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i just want to say to fic readers that big long rambly comments on fics, where you say the things you loved about it and sometimes get capslocky and squeal and use exclamation points and quote parts and praise the smut or the characterizations or the world building or the chemistry or all of the above, comments like that are fucking incredible and every fic author loves you, thank you

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i’m cryin this is my fave

This is it. This is the best headline yet. 

“You are the sappiest person I know,” Zayn’s voice comes out tinny through Liam’s laptop, accent seeming even thicker than normal with the miles between them. He’s glancing down at the buzzing phone sitting in his lap, smile as wide as the Nile river.

“Ah, got my tweet?” Liam asks as nonchalantly as he can, but his grin is just as big. When Zayn only nods, Liam continues in a chuckle, “And really? You’re really going to say I’m the sappiest?” He quirks an eyebrow at the Zayn on screen in front of him. “‘Cause have you ever even talked to yourself, Mr. Right-Next-to-You-Liam?”

Zayn groans, looking away from the camera as he mutters, “Years ago, Li, Years.”

“Well, you know, you haven’t changed a bit,” Liam points out, lips upturning at the giggle that follows.

“Neither have you. 'It’s you.’” He nods to the other boy, saying the last words in a low voice, as if (badly) imitating Liam.

“I love you” is all Liam responds, suddenly serious as his throat thickens with the tears threatening to burst from inside him.

“Love you, too… bro,” Zayn teases, sticking out his tongue as he tags on the last word.

“Shut up,” Liam grins, flushing slightly as he covers his face in his hands.

Zayn only smiles, and there’s a pause. “Thank you, Li.” His words are quieter this time, as if he’s sharing a secret between the two of them.

“No, thank you, Mr. Malik, for making it to your 24th year,” Liam responds happily, bringing his head down as if tipping his imaginary hat.

“And plenty more to come with you, babe,” Zayn murmurs, reminding Liam once more that he’s right–there’s more than enough sappiness between the two of them to go around.

ziam duo vibes✨✨

I did some Ziam

It’s not even a Ziam, it’s more like Zayn looking with eyes full of love at Liam while he laughs like an adorable piece of shit. 

Blah, I’m not even a directioner, I just felt like drawing them because Zayn is pretty and toweringoveryou was a very lovely thing reblogging my things <3 This is for you <3 and also for ziamshrine because of reasons. 


The time in the corner of the skype call reads three hours and forty eight minutes. Zayn can’t bring himself to hang up, can’t say goodbye to that face. He won’t sleep once they do finally say goodbye, not when he knows tomorrow will bring hours of nervously waiting to find out if this beautiful boy, his boy, had actually made it through surgery. 

Liam’s eyes are batting but he’s still rambling on about his visit to the children’s ward. Zayn’s trying to pay attention but he can’t, he’s too busy sculpting every inch of the younger lad’s face to memory, like it wasn’t already burned there. 

“I’m boring you, sorry.” Liam mumbles, his story trailing off as his teeth dig in to his lower lip. 

Those lips are still as distracting as that first day. Only now more obscene because Zayn knows, he doesn’t have to imagine how good those lips taste and how amazing they look wrapped around his–

“Zayn?” Liam says with a nervous smile. “What are you thinking?” 

“How lucky I am to have you,” Zayn replies honestly. “You make me so happy.” 

“You make me happy too,” Liam replies, followed with a giggle that makes Zayn’s heart melt. 

He thinks that’s it, that’s their ‘I love you’. He wishes he had the courage to say those three words, to admit them out loud. But for now he thinks this will do, that and the promises he marked in this boys skin the night before. 

AU: When Zayn and his roommates Harry and Louis end up with a free room in their house going in to their third year of uni, they offer it to Harry’s step-brother Liam. Liam’s dorky, lovely and lot more naive than the three current occupants. Zayn doesn’t quite know how to handle living with him. But Liam also has a secret, one that Zayn will uncover as he starts to fall for this incredibly awkward and handsome boy. [coming soon]

Harry: *fangirling internally, surprised and silently pleased with the fact that his arms can enclose Louis’s waist entirely* (bless the size difference) *need to calm himself and try to look cool and flick his hair when they eneded the too long hug* love you boo, congrats.

Louis: *blushing* *silently afraid of what the management will do to them now, but love is tough and hard, who is he to go against the rule of nature* *enjoying the fact that he and hazza fits like a puzzle* love you too, haz, congrats.

