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Call Me Thomas- Pt. 3

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Requested: Yes, by a lovely anon and of course, @secretschuylersister (even though she also proof read this for me, becuase she s wonderful)

Pairings: Thomas Jefferson x Soulmate!Reader

Summary: The Schuylers can’t let a week go by without a minimum of two dinner parties, and Thomas Jefferson is also permanetly on the guest list.

Previously: {1} {2}

Warnings: A sickeningly sweet Thomas Jefferson

Word Count: 1,436

A/N: I hope that you guys like this new part! It is my favorite part so far and I can’t wait to right the next one. Let me know what you thought about this part!

“So, it’s Thomas now, is it?”

You groaned, not even wanting to acknowledge the situation at hand.  You flopped back into your bed, throwing your arm over your eyes. “If you think that I didn’t see your glowing stomach at the party then you are sadly mistaken. I can’t believe that you found your soulmate and then didn’t say more than five words to him for the rest of the night.”

Leave it to Peggy to see a problem and immediately start to fix it. “We both know that he is a terrible person.”

“Do we?” Peggy asked, pulling you up to look her in the eye.

“What do you mean? He has been fighting your brother-in-law every step of the way.”

“So you know Alexander’s impression of him. Have you bothered to form your own?”

You blinked at her. Sometimes you forgot that Peggy was so smart. You spent your time together laughing and smiling, but when the conversation took a serious turn, she always had something to say that you had never even thought to consider.

“I- I don’t know.” You said. You supposed that the words could have come off in a mean way, but Peggy knew you. Somehow, through all of this craziness, you had forgotten that Alexander was not the supreme authority on personalities. Nevertheless, you weren’t ready to admit that to yourself, much less Peggy. “I’m so happy that you know.”

At least now that someone knew, you could talk about the thoughts that were running around in your head. “Can I ask you something?” Peggy gave you a look that simply said of course. “Do you know why I would be… glowing?” you asked, motioning to your stomach “Even when he isn’t? And it’s the day after?”

“You don’t know?”

“You know that my mom has been gone for a while, and my dad barely explained what a soulmate was before he turned so red that he left the room claiming that he had some very important work to do.”

“Well, my mom always told me that you were going to glow until you accepted that you were going to spend the rest of your life with them.”

“So I’m just going to glow forever?”

“We both know that if the universe says that you are going to be together, then everything is going to end perfectly.” You could only laugh and shake your head. “Y/N- you know that everything will work out- right?” she asked, quirking her head to the side.

You didn’t have the heart to tell her that you just didn’t know. “I know, Peggy.” Damn your need to make sure that everyone was happy around you.

“By the way, we are having a party tomorrow, and I already told Eliza that you were going to be there. Okay, bye!” And with that, Peggy flounced out of your room, leaving you with the knowledge that you were left to prepare for a dinner party that was definitely a plot to set you up with your soulmate. And for some reason, you were rifling through your closet, looking for something that you could wear tomorrow.

You had thought that you were going to have a calming morning before the horror that happening that evening. Your wishful thinking was shattered when there was a knock on the door around ten that morning. And much to your chagrin, all three of your best friends poured into your foyer.

“Hi! We brought baked goods.” Eliza announced, setting down a box on the table and making her way up the stairs.

“Peggy told us how helpless you were, and we weren’t going to let you struggle on your own,” Angelica laughed, patting you on your head in her signature Angelica way and following her sister up the stairs.

Peggy gave you a shrug that didn’t really say that anything other than “deal with it”. You took a deep breath, watching all of them making their way up the stairs. You grabbed a muffin and followed them up the stairs, mentally preparing yourself for a morning full of party prep.

It happened every time that they thought they had found a new suitor that could be the one. It was a day full of rifling through your closet, before putting you into the one that they had all chosen the night before. And then it was onto hair. And jewelry. You loved them, but party prep mornings were trying times.

After three dresses, six different hairstyles, and three pairs of earrings that you thought were exactly the same (but apparently they were drastically different), Angelica deemed you ready to go, and good thing too, because their party was going to start in an hour.

They rushed you out of the house, decked out in frills and curls that you usually wouldn’t have bothered with but the Schuyler’s meant well, and so you were going to put up with what they had chosen for the night. Even if you were a bit uncomfortable in the process.

“Fancy seeing you here.” A smooth voice said behind you.

You had been tucked away in a corner all night, and somehow, you had mercifully stayed out of the way. Until now. You took a deep breath, hoping that the dress and corset put together would muffle the light a bit. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to matter how many layers that you put on, the mating bond was going to make itself known.

“The light of my life.” He laughed at his own joke.

If your torso wasn’t the focal point at the moment, then Thomas definitely would have noticed your face that was the color of the roses that Eliza had chosen to decorate the house.

You offered him a small smile, but still refused to move your arms regardless of the fact that they were doing nothing to hide the glow of the mating bond, still peeking through.

“Would you take a walk with me?”

You glanced around the room, hoping to find an excuse to say no. Unfortunately, everyone else seemed to be already entertained. You met his eyes and offered a small nod before allowing him to take your hand in his and lead you out of the house.

You couldn’t help but feel that girls had planned for something like this, because their already spectacular garden was lit up with beautiful lanterns, something that screamed “romance” and “Eliza”. You hated to admit it, but it was working. You felt you heart fluttering and your pulse speeding up.

