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does anyone know about how safe it is to bind with kt tape? it's stretchy so it doenst have the same issues as normal tape would, but I don't wanna fuck up my chances of top surgery by not looking into it. I know and know of a number of trans masc folks that have used it long term and had no issues but I just wanted more info

Hey qveercore! Mod Sam here
Unfortunately I dont know much about this, but if it works for others it might work for you. I recommend doing research, asking a doctor, and taking it in small increments to see how it feels for you
I hope this helped
If our followers have any advice please send it in!!

what they don’t always tell you about T within informed consent sheets, a better post

since the one going around is filled with blatant misinformation and exaggerated tales of horror to the point that i question whether its intent was good.

the first thing to expect, is that your experience will be unique. there are hundreds of factors to how hormones change your body, and while you will find people with experiences like yours, you will have a different experience. so while this is a general guideline, your experience may be that you don’t experience these things, or that you experience them with intensity. it’s so, so varied. 99% of the stuff they put on informed consent forms is prefaced with ‘YOU MIGHT -’. 

  1. regarding the smells, yes! you will smell different! that is a fact. the hormones are different in your body now, you will start to smell more like what you’d expect from people who have similar amounts of testosterone in their bodies. it can be a little weird, but it’s nothing that deodorant (and sometimes cologne, if you want!) won’t cover up and it’s nothing that’s abnormal and it’s nothing that every other human being doesn’t experience. everyone smells! you just happen to smell different than you used to.
  2. when facial hair grows, when hair everywhere else grows, you can get itchy. my face gets itchy, my head gets itchy, especially when it’s hot it can get frustrating, but it’s no cause for panic. some people might get itchier than others, but it’s just something you’ll deal with and it’s not all that bad. you’ll get used to it and think about it less and less as your body situates.
  3. binding, as with any thing you put on your chest, can cause acne! i’ve seen no difference in wearing sport bras and binders in regards to acne, i’m a DD chest, it’s just what happens when you sweat and compress your chest. having some acne between your boobs is normal, having some on your back is normal, just try to leave it alone and take showers (you can take showers without washing your hair every day if that’s an option!), it’ll be okay.
  4. as with, well, puberty, you’re going to have ups and downs of hunger. sometimes i can just never stop eating! sometimes i don’t feel hungry at all. it’s good to keep track of how much you eat generally and try not to overeat, but you might get cravings for more carb-heavy foods because puberty 2 takes a lot of energy for your body! eating more than normal is, well, normal. drinking a lot of water and things like orange juice can help even this out and it will benefit you in a lot of ways (like keeping your immune system healthy).
  5. your clit will probably grow. it can be kind of jarring, but it’s something you get used to, and everyone experiences this one with a WIDE range of difference. some people only get an inch or so in growth (mine is huge now and it’s still so weird but also so cool), some people can have their clit grow to much bigger! some people can feel their boners, some people get morning wood, and you might feel it in your pants and wearing tight underwear might not be the best in that case, try wearing boxers and loose clothes around the house as much as you can, as well as not wearing your binder too much.
  6. voice drops happen so suddenly you won’t even see them coming, but once the first one happens, you can get a feel for it. usually your voice cracks for a couple weeks/months, SUDDENLY gets deeper, levels off, then cracks again, repeat. it can be sudden, and it also creeps up on you. try keeping logs of your voice, you’ll be so shocked at the difference that only a few months can make! also, people around you will notice your voice changes before you do unless you’re constantly going back on old videos. 
  7. acne is inevitable. to what degree? totally dependent on the person. genetics and health play a big role. you’ll get acne in places you haven’t before, but eventually it will level out. it’s not going to be forever, you have to keep in mind this is second puberty and puberty means random and weird shit! like unfortunate acne! it will pass. try to ignore it as much as you can. 
  8. my period stopped at 4 months in. occasionally, i still get phantom cramps. not for very long usually, but you have to remember that your body has a rhythm, and you’re interrupting that. it’s going to take a while for it to switch gears! talk to your endo/doctor if your pains are excruciating to the point of hospitalization/etc because that can be a sign that something is wrong. also, you usually do blood tests every few months to make sure the hormones are working fine. my periods when i started T ranged from no pain at all and debilitating pain, and i’m someone who previously had extremely painful periods. this gets less common over time! 
  9. try not to do any drugs/alcohol before getting your blood tests done. my endocrinologist knows that i do have weed occasionally and so far that hasn’t been a problem but i think drinking is something you should avoid with blood tests coming up for your safety so they don’t report problems that aren’t there. you’re not going to get in trouble for any of this, you just need to tell them.
  10. every person has a different T dose. i take 100 every other week because of various things: my size, my weight, how the hormones already are in my body. i know some people who are on 200, some who are on 50 weekly, it depends on what your PROFESSIONAL DOCTOR thinks is safe for you, and they WILL adjust accordingly if the need arises between both of you. taking more T than you’re prescribed with the intention of getting quicker effects will actually slow the process and make your body produce more estrogen and can hurt you. you don’t want that! 
  11. it’s not shameful to set up appointments for your shots or not be able to do them yourself, and if you do them yourself it’s okay to mess it up. believe me, i have. every injection is different, but you get a feel for it and mess up less. they would not let you do it at home if it wasn’t safe enough. just watch videos, know what you’re getting into. getting blood drawn hurts more for me than my T shots. it’s okay that sometimes it takes you forever, or no time at all. T shots are your thing and your experience and your choice on how is the most comfortable for you. most doctors prescribe different injection sites based on what they think is best, all of them work. one person doing it in their leg doesn’t negate that it also works in the ass but if you’re told to do it one way, stick to that or talk it out with your doctor to come up with an alternative! the amount of blood that comes out of the injection site is different with each one, the angle is different, and i would HEAVILY SUGGEST sitting down for a while after a shot. one of my shots, i stood up right after and after about 5 minutes of walking i noticed oil just, coming out of the site and down my leg. it was horrible. gravity is your friend and also your enemy, use it wisely. the level of pain with each shot is different too, and remember that needles are supposed to only be put in something once. if you fuck up an injection and pull out too fast or anything, switch out the needle because if you don’t, the tip is more blunt (you probably won’t be able to tell with your plain eyes) and will hurt much more than the first time. shots are weird, each one is an entirely different beast but you’ll get it down. 
  12. T can make you more emotional. REMEMBER - puberty 2! it’s not going to turn you into a raging frothing beast, but if you’re already prone to anger, already prone to frustration, it’s going to happen! i’m prone to getting claustrophobic and stressed out, and T has made that worse, but over time i’ve come to manage it and over time it evens out and i experience it less and less. with hormones comes mood shifts. it’s perfectly reasonable and it’s easier than puberty 1, since you can see it coming and can calm yourself down easier and you know what’s causing it. i get frustrated more easily sometimes, but i sit down, breathe, and know that it’s the hormones, and it makes it SO MUCH easier to deal with.
  13. your genitals in general might get drier. might be the opposite. mine is the latter. my libido is NUTS, it can be weird, but for some people it’s not like that. again, completely dependent on the person. either direction or no change at all, you can expect anything. 
  14. your immune system is weaker and your body is putting a lot of energy into these changes. be aware of that, please for the love of all that’s good wash your hands, stay clear of sick people as much as you can, and try to eat and drink healthy, generally. you might catch colds and the colds can turn worse than most, but being hygienic is the best way to prevent any of that. 
  15. if you stop T, your periods will come back. some medications can’t work with T like some birth control, and before starting any medication please check in with your doctor before to make sure that it’s safe. use your best judgment and be conscious of your health.
  16. T is not an overnight experience. changes take a long time, some longer than others, and being patient is incredibly important. don’t get frustrated at your body, it’s doing it’s best. you’ll get there, some slower and some faster than others. it’s different for everyone. but you WILL get there if you want to get there. 

