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I have to play a fugue tomorrow in piano class, and fugues make me literally want to get hit by a car going exactly 127 miles per hour. Can you hit me with a car or give me some idea on how to approach this, cuz I think I might die.

practise voices alone practise hands alone practise

you don’t need me

@hunayweek day 3: separation/distance. you wanted angst and I delivered >:) don’t worry, I’ll ease up on y’all starting tomorrow.


Two things that people in long distance relationships live for: the time when they get to see their significant other again, and the time when the distance will go away and they will be together forever.

Hunk looked forward to the first, though he never knew exactly when it was coming, because one Galra attack after another made it hard to predict when he would have enough down time to visit his girlfriend. But it was always bittersweet because he knew the second would never happen.

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I am always terrified that nobody is feeling the way I am at any specific moment. There are weeks I am so exhausted to my core no matter how long I spend hiding inside of my bedroom; the weeks where I feel my body telling me to do something, anything, to stop feeling like this and I answer myself, “maybe tomorrow it will be better” and I can’t help but feel like I am pushing the truth. The problem with having an illness that nobody can see is that when somebody asked what hurts, you want to ask if they know how to bandage a beating heart. I used to be in love with somebody who would brush my hair for me when things got really bad, and he would come sit with me on the bathroom floor while “You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are” by Keaton Henson would be playing and for a few minutes I would be safe and there would be nothing in the world except the feeling that maybe this is what making progress feels like; that each knot pulled from my head means that finally I won’t be coming undone. But this isn’t the movies, this isn’t a book; you don’t magically get fixed because somebody is holding you together. Their arms will get tired. They won’t understand why it seems like nothing they do makes any difference. It is not their fault, and it is not your own either, but what is messy once will be messy again. I think about love so much I’m worried that one day it will consume me entirely, and that there is something so inherently unloveable about me that I can’t seem to scrub off no matter how many times I shower in a day. There are days where the dirt seems to live under your skin and you can stand under the hot water for hours but pieces of people that used to be a part of your life get stuck under your fingernails and you carry them with you wherever you go. Each time somebody gets close to me, I wonder what the tipping point for them will be. If they will be frustrated with me when I need the directions explained over and over again, because the thought of being lost is so much more than just not knowing with way to turn. If they will get angry when I can’t find it in me to take the few steps forward; because I have tried crossing oceans that look like puddles for some people and it seems that all they see is that both of our feet get wet. I wonder why people fall out of love, and if it’s always because there is that breaking point, that one extra knot you needed pulled from your hair that they just could not reach anymore. I see people kissing on the street corner and I wonder if she remembers what his favourite movie is, or who she aspired to be when she was young, or if he listens to each song that he gets sent, from beginning right until the very end. In the end, I think everything comes down to love. Because I see it in each businessman that empties his wallet into a barista’s tip jar, in each mother that’s ever sat through their daughters excruciatingly long ballet recitals, in each father that’s ever edited his sons essays and wrapped an arm around their shoulders as they sit beside each other, in each child that kisses each other messily on their cheeks, in the newly weds that just married their best friends and can’t stop feeling the weight on their ring finger, in the 90 year olds that still hold hands while they walk through the grocery stores, in the college girls who apply each other’s lipsticks in the bars and tell everybody in the washroom that they look beautiful, and in myself, when I brushed my own hair this morning, and told myself that maybe tomorrow will be easier than this.
—  NOVEMBER 13TH, 2016 (k.p.k)

Snow is falling, All around me, Children playing, Having fun!

Have a small collection of our SERVAMP Winter-Outfits!!! If there is no snow… then do-it-yourself. ;)

We hope that all of you are prepared for the upcoming holidays! Im glad we are finished and now… TWO WEEKS of freedom! (and playing FF15 *coughs*)



Thank you Caity and Wentworth for being the best captains this ship could ever ask for. 

Thank you for all the unscripted stares and the leaning ins; because you made this ship and made us fall in love with it. 

Proud to have a ship with characters played by so amazing and talented people.

And for whatever the future has in store for our fandom; i hope the captain canary shippers don’t lose hope on this ship. 

Everyone in college, going to college, or wants to go to college someday: I'm a graduating senior, and I have one favor to ask of you.

Go to more talks.

In your field, far out of your field go to as many talks as you can.

Sometimes you’ll have good excuses. I know I did. I’m not going to skip classes that I’m paying for, and I can’t miss lab meeting because something cool popped up Thursday at 4. I know you can’t either - I get that.

Sometimes I had /okay/ excuses. I have to study for orgo one more hour. I want to relax tomorrow, so I’ll do more work tonight. It happens.

