i want you all to know that this is not a love story

Broken Heart. Part 3

Relationships: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Summary: Your friend -Bill- is getting married. He wants your help. Are you gonna help him or are you gonna confess your feelings?

Warnings: angst

Word Count:1759

A/N: Thanks for the request @mirachowder​ :) Special thanks to @bill-skarsgard-lil-hoe   @fandomimcurrentlyobsessedabout  @namelesslosers .

I know I said it would be the last part but I decided to continue the story for a while with the messages I received from you. Thank all of you for your massive support.I know this part is a bit short.
I hope you like it.

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  If you think LA is hot in August, you should definitely visit Phoenix. Y/N leaned on a beer standing on the table and hoped that the cold bottle would cool the palm of her hand. It hasn’t been much since she took it from the fridge, but the bottle was already warm. When she took a sip from a beer that had managed to stay a little cold, she leaned back on the sun bed and closed her eyes. She focused on the rhythm of the music playing in her ear buds and tried to sunbath. Although she was in Phoenix a few days, she had already tanned. When the water splashed on her, it made an effect of ice. She opened her eyes with frustration. When she found her brother in the pool grinning at her, she rolled her eyes.

 "James, you can’t even behave well for two minutes.“ James smiled at the edge of the pool and rested his elbows against the marble floor. He took a big sip from his beer.

"The water is so beautiful, come on.” Y/N shook her head and leaned back. She was in a good mood. She tried to ignore him. If she knew that her visit would coincide with his brother’s visit, she would postpone her plans. She never told anyone what was wrong with her, all she wanted was to be with her loved ones. Her mother kept her mouth shut even she saw something was wrong. She knew her daughter well; she knew Y/N needed some time to bare her heart.

“Come on, Y/N; are you still afraid to swim?” She snorted. James was five years older than Y/N. After graduating from a medical college, he started to work in hospital in DC. He hit the top in his life by marrying childhood love. She wanted relationship like them. A couple who looked at each other with love…

“How quickly did you forget the days I beat you?” She walked to the poolside, sat on the cold floor and dipped her feet into the water. As she felt her body got cold, she mumbled.

“I would let you beat me.” Y/N moved her foot inside the water and splashed to his brother standing a few steps away from her.

“Liar, you just can’t give in.” James rolled his eyes to her sister and swam a lap in the pool. When she realized she got used to the cold water, she dived.

“If the pool was big enough, I would have offered to compete.” She smiled at him. She noticed the tattoo on his muscular shoulder.

“I still can’t believe you got a tattoo. Where is James (Y/L/N), who wants to stay away from everything that isn’t hygienic? "James stopped moving and glanced at his tattoo.

"Hey, I found a man and he did it. I think,it’s pretty good. "She thought the tattoo cute. It was very meaningful that he had tattooed his son’s birthday.

Cannonball!“ She tried to escape when she saw her nephew running toward them. Harry jumped into the pool, laughing. She decided to focus on the good things that happened in her life and she was grateful for that moment.


     When she came in front of the small café she used to hang out as a teenager, she took her sunglasses and went inside. She looked at the people to find her friend. When Zara shouted at her and waved, she directed her steps to the woman. She hugged her friend. She pulled back and checked the woman out. She never changed. She was still beautiful as the day they met.

"Oh my god, you haven’t changed at all. You’re still smoking hot. "Y/N smiled at her compliment.

"I would tell the same thing for you.” As Zara sat back in her chair, Y/N left her purse in an empty chair and sat. It was so nice to see a friend she couldn’t talk to for a long time. Zara had never left the city she lived in, and Y/N couldn’t visit often.

“I want to know everything that’s going on in your life. But first I’ll order you something cold. You aren’t used to this hot weather. "Y/N excitedly nodded. She lost the track of time when she caught up on Zara’s life. She could listen to the woman for hours, and her friend was very happy, unlike her own life.

"No, you did not.” Zara nodded at her, laughing.

“It really happened. You had to see how I left the house. I never thought a 35-year-old man was still living with his mother. "Y/N took a sip of lemonade while laughing. Zara stopped talking and looked at her friend carefully.

"Enough of my stupid memories we talked about. How are you? When was the last time we saw each other? "Zara kept her eyes closed trying to remember.

"I think it was Anna’s wedding, wasn’t it? You don’t look as happy as you used to. Tell me, what’s wrong? "Y/N glanced away and cleaned her throat.

Nothing. Everything is fine. “Zara rolled her eyes to her.

"Oh my god; you still don’t know how to lie.”

  “I can’t believe he left you there alone. Is he stupid or something? "She looked at her without saying anything. If she spoke another word, she would start crying. Her eyes are already burning.

"Why? Why didn’t you go after him? I would go after him and learn what to talk to that woman. "Y/N had asked this question to herself many times. Bill went after Alida and left the woman alone; everyone in the house waited quietly for her reaction. She just wanted to cry at that moment. She figured out how stupid she was hoping that everything would get better. A few minutes later, Valter reached out and hugged tightly. She still remembered his words, "Come on, I’m taking you home.”

 “I guess I was afraid of what I could see. I don’t know, Zara. I didn’t want any of these happen. The day Bill brought along that woman and introduced me as his lover, I swore myself to keep my feelings. But God damn it was hard. It was so hard to see him with another woman. Then I said to myself that he is happy. I had to give up hoping of someday he would come to me. “Y/N noticed her voice and bit her lip.

"Then they started to fight. It was my mission to wake up at three o'clock every night and try to sober Bill up. He was telling me everything with his drunkenness. He explained why they had a fight, that Alida never understood him. I hated to tell him that everything will be okay. I was sick of cheering him up. He fell asleep on my couch, I woke up in the morning and I hated finding the couch empty. I hated it when he told me his problems and returned to his lover. "She didn’t look up at her friend for a moment while playing at the edge of the table.