“I would ask to write to you, but I have a feeling that we may have moved past that point by now.” Thomas noticed you shift uncomfortably, and he scrambled to fix his mistake. “Not that I want to rush you into anything that you aren’t comfortable with. I know that you are still… glowing” he made an abstract gesture at your stomach.

Oh god, he knows. He isn’t glowing which means that he loves you and you are glowing, and you are which means that he knows you don’t and-

“Y/N” his strong hands grabbed your arms, successfully drawing you out of your downwards spiral. “It’s okay that you are still working through things. I want you to be happy. And if taking time is what is going to make you happy, then that is what we will do.”

Was Thomas Jefferson being sweet?

“Maybe we could take a walk tomorrow? In the park?”

If you didn’t know any better, you would think that Thomas Jefferson looked nervous.

“I think that could be arranged.”

You glanced up at him from underneath your eyelashes, and you could have sworn that you heard his breath hitch. You offered him a smile, which in turn made his face light up.

“Around noon? Is that too early? I don’t want to seem overeager.” He rubbed the back of his neck, sufficiently stopping his babbling.

“Thomas, I think that we are way past that.”

And even though it felt like second nature to you, Thomas noticed the gentle way that you took his hand, and he couldn’t help but agree. You were way past that.

“Maybe wear something that you like, because you look like you can barely move around in that monstrosity.” Without another word, he offered you a kiss on your knuckles and a small bow before making his way back into the party.

You glanced down at the ruffles and remembered the ridiculous huge curls on the top of your head and smiled to yourself. How did he know that this wasn’t you?

Oh, right. Soulmates.

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New Fic: Wintersong

@glynnisi, here is your birthday fic!  Or at least the first part of it.  I’m envisioning a second part, but as I wanted to have something ready for you on your actual birthday, part one comes now and part two will come after I write it.

So, glynnisi asked for Steve/Darcy and bed sharing, and given the winter weather that’s been happening around the country right now, bringing in a snowstorm was inevitable.  And yes, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that NYC could get enough snow to actually shut down the trains subways - it happened last January, right around this time as well.

Anyway, on to the fic.  Happy birthday hon, and I hope you enjoy it!

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“Do I want to know?”

“No, no you really don’t.”  Steve stands up, stretching slightly to work the kinks out of his back that happen even to a supersoldier when he’s been sitting down for too long.  “And technically, I’m not under arrest,” he says as the uniformed officer escorting Darcy unlocks the cell he’s currently being held in.

“He really isn’t,” the officer adds as Steve walks into the hall.  “It’s just that this is the easiest way to keep a low profile, something the Captain specifically requested.”

Darcy just rolls her eyes.  “I’ll get the whole story out of you eventually.”

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texting something cute to the gang hc

I want to sleep with you
I don’t mean to have sex ;)
I mean sleep. Together.
Under the blankets. In my bed.
With my hand on your chest.
And your arms around me.
With the window cracked.
So it’s chilly and we have to cuddle closer.
No talking.
Just sleepy, blissfully happy, silence.

Dally: lol ok but i wanted sex

Pony: shit how’d you learn that vocabulary babe

Johnny: *blushes*

Two-bit: 😂💞

Steve: lol I’d love that but.. how about we cuddle in the car instead cuz I like cars :)

Soda: aw im coming right over now :)

Darry: okay. Is this a joke?¿


author’s note: my first mats hummels one shot, so give it a like if you enjoy it :-) there might be a part two coming soon! you can check out the rest of my masterlist here.

“I want a baby.”

My mind is so foggy and so distracted by the feeling of his lips on my skin, leaving a wet trail of kisses down my stomach, that it takes several moments for my brain to even process what he’s said.

He wants a baby. With me, I’m assuming, since I’m in his bed right now.

We haven’t talked about having kids. Ever. It’s never even popped up in passing conversation – or at least, I can’t remember the topic ever coming up, but we’ve had so many conversations over the past few years that I could have easily forgotten. But still – a baby? His confession comes as such a shock that I don’t even know how to respond, and he notices the silence.

He sighs and leans up so he’s sitting back on his legs. He trails his hands up my thighs before removing them from my body and placing them in his lap.

“Well, say something,” he says.

“Um – what?”

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Hey!! So I've got serious depression and I'm not sure what to do. I was eating right, counting calories, taking care of myself for about two weeks and had lost 8 pounds (to be at a healthy weight I need to lose 108 pounds total) but then my depression kicked back in. All I ever want to do is eat and sleep, I can't seem to force myself to even get out of bed during the day let alone eat right (I am on meds they just aren't working right now). What is your advice?

I don’t have depression so I don’t really have any advice for you, I’m sorry :/ I know a lot of my followers do struggle with depression, so hopefully they’ll reply or reblog with ways that they cope? I think a lot of people use exercise and eating well as a way to manage their depression, but I know it’s hard to get back into it sometimes. I hope things get better for you! 😘

Hopelessly In Love With You

This has been laying around in my drafts for while, so I figured I’d post it cause I’m weak for Stiles imagines.