Sometimes I had garbage excuses. I’m tired. The Bachelor is on. I’m playing on my phone, so time slipped away from me, and now I’m actually going to do work.

PLEASE go to talks. Learn from people doing what you want to do. Learn from people who have a career you didn’t know existed. Learn from physicists, sociologists, activists, grad students, Nobel laureates, your peers.

I’ve never regretted going to a talk. I had no clue what was going on sometimes, sure. But not ONCE have i left the room thinking “What a waste of time.” You know what is a waste of time? Playing on your phone til time slips away.

This is my biggest regret as I approach graduation. So here’s my request of you: please go to talks. For me. And when you realize it’s wonderful, engaging, challenging, and rewarding, please do it for you.

Day 12-Mr. & Mrs. Claus-Theo Raeken

Teen Wolf Imagine:#74 Prompt:#…none.

Word Count: 1,256

Warnings: NSFW. This is smut! Dress up/role play, oral sex, spanking, unprotected sex.

A/n: This is the filthiest thing I’ve ever written and it’s the last smut of 25 days of Christmas. I know you are all probably sick of them and ready to go back to the fluff well fear not, tomorrow we are back to the fluffy stuff!

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Last Imagine

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Reading Tyler’s Stream Chat

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*Tyler disables chat*



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Summary: You can Enoch aren’t exactly in an official relationship and with Jake having arrived, he believes that he’s going to lose you to the younger man. One night, he decides to show you how much you mean to him.

Warning: hella smutty

“Hey y/n! Want to play football with us?”

You looked up from your book, finding Millard standing there, a football in his hands.

“Don’t bother Millard,” Hugh said, coming up behind him. “She obviously wants to spend time with Enoch.”

He nodded towards the boy sitting next to you. For a moment, you’d forgotten that you’d even come outside with him.

“I think I’m going to continue reading,” you replied, leaning back on the tree trunk. “Maybe tomorrow?”

“Okay,” Millard said, walking away with Hugh.

Turning back to your book, you resumed the silence that you had originally been in, the soft clink of Enoch’s tools coming up every so often.

“Y/n!” you heard your name being called again. You looked up to see Jake making his way over, Emma following behind him at a distance.

“Someone’s popular,” you heard Enoch mutter, to which you could only roll your eyes.

“Hey Jake,” you said. “What can I do for you?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to go on a walk or something. Just the two of us,” he said, kneeling down in front of me.

Enoch’s head immediately flew up, sending Jake a glare, which he skillfully ignored.

“I… um…” you thought about it. You and Jake were the youngest ones here, you having come only a year ago. You wanted to know what had happened in the last year that you had missed out on, but he always spent his free time with Emma.

“Sure,” you said, finally.

“What?” asked Enoch, surprised and a lit bit angry.

“Jake and I are going to go on a walk,” you said, simply. Getting up, you dusted off your skirt and put your book in the belt of your dress.

You couldn’t help but notice Enoch’s glare as the two of you left towards the home.


On your walk around the island, you and Jake talked about anything and everything that had happened in the past year. Apparently, several people died, which was unfortunate, but that’s how life worked.

Coming back to the home, the sun was just about to set and you and Jake hurried inside for supper. Quickly getting into the dining room, you searched for a seat. There was one next to Jake, and you grabbed the chair, claiming it as your own. Emma glared at you as you sat down, while she took your regular seat next to Enoch.


After dinner, you had excused yourself to your room to freshen up. In the bathroom, you slashed yourself in the face a few times with water, waking you up a little bit. Wiping your face off on your sleeve, you went to your room to put your book away. You almost screamed when you saw Enoch sitting on your bed, diligently waiting.

“Enoch!” you exclaimed, loudly. “What are you doing here?”

“What were you doing with Jake?” he asked, getting up to meet you near the door.

“We went on a walk,” you said, throwing the book on your bed. “Nothing special. What’s got you angry now?”

“Maybe it’s because my girlfriend spent two hours alone with some guy that we’ve known for two days!” Enoch exclaimed.

You quickly closed the door behind you, knowing that the entire house just heard.

“Enoch,” you said, quietly. “Don’t you trust me?”

His eyes softened a bit. “Of course I trust you, y/n,” he said.

Your stare was hard and cold. “Then you should trust me to be around Jake. He’s no different than Hugh or Millard!”

“Jake is different,” he said, leaning against the door, listening to see if there were any children listening to your fight.

“How?” you asked, angrily.

“He’s from your time, y/n!” Enoch exclaimed, returning the hostility. “If it weren’t for this bloody loop, I would’ve been dead by the time you were born!”

You were quiet. You knew it was true. Enoch was a staggering 95 years older than you, which is something that you never put much thought into until now.

“You can leave the loop,” Enoch said quietly. “You can leave with him.”

