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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm steamy Destiel sex in hotel bathroom, voices and moans kept quiet due to the fact that Sam is asleep in the other room.

Dean’s been subtly teasing Cas all night

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Until Sam goes to bed and Cas silently gives Dean “the look” that Dean knows and loves, the one he was hoping to get all evening, that says “enough, you want it, I want you, now” and walks over to the bathroom.

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He doesn’t have to wait long, Dean is scrambling off the bed in seconds stopping only to rummage in his duffel for a moment then frantically kicking off his shoes and socks as he goes.

And boy is there a reward once he gets in there, Cas practically slams the door shut as he shoves him up against it, smoothly gliding down his body in one motion…

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It’s deeply concerning to me that the majority of TERFs I run into now haven’t even reached voting age.

Exclusionist ideology have become so prevalent that an alarming number of Gay and Lesbian kids that I’ve seen believe that the community begins and ends with them. They want any queer people that don’t fall strictly into their groups to get lost. They don’t like Asexuals, they really don’t like Bisexuals, and God help you if you’ve committed the unforgivable sin of being trans.

Sure it’s easy to just hit the block button or try to shut our doors whenever we have to deal with exclusionists, but these kids are going to come of age soon and if we ignore the problem of more and more kids buying into that ideology it will come back to harm the rest of the queer community.

they wouldn’t let me put the candles on the full cake, so I did it on my little piece instead. one for every hundred days clean!!!

I just want to thank everyone again for all the love you’ve given me and all the time you spent hanging out with me today. if you can see in the background, I’m now going to go watch 500 Days Of Summer starring MGG to celebrate. each of you means the world to me ❤❤ I swear I’ll shut up now, I just wanted to say thank you again and share the cake I promised we’d eat together.

Can someone please spare a few minutes of your time to genuinely listen to my stories? I am trying to open myself up to people and I think telling them about random things is a great start, but I guess the people I want to share these stories with are not interested enough. Meh. It is kinda heartbreaking. I will just keep my mouth shut na lang up until someone, who is fortunately interested, comes up and finally asks me to start talking. You do not have to respond to everything I am going to say. Hay.

I just need someone who can and is willing to listen. Why is it so hard to find one?

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So what is the real Louis. This is giving me whiplash. What should I believe? As a fan I'm actually clueless how to deal with this situation? The Sun article was yikes x 274. He spoke differently in the FB thing. But who wants what out and why can't he shut things like a Larry denial down? I've so many questions :( plus he says album is gonna be brutally honest. I'm so anxious that there are more ugly surprises...

Anonymous said:“You’ll know what’s about Eleanor (…) I want to make everything as honest and obvious as possible.” god it’s going to such a stunt album. Cause you know he can’t be obvious about he and Harry… It’s going to be an album all construed to push the stunts. I hate this. Don’t get me wrong I’ll love the album and the music but I hate how they are already making the album about the stunts. Like even Always You is already being made about her, and his posts posted when they were together in jamaica


In the kindest possible way, I need you both to chill the fuck out. 

For the question of “what should I believe?” the answer is: always believe Louis over and above a sleazy gossip columnist working for literally the foulest newspaper in the UK. That’s a no-brainer. 

If you watch a long interview, like the Facebook Live interview from today, where Louis seems happy, relaxed, warm, at ease, he’s smiling and laughing and talking about the things that inspire him (the fans), you should always listen to HIM and his answers over and above a print inteview, written in the exact opposite tone to every other piece of major press done recently. 

Think of all of the articles and interviews that Louis has done as a part of the press lead-up of Back To You promo. Now think about about the recent articles written about Louis by that Rita Skeeter motherfucker, Dan Wooton. One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn’t the same. Not the same in content, not the same in tone, not the same in purpose. And there’s a reason; it’s because Dan Wootton is writing fictionised accounts of Louis’ and has been given access, “quotes” and copywrighted pictures by his BFF, publicity ghoul, Simon Jones. 

The same stands for heavily editied Q&A videos - they’’re too easy to control the tone and twist a meaning. Are you going to listen to someone else try to tell you who Louis is, using their own voice, their own tactics, their own editing, their own pointed questions, or are you going to watch him interact with people in long-form and figure it out for yourself?

As for “it’s going to be a stunt album” - no, no it’s not. 

Sentient shit-stain, Dan Wootton could write a 30 page article every day about how Always You and every other one of Louis’ album tracks was inspired by Eleanor, Briana, vaginas in general, Freddie, his hatred of Larries, his hatred of 1D and his love of Greggs sausage rolls and that still wouldn’t change a thing about what geniunely inspired the songs, anymore than Dan could make the sky change colour by insisting that it’s now yellow. One moron, screaming foul obsecentiies into his personal abyss megaphone at The Sun, does not do SHIT to change the purpose of this album. 

I for one, cannot freaking wait to hear the songs Louis’ writing, because I’m sure he’s writing a good few of them (coughALWAYSYOUcough) from the heart.

I see y’all flailing and screaming about shrinkyclinks and shrunkyclunks and I raise you to… BOTH. De-serumed cap!Steve x long-haired & with a prosthetic limb modern!Bucky.

You’re welcome.