Warnings: such feels, lol
. .
Putting your books in your locker and pacing your stuff, you were ready to storm out the door and head home. All you really wanted right now was to bury yourself under all of your blankets in your bed and stay there for a decade or two. You had been in love before - plenty of times, but nothing had ever felt this right. As much as it hurt seeing your crush dating someone else, you didn’t know how to fight it anymore.

You groaned at the doorbell ringing. Once again you had to force yourself out of bed. Wrapping yourself up in two blankets, you trudged down the stairs, sighing at every step you made.You opened the door and immediately got caught off guard by Stiles standing on the other side. Your heart skipped a beat when you saw the boy who had unconsciously made your day worse.

The only friends you had in Beacon Hills were the pack and if you were to admit your feelings about Stiles to them, it would sooner or later come up which would only make everything worse. You knew Stiles was dating Malia, which made it difficult to walk around, pretending to be fine, seeing the boy you loved, love someone else.

“S-Stiles?” you said anxiously, “What are you doing here?”

“Can I come in?” Stiles asked.

You quickly gave him a nod and opened the door for him, whilst wrapping your blanket tighter around you.

“What’s up?” you asked curiously.

“I just wanted to check up on you. You kind of stormed off earlied,” he explained with concern in his voice.

“Yeah- No, I’m fine. Just had a bad day, that’s all,” you lied while trying to hold back your tears.

“I’m sorry… Y/n, a-are you getting enough sleep? ‘Cause I see you walking around in school with dark sircles under your eyes… You look pale a-and- I don’t know, you don’t look too well and I’m starting to feel worried about you,” Stiles said with a concerned expression.

“Yeah, no. Just dealing with life in general.. A-actually it’s realy silly,” you sighed. 

Stiles looked at you with a worried expression as he was waiting for you to continue.

“I shouldn’t tell you,” you sighed.


“It’s gonna mess up everything and I don’t wanna ruin our friendship,” you explained, tucking some hair behind your ear.

“Nothing’s gonna ruin our friendship,” Stiles assured you. “Tell me,”.

“I-it’s silly, and I’m gonna sound like the biggest cry baby o-or the biggest attention seeker of all time… Whenever I’m around you, Stiles, I get butterflies in my stomach. I’m happy, I feel safe and I enjoy being around you. B-but that’s until Malia shows up and I see you being happy with her. I’m on the other side wishing I could take her place. I’ve been there before - to be hopelessly in love with someone who doesn’t love me back, and it’s hard. And all I want to do is to be with you, but you’re already with someone else and I don’t know what to do anymore because feelings just don’t go away that easily,” you sobbed.

Stiles pulled you in to a tight, soothing hug.

“I’m in love with you, Stiles,” you cried in his arms.

“Y/n..” Stiles said, raising your chin, seeking eye contact.
“Me and Malia, we’re nothing. I mean, we were, but not anymore. I’d rather be with you. We’ll figure it out,” he smiled, pulling you in to a tight hug.

i am so happy with where i am at in life right now,,,, like i have an amazing wonderful boyfriend who makes me beyond happy. i have two close friends who are very important to me and never make me feel bad about our friendship or anything like that. and even all of the people i’m casual friends with like my lovely mutuals on here you all make me feel great too <3

i’ve just gone from being surrounded by awful people who were supposed to be good friends but only made me feel like crap to finally being rid of any of the nastiness and feeling the happiest and most secure i ever have.

just. it’s a good feeling and i love it!!!


SW: Must have freaked you out, coming home after the whole defrosting thing.
SR: Takes some getting used to. It’s good to meet you, Sam.
SW: It’s your bed, right?
SR: What’s that?
SW: Your bed: it’s too soft. When I was over there, I’d sleep on the ground and use rocks for pillows like a caveman. Now, I’m home, lying on my bed and it’s like-
SR: Lying on a marshmallow. I think I’m gonna sink right to the floor. How long?
SW: Two tours.

I just want to take a look at this scene and just how deft Sam is at reading this man. Steve spent enough time as a soldier to enjoy the cameraderie and banter with the Commandos, back in the day. They poked fun at him, and vice versa, with snark abounding. And this opening scene of the film shows that Steve has been missing having the banter. It’s not the same with the Avengers (as Tony said “we’re not soldiers”), but he sees and pokes at this guy.

And hey, a fellow-soldier. That’s good right? But the second Sam brings up the ice, he - and we - see the way Steve immediately pulls back and prepares to leave. A lot of people who come back from wars with post-traumatic stress tend to keep people at arm’s length about it. A lot of people don’t want to face it or even admit there’s a problem.

Steve always has been someone who doesn’t want to be a burden on people. My theory is that because he was so sickly and physically frail in his youth, he always felt guilty because people had to take care of him: his mother, Bucky, Bucky’s parents. He never wants to bother people when he’s feeling bad about stuff. He always, always tries to push on through it like it’s nothing. He hides behind a wall of dry, bitter sarcasm and broken smiles.

Most people don’t look beyond it, because hey! Captain America! He won’t have any of those problems regular guys have. But Sam knows these kind of people. Hell, Sam is one of these kinds of people, who came back from a warzone with ‘baggage’ as he calls it. And he clearly realises that Steve is one of his kind of people, and will isolate himself.

