i want your children!!!!


To the children who loved Harry Potter, I want to say your enthusiasm was the real magic. I so enjoyed being on the journey with you. And to the adults who bought the Harry Potter books and devoured them, I just want to say, those books were for children.


You’re a s m a r t man Jack, but I don’t entirely t r u s t you

                                 Peas in a pod, darling.


Shingeki no Children - Part 1.

Who do you think wants to kill people? What kind of person do this for fun? Who would want to do this? With what we did, of course you despise us… But please, someone, someone… Find us…

 -Bertolt Hoover

Victims of war they did not started… No matter which side they are.

Thanks @sookashira for inspiration!

Ok, I miss shit-posting Yoi so … take this terrible piece of my rotten imagination lmao …

So, I was talking to my friend Alex on skype about how stupid ship hate is and how everyone is entitled to like whatever they want, and how you can’t even control what you like, because it just happens etc blublub …

Anyway. I’m a demonic multishipper from hell, so I can most likely ship anything you throw at me - except …

Well, except, I thought, Yakov Feltsman with anyone but maybe his ex-wife Lilia since there might still be some unresolved tension between these two. But, well, it’s not exactly something I would necessarily need to see fanart and read fanfic for. 

But then, realization suddenly struck me like a lightning.

Of couse!

How did I not see it before? I was blind, but all of a sudden, I could see the light. And I want to enlighten you, too, my beautiful children.

Open your hearts to the stunning beauty that is 

or in other words Yakov Feltsman x Nikolai “Kolya” Plisetsky.

Just imagine them :)

They’d be all lovey-dovey. Hugging and stealing little kisses whenever they think noone will notice. But Yuri does notice. And it’s so bad that he will voluntarily seek refuge at Yuuri and Viktor’s. Coz as bad as these two are, his coach and his gramps being all over each other is so much more than he can take.

But he doesn’t want them to stop either because he loves his grandpa so much and just wants him to be happy. Also, he really trusts Yakov and respects him a big deal, otherwise he wouldn’t have trained under him. But - so help him god! - Yuri will kick the old geezer’s ass if it ever comes to his ears that Yakov doens’t treat his gramps right. Aaaaaw <3 <3 

  • Me: I'm exhausted
  • Parents: You aren't really exhausted, wait till you have kids
  • Me: My life is in chaos
  • Parents: You know nothing of chaos, wait till you have kids
  • Me: I have no free time
  • Parents: You will never know true business until you have kids
  • Me: I'm broke
  • Parents: Ha! wait until you have kids spending your money
  • Me: I don't know if I want children
  • Parents: Whaaat children are the ****best**** most ***joyful*** thing in the world!!! You need to have kids parenthood is just the best thing ever
  • Me: But you always say....
  • Parents: The best thing ....ever

24 Christmas Fics for the Holidays!

Since it’s officially December, here’s a nice list of cosy Christmas fluff (a bit of angst & smut too) for you to savour.

all i want for christmas is by crybaby (17k)

All I Want For Christmas Is You (And Your Children) by hazzboolarry (11k)

All I want for christmas is you by Tita (2k)

all the lights are full of colour by infinitelymint (26k)

And It’s Snowing by b0yfriendsinl0ve (12k)

Candles On Air by isthatyoularry (29k)

Can’t Hide It, You Might As Well Embrace It by supernope (67k)

every time i run, i keep on falling on you by hazmesentir (12k)

Flurries and Flames by ysl_harrie (21k)

Frozen Hands to Hold by hickeystyles (41k)

hurry down the chimney tonight by Acavall (3k)

let this one gift last forever by larryshares (10k)

love is a word (you gave it a name) by hattalove  (21k)

Make My Wish Come True (Baby All I Want For Christmas Is You) by larrymylove (29k)

Maybe We’re Perfect Strangers (Maybe We’ll Stick Together) by FallingLikeThis (Zayniam) for DuchessKitty16 (24k)

may your every wish come true by sweetrevenge (4k)

one glance and the avalanche drops by Wankerville (8k)

Out of Orbit, Into Gravity by eravain (7k)

Snowed Under by ModestlyHomo (10k)

Snow Job by DuchessKitty16 (42k)

the frost covers all by ihavetoomuchfreetime (19k)

There Is a Light by perfectdagger (sincerelyste) (17k)

We Will Find Our Way by supernope  (9k)

You’re Writing Verses About Me by Rearviewdreamer  (23k)

cons to stanning multiple groups
  • back to back comebacks
  • trying to support everyone with your already insufficient funds
  • not knowing who a vague post is describing 
  • inter-group drama
  • when all of your faves are having comebacks in the same month
  • stress
  • trying to support everyone equally
  • “which hansol??”
  • having a full on crisis when deciding which group youre going to vote for an award
  • “minkyuk who?’
  • the actual whimpers your bank account makes when everyone wants to release something at the same time
  • V Live App blowing up your phone
  • did i mention comeback after comeback after comeback
  • “why didn’t you sleep?” “i couldn’t someone released another teaser”
Me and my boyfriend watching South Park
  • Me: oh my god I love Cr-
  • Bf: Yes Asmara I know you love Craig and everyone on this show and they are all your children, want to know why I know this, you say that every time he or basically anyone of the kids says something.
  • Me: okay but I do love Craig and he is my son

Things that came out of my British Literature class today, my teacher is a little shocked

  • Teacher: “What is the milk of humanity?” 
    Student: “Morphine”
  • Teacher: “Most people don’t want their children to be mass murderers”
    Student: “Maybe you want different things for your children than I do”
  • Teacher: “There are things you know you will experience that will bring you sadness”
    Student: “College”
“where are you from?”

when asked by another person of color: “oh it looks like we may share some history as immigrants or children of immigrants! I want to know what your other culture is and I’ll share mine!”

when asked by a white person: “you don’t look like you’re from here, please confirm my suspicions that you’re from elsewhere”

to those, I always answer: “I’m from here.”

and they ask: “No, where are you REALLY from?”

I want to be your fiancé, I want to be your wife, I want to be the mother of your children. But more importantly I want to be your best friend, your number one fan, your biggest supporter, your shoulder to lean on in rough times and the smile to light up your dark days and make your brightest days even brighter.

Just because Greg thinks this about anti o blogs: no, I do not want you or your loved ones to kill themselves, I respect your children’s privacy and am not trying to expose them to the internet, no I’m not trying to expose “‘secret information”’, I just say what you’ve already said, thus I won’t try to get information out of you or a loved one about your life. So guess what, baby! Everything I post are things you or a loved one said to the public.

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