You let out a heavy sigh. “And why would I leave?”

He shrugged, kicking the door. “There’s so much more in the future. You even have a family there.”

“I’m not going to leave you Enoch,” you said, holding his hand.

“That’s what Abe said to Emma, and look at what happened,” Enoch said coldly, pulling his hand away from your own.

He pulled open the door to find Hugh, Millard, Olive, and Emma standing on the other side; probably having listened to the whole ordeal.

Enoch muttered something under his breath as he pushed past them and went into his room, his door slamming hard. You took in a shaky breath as the others looked at you with concern.

“Aren’t we supposed to be watching movies?” you asked.


As soon as Horace’s dreams were over, you quickly made your way upstairs to your bedroom. You changed into some nightwear and got into bed. There was a part of you that just wanted to cry, it was horrible. You took some shaky breaths to calm yourself down, pulling the sheets closer to your face. Your eyes were closed and you tried to get some sleep, but it was no use. It was around a half hour later when you heard Miss Peregrine go into her room, signalling the end of any activity in the house. You rolled over in bed again, trying to find a comfortable position. Every part of you wanted to sneak over to Enoch’s room and to stay with him for the night, like you always did when you couldn’t sleep; but you couldn’t tonight. Not after what happened.

As you finally felt yourself falling asleep, you could hear footsteps in the hallway; it was probably someone looking to get some water. You rolled around again, your back facing the door. Your door began to creak as it opened and closed; it was probably Miss Peregrine checking on you. The footsteps were now in your room, and you could feel the side of your bed dip as someone sat on it. Enoch.

“I’m sorry y/n,” he whispered, grabbing your hand in his own.

You rolled over to look at him. “Enoch,” you said quietly. “I’m not going to leave you. I’d never do that to you; I love you too much.”

Enoch looked shocked. This was the first time you’d ever said I love you to him.

“I love you too,” he said, pressing his lips to your cheek.

“Good,” you giggled, pecking him on the lips.


You two looked at each other for a moment before he brought you in for another kiss, this one different than the rest. This one was needy and hungry, like you might disappear if he stopped. He held himself on top of you, still kissing you. His hand ran through your hair before coming down across your chest, gently massaging your breast over your shirt.

You let out a shaky moan as he continued to kiss down your neck, almost immediately finding your sweet spot.

“Enoch,” you let his name slip out of your mouth in almost a whisper and you could feel him smirk against your neck and he continued, your whines and moans serving as motivation to go on.

His hand eventually made its way to the hem of your shirt, tugging at it.

“This has got to come off,” muttered against your lips.

You pulled it off, tossing it across the room. Enoch smiled as he took you in, tonight was a good night to not be wearing a bra.

“Fucking hell y/n,” he said, quickly pulling off his shirt and tossing it next to yours.

He reconnected your lips, gently grinding his hips into yours. You could feel his hard-on through your pajama bottoms. He let out a soft groan at the contact, his kisses becoming rougher.

He broke your kiss and began placing small kisses down your torso, stopping at the waistband on your bottoms. He looked at you for permission to continue, you nodded, your breathing heavy. He yanked them down along with your underwear, leaving you completely nude. He quickly stood up, pulling off his boxers. You blushed red, covering your face with your hands. Enoch laughed, pulling your hands away from your face.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked, his hand cupping your face as he positioned himself above you.

You nodded, giving him a soft kiss. He smiled, kissing your cheek as he pushed himself in. His face immediately dropped to your neck. You could hear him moan into your hair as he pulled himself out, only to push back in.

His forehead rested on yours as he continued to thrust into you, every time better than the last. Your hands cupped his face, causing him to look at you. There were small beads of sweat dripping down his forehead as he got closer to finishing. You could feel the knot in your stomach begin to tighten.

“Enoch,” you whimpered. “I think gonna - ”

“Me too love,” he whispered. “We’re going to have to be quiet.”

In a matter of thrusts, you felt yourself let go, biting onto Enoch’s shoulder to stop you from shouting. Enoch quickly finished after, letting out a series of grunts and curses as he did so.

“That was bloody amazing.”

You nodded in response, smiling as he pulled you closer to him. And for the first time that night, you could feel yourself finally falling asleep.


Hey there! I hope you enjoyed this Enoch imagine. I’m pretty new at smut, so I apologise if you cringe every time. I thought I’d cover as many different situations as possible, and that does mean smut. Practice makes perfect, and I’ll make it there eventually. Thanks for reading! Stay peculiar! <3

Don’t tell me that Magnus and Alec don’t dance like there’s no tomorrow around in the loft while “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is playing at full blast and sing at the top of their lungs while pointing at each other dramatically every time they hear the word “you” in the song and don’t DON’T tell me that Magnus and Alec don’t both take an exaggerated breath to try to hit that last note at the end of the song and it’s so out of tune and screechy that they end up laughing their heads off and cuddling on the couch while exchanging lazy, giggly kisses and drinking hot chocolate

A Week in the Life of a Choices Fan

Monday - Only got till Wednesday! I’ll make it through… right?

