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Omfg I love coming on your blog! Makes my experience in Kpop much more fun! Can I request a Jackson scenario? Where a fight turns into sexual tension. #dadsykinks4thewin thank you kindly!

I love you

In trouble:

“Jackson don’t touch me.” You snarled wrenching your wrist from the male’s grip walking into your shared house.

“Really Y/N? You’re going to be like this?” Jackson questioned slamming the door to house kicking off his shoes.

“You know what, screw you Jackson. Why don’t you just go find the girl you were eye fucking and talk it out with her.” You said angrily moving towards the kitchen to rummage through the fridge finding a bottle water to chug down your parched mouth. Sighing Jackson came in the same space as you balling his hands up lightly he eyed you.

“Y/N it’s not like that and you know it.” He urged as he stare at you.

“Really baby?” You asked blinking your eyelashes and of course he fell for it smiling lightly thinking he was off the hook.

“Really baby girl.” He said gently pressing close to you.

“I have words.” You said sweetly smiling. “Piss. Off.” You barked chugging the rest of the water down before you made your way towards the room down the hallway. You heard Jackson growl and punch the way before he came chasing after you into the room.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me!” He commanded staring at your frame his own body shaking and red.

“I do whatever I want. I don’t see anyone here who owns me.” You snapped at him moving to walk into your closet. “And quite frankly I don’t want any excuses. You’re sleeping on the couch tonight buddy.” You pushed a pillow at him starting to strip your clothes slowly.

“Because you think I was looking at another woman?” Jackson asked with his voice raising and bless the poor neighbors if they heard you. It wasn’t the fact that Jackson had been looking at another woman shit happens and sometimes you do it. You’re human. But that was over the limit. He kept staring at her while you were talking and holding his hand. It was embarrassing to see others look at you and judge your relationship.

“Jackson.. Please. Just get out.” You said softly pointing at the door. Voice quivering and eyes welling up you sighed softly. More than anything you felt your pride being hurt. You weren’t good enough for him. Not sexy enough and if a woman could so easily take his attention then what were you.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” Jackson shouted. He hated seeing you cry he hated himself for what he had done. It wasn’t like she was all that, she was just different curvy like you but she wasn’t you and he knew in his heart he only wanted to be with you. But how to prove it? “Don’t you cry behind another female or male.”

“HOW CAN I NOT?!” You yelled out tears streaking down our face as you balled up your fist tighter. “You looked at her like how you used to look at me! When did you stop caring Jackson? When did I not become enough for you? When wasn’t I sexy enough or beautiful enough to make your heart melt?! Will you leave me.. Daddy?” You said the name softly looking down at your feet as the running tears made soft dark puddle droplets beside your feet into the light brown carpet. Hearing you call him daddy broke everything in his mind. He only could focus on one thing, his cock stirring in his pants. He knew he had to make it up to you and this was step one. Sex didn’t change everything but it could make you see how needy he was for just you.

Sighing when he didn’t answer you walked out the room wanting to leave the tension filled space but Jackson snapped out of it. Following you he roughly pushed you against the wall causing you to gasp. You were going to scream at him but he silenced you with a kiss his hands ripping at your shirt. He tore the fabric wide open causing you to gasp giving him access to your mouth. He sucked on your tongue with his own dominating the kiss as his hands shoved up your skirt. His fingers found your panties and almost tearing them he roughly moved them to the side plunging two fingers inside of your damp pussy. Jackson pulled back to eye you with intensity and need.

“Do you really think I’d ever leave you for another fucking girl? Do you ever think I can’t fucking live without you? Huh! Your sassy ass mouth and charming ways. And let’s not forget this sweet pussy that I just love cumming in so much. You’re my princess and nobody else will fucking lay hands on you.” His words were almost a growl causing your stomach to tighten up as your pussy got wetter. He quickly gripped at your hips with one hand using his strength to lift you until he was wrapping only one of your legs around his neck and the other around his waist. Pulling back his drenched fingers he tongue fucked you sucking on your pussy harshly. Head moving side to side he made sure to run his tongue over everything once. Curving it and thrusting it rapidly against your spot causing you to cry out and pull at his hair trying to get him away from you but it didn’t work. His free hand gripped at your breast kneading the flesh one by one until he felt you tightening up on his tongue. Pulling out from you he sat you on your feet and spun you around to face the wall pinning you there. His free hand moved to yank down his zipper freeing his shaft. He kept his pants on gripping at the base of his cock to rub it up and down your dripping folds. In one go without warning he slammed into you pushing you both against the wall so that he could feel you up and you could take all of him. You cried out hands bracing on the wall for support but it didn’t last. Jackson pulled your body back a bit so that he could grab at your hips and pound into you. He growled out at how you started to scream for him, your juices sliding out of your wet cunt and onto his shaft. He spread your legs wide pressing a hand down your back making you arch so that he could angle his hips and abuse your spot. Again, and again he plowed into your pussy his hands switching from leaving bruises in your hips to grabbing at your breast and playing with them. Occasionally he slapped at them and pulled on your nipples causing you to damn near sob against the wall from the pleasure and pain. A hand drifted down to your clit and he rubbed at the bud quickly not giving you any time to prepare for his assault on your pussy. Your eyes rolled back and your back arched more. Legs shaking you were resting your head against the wall so that you could hold yourself up in some kind of way. You couldn’t even warn Jackson of how close you were because all that left your lips were gibberish mixed in with his name but in a few more thrusts he had you shouting for mercy, cumming on his cock and going limp in his hold. Jackson pressed you back against the wall continuing to abuse your clit and fuck into you from behind slamming his hips against yours. You tried to pull away your body was sensitive and buzzing but he didn’t have that. Causing you to squirt as you came again Jackson filled you up to the brim his cock releasing long thick ropes of cum inside of you. Jackson felt his own legs buck and he held you against the wall letting both of your breathing calm down before he spoke.

“The fact that you think I would leave you. For anyone amazes me. I may look but I know what I have, or I wouldn’t be with you. You’re an amazing woman and I was an asshole for checking her out like that. And I could blame it on being a man or I can just man up and say I’m sorry. So, I apologize and if it happens again I will take whatever repercussion you give me. But I love you Y/N. Your pussy, your body and your smart-ass mouth and attitude. You’re my world and no matter what no woman will be able to change that.” He waited for an answer but when you didn’t say anything he looked at you frowning seeing more tears.

“I’m not crying.. You’re crying.” You teased shoving at him. “I love you too. But you’re still sleeping on the couch. After you carry me and bathe me.” You teased him but he only thrusted his hips forward wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Or we could both stay here and fuck like rabbits until I get it right.”

“Troop Leader” Part 8

Summary: How will your father react when he realizes that James Buchanan Barnes is the one mending your broken heart?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader

Warnings: angst, very creepy, unstable man 

Word Count: 955

A/N: questions have been answered. i think there will be a few more parts. i do want to write some smut for this, so be expecting that. both taglists are open.

Troop Leader Masterlist

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You suddenly stopped in your tracks. There was a figure just up ahead. He was at the end of the hall. He stood with his shoulders high, but his head bowed. He was trying to scare you, and he was doing a damn good job of it. You didn’t want him to know that.

“Who are you? What the fuck do you want with me?” you said with authority. Fear was not evident in your voice.

He slowly started walking towards you, and you backed away with every step he took. Until he lifted his head. You couldn’t believe who was in front of you.


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Locked In (Part 9)

Originally posted by weeklyspn

Summary: Detective Winchester might have a lead on Sam but it comes at a cost…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Pairing: Detective!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,200ish

Warnings: language, violence

A/N: So I might have broke my own heart a little while writing the end of this one…

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Relevation (M)

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New gif I thought would be perf for this scenario~

Summary: The Bangtan Boys come to visit you for the summer and you wonder whether you should come clean to Jungkook about the feelings you’ve had for him the past couple years.

