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Rebel with a Cause (Pt. 1)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Since they decided not to delve any deeper into Cassian’s backstory (rude), I decided to make my own.

Character / Person: Cassian Andor
Premise: Cassian is protective over you as you go out on a suicide mission.
1st Person Perspective


Between the two of us, we have killed enough people to be considered an army.
But between the two of us, we carried enough remorse for the entire world.
I did not want this life. Nobody did. In the end, though, we did not have a choice.
Join the fight or die.
Well, join the fight and die anyway. But die for a cause, I suppose.
And that’s what she chose to do.

I met Y/N when she was eighteen and I was nineteen. I had been training for several years, both physically and mentally. Which meant that physically, I towered over her - this scrawny, terrified little girl who flinched if you even looked at her. Mentally, I felt no sympathy. If she wanted any part in the revolution, she needed to grow up. She told me once I was a droid. This wasn’t a job for crybabies, I shot back.
God, did she prove me wrong. Her emotion drove her to fight harder, move faster, think deeper. She surpassed me quickly.
Off the battlefield though, she hurt. I didn’t know why, until the first time she killed somebody - or so I thought it was the first.
We were on a reconnaissance mission on Kashyyyk. We weren’t supposed to have to kill anyone, but we weren’t supposed to get kidnapped either.
Ziton Moj had recognized my ship; he followed us from Mustafar. He had a gun to my head and was seconds from pulling the trigger when he collapsed, bleeding from the head. Y/N stood behind him, one hand holding a smoking blaster and the other over her mouth. I grabbed her and ran before any of Moj’s men could decide to return the favor.
As we flew away, she was staring out the window. She seemed worlds away. I called her name, but she didn’t respond. I lightly set my hand on her arm, and she jumped. “Are you alright?” I asked.
She explained that she had only ever killed one person before: her father. He was an Imperial officer whose hobbies included killing innocent people and occasionally beating Y/N and her mom.
From then on, I tried my hardest to keep her away from missions that could involve killing. She argued about it many times, saying that she had to learn to overcome it if she “wanted to be part of the Rebellion.”
“I want to be like you, Cassian,” she said.
That was the first time I kissed her. I was about to leave on a mission, and everything came crashing down on me at once. This girl was one of the strongest, and I needed someone like that in my life. I needed her balance. Her stability. Her passion and emotion and love. I needed her.
I couldn’t help myself; I kissed her. She was surprised, but in a good way, I’d like to think.
And then it became a matter of me keeping her away from the battlefield so that she wouldn’t get hurt. I felt that if I died, she would be alright. But if something happened to her…I don’t know what I would do.
When I tried explaining this to her, she cried. I asked her why. “Cas…” She whispered. “You’re wrong.” That was all she said.
I couldn’t keep her from the fight for long, however. She was a Rebel, no matter what I did. She took on the mission that nobody else would. That’s where this story begins, and hers ends.

I heard the shower turn off and I subconsciously moved over in my bed. Y/N came out of the bathroom with her pajamas on and towel-dried her hair. I glanced up from my book at her, and she grinned at me. She was beautiful.
She crawled under the sheets in the spot I had just vacated. “Cas,” she hummed. “Read me a story.”
I chuckled, “This isn’t exactly fairytale material.” I showed her the front cover: The Origins of the Clone Wars.
“Sounds fascinating,” she said.
“Alright,” I responded, “Make yourself comfortable.” I kissed her head as she burrowed farther down into her blankets.
She slung her arm around my waist and nestled her face into my side. “Ready,” she mumbled.
“A long time ago,” I began. “In a galaxy far, far away…”