Tuesday - Oh god it’s tomorrow I don’t know how I’m going to make it

Wednesday - Reloads the entire day waiting for the chapters. Then freaks out.

Thursday - *only thinks of new things that happened*

Friday - *comes up with so many conspiracy theories*

Saturday - Starting to think I can’t make it to Wednesday again

Sunday - Slightly impatient with too much free time and nothing new to freak out over

*repeat cycle perpetually*

||Family Bonding|| Joker x Reader

||Family Bonding||
Joker x Reader

Hey could you do one were the joker meets your family and realizes there extremely crazy and ends with you two having fluff- Thank you sooo much❤❤ - @cloud9motions

kinda gruesome

Love at first sight doesn’t exist.

You know this because when Mister J first started circling you like a shark, you certainly did not want to kiss him. The first though you actually have was to take the pool stick you were holding and shove it up his ass to impale him.

“Can I play with you, doll?” J purred, smiling wide.

“No.” You simply said, shooting your pool stick forward, hitting the white ball that knocked the 8 ball into the left pocket. You smirked triumphantly and looked up at your opponent, “That’ll be $500, Paul. I’ll expect it tomorrow at my place before I wake up.”
This Paul man walked away from the pool table in shame, headed out the door as quickly as he could. You chuckled with an eye roll and set up a new game.
All the while J was still recovering from rejection. In his defense, he was out of his element. The Clown Prince was out of town for business purposes, instead of his usual club.
No woman would deny him in his own territory! Currently J was in a high end casino, people knew who he was and acted like he wasn’t there. His green hair made him stick out like an elephant. Well, that and the 20 body guards that were not hired by the casino. Dare J say that he missed the attention he received in his club, when everything he could want was at his fingertips.
A slight sense of insecurity washed over J as he sat back in his booth. You did look rather young. He observed you, careless of being completely obvious about it. You were clearly 21 if not older, after all you were in a place of alcohol and gambling. What really sent that insecure shiver down his spine was how easily you said no. You didn’t even look his way, see who he was! If you had, would your answer still be the same?

J decided to put it to the test.

The criminal had Frost send her a drink, a simple beer. When the beer reached your table you looked at it with an arched brow. Your striking (e/c) eyes almost froze J where he sat. Your face was gorgeous. (H/c) hair pulled over to one side, resting on your left shoulder and curling every which way. You had only a little bit of makeup on from what J could see. Black lipstick to match your simple black dress and mascara to make those (e/c) eyes pop. You picked up the drink and began to walk towards the criminal and that was definitely not a smile on your face.
“You’ve caught my attention, kitten, normally people would take a hint.” You sat in the booth, across from him, “But really? A beer? I hope i look classier then that.”

Oh you did.

J didn’t care if he was being sassed, he could fix that attitude later, your voice was smooth and unshaken. You weren’t afraid of him . This shocked J, though he didn’t have anything but a smile on those red lips… Wait. Did you call him kitten? Before he could ask you spoke again.

“Anybody home?” You gave a slight smile. J glanced your black covered lips as it twitches upwards for a moment. He looked up and you tilted your head, waiting for an answer.

“What would you like?” J asked without a smile.

“Scotch.” You said simply.

J snapped his fingers and immediately a body guard of his fled to the bar. He returned a minute later and placed the drink in front of you. You glanced down at the drink then up at the man again.

“What was your name again, kitten?”

“You don’t know me?” J asked, tilting his head slightly.

“No, I do! Just know you have too many names to keep track. Which do you prefer?” You asked, leaning forward, elbows on the table and your head in your hands.

“You can call me J. Who are you and why do I feel like I should be worried?” J smirked playfully.

You threw your head back in laughter that made J smile widely. You had two golden fangs that made him slide his tongue over his grill. Your laugh had that ring that was all too similar to his. For a moment you had that mischievous glint in your eyes.

“You have no idea.” You smirked, “I’m (Name). (Full Name).”

“Tell me, (Name), what’s a pretty, little thing like you doing here?”

“My dad, The Boss, owns this place. I come here to hustle rich assholes when I’m bored. Thanks to Boss, I’m the best pool shark you’ll ever see.” You admit with a wink.

“You don’t say?” J laughed as well.

“I do say! Want to see?” You lean in close, looking out the booth for someone to play with.