Genre: Fluff, eventual smut Bc why tf not :)))

Word count: 7187 (this is the longest scenario I’ve worked on wtf :’) )

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JEON JUNGKOOK! So I originally planned for this to be released at 09/01/16 12:00AM KST BUT…unfortunately I had to cut a whole day off on writing this due to me falling ill af :’) BUT. ITS FINE. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. Here’s a long scenario I wrote about him and really tried to get done before his birthday! This scenario is based on a dream I had with the little bun so it’s written mostly for me to look back on but I hope you all enjoy it anyway! Not all of this actually happened in my dream, just a very small part of where I’m walking next to him deciding whether I wanted to admit the feels for him which will be depicted here in the scenario as well. Also…this is actually me with Jungkook in 98% of my dreams: me pretending I don’t like him even though I’m dying for him inside (RIP me). ALSO. Some details here like what country y/n moves to, or job or career path she has is left for the reader to interpret on their own so that it becomes more relatable when reading. I worked really hard on this so I hope all of you like it! Please show some love for it! <33

P.S. Here’s a shout out for all my fellow noonas out there who have to struggle with biasing the little man bun who manages to ruin us all, this scenario is for you!

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy

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Can you do ome where you and Harry go to Annes (not for the first time) you dont have any kids not married just engaged amd have a nice family dinner there

(not edited)

You had become so excited to make your announcement. You couldn’t wait to tell these people that you wanted to make them apart of your family, and you hoped they would accept you into theirs. They were just such lovely people and you couldn’t believe how lucky you were to be able to say that they were going to be legally your in-laws. You had the inkling that Harry wasn’t as eager to do so, though. Whenever an opportunity came up to segue into your announcement, he would quickly change the topic. You were starting to get offended. You felt as though Harry thought he was making a mistake, and was taking his sweet time to decide whether or not to put his family through another messy breakup. You wanted to say something but the two of you were almost never alone when you were with Harry’s family. And, to be honest, you would usually not have it any other way. You loved spending time with Harry’s family, but you wanted nothing more to ask Harry what was going on, in private.

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Happiness is a Warm Gun

Joker x Reader

Prompt: Hey, I just wanted to say I ABSOLUTLY ADORE your writing and I was wondering if you could do a piece were Puddin captures the reader and gets her to strip for him? Very kinky, very dirty smutty smutty smutty smut.

{A/N} I had fun with this, honestly, thank you haha. More of your requests are coming! Thank you for being patient, I’m doing them in the order I receive them!
xo Harley

Masterlist | Requests

Warnings: Some violence/abuse, cursing, very kinky, very dirty smutty smutty smutty smut. Also gun play, sorta, so theres that.

The rain seemed to spill from buckets onto the windows of your small apartment. A {F/B} LP spins on your record player as it clashes with the sounds outside. A warm cup of tea keeps your left hand occupied as your right one holds the novel Lolita. As gloomy as the day was, you enjoyed this every time the rain fell, and took solace in the company of your favorite band, a book, a cup of tea and your cat.

Your life was never very eventful, and you have no set direction or calling, but you always valued the little things in life. After all, it’s the little things that add up to the grand scheme of things, and you take solace in it. Reading and tea is good enough for you, and you knew that much about yourself. 

You’re not the girl who goes out and parties, or subdues herself with violent or dangerous vices. After seeing how old friends turned out from just that, you were okay with your vanilla habits. 

 You take a sip from your {F/T} tea and run your hand along your cats tail as {he/she} hops off of the plush bench in the alcove and runs into the other room. Strange.. you think, putting your tea down and setting the open book on the cushion before you get up and walk to your room to grab a cat toy to entertain {her/him}. As you push the door open further, your eyes land on a man standing in front of your large, full length mirror, checking himself out, startling you to say the least as your eyes pop open and your hand grips onto the door. 

“This jacket, it’s new. But I think it really looks good on a guy.. What do you think?” He says, keeping his eyes on his own reflection. 

You’re unsure if he can see you in the mirror, but your eyes stay glued to his shoes, almost burning holes into them as your mind hastily runs through files of information that you may have come across in your years that could possibly help you in a situation like this. Your first thought is to quickly run back into the kitchen and grab a knife, but what if he’s got a gun? 

Trying to quietly swallow hard, your eyes move upwards. He’s slender, built and so, very cocky. His stance is that of a man who knows exactly what he’s worth and who he is, and something about it is almost attractive as you carry on, now more curious, to his face in the mirror. He was pale, and the dark purple trench coat only brought out the green in his hair. His face has tattoos and his icy gaze could mesmerize you without question. Quickly and completely by accident, your eyes now catch each other’s in the mirror, and the smile that slides across his face is nothing short of devilish.

A mixture of emotions course through your tense body as he turns slowly, a mock frown turning on his lips. 

“Don’t be scared, sweetie pie, daddy just wants to play with you a little..”

“Daddy?” You ask. 

It wasn’t really in your repertoire to call someone daddy. You haven’t been quite a sexual person with anyone else, and it wasn’t that you haven’t had experience, you just weren’t sure you ever found someone who really made your heart jump from your chest enough. 

“Oh,” a long laugh emits from his ruby red stained lips, and you can make out every “ha ha” as he does so. “I’m gonna teach you a few things, baby doll.”

Your shoulders slide back, and you turn your cheek slightly. Now would be the time to grab a knife, you think. But something in you pulls at the thought of him. Pulls at the thought of calling him daddy. You’re unsure of the feeling between your thighs as he slowly turns around to face you now, revealing his bare torso riddled with tattoos. 

“Joker..” you read out loud, still rather quietly as your eyes fixate on the lettering above his naval. 

“That’s my name, doll, don’t wear it out,” he says, his voice gravely as takes a step in your direction. “And you, {Y/N}, are one sizzlin’ lady." 

His eyes fall on your exposed shoulder from the oversized sweater you had on before he walks towards your closet, shaking his head. 

I want you to show it off for me…“ 

 Still in shock, you’re watching as he starts thumbing through hangers in your closet, completely making himself at home. How does he know my name? I’ve never seen him before in my life but… Your mind recalls the television broadcasts and news articles about him. They all seem to run through your head like an old film reel and your heart begins to quicken all over again. 

"You’re gonna kill me.” You say, your voice hollow. 

The words seemed to slow down the world, and you could only think of your cat who’d miss you terribly. 

“Oh I’m not gonna kill ya… I’m gonna hurt ya, and you might like it.” He says, yanking a little {F/C} dress from a hanger, breaking it in the process. “Put this on.” He says, throwing it at you. 

You instinctively catch the dress in your hands, flustered and confused. 


You move to the bathroom, removing your clothes and slipping into the dress. Even you couldn’t help but like what you saw when you looked in the mirror, but you’d only bought that dress on impulse, and you remembered that as you pulled off the tag. 

You emerge from the bathroom, and he coincidently chucks the pair of black heels you bought to pair with the dress. 

"Be a good little girl, put on your shoes, and lets go." 

You begin to panic now, afraid of going anywhere. 

"I’m not going anywhere with you!” You say, throwing your shoes back at him. “Go away!" 

 The trembling starts in your fingers and makes its way to the rest of your body as his cold stare meets your terrified one. In what feels like only seconds, he pulls a sash from his pocket, grabs your wrists and ties them together. Trying to fight him was the only thing you could think to do, but as soon as he let go, the bones in your wrists were pressing together, and the sash was digging into your flesh, feeling like it could cut off your circulation. 

“Fucker!” You manage to say as he pushes you onto the floor, taking your shoes and angrily putting them on for you.

“If you don’t wanna take the easy route, kitten, I have no problems with it,” he spits as he finished putting your shoes on, yanking you back up by your arm and dragging you through your apartment and out of the door. You whimper, wondering if you should take the chance in the empty street and call for help. You were on the bottom floor, and your door lead right outside, surely someone would hear you.