"One day, I decided to tell him everything. I was going to get Bill to confront him, tell him all my feelings. Do you know what happened then? I called Bill to invite him to my house; he said to me … "A little hiccup was knotted in her throat.

"He said to me,” Hey Y/N, we’re getting married.“ I don’t remember feeling so stupid in my life. I fell in love with a man who would never want me. “Zara held her free hand on the table and held it firmly to give it confidence.

"Everything has begun to upset me. I could no longer keep a secret in me. I knew this. And I confessed, he told me that he loved me. He slept with me, laughed, danced, and spent free time for hours. And now he’s back to Alida. He played me like I am some kind of toy. He threw me at a corner like every child who was bored of playing same toy. "She clenched her teeth to not cry and finally looked at her friend who listened to her all.

"Do you think I’m a fucking loser?” Zara cleared her throat and tried to smile at her friend.

“I think you’re one of the bravest people I’ve ever seen in my life.” Y/N shook her head and denied. She already knew she was the biggest coward. It was too late to be afraid to get rejected. She always acted like an idiot because she couldn’t stand to lose people in her life. She couldn’t get away from him even if Bill broke her heart.

“Here I am now. I got a plane ticket that evening and I came here. I left everything behind me. My family is aware of everything but they don’t say anything. My mum expects me to tell. Still I can feel her anxious gaze. "She smiled bitterly. It felt good to tell someone how she felt. It felt like a weight lifted over her, and she needed time to heal her wound. The phone on the table buzzed and she looked at the screen.

"I’m sorry, I have to go. I promised Harry and Sara to go out to eat ice cream.

"Did you know that gorillas can catch human colds and other illness?” Y/N giggled as she watched Harry climb up to the chair. The little boy was telling everything that came to his mind.

“I didn’t know that. Wait, let me help you. "Harry stepped into his chair and shook his head.

"No, I can sit by myself, thank you aunty. Did you know that the deer have no gall bladders? "She liked to spend time with her nephew, yet Harry made her feel stupid with his all knowledge.

"Hey, do not bother your aunt with the fun facts. You may be enjoying watching documentaries with your father; it doesn’t mean everyone likes your fun facts. "Harry nodded at his mother and continued to eat his ice-cream.

"Sorry Y/N, sometimes I have to remember that I have a very intelligent son.” She shrugged her shoulders to mean “it’s okay.”  She glanced at the television on the ice cream shop and began to watch the woman on the screen. The TV sounded off, but with the headlines, she could tell what she was talking about. She was shocked as she read the words on the screen.

“Are Bill Skarsgård and Alida Morberg expecting a baby?“

Forget About It (Part Two)

A/N: Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. I hope you like it. Do send more if you have any in mind, I love hearing about how you want the story to go. 

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You sat down on the first empty bar stool you saw, happy that now you could go to a bar alone and relax. Seth hadn’t called or showed up for a little over a week now, and you were done. You let him know over text, but of course he hadn’t responded. Why? Nobody knows. You get that the fight was pretty bad, but you figured he’d have the decency to talk it out with you. If it had to end, it should end with you two coming to terms and deciding to part. No relationship should just end like this, at least not in your opinion. You had a few margaritas before ordering a few vodka shots, not realizing how fast you were actually going through the alcohol. Your last shot concluded one of your thoughts. You set the glass down on the table, contemplating on whether or not to order another one. Before you could decide the bartender placed another shot in front of you, gesturing to a man sitting a few seats down. You picked up the shot, looking over to see a smirking Baron Corbin. You winked at him before downing the shot quickly, the liquid courage extremely evident at this point. You rarely drank, so it came as no surprise to you that this much alcohol hit you like this. You still loved Seth, there was no doubt in your mind, but you figured flirting wouldn’t hurt. You saw him get up out of the corner of your eye, his eyes telling the man currently sitting down that he needed to get up and leave. The smaller man got up and disappeared, Baron quickly taking his seat and looking over at you. Most of your hair was covering your face, you were blushing profusely at this point.

“Hello? Is anybody behind all that hair?” He laughed softly, moving a little closer so that he could see you slightly better.

You nodded and tucked your hair behind your ear, your eyes meeting his.

“Sadly, yeah.” You sighed, giving him a little smile. “Thanks for the shot.”

“Not a problem… Where’s Rollins?” He smirked. You rolled your eyes. Guys were so petty.

“Rollins is gone.” You shrugged, ordering another margarita.

“Oh…” He spoke quietly, probably not expecting that answer. “Can I ask why?”

You figured it wouldn’t hurt to tell him. You were pretty shitfaced by this point anyways, what could possibly make you look worse?

“He doesn’t want to marry me. Or have babies with me.” You scoffed, shaking your head. “I mean, I think I’m pretty cute.” You continued, taking a long sip of your new drink. “I would make cute babies, right!?”

“Definitely.” He nodded, ordering himself a drink too. “I think ours would be cuter than yours and Rollins’ but, yeah, you would make cute babies.”

“Ours?” You blushed, looking away for a second as you continued to drink.

“Am I wrong? The cuteness would be all you, though, sweets.” He smirked, gently placing his hand on your thigh.

You heard someone clear their throat behind you. You were ready to turn around and backhand the asshole until you saw who it was. Your heart instantly dropped, your mind and heart at war. You wanted to jump into his arms and tell him how much you missed him, and how glad you were that he was okay, but you furrowed your eyebrows at him.

“Get lost, Baron.” He said simply, taking your drink out of your hand and setting it down on the table.

“She was drinking that.” He stood up, moving closer to him. “She was also talking to me.”

You groaned softly, burying your face in your hands for a quick second before realizing that you needed to interrupt.

