i want you so hard (boy's bad news)

radiohead’s assistant: “howdy boys we have good news and bad news what do you want first?”

radiohead: “bad news first so the good ones will soften the blow!”

radiohead’s assistant: “ok so bad news are that a bunch of artists made a letter calling u out and when i say artists i mean roger waters, thurston moore and even desmond tutu. u know, nobel peace prize winner desmond tutu”

radiohead: *trying v hard not to display emotion* “and… and the good ones?”

radiohead’s assistant: “y'all gave a new ant a name”

radiohead: oh.

hawke: human trash disaster

A playlist for your favorite sarcastic shithead Champion of Kirkwall. 

1. hot mess - cobra starship. 2. run this town - jay-z feat. rihanna & kanye west. 3. flathead - the fratellis. 4. s.o.b. - nathaniel rateliff & the night sweats. 5. I fought the law - the clash. 6. I want you so hard (the boy’s bad news) - eagles of death metal. 7. if you’re into it - the flight of the conchords. 8. troublemaker - olly murs feat. flo rida. 9. sleeping with a friend - neon trees. 10. shut up and sleep with me - golden boy. 11. look at these hoes - santigold. 12. go hard (la.la.la) - kreayshawn. 13. beez in the trap - nicki minaj feat. 2 chainz. 14. tik tok - ke$ha. 15. my own worst enemy - lit. 16. what’s my age again? - blink-182. 17. the bad touch - the bloodhound gang. 18. I just had sex - the lonely island feat. Akon. 19. bad girls - m.i.a. 20. 212 - azealia banks feat. lazy jay. 21. clique - kanye west, jay-z, & big sean. 22. bad reputation - joan jett & the blackhearts. 23. cuntry boys & city girls - the fratellis. 24. it’s getting boring by the sea - blood red shoes. 25. tubthumping - chumbawumba. 26. I like you so much better when you’re naked - ida maria. 27. trouble - p!nk. 28. don’t stop me now - queen.


(Art by the generous and talented areyoutryingtodeduceme and used with permission–original art found here if you want to reblog it!)

Late Night Date

Word Count: 2398

A/M: So a part two for the Frat Parties one shot was highly requested. So here it is! It may be a little late but I just wanted it to be good and so I really hope this delivers and is great. This is also my longest one shots so far but no one cares about that. Anyway I hope you enjoy it :)


You were in your room “working” on your paper. With your books sprawled across the bed, with a loose sheet of paper on one side, and your laptop with Netflix and videos on on the other side, things weren’t necessarily productive.

After clicking on the next episode to watch and indulge in, you heard the text tone go off on your phone. You glanced at your phone and saw it was from ‘that frat guy’.”
You giggled and opened the text and replied back.

Ever since meeting him that night about a week ago, that boy hadn’t left your mind, and with texting back and forth, if he wanted you to forget about him, he was making it incredibly hard to do so.

“Hey [Y/N]. A couple of us are going out for the night. You wanna come with?” your friend asked, walking into your room. They already looked dressed up and ready to go, whereas you were sat on your bed, doing everything but your work. “Wait. Who are you texting?” They asked looking at you suspiciously.

“No one.”

“You’re texting Harry again aren’t you? I told you [Y/N]. He’s bad news. Just forget about him and come out with us. Lots of people will be there. Better than him.” They tried, you sighed.

“I can’t. I’ve got this stupid paper to work on.”

“Oh come on…”

“No. I’m not going!” you said defensively and they gave you a look, “Okay okay. Fine then. No need to overreact. We’ll be at the party down the street. You know, if you feel like joining us later.” They winked, and left the place with a group of their friends, leaving you to finally be alone.

Though after some time to yourself, you figured you earned a break from your ‘hard work’, and got up going to pick up a little treat for yourself down at the coffee shop and pick up a drink. As you paid for your things you heard your name being called, and when you turned you saw Harry standing right there, a smile on his face and looking quite happy to see you.

“Oh, long time no see!” you smiled back at him, taking your drink from the person behind the counter.

He began laughing, “Yeah. We’ve been texting more than we’ve seen each other haven’t we?”


“So… what brings you here?”

“To the coffee shop? Well. Coffee? More specifically caffeine.” You said taking a sip of your drink.

“Uh.. not to sound abrasive, but DO YOU MIND MOVING PLEASE?” a very imitating man had said to the both of you, as you had blocked his way to get his order in.

“Oops. I’m sorry.” You said and left without saying anything else to it, but when you turned to talk to Harry again, you saw that he was still there in front of the guy, his eyebrows furrowed looking quite mad at the man that had told you so rudely to move. “Harry” you called feeling a little nervous about the vibe now in the air between him and the stranger. But at the call of your name and one more intimidating glance to the guy, he left and walked towards you, the both of you leaving the shop.

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starfuckers inc.: a jupiter ascending mix about space boyfriends


ramalama bang bang - roisin murphy [[if you can be good you’ll live forever/if you’re bad you’ll die when you die]] ++ the perfect drug - nine inch nails [[how very little there is left of me]] ++ kiss and swallow - IAMX [[I could hold you down by candlelight]] ++ power - kanye west [[no one man should have all that power]] ++ time is running out - muse [[you will suck the life out of me]] ++ the beautiful people - marylin manson [[the weak ones are there to feed the strong]] ++ no church in the wild - jay-z and kanye west ft. frank ocean [[what’s a king to a god?]] ++ happy together - filter  [[I can’t see me lovin’ nobody but you for all my life]]


i want you so hard (boy’s bad news) - the eagles of death metal [[you’re wasting your time, the boy’s bad news]] ++ my songs know what you did in the dark - fall out boy [[burn everything you love then burn the ashes]] ++ wolf like me - tv on the radio [[gonna teach you tricks that would blow your mongrel mind]] ++ monster - kanye west ft. jay z and nicki minaj [[everybody knows i’m a motherfucking monster]] ++ spaceman - babylon zoo [[there’s a fire between us]] ++ house of wolves - my chemical romance [[tell me I’m a bad bad bad bad man]] ++ love zombies - chris garneau [[you beast, you beast, you beast]] ++ propane nightmares - pendulum [[set your sights for the sun]]