“Amuse me.” J said, looking out as well.

At last, you picked someone. You walked over, swaying your hips as you did. J would never turn down an opportunity to stare at a fine women’s ass. He smirked as you sat next to the man in the bar. You conversed with the man for a bit and he bought you a drink.

“Do you wanna play some pool? I’m not very good but I bet you’d go easy on me~” You purred

“How about we go back to my place and play something else?” He smirked. You forced yourself not to roll your eyes and kept that sweet smile on your lips.

“Wanna make a bet? You win, we go back to your place. I win, you give me $1,000.”

“What makes you think I have that kind of money?” He asked, nervous how confidently you made the bet for someone who isn’t good at pool.

“If you didn’t, you would have denied already.” You whispered with a smirk, walking towards the pool table.

J watched as you walked to get a pool stick, irritated as the man eyed you. You weren’t his but when J wanted something, no one else could have it. He watched for 15 minutes as you continuously beat the man in 4 rounds of pool, raising the wager every time. Whether it was because he didn’t want to lose to a girl.. or he really wanted to take you home.
You finally shot the 8 ball into the pocket.

“My $4,000.” You held your hand out, looking to J with a smirk. You felt a rush of pride run over you as you watched the criminal hold his stomach in a fit of laughter.

“You cheated!” The man yelled, smacking your hand down. Your smirk fell, (e/c) eyes flashing red as you whipped your head to face the man.

“You said you were bad at pool-”

“I!” You said sharply, getting quite a few people’s attention but none more then J’s, “Said. I wasn’t very good. I was being modest.” You have a frightening, forced smile.

“You little-” The man raised his fist.

You didn’t even flinch as he did. J stood up immediately but was beat to reaching you. Several men around the room, all wearing the same suit, rushed to your aid. They shoved the man back and aimed a gun at him.

“Little bitch? Is that what I am?” You looked around as if to ask the men surrounding him. They laughed and shook their heads. J and the man stared, wondering what joke they were missing. You twitched your head to the side, “I’m definitely not little when it comes to being a bitch.”

You started to walk away when you stop and snap your fingers and make a face as if you were forgetting something. A smug smile on your face as you make a finger gun and shoot yourself, adding a little ‘pew’ sound.

“You remember that $4,000 that you owe me? Make it $8,000, that’s my favorite number.” You giggled.

“That’s ridiculous!” The man was held in place by the bodyguards. It wouldn’t be the first time someone tried to run off after making a bet.

“Is it?!” You made a fake pouty face, “I’m sooooo sorry. You know what? How about we both talk to The Boss.” Your eyes darkened and narrowed at the mention of your father. The man was now on his knees, realizing who he was dealing with.

As the conversation came to an end, you turned to see J just a few steps from you. Shaking his head with a huge smile on his face, clapping his hands.

“What a performance!” He shouted. You bowed to your audience of one and both of you began laughing.

“Oh, (Name,)” J’s voice lowered, “I like you.”

Shortly after this first impression, J wanted to know you more. You talked for hours and hours that night. You explained to J how your twin brothers, Mark and Max, accidentally punched you while you three were roughhousing. One tooth was knocked out and they thought your parents wouldn’t notice if the opposite fang was missing! They gave you a bit of alcohol and pulled your tooth out with pliers. You showed your mom, a bloody, drunk smile on your face. J thought it was hilarious but your mom did not. After that, J told you a few of his 'funny’ stories that related to yours.

At the end of the night, you decided you were intrigued by J.

As he was of you.

At first you were only his Wendy, telling J stories strictly to amuse him. He would pay for you to visit every weekend and stay in the most luxurious hotel Gotham had to offer. You would laugh and create mischief together! Only for once J wouldn’t do anything so awful it would attract the Bat. The criminal didn’t want unwanted attention during his time with you. Instead they would do simple teenage pranks like throw eggs at the Bruce Manor and leave chickens in the front yard. Oh how J adored that one.

You loved J’s club, it was so different from your fathers casino. However the criminal didn’t like you in his club, dancing in the glass cages for everyone else to gawk at. The tight (f/c) dress you wore that made you irresistible. Especially the way you were dancing. Though when you finally convinced J to dance with you, his smirk grew as everyone who laid eyes in you immediately turned away.
After the club, you and J went back to his house to pick up your phone. You sat on his bed like you did earlier when you waited for J to fix his fucking hair for hours. You realized you were kind of tired, it was 3am after all. J probably wouldn’t mind if you rested your eyes for an hour right?
You opened your eyes to see a shirtless J, asleep and peaceful. You smiled at the man, gently touching his face and leaning down to place a kiss on his cheek before you left. J’s eyes opened immediately and he aimed a gun at you before seeing who you were. You squeaked, showing the first sign of fear he had ever seen. He dropped the gun and fled the room, you heard a door slam down the hall and then silence. That was the last you had seen from J for a week.
The Clown Prince of Crime had locked himself away for a week. When he finally emerged from his office, J saw you curled up on the floor. You hadn’t left yet? J sighed and kneeled down, shaking you awake. You sat up with a gasp, rubbing your tired, (e/c) eyes.