“Help! Somebody! Please, help m-”

Before you know it, you’re slammed against the wall, and theres a stinging on your cheek. Blinking a few times, your slowly turn your head back to face him. The hues of blue in his eyes up close look almost clear as you try to compose yourself. His expression is stern, and you feel compelled to listen to him now, and the feeling between your thighs is back, stronger now.

“What did I say about being a good little girl for daddy? I don’t want to ruin that pretty little face before I get to devour that, hot little body..”

His hand slides to the inside of your thigh, running his fingers up and down slowly, and you can almost see his expression change in just the least as he teases himself with the warmth of your skin in such a place. Your chest rises as falls, and as horrified as you were at the thought of something so gruesome, some, strange man kidnapping you and attempting at having you the way he wants, you couldn’t help but be aroused.

A jagged laugh leaves his lips as his eyes fall on your chest, noticing your erect, pierced nipples under the thin fabric of your dress. 

“Oh, you are a little freak, too. That’s okay… Just, like, me.”

Your piercings were a small show of rebellion for yourself. Just because you don’t do drugs or party every night, doesn’t mean you can’t do things that seem taboo to other people in other ways. 

He peels you off of the wall and pulls you to his purple Lamborghini, which stood out at your building to begin with. You wondered for a moment how you didn’t hear it earlier, once he threw you inside and turned on the car himself. The music was loud, thudding through the entire area, and he steps on the gas and speeds off, while you inwardly panic, planning an escape as soon as you get to where every you’re going.

“Hey honey, I gotta ask a big favor,” his voice roars, cocky and thick with a smile above the engines own roar and the musics loudness. “Maybe I’m wrong, but does this smell like chloroform to you?” 

He holds a rag to your nose and mouth, and you begin to scream, trying to wriggle away from it. The last thing you hear is his laughter as everything goes black and quiet around you. Oh his laughter.. When he pulled his little joke on you, it sounded like he was the happiest man on earth. 

Everything is hazy, blurry and fading either in or out- you can’t tell- as your eyes blink. The light around you is dim, and you try to move away, panic setting in slowly again as you come to. As you struggle to open your eyes more, praying it was all a bad dream, you see a blurry figure, sitting on a couch in front of you. The figure has green hair, no shirt, and pale skin. You want to cry, scream for help, but you’re too weak. 

Little by little, adrenaline kicks in, causing you to wake up more.

“Look at that mascara, running down those cheeks for me. God, you’re so pretty..” 

“I’m not doing anything for you!” You cry out, noticing you’re in the VIP area of a club as you scream over the music. You knew you were done for now, everyone was drunk, no one cared or paid any attention. No one would help.

“Now, now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” he says, bringing his tattooed hand over his mouth as he watches you struggle to sit up. 

You notice the grin tattooed on his hand and you can’t help but be curious about it for only a second as you stare back at him once you’ve finally managed to sit up.

“What to do with you, my doll.. What to do..”

You stay quiet. It couldn’t be that bad, right? Surely not in a public place would he do something drastic to you. 

“Hey boss, we have a-”

“Shut up and get out,” Joker replies to his goon, pulling a gun and aiming it at him. You squeak and jump at the sight of the gun, tears welling up in your eyes again as the man holds his hands up and leaves. 

Fuck. He owns the place.

“Get up,” he tell you, pointing the gun at you now. 

This is it. I’m fish food when he’s done. 

You stand up, trembling just slightly again as you try to gain balance after being drugged and scared in your high heels. He stands up now, and steps closer to you. Your eyes stay on whats going on on the other side of the beaded curtain that separates you from the rest of the club. Trying to find an escape, if only in your mind, you concentrate on the people, the music, everything but what’s happening to you.

Suddenly, you feel your hands fall apart and your wrists gaining more feeling. Your initial thought is to run, but knowing (or thinking) that you can get away, you stay put. His hand reaches out for your face, trailing it to your {H/C} hair, and sliding his fingers through it. His fingertips graze the back of your neck, and your skin crawls. There’s that feeling again.

His hand continues to slide down your back, cupping your ass just slightly as he slides it back up, quickly bringing the gun to your back with his other hand as he whispers in your ear, his voice sultry and dark.

Strip for me..”

The gun on your back leaves as he slides it around to your side and walks back to the couch. Sitting down, Joker leans back into the plush leather, gun in one hand as he gestures towards you to start.

“Do not, keep daddy waiting.”

The gun in his hand was terrifying and yet sexy, and you exhale as you bring your hands back to your own body, sliding your fingers along your hips. You’ve never stripped for anyone before, and this was not your ideal first time.. But catching sight of the arousal in his pants already may have changed your mind as you slide your fingers up to the straps of your dress. Your body begins to sway softly to the music thudding in the club as your slide the straps off of your shoulders one by one, letting your fingers caress every curve and divot of your figure again.

Wanting to tease him, your hands go for the bottom of your short dress as you turn around, sliding it up slowly to expose your {B/T} thighs more. You roll your head back, your {H/L} hair falling over your shoulders as you spread your legs just a bit more, exposing one cheek and cupping your own ass before bending over to show it all to him. You catch him shifting in his seat, leaning forward on his knees now as you roll your body back up slowly, turning around to face him again and lifting your dress slowly as you walk closer towards him, standing between his legs now.

You were already wet at the mere fact that you were doing this for him, especially in a sea of people, and his eyes were still only on you. His hands reach out and grip into your thighs as you slide your dress up further, exposing your glistening essence to him. He leans in and kisses your thigh, tingling every bit of skin his lips grace. You push him back slightly, sudden confidence coursing through you, and he lifts a brow, his expression almost screaming ‘oh really now?’ 

A smile slides across his features as your hands slide back up, your fingers sliding between your breasts. Your hands glide over the fabric again before they cut your breasts. You let your fingers run over your nipples as you bite your lip, pulling on one of them. A soft groan escapes you as you find yourself doing this more for you at the moment, and he’s salivating just watching. His hands move along your legs as you pull at the top of your dress now, just barely exposing your nipples him. The look in his eyes is almost pained as you stop. A smirk slides across your features as you make eye contact with him now. 

“That’s my good girl.. I knew you had it in ya..”

Your hair is a mess, your skin is almost damp from the heat of the room and of the moment, and you giggle just slightly through lowered eyelids as you slide the rest of your dress down slowly. Bringing it over your hips, you let it fall around your heels. 

“Do I get to have you in me, daddy?” You ask, a big grin on your face now as you look at him. It almost feels like something in you snapped, and you just want to act on instinct. 

“Oh baby doll..” he groans, unbuttoning his pants and leaning in to kiss your thighs. You could tell he was proud of you and something in that gave you butterflies. His kisses led from your thigh up to your hip, his mouth trailing only inches away from your folds. He breathes against you before delving in, his tongue sliding along your slit. You moan, a hand playing with his green hair as the other pulls on your nipple. His tongue darts over your clit over and over and you almost laugh at the pleasure coursing through you.

He pulls back, grabbing your shoulders and turning your around, bending you over the table in front of the couch. He takes a long, clean cloth napkin and wrings it up, slapping your ass with it before pulling it back over your mouth and gagging you as your hands grip onto the table. His hand drags over the napkin and trails back to your hair, gripping into it and yanking it back. He grabs his gun with the other hand and glides the the end of the barrel over your back, the cold metal giving you chills. 

You can feel it sliding over your ass, stopping as he holds it at your sweet spot. 

“Happiness is a warm gun, ain’t it?” He growls, sliding it up and down your core again as you moan under the gag. You hang your head before he pulls it back by your hair. Instinctively, you move your hips to press further into his gun, letting it glide against your wetness now as he slips it between your folds further.

“Ask daddy nicely, and maybe I’ll give you want you want..” He coos, still gliding the gun agonizingly slow along your core.