“No, it’s fine, Baron.” You spoke softly, getting in the middle of the two and placing your hand on his chest. That infuriated Seth even more, causing him to grab your arm and pull you closer to him.

“We’re leaving, Y/N.” He muttered through his teeth, practically dragging you out of the bar.

“Let go of me, Seth.” You sighed, too drunk to respond angrily. He hadn’t showed up for more than five minutes and he already gave you a pounding headache.

“What the fuck are you doing here? This drunk! With Baron fucking Corbin.” He seethed, looking into your eyes.

“Drinking. Cause you’re not man enough to fucking call me and talk to me and my broken heart!” You yelled, the memory causing your eyes to water.

“Cover up.” He shook his head, taking off his hoodie and slipping it on you. You were too drunk to properly do it yourself, in his eyes. He fixed your messed up hair, scooping you up into his arms and heading towards his car.

“Don’t pick me up like that, the swinging makes me nauseous.” You whined, despite resting your head on his chest.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t have downed every single bottle the bar carried.” He responded angrily, shaking his head. “How was this a good idea? What if he took advantage of you! Who was going to help you?”

You didn’t respond. Baron wasn’t that kind of guy, but maybe some others were. Nevertheless, you were too tired to argue.

“Stop talking so loud. I’ll get a headache.” You mumbled, clinging to his shirt. A little smile painted your face once the smell of his cologne hit you. “I missed you…”

He didn’t respond.

Once you got home he helped you inside, leading you towards the couch and gently sitting you down.

“I’m not thaaaaaat drunk, Rollins. I won’t break.” You smirked, laying down on the couch.

“You clearly are thaaaat drunk if you can’t see how drunk you are.” He countered, squatting down next to you and taking off your heels.

“Why are you doing this? We’re not together. I was just another girl having fun at the bar.” You spoke quietly, your eyes shutting at this point.

“You’re not just another girl…” He mumbled, getting up. You didn’t hear him speak for a few minutes, confused up until he returned with some comfortable clothes.

He helped you sit up, unzipping your dress and pulling it off your body. You quickly covered up before realizing how stupid you looked.

“I’ve seen it all, Y/N. I’m just trying to get you in something comfortable, I promise. That dress looks like it’s gonna crack a rib or two.” He joked, trying to lighten the mood.

You nodded, still extremely embarrassed and for some reason, vulnerable. You saw the look on his face, though. You two might be over, but you knew well what was going on in his mind.

You placed your foot on his chest, holding him back for a second as you leaned back against the couch. You giggled at the confused look he gave you, biting your lip.

“Kiss me.” You whispered, looking into his eyes.

“God, you’re so drunk.” He groaned softly, easily moving your leg away and sitting you up again. “No. Now let me finish helping you get dressed.”

You whined, pouting as he unclasped your bra and tossed it to the side. He quickly slipped one of his t-shirts on you, following it with a pair of sweats.

“There. You’re welcome.”

“Thanks.” You mumbled sleepily, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

He nodded, collecting your clothes and neatly setting them aside.

Once you woke up you found yourself in bed with Seth.

It was still early in the morning, but you’d been sleeping for much longer than him, you assumed. You tossed and turned a bit, trying to get comfortable again.

“Y/N?” He groaned, turning around and looking over at you.

“Yeah.” You whispered, studying his face.

“You good?” He asked quietly, his eyes still shut.

“Yeah.” You repeated, nodding even though he couldn’t see you.

You wanted nothing more than to scoot closer to him and talk to him about what’s happening. You ran through every possible way to do it, when to do it, how to do it, until eventually some more time passed. Whether it was the alcohol or you, you had no idea, but you decided to wake him up and talk to him.

“Seth…” You whispered, gently shaking him.


“Seth… Why don’t you wanna marry me?” You spoke softly, gently placing your hand on his shoulder. He was facing the other direction and you were practically resting your head on his shoulder. “I love you so much…” You continued, trying your best not to get emotional. “I just… I know for you it means nothing and it’s a ‘piece of paper,’ but I just wanna be your wife. I wanna take care of you and love you and I want to call you my husband. I wanna spend all my days with you. I don’t know how else to tell you how much I love you.” You were sobbing at this point. Alcohol played a part.

“Y/N…” He sighed, turning over to look at you. “Don’t cry…”

“I can’t.” You sniffled, wiping some of your tears. “I want to be truly yours more than anything else in the world.”

“You know how I feel….” He warned, unsure of what else to tell you.

You moved closer to him, looking into his eyes. You didn’t want to speak anymore. You moved slightly closer, gently pressing your lips against his. He returned your kiss instantly, and with a lot more passion before he came to his senses and pulled away.

You spoke before he could, resting your hand against his neck.

“Just kiss me. Just put everything aside and kiss me, Seth. Please.”

He hesitated for a second before kissing you hard, causing you to moan into the kiss. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him, his hands roaming your body.

The night progressed, and whether it was the alcohol, the broken heart, or the poor judgement, you forgot to tell him that you’d missed a few pills since you guys called it quits.

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Moffat Appreciation from a cynical twit

The Empty Child is one of three stories that solidified my love of Doctor Who. While anyone can go through my tags and see that my views of the Moff are a rollercoaster of emotions, I will stand by and say that Moffat IS a brilliant writer who IS capable of writing excellent stories. And The Empty Child is not only my favorite Moffat story, but my favorite Doctor Who story of all time and one of the greatest Doctor Who stories to grace our screens.

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Whoever you are and whatever you’re doing, I want you to carve out some time for yourself to see Call Me By Your Name.

You may have heard talk about how it is a feast for the senses. You may have heard its praises sung for being the most beautiful, slowly-unspooling, joy-and-pain-filled story of falling in love and discovering oneself in recent memory.

