better not hurt her or you’ll have me to deal with” Scott said to him with a smile but a flash of his glowing wolf eyes. “I won’t I promise” peter said more to you then Scott “ill spend the rest of my days making up for the pain I already caused” he finished holding your hand as you both walked to his car.

Running Late! (final part)

Hey everyone! Here is the (maybe) last part to the Running Late blurbs with Harry. If enough people like this, then I may continue it into a full on story. :) Let me know, okay! :) Much Love! -L

I had to talk to Harry. I just didn’t know if he was going to listen to me. I sighed as I paced back and forth in Liam’s dressing room. Liam leaned against the wall, just staring at me.
“You know, it probably wouldn’t look so great with me being accused of cheating on Harry and then I walk out of your dressing room.” I told him as I continued wearing a path down in the carpet, nervously fiddling with the rings on my finger.
Liam just rolled his eyes. “Nobody is here yet. The show is over and we still have a couple hours to kill before the after party even starts.” He took my hand and pulled me to the couch, “Which is the perfect time for you to think about what you’re going to say to him.”
I sighed, letting my shoulders slump against the couch. “You know, Liam. I don’t think I can change his mind. Clearly, he doesn’t know me as well as I thought he did. It’s pretty obvious that he thinks I would cheat on him, which I would never do, by the way. I love him, Liam.”
Liam patted my knee and said, “Well, Y/n, if you love him then you’ll have to talk some sense into him. Good luck with that. I’m going to do a twitcam.” He leaned forward to kiss my temple, then he got up while he whispered, “I believe in you, Y/n. You can do anything.”
I chuckled as I watched him set up his laptop for the twitcam. I tweeted at my followers that Liam would be twitcamming soon.
That was when the hate came in. All the hate. People telling me to kill myself because I wasn’t good enough for Harry. Other people tweeting that I was just a gold digger and only wanted Harry for his money. Shaking it out of my head, I slipped my phone into the back pocket of my jeans.
I glanced up and saw that Liam had already started the twitcam. He was telling them that I was in the room with him and he asked me to wave at the camera, like I would do in the old days. I did a small one towards him, seeing the big smile he got on his face when I did, then got up and left.
I paced around the arena, fiddling with my thumbs as I tried to figure out what I would say to Harry if I saw him again.
That’s when I heard his voice, “Y/n.”
I spun around, my coat dancing around me. I was surprised to see Harry walking up towards me. When he approached me, I just stared at him. “What are you doing here? I thought you wouldn’t want to see your ex here…”
He put his hands on my shoulders. His green eyes devouring mine, searching for something. “Forget everything I said earlier. I can’t lose you. I love you. You’re my best friend. I was stupid before. I want to help you balance work and me. Please give me another chance,” he begged as he cupped my face. “I love you so so much.”
Tears were prickling at my eyelashes. “What’s with the sudden change of heart?”
“Oh, I just got some sense literally knocked into me.” He turned to see Louis walking past us in the hallway.
Louis slightly nodded in our direction as he passed. I heard him whisper, “Cheers, mate.”
I blinked a couple times. “What do you mean literally?”
“Oh,” Harry smirked, pulling me a little closer. “Louis smacked me upside the head and said that you’d never cheat and that the article was fake.”
I just stared at him, still not knowing what he was saying. “So, what now? Are we back together?”
“No,” he paused, giving me a mini heart attack. “We’re still together.”
A smile grew on my face as I took one step closer to him, wrapping my arms around his neck so I could play with the curls on the back of his neck. “Oh, yeah?”
He nodded, then leaned forward to kiss me. His upper lip was still a bit sweaty from the concert, but I was used to it. The way his fingers gripped my hips was familiar and made me giggle against his lips. He broke free first, pulling out of my grasp. As I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, he winked, then got down on one knee. “Y/n, I need to ask you something.”
“Oh, my god.”
“Will you be my girlfriend?” He smirked, clearly messing with me. When I nodded, he wrapped his arms around me again. “I’m not ready to propose to you yet, but I can’t see myself marrying anyone else. Give me some time, okay?”
“Okay, babe. That seems fair,” I smiled, then put an arm around his waist. “Can we tell the guys that we’re all good now?”
He chuckled, “I think they already know, love.” He spun me around and the rest of the guys were standing there, smiling and leaning against each other.
Liam had his phone pointed at us, “Got it on twitcam!”
“Liam, oh my god.” I laughed out loud at him, then walked up to the guys. Harry was behind me. “I just want to say thank you to all you guys. You really showed me how much you care about me. Thanks for getting through to Harry.”
Louis smiled and gave me a big hug. “We’d do anything for you, love.”
Liam winked, “But, if Harry breaks up with you again, I get to take you out, alright?”
“Deal,” I chuckled as I saw Harry give Liam a dirty look from over my shoulder.
Everything was perfect now.

Well, now everything is wonderful, but will it last? Who knows?

(part one) (part two) (part three)

Imagine : Maybe Peter isn’t the only one with a secret (Part 1)

A/N : It’s my first Peter Parker imagine so feel free to correct me if something is wrong even though I will focus more on Peter and the reader’s relationship. I’ll probably do several parts (at least two) because I don’t want this to be too long (I’ll try lol) so if you don’t know yet what’s really happening, it’s normal. Also, english is not my first language so if you see any (big or not) mistake, don’t hesitate to message me ! That said, I hope you’ll enjoy this !