When I woke up the next morning, Y/N was gone. I assumed she was in the dining hall, but she was nowhere to be found and I ate my breakfast. I only heard her name, floating around the room in whispers.
A Selonian and a Kurtzen sat nearby me and cast furtive glances my way every so often. They mentioned something about a mission. Curiously, I headed up to the flight bay to see what was going on.
I found Y/N there in her flight gear, and my heart paused for a moment.
“Y/N,” I called, jogging over to her.
“Cas!” She threw her arms around my neck.
“What’s going on?”
She explained, “Mon Mothma has assigned me to a mission.”
She must have sensed my hesitation. “Hey, Cas,” she said gently as she grasped my hands. “You don’t need to worry about me. Really.”
“I’m not worried.” I lied, and she knew it. “You’re going to do great.” She smiled, but it was tinged with a hint of sadness.
“Thank you, Cassian,” she said. Leaning forward, she kissed my cheek before running off to continue diagnostics on her ship. The second I was out of her eye sight, I took off myself, looking for the Mothma.
I found her, as usual, in the strategic defense room. “Ma'am?” I said hesitantly.
“Captain Andor,” she replied. “I know why you’re here.”
I cleared my throat. “With all due respect, ma'am, what is this mission you’re sending Y/N on? Is she ready for it?”
She nodded. “Yes. I have assessed her, and I believe she is prepared.”
“But - ”
“Captain Andor,” she soothed. “I know your opinion on sending Lieutenant Y/N on missions, but she requested to be put on this one.”
I was taken aback. “She…she said that you assigned her to this.”
“Well, I offered it to her, certainly. I was never going to force her to do anything. It was her decision.”
“Where is she going?” I asked.
Mon Mothma glanced down. “Lieutenant Y/N is going undercover on the Death Star base.”
“Excuse me?”
“As I said, she requested to be put on this. She said she wanted to right her father’s wrongs.”
My mind whirled. “Thank you for your time,” I managed. I started back towards the flight bay.
I could tell Y/N knew as I approached her. “Cassian…” She began.
“What were you thinking?” I exclaimed. “You know how dangerous this is going to be?”
She blinked. “Cas, listen - ”
“No, Y/N, you listen.” I took her by the arms. My heart pounded so loudly my head began to ache from the noise. “If you’re trying to prove something, you don’t have to. Not to me, not to anyone else - we all know that you’re brave enough. I don’t want you risking your life for this!”
Shaking her head vigorously, she said, “No, Cas, it’s not about that. I joined the Rebellion for a reason. I don’t want to sit off to the side, watching everyone else save the galaxy for me. And as much as I appreciate you protecting me - ” She brushed her thumb along my cheek, and it was like fireworks followed her fingertip. I shivered. “I am going to help.”
I pressed my hand to hers against my face. “Y/N,” I breathed. “Please don’t go. If something happened - ”
“We all have to take risks, Cassian. How do you think I feel every time you go out on a mission? It terrifies me. But you always come back to me. Now I need you to trust me to do the same.”
Her eyes were full of sincerity. I searched them wildly with my own. “I love you,” I said quietly.
“I love you too,” she breathed. I kissed her - maybe too roughly, but I was afraid. Afraid that this was the last time we’d ever kiss. Afraid I’d never see her again.
I pressed her as close to me as possible, wanting to hold her forever. But eventually, she stepped back. “I have to go,” she said softly.
“Please be careful,” I urged.
“I will.”
A couple engineers waited to the side to disengage her ship. She joined them and took something from one of their hands. “Here, Cas,” she said, offering it to me. It was a radio. “We’ll still be able to keep in contact. Just…not as often as I’d like.”
I didn’t realize I was shaking until I took it from her. I couldn’t say anything; I nodded.
“Okay.” She bit her lip, staring at me. Then she gave me one last hug.
I watched her climb into her ship and begin the takeoff process. Slowly backing away as she began to roll down the landing strip, I clutched her radio to my chest. “Goddammit,” I whispered, panicking. “Goddammit. Fuck.”
I didn’t know then that I would see her again, but not like either of us had ever expected

The life of Bucky Barnes

I want to tell you something. Hundred years are behind me now and I learn a lot in that time - time I wasn’t in ice. My life wasn’t milk and honey. I was born just when USA joined WWI. The worst time to be born, I know. My dad died then and my mom when I was six. I barely remember her. Then, I only had Steve and his mother Sarah. She took care of me. She had to work like 24/7 to take care of us. We grow up and joined army. In our early twenties WWII happened. I went on my side and Steve on his. I end up freezed in ice. Than I was back, mind fucked-up, I couldn’t think, I was controlled. I made things I would never if I could decide. Steve make me be *me* again and I started having feelings for him. Different feelings than before. But my world was fucked up again when I find Steve was dating Tony. They were relationship goal. They were literally finishing each others senteces. I was jealous. But then they asked me to join them. To be part of their relationship. That was when my life get light, when it got purpose. They are always by my side and I don’t want it to end. Never.