If you’ve heard those things, you’ve heard right. It will hollow you out and make you smile and cry and feel some multisyllabic German word I don’t know that means nostalgia and delight and discovery and heartbreak and first-most-painful-and-uncertain love.

Here’s a film that reminds us that cinema is truly an art form.

Go see it wherever and however you can. (Only don’t pirate it, because this is also a film that we should all be giving our money to as proof that artwork like this should be financed and created all the time.)

Raise Hell- Face Cast

Cause why not. I’ve always wanted to do this, so I did it. If you don’t want your perception of the characters messed with, you don’t have to look. I’m hiding all of this under a spoiler. 

If you don’t agree or have your own ideas of what my characters look like, let me know! I’d love to see! Or tell me what you think of my choices. This is just for fun.

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Um I know we all have our opinions and POV. But what the heck is this utter nonsense???

This is my blog and I can vent. It’s so frustrating. Sam is put in the backround time after time. You can hate him fine that’s opinion but he and Dean made this show, that’s facts not opinion. I don’t get how some people honestly want Sam gone or think main story is between Dean and Cass. Like the brothers are the story like why is that bad to say and not idk a fact?

Idk if I can even blame some of the fandom Sam is put in the back burner always by writers yet so many look at me and other Sam fans crazy when we say that. I love Dean with all my heart but this show is amazing because the both of them and their bond.

I just don’t get it, no hate I just feel how I feel:(

Happy Fan Fiction Friday lovelies! I️ get asked a lot what I️ do for fun and here it is! I️ draw and write fan fics 😽 I️ take breaks from my art and spend some time writing my Walking Dead Fac Fiction. Oh you betcha! I’m totally digging the Daryl and Beth love! They are one of my top OTPs😍 I️ love writing about what would happen if the show had gone in a different direction (totally my wish fulfillment ha ha ha) If you want to read my story I’ve got my fic as a tier in my Patreon. I️ was super scared about it at first. Writing has always been a very personal thing for me. Especially this kind of writing 😂 But I️ wanted something fun,different and special for my supporters so you can know me on a more personal level. So fan fic it is! If you pledge on Patreon.com/camilladerrico for the cost of a cup of coffe you can get all the sexy Bethyl you can handle! 😸 #myotplove #bethanddarylforever #sillybusiness

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I want to know why no one mentioned Lyanna in that first meeting between Jon and Daenerys. You would think that would be the thing to bring up to a woman who just admitted her husband raped her. You know, Jon’s “aunt” who was kidnapped and raped by Daenerys’ brother. That would be my first complaint. But, no, even though we all know the Stark children grew up with the “Lyanna was raped” storyline, for some reason (and yes, I do know what the reason is, I was being sarcastic), they conveniently omit any discussion of that from that first meeting. Because, apparently, the kidnapping and rape of a fourteen-year-old girl is not enough of a reason to say fuck off to House Targaryen (especially with this bullshit love story they’re peddling). But frankly, I would’ve loved to see Daenerys sweep that under the carpet like she did Brandon and Rickard’s deaths and still demand that Jon bend the knee. 

lilysflowershop  asked:


  • First impression

Who is this tiny green man and where did he come from? I’m suspicious

  • Impression now

I am so sorry for being suspicious of you! I love that (one of) the biggest bots is actually the tiniest one! Best plot twist. I adore him and his tiny mustache. All my love I had for Ultra Magnus got transferred over to him. 

  • Favorite moment

Seeing him being self conscious over people knowing he’s him and not the original Ultra Magnus was sweet. That and his interactions with Ten are adorable. Also him shooting Tyrest. 

  • Idea for a story

I would love to see him create his own armor that isn’t Ultra Magnus’ hollow corpse, one that reflects himself better. He deserves to be more happy with who he is rather than who he was told he should be by Tyrest.

  • Unpopular opinion

I don’t have one

  • Favorite relationship

Still a major fan of him and Rodimus being together

  • Favorite headcanon

He does lowkey want different armor but he’s so attached to the Ultra Magnus armor that it’s become a major part of his identity.

To the one that I lost,

Tonight I watched a meteor shower with a boy. He was a very nice boy- more than nice, he was charming and funny and kind, and we ran barefoot under the stars to dance to our favourite song at the party, and he lent me his blue velvet jacket and pulled me up onto the wall to sit with him. And we watched the shooting stars, and he held my hand and turned his head, and we kissed. And it was a very nice kiss. And that’s why I hated you right at that moment.

Because I know, that every time I ever do something like that; watching silver bursts of light on the midnight blue, or kissing someone with the music playing behind my back, or dipping my legs in the freezing river with my party clothes still on, I will think of you. And I will think of running through the sand dunes and lying with you by the fire on the beach and your guitar and your smell and your brown hands and your hands in my hair and your lips on mine and our favourite songs together, and the ones we wrote together, and the nights we would lie under the same blanket I still use and you would just hold me tight and I would never have bad dreams.

So because of you, the poor boy in the blue velvet smoking jacket can text me and ring me and meet me for coffee, but he will never be you. And I will not love him, and I will think of you every time I look into his eyes, every time I see his blonde hair and not your golden hair, and you will follow me to the ends of the earth.

But as much as I hate you for that, I still love you. And I hate that as well. So I will not send this, but I will write the words to get them out of me, because otherwise I will never be rid of you.

With all my love,

—  Love Letters at 1.41 AM

In case you don’t know this story, the Norse gods wanted a wall around Asgard to protect themselves and a jotun only known as The Builder offers to make it in exchange for Freya, Sun and Moon. Freya gets rightfully pissed and refuses (no word on Sun or Moon’s feelings about this), so Loki turns into a female horse and lures The Builder’s horse away, causing all work on the wall to stop. Because he can’t finish the wall The Builder has to leave without Freya, Sun and Moon. Loki disappears for 9 nine months and returns with an eight-legged foal (yes, he had sex with the horse and got pregnant. I know you all love that part). The end.