So instead of watching Steve bolt, he offers him an alternative reason for being freaked out: a bed. A simple thing that every soldier returning from a war zone would have to get used to again. A simple opening. Also allowing him to say “this was my experience. Let me open up to you”.

And in doing so, in showing some of his own memories and problems, Sam has done more for Steve than anyone else could have done. He’s given him a point of contact who has has similar experiences, a touchstone, someone who might know a little of what he’s going through, not as Captain America, but as Steve Rogers, US soldier. Also, I like the touch that he lets the sentence hang, giving Steve the opening to finish it, to continue their interaction.

He doesn’t push Steve to spill his guts. He doesn’t demand to know what’s bothering him. He lets Steve take charge in the conversation, ask the questions, learn more. This is so important, because he knows Steve needs someone to talk to, but he also knows this isn’t a conversation you can force someone to be a part of, especially not someone like Steve who is more likely to walk away than admit anything. When Sam does ask questions, they’re general ones, about the time, not about the soldiering or the war.

And when Steve leaves for real, he’s smiling and teasing. He’s not “nice to meet you bye” this time. This means that when Sam basically offers him the opportunity to talk - on his terms - it comes easily. He makes it sound like it’ll be good for himself (looking awesome in front of the girl at the front desk), and it would be Steve doing him a favour.

And the fact that Steve doesn’t immediately say no (I’ll keep it in mind) means that Sam has done what he intended to do: he offered Steve a line, if he ever needs it, but did it in a way that came with no strings attached and no pressure. Rather than saying “come to the VA, I can help you”, he framed it in a way that means Steve knows it’s an option, but isn’t obliged to do anything.

One of the most important parts about needing help is being ready and willing to ask for help. Sam just gave Steve a place where he can go for help if he needs it without making it sound condescending, and without Steve needing to feel guilty about it, and I love that.

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Hey :) I'd like to ask a question for the fanfic thing ^^: F: Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

F: Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

From Jailbirds:

((The brunette pulled Waylon back up, dragging him over to his bed, “Shh my child. I feel like a proud father right now after his son gets his first lay. Even though Gluskin’s two years older than me. It’s fine.” He mumbled, shoving Waylon underneath the sheets. “Now son, you stay in bed and get a good night’s rest. I barred the windows and doors, so no sneaking off to your boyfriend’s house tonight for another hard fuck. Want me to tuck you in?”))

Okay, this; this will always be the greatest thing I’ve done in my lazy, immature mind. Miles is my spirit animal and I project some of my own quips and sayings onto him. But this was hardcore all original Miles idiocy by ME.

Got anymore questions?

My love,

I know it is selfish to say so, but please hurry to me. I often wonder what you’re doing. Right this moment, are you full of joy or sadness? Are you telling someone a corny joke? Are you curled up in bed all alone? Are you writing letters to me as I write this letter to you?

I know it is selfish to say so, but I want to know what’s happening in your life before me, and where you are now. Are you two blocks away from me or two continents away? Have I seen you in a bookstore or coffee shop before? Or will come upon your face for the first time and feel as though I’ve been struck by a lightning bolt?

I know it is selfish to say so, but I can’t help wishing I knew all of your dreams, your little quirks, your mannerisms and expressions already. I want to learn all the parts of you, and what makes the ends of your lips curve upward. I want to know what those lips look like the first time they form the words, “I love you.”

I know it is selfish to say so, but I love you even though I don’t know you. And I’m ready to know your love too.

—  Z.M., Letter #9 to you, wherever you are


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A - AGE: 18

B - BIGGEST FEAR: Hurting the people i love



E - EVERY DAY STARTS WITH: checking my phone and talking myself into getting out of bed.



I - IN LOVE WITH:  kinda just got over / finishing up getting over an unrequited love. 


L - LAST TIME YOU CRIED:  this morning

M - MIDDLE NAME: alysabeth


O - ONE WISH: that emily’s fieldwork turns out okay (I DO WISH THAT BC YOU DESERVE THAT BUT ALSO) that I’ll be a successful enough writer to just be a writer. not also an editor.

P - PERSON YOU LAST CALLED/TEXTED: last call - best friend, last text - family group chat.

Q - QUESTIONS YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKED: how are you doing? && what’s your major?

R - RELIGION: raised catholic, methodist-ish. (trying to figure out what i believe/what my relationship with God is.)

S - SONG LAST SANG: If I could tell her from Dear Evan Hansen

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 9:45 ish


V - VACATION DESTINATION: mexico (hopefully. if I’m doing okay in my college algebra course that i’m taking this summer)

W - WORST HABIT: picking at my nail polish, procrastination

X - X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: jaw and teeth mostly


Z- ZODIAC SIGN: taurus

Preference: Sleeping positions

A/N: Okay so I know I said I would have an imagine up tonight but I ran into some unexpected work and I have to get up early in the morning. I don’t want to leave you guys with nothing so I decided that I would do this little preference. I know this has been happening a lot and I am extremely sorry. I need to learn to estimate my time better but a lot of things are happening at once right now so it’s just kind of a hectic time :)

https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=different+partner+sleeping+positions&view=detailv2&id=DC22CDCD82E38D06496BC13B02505C47DFA74980&selectedindex=7&ccid=EgE%2FNahe&simid=608029153662536229&thid=OIP.M12013f35a85e6201a379b116f842e4b3o0&mode=overlay&first=1 (To reference the names of these sleeping positions)

Jax: Shingles. Jax would be the type of man that wants to keep you close but not make you feel like he’s suffocating you so normally when you two lay down or bed he throws and arm around your shoulder and pulls you close. This way he can still make sure you’re safe but still give you your space.

