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Okay So this has been what has consumed my life the last few days, these are all drawing for the absolutely wonderful fanfiction Bad Luck but the very sweet @notcrindy
I highly recommend this fic the quality of it is super high and the writing and characterization is super on point. also, lil’ taako from this is the sweetest little thing and I adore him. Seriously go check this out the op is a joy to talk to and they deserve all the attention and love they can get. 

Character Shit: Slim

I’ve been meaning to make one of these posts for a while (you guys know me, I see people doing things that are popular and I just JUMP ON lol), and who better to do it for than my favorite character? (under the cut, to keep things neat)

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tsundere-eevee  asked:

What is your Ephriam build??? He's a huge tank!

Funny you should say that given that he’s -Def. Still, I’m definitely going to try to find a better IV one to merge, and the Summoner Support helps him out.

Because of the new Siegmund upgrade (guaranteed follow-up if at more than 90% HP), Ephraim can double on initiation so I made him more PP oriented.

Sturdy Blow is to give him an offensive boost as well as a defensive one whenever he engages. It works like a charm, although I will try out Death Blow once I have enough feathers. Renewal is to keep him above 90% health, and the rest is just your standard buffbot build.

It’s really fun. Ephraim gets a hit in, the opponent hits in, and bam! Moonbow to the face. Pretty much the only threat to him now on initiation are lancebreakers and tanky greens.

i survived my first semester as an Adult

alright listen i know it makes me a pretentious snob but it totally bugs me when people use “whom” in places where they shouldn’t so i’m gonna teach y’all the rule real quick

use “who” whenever you could substitute in “he/she/they”

  • like, “That girl who wears hoop earrings every day” - you would say SHE wears hoop earrings every day, so use “who”, not “whom”

use “whom” whenever you could substitute in “him/her/them”

  • like, “That girl whom these earrings belong to” - you would say these earrings belong to HER, so use “whom”, not “who”

thank you for your time

anonymous asked:

Mariam have you thought about Alicia teaming up with Finn? I don’t know why but this concept seems so interesting to me! Finn is always stoic and cool while Alicia is an hurricane of emotions, I would love to see them interacting


finn and alicia would compliment each other so well!! they both can get pretty intense but they have very different kinds of intensity imo. alicia’s is more like raw passion while finn’s is a sort of dark brooding? since they’re so different, i think they’d be able to make up for the parts where the other is lacking!

 finn could help keep alicia focused when she gets caught up in trash talk/banter and alicia could bring out a lot of fire in finn (and we all know how great finn is to watch when he’s all riled up!!) and seeing finn’s amused reactions to alicia being silly in the ring would be EXTREMELY GOOD!!

they also both have that kind of “all over the place” style? finn’s definitely not as erratic as alicia but they’re both always somewhere one second, and somewhere else the next. they use the entire ring while wrestling and i think it’d be so fun to watch! 

also, just imagine a northern lights suplex into a coup de grâce? that’s kinda venturing into Intergender Territory™ but i think that be a SUPER COOL combo!!