For some reason people often leave out that The Builder wanted Sun and Moon too, and English translations often translate it to “the sun and moon” as if he wanted the heavenly bodies, but no, he wanted the goddess and god responsible for said heavenly bodies. He absolutely intended to have sex with all of them which is why a lot of translations leave out Moon because ew that’s gay.

Freya didn’t want to marry a Jotun, let alone as part of a god damn harem me thinks.

Everyone Lived.

Everyone lived. When Harry was born, Lily hardly saw him because Sirius was fitting him into a tiny leather jacket, Remus was reading to him, and James was already trying to sneak him to the Quidditch supply store to get Harry his first toy broom. Christmases were spent with full bellies and rooms stuffed with laughter, and there wasn’t a single person without flushed cheeks from all the wine. Lily’s eyes sparkled, and there was always a joke on the tip of James’ tongue. All Harry knew was love, love, love, from every corner of the universe.

Everyone lived, and every Thursday afternoon, Sirius and Remus took Harry to the “library”, which was the secret word they taught him for the ice cream parlor. With each trip, they ordered the biggest sundae that was offered with three spoons, and Harry always ate nearly all of it. They kept it up until the day Harry asked Lily to take him to the library and, when confronted with the shelves piled high with books, he asked her where they went to order their ice cream.

Remus and Sirius got married when Harry was three, and Harry was the ring bearer. Lily cried the first time she saw him in his tiny dress robes. They were just long enough that he nearly tripped halfway up the aisle. There wasn’t a single pair of dry of eyes in the audience that day.

Everyone lived, and on Harry’s sixth birthday, he celebrated alongside Neville with all their friends and family. James gave Harry his first set of toy Quidditch balls. He, Ron, Neville, Draco, and Ginny all played together until Draco pushed Neville off his broom and into the cake Alice had spent hours working on. Lily tried so hard not to laugh at Neville’s frosting-covered face, but instead she went beet red and gave herself away to everyone.

Draco said he was sorry. He actually meant it.

Everyone lived, and the moms had a Lockhart book club, which consisted of everyone getting wine-drunk and complaining about their husbands together. Draco, Neville, Harry and Ron eavesdropped and reported back to their dads, who were standing around the kitchen armed with beer, about what they did wrong that week. Each of the meetings somehow coincidentally ended with each of the men stopping by to bring their respective wives bouquets of flowers or boxes of chocolate “because they just felt like it.”

Everyone lived, and Draco and Harry were friends, believe it or not. When Narcissa and Lucius had a date night, they dropped Draco off at the Potters. James told them scary stories in the darkness of their blanket tent. Lily used magic to cast shadows all over their living room, and Harry and Draco wouldn’t sleep for the rest of the night. But Lily kissed each of their foreheads and assured them each that everything would be fine, because she and James would never let anything bad happen to either of them.

She meant it.

Draco and Harry stayed up until their eyelids were simply too heavy to bear, but Harry managed to remain awake till Draco was completely asleep before closing his eyes. It was one of the most peaceful things he’d ever seen. He wasn’t exactly sure why he thought that. Not yet, anyways.

Everyone lived. Everyone got a little bit older. The kids all went off to Hogwarts, somehow managing to stuff themselves all into one train compartment, even with Hermione once she joined. Draco and Harry got put into different houses, which was a relief to everyone around them. “they already bickered like a married couple without rooming together,” Ron said when they were first sorted, “I don’t want to think about what we’d have to deal with if they were sharing a dorm.”

The only time Harry and Draco forgot about their friendship was when they played against each other in Quidditch. There were no rules when you needed to be the first one to the snitch.

(I suppose there weren’t any rules when it came to making out with your best friend in an empty corridor after drinking half a bottle of fire whiskey, either.)

Sixth year came with sly glances and brushing fingertips in the hallway; throwing all caution to the wind and risking friendship for feelings Harry and Draco had been denying since they were kids. Ron and Hermione exchanged knowing looks, but no one said a word. Not even when Harry inconspicuously crept out of bed nearly every night at half past two with his Invisibility cloak in tow, not returning until the sun was just peeking out over the mountains, if at all. He looked happier than ever that year, secrets tugging on the corners of his mouth every time he spoke.

Everyone lived, and when Draco and Harry came out to their families their seventh year, everyone groaned. “You owe me ten Galleons,” was the first thing James said to Lucius, and Harry knew then that everything was going to be okay.

Because everyone was here, surrounding him, breathing, alive. They all hugged him and Draco at once, cheeks smooshed together, a mess of laughter and “I love you’s” and kisses on foreheads. They were all connected then, their pulses stitching them together with a bond Harry knew nothing could break.

They all knew hurt; they knew pain and suffering, and they knew loss, but most of all, they knew each other. They knew love, and they knew hope.

As they stood there, a giant amoeba of people from all walks of life, some more challenging than others, Harry let go of the breath he felt as though he had been holding for his entire life.

holmes interacts with irene for a grand total of… maybe an hour? he helps her marry her husband, and he rests in her sitting room for a few minutes

that’s it. that’s the entirety of their “relationship”

and yet somehow, here we are, with 126 years’ worth of he loves her he loves her he loves her!

R E A D Y F O R I T: is a more of a warning than a question. a sign of things to come. a simple warning shot before the gunfight. to let you know that something is about to happen. telling you to prepare yourself. it’s just the beginning in the over all story. 

E N D G A M E: is for the lovers who, despite the odds, believe they can make it through this crazy game called life. it’s wanting to break your reputation of bad endings and make this be the one that lasts forever. it’s adrenaline rushes and planning your whole life out with someone. 