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Mini fic of fluff leading up to Maggie and Alex's cuddling??!?!??

They know they’ll fall asleep.

These days, Alex has trouble falling asleep in bed. Unless it’s in Maggie’s arms, immediately after being thoroughly fucked. But tonight? Tonight’s a cuddle night.

So they know when they fall asleep, it’ll be on the couch.

It has been lately.

Since the white Martian infiltrated her brain.

Since Jeremiah.

Since… since Jeremiah.

And Maggie’s been having her own difficulties.

Her own traumas.

With her own set of memories that Valentine’s Day stirred up.

With her own set of memories, of terrors, of the bar full of her friends’ bodies, of wounds that haven’t even gotten the chance to scar yet, that Cadmus’s latest attacks stirred up.

That Alex nearly being launched across the galaxy, being held at gunpoint, conjured.

Maggie doesn’t like to talk.

But Alex knows.

Alex knows, and she makes her dinner and she pours her scotch even though Maggie’s insisted she doesn’t need to keep any in the house – and she surprises herself, because she’s not even tempted to have any for herself – and she pops popcorn, allegedly just for Maggie (I don’t know how you eat it with just coconut oil and sea salt, it’s gross, Sawyer and Doesn’t stop you from stealing it out of my bowl, Danvers and Any excuse to be closer to you, babe and Get over here, woman, you never need an excuse to be closer to me).

Alex melts when Maggie moans happily with her eyes closed at the pasta Alex made, because unless Maggie’s cooking for someone else – namely, Alex and Kara and Adrian – she never bothers being much more than utilitarian with her food. (Tiramisu doesn’t count. It has its own category, Danvers.)

And Maggie melts when Alex gets out the pillows and the blankets and refuses to let Maggie get up to put her dishes in the sink, because you work so hard all day, Sawyer, let me take care of you for once, and Alex’s top is lacey and low cut and Maggie watches her move, listens to her hum to herself, watches her smile over her shoulder because Alex knows – she always knows – that Maggie’s eyes are glued to her body, to her bare skin and to her collection of bruises, and she almost swoons.