Opie: Leg Hug. Opie is a very big man which means that he’s going to take up a lot of room on the bed. You two normally give each other space to spread out but still keep your legs touching as a sign of affection.

Chibs: Sweetheart’s cradle. Being someone who has had people he loved taken away from him, he’d want to keep you close to make sure that you were safe. Sleeping like this take care of his need to protect you while satisfying  both of you two’s need to have each other close.

Happy: Loosely Tethered. Happy isn’t a man of many emotions, as we have learned but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. In this position Happy still has a hold on you, keeping you close, while still keeping you distant enough to give him some space. Your sleeping position says a lot about your relationship so it’s really likely that this reflects how the relationship between  you two is. Close but not uncomfortably so.

Kozik: The Spoon. Kozik is the type of guy who is not afraid of PDA and close contact and he is constantly doing so. Kozik would be a spooner because he loved how close you were and how nice your smaller frame fit into his larger built one.

Tig: The Pursuit. Basing this off of the scenes we saw with Tig and Venus, Tig doesn’t mind being taken care of by a woman, in fact, he kind of enjoys it. Sleeping like this with Tig is just your way of saying that he doesn’t always have to be the tough one, as you’re normally the body on the outside. After what happened to Dawn he often has nightmares but hen he wakes up and feels your arm around him, it immediately acts as a comfort to him.

Juice: Honeymoon Hug. It’s no secret that Juice is the most gentle of SAMCRO, indicating that he would be a very cuddly boyfriend. When laying in bed, Juice likes to pull you into this position and cuddle you as much as he can. Juice is the type of guy to show he loves you through actions and verbalization, so this would just be one of his ways of showing he loved you and wanted to keep you close.

anonymous asked:

Hey!! So I've got serious depression and I'm not sure what to do. I was eating right, counting calories, taking care of myself for about two weeks and had lost 8 pounds (to be at a healthy weight I need to lose 108 pounds total) but then my depression kicked back in. All I ever want to do is eat and sleep, I can't seem to force myself to even get out of bed during the day let alone eat right (I am on meds they just aren't working right now). What is your advice?

Hey anon :) 

I am sorry you are struggling. If I were you, the first thing I would do is talk with your dr.They may need to adjust your meds to get the right balance. Also, share your concerns / weight loss goals. I know some antidepressants are better than others when you are tying to lose weight. 

This was covered as part of my preop classes, but I don’t recall the specific ones they called out as being detrimental to weight loss. 

Also leaving this out there is anyone has any experiences to share with anon? 

More Than Friends (Nate Maloley Smut)

More Than Friends Nate Maloley
For Retiringfromlife

I look at Nate who takes a sip out of his red solo cup and smirks knowing I’m watching him.

“What’s up?” He says putting the cup down on the wooden coffee table in front of us.

“Nothing, just thinking.” I say talking loudly over the music blaring, turning my head towards a couple that walks past us and goes into a bed room.

“What are you thinking about?” He says sitting up so his body is now right next to mine on the couch. I turn to his face and smile.

“Just stuff.” I say trying to avoid the truth. The truth was that I had feelings for Nate but in every book ever written, two really good friends fall in love, date, and have a horrible break-up and never talk to each other again. And I don’t want that to happen. I love Nate, but I couldn’t ever commit to a relationship that might make me lose my best friend in the end.

“Just stuff huh,” He says wrapping his arm around me from the back and pulling me in closer to him. He then puts a hand on my thigh using his left and rubs it for a moment. I can feel tension growing between my legs and I know he’s just trying to comfort me to make me feel better but I can’t do this without thinking of wanting to have sex with him.

“Hey you guys look at this.” I hear a familiar voice say sitting down next to us. Nate lets go and scoots closer to Sammy so I can see his phone clearly. It’s a funny edit of Nate and I laugh and he just smiles at it, putting his hand on me again but this time on my back.

“Hey this parties getting boring why don’t we play a little truth or dare?” he says grabbing a beer bottle across from him.

“I don’t know…” I say looking a bit uneasy.

“Oh come on, it’ll be super fun Y/N.” Nate says. He calls the others to come and play and we start the game off. Gilinsky gets dared to kiss three girls, Johnson does seven minutes in heaven you know the usually stuff that goes on.

Then it’s Sammy’s turn to spin. And the bottle lands on me. We both stare at each other for a moment before someone in the circle comes up with something for us to do.

“Alright how about a nice seven minutes in heaven?” I hear a blonde girl that Cam brought say. I glance at Nate who has staring at the bottle and has his jaw clenched. I take Sam’s hand to lead him into the backroom.

Its a normal sized bedroom with a queen sized bed in the middle of it. Sam closes the door and looks at the floor then looks at me.

“So I guess we should start.” He says smiling at me. He pushes a hair out of my face and then kisses me gently on the lips and I kiss back and then he kisses me again but harder. He leads the make out sesh and his hands roam my body. Mainly my ass.

