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Sirius Black Imagine: “Bets – Part 2”

I really loved ‘Bets’, can you maybe put a part 2 of it on your list? :)

You can read Part 1 here. This imagine will make sense then ;)

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You were dreadful when it came to bets. You lost them 90% of the times, but you found that losing wasn’t so bad, especially when Sirius was involved. You thought that bets weren’t so difficult to win until last year, when you lost a bet and ended up in a blind date with Sirius; when he told you he would beat you in a snowball fight and, indeed, he won the game and a first kiss. The memory always brought a smile to your face.

It was morning. You straightened your clothes and strolled down the Great Hall. Most students had already left, not even bothering having breakfast. It was Hogsmeade day, after all. They would rather eat out.

You spotted a couple of ravenclaws chatting on their table plus two gryffindors: Remus and Sirius. They were playing a game of chess. By the thin line Sirius had his lips pressed, you could tell that he was losing. Seeing him so frustrated was amusing and adorable at the same time, but at the end you couldn’t fight back your hufflepuff nature and decided to put him out of his misery. You approached him from behind and kissed his temple. He didn’t greet you, but you saw askance the way his lips curved up. Your [y/e/c] eyes studied the board.

“Pawn to Bishop 4,“ you murmured.

Sirius frowned and tugged at your hufflepuff tie to whisper in your ear.

“Remus will kill my Queen then.”

“Just do it,” you advised with a knowing smile.

Remus darted his eyes. Sirius knew him well enough to know his friend was scared, so he smirked and repeated the chess moves you had suggested. It turned out that that was the key to win.

“Ha! Checkmate!” Sirius exclaimed, raising his arms in victory.

“You only won because [y/n] helped you…” whined Remus.

Sirius rolled his eyes.

“I won because you were not clever enough. I have actually won [y/n] at chess several times, Moony.”

“Really?” he asked, diverted. He clearly didn’t believe a word. “Then prove it.”

“Fine by me,” you quickly agreed, seeing the slight panic in your boyfriend’s eyes.

You felt like playing chess, and playing with Sirius was always fun.

“But we need to go to Hogsmeade, already,” he complained, trying to escape a little humiliation.

“I don’t want to go to Hogsmeade… It’s raining. I’d rather stay here.”

“But then I will not be able to buy jelly slugs!”

So he didn’t want to stay? Well, there was no way you would go into that crazy rainy weather, not when you could stay warm, feeling his strong arms cuddling you while you chatted and kissed by the fire. Suddenly, a word popped into your head: bets. Of course! You could turn this into a bet! This could very well be classified inside the 10% of the times you won them. You were going to take advantage of the situation. You had nothing to lose, not when you knew how bad he was at chess.

“Let’s make a bet, then,” you proposed, smiling mischievously.

He narrowed his eyes.

“Another one?”

“Are you afraid?” you shot back, enjoying his reaction.

Remus had his arms crossed and was looking at you two as if it was a muggle film.

“Yes, Padfoot, are you afraid?”

Sirius swallowed hard and flashed him a cocky grin.

“You wish. Let’s start the game, already.”

It didn’t take you long to beat him, even less than usual. His nerves were betraying him and he was making all the wrong moves. He pulled a disappointed face and you almost kissed him just to make him feel better.

“Well, this was…” started Remus, looking for the right word, “entertaining, but I’m afraid I have to leave now to go to Hogsmeade. Wormtail is waiting for me. Enjoy the day, Padfoot!”

He ran out of the room, sniggering. Sirius puffed and hung his head. Winning the bet for once had felt tremendously good, but you didn’t fancy a sulking boyfriend. You couldn’t stand seeing him like that.

“Come on… Losing bets isn’t so bad,” you mumbled, patting his back. “I can sneak you into my Common Room… We will be able to relax by the fire and cuddle… and snog. I can even get something from the kitchen before sneaking in… I’m sure they have some jelly slugs somewhere.”

The last part improved his mood considerably. He shot his head up and gave you one of his charming smiles.

“I think I like the plan after all…”

You rolled your eyes.

“Of course you would! Jelly slugs are your cure.”

He smiled sadly then, his expression softening and his eyes shining with something you couldn’t quite name.

“You are wrong, [y/n]. You are my cure.”

You froze. He bowed his head and pressed his lips against yours, his fingertips caressing your cheek. The kiss was sweet, almost chaste, yet it left you breathless anyway. When he pulled away he had his usual cocky grin plastered on his face.

“I think I should congratulate you for winning a bet, at last.”

You smacked him playfully in the ribs and gave out a giggle.

“I really wanted to stay in, and you are really bad at chess.”