“I have rules, (Name)” J said simply. You knew what he meant. This would not be an ordinary relationship if things were headed the direction you thought they were.

“As do I, J.” You said as you closed the gap between your faces, kissing him passionately.

Years went by and you and J have been the ruthless power couple of Gotham. King and Queen rightfully by each others sides! His laughter echoing in the streets followed by a harmless giggle that everyone knew belonged to you. Your think it’s funny how this started from an interest, to an obsession and now the closest thing to a lover possible. Neither of you said the “L” word. It wasn’t a rule or anything but the two of you never said it. Though J was more then content with your relationship, he wanted more.

He always did.

He knew you were devoted to him but he wanted you to be completely and utterly his, in every which way. J went out that night and robbed the finest jewelry store Gotham had to offer him. He plucked the most glorious ring just for you and had his men stuff the rest into bags. As the pale man was walking into his home, reciting his lines for what he would attempt to say to you, he heard you laughing. You were talking to someone and you sounded overjoyed! This made J angry. It was 3am why on earth were you even awake?! He quickly walked inside, marching over to you only to see you smiling that perfect smile he adored. You were Skyping your family.

“Bye Mom! Bye Boss! Bye Mark and Max!” You smiled wide, waving at them as you hung up. You closed your laptop and started to hum, standing up to go to the kitchen when you noticed J.

“Hey baby!” You smiled and kissed his cheek. You continued to make your way to the kitchen, fixing yourself a snack and J a drink.

“You know..” You started, hesitant to ask, “I realized you haven’t officially met my family. Maybe this weekend-”

“No.” J said simply as you slipped the drink you mad him into his hand. You sighed and for a moment J swore you looked sad but you smiled and kissed his lips softly, “Ok, kitten. G'night.”

J was in awe. You just let him win without putting up a fight. You normally always got what you wanted no matter what it was. Then again, you never asked for anything. J would simply shower you in everything that sparkled or he thought of you immediately when he saw it. Your boyfriend never saw you happier then when he held your hand or sat with you while you watched cartoons. You smiled biggest when J would come and hug you silently, just wanting to feel you. The simple things made you happy! Holding hands, love making, cooking together, hugging! The 'normal’ bullshit that J never did! For a complex girl, you were too simple and it made J sick. The pale man growled and downed the rest of his scotch, standing abruptly and following you to the bedroom. He leaned against the door frame, watching you get dressed into pajamas. J rolled his eyes in annoyance as he comes up behind you and starts kissing your neck. You don’t protest, simply question him, “What do you want?”

“You.” J says. You laugh and he holds your hips tighter.

“One weekend.” J mumbles. You gasp and smile, turning around to make sure he’s serious.


“Yes, really. I’ll have the men clear the spare rooms and they can stay for the weekend…” J sighed with a smile. You smirked and crossed your arms, “Why do I feel like there’s a 'but’ somewhere in that sentence?”

J chuckled darkly, pulling your hips towards him again, “Maybe.”


J was uncomfortable to say the least when your family arrived. He started to complain he didn’t want to be surrounded by strangers. You promptly deadpanned that he was literally surrounded by strangers every time he went into his club.
The doorbell rang and you fled to greet them. Your mother was the first to hug you, squeezing you and lifting you off the ground. You laughed as she put you down and took a tray from your dads hands, asking you were she could put the desert she brought. J watched as you talked to your mom. You obviously got your looks from your mother who’s face resembled yours almost too perfectly.

It almost scared him.


Your father was tall and much bigger then J but the two men somehow hit it off immediately. Most likely because of your fathers comments on the gun hanging on the wall, J immediately smiled and began to “talk shop” with him. Your twin brothers were younger but towered over you. So J was amused to see that in wrestling both at the same time, you still came out on top. After an hour of sitting at the table with alcohol in everyone’s system, it seemed your boyfriend was actually enjoying himself!
You brought out the meal the cook had made and set it nicely on the table. Everyone told stories and had side conversation as they ate. It was almost normal, sickening J but pleasing you. After dinner, your mother brought out the desert she had created.

“German chocolate cake!” She said proudly, lifting the lid off the tray and showing the exquisite cake she had made. J’s eyes looked like he just came in his pants. That man loved his chocolate. Suddenly you looked at the cake suspiciously and stopped J from cutting himself a piece.