She would claim almost, anyway.

But Maggie knows the truth: that her gaze doesn’t make Alex almost anything.

She full-out swoons, and Maggie settles back into the couch and waits eagerly for Alex to return, because she has never felt quite this domestic, quite this safe, quite this… home.

“Thank you, Ally,” she says softly as Alex sits back down and throws out her arm and puts Maggie’s favorite pillow onto her own lap, inviting Maggie to lay down on her.

“For what?”


For dinner. For giving me scotch but not drinking any yourself. For that top with that lace and for that smile and for letting me lay in your lap and letting me put on Doctor Who episodes that you didn’t love but I did as we fall asleep and for putting the dishes away and for knowing, just knowing, that I’m spending the night, for pulling the blanket over my legs but not my torso because you know how claustrophobic I can get if the blanket is up too high, for putting your arm on my waist and making me feel safe, for making me feel wanted and making me feel loved. So, so, so loved.

“For you, Danvers. For you.”

Alex tilts her head – a habit she’s quickly acquiring from her girlfriend – and tilts her mouth to one side.

“Come here.”

Maggie does – eagerly – and when their lips meet, it’s fire under a waterfall and it’s stars exploding in the vacuum of space and it’s lethal hands turning tender and strong hearts being vulnerable and soft lips on tossed-back necks and low moans growing louder and unspoken love transporting on hitched breath and passionate sighs and whispered names.

“You knocked my pillow on the floor, Danvers,” Maggie teases, her voice several octaves lower than normal, when they part for breath, their foreheads pressed together, their arms around each other, their legs somehow, now, entwined.

“Oh, it’s your pillow, is it?”

Maggie freezes and Alex realizes her mistake, and she takes Maggie’s face into gentle hands and strokes her hair and kisses her nose.

“I love that you’re at home here. I want… I want you to be. Hell, Mags, you can have all the pillows in the universe if it means you sleep in my arms more often.”

Maggie swallows tears and Alex bites her lip, because maybe it was too much, maybe –

“I don’t want all the pillows in the universe, Alex. Only the ones that keep me here.”

They both lean down for the pillow at the same time, with the same smile, with the same hope and the same fear and the same love, love, love.

And the promptly knock their heads together.

They laugh and they take turns spluttering apologies and kissing each other’s foreheads and eventually – somehow – Maggie makes sure a pillow is behind Alex’s head (she always forgets), and Alex resets Maggie’s pillow on her lap, and Maggie lays back down, and Alex puts the blanket back on her, and Alex sighs, and Maggie sighs, and Alex plays with her hair and holds her safe, holds her close, holds her perfect.

And if they both breath soft I love yous when their eyes are dragging and they’re drifting into a more peaceful sleep than either of them have ever gotten on their own, the air between them holds their most cherished, most exciting, most terrifying, most beautiful secret.

Until they’re ready to speak the obvious into existence in the full awareness of day and not just the soft glow of sleepy perfection on the couch at midnight.

Ten things I wish someone told me when I started HRT:

You can get hormone therapy in the United States without undergoing a long evaluation period or undergoing a ‘real life test’ if you seek out an ‘informed consent’ doctor or clinic. I waited over a year before seeking hormones because I did not want to place myself at the mercy of a mental health professional and I did not want a doctor ‘diagnosing’ my gender. Which brings me to…

They’re going to diagnose you anyway because they need an ICD code to bill your insurance company. I was furious when I found the diagnosis on my medical chart. It would have helped a lot if the doctor had asked my permission or explained that it was for insurance billing purposes only but he didn’t.

Hormone therapy drugs bought from overseas pharmacies are safe and will not cause ‘legitimate’ clinics to refuse treatment should you later decide to switch to a prescription. At the time the information I was able to find talked a lot about how trans women who use ‘black market’ hormones are not to be trusted and that a trans woman who uses such medications should be denied care until they can prove themselves ‘trustworthy,’ somehow. It is a lie.

There is absolutely zero evidence that injectable estrogens are more effective than oral estrogens. The fact is that the ‘advantage’ attributed to injectable estrogens is almost certainly placebo (and injectable placebo is known to be much more powerful than one administered orally). I could have saved myself a lot of discomfort and a serious leg injury caused by an improperly prepared injection.

Properly dosed, there is no reason that sublingual estradiol should be more effective than oral estradiol. The only thing that matters is that enough estradiol enters into your bloodstream and that is something that will be reflected in your labs.

Transdermal estradiol patches are itchy, smelly affairs that cost quite a lot of money and refuse to stay on. Knowing what I know now I would have avoided them entirely.

When I started hormone therapy my endocrinologist gave me conjugated equine estrogen because it came in smaller doses than 17β-estradiol. I was kept on conjugated estrogen for some time under the pretense that he was making sure I didn’t have any bad reactions to being on estrogen. Knowing what I know now I would have been able to argue that conjugated equine estrogen has a much worse side-effect profile than 17β-estradiol and that placing me on this drug unnecessarily endangered my body and my transition. Furthermore, the smallest doses available were far below a healthy dose needed to maintain bone and emotional well-being. Done again I would have insisted that I be started on a reasonable dose of 17β-estradiol.