He made a humming sound, as if agreeing, and finally guided you to the kitchens. You didn’t sneak into Hufflepuff’s Common Room until he found those jelly slugs. You finally slumped onto the sofa in front of the fire, and soon felt Sirius putting an arm over your shoulders while he kept eating those jelly slugs. You kissed his cheek and neck to distract him, and soon, he forgot about the sweets and snogged you.

“Losing bets isn’t so bad,” he panted amid kisses.

You chuckled and mumbled, “Told ya.”

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Holaaa Con qué canción describirías a los signos?~libra y podrías mandar gif... gracias.

aries: Not afraid - Eminem

Whatever weather, cold or warm. Just let you know that, you’re not alone

tauro: Pacify her - Melanie Martinez

Someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours. But was he yours if he wanted me so bad?

géminis: Dead! - My Chemical Romance

And if your heart stops beating, I´ll be here wondering. Did you get what you deserve?

cáncer: Shape of you - Ed Sheeran

We push and pull like a magnet too, although my heart is falling too

leo: Paparazzi -Lady Gaga

Not sure what it means, but this photo of us it don’t have a price

virgo: All the small things - Blink 182

Keep your head still, I’ll be your thrill

libra: Closer - Halsey ft. Chainsmokers

That I know you can’t afford bite that tattoo on your shoulder

escorpio:  The anthem - Good Charlotte

That I don’t ever wanna be like you, I dont’ wanna do the things you do.

sagitario: I don’ t care - Fall Out Boy

I don’t care what you think as long as it’s about me

capricornio: Jesus of suburbia - Green Day

City of the dead at the end of another lost highway, signs misleading to nowhere

acuario: Jet black heart - 5sos

Cause I’ve got a jet black heart and there’s a hurricane underneath it trying to keep us apart

piscis: In the name of love - Martin Garrix ft. Bebe Rexha

If I told you this was only gonna hurt, if I warned you that the fire’s gonna burn, would you walk in?

World War of Tickles

I’m mixing two requests into this fic cause they were similar and I’m a lazy little shit! 

Both requests had Fem!reader that felt a little under the weather and Ethan tries to cheer them up!
One of the requests asked for a tickle war between the two so I wanted to throw that into this ‘cause it’s adorable.
I hope that’s ok, enjoy!

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The blanket was warm, heavily draped over your aching body as you sulked against the pillows. 
Your nose was a little clogged, not as bad as it was a few days ago, but today your head seemed to suddenly realise that you were sick. 
Your body was drained of energy, aching joints stopped you from even inching out of the bed. A few tissues littered the floor, your terrible aim tossing them a meter away from the little bin by the door. 
You groan as the door to your bedroom opened, spilling blinding light into your eyes. 
“(Y/N) are you still in bed?” Ethan’s voice asked from within the hallway light. 
You hummed a response, shifting your head so your head disappeared under the blanket. 
“I’m sick,” You groaned. 
You heard the blue-berry move into the room, closing the door behind him. 
“You’ve been sick for the last couple of days,” Ethan pointed out, trying to remove the blanket from your head. 
“I didn’t feel like getting up,” You mumbled. The two of you had a small tug-of-war with the blanket, but your small amount of strength failed you and Ethan pulled the material back to your shoulders. 
“Have you eaten?” He asked, his eyes soft. 
You nodded, “I hide biscuits in here. I nibbles on some.” 
“Thanks not food, (Y/N)” Ethan gently scolded. 
You shrugged, turning onto your side to look at him. “I’m fine. I just need to nap a little.” 
To push your point further, you closed your eyes and snuggled the blanket.
Ethan frowned; he knew you well enough to know it wasn’t just the sickness getting you down. 
He looked over your blanket covered body, biting his lip, he poked your side. 
You jerked slightly, your eyes flying open. 
“No,” You mumbled. “Don’t you dare!” 
Ethan grinned and he dived forward. You squealed as his hands dug into your body. His fingers tickling all over your torso. 
“No! No! Ethan stop!” You screamed through giggles. “P-Please!” 
He laughed, following your squirming body over the bed, the blanket getting tangled between you. 

You started to fight back. Taking hold of his right hand and trapping it against your body. You tried to stop his left hand, but he twisted, pulling you on top of him in his attempt to continue his attack. 
Even in this position, Ethan’s hand wiggled along your side,your grip on the other hand loosening  He tore free and suddenly you were at his mercy. 
“Ethan! S-Stop!” You pushed him away, your laughter echoing in the small space. 
He chuckled, pulling you against him, ensnaring you against his chest. 
“Feeling better?” He asked with a grin. 
You were still trying to catch your breath, but you nodded. “I’m still sick though,” 
“But you’re smiling,” He said, his lips pecking your nose. “That’s what matters.”