When the times up, we walk out the room together and I can feel Sam’s hand grab my ass again. He chuckle as he sits down and I can just feel Nate’s eyes on the both of us.

Thirty minutes and the games over and everyone goes back to their spots.

“Yo, Y/N can I talk to you for a quick sec?” He says getting up. You nod your head and follow him into the back room wondering what he wants to talk to you about.

“Y/N look, I can’t do this anymore.” He says running his hands through his hair.

“What? You can’t do what anymore?” You say confused as to what he was talking about.

“I mean we can’t just be friends anymore. You’re just so fucking sexy and I don’t want to have see the girl I’m in love with be with another guy and then have to lose my friend to that guy. I just-”

“Nate what are you talking about? I don’t like Sam. Not even as a friends with benefits thing. It was one time at a party, as a dare.”

“Yeah but there’s gonna be another guy that’ll come along and sweep you off your feet and I-”

You cut him off by kissing him and then pull away. “I pick you.” You say kissing him again, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Lil’ Mama.” he says kissing you back smiling. You guys walk over to the bed while making out and you shove him on the bed. You take off your top and slide out of your skirt and Nate takes off his shirt. You climb on top of him and kiss down his jaw and then neck making him moan and say stuff you couldn’t decipher under his breath.

He flips you over so now he’s on top of you and says, “my turn”.

He slides your panties down your legs and then kisses your clit. You shiver, your body sensitive to the contact. He places his hands between your legs so you wouldn’t close them and start licking you out. You feel his finger start to pump in and out of you which felt so good it only took seconds for him to get a moan out of you.

“There we go baby, I’ve been waiting years to make you do that.” He places his mouth at your entrance and starts sucking your juices and then he stands up and unzips his shorts and pulls them down. He starts digging around for a condom in his pockets but thats when you sit up and decide it’d only be right for you to return the favor.

You grab his arm and pull him down next to you on the bed and then straddle him, kissing his perfect lips.

You stand up and then get on you knees as he watches your every move. You feel him through the fabric of his boxers and then pull them down wanting to get down to business quick.

You grab his length and start pumping it, kissing the tip which was leaking with pre-cum.

“fuckk-k” Nate says biting his lip.

You put him in your mouth and then swirl your tongue around him somehow knowing that’d make him go crazy.

“Deeper.” Nate says gripping your hair and pulling you off for a moment just so he could stand up. He pushes you back on him and you start to bob your head up and down his length making him mutter moan and curse.

He grips your hair tighter and pushes you down his length as far as you can go and then you feel him twitch. At this point he’s literally mouth fucking you so you let him continue to hit the back of your throat and further until he finally cums.

You take him out of your mouth and stand up and he says, “that was so hot Y/N… but we’re not done yet. Our relationship has just begun.”

Nate pulls you up to your feet and you both stare into each others eyes, filled with nothing but an infinite amount of lust. He pulls you into him and then kisses your forehead. You smile into him and then he gently pushes you back on the bed.

“Now it’s my turn to make you feel good babe.” He kisses you with his soft lips and leaves a trail of them down your stomach leading up to your heat. He makes eye contact with you as he stands up and lines himself up with your center.

“Just tell me if I hurt you babe ok?” He says. You nod and he slowly enters you making you wince. He doesn’t move until you open your eyes which you had screwed shut for a moment due to all the pain. He slowly starts thrusting in and out and all the pain turns into pleasure.

He clenches his jaw and thrusts into even faster making you grip onto the bed sheets tightly as you stare at his face and all his movements.

“Fas-ster” You manage to say.

“Tell me again Y/N.” Nate says staring into your eyes full of lust.

“Fa-faste-r please.” You say, your grip on the white fabric getting even tighter.

“No,” he says staring right into you as he continues to thrust. “Tell them who you belong to now. Make sure Sam can hear you.”

He thrusts into you harder when he says Sam making you scream his name.

“Fuck, Nate-”

“I know baby.” He says grabbing your arm and holding it down so he can hit your spot even harder. His thrusts start to slow down a bit and he says, “on the count of three”




Suddenly the room fills with your moans mixed together. Nate pulls out and lays down next to you.

“I’ve been dreaming to do something like that with you.”

Make you forget

“Y/N! Why are you still in bed?” My best friend Jacy yelled at me. See the truth is, my boyfriend broke up with me two days ago.. And I just can’t get over it. I gave him all I had.. My virginity.. My love.. Yet the dickhead still broke up with me for Lana, the school slut. So now I was in bed.. Eating chocolate ice cream and watching the notebook. “Y/N.. Come on get dressed. I got us fake ID’s so we are GOING TO THE CLUB!” Oh damn.. Jacy seemed excited. “Jacy.. I don’t feel like clubbing right now. You can go without me.” I didn’t want to look her in the eyes. I knew that if I did, she would win this. “Oh.. Y/N believe me, we are going and you are getting laid tonight!” She grinned. Ugh this bitch of a friend..