Please daddy..you beg through the makeshift gag. In a rush, you feel his torso on your back and see the gun next to your face. He couldn’t wait any longer, torturing himself at the sight of you like this for him. What he had only seen around town as a sweet, innocent girl, being so dirty, so naughty just for him. His game was corruption, and everyone knew it. He uses a few fingers to pull the gag down from your mouth as he pushes himself into your core, sending a wave of pleasure from your essence to your head and your toes. A loud moan leaves you as he grunts, sliding in and out of your wetness.

“Lemme hear you moan for daddy, huh kitten?”

Almost on cue, you moan for him, unable to take the heat between your thighs now as you buck your hips to meet his thrusts. He presses his wet gun against your lips, leaning down further to watch as you take the now warm gun into your mouth, sucking on it as he continues to throw you both into ecstasy. 

A loud, satisfied hoot leaves him as he continues to push into you, growing sloppier by the second. You can hear him laugh as he bites into your shoulder, trailing down your back with bruises until he stands up straight.


“More, daddy..” you beg with a grin as his hand makes contact with your ass again and again. His hands reach for your hips and he pulls you back into him roughly as he reaches his climax, the feeling only guiding you into yours. 

One more slap stings your ass as he pulls out of you, a sort of “job well done” one this time as you pant, leaning down further on the table and loosening your grip on the edge. He squeezes your ass before turning around, buttoning his pants again and sliding a hand back through his emerald hair. The dress lands next to you as he tosses it back, looking around the room back on his guard as he wards off any stares that they may have attracted with his own icy glare as you stand back up, sliding into your {F/C} dress again. You smooth it out, and attempt to smooth out your hair while you turn back to him, half sitting on the table as you kick a leg up, leaning back on your arms and biting your lip.

“You’re gonna do just nicely at my side..” he says as he turns around, admiring a bruise already surfacing on your clavicle. 

Like an Angel ~ Chapter Two

An Oh Sehun We Got Married series

Not Requested

Genre: Romance // Slight Angst

Summary: (of this series) Two idols, one show, one marriage. Can you and Sehun fake your marriage for the fans? Or will that fake marriage start something between the two of you?

Summary: (of this chapter) Moving in with Sehun! Buying presents and angst…poor Sehun. Also I promise chapter three will be better :)

Word Count: 4,100 words

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter four, coming soon}

“Yes,” he says, but it comes out as a whisper. Nodding, his tongue peeks out once again to moisten his lips.

“O-kay.” you say awkwardly as you stand up. Walking over to him, you notice his posture straighten up.

Tilting your head and looking up at him, you smile again. And this time, he smiles back.

Just like an angel.

“H-hello?” you say sleepily into the phone.

You hear a man laugh, but not just any man. It’s Sehun.

You’re definitely awake now.

“Yah, were you asleep?” he asks in an amused tone. “Wake up, wifey.”

You sit up in your bed, holding the phone up to your ear. “Sehun? I think I remember my manager calling me.” you say, more alert now.

“She told me to call you with her phone. She wanted me to ask you if you were ready.”

“For what?”

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Summary: It’s that time of the month and you decide to visit the Monsta X dorm to see your friends in an attempt to make yourself feel better, but when Kihyun starts acting strange, you begin to question just what exactly he’s trying to do.

Pairing: Kihyun x reader 

Word count: 2061 

A/N: Again I apologise for this taking so unbelievably long, I hope you like it ❤

Staring at your phone screen, you couldn’t even bring yourself to smile. The group chat on the screen was spamming with comforting messages, but they weren’t making you feel anything. You wanted to see them in person. For a while, you had been close to the boys of Monsta X, close enough to tell them when things bothered you, and in this case, when it just so happened to be that time of the month. As you typed to them, you lay in bed trying to ignore the cramps. They seemed worse than ever, and weren’t showing any signs that they would be getting better soon. Rolling onto your back, you closed the chat and brought up your contacts. Something had to be done.

“Hello? Y/N?” Minhyuk picked up on the other end. Minhyuk was pretty much your best friend, so you always called him given that you could tell him anything, but you had recently found yourself developing what you thought might be feelings for someone else. As soon as Minhyuk had answered, you knew the rest of them would be listening intently by his side, that “someone else” included.

“I hate to be a bother, but do you think I could come over? It wouldn’t be for long, I just… need to see you guys.” You were lucky to catch them on a day were they were free for the evening.

“Of course, come over now! We’d be happy to comfort you.” You could practically feel Minhyuk smiling at you down the phone, and heard whispers in the background. They seemed like happy whispers, so your spirits were high now, despite the demon trying to destroy you internally.

“Okay thank you, I’ll see you in ten.” With that, you hung up the phone and fixed yourself up to go, throwing on a hoodie and tying your hair up. You hadn’t bothered with makeup, because on these days, you just couldn’t put effort into anything without getting irritated at yourself for messing it up. You grabbed your keys and phone, and left your apartment, getting in the car and driving towards the dorm. It wasn’t the first time you had visited, so you felt less anxious about going to the building this time.

Pulling up outside, you climbed out of the car and locked it. Nobody was around on the street that you could see, but why would they be? It was already 11pm. Heading inside, you made your way to the boys’ door. You barely had a chance to knock before the door was swung open, and you were enveloped into a bear hug by Minhyuk.

“Are you okay? Are you sad? Tell me what I can do to make you feel better and I’ll do it!” He blabbered, holding onto you tightly, to the point of uncomfortableness.

“You could start by not suffocating me.” You gasped, squirming in his arms a little. He let go almost immediately, and smiled.

“Sorry, I’m just pleased to see you.”

“I can see that.” You smiled.

“Well, even if you feel bad, everyone’s waiting. So c’mon I’ll make you hot tea or something!” You raised your eyebrow at him, unsure of how that was going to go. “…Or maybe I’ll get Kihyun to do it. Either way, you’re gonna get tea!” You chuckled at his enthusiasm, grateful for it, but you stuck on Kihyun’s name. You were nervous to see him most out of all of them, because he was the one you were harbouring feelings for. At least, you thought they were feelings. You thought maybe they could just be something else, but either way you were a little on edge.

Minhyuk lead you to were the rest of the members were, and they got to their feet to properly greet you. Hugging them one by one, you noticed that Kihyun was coming up last. You moved over to him quietly, giving him a hug too. You felt your heart racing, and wound up pulling away faster than you would’ve liked. He seemed to notice as he looked at you with a concerned expression, but he didn’t have a chance to question before Minhyuk came shrieking in.

“Kihyunnie, will you make Y/N some tea? I’d do it but I don’t know what’s best for cramps. I figured you do.” Kihyun quirked an eyebrow at him.

“What makes you think I know? Do I look like a woman to you?” Kihyun questioned, moving towards the kitchen regardless. As Minhyuk was about to open his mouth, Kihyun raised his hand. “You know what, don’t answer that.” Minhyuk pouted, but he was too much in high spirits to stay that way for long.

You sat down with the boys on the floor and talked about the things you usually did: their schedules, your student life, how they were feeling. You were disheartened to hear about Hoseok dealing with confidence issues, but when he said he had Minhyuk with him it made you smile.

“Good. You look after him, Minhyuk!” He nodded happily, along with Hoseok. At this point, Kihyun had already brought you a mug of tea that he thought might help you relax a little, as well as a few painkillers. You hadn’t looked at him directly for at least five minutes, and were feeling a little tense as a result. You swallowed thickly and looked to one of the others to start a conversation.

“So, y/n!” Kihyun called out to you. It was difficult for you to look him in the eye, so you kept looking at Minhyuk as he spoke. “How have you been?”

“Not bad, just the usual stuff going on. Assignments, work. I think I’ve been more tired than usual but that’s about it really.” Shrugging your shoulders, you smiled at Kihyun, realising that the more you tried to not look at him, the more obvious you were likely to be. He smiled back at you, and nodded.

“I hope you’re getting plenty of rest, y/n! You’ll get sick otherwise.” Hyunwoo piped up.