What if Shiro could knit but all he can make are sweaters with a heart on them. He gives most of them to Keith since he’s the only one that wears them on more than one occasion and not just once to humor him.

Keith actually thinks sweaters like that are really cheesy but he’ll wear it regardless. If Shiro made a hat out of macaroni he would wear it. Shiro took time out of his day to make him a sweater, he’s gonna wear it.

Imagine Shiro stressing over always giving Keith sweaters so he tries to make something else. He figures a muffler should be easy enough but it turns to be total crap so he hides it. Keith ends up finding it anyway and wears it everyday until the weather gets too warm for it.

Every day Shiro comments on how bad it looks and how he promises to make a better. Keith thinks this one is more than fine, perfect even, it’s warm and anything Shiro makes for him is amazing.

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Number 2 from the prompt list, with Anthony?

2. Snuggling into my chest, refusing to let my hand go

A shiver runs through your body, causing you to hold tighter onto your boyfriend, craving the warmth his body provides you. You aren’t used to these freezing New York winters like he is and so far you’ve been using him as much as possible to keep you warm. 

“It’s so fucking cold,” you grumble, snuggling into his chest, grasping onto his hand tight with your own ice cold hand. 

“It’s not so bad babe.” he says, a hint of amusement in his voice. 

“It’s freezing, you’re just immune to the cold or some shit.” 

He laughs, a loud full bodied laugh as he uses his free hand to rub your back, the friction warming you up slightly. 

“I don’t know how you can handle this weather.” 

“Want me to make you come hot chocolate? That might warm you up a bit” he suggests, moving to get up but you hold onto him tighter. 

“No, don’t move I don’t want to lose your warmth” you whine, nuzzling your face into the crook of his neck. “You’re nice and warm you’re not moving.” 

“Okay baby, I’m not going anywhere” 

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Could you do a few headcanons on how Snake, Mey-Rin and Sebastian would spend their time on a day off (especially if the wheather's pretty bad)? Thank you!!!

The wind is blowing and it’s raining sooo bad right now so I have the perfect mood! And I have to go out soon in this weather kill me :)))


  • Sitting next to the fireplace with a cup of something warm to drink and staring silently on the window is one of his favourite activities when it comes to bad weather days. He is still getting used to how much better it is to have a real home, along the great company of yours by the side, than living in a tent or even worse - the cage.
  • Snake will agree to participate you in any kind of games you would want, he likes to learn new things, after all. He will try his best and listen to your instructions carefully, wanting to remember everything you are saying so you won’t have to repeat yourself and will most likely succeed, especially when it comes to some easier card games. You will be surprised how devoted he will be if you will ever offer to try the race of droplets running down the window and how intensively he will stare onto his own, crossing fingers so it would win.
  • Watching you doing your hobby is more fascinating for him than you could think. It doesn’t matter what exactly are you doing, seeing you being passionate over something is interesting enough to make him sit and silently observe you for hours. He may get flustered if you will invite him to join you and try it, too, but will feel very special then.


  • From the day she was taught how to read, she started enjoying books so much it became one of those activities she is waiting for to do. She was not capable of doing that for such a long time in her life and after discovering how great fun it could be, it became a tiny habit of her, to read an interesting novel on a days off or a chapter before sleep. Cuddling with her lover under a warm blanket and reading together separate books is something she will always gladly agree for.
  • She won’t necessarily want to speak about her past but will like to listen you telling the stories from your everyday life, especially if they are optimistic and funny. Mey-Rin may be clumsy but she has quite good memory and is a careful listener so after hearing those, she may remember little things about you, even if you didn’t pay too much attention to it.
  • Sleeping though. Snuggling with you and taking long, restful naps to the accompaniment of the rain hitting the windows is more than she could wish for. It is nice to feel embraced by somebody who genuinely cares for her, after all.


  • He would most likely want to spend some time with this one, stray cat he has found few days ago in the manor’s gardens, especially if the weather conditions are not favourable. First, he would lure it with some delicious food and then take it to his bedroom so the cat would enjoy some peace, silence and dry, comfortable bed. All of it would be even more fun for him if you could join in this little conspiracy, he would gladly let you take care of your new friend and enjoy playing with it together.
  • Cooking your favourite meal is a perfect occasion to show you how skilled cook he is. He will be doing everything with a great precision, from time to time making sure that you are looking and admiring, adding the spicies you like the most and gladly agreeing to your suggestions, willing to prepare the same meal for few times if you didn’t like it. He will roll up the sleeves of his dress shirt also, so he could appear even more handsome than he already is.
  • To be honest, Sebastian will most likely offer you to have long and passionate sex because it is rare for him to have enough free time so he could have you all for himself for the whole day long.
Pumpkin Head to...Boofriend?-Mark Fluff

Request: “ you’re writing is amazing! hallucination gave me so many feels. i wanna request a mark angst/fluff. im not great with plot so can you make one up? also, i want the ending to be a happy one.”