~Two hours later~
Yep.. She made me come.. There I sat, at the bar. Taking a sip from my Malibu cocktail while Jacy was dancing with two guys. Why the hell did she bring me if she is trying to get aids? I was about to get up and walk away when I felt a hand on my left shoulder. I looked next to me and saw a guy.. Probably in his early 20. He looked so handsome.. So hot.. So.. “Hey, I’m Justin.” They guy said. Oh.. He is so damn hot. “I’m Y/N.” I smiled. “So, Y/N.. A beautiful girl like you shouldn’t be here alone. You know that right?” I nodded in agreement. “My friend, the one over there who is trying to get aids.. She brought me here. She thought it was a good idea since all I’ve done is watch the notebook and eat ice cream all day.” Justin looked amused. Oh he should know.. “I love the notebook, that’s like my favorite movie. But watching it the whole day? Hmm.. Tell me princess what did he do to break your heart?” Wait.. Did he just figure out that I’m heartbroken? Damn.. Most of the boys I know can’t even figure out how to wear their pants. Where has this boy been in my whole life? “Two days ago.. Jack, my ex boyfriend now, broke up with me so he could date Lana, and she is like.. The school whore.. And..” I couldn’t help but started crying. “I.. I gave him all I could.. Yet he still didn’t love me.. He never loved me.. Everything was a lie!” Justin hugged me and I sobbed into his shirt. “Shh.. Its okay princess.. He is the one who lost. Not you.” His words were so comforting. “Take me out of here.. Please.” I looked him in the eyes with my red and fluffy eyes. I must have looked like a mess. He nodded. “Lets get your coat.” He grabbed my hand and we walked to the garderobe.

~Twenty minutes later~
“Wow.. Is this your house?” I looked around me. This house was bigger than the whole apartment building I lived in. Justin gave me a shy smile. “Yes.. Do you want to drink something?” He offered me. “No thank you I’m fine.” I sat on the couch and he sat right next to me. He looked so good.. I bet he had no idea what he was doing to me. “If you let me.. I can make you forget.” Wait what? Did he just say that? Oh my god.. Am I dreaming? “Show me..” I whispered. He got up and took my hand. We walked upstairs to his room and he pushed me on his bed. “Are you sure?” He checked. All I did was nod. Of course I am sure. “Good.. Now.. Relax.” He locked the door and started to undress himself. First his shirt and then his pants. That’s when I noticed his huge boner.. Fuck.. On the way to his house we grabbed a cab.. And I was so upset that I sat on his lap the whole time.. And I was moving.. That’s what the hard thing was.. Oh sometimes I’m so damn stupid. His dick was.. Wow.. Big. Like really big. He walked to the bed and helped me out of my dress. “Hmm you’re beautiful..” He whispered in my ear while he was checking me out. The way he whispered.. He made me shiver. He started to kiss me. At first slowly and deep but soon it turned out to a hot make out session. He was on top of me, kissing me roughly while grinding against my entrance. Oh this boy. I started moaning like crazy, which seemed to drive him even more insane because I swear his dick grew even bigger. “J-Justin.. Stop teasing.” I moaned loudly against his lips. He broke the kiss and helped me out of my bra. He attacked both nipples, one at a time while he was still grinding. All I could do was moan. I was so damn wet! Then he finally took of my string and his boxer. “Are you sure?” He asked again while he was breathing heavily. I moaned in agreement and slowly he sunk his dick into me. Oh.. Fuck.. I only had sex once and that was with a school boy.. His size was just.. So much bigger. But.. I liked the pain. Justin started trusting in and out me while I was moaning like crazy. “Justin! Ohh! Baby! Ahh! Right there.. Ohh fuck Justin!” He trusted harder and harder and took one of my nipples in his mouth again. Im not gonna lie.. His trusts did hurt a little. He started sucking on my nipple like crazy while he was trusting. “J-Justin! Ahh… Justin!” I moaned loudly and grabbed the bed sheets. I clenched my walls. “Not yet baby girl..” He breathed heavily into my ear. He went deeper and I felt his whole size.. Which got me screaming out his name. Fuck.. I couldn’t take it anymore.. He knew I was close so he speeded up. “NOW!” He yelled and we both came at the same time. I squirted around his dick while his warm cum filled my whole pussy. Oh.. He pulled out and lied next to me. We both were trying to catch our breath while we were looking at each other, speechless. After what felt hours of silence, he spoke. “Wow.. Did he leave you? Damn that dude is crazy.. I’m not letting you go.” Wait who was he talking about? Oh.. Right.. Jack. I can’t believe that he really made me forget. At the begin of this night I’d never thought my night would end like this.. In a stranger’s bed.. I smiled into his chest. “Goodnight Justin.” I whispered. “Goodnight, princess.” He whispered back. We both fell asleep, exhausted from the wild night we just had together.

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Akashi and Kise comforing their s/o when she's crying ?? :)

Akashi felt his heart drop when he entered the room you two shared to find you sobbing on the bed. He approached you calmly, a warm smile replacing his overly worried look he first wore. He didn’t want to make his worrying freak you out more. He took a seat on the bed next to your sobbing figure, his arm wrapping around you and pulling you onto his chest where he allowed you to let all your cries out. 

“It’s okay, _______. You’re safe in my arms. I’m right here for you and not going anywhere. Whenever you feel ready to talk I’m here, but now just let your tears out. I love you so much and will protect you.”