I D I D S O M E T H I N G B A D: is for all the witches they were unsuccessful at burning. it’s lit fireworks crackling in your rib-cage and fiddling with the laces of your warn out combat boots and already ripped fishnets and applying perfectly winged eyeliner without trying and bright red lipstick to match the blood of your enemies.

D O N T B L A M E M E: is for the passionate, reckless, fearless lovers. the ones who fall in love without hesitation and without permission. they dive in head first without looking back. they don’t care if it makes them seem crazy because they would rather be crazily, passionately in love than live an indifferent and emotionless life. it’s for when you find that one person you would risk everything for. 

D E L I C A T E: is for the doubt that takes residence in your head and in your heart when you finally get the courage to dust yourself off and fall for someone new after you got your heart broken. it’s terrifying and temporary and fragile and beautiful because it’s fleeting. it can never last forever, or so you have been led to believe. it’s for the cautious dreamers. the damaged lovers who have been left for dead too many times to count. 

L O O K W H A T Y O U M A D E M E D O: is for the defeating moment when you finally take the blame just to ease the heat. it’s for when every one thinks that they finally buried you but like a phoenix, you rise from the ashes reborn. it’s taking a lighter and burning every thing to the ground. it’s finding out just how good revenge can feel. 

S O I T G O E S: is nights at bars and restaurants and films and parties and weekends that you know can’t possibly last forever. it’s silk dresses and high heels and smudged lipstick and scratches on your lovers back. it’s cashmere jumpers and messy hair and dark circles beneath your eyes because lately life has been so freeing, sleeping seems like a waste of time. 

G O R G E O U S: is for the endless summer nights and repeatedly making eye contact with the stranger across the bar. it’s starry eyes, rosy cheeks, and quiet seduction. it’s drinks in blues and pinks and tiny cocktail umbrellas and having so many you quit counting. it’s finding someone so physically flawless you can’t help but hate them, simply because you can’t have them. 

G E T A W A Y C A R: is for all of the lovers on the run from all of their past mistakes and rebounds. it’s for when they find someone with similar baggage and decide to find distraction in each other. it’s for seeking a fresh new start. it’s secretly kissing in diner booths, holding hands under the table, and kissing each other with recklessness on your lips. it’s knowing that this is temporary, but that’s what you love about it.

K I N G O F M Y H E A R T: for the boys and girls who make a key to their heart and give it to each other. it’s the truth and vulnerability one must have to be able to do that. it’s for the five am rooftop conversations. it’s getting dressed up just to dance with each other around the living room. 

D A N C I N G W I T H O U R H A N D S T I E D: it’s nights spent dancing with each other around the house. it’s lips that taste like safety, and that’s something you haven’t had in so long you’ve forgotten what it taste like. It’s the drop of your stomach just before you jump. This is for the desperate but hopeful lovers. 

D R E S S: is his drink in your hair, on your lips, in your hands. it’s crumpled bed sheets. it’s when the sun rises in the morning and your eyes meet the same sleeping lover beside you. it’s lace bra-lets and knee-high boots. 

W H Y W E C A N T H A V E N I C E T H I N G S: is for when the hurt and betrayed turn into the unforgiving and unafraid. it’s when your mouth is filled with unforgiving teeth. it’s reaching a point of anger, you can’t help but burst into laughter. you can’t help but joke about the whole thing. it’s shards of broken glass and anger to the point of apathy. 

C A L L I T W H A T Y O U W A N T: is for the lovers who find comfort and validation in one another. they don’t have anything to prove. it’s hand written lovers and blankets under covers. grinning from ear to ear alone in your room. the promise of something bigger than this. a taste of forever. it’s cups of tea in the morning and wine at night. it’s the kind of love that could inspire classic romance novels. 

N E W Y E A R S D A Y: is for when every one else has gone home and you are the only two remaining. when the party is over, but the best part of the night has yet to come. it’s time standing still when it’s just you two. it’s air kissed curls and deep two in the morning conversations on kitchen counters. it’s wanting to stay forevermore. 

Keith Kogan: A Portrayal of Homosexuality Done Right

I always tell people that Voltron is a lot more clever than it gets credit for. It can spin a cliche/trope on it’s head beautifully, and while all the characters are easily digestible archetypes (i.e: the nerd, the loner), the creators add layers to them that not only make them feel like real people, but also makes social commentary on those very archetypes.

In no better way do they do this than with the character of Keith.

Before I get into how and why Keith deviates from you’re typical gay male protagonist, I want to establish as a fact that Keith is homosexual.

If you don’t see - what I consider to be - blatant evidence that Keith’s gay, well, I can’t say I blame you. Most people have ingrained heteronormative lenses, meaning they’ll miss the subtext of homosexual characters. Us in the LGBT community are much more attuned to seeing these because, well, for one, we’re queer, and two, because up until around the 1960s, the portrayal of gay characters in the media was illegal and could only be shown subtextually.

So it makes sense that people overlook the very nuanced portrayal of Keith’s sexuality, but if you’re willing to take off those lenses, it’s certainly there.

The first standout appearance of this is in season 1 episode 6: Taking Flight. Or as I like to call it, the day the shows name officially changed to Gaytron: Legendary Homosexuals

I think one of the disconnects for some viewers is that they don’t completely grasp the saying, “Show don’t tell,” the mantra of pretty much every writer. Not always, but typically, showing is better than telling. Or more accurately, telling needs to be used at the correct times and for the right reasons.

So how do they show us that Keith’s gay in this episode? Through three things, body language, actions, and juxtaposition.

You don’t have to be a body language specialist to understand the clear meaning behind Keith’s posture. Leaning, looking someone up and down, and a small, lingering smile/smirk are all subconscious signs of attraction. They’re also common ways of depicting male attraction in the media.

Speaking of depicting male attraction, lets look at how Lance’s flirts in the same episode.