Song: Riptide-Vance Joy (this is a great song but a bad fall one, but i think it relates to the scenario decently. I have so many song and so many playlists for cold weather though i can’t wait to use them ^_^)

“Crisp, like a fallen leaf! Clean, like the fall air! Warm, like the perfect cup of hot chocolate!! That’s what you are! She’d be crazy not to go to that carnival with you!”-Renjun

“Yeah! Even if you did have that bowl cut 2 months ago.”-Donghyuck

“Hey! Your hair is orange like a pumpkin now so it’s fitting for the season!”-Chenle

“Wow, your determination to your crush is motivating!”-Jisung

“I didn’t dye my hair for-nevermind. Thanks for the pep talk guys.”-Mark

Mark chuckled and rolled his eyes at his friends antics while waiting for the bus they took for school. He had always been assigned the role as the reliable yet awkward leader of the younger ones in his group of friends. He appreciated that but he still got flustered every now and then because of them. Today was not going to be one of those days. He needed to be as cool as the fall air caressing his pink cheeks at the moment.

He was waiting for three things. Number one; the bus, which was soon coming to get them out of the cold. Number two; for October to officially start, which was obvious considering how the stores were already over packed with candy, costumes, and decorations. Number three was the thing he was anticipating the most; you, his crush. Well, a crush is what his friends referred to you as but he knew it was more than just a childish crush. He had liked you for some time now and you two had finally seemed to get even closer in the past couple of weeks due to you being in student government together. He wasn’t even supposed to be in the group but after realizing he wanted you to be more than just a simple crush, he took a chance to get closer to you at school and joined. He only had one problem so far with that plan. To him, you were the most kind and passionate person he knew. He admired how hard you worked for your school and he wish he had more time and ways to enjoy that pleasure with you and now that he finally had, it was great! He just couldn’t get past the nicknames you gave him. It was always cute since he thought you were adorable but…it always felt like you were making him out to be a baby even though you two were the same age! This month, he wanted to change that. He wanted you to see him as a capable, reliable, possible boyfriend but he knew he would have to work hard since as long as he had known you, you always seemed to treat everyone the same. He knew you had good intentions by doing that but he wanted to show you that he could be just as special to you like how you were to him. He found it to be quite contradicting how involved you were in the holiday events later in the year, specifically Halloween. He knew you had an oddly deep love for all things during fall from the comforting hot drinks to the scary horror shows. He wanted to be there with you, enjoying those cozy and fun moments. He couldn’t wait to show you he could be more than just a cute nickname you give him.

After a few minutes of discussing their most recent performance with his members, he saw the bus turn the corner, finally bringing you to him. He couldn’t hide his nervousness as he hurriedly fixed his hair and straightened his coat. He tried to act natural as he walked up the steps of the bus and scanned his card. He was doing a decent job of looking around nonchalantly until he locked eyes with you. He stopped in the middle of the aisle as he took in your appearance and nervously returned the smile you had given him as you noticed him. He tried to wave casually but was pushed by his members to hurry up and move out of the middle of the aisle, causing a giggle to escape your lips. He kept walking slowly up the aisle trying to decide whether or not he would take a chance to sit next to you. He was about to keep going and just sit behind you until he saw you look at him and pat the space next to you. He smiled widely and slid in the seat.

“Hey Mark. How was your weekend?”

“Hi, Y/A. It was fine, we just practiced. And I talked to you on the phone, of course,” Mark said already remembering the late night conversations you two had begun having lately after his long practices.

“Yeah, that was fun but you didn’t mention you dyed your hair!”

“O-oh..yeah, it just kind of happened late last night. We might be having a comeback soon so, yeah. Do you like it? I mean the guys say it kind of looks like a pumpkin bu-”

“OMG it does kind of look like a pumpkin,” you said reaching up to feel his soft hair. A loud laugh that Mark recognized all too well could be heard from the seat in front of you two. He ignored it and giggled softly as he looked down at you playing with his hair. He didn’t like the fact that you thought it resembled a pumpkin but he wasn’t going to complain. You looked too beautiful at the moment and he didn’t want to stop you from being close to him. You caught Mark’s eye and saw them sparkling as he admired you. You grew flustered from his stare and dropped your hand down into your lap.