Seeing you tears made Kise himself want to cry, but he knew that would just make this situation worse. Holding back his own emotions, he quietly walked over to where you sat, curled into a ball and sobbing. He didn’t speak, afraid he might make you feel overwhelmed, but instead pulled you into his arms. He held you tightly and securely. He wanted to tell you that you were safe and with him using his actions. He continued to hold you close until he heard you sobs slow down he spoke.

“______cchi, I’m right here for you. You’re never alone. I love you so much and am here when you need to talk or just cry. I’ll listen to whatever you have to say and never leave. I won’t leave you.” 


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dear older me,

this a letter for you when you’re 25, 28 or 30. somewhere around those ages. i want to write a little bit about how things are now, how i want things in the future and how my thoughts and emotions are at the moment. i thought this could be fun for you, older me. to look back at. to laugh at. the cry at. to think about.

right now i’m 19 years old sitting in my boyfriend’s bed. it’s october 4th of 2016. he’s in his parents house right now eating a snack or two. i’m tired and i don’t feel like socialising. i hope that i get better at sleeping. i hope that i get better at talking(and just being around people) without feeling like choking. i’m wearing his black hoodie and a big pair of gray sweatpants mom gave to me last year around christmas. my hair is shoulder length. right now i’m torn between wanting to cut it or growing it long. i think i’m going to grow it longer, because i miss long hair. i’m kind of tired of this length. all my stuff is laying in big piles on two chairs. will i be just as lazy when i’m 25? probably.

this year i graduated from school and it was the biggest relief in my entire life. i can’t imagine studying again until two years have gone by. i still keep the contact with my girls from school and we talk once in a while. i wish to have them in my life forever.

i am currently living in england with my parnets in a small town near the sea, but i fly back and forth to sweden, so i can meet my boyfriend. he is still in school and can’t move with me anywhere right now. we are planning on moving to england in a year. i’m studying an english course there right now. it is quite nice. i love living in england, but i miss my boyfriend a lot. and when i’m with my boyfriend a lot, i miss my parents dreadfully. and my cat viwi and my dog milo. i wish everyone was in the same place. my mom wishes that too.  

i’ve struggled with a bad anxiety since 2014 and slight depression-ish feelings since 2012. late 2015 and early 2016 was the worst. now it’s getting better. i’m feeling more excited about just being alive and the future. right now my mood is kind of weird. sometimes i get an overwhelming amount of anxiety, but i’m feeling quite fine right now. however, it feels like a dream world. i feel kind of unhappy a lot the times. i feel empty very often. i don’t really know why. recently, someone that caused a part of my sadness came back into my life. i’m very happy about that though. yet, i feel distant and that i’m not really here. it has probably felt like that for a long while, but recently it got stronger. i’m like happy and sad at the same time. it is very weird. i want to work on my head and my emotional health. i feel like i’ve come a long way since the beginning of this year. i do not want to feel like this anymore.

right now my favorite artists/bands are hayley kiyoko, melanie martinez, ariana grande, aurora, halsey, sleeping at last, panic! at the disco, london grammar, the 1975, marina and the diamonds, wet, layla and so on. those are some of my absolute favorites and i listen to them a lot. i write a lot of poetry and i want to write a poetry book. i’ve recently started on one. i want to go to university in england someday. to live in london just for a while would be a dream. i love going to the gym and i’ve been vegan this entire year, hopefully forever. i love reading, even if i haven’t read anything in a while. my favorite food is tacos. my favorite colors are yellow, lavender, pale blue and white. i have a few internet friends i value so much. my favorite youtubers are colleen ballinger, rachel ballinger, savannah brown and dodie clark. the clothes i wear now are kind of colorful, not at as tight as it used to be, casual and comfy.

i wish to be more independent, full of more self-love and just pure happiness for being alive. i hope that i learn more stuff in my twenties, like a lot. i hope to maybe start playing music more. ukulele and guitar. write songs and stuff. i hope that i’ve written a really good fictional book at some point in my twenties. i hope that i’m still together with my boyfriend going strong. i hope that i was brave enough to show him my writing and all the things that i like. i hope that i’m unapologetically me. i want to get married in my late twenties and not earlier. i do not want kids before 32. i wish that i still enjoy the little things just as much as now. i hope that all the missing puzzle pieces come to me. i hope that i figured out at least some important things. i hope that i’m not unhappy all the time.

19 year old you

—  t.j. // dear older me
To My Future Love #9

My love,

I know it is selfish to say so, but please hurry to me. I often wonder what you’re doing. Right this moment, are you full of joy or sadness? Are you telling someone a corny joke? Are you curled up in bed all alone? Are you writing letters to me as I write this letter to you?

I know it is selfish to say so, but I want to know what’s happening in your life before me, and where you are now. Are you two blocks away from me or two continents away? Have I seen you in a bookstore or coffee shop before? Or will I come upon your face for the first time and feel as though I’ve been struck by a lightning bolt?

I know it is selfish to say so, but I can’t help wishing I knew all of your dreams, your little quirks, your mannerisms and expressions already. I want to learn all the parts of you, and what makes the ends of your lips curve upward. I want to know what those lips look like the first time they form the words, “I love you.”

I know it is selfish to say so, but I love you even though I don’t know you. And I’m ready to know your love too.

- Z.M.(Letter #9 to you, wherever you are.)