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yo ok so i read your faq and you can answer this privately or publicly whatever you want but it says you animate with sony vegas 13 and you use pt sai??? how do you animate with pts like do you go frame by frame and then put it together or??? ive seen a few of your videos and theyre really well made and super smooth so im wondering how you do that

I like your icon!! I love ImmortalHD

and yes! I do the frames one by one, first, key frames [the first and last frames of a segment] and then draw each frame in-between

here are the files in the Shut Up and Think commercial, some may look different or out of line and such, and that’s because I forget frames sometimes

each mouth has their own frame, and each moving part sometimes have their own frame

each frame I have to save and trace over, it’s really tedious and that’s why I don’t get things done fast, because it takes FOREVER to do, this is the looney leo animation i did, 87 frames, but it took me 4 HOURS to draw 87 f  u ck i ng f r a m es

i think you get the idea now, yeah? It’s really hard bein a fucking animator don’t do this if you don’t have the proper tools

its doable yeah, but is it easy ? hell no

its fun anyways to me, I think lip sync is really fun

Overload| Dean Winchester

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Requested by Anon - You, the reader, has an emotional overload and somehow manage to shut down all of your emotions. Dean takes notice of this and makes it a priority to let you know he’s always there for you, no matter what happens. 

Song lyrics taken from NF- Mansion

Tag: @learningasigo : Set post Season 11 finale but before the real plot of 12x01

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one - because I’ve never done this before and didn’t want to get it wrong. I’m hoping to get out alot of my requests this weekend!

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In Full Bloom, Chapter 30

Or what happens when Levi, a lonely shut-in with too much money, learns to live again with help from his handsome gardener.

“I want you to fuck me.” Levi had told Erwin, keeping in mind that it was probably the the best way to ensure it was amazing for both of them because Levi had done it before. “Think you can handle that?”

“I…. yes.” Erwin had said decidedly, his eyes wide and an almost taken aback look on his face that still showed he was completely fine with the idea.

Not that he objected to Levi bending him over and doing the same thing to him either, though, because just talking about the possibility afterward had been enough to make him hard, but Levi also couldn’t get over how much he practically ached to have Erwin’s dick in his his ass by then. He’d touched it so many times at that point, he thought, and put it in his mouth enough so that he basically had the entire damned thing memorized, and he dreamed of how it would feel inside him, how incredibly satisfying it would be to have something that firm and large filling him up after all the times before where his own fingers and toys had not been enough.

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Hey! I love your hcs and think they're pretty accurate to the boys. Can I have a scenario with S/M (Tsukinami if you can) where s/o is mute due to a traumatic past?

I’m guessing they’re picking to be mute and not actually mute sooo…I hope I’m right.

  • Ayato: “I mean- coME ON!” He’s very frustrated you won’t speak to him, “My mother tried to drown me and I’m still here and talking, so why can’t you? Come on, talk to me- say something. Being dead silent is just as annoying as not shutting up.”
  • Reiji: “I wonder what made her shut down like that.” He isn’t mad, just curious. He wants to know what traumatic event happened that shut you up for good, he doesn’t like it when you won’t answer his questions though.
  • Laito: “I went through..some stuff. If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.” He tried to be gentle and offer to open up to you about what happened to him with his (awful) Mother. But you wouldn’t budge, which actually made him angry and then he didn’t want anything to do with you.
  • Kanato: “If it makes you feel any better, I burned my Mother.” You were very shocked and now never wanted to speak to him, he had scared you to death (almost) by saying that. You tried to avoid him at all cost after that.
  • Subaru: Subaru lets you be quiet most of the time, but sometimes he tries to make small talk like ’Do you think you’re a monster too?’ he is very curious to why you’re so shut off to the world.
  • Shu: Good. He likes you to be quiet so he can sleep, but eventually he wants to ask you straight up what has made you the way that you are. Eventually you budge and tell him, then he shrugs it off with, “It’s alright, my only friend was murdered when I was younger. We have something in common then.”
  • Ruki: “Livestock, why won’t you talk to me? Is it something here that makes you uneasy?” he tries to understand at first, but then slowly loses his cool and gives you a cold shoulder since you won’t let him help you.
  • Kou: Kou doesn’t even ask what happened to you, he just thinks you’re actually mute and leaves it at that and you two get along pretty well.
  • Yuma: “Well since you won’t use your mouth, can you use your hands?” (don’t think like that guys-) He drug you off to the garden and forces you to help since you won’t protest or argue.
  • Azusa: “It’s okay..we can..use hand gestures or…paper?” He was trying to figure out a solid way to communicate without making you uncomfortable.
  • Shin: Since you don’t protest to anything, he does what he wants to you and you can’t do anything about it.
  • Carla: He actually sort of treats you gentle. Something really bad must of happened to make you stop talking, right? So he tries his best to try and get you to talk.

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Ships and drabbles please? Girls only ;) I'm a ravenclaw with some slytherin tendencies, and I prefer the lightning gen. I love to learn, and the library is where I relax. In life I want to fight for justice and equality. I seem shy at first, but in reality I am talkative af! I shut down my emotions a lot, as I feel they make me vulnerable. My friends describe me as wise, independent and ambitious. Thanks so much, I love your blog!

Dating: Hermione Granger
Best Friend: Cho Chang

You and Hermione were meant to be and everyone at Hogwarts knows it. You technically knew about each other before ever meeting. Both your names were on a waiting list to check out House Elves and Everlasting Enslavery from the library. By a strange mistake, the book tried to send itself to both of you at the same time and consequently tore itself in half. You and Hermione had to meet up to restore the book back to it’s binding. House elves led to other topics of conversation and well, you’ve pretty much been an item ever since. Of course, being two extremely passionate and ambitious girls, you do tend to get into tiff here and there. Cho is great, though. She is always there to help you sort out what you are REALLY feeling, and she makes a wonderfully soothing tea. She’s also a wonderful listener who understands that sometimes, you need to talk it out. 


Iris: “You’re very quiet today!”

Gin Tonic: “…”

Iris: “What’s up? Problems in the noggin? Insane in the membrane? Cra-.”

Gin Tonic: Please.”

Iris: “Please what? Don’t want to talk? Sorry, I’m a bit of a chatterbox. I just don’t know when to shut up! But somebody /does/ have to keep this going, what with you sulking and all.”

If only it was that easy, Susan…