Low progesterone is implicated in poor emotional health in women. Micronized progesterone is valuable to trans women for maintaining a healthy level of progesterone. I’ve personally benefited a lot, emotionally, from having it and I just wish I started using it sooner.

I wish someone had encouraged me to seek out other trans people as friends. At the time I first came out I didn’t really know there were other people out there that could really help me. The only thing I knew about being trans was what I was able to read online and in books and most of that firmly emphasized the idea that you should transition until you’ve had surgery and ‘pass’ and then disappear and that the people who ‘hung around’ the community were somehow failures. I know that’s not the truth, now, but it really messed me up early in my transition.

I wish someone told me to be cautious. I wish I was told that doctors and mental health professionals aren’t the last word and that if one decides that you’re a ‘failure’ or ‘actually a man’ it’s them that is wrong and not my own instincts regarding who I am. I also wish someone had given me a gentle nudge that some of the people I would meet in the trans community are not to be trusted and do not have my well being at heart. I feel that knowing those two things coming into that experience would have saved me a lot of grief.


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“Wait, this is…” you said, recognizing the most recent destination that the Doctor brought you to. It was your home.

The Doctor gave a nod. “That last trip showed me something,” he stated. “You aren’t safe with me.”

You stared into the Doctor’s face. You grew to love the quirky time lord. Even though you were able to tell his wounds from the past were recent, he still made sure you had a fun time, even when you ended up on battlefields or in the middle of an invasion.

“But I want to stay with you,” you stated firmly.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. But it’s my turn to run. You’re still fantastic,” the Doctor stated as he backed into his TARDIS. The door closed and the box de-materialized, and you ran to where it once stood, tears forming in your eyes.

A month later and you’ve given yourself a good chance to move on. You went about your daily life as though you never left Earth, though the Doctor still occasionally crossed your mind.

You walked down the street, going home from your new job, when suddenly what looked like a plastic mannequin lunged at you. You gave a shout and jumped to the side, out of its way.

A hand grabbed your arm. “Careful there,” a voice you didn’t recognize warned. You looked up, seeing a young brown-haired man. He, however, had a look of recognition. “Y/N?”

“How do you know me?” you asked.

“Later. Now, run,” the man stated. He grabbed your hand and ran off, pulling you behind him. Something about this situation seemed familiar.

“Okay, Autons aren’t that fast, we have a moment to talk,” the man stated. “And I know why you don’t recognize me. I had a different face then. I’m sorry about leaving you behind like that.”

“Wait, Doctor?” you asked, looking the new man closely in the face. He had mentioned that his appearance would sometimes change, but you never saw it.

“Yep, that’s me,” the Doctor replied. “It’s been a while.”

“A month,” you told him.

“Couple hundred years for me, I think,” the Doctor stated. “But I still think of you from time to time. I regret leaving you behind, even though I don’t really regret my decision.”

You opened your mouth to reply, but noticed something behind the Doctor. “Watch out!”

“Woah!” the Doctor exclaimed, practically tripping over his own feet as he dodged out of the way. “Maybe I should keep you around.”

“Okay, that settles it,” the Doctor stated once he and you drove the Autons off of Earth. He turned to you. “Would you like to travel with me again?”

“Only a month ago to me, you suddenly left me back home,” you told the Doctor, your tone showing how much it had hurt.

“I know,” the Doctor said gently. “I was so afraid of losing you, and I thought that leaving you here was the best way to ensure I wouldn’t. And maybe I’m being selfish now, but…” He trailed off, giving you a kiss on the forehead. “I want to travel with you again. I miss having you with me.”

You couldn’t stay mad. You gave the Doctor a soft smile. “I miss traveling with you. Let’s go.”

I Love You || Jeon Jungkook

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AN: I’m really being serious about this one guys. So much so that I’m putting the authors note here instead of at the end like usual. This imagine is not meant for people who are easily upset and it’s not meant to hurt anyone, it’s purely for the reader who requested it. If you do not feel comfortable with the above mentioned themes please let me know and I can make another version for everyone. 

Word Count: 1.6K

Genre: Angst 

Jungkookie, I’m so excited for you! You’re going on tour and you’re going to have so much fun. Make sure you blow all of your fans kisses and give all of them love. Without them you wouldn’t have made it this far so remember to be grateful. Anyways, I love you. Be safe!

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This Life We Live: Part 3

Prompt: Bruce and Reader as teen parents

AN: Someone inquired about when the next part would be up, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it! So Here’s part 3!

Words: 1092

Part 1, Part 2

          You watch his training from a distance, after nearly four months, he’s actually winning the occasional fight. Bruce has always been a quick study, so it doesn’t really surprise you. At the very least he’s coming back with less gaping wounds and more bruises. As a particularly bad gust of wind blows through you sink further into your jacket, and pull your scarf over your nose.

