i want your company again

Long distance

Just yesterday I was holding your hand
Your sweaty palms entwined with mine
You try pull away and I hold tighter
You squirm away and look shyly away from me
You smile up me and the clouds open up
The day gets brighter and so do you
We walk around the city as if we only ones living in it

Laying in bed on a cloudy day being last
Enjoying your company with no interruptions
Holding you in my arms feeling warm
Embracing your whole body
Trying to connect your soul to mine
Wishing we could lay here forever unbothered

I just want your company again
Your touch, voice,smell are all missed
Not forgetting how they feel but
Reminiscing on how they make me feel
Knowing I can see my whole world in your eyes
I still sense you no matter how far you are
Knowing I’ll be with you again excites
Those first moments of a warm embrace feels like an eternity

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hi there!! can i please request a scenario with akaashi and kuroo where their s/o hasn't contacted them at all in a couple of days and when they go to their house to check on them it turns out that they were just really invested in a new video game they bought? (i recently bought fe: awakening and i love it so much ahh)


Kuroo Tetsurou

The curtains whooshed open swiftly and without warning, and the sunlight that filled the room and burned your eyes was far from your favorite way of Kuroo trying to get your attention.

“How long have you been playing that thing?” He laughed, trying to grab for your DS, and you pulled it close to your body as a response. “That can’t be healthy. What would Yaku say if he was here?”

You groaned, turning over onto your side so you were facing away from Kuroo and the window. “Whatever, just let me finish this level and then I’ll get up,” You grumbled, pulling the blankets up over your head. “I’m almost done.”

Kuroo laughed again at that, yanking the covers back down before snatching your DS from your grip. “Kenma does this a lot, too,” He said, closing your DS and setting it aside. “I’m surprised the kid hasn’t died from malnutrition or something.”

“Kuroo, I was almost done,” You glared at him, squinting in the sunlight.

“You’ve been ignoring my texts since Monday,” He pouted mockingly, looking at you. “I miss you, you know.”

“Sorry,” You smirked, sitting up as your eyes adjusted to the brightness of the afternoon sun. “It’s a really good game.”

“Go eat something, (Y/N),” He grinned, reaching out. “I doubt you’ve eaten since you got that damn game.”

“Fine, mom,” You roll your eyes at him, your lips in a lopsided grin as you stepped out of bed for the first time in hours.

“Go shower, too,” He snickered, making a show by fanning his nose.

“Shut up, I will,” You laughed. “I’m going right back to my game once I’m done with everything you told me to do, though.”

“Yeah, right,” Kuroo grinned at you. “You owe me some attention, you know, since you’ve been ignoring me for so long.”

You smiled at him. “We’ll see about that, Kuroo.”

Akaashi Keiji

“This is far from healthy, you know,” Akaashi scolded, picking up some clothes off of your bedroom floor. “(Y/N), you must take better care of yourself and your room.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll clean up after this battle,” You waved your hand dismissively without turning to look at him. “I’m almost finished, I promise.”

“Have you eaten? Are you drinking enough water? Are you showering enough in between levels?” He asked, facing you with a pile of your clothes draped over his arms.

“No,” you said. “I will, though.”

“(Y/N), you haven’t been answering anyone’s texts, and I miss your company,” He admitted. “I want to see you again.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” You sat up, running your fingers through your matted hair. “I’ll finish it up later. Sorry for ignoring you, honey.”

“Bokuto-san was very absorbed in a game like you once,” He recalled, dropping your clothes in the hamper and walking over to you. “He forgot to take care of himself, too.”

You laughed when he narrowed his dark eyes. “I’m going to go make you something to eat, alright?” He kissed your forehead sweetly – God, he missed your attention – before leaving the room to prepare your food.

You looked over at your DS, wondering if you should finish up your battle real quick. You thought about Akaashi’s previous statement and decided against it, as spending time with your boyfriend seemed much more enticing.

Wanna Christen the Bed?

Summary: A lot has happened in the past months and you decided to just be alone but after a case, you rested in a town just to stumble to another case and the Winchesters.

Pairings: Reader x Dean

Warnings: Swearing, unbelievable ex-bf, killing and dying people, SMUT.

Word Count:

It’s fluff and yeah, Dean’s –just.

(Gifs not mine credits to them. YEY FOR HAVING 100 FOLLOWERS!!! Thaaaaaaanks!)

It’s been two months when you said you needed time to think, to breathe, to hunt on your own after your surrogate father, who seems to be everyone’s surrogate father, Bobby, died, also the fact that you you also broke up with your boyfriend, a week before that. You’ve managed to convince the Winchesters brothers that you’ll get back with them in one piece. You, for a fact missed the time they found out about the bunker, which was a total loss.  

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post mind control part 2!

ive done did it! [ao3] > [x]

to be fairly honest, I feel super nervous posting this haha. But as hs is really ending I really want to come up with some stuff that would suit. But as I am a piece of shit, I may have messed up with the canon a lot. Please let me know if there are any horrible typos and if I messed up in anyway. And also what you think! Nice comments keep me alive

Tavros’ weird transparent ghost body ached -it was a surprise it could even ache in the first place- as he struggled to get back to his senses. Something must have happened when they zapped away. Perhaps the timetables weren’t prepared to travel more than one person. Though he had to admit, it was a miracle he and Gamzee hadn’t fused together.

Speaking of Gamzee, where was he?

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