“Momma, what’s in that cake?” You asked.

“Coconut, chocolate, chocolate chips, flour-” She said sarcastically.

“Mooooooom.” You groaned.

“What?! (Nick Name), I’m not going to poison my future son in law.”

J and your father choked on their drinks. Max and Mark spit theirs out and started laughing. You glared at them, picking up your knife warningly. You had explained to J before how your mother made poisoned pastries for a living. However when she didn’t poison her food, it was delicious! Your mother put her hand over yours and you sighed, releasing the knife. There was a bit of an awkward silence after that comment so she decided to cut the cake and distribute the pieces herself.
After everyone was done eating, your mother took all the dishes to the kitchen where the cook began to wash them. You poured everyone another round of drinks. J took your father and brothers to your the house while your mother pulled you aside to talk to you.

“Darling, I’m sorry-”

“It’s ok, mom.” You smiled, somewhat sad. You knew that you and J could never get married like a normal couple.

Down in the torture rooms, J fixed his hair and turned to your father. He had occupied your twin brothers with a room they could 'play’ in, for a moment alone to talk to your dad.

“Mr. (Cadiente)-” J turned to him.

“Call me Boss, J.” Your dad smiled.

J sighed and fixed his hair again, a bit of a tick he did, “I’m not a man of words so excuse me for being blunt. Your opinion doesn’t matter what so ever to me… but I know it means the world to (Name). I want to marry her and need the..” J waved his hand hoping your father would catch on. Your dad kept a smile on his face but it weakened slightly.

“Do you love her?” He asked.


J was slightly at a loss for words. He rolled his neck and groaned as he thought how to word his answer, “I do not love. I am not someone who is loved- but I hold her above anyone else. I adore and treasure and protect her because I.. trust her.”

Upstairs with your mom, the two of you sat at the cleared dining table. Your mom was very much drunk but you were only slightly tipsy. You were thankful you didn’t inherit your mothers alcohol tolerance.

“How is he treating you?” Your mom asked, slurring majorly.

“Fiiiine?” You phrase it as a question, tilting your head, not really knowing what she meant.

“And he’s never.. Y'know? Hit you?”

“Mom!” You couldn’t believe this. She knew you could handle yourself. The only reason she would ask this was if she and your father had done a background check on J.

“I’m sorry, muffin! You know The Boss does his research on anyone close to our baby.” She said defensively.

Neither of you noticed J walk by, hearing your conversation he stopped.

“I know… but J would never! He’s probably the best thing that’s ever happened me, mom.” You smiled at the thought of your boyfriend.

“Do you..?” Your mom started to ask.

“Do I what?” You laughed and blushed. You held your burning cheek in your hand.

“You do! You love him, don’t you!” Your mom shouted, making you have to shush her. It was like you were both 10 years old talking about crushes, she was so giddy.

“Of course I do mom.” You admitted.

“Oh! I’m gonna have grand babies at last! Your brothers are never going to get married if they keep up that rambunctious-”

“Mom! Don’t expect kids from us!” You covered your face. J had to stop himself from busting a guy at the scene unfolding.

“Oh.. Are you two not..?” Your mom made gestures with her hands and eyebrows. Suddenly you snorted and began laughing, “MOM!”

“What! It’s healthy to have sex, baby!” Your mom basically shouted. You slammed your head on the table but it didn’t stop you from laughing. Your father saw J eavesdropping in on your conversation and stood by him to listen, snickering as well.

“It’s good for the relationship too!” Your mother continued, slurring, “What’s the issue? Is he bad? Oh, your father used to be so-” Suddenly your father ran into the room, covering your mothers mouth.

“AND THIS IS WHERE I CUT YOU OFF IF WINE!” Your father shouted, running into the room and hoisting your mother over his shoulder. J finally started cracking up, holding his side.

You and J now lied in bed after a night full of drunken laughter. You were laying on your sides, facing each other. You had a smile on your lips as you touched J’s face, tracing the shadows the moon left on him.

“They adore you.” You whispered.

“Good.” J simply said, moving the hand that was on your cheek to hold your left hand.

“(Name)?” J whispered, looking into your eyes though it was dark.

“J?” You asked, not breaking the eye contact as he slipped the ring he stole earlier that week onto your finger.

“Please say yes, I’ll go crazy without you.”

Of course you told him yes.

But only after screaming and waking up the whole family to show them.