“I could say the same to all of you. This is the first day you’ve had off in a while, I feel bad for asking to come over to be honest… You should be sleeping.” Changkyun shook his head.

“Don’t feel bad, if we wanted to sleep we would have just told you to get lost.” He laughed, earning himself a slap on the arm from Jooheon. You chuckled, nodding in agreement.


“So, are we gonna do something fun tonight?” Jooheon asked, looking around the room at everyone.

“Like what?” You weren’t sure how much fun you’d be able to have in your current state, though the tea seemed to be making you feel less pain. Looking over at Kihyun, you caught him just as he was looking at you. Quickly you looked away, just as Minhyuk had an idea.

“Should we watch a movie? Let’s watch a superhero movie!” It seemed that everyone agreed, so Minhyuk and Hyungwon began to set up the movie. Changkyun, Hoseok and Jooheon had disappeared to get some blankets and pillows, leaving you alone with Kihyun.

“Are you feeling any better?” Truthfully you weren’t really. The pain was just coming and going, but you decided to act like his tea was your saving grace.

“Yeah, the pain isn’t so bad now. I guess your tea did the trick.” You grinned.

“Well, what can I say, I guess I’m just gifted.” He grinned back at you, pretending to flip his hair.

“Don’t you agree with that, his head’s big enough.” Changkyun laughed as he came back into the room. Kihyun narrowed his eyes at the younger, but chose to ignore his comment.

“Thank you though. I appreciate you making it for me.” You smiled, taking back his attention. He flashed you a wide grin and nodded.

“No need to thank me, it’s the least I could do to make you feel better. C’mon, it looks like they’ve finished setting up over there.” He pointed over to where the others had laid out the blankets and pillows. You nodded, and started to walk over. Suddenly, Kihyun stopped me. “Wait… uh… y/n would you come to my room for a minute?” He tried to be quiet, but of course the youngest heard him.

“Hey, you can’t just disappear when we’re gonna watch a movie! Why do you need her to go to your room anyway, that’s weird. Don’t be weird.” He announced loudly, eyeing Kihyun. You looked at Kihyun, confused by him as he pulled a face at Changkyun.

“Yeah, just what are you trying to pull on y/n?” Minhyuk chimed in, reaching out for you like a child.

“I’m just gonna sit down…” You muttered, sitting beside Minhyuk. Kihyun didn’t know how to stop you, even if he told you the problem by whispering, taking you to his room to fix it would still look strange to the others. Though he was surprised by the fact that they hadn’t noticed. At the same time, you were trying to figure out what exactly he was up to. You weren’t even focused on the movie anymore, just questioning why he had suddenly just tried to get you to go to his room? You didn’t exactly pin him as that type of guy, so what could it be?

Letting out a sigh, Kihyun figured the easiest thing would just be to tell you, and get it over with. Leaning beside you, he whispered into your ear that there was a red stain on the back of your pants. Your face flushed, and your eyes widened. Looking up at him, he pointed to his bedroom door and you nodded, quickly getting up despite what everyone else was saying. The two of you headed into his room, and you hid your face in your hands. “This is so embarrassing. It’s one thing for you guys to know when it’s that time, but this?” You groaned. Kihyun shook his head.

“Don’t be embarrassed. Here, do you want one of my hoodies to wrap around you?” He offered, rummaging in his closet. You shook your head.

“No, I don’t want to get anything on it. I just feel so gross now.” You sighed, standing in the middle of the room. You knew that the other six would be pressed up against the door cartoon style so you were trying to avoid it. But you didn’t want to sit on anything either. So, you just stood. Awkwardly. Kihyun looked over at you, noticing how uncomfortable you were.

“Do you want to go home then?” He suggested. As sad as you were to leave them, knowing it might be a while before you could see them again, you knew you had to go. You nodded, and he smiled kindly. “Then at least take this for now to cover with.” He held out a black hoodie to you, insistent that you take it. “I can get it back whenever. I won’t need it I don’t think.” You paused for a moment, suddenly speaking without thinking.

“Or maybe you could just… come with… then you could get it back tomorrow…” Your words grew quieter as you realised what you had said, looking away as you waited for him. To your surprise, he nodded.

“Sure. I’ll make sure you feel better, I’ll make you so much tea you’ll be sick of it.” He grinned. “C’mon, let’s go.” You wrapped the hoodie around your waist and nodded, leaving his room.

“AH!” As expected, the six village idiots fell over when you opened it.

“Guys I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to leave. Something came up and I need to go. It was so good to see you all though.” You hugged each of them, ignoring the crude comments from Changkyun about Kihyun coming with you, and Minhyuk’s never-ending series of questions that followed. You got into your car, Kihyun jumping in beside you and headed for home.

Once there, you took a quick shower to freshen up, wrapped yourself in a fluffy dressing gown, and joined Kihyun on the couch. He handed you more tea and painkillers, which eventually made you feel sleepy. “Kihyun?” You muttered, leaning on his shoulder.


“You already know I like you, don’t you?”


“Do you like me?” He smiled, grateful you couldn’t see his blushing face.


1. You were on the phone with my brother and I played our song in the background, just loud enough that I knew you’d hear it.
2. I kept in touch with your best friend. Every few days I’d text him something stupid, hoping he’d tell you about it.
3. I started wearing skirts to school. I hate them but I know they’re your favorite.
4. I never deleted my favorite picture of us off my instagram.
5. I went to my special spot more than I usual do, the one only you know about.
6. I started being late for school, knowing maybe you would be too, hoping we could walk in together.
7. I painted my nails white, you always told me to do them white.
8. I stopped listening to music in the car, you used to yell at me that it was too loud anyways.
9. I kept your shirt but leave it on my closet floor. I don’t want your scent to fade away.
—  9 ways I tried to tell you I really fucking miss you @needumost
Despite Everything//A Valentine's Day Bo Burnham Imagine

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE FAMED VALENTINE’S DAY ONE-SHOT (even though it’s almost two weeks late…) I am so sorry it took so long.

By the way, if I accidentally go from “you”s to “I”s, I apologize. I tried to fix all of them.

Title: Despite Everything

Character/Celebrity: Bo Burnham

Rating: T

Word Count: 1727


“It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.” Bo said. You nodded, not even looking at the computer screen as you made yourself dinner.

Ever since he’d left for his latest tour, you had skyped with him every night. But it wasn’t the same, touching his face on a computer screen instead of feeling his skin under your fingertips. You never knew how painful missing someone could be.

“Baby, look at me.” He said. You set down the spoon you were using and turned to face your laptop. “I know you’re upset I won’t be there.”

“I’m okay, Bo, honestly.” You were lying, and you knew he knew it. “I get to see you next week.”

“Yeah, but next week isn’t Valentine’s Day.” It was like he pulled the thought right out of your head. Still, you put a smile on your face.

“It’s just a day, Bo.” His face drooped at your words, but he nodded.

“You’re right.” He said. “Listen, baby, I gotta go. Show starts in twenty minutes.” You bit your lip. You hated saying goodbye to that man.

“Alright.” You said, “Good luck, baby. Make the girls swoon and the guys laugh their dicks off.” It was something you told him before every show. Sort of a long-running joke.

“Always.” He said before his face turned completely serious. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Bo.” You said without hesitation. He smiled again and blew you a kiss before disconnecting the call.

Once you were positive he couldn’t see you, you sat down at the small kitchen table and sighed, putting your face in your hands.

You loved him so much, lived for him, but it was hard for you to only be able to see him on a computer screen a lot of the time. You guys had only started dating a few months ago, but you already knew he was it for you. He was the one you wanted to spend forever with.

Even still, those few months ago had been right before his tour started. He’d asked you to move in after a week, because he didn’t want to waste any time and he wanted you to be there when he got back.

