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Find a Valentine This Year

Buzzfeed’s Supergirl Character Quiz is like a mini-supergay speed dating site:

  • Kara’s meet Lena’s or Cat’s
  • Alex’s meet Maggie’s
  • Lucy’s meet Alex’s or Kara’s 
  • M’gann’s meet everyone

some people: we don’t let our pets on the furniture!!

me, to my cats: is there any chance you can find it in your hearts to move your small fluffy bodies that occupy an almost unfathomable amount of space and make room for me on the couch?

so i was at work today and these two really cute guys came in and got burrito bowls. we were really busy so i wasn’t talking to people nearly as much as usual but one of the guys tells me that they’re on the same check and hands me a coupon. so i go to hand them their food and i hear one of them say “wow! only $6.50? i’m such a cheap date” and he winks at the guy who paid. (and at this point im like, aww that’s cute, but i don’t think much of it.) so i give them their bag and, since we were out of markers and we couldn’t label the bowls, i made eye contact with one of them and told him he was on top and, i shit you not, he just smirks at the other guy and goes “as usual!”

other tips for new cat owners / people who may get cats soon:

no, getting a grown cat won’t be boring / less cute! they’ll become just as attached to you as a kitten. get a cat that speaks to you (literally or figuratively, maybe you want a cat that’s chatty). older cats will be so appreciative to have a home. 
people get rid of their cats for all kinds of unfair reasons. just the ones i’ve seen on the craigslist listings in the last 5 minutes: “i am just more of a dog person (7mo old kitten)”, “we hoped she would get over her kittenish behavior, she has not (2yr old cat)”, “i need to get rid of my cat before my baby is born (3yr old cat)”.
you can totally pick up a beautiful, loving, grown up kitty who will be needing some comfort after getting dumped. just look at this girl.

(taken off craigslist) she would be more than happy to live her cat life with you. is she not cute? she is. she is cute. so, ultimately, adopt whatever cat you like, but don’t rule out older cats!

nextly: no no, do NOT declaw your cat. DON’T DO IT. I’M TELLIN YA.
it’s a deeply painful procedure, actually removing the entire first knuckle, not JUST the nail. it causes long-term and potentially permanent pain in the cat, and can lead to nasty infections, behavioral problems, and helplessness if they ever find themselves outside and in need of protection or climbing abilities.
“but i don’t want my cat to scratch me / my kid / my furniture!” okay, i feel you, but there are other, cheaper, less inhumane options. my favorite of which are claw caps.

you gently press on your cat’s foot (to unsheath their claws), and place the soft cap onto their claw using the glue that’s included in any soft paw kit you get. it might take some getting used to on the cat’s part, but it should under no circumstances be painful, and when the kitty’s claws grow, the cap just kinda falls off, and you’ll put another one on.
you can also file or clip their nails down! if you’re too nervous or clumsy to do it, your vet will usually do it for a small fee, or a groomer can take care of it. Personally, I just let my cats’ claws hang out and accept the pokes when they knead on me, since i don’t have any little babies or expensive upholstery in my home. 

No, cats ain’t “low maintenance”. This is a living, social creature, not a chiapet. Especially if you’re raising them from kittenhood, they need a lot of attention and resources. cuddles, playtime, training, health care, feeding, cleaning up their facilities. you get a pet to interact with, not to buy and leave it be! a cat that you don’t socialize is going to be very moody and sad. get a pet if you plan to invest the time and energy they need- if not, maybe we can come back to that cactus idea? 

Cats need meat. I repeat, cats cannot survive without meat. Dogs need meat too- but cats are incapable of creating taurine in their own, and where do you find taurine? meat! hallelujah!! 
Feeding cats a vegan or vegetarian diet is a slow form of starvation and animal abuse. If you’re not comfortable feeding an animal meat, please do not adopt a carnivore. There are plenty of vegetarian mammals that you would be much better suited owning, but do not abuse your cats just because of your own feelings about protein. 
Without enough taurine in a cat’s diet, severe health problems will follow, like blindness, weak and decaying teeth, weak heart, and digestive issues. This is terrible. This objectively sucks. So pretty please give your cat a proper diet!