          Almost magically another blanket is draped across your shoulders. You give a small smile to your nurse. You have no idea what her name is, and she hasn’t said a word in front of you. Nonetheless she returns the smile with a timid one of her own.

          “Out for a walk are we?” It takes everything you have not to jump at the sound of his voice. Doing your best to calm your heartbeat, you turn and face Ra’s Al Ghul. You give him a small smile before bringing your gloved hands to rest on your rather sizable bump. “You’ve just reached your seventh month, have you not?”

          You respond as everyone does, “Yes, Master.”

          “And you’re feeling well. The doctor said your blood pressure has been a bit high.”

          You give a nervous smile, “As well as can be expected.”

          He nods, before turning his head towards the training session, “He’s catching on rather quickly. Remarkable for such a sheltered boy.” You don’t say anything. His attention turns to your nurse as he says, “Make sure she doesn’t spend too much time on her feet, the doctor recommends rest.”

          Your nurse nods before gently grabbing you elbow and escorting you back inside. You’ve been here for a little over three months now. You’ve been well cared for, and your comfort seems to be of the highest priority. The exact opposite of Bruce. You only see him for a few hours a week. You’ve been given a separate room, one with everything you could possibly need. Bruce sleeps with the other soldiers, and trains night and day.

          As you lay down on the bed, you allow your mind to go blank. Your hand goes to your large belly and strokes it in a calming manner. Every once in awhile a kick will meet the palm of your hand, and you can’t help but smile. Despite the circumstances your baby is happy and healthy, and for the moment he’s safe.

          A knock on the door brings you out of your thoughts and you smile at your visitor, and do your best to sit up, “Talia.”

          She just smiles, and closes the door quietly behind her, “Don’t get up, the doctor said to rest. Father already thinks you’re being a bit careless.”

          You grimace, “I needed to stretch my legs.”

          She just smirks as she lies on the bed next to you, “You wanted to see Bruce.”

          You smile, “That too.”

          “You should hear what people are saying. He’s too damn smart for his own good. He’s moving up the ranks faster than anyone they’ve ever seen. I suppose what they say is true about a man who has something worth fighting for.”

          “Bruce has always been strong.”

          She just hmms, before asking, “And how’s the next Wayne son?”

          You scowl, “Everyone thinks it’s a boy.”

          Talia just grins, “And you don’t? Motherly intuition telling you something? Because I could use everything I can get in the betting pool.”

          You roll your eyes, “As loathe as I am to admit it. I think it’s a boy too.” You pause before saying, “I still can’t believe it’s happening.”

          Talia’s brow furrows, “What? Being here with the League?”

          You shake your head, “No, that part is very real. More the being a mother thing. I’m only seventeen.”

          Talia’s hand goes to your bump. She does that a lot you find, feel your baby bump. She seems fascinated by the pregnancy, “That’s not so young. My mother was only a year older than you when I was born. And in an age not too long ago, this would have been considered the norm.” You just nod, and then wince, “The baby’s been active today?”

          “Ever since I got back to the room. I feel sorry for Bruce to be honest. He still hasn’t felt the baby kick. It’s killing him.”

          Talia doesn’t respond. She stays for another hour and then goes as silently as she came.

          A knock on the door several hours later bring dinner, and surprise you hadn’t been expecting. You can’t help but smile as Bruce comes through the door. He’s carrying a tray with dinner for two. He smiles as you try and get to your feet, “Don’t get up, I’m coming to you.”

          You settle down as he sets the tray at the end of the bed and crawls up beside you. You kiss him long and hard. He smells faintly of sweat, and he’s covered in fading bruises. But you can’t help but smile because there are no gaping wounds this time. “What are you doing here?”

          He smirks, “Aren’t you happy to see me?”

          “I’m thrilled, but they said I wouldn’t get to see you for a few weeks this time.”

          He shrugs, “The master came, gave me a tray and said I had three hours. Told me to tell you to keep your feet up. He says your blood pressure is elevated.”

          You can hear the worry in his voice, “Only slightly. I’m fine, really.”

          He kisses you again, “Good, I trust you. Now, let’s pick up where we left off.” Suddenly both his hands are on your belly, and his face is hovering close by. “Hello in there. Can you hear me? It’s your daddy. I know I haven’t been around much, but I promise that one day, all of that is going to change. I promise you that. One day, we’ll go home, and I’ll introduce you to Alfred, and you, your mom, and I will have picnic on the back lawn like I did with my parents,” he pauses, “Can you kick daddy’s hand if that sounds like fun?”

          It takes nearly a minute for the kick to come, but Bruce never loses faith. When it does come, his face lights up, and he turns to you and says, “See? Our kid is brilliant, like his mother.”

          You just smile. All too soon your three hours are up, and with one last kiss Bruce is forced away again, and you’re left all alone again. Then another kick comes and you’re reminded that you’re not so alone.

Leaving is Hard to Do - Jim Kirk

Summary: drinkin’ while you’re in love with jim but are too scared to tell him lest it destroy your friendship. 