Leaning. Check. Lingering smile. Check. Engaged eye contact. Check. The biggest difference is how blatant they are in their intentions, but that comes down to pure character difference. Keith is self assured and more genuinely confident. He also has a lot of walls up and isn’t so open. While Lance puts on a show/over compensates so that he might appear cool. You can also see this in their respective ‘I’m-checking-you-out’ postures. Lance’s body is open, he’s engaged and his eyes are on Nyma’s eyes. While Keith’s posture is interested, but more in an appreciative way. His body is closed off, and instead of looking Rolo in the eyes, he looks at his - um - physique. This is really fitting for Keith’s character, who again, has walls, and who also puts this mission first, and most likely has no intention of letting this attraction lead to anything other than having a nice piece of eye candy around for a couple of hours.

This is textbook juxtaposition. So moving along now.

I don’t want this to be a shippy post, so I won’t add all the times I think Keith shows attraction towards Lance, but I do want to mention this scene.

The use of the rainbow(the most recognizable symbol in the gay community) over lapping the bi flag colors is relevant for the same reason why the use of purple to symbolize the Galra is relevant. Purple represents royalty, imperialism, but also gloom and danger. The use of these colors and symbols are conscious choices.

While the above scene shows that Keith is attracted to men, this scene shows that Keith is also not attracted to woman.

What I love about this scene is that it’s such a cliche, and like I said up above, Voltron is good at turning those on their head. Here they utilize the tiered and true trope of accidentally falling into each others arms. If this was a hetero-centric Romcom than this moment would’ve been obviously meant to establish attraction, but instead, it does the opposite. Rather Keith personally likes Allura or not, she’s a knock out. So, if he’s attracted to women at all, and isn’t use to having that contact- which hes not - he should be at least somewhat shocked/flustered. If it had been an attractive guy that fell into Keith’s arms, I have no doubt that his reactions would be something beyond that blank stare. Considering he literally gasps every time Lance touches him

The last piece of “evidence” I want to show isn’t as blatant and may just be my perspective, but it’s worth mentioning.

The themes of Keith’s Galra arc are very reminiscent to coming out. He’s discovering parts of himself. He’s internalizing and hiding away said parts. He’s scared of what the people he cares about will think of him when they find out. If this is intentional, it’s brilliant, because while Voltron is set in a futurist world where sexuality is supposedly not an Issue, it still is for the youth of today. Meaning by having these similar themes, Keith becomes more relatable to LGBT people.

This is the part where, if you still don’t think Keith’s gay, I’ll have to calmly yet firmly ask you to get off my fucking lawn. For the rest of you, onward to victory!!!

LGBT individuals have a history of being badly represented in the media, especially now that gay characters have become a marketing strategy for a more progressive consumer base. Their whole character is often reduced to stereotypes or used as a giant walking gay pride flag that reads: look at us, we’re hip and with the times. Meaning, the majority of these characters plots and personalities are based solely on their sexuality. Which is a problem, because not only does it not help to normalize homosexuality, but it’s just not relatable to LGBT people.

I’ll give you an example. My mom’s a lesbian. She married to a woman and has two daughters, one who is trans and one who is bi. But despite how “gay"her life may seem, she very rarely describes herself as that way. She’s not active in LGBT issues. She doesn’t involve herself in the community. Shes not lesbian first and everything else afterward, and she is certainly not alone in that experience. Don’t get me wrong, LGBT individuals are more aware of their sexuality than cishet people, but it’s typically only because others point it out and remind us that its not "normal.” Still, for a lot of LGBT people, our sexuality is just one part of our personal narrative, not the whole damn book.

Another problem with LGBT representations is that their often just built off of stereotypes. Gay men are feminized and their sexuality is typically made the butt of a joke. They are shown as being promiscuous and having commitment issues. These are the standards.

But Keith abolishes all of those, and in such a seamless way too.

While Keith’s character is in no way excessively macho, he’s certainly not feminine either. He doesn’t mind getting sweaty. He’s temperamental and has anger issue. He lived a pretty low maintenance life in a desert shack, sleeps in his jeans like a heathen, and probably uses a dagger to peel oranges. Keith is a masculine character. He’s confident and self assured, but not vain. He’s emotional, but in a very private way. Whereas many other portrayal of gay men depict them as almost theatrically sensitive, confident, but only in their sexual prowess, and self absorbed, but only when it come to their looks and not when it comes to their skills.

This is already an impressive deviation, but what really makes Keith’s portrayal stand out is the way his sexuality is but a mere footnote in what makes his character his character, and how that fits into his personality and story arc so well.

The first thing you have to realize about Keith is that, while he certainly wants to connect with people, it’s not his number one priority. He has barriers. He fears rejection, and despite wanting to feel as if he belongs, its not hard to see how Keith has been conditioned to assume he’ll inevitability be left behind, and therefore places personal relationships low on his list of priorities. Meaning, yes, he was checking out Rolo, and yes, I believe that he’s very very fond of Lance, but I can’t imagine that Keith really sees these relationships becoming something substantial or romantic, and thus doesn’t put too much effort into perusing them. You can really tell what’s important to a character by what they focus their time on. Take Lance for instance, he’s a character who blatantly cares about friendships and has no problem openly flirting. That’s not to say Lance doesn’t care about the war, just like Keith’s reluctance to pursue meaningful bonds doesn’t mean he doesn’t want them. It just means that relationships and love obviously mean a lot to Lance.

So what does Keith focus on? Well, he shows the most focus on relationships in season one, when the connections he had with his makeshift family was the post pressing thing going on. (You cant really form Voltron if you don’t connect with the other members) But after season one, with all the changes Keith goes through, we see a big shift in his priorities. First he finds out about his heritage, then Shiro disappears and he is thrust into leadership, and then most recently, he joins the Blade.