You didn’t mind. You loved the apartment that you two shared. It was cozy and it felt like home. Bo had let you go crazy with some of the decorating, adding little elements of things you loved all over the place. A birdcage here, a throw pillow there turned into whole halves of rooms being of your own design.

But you didn’t know how long you would be able to do this. Sure, he came back in a week and afterwards you would have a few months with him, but then he would leave to be on tour again. It was beginning to put a serious strain on your, basically new, relationship and you could feel it.

But what could you do, right? You chose to love him despite everything, and that’s what you were going to do.


When you woke up the next morning, your fingers were still wrapped around the cool glass of an empty bottle of wine. Luckily it’d only been half full when you’d gone to town on it the night before.

You reached for your phone to check the time, (2:00 p.m., Jesus.) and discovered a couple of missed calls from Bo, and a text that told you to call him when you got the chance. You sighed. You guessed you had the chance right then.

You hit ‘return call’ and waited while it rang. After a couple of times, you wondered vaguely if you had missed your chance to talk to him for the day… on Valentine’s Day. Surely he would answer.

“Well look who’s finally awake.” His voice said. No ‘hello.’ You loved that.

“Sorry, I guess my alarm didn’t go off.”

“Don’t act like you set an alarm on a Saturday.” He told you, reading your lie even through the phone. You giggled.

“Alright alright, so I stayed up all night drinking and watching Sons of Anarchy.” You admitted.

“That sounds more like you.” He said. You laughed and nodded even though he couldn’t see you. “Now. I called you for a specific purpose.”

“Oh, you did?” You asked, a little intrigued.

“Mhm. Now, I want you to go to your closet and get dressed. Something cute, not too casual, but comfortable.” Your eyebrows met in confusion.


“Just do it, okay?” You sighed and pulled yourself from the warmth of your bed to the closet.

“What time is it there?” You asked, trying to make conversation as you changed into jeans and a v-neck that was a little fancier than most of the clothes you owned.

“Around noon.” He told you.

“It’s two in the afternoon here.” You informed him, even though he most likely already knew that.

“Yeah.” He said. “Now, are you dressed?”

“Yep.” You said.

“Alright. Now I want you to get your purse and walk outside the apartment building.” You grabbed your purse from the desk and slipped on your shoes before leaving and locking the apartment and descending the stairs.

“Bo, what’s going on?”

“Shh.” He stopped you. “Now, when you get outside, there should be a cab waiting for you.” Sure enough, parked right on the street was a yellow cab.

“Uh, yeah…”

“I want you to get into the cab. It’s already paid for, and I know the guy driving it.”


“No questions. Get in.” I sighed and opened the yellow door.

“Are you (y/n)?” The man driving the cab was in his thirties with dark hair and bright eyes. You nodded and he smiled warmly as you slid into the back seat.

“Put me on speaker.” Bo said. You pulled the phone away from your face and did as he asked. “Start driving, Jackson.” he said and the cabby nodded, pulling away from the curb and beginning to drive down the street.


Bo was silent for the whole car ride, and you felt too awkward to say anything to fill the silence.

“Tell me when you get to the place.” Bo said and Jackson nodded.

After a little while, Jackson pulled the cab into the parking lot that belonged to the park you and Bo’d had your first date. You smiled softly. Bo must’ve had something good planned.

“We’re here.” Jackson said.

“Give her the thing.” Bo said through the phone. Jackson turned around and handed me grinned and took them from him. “Remember our first date, babe? When I’d had the issues with getting paid and I could only afford to get you three roses?” You smiled.

“Of course I remember.” You told him. Jackson was grinning.

“Okay, well… we’re going to relive that day, if that’s okay with you.” He said. You covered your face with your hand and blushed, grinning like an idiot.

“That sounds perfect.”

“Alright, now, get out of the car.” he told me. You nodded and then opened the door.

“Thank you, Jackson.” You told him before closing the door. He honked twice before driving away.

“Alright, here we go. Head down the pathway, (y/n).”



“Alright. Are you near the oak tree?” He asked.

“Yeah.” you told him.

“Do you remember the tree?” he asked. You moved to the back of the large oak tree and ran your fingers over where he’d decided to be cliche and carve your initials into the wood.

“It’s still here, Bo.” You told him.

“Good.” he said.


Bo led you through different parts of the park, bringing up memories and telling stories. However, the sun would be setting soon, which meant that this would be coming to a close.

“Now. The last place. The bench.” he said. You knew exactly what he was talking about. There was a small path around the back of the park where there was an old wooden bench that had been there longer than the park itself. You sat down on your side of the bench and crossed your legs. “Do you see the sunset?” He asked. You nodded, then remembered that he couldn’t see you.

“Yeah.” you said, a little dreamily.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The three high beeps in your ear made your heart sink. Your phone battery was dying.

“Shit. My battery’s dying.” You said.

“That’s okay.” Bo said, but you didn’t hear him through the phone. No, his voice was much louder and clearer… and behind you. You stood up quickly and turned around. “I don’t think you’ll be needing it anymore.”

“Bo!” You yelled and ran to him, jumping up and into his arms. Bo laughed and spun around, holding onto your thighs. “What the hell are you doing here?” You asked as he put you down.

“Well I couldn’t let the love of my life be alone on Valentine’s Day.” he told you like it was the most obvious thing in the world. You could feel yourself crying, but you didn’t care.

“I love you so much.” You told him, throwing your arms around his neck and kissing him. His hand curled around your back and he pulled you close. Your hand searched for his and when you found it, you felt velvet against your skin. You pulled away and looked up at him, then down at his hand.

“You kind of ruined the surprise.” He whispered before dropping down onto one knee. You gasped, covering your mouth with your hands.

“Jesus Christ, Bo.” You said, looking down at him.

“(Y/N), you are the love of my life.” He told you. “And, for that reason, I want nothing more than to have a life filled with you. I flew here today because I can’t stand another moment away from you. I want you to marry me and come with me on tour. So, (y/n), my everything, my always, how would you feel about being the inspiration for my jokes for the rest of my life?” You giggled. Of course Bo would ask you in the most unconventional way he could imagine.

You loved it. You loved him.

“Of course, Bo, yes. A million times yes.” You told him. He slid the ring onto your finger before standing up again and pulling you back into his arms.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”


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A Winchester and the Devil

Originally posted by castiel-for-king

Pairing: LuciferxReader
Word count: Unknown
Authors: Both of us
Warnings: None

Lucifer walked over to you, studying your features. How could such a simple creature capture his interest? A hunter, at that.

A Winchester.

How could he possibly want to spend time with the youngest of the the Winchesters? It was baffling. You watched him, unafraid. Something told you that you should be, he’s the devil! But, you couldn’t be.

You stood your ground and glared at him. What was he even doing here? You had only seen him once before. You knew your brothers would lose their shit if they knew he was talking to you, let alone in your room. It was no coincidence he appeared minutes after they left. He must have been waiting. “What do you want, Lucifer?” You kept your voice strong, showing you weren’t afraid of him. Or what he was.

He gave you a smirk that made you weak at the knees. “See, there’s something I just can’t figure out about you.” Lucifer mused, taping his chin as he moved around you.

“If you’re trying to kill me, good luck, buddy.” You said through gritted teeth. It wasn’t even that you were bothered by his presence. You were bothered because it was supposed to get to you. It was supposed to make you want to kill the bastard.

Lucifer chuckled. “Now, why would I want to go and do something like that?” His finger trailed along the top of your shoulders. You clenched your jaw. Why were you putting up with this? Why didn’t you just take off. “I can tell you’re curious, too, aren’t you? You want to know why I have absolutely no desire to kill you, and you’re not running for your big brothers…”

“I could just scream. They would come running.” You tried to straighten up, stand taller, as a show that he wasn’t getting to you. It was a front and he called your bluff.

“If you were going to, you already would have.” Dammit. You moved over to your bed, annoyed. At both yourself, and him. Sitting down, you raised an eyebrow.