Word count: 2,361

Warnings: language, alcohol

A/N: isn’t the title funny? it’s a play on “breaking up is hard to do” fjgkdjfhg i love myself. this is slightly sad but i love it for some reason. i think i just love jim so i keep writing him and literally no one else. ENJOY IT AND LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

You didn’t understand Jim’s flirting technique at all but, on the contrary, you greatly understood how he managed the success rate he did. You attributed it to the “love is blind” cliche— only edited.

“Lust is deaf,” you called it.

He would put his foot in his mouth repeatedly as he spoke to anyone he was attracted to— he would rattle off ridiculous inquiries you could recall being the audience to during your years at the Academy.

Of course, those questions came from eighteen year-old boys with inexplicably high confidence levels that verged on total narcissism and inexplicably low sensitivity levels that verged on sociopathy.

In Jim’s case, however, the questions would be asked with such little interest it was as if he was reading the same tired script printed onto the walls of his scotch glass.

It didn’t matter what Jim said, though. After all, who could resist his unbelievably electric blue eyes and unnecessarily bright smile that appeared to be illuminated by starlight?

He stood with his side leant against the edge of the bar counter, his elbow resting atop the presumably sticky surface— it made you feel bad for his worn grey leather jacket that was probably bearing the brunt of the stickiness. His eyes were narrowed by the magnitude of his close-lipped smile. He brought the rim of his glass to his lips and glanced at you from the corner of his eye.

You just snorted and sat back against the booth you occupied.

Your fingertip swirled patterns against the table as you heard the leather bench across from you squeak with newly added weight. Without looking up, you shook your head. “Not interested.”

“Neither am I, darlin’.”

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Request: Alright. Hi. So, could you do a Tenth Doctor x reader regeneration sadness thing (I’m evil.) -Anon

Wordcount: 615 or something like that lmao

Triggers: Sappiness lmao.

A/N: I know it’s short but that’s because his regeneration was pretty quick.

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Ready - Doctor Strange x Reader [SMUT]

 Ready - Doctor Strange x Reader [SMUT]

Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader 

Characters: Doctor Strange, Reader

Request: “Hi! Your smutty Doctor Strange fic was amazing! I just saw the movie last night and wanted to ask if you could make a fic where Stephen never told the reader where he was going and then when he comes back it gets angsty but then fluff at the end? Sorry for it being so long!” @mayaurbinaa

Word Count: 2065

Warnings: LOTS AND LOTS OF ANGST. OH MY GOODNESS SO MUCH ANGST. OH, AND SOME SMUT AND FLUFFINESS AT THE END. Unprotected sex - wrap it before you tap it people! Sex against a window pane people, may not be safe. 

Originally posted by lichtblickpink

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The Waiter - six.
  • Chanyeol x Reader x Sehun
  • Angst - Mafia!AU
  • Word count: 1779
  • Warnings: Violence & Language

Description: After Chanyeol was severely hurt, you do all you can to save him, but is it enough?

A/N: OH MAN THIS IS LIKE THE THIRD ONE UPLOADED TODAY. You guys are officially spoiled and I’m officially pooped out. This is probably my favorite series, something about Mafia!AU that always gets me.

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doctor who meme | two quotes [2/2]

Rose: I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words; I scatter them in time and space  — a message to lead myself here.

The Doctor: Rose, you’ve got to stop this! You’ve got to stop this now!  You’ve got the entire Vortex running through your head! You’re gonna burn!

Rose: I want you safe. My Doctor, protected from the false god.

Don’t Let Me Go Pt.3



Warnings; hmm idk


3 Months Later

To say that Spencer was being overprotective would be an understatement. Spencer was being out of this world, obsessively protective of you and your health.

Ever since they let you out of the hospital, Spencer never let you out of his sight for longer than five minutes. You were under a microscope now and nothing made you more annoyed. You loved when he was clingy and protective of you, but not like this.

Before the accident, Spencer always gave you the space you needed. But that wasn’t the case now. It was ridiculous and you could feel yourself getting closer to your breaking point. You were so close to blowing up in his face and let him know exactly how you have been feeling - but it would feel so wrong to do that. He has been nothing but caring and loving towards you and if you were to yell at him for being just that, it wouldn’t be fair.

Today all you wanted to do was go on a run and enjoy the fresh air and the warm summer sun. You had gotten your cast off about a week ago and a light jog around the nearby track was all you had been thinking of. Due to your loving boyfriend’s lack of athleticism, it was a no-brainer that he would never agree to let you go because he hated anything having to do with exercise - which is why you decided to leave while he takes his power nap.

It was a difficult task to sneak out without alerting him, but who cares? You are not a grounded teenager.

You decided to leave your phone at home to let it charge and also for you to enjoy your time outside. and admire all of mother nature’s work. You know when Spencer wakes and realizes you’re not there, he’s going to call and when you don’t answer he’s going to think the worst.

You ran out of the house, the warm summer air already heating up your skin. As you ran off the front yard and down the block, you inhaled the fresh breeze around you and closed off your stressful thoughts.