We’ll answer your questions later. The last night was perfect. Thanks for all your wishes.

Love from Bucky.

I’ve been on here about a month and there are 101 of you fluffy marshmallows tagging along for the ride?!?! Hello to all! Thank you for sharing in my little corner of the Internet.

If you are part of the heathen army, Skal! If not, would you care to join? We have cookies and a sexy angry murderous complex Viking prince. What more could you want?!


Not Quite Tea Time (F!Corrin x Leo)

“Kana, pick up your sword again. We’re not stopping until you get the drill right at least once.” Leo lowered his arm, watching with a tinge of annoyance as Kana huffed and picked up the sword he had carelessly tossed aside in a small fit. “You wanted to join this army. I won’t have you dy-… I won’t have you being unable to fight like a member of the army.”

“Mama taught me how to use a sword, daddy… I can fight.” Kana crossed his arms, making sure his grip on the sword wasn’t hindered by doing so. “She’s a good swordfighter.”

“She also taught you to defend and not to attack.” Leo gave a sigh and walked closer to Kana, placing a hand on his younger son’s shoulder. “We need as many able fighters as possible, loath as I am to admit it. You have a lot of skill, but that skill will be useless without proper training.”

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My friend and I have been getting really close and he's been opening up a lot to me. He's leaving to join the army and he been talking about our future together and idk it's been different between us? he always sends me cute texts like the other day he sent me a pic of the moon and said" the moon reminded of you" We've been hanging out a lot and now he wants to hangout everyday?I think he's just trying to spend time with me before he leaves bc he'll miss me but everyone says that he likes me?

It sounds to me like he does

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Dialogue prompt: Ruby + 9

Ser Ruby sat behind a large ornate desk, looking over the latest applicant’s papers. As a general of the Royal Atlesian Army, she couldn’t just let any eager youth join the Royal Army. They had to be capable, they had to be brave, they had to have a strong sense of justice, and they had to pass an interview.

The woman across her identified herself as Blake Belladonna. She was twenty-four, she used to run a store in a border village, before the said village was ransacked by a group of bandits known as the White Fang. Ruby shook her head. The White Fang was nasty business. 

“So Blake, why do you want to join the Royal Army?”

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sparrowatheart, maybe this is kinda what you had in mind???  My headcanon for this is that in between when a Tsar is young enough to need a caretaker and old enough to have a child of his own, Nightlight joins the Golden Army to still be the Tsar’s protector.  It’s not the best gig, but it beats my previous headcanon of him moping about with the moonmice just thinking “okay.  *sigh*  probably another fifteen years and then I can be useful again.”  But that probably doesn’t fit with your RP so feel free to use however you want!

ARMYs were really welcoming and great back when I joined the fandom, everyone was joyful, peaceful and supporting the boys whole-heartedly; nothing like how’s now. I still believe in the little number of true ARMYs out there. I think the boys also believe in us. They are aware of the critisism and how we, ARMYs, are seen in the public’s eye, but they still have faith because there are still good fans, like me. So, you can bash us all you want; BTS still believes in me and maybe a handful of other true fans and that is all that matters.

Welp… I was supposed to do a whole batch with all the references instead of one each time, but unfortunatly I don’t have the time to work on Papyrus (leaving for a trip tomorrow and I have to get up early).

So, have ZT!Sans! It’s funny because when I shared that to my best friend I called him a prince, and since then in my head it’s just “skeleton prince” X//DD

Of course he’s not a prince, he’s just a random blaster flyer. (I… I guess that’s how I’m gonna call the ability to use a blaster to do jobs or just fly in general.)

The difference being, that Papyrus wanted to join the blaster army, and brought Sans with him… So their flying education is a bit harder >///v///<;;

What do you guys think? Do you think there are some things that could be fixed? Some things that bother you about the design? Let me know!! (also next time I update I’ll put a more detailed reference of his flying equipement -gloves-)

Heartbreaking Truths Int'l ARMYS Understand

First, I want to start off by saying everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Now, I’m not saying ALL int'l ARMYs feel this way or should feel this way but maybe there are some who understand what I am about to say. Maybe just maybe there are those int'l ARMYs who can relate to the following heartbreaking truths about loving Bangtan (BTS)💔