It’s way way safer to have an indoor cat. I don’t need you to tell me that you want your cat to be with you for many years, ‘cause I already know you do. Outdoor cats are exposed to wild animals, animal abusers, poisonous substances, cars, harsh weather, kidnapping, and diseases. Cats like rolling around in grass and grabbing birds from trees, and that’s great, but having an outdoor cat makes for a steep decrease in their estimated lifespan. The average lifespan of an indoor cat is 16.8 years, whereas outdoor cats average out to a hard-hitting 5.6. Ouch. 
So it’s definitely safer to keep a cat indoors! If you’re adopting a young kitten, it won’t be hard, since they won’t be expecting outdoor time already. If you’re still really into that whole grass idea, you should totally grow some indoor grass for your cat to chill in. 


that’s everything i can think of for the moment, but please don’t be afraid to do your own research on animal care. there are tons of resources out there, and if you have a good vet, they’ll answer any questions you have! 

thank you for readin’ about cat care. as a reward, i’m adding a picture of toby as a baby. enjoy.

Guess who come to visit our office today??? THIS LITTLE ADORABLE CUTIE PIE AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! IM SO HYPER LOOK AT HIM SO GORGEOUS!!!! Hes just been born a month ago look hes still so innocent!!!!!

Actually he belongs to a lady in our next-door office and Im not familiar with them now Im kinda standing nervously in front of their office door hoping they would let me pet him… My boss told me I become a cat stalker hell yeah I have been addicted to cat since I was born.

My mum is so savage lmao

My cat was jumping in a binbag so I was trying to get a picture and when my mum asked why I was so determind I said that I wanted to be relateable and post it saying “when your cat is you” and then my mum WITHOUT HESITATION replies “let’s put him in a closet then”


You know what I really wanna see in the next part of Aelin’s story? Aelin interacting with the cadre in their fae forms. Give me Rowan resting on her shoulder and her stroking his feathers. Give me Gavriel leaning against her legs and little head touches like he’s just a big Fleetfoot.

But I want it as more than just a little cute ‘oh, yeah, let me just luxuriously stroke this big cat’. I want details on how fae in their animal forms are treated. Is it as though they really are just animals? Do Fenrys and Connal get stroked and get attention like normal tame wolves?

Or is there a distance because, yes, that is a person inside that body? Like I’m picturing little kids making things very awkward when they want to pet the doggy and their parents have to be like ‘nope, not appropriate’. Or, say if Aelin was petting Gavriel. Would that be weird because it’s a male in that body? Would it be uncomfortable for Gavriel? Like the equivalent of her just awkwardly running her hands down his body?

Is it generally agreed among fae that you don’t touch them as if they were just an animal, or is it all just considered normal? Are the lines blurred a bit because things are so different in an animal form? Is it acceptable to pet them because, in that moment, they’re an animal? Or is it still weird?

And I really want to see someone who’s rarely encountered the fae trying to figure out the social conventions around it.

(I’m looking at you, Dorian, because you would totally try to pet Fenrys as a wolf, don’t even lie)


“Let me see your book.” Kukuli peered at the faded pages, frowning. “We tell this as a story, I did not think it was true. This calendar…is a map, you say?”

“Of stars. I think it’s supposed to a constellation - maybe? Which could be used to find co-ordinates. That’s where this vault is supposed to be.”

Mama Kukuli shook her head. “It will not work. It is useless without the key.”

“The book doesn’t mention a key.”

“Are they your legends, girl, or ours?”

Effie flushed. “I’m sorry -”

“Ah, leave her alone, Kukuli. Where’s the key, and where’s the map?”

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Honestly The Cat Returns is such an underrated movie. Like I know it’s not as famous, or as critically acclaimed as other Ghibli movies, and it’s pretty light and fluffy, but it’s just so gosh darn fun! And the concept’s weird but it’s so unique and has an old fairy tale/alice in wonderland feel, and of course the best part is there are so many cats!

anonymous asked:

I want to show you my fanart of your yuuri's cat version but I'm a huge newbee (?) In art I feel ashamed but I want you to saw it 😔😔😖😖😖😭😭😟😟

You should definitely show it if you’re comfortable! I’d love to see it!

But if you’re nervous it’s okay!

Yuri is nervous too;;

Imagine your OTP:
  • Person A: I want a cat. Why won't you get me a kitten?
  • Person B: Because you're allergic to cats.
  • Person A: I want a cat. Why won't you get me a cat?