Just a reminder for everyone, I am sure tomorrow you will all be twitting to Cory and Robin and talking about it in general. But please do NOT say anything mean, threatening, or hurtful to Chelsea Spack. We don’t know what will be the plot around Isabella. She could be an innocent person (I doubt it) or she could be the Red Queen or a clone of Kristen sent in by someone else. Don’t go to her saying ‘You are ruining Nygmobblepot’ everyone in the cast loves her, and you don’t want to make them upset by attacking her. Instead send love to her, play around with her if you’d like. But don’t you dare be mean to her. Instead of sending hate, be positive and say how much you love this show and where it is going. It is perfectly fine saying you support Oswald and Edward, with all the butthurt fanboys out there it is good they know we love what they are doing. But being mean to her isn’t helping anything. Let’s be a friendly fandom.

Here’s a sketch of the fluff I’ve been working on.  I have to work several 11 hour days in a row starting tomorrow so I probably won’t be posting anything else for a while.  If anyone wants to play with adding color to this or whatever, I’d love to see what you create.  If not, it will be a while before I can get back to it again.  Anyway, hugs to everyone.  Stay safe!

Day 24 - Inktober + DGM Challenge - Timcanpy vs Cat

Still drawing the later entries. Could have skipped this one, but it was a funny idea and I wasn’t feeling that good today. Normally I’d bet on Tim, but the cat in question is my wild lady, Mikaela. She could think of Tim as a friend and want to cuddle and play with him, but she could also think of him as a toy… well, if you’ve seen Watership Down and that dog scene at the end, you get the idea. Let’s pretend Tim is rescued in either case.

Reblog/like this if you want a Pokemon named after you in my play through of Pokemon Moon

Tomorrow I’m starting my play through of the new Pokemon game and I want to be able to nickname all the Pokemon I catch after y'all.
Just reblog and/or like this and you’ll have a chance of being named one of my Pokemon.
I’ll just take your URL and make it fit the character limit.
If I name a Pokemon after you I’ll message you and tell you which one you are.
It’ll be totally random, but liking and reblogging will give you an extra chance.
You don’t have to be following me, this is just for fun.
Sound good? Good. 🤗

Anon is on!

With the new expansion pack coming out tomorrow, I’m curious to know what my followers want to see from this blog in the next few months, so I’m turning on anon for one day only! Feel free to come into my inbox and tell me what kind of content you like to see from this blog- whether it be a certain character, pairing, or activity -so I can get a feel for what I want to play in the coming weeks.

Some things I’m already planning on:

  • New Vampire Characters! Some vampires will be existing characters (Bee, Felix, Chloe, Nath) and some will be new characters (Gabriel, for example). All vampires will live in Forgotten Hollow with the exception of Bridgette.
  • More Teen interaction! Prom, Parties, Dates, etc!
  • Emma Lotte wedding??? Hmmmm??? (I play according to the sims’ whims, but if one of them doesnt get the wish to pop the question soon I might have to start nudging them in the right direction.)
  • Piper and Louis will be aging up in a matter of weeks, so prepare for some more development on their story…
  • Perhaps a Hugo love interest/ rival/ someone to add drama to his plotline?? (I know he’s a loner but I want something to spice up his life.)
  • Alya Nino Adrien and Marinette couples retreat! (Our original babies havent gotten much of the spotlight lately and I’d like to change that.)

Let me know if you have any more ideas!!


andreil + facetiming
by francis and sur

“What’s up Josten?” Andrew says, voice tinny though the microphone on the phone. They have the newest iPhone 6, since they succumbed to the foxes pestering of their out-dated flip phones. This way they could video chat, or at least that was Neil’s way of convincing Andrew the expense was worth it.

Neil couldn’t really tell where Andrew was through the tiny picture given to him from Facetime, but it was clear he was not at his hotel in Seattle, the city where his pro team was playing tomorrow night.

“Why are you not in your hotel, getting ready for bed?” Neil finally replies, done studying the background of the city behind Andrew.

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Requested by @dodie-sfunctional

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader
Word count: 315
Warnings: None

”Y/N, can you tell me what happen during the class today?” Isaac’s voice made you turn around when you sat in your room, studying for tomorrows test.

With raised eyebrows, you met his gaze, he looked suspiciously in your direction. ”What? What happen?” you asked an turned towards your textbooks again. Not really in the mood  of talking to him right now.

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Something really weird happened in my game just now…

So, the sim I’ve been playing with all day, Lucy, is a vampire who got pregnant. The baby was born with the wrong skin color, so i wanted to age him up as fast as possible and when he became a toddler, I opened him in CAS to change him etc. But when I saved him and went back to the game, he was back being a baby instead of a toddler and Lucy suddenly isn’t his mother anymore? Like, he’s alone in his family tree menu thingie, no mother and no father? And Lucy is back being pregnant and in her last trimester?

Did this ever happened in someone’s game? Or does someone know how to add Lucy to his family tree?