Zayn: *slightly hesitant, dunno if Liam really like Peazer or not* (shall I go hug him or not, he is so cute with that excited grin and blush on his face…) *internal/ eternal struggle*

Liam: *hesitant and shy* (dunno if Zayn will want me to hug him, he is moving so slow, does it mean he doesn’t want to hug me???) *slowly open arms invitingly* *puppy look all the way*

Niall: *frustrated at how hesitant ziam is* (they are freaking blocking his view of a perfectly nice larry, and if they really want to do the blocking part, they may as well as do it when hugging each other) Hmph! you two! JUST HUG EACH OTHER ALREADY! *push zayn real hard*

Zayn: *stumbles, like a first born deer, though this normally applies to harry*

Liam: *his life flashes in front of his eyes * *gasp* Zayn! You aren’t going to fall are you?

Zayn: *stumbles into Liam’s embrace* I have already fallen, you idiot, I have fallen for you for so long.


Audience: *clapping for Larry and Ziam, and for the great job Captain Niall is doing*

Niall: *enjoys the view for a sec, moves on to hug Larry* Congrats, good job boys, the display of affection was impressive.

All the boys: *hug*

Ziam and Larry: *happy cheesy lovely couples*


(i guess this is one of the rare occasions that Niall doesn’t mind being left out) 

  • Incomplete by James Bay reminds me of Ziam.
  • This is so pointless but I wanted to make this.

I breathe in slow to compose myself
But the bleeding heart I left on the shelf
Started speeding round, beating half to death
Cause you’re here and you’re all mine

So I press my lips down into your neck
And I stay there and I reconnect
Bravery I’ve been trying to be perfect
It can wait for a while

Scared of hope in my head it’s been making me sweat but it turns out
You’re here with your head on my chest
I should’ve guessed

The world will turn and we’ll grow, we’ll learn how to be
To be incomplete

I breathe out now and we fall back in
Just like before we can re-begin
Let your lungs push slow against my skin
Let it all feel just fine

Gone is the emptiness
We just take what’s best and we move on
All that the hurt gets left
I should’ve guessed

The world will turn and we’ll grow, we’ll learn how to be
To be incomplete
This here now, it’s where we touch down
You and me let’s be incomplete

How’d we go without
I don’t know it’s look like we’ve made it again
Tell me you’ll never look down, down

And the world will turn and we’ll grow, we’ll learn how to be
To be incom…

I don’t wanna look down
I don’t want us to break up in the cloud
All I want is to stay us, to stay with you now

I don’t wanna look down
I don’t want us to break up in the clouds
All I want is to stay us, to stay with you now

And the world will turn and we’ll grow, we’ll learn how to be
To be incomplete
This here now it’s where we touch down
You and me let’s be incomplete

My favorite song on this album is I Want To Write You a Song, purely because it’s the kind of song I’ve always wanted to write for somebody… and I haven’t really thought yet ‘this is the song that I’d have written for someone’

Liam talking about writing IWTWYAS

so, just to clarify, liam wants to

1. write zayn a song

     -one that’s as beautiful as he is sweet

     -with just a hint of pain for the feeling that he gets when zayn is gone

2. lend zayn his coat

     -one that’s as soft as his cheek

     -so when the world is cold, he’ll have a hiding place to go

3. build zayn a boat

    -one that’s as strong as he is free

    -so any time he thinks his heart is gonna sink he knows it won’t

4. write zayn a song

    -one to make zayn’s heart remember him

    -so any time he’s gone, zayn can listen to his voice and sing along

ice cream shop au where zayn works at a small ice cream place in london to pay for uni expenses and liam, a junior in uni, starts visiting the shop, him and zayn have banter while liam always tries to guess movie quotes that zayn writes on a blackboard (anyone who guessed the movie w/o looking it up gets a free large ice cream) and so liam is determined to get one of the quotes, but he constantly gets them wrong and so one day zayn asks him why he even bothers bc liam buys an ice cream anyways and liam says that if he gets a quote one day,
could he take zayn on a date to which zayn blushes at and gets really flustered but nods his head because he actually has been wanting to go out w liam since he started hanging around the shop, so one day liam comes in and smiles widely at the quote for that day and he laughs because it’s from one of his favourite comic book-turned into a movie, zayn accepts the date w liam and gives him a ridiculous amount of ice cream which liam doesn’t hesitate to devour, after the first date they start really dating and zayn is forever thankful for remembering liam’s favourite movie when he told him on the first day they met