All you wanted was some peace and quiet in isolation where you could shut off your thoughts and just enjoy the moment of being in the present and most importantly, alive.

“You’re extremely lucky you survived,” the doctor said to you as he wrote something on his clipboard. “Something kept you going.

The thoughts you were trying so hard to block off just kept coming back. Spencer’s genuinely concerned and loving features appeared in every corner of your mind. He was so sweet and perfect to you - quirks and all. He had been trying so hard to keep you safe and ironically before your kidnapping happened, you had done the same with him.

You always kept a watchful eye on him, ready to attack anyone with bad intentions towards him. He’s so innocently cute and often you thought of him as a lost puppy. He’s so outstandingly intelligent, yet he is always so lost. When you first met him, it was like an instant connection. You were probably the only one the team that could keep up with his mind and that is what brought you guys closer than ever.

He understood you like no one else, and you to him.

At the beginning of your relationship, he was a little awkward, of course, but that never deviated you from him. You had thought that this strongly intellectual man did not need a woman in his life. He was too busy for that. And for a while, he thought the same. But once you came into his life, he realized that the reason of him never falling in love was because he never found the right woman. Now the two of you were inseparable.

Your light jog had turned into a full-blown sprint as your mind raced with memories of the two of you. The two of you had been through it all.

"What made you wake up?” JJ asked, her hand holding yours in a nurturing way.

“I, I don’t know,” you answered truthfully. “I don’t remember anything, I just remember

shooting the guy and then passing out.”

“Oh my god,” you breathe out as you force your legs to stop running. You tiredly jog over to the nearest park bench of plop down onto it.

A memory resurfaced.

Everything was black, and you couldn’t feel anything. It almost felt like you were a ghost, but you couldn’t feel anything.

“But I have to do right by you,” someone sniffles. Spencer. “If you want me to let you go, I will. But please, if you’re somewhere in there and you can somehow hear me, give me a sign. Give me a sign, and I promise I will never ignore you the way I did, ever again. I promise you will spend every day, loved. Please, Y/N, give me something. I love you.”

“It was you,” you state. Your eyebrows knit together in confusion as to why you could not for the life of you remember what had happened during your coma until now. He was the reason you woke up, and you gave credit to science and medicine.


Spencer had lifted himself from the position on the couch, completely rejuvenated from his nap.

“Y/N?” He called out as he stood up from the couch and stretched. He awaited your response, but it never came.

A panic begins to set in as he realized how eerily quiet the house was which was unusual for you.

“No, no, no, where are you?” He asks himself as he begins to run around the house trying to find you. He pulls his cell out of his pocket and quickly dials your number saved in his favorites.

Ring, ring, ring, ring. Your phone lights up from across the room, a picture of the two of you on the screen.

His heart begins to race along with his mind. The thought of losing you again was unbearable to him, and after getting a taste of his worst nightmare, he couldn’t stand the thought of never seeing you again.

He runs into the kitchen and desperately grabs the key off of one of the hooks in the kitchen.

The second he steps outside, your running figure comes into the front yard. A noticeable frown on your soft features.

“Y/N, I’m so glad you’re okay,” he exclaims in relief. He jogs over to you and pulls you into a bone crushing hug, your arms around his neck and his tied around your waist.

The feeling of his grip and just how perfectly your bodies melted into each other triggered something in you. Tears began trickling down your face as you buried your face in his neck.

“Hey, hey, why are you crying?” Spencer asks, his hand reaching up to smooth the back of your hair.

“I just wanted to thank you,” you sniffle as you pull away from him. “For everything you’ve done for me.”

“Where did this come from?”

“I remember what happened at the hospital,” you wipe away at your tears. Spencer’s eyes stayed on you, watching every word that left your lips. “I know that you promised me love every day. I know that you reached out to me, no matter how much of a vegetable I was. You didn’t give up on me.”

“Of course, I would never give up on you, Y/N,” Spencer places his hands on my cheeks and uses the pads of his thumbs to wipe away my hot tears. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” You answer.

“I know why you ran off during my nap,” Spencer announces. “I’ve been reading your body language lately and it just hit me. You’re tired of me hovering and following your every move.”


“No, Y/N, I’m sorry for treating you like property,” he frowns. “It was never my intention to make you feel like a hostage. I just wanted to keep you safe and I thought that if I were with you everywhere, I would be able to do just that. I failed you once, and I don’t want to do it again.”

“Thank you,” you nod understandingly. “Spence, you never failed me. Hell, if Morgan couldn’t save me, how could you have?”

A small smile appeared on Spencer’s lips at your light tease.

“Come on, let’s go inside and run you a bath,” he suggests and you happily comply.

“You reading my body language again, Doctor?”

“Yeah, you seem a little tense.”

You threw your head back and let out a string of laughter. Spencer looked down at you lovingly as he threw an arm over your shoulders and walked into the house with you next to him. Your hand automatically interlocked with his resting on your shoulder and a feeling of happiness fluttered inside him.