By framing Keith’s character like this, it allows the creators to make his sexuality natural and relatable in a very interesting way. Because as LGBT people know, our sexuality isn’t the most important part of our lives. Just like Keith, we have more to focus on.

That’s not to say that his sexuality will never be shown explicitly. Like I said, I don’t want to get too shippy, but I truly believe that Laith is endgame. So if and when that happens, his sexuality will naturally come into play. Sadly, their will be a lot of people who call it forced because they missed the subtext and are use to seeing gay characters depicted more as spectacles than real people.

Voltron has really done something special here. They’ve create a universe where sexuality isn’t an issue, and they make it believable by never bringing it up outside of naturally occurring, unforced, appropriate context. Even better, because the Voltron universe is so vastly different than our own, it would’ve been easy to make LGBT characters that we couldn’t relate to, but they don’t. They manage this so well that I honestly can’t phantom Keith’s sexuality being anything but homosexual despite the fact it’s never been explicitly shown.

But most importantly, they’re creating a higher standard for LGBT representation. They are normalizing it on a show aimed towards children who are heavily influenced by the media they consume.

That, my friends, is worth applauding.

You are poetry in a person,“ she spoke softly.

Her eyes glistened up toward him, “you make me, a writer, lose all sense of words to describe you. And that both terrifies and exhilarates me in the most comforting way.”

Then, after a pause, “But I want you to know that I’m ready, I’m ready for all of it.

The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.

Sugiyama Noriaki interview for “Otomedia” Magazine October 2017

Before we start I want to clarify 2 things:

1) I translated only Uchiha Family stuff (it’s about 80% of all interview). Maybe one day my laziness and self-confidence in my translating skills will let me translate it till the end (or someone else translates it) but for now only SasuSakuSara parts.
2) English is not my native language so if you see any grammatical, lexical and other mistakes or just don’t understand some parts feel free to write me. 

This story tells about the final of the difficult situation that has developed in the Uchiha family!

 Was Sasuke (even in his own way) as nervous as Sarada was? While emotions are increasing, the strength of their family’s bond warms the heart. Is it really because of the nervousness in the 23 episode he doubts whether he should poke Sakura’s forehead? We asked about this seiyuu of Sasuke, Noriaki Sugiyama.

“Without words he said to Sakura: Are you really willing to do something so embarrassing in front of your daughter?” It was funny to watch him teasing her (laughs) It seemed to me this shyness was very much in Sasuke’s style. Honestly, after the end of the recording, Naruto’s seiyuu, Takeuchi Junko, said to me: “No, I don’t believe that he could do otherwise!” (laughs), probably Takeuchi-san is right. “ 

We talked a lot with Sugiyama-san about Sarada’s Story. After reuniting with his family, Sasuke again goes on a journey. However, there is bento in his hand made by his family therefore even if they’re apart, their family’s connection is felt even more. 

- How it was to play Sasuke as father and husband?

In "Boruto” Sasuke Uchiha appears to be different from what we’ve seen before. So I often wondered how I should play him. Of course, in «Naruto» he and Naruto sorted all things out, his character somewhat “softened,” but if you change a lot the nature of the character, in the end you will ask: “Who is it?” (laughs). Therefore, to prevent this from happening, I had to think carefully how to express this softness in Sasuke’s style, how would he show it? I believe that it is unlikely that Sasuke would say a lot of gentle words to his daughter … at first glance, Sasuke could look indifferent, given his violent past, but I’ve felt that he certainly thinks about Sarada. And I thought it would be very difficult to balance.

- There was a scene where in his words to his wife Sakura you could feel a “trust”.

There is a reason why Sasuke was absent from the village, that is why I think that during their meeting you can feel how much their relationship changed, especially from Sasuke’s side. Although the atmosphere is similar to the one that was before… how to say it more precisely, there is a mutual understanding between them. At least, I felt it. 

- What’s about Naruto?

 In my opinion, one of the most notable changes was his attitude towards Naruto’s words. After they sorted all things out, instead of cutting Naruto off with words «it’s wrong!» Sasuke rather thinks: “Well, most likely this idea also can be right”. If you compare with the former Sasuke, you can get the impression that in his mind he’s indulgent to Naruto. I think, instead of “a little softened” (about a small change in Sasuke) it would be more correct to say: “Ah, he seems to have become a little kinder.”
  I think if Sasuke was too kind to Sakura and Sarada, Sarada wouldn’t have had all these worries. The image of Sasuke should have turned out to make Sarada think: “Does this man understand what kind of relationship should be between the father and the child?” And this is also difficult.

 - Sugiyama-san, what is your impression of Sasuke’s daughter, Sarada?

 I think with the way she thinks and her insight she’s just like Sasuke. And love. In the Uchiha clan, “they are penetrated with love, that’s why they try to avoid this feeling” and Sarada also inherited it with the blood of Uchiha (laughs). In my opinion, the child is very cute. From her mother Sakura, she gets both love and trust, but you can see how much she wants to know the truth, she want everything to be clarified. Here, the blood of Uchiha has proven itself especially strong.  

- Is there any scene and phrase in the story of “Sarada Uchiha” which really impressed you?

There are a few, but the most exciting of them, when Sarada asked: “Do you think your feelings are well and truly connected to Mom?”, and when Sasuke replied: “Because we have you, Sarada,” what surprised her. Even if he doesn’t say a lot “Sarada, Sarada”, his concern for her is evident. Sasuke’s position can be understood, because if he were in Konoha, it could bring danger to Sarada and Sakura, so he wanted to eliminate all those who sought revenge on him in the village or outside of Konoha. In the village, he has people dear to him, to whom he can’t return, and he strongly feels that he must protect them from the outside.

Translated from Russian to English by me
Translated from Japanese to Russian by SasuSakuTeam. Мастерская переводов