Well, what does the devil want to know about me? Hm? Because you obviously want something.” Sighing, you shook your head. Before he answered, you could hear your brother’s footsteps. Getting up, you shoved him to your closet. “We’re not done here. I want to get to the bottom of this!” You said as loud as you dared, opening the closet door and shoving him in there. Just as you shut the door, Sam walked in.

“Heading out to grab something to eat. We tried to call to see if you wanted to come, but you didn’t answer.. Coming?”

You glanced over at your phone and saw it flashing. “It must be on silent.. sorry Sammy. Uhm, no I’m a bit tired. Going to hit the shower and catch up on my reading. But bring me back something, okay?” You smiled sweetly at him. “And don’t let Dean choose. I don’t want to die of a heart attack before 30.”

He laughed as he left. Your smile faded as you heard the car pulling out. You glanced at the closet door opening as you grabbed your phone. It wasn’t on silent.. Why hadn’t you heard it? Why hadn’t you heard the Impala pull in either…?

“Because your too interested in me.” Lucifer winked as if he read your mind. 

You sighed sitting back on the bed.”Lets get this over with.”

He gave you a mock hurt look. “I can promise you you’ll be wanting more.” He grinned, like he was so sure of himself. “Anyways, back to the matter at hand.” Lucifer sat next to you, your knees brushing against his. “What do you feel when you’re around me? Because I’m currently quite content.”

“Nothing.” you furrowed your brows at him feigning disgust, leaning away slightly. But his intense gaze made you sigh and relax. “I don’t know.. I mean. I can’t explain it.. whatever it is.”

“Let me guess, you don’t want me to leave. You want me around, or I wouldn’t have been shoved in your closet, which smells amazing.” Lucifer commented. “You would have let me get caught by Sammy boy.” 

You groaned. “Shut. Up.” You muttered. “At least the boys won’t be back for awhile.” 

Hearing wings, you assumed that Lucifer left. “Why is Lucifer in your room?” It was Cas’s voice. Sitting up, your eyes went wide. 

“Didn’t she tell you? We’ve lovers.” He smirked at you, his finger trailing down your arm. When he reached your hand, he laced his fingers with yours. Not even a minute later, he left Cas standing in your room alone. You knew that your brothers would know about this now.


Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Rating: Mature
Genre: Slightly smutty
Word count: 4,201

A/N: Request for Anon!! I hope you enjoy it! 

You lean against the doorway, arms crossed and exhaling with a heavy sigh at the sight before you – Jeon Jungkook, lady/man killer, manchild, and ruthless lawyer sprawled out on the bathroom floor. He’s got his face pressed to the porcelain base of the toilet, one arm dangling lifelessly over the open bowl and the other twisted at his side with his phone in a loose hold. He’s fully dressed (unlike the last time you found him like this) excluding his socks, but you decided it was better if you didn’t question it. He’s out cold, dead weight that you wouldn’t be able to move even if you wanted to. He had come home about a half an hour prior, dragging his feet and giggling as he stumbled out of the entrance way. Jungkook had come to where you were lounging on the couch, pressing his cheek against the top of your head and slinging his limp arms over your shoulders in a makeshift hug. He muttered into your hair something about a peach and a hot guy before abruptly pulling away. He raced off to the bathroom as quickly as his jelly-esque legs could manage and you thanked god that his meal wasn’t on your head as he hurled into the toilet.  

With one last glance you turn on your heel, shaking your head “Nope. Not dealing with that,” You mumble as you find your way back to the couch. You were determined to finish the newest episode of your favourite anime before sunrise. Perhaps it was mean to leave him there because he would definitely wake up more than sore and probably bitch you out, but he had it coming; He ate all your snacks in the cupboard, and you don’t take lightly to those who eat what isn’t theirs.

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I Want This

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader
Word count: 1,452
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex. Light cussing.    
Request: (Anonymous) Could you do a Mark fic where he takes the reader on a date to a drive in movie theater? Maybe mentions he’s gonna be leaving a TV show him and the reader work on, and then later on back at his place she says she’ll leave with him then fluff/smut?

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From this request: Could you write a high school au dean where you’re close friends and you’re trying to impress this guy that dean knows is just using you, so you try on lingerie for Dean because “he’s a guy so he will know which looks best” and then like he tells you the other guy is using you and doesn’t deserve you and then you have rly hot sex


**High School!AU


Dean smiled as you opened the door. “Hey. So, I found this coupon for free breadsticks with any large pizza, and I was thinking–”

“Mmhmm, that’s great,” you said, grabbing Dean’s wrist and pulling him inside. Before he could say anything more (about pizza or otherwise) you dragged him upstairs toward your room.

“What’s going on?” Dean asked as you barreled into your room.

“Sit,” you said, thrusting Dean towards the bed.

“Y/N.” Dean watched as you darted into your closet, shutting the door behind you. “What are you doing?”

“I just… I want your opinion on a few things.”

“What sort of things?”

“Just… give me a second.”

Dean sighed and looked out the window, wondering what in the world he was getting into (or rather, what you were getting into). Homecoming had passed, and prom was still too far away… maybe it was something for the winter formal?

“Okay, this is the first one.”

Dean turned back and found himself staring at your nearly-naked body. A pale blue lingerie set was the only thing on your body: a push-up bra and what appeared to be a thong.

“What in the hell is that?”

“It’s too pale, right? Pale isn’t sexy.”

“Y/N, what–”

Before Dean could finish his question, you darted back into your closet. After a few seconds, Dean got over his shock and quickly reached for a pillow, placing it over his lap.

‘What the hell is going on?’ he asked himself.

A few moments later, you stepped back out, this time in a red and black number.


“Depends. What are you going for?”

You shifted on your feet, your teeth digging into your bottom lip. “If I tell you, you promise not to tell anyone else?”

“Yeah. Sure.”

“Andrew and I… are planning on having sex tomorrow. For the first time. And I want it to be special.”

Dean sat, dumbfounded. “You… Andrew… what?”

“Well, my parents are out of town, and we’ve been going steady for almost six months…”

Dean shook his head. “Y/N, I don’t–”

“I have one more set I want you to see,” you said, stepping back to your closet.

“Y/N, don’t.”

You stopped, one hand on the door. “What?”

“Just… I don’t need to see any more.”

“So you like this one?”


“You think Andrew will like it?”

Dean ran a hand over his face. “I don’t think Andrew deserves to see it,” he said slowly.


Dean shifted. He found it hard to maintain eye contact with you, not only because this was a difficult conversation to have, but also because you looked damn good in that lingerie. “Andrew… is he pressuring you to have sex with him?”

“No. I mean, he’s asked about it a couple times, but I finally feel comfortable enough that–”

“He’s not a virgin.”

You paused. “I know. But… that doesn’t matter. I still want him to be my first.”

“No, you don’t.”

“Excuse me?”

“He’s not interested in you because he loves you. He’s interested because…”


“Because he made a bet with Shelton that you wouldn’t give it up.”

You stood, a strange expression on your face. “No,” you finally said, your voice cracking ever so slightly. “No, that… that can’t be…”

“He’s planning on taking your virginity and then breaking up with you.”

“He would never.”

“They talk about it in the locker room nearly every day.”

“Oh, so you… you want me to… believe this locker room talk?”

Dean shrugged.

You took a few steps over to Dean, stopping right in front of him. “Dean… you’re my best friend… so, please… look me in the eye and tell me you’re joking.”

“I wish I were.”

You stood for a few moments, your eyes glazing with tears. “Oh, God,” you finally said, covering your hands with your face. “How could I be so stupid?”

“You’re not stupid,” Dean said, standing. He slipped out of his flannel and draped it over your shoulders, trying to give you some sense of comfort. “You didn’t go through with it. That’s the important part.”