❣Knowing when they say they “miss us” they are taking about those back home.
❣Knowing that when you join a V app broadcast that the target audience is not US
*sure subtitles are added sometime later but at that moment, right that minute-it is not US but THEM
❣Knowing that when they say they will come back safely- it is not US they are coming back to but THEM
❣Knowing that when Rap Mon posted that tweet some years ago to Int'l ARMYs he probably wouldn’t keep that promise but still having hope.
❣Knowing you’ll never understand or connect with Bangtan as much or on the same level as a Korean ARMY because they are a Korean group and you are an Int'l ARMY.
❣Not being able to experience music broadcasts, fan meeting or fan signings.
❣Not being able to express fully how much we love Bangtan because of our language barrier.
* which at no fault is theirs but it makes us sad. We can learn Korean, use google translate etc. but it is not the same unless you can fully express how you feel and are from there.
❣Knowing as much as you LOVE Bangtan with all your heart, their love will first and foremost be for their mother country and the people back home.
*which is understandable and we int'l ARMYs accept this; however, can we still not feel alil heartbroken?
❣Knowing that as an int'l ARMY as much as we love, support, share and spread Bangtan worldwide. Our efforts and love are acknowledged only sometimes.
*of course we don’t expect recognition but alittle sharing in love would be nice.
❣Knowing Bangtan is active on Twitter, V app etc but knowing they are primarily speaking to K-ARMYs or those who understand.
❣Seeing these amazing awards and great recognitions such as #1’s, Best world performer, world rookie award, kpop world Hallyu star award, the Twitter emoji and Bangtans songs/albums on billboard-and yet why do We int'l ARMYs feel alittle empty, sad and heartbroken? Because of the disconnect we feel with Bangtan somewhere deep in our hearts? But which we choose to ignore because they are our source of happiness and we love them.

Now, I love Bangtan with ALL my heart. They are the sunshine in my life and they make me happier than most things in this world. I acknowledge Bangtan has thanked int'l ARMYs before, they do think about us and mention us. They are one of the most active Kpop groups in regards to SNS (Twitter), V app, YouTube and having concerts in different parts of the world. However, recently i’ve noticed just how much of a disconnect their actually is and how heartbreaking it is. As an Int'l ARMY their are things we accept as a nonkorean kpop fan; however, should we feel bad for hoping and wanting more recognition and love from Bangtan? I don’t think so, we work hard just as much as Korean ARMYs. We love them just as much. Of course we accept BTS is a Korean group but is alil love for Int'l ARMYs too much to ask for? Why should we be put down by other ARMYS/ fans and made to feel bad for asking this? Just because we int'l? A fan is a fan, all the same- sure their love and connection with K-ARMYs runs deeper but is alil outright Love for Int'l-ARMY as well too much to ask for?

Bangtan we love you and will continue to support you for as long as you continue to sing. Our love won’t change regardless of whether or not you realize how much int'l ARMYs love and support you from afar. This post was made just to express a few heartbreaking truths of being an Int'l ARMY.

I hope no one takes offense to what I’ve said they are my personal thoughts. I am also not trying to make it seem as if there is an US and THEM Problem, I just wanted to share my thoughts in hopes that maybe there are some ARMYs who share the same thoughts as me.

You know what I want from RvB

I want Tucker to get mad. Like Wash and Carolina are talking about how badly PFL fucked up their lives and how no one can understand or some shit and Tucker just stands up and is like ‘you know what I get it. PFL fucked you guys up, but you chose to join the army, you chose to join the project. Everyone at Blood Gulch, EVERYONE, was drafted. None of us even had a choice. We were ripped away from everyone and everything we’d every known. You guys at least have each other, I AM THE ONLY LIVING MEMBER OF THE ORIGINAL BLUE TEAM. NOT ONE OF TWO. I AM THE ONLY ONE LEFT. I AM SO SICK OF HEARING YOU GUYS GO ON AND ON AND NOT EVEN CONSIDER THAT WE’VE HAD TO GO THROUGH SOME PRETTY TOUGH SHIT TOO. HELL, NONE OF US EVEN HAD PROPER FUCKING TRAINING. WE UNDERSTAND. SO STOP PRETENDING THAT YOU GUYS ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO SUFFERED FROM PROJECT FREELANCER. PLEase. Please just….stop.’