Part 2

You remembered how easy it was to just go into your bed and have a good night sleep. You remembered how everything used to be easy. Now that you were thinking about it, you couldn’t really tell the last time you had a real good night sleep. You couldn’t tell either the last time that something went normal. You started to accept that your life won’t be the same again, but even your friendship with Peter wasn’t the same. And that was hard to admit.

You barely saw him today, he was so busy that even school didn’t seem to be in his priorities anymore. You were worried about him but he would always say he was doing fine, he was just “so busy”. At first, you would naively believe him, and forget about it because of course Peter had a life. You weren’t his world, you couldn’t stay together all the time.

But when you got in an accident that almost killed you, you thought that all these “I’m fine” from Peter could be lies, because you knew that it was what you were doing. Lying. If anything “good” came from the accident, it was that Peter and you were close again, but you still felt like something was wrong with him. At one point, you even felt like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, and you couldn’t do anything about it. Because he already closed himself off and you were slowly doing the same.

After the car accident, you were prepared for the nightmares and the flashbacks. But you were not at all ready for what soon became your routine. Then came another kind of nightmares and horror, and at these times, you really missed the sleepover at Peter’s. You missed his reassuring presence. And you hated this walls that would separate his room from yours, but what you hated the most were the invisible -but very present- walls between the two of you.

Your eyes were slowly closing without your consent as you were trying to fight the need to sleep. Even with the lights on, you hated the darkness’ feelings that came when you closed your eyes. You knew you were about to live the accident again, you couldn’t run from it, even if you tried.

It was around 3am when screaming woke Peter up. It took him only a few seconds to recognize your voice. And even less for his heart to be broken. It wasn’t the first time he would hear you having nightmares, but he knew these nightmares were different and that they would happen again and again. He knew that because even if you didn’t say it out loud, Peter knew you. And he knew the accident changed you, he just didn’t know how much yet. Plus, he had nightmares too, nightmares that were too real for him. Being spiderman was a huge responsibility.

He hesitated to come as spiderman but decided you probably needed him, your best friend, not a stranger in a costume. He quickly dressed up and opened his window. Of course the door would have been easier but passing by the window was faster and he would be directly in your room.

Making sure nobody was coming in your room, Peter opened slowly your window, praying he wouldn’t scare you more than you already were, fighting your own demons. He noticed you left a night light, which was something new. Peter didn’t know it was to keep the darkness away but he guessed it was related to your accident in a way. He approached carefully and saw you were crying in your sleep, which broke even more his heart. Putting his shyness and insecurities away, he sat on your bed and put one of his hand on your arm, caressing you softly.

“Y/N” he whispered, “wake up. It’s Peter.”

You felt his warm hand before you heard his voice. You didn’t wake up yet, still trapped in your nightmare. That’s when he touched your cheek and called you again that you woke up, sweaty and completely panicked.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. It’s over. I’m here (Y/N). Are you okay ?”

He knew his question was stupid, who could ever be okay after a nightmare ? But before he could say anything, you came closer and went into his arms, only wanting to feel his warm and forget about everything for a bit. If you were holding Peter tight, he was hugging you even tighter, caressing your hair slowly. None of you spoke for several minutes but no one felt the need to speak. It wasn’t embarrassing at all, just reassuring, and it was all you needed.

“Did I wake you ?” You asked after a moment, your throat still dry.

“No.” Peter lied, “but don’t worry about that. Do you need anything ?” He pulled away only a little so you would still be in his arms, his brown eyes on you were full of caring.

You shook your head ‘no’ but cleared your throat before adding “I just need you to stay with me. Please. Can you stay here tonight ?” Your voice was shaking, you were nearly crying.

Peter frowned and at first you thought your demand was too much and that Peter didn’t want to stay but the boy was just upset to see you like this. He couldn’t stand to see you like this knowing he couldn’t do anything. He was spiderman, the guy that had the power to help people, yet he couldn’t help you

“Of course I’m staying. I’m not leaving, I promise.” And you knew he didn’t only mean it for tonight, it was a promise but also an apologize for all the times he let you down.

“You know, I’m not mad at you or anything Peter.” You whispered. “Of course I miss you and it’s weird not having you with me like I used to but I get that you’re busy, or that you’re doing things that only concern yourself. It’s just… I really need you… right now…”

Peter slowly placed his hand in yours before laying down on your bed, making you do the same. Your nightmare was still present but it was slowly fading away with Peter’s presence. He bring you closer, your head finding its place on his chest, and still hugging you tight.

“I’m here. I’m not letting anything happen to you.” He whispered before adding “not again”.

Seeing you so vulnerable made Peter weak. Even though he didn’t know he was helping you just by being here, he thought he was helpless. He wanted to kiss you and tell you how much he loved you, but he couldn’t do that right now. It wasn’t the right moment. He knew he had to wait, for the both of you to be in a better place. And he knew it could take time, but he was willing to wait. The only thing that mattered to him right now was your safety. He wanted to tell you everything, why he was distant and how he became spiderman, that he never wanted you or Ned to feel forgotten. He wanted to tell you how he wished he could have prevented your accident from happening. He just wanted to tell you that things will be alright, but he didn’t know yet what was happening to you, and that it was kind of bigger than the two of you. If he was the light, the sparkle and the hope, you were the darkness, the sorrow and the death.