“I love you,” he says one more time before pressing a tender kiss to your temple.



The One That Got Away-2

Part (1)

“I swear to you (Y/N), I wasn’t with anyone else. I love you so much, I wouldn’t want to hurt you that way. I know how you feel about cheating, I’d never risk it. I need you to wake up, I need to prove my love to you.” Jax exhaled slowly, 

“I need you to wake up, because I’ll do whatever you want or need. The doctors said you need to stay calm. If I’m lucky, you’ll stay with me, and let me be apart of your life if not; then I’ll walk away and never look back.”


I heard Jax talking, felt his hand holding mine, his other hand tenderly touching the side of my face. I opened my eyes, finding Jax staring at me. “The baby…Antonia?” My hand going to my small baby bump feeling some relief that it was still there.

“She’s healthy, strong and safe” His hand covered my stomach. “You’re blood pressure was high, the doctor said you needed to stay calm.”

I nodded my head staring at him. “I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you.”

“Antonia? Do you have a middle name?”

I knew he was changing the topic to keep me calm. “Antonia Hope Teller, I wanted her to be able to find her dad, when she was older.”

One of his hands was still resting on my stomach, and the other was holding my hand. He was staring into my eyes, a silent conversation was taking place. I could see in his eyes the sorrow and pain of the last four months.

“I still love you Jax…” He leaned forward kissing me.

“I love you too.” He hesitated a brief moment. “Can we…can I…”

“When I’m discharged, I’d like it if you took me home. We could talk things over…”

“I’d like that.”


Five Months Later

“One more push, and your daughter will be here (Y/N)” I was exhausted and didn’t know if I had one more in me. I felt strong hands rubbing…my shoulders, and a hot breath on my ear.

“Come on baby, you’re so strong. You can do this, one more push!”

“I’m so tired….”

“You can do it. We’ll get to meet our baby girl….” I pushed one more time, and heard the cries of our baby girl. The doctor placed her on my stomach, tears welled up in my eyes.

I wrapped the towel around Antonia’s body. “Hello beautiful.”  Jax leaned down kissing me. 

“She’s beautiful, just like her mamma,” He smiled at me. The nurse took the baby away, to clean her up. I watched Jax follow her out, to go let the rest of the club know that the little princess had been born.


I had Antonia in my arms nursing her when Jax came into the room with a banquet of roses. He smiled at me, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Thank you for the flowers, they’re beautiful.”

He leaned over kissing Antonia’s forehead, then kissed me. “You’re welcome. I love you. I didn’t think we’d get back here, to this point. But once we straightened out the panties…”

I closed my eyes, still wanting to kill Tig for the shit storm he caused by using our house for an orgie, while Jax had made a run. I guess we were lucky it was only one pair of panties found. He held up my engagement ring. 

“Will you marry me?”

“Yes.” He slipped the ring on my finger, leaning in to kiss me.


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Somehow Part 2 (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Warnings/Triggers: Depression mentions, suicide attempt, ANGST, hospital, sad Alex :(

AUs: None

Time Period: Modern

Notes: This is so short! I’m sorry :/ Part 3?

 Tags: (Tagging everyone who wanted Part 2) @justfangirlingaround @monumentalhero @because-katiedid @hamilbroke @laichisenpai @supergalaxykittens

If there’s a warning I need to add, please let me know! I want you to feel safe and comfortable reading my stories! Thanks!

John was right. Somehow they managed to do it. A whole day, which turned into a week. A week of waiting for you to wake up, maybe it was two weeks. Honestly, Alex couldn’t tell anymore, nor did he care. He just wanted you to wake up. He barely slept anymore, which wasn’t a big change for him, but this time he wasn’t up doing work, just looking at you. Doctor after doctor had come in, all saying the same thing.

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Revenge - Doctor Strange x Reader (Halloween)

Title: Revenge

Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader

Characters: A hell of a lot if I’m honest… Avengers both old and new along with Bucky, Pepper, Darcy, Jane, Laura (Clint’s children were staying at their Nan’s), Wong, Sharon, Fury, Coulson and Maria. And of course the wonderful Doctor Strange and the beautiful, awesome Reader!

Request: Could you do a doctor strange x reader where Tony throws a Halloween party and the reader goes as dressed as a ‘sexy/cute’ girl Strange for a laugh and he loves it? You decide the type of ending… by @littlemisscaptainfandom (No worries it was late for Halloween, I saw it as super early for next year.)

Summary: When you’d decided to dress as a female Doctor Strange you’d never expected it to turn out quite like this… Nor had you expected the Doctor to rest quite in this way…

Word Count: 2130

Warnings: Jumping off of a roof for revenge does not always go as planned and is NOT SAFE so DO NOT JUMP OFF OF BUILDINGS!

When using portals please be careful not to be distracted by ridiculously hot men with amazing facial hair and magic.

The ending hints at smut but isn’t quite smut. A part two could be done for full smutty goodness to happen…

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