“But I was going to!” you said, looking up at him with tear-streaked cheeks. “What if… what if I hadn’t invited you over tonight? What if I’d never told you and I went through with it and…”

“I know,” Dean said quietly. “I know. But you didn’t. Nothing bad happened. Everything’s okay.”

You wrapped your arms around Dean’s neck, burying your face in his shirt. Dean could feel your tears dampening his shirtfront. A little lower, he could feel your firm breasts pressing against him. God, it felt good.

‘Stop it,’ he chided. ‘She’s hurt. Now is not the time to think about this.’

After a few moments, your sniffing subsided. “Dean?” you asked quietly, your voice wavering a bit.


“Do you… have an erection right now?”

Dean stepped back, nearly tipping onto the bed. “I’m so sorry, Y/N. It’s… it’s because you’re wearing… that, not because of your tears, please don’t think I’m some sort of sadistic freak…”

“You… think I’m attractive?”

“Well, yeah.”

“You… like the way I look in this?”

Dean smiled slightly. “It’s prettier than the blue one.”

You cocked your head to the side. “You said Andrew didn’t deserve to see this…”

“Well, he doesn’t.”

“Do you?”

Dean shrugged. “I mean… I love you, Y/N. Pretty much always have. And I would never take advantage of you or treat you like you were just a trophy to be gained.”

You took a step forward. “Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“Because you were Andrew’s girl.”

“Well… I’m not anymore.”


You shrugged. “Like you said, he doesn’t deserve me.”

Dean chuckled. “And I do?”

You smiled. “You love me… I love you… plus, you’ve already seen me practically naked.”

Dean laughed as he leaned down to kiss you, knowing that this kiss was going to be the best of his life.


The two of you laid in your bed, quilt tucked in around you. You looked around at the clothing strewn around the room (the red and black bra somehow having made it all the way across the room). You felt only the slightest twinge of pain in your lower area, knowing that the sting would soon leave.

“You okay?” Dean asked, pressing a kiss to your shoulder.

“Mmhmm.” You snuggled into Dean. “I’m a little hungry, though.”

“A woman after my true heart,” Dean said with a laugh.

“What were you saying about a coupon earlier?”

Dean reached down and pulled a folded piece of paper from his jeans pocket. “Buy one large pizza, get a free order of breadsticks. Sound good?”

“Sounds great.”

Dean reached over for your phone and dialed. When he hung up, you held your hand out.


“I need to call Andrew.”


“Break up with him.”

“Right now?”

“You really think I should wait? Besides, if he comes by and sees your car…” You froze, eyes wide in fear. “Oh, shit.”


“Dean, what’s going to happen at school on Monday? Even if I call Andrew right now, everyone’s going to see us on Monday and they’re going to know.”

“They won’t know, Y/N.”

You shook your head. “They’re… they’re going to call me a whore, a slut. Andrew’s gonna try and kick your ass and–”

“I’d like to see him try.” Dean gently cupped your chin with his fingers, tilting your face toward his. “Y/N, none of that matters. You and I have something stronger, better than anything any of those losers are ever gonna have. It doesn’t matter what they think of us, right?”

You stared into his eyes and you saw… truth. “Right.”

Dean pressed a kiss to the tip of your nose. “Now… one of us should probably get dressed before the pizza guy comes.”

“I vote you.”

“What? Why me?” Dean asked with mock insult.

“Because while you’re downstairs, I can slip into that last set of lingerie I was telling you about.”

Dean scrambled for his clothes faster than he ever had.

anonymous asked:

Dani, I really love you, but it's not that the girls are doing stunts. Everyone does it. It's that... the stunts they're doing are deeply rooted in homophobia. They're about closeting someone who isn't willingly closeted. And no, Harry or Louis aren't getting anything out of these stunts. These girls are not famous enough to boost H or L's career. They're stunting because they're closeted. Everyone stunts for publicity. Not many do it by helping closet two people who want out.

I get your argument, and I don’t really disagree. It is definitely rooted in systemic homophobia that goes a lot deeper than just these stunts. That said,  I really don’t like that you are speaking for Harry or Louis, especially when they can’t speak for themselves on the matter. I don’t think it’s our right to state with authority what they want or don’t want, or how they want to come out. We don’t know enough to speak with authority about that. 

I think it’s unreasonable to suggest at this point that Harry is helpless with no say in what is happening right now. I don’t think that Harry or Louis want to be closeted, at all. But that is not always synonymous with wanting to come out, and I think it’s quite clear that neither of them are coming out right now. And if they don’t want to come out right now, there is nothing wrong with that.

I don’t think H&L’s situations are the same right now so I’m just going to focus on Harry’s. What has Harry had to do? Be in a car with her for a few photos and lend her a shirt? Let her into his house for a little bit? Do you have any proof he hates her and that being anywhere near her is a terrible burden for him? She’s done the majority of the legwork for it and he’s virtually had to do nothing. At a time when he was literally blindsided (and clearly really uncomfortable) with a question about his song being about Louis, she took the press’s edge off. She’s not acting alone here, Harry and his team (which he hand picked, who are not his old team, who literally have worked for him and fought for him, which is unlike Louis) are participating, and I would argue even initiated it. It seems hypocritical to me, especially when you don’t know /her/ sexuality, and you don’t know the full context behind why it’s happening.

Even if we say your ask is completely on point, which it might be I don’t know,  why do you have the right to be misogynistic towards her? Even with legitimate reasons to dislike her, why does that justify being called a whore? You want to criticize her go for it, there is plenty there to work with, but the moment you start to dehumanize her to make hating her easier, the moment you start being derogatory and deliberately insulting on the basis of her being a woman.. you lose your credibility. If a POC does something problematic you’re not gonna go tossing around racial slurs. If I do something problematic you’re (I hope) not gonna use antisemitism to make your point. Calling her a fame whore or other misogynistic names, especially for doing stuff harry and/or his team likely asked her to do is just… like why? You don’t need to. That’s my point.

The Boys And Girls In The Clique (Part 3)

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “Hi Darling! I was wondering if you could please do a part 3 of “the boys and girls in the clique.” could you please include where they kiss?? Awkward basement Gerard is my fave! I love these stories!!”

Warnings: Underage drinking

Word Count: 1,165

Pairing: Gerard x Reader

A/N: So glad you’re liking these ^-^

->Parts 1 & 2<-

Y/F/N=Your friend’s name

Your school is having a dance and normally you would stay home and watch movies with your friends rather than go but this time is different.  This time Gerard asked you to go with him and you could never say no to that. So here you are, dressed up and looking at yourself in the mirror nervously. Frank is taking Y/F/N but you aren’t sure if it’s as friends or a date, either way it’s cute. They’re sitting on your bed now, trying to convince you that you look fine.

“I want to look more then fine,” You complain, going back to your closet, which is now more or less thrown around your room. You’ve never been like this, the girl who complains about what to wear or how she’ll look but you honestly can’t help it; you want Gerard to think you’re beautiful.

“You look amazing, can we go now?” Frank whines, kicking your wall with his boots. Neither Frank nor Y/F/N dressed up any more than they would for a normal school day besides a little more effort in makeup and hair and Frank is wearing a clean shirt. You feel a little over dressed looking at them so you change again…and again.

“Come on!” Frank pushes you out the door once you finally agree you look fine. You’re late but you don’t really care, Gerard won’t be waiting for you at the party since you told him you’d pick him up-Well Frank will since he’s the only one with a car. You’d feel guilty if Gerard were waiting at the party since you know how uncomfortable he’d be there by himself.

You wait at the door awkwardly, face breaking into a grin when the door swings open and Gerard is looking back at you. He’s dressed in a button down and dark jeans, an outfit that makes him look absolutely stunning. He’s smiling and you take his hand, pulling him out of the house and letting him wave goodbye to his parents and brother. You keep your fingers twined as you get in the car, both of you sitting in the back in adorably awkward silence.

“Do you think it’ll be as lame as last year?” Y/F/N asks and Frank snorts.

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