“Uh, sorry for…yeah.”

“No, you’re fine. You can play with my hair whenever you want.”

“Okay! But I didn’t mean that you looked like a pumpkin or anything, in fact your hair looks really good and you look really handsome and-oh look, we’re at school!”

Mark looked out the window and saw the school in plain view with kids already walking into the building and out of the cold air. He got up and tried to be a gentleman by grabbing your bag for you. He also might have wanted to get back at Jaemin for laughing earlier by “accidently” hitting him with the bag.

As you all finally exited the bus and were in the front hall, you grabbed your things from Mark.

“I can carry it to your class! It’s fine. We can talk on the way!”

“No. it’s really fine! But we can walk together, since we are going to the hall, haha.”

“Oh…ok, right. Let’s go!”

Ok, she doesn’t want me to carry her stuff. That’s fine, it’s not like I have to.

Mark walked you all the way to your classroom, listening to you talk about your plans for the month. He noted that you kept mentioning how many people kept asking that the carnival be super scary this year and how nervous you said you would be to take part in any thing like that.

OK. This is great! Later, when I’m asking her to be my date for the carnival, I can promise to protect her from the scary stuff!

Mark was smiling widely as you kept talking. Once you finally reached your classroom, you turned around to see him off.

“Ummm, Y/ A. Can we meet up later? I wanna talk to you about something, if that’s cool.”

“Sure! Just text me. Now hurry up to class before you’re late, my pumpkin head!”

You skipped off into your class while Mark’s smile wiped from his face. He turned to start walking towards his class with a distraught expression.

“Pump-pumpkin head?! She called you pumpkin head!?? Oooh, that’s just too great!”

“No it’s not…I was determined not to get a silly nickname from her!”

“Well, at least she said my pumpkin head. That must mean something!”

My confidence has hit an all time low. Why can’t you just like me back?

“But you have to admit that she has a true talent for making up nicknames that fast.”

“….Maybe I shouldn’t ask her to go to the carnival. I mean, I don’t think she likes me like that. If she did, she wouldn’t call me anything silly…right?”

“I don’t think a cute nickname equals her not liking you. In fact, I think she would return your feelings if you just perked up a bit! Besides, what’s wrong with a cute nickname?”

“There isn’t really anything wrong with it. She could at least call me something else that’s a bit more…I don’t know, mature?”

“Like what? Her boooofriend??”

All the boys starting laughing at Donghyuck’s joke while Mark continued to sit there and pity himself. He knew he would have to regain his confidence soon or else you definitely wouldn’t want to go on that date with him. He quickly texted you before he could lose all of his determination. He waited for a response and once he got one he knew he was ready.

Later that afternoon after school got out, Mark waited at the gate for you. He spotted you leaving with a group of your friends. They seemed to be pushing you in his direction, almost as if they were trying to prep you to come over there. After you and your friends parted ways, you made your way over to Mark and stood in front of him.

“Hey Bumpkin! You ready to go? You said you wanted to go to your house and talk about the carnival, right? Let’s hurry up and get to the bus, I’m freezing.”

Bumpkin. Where did she even pull that one from?

You soon were seated on the bus to go Mark’s house. You hesitantly sat down after smoothing your skirt down as much as possible so that your legs wouldn’t touch the cold leather seats. As Mark watched you do it, he noticed that you weren’t wearing any tights under your skirt anymore.

“Y/A, what happened to your tights? Aren’t you cold?”

“Oh, I accidently spilled something on them during lunch so I had to take them off. I am a bit cold, but I’ll be fine. Your dorm isn’t too far anyway.”

You smiled up at Mark but noticed that he was beginning to take off his jacket. You didn’t realize what he was doing until he was gently covering your exposed legs with it. You were too shocked at his thoughtfulness to say anything so you silently sat there. You leaned forward slightly so that he could tie the jacket around your waist so that it wouldn’t fall off. You stared at Mark’s face until he noticed your intense stare on him. He didn’t know why but he was suddenly compelled to lean forward. He was slowing leaning in, gaze set on your lips. The warmth of his breath was taking away the cold surrounding you as he leaned forward, only three inches between you both. He was about to close the gap when the bus jerked to a stop, causing you to lurch forward into his arms. He caught you from falling and pushed you back into the seat. He readjusted himself to face forward and you two sat in silence until you were in front of Mark’s stop. He lead you out of the bus and you two walked to his house. He didn’t let you unwrap his jacket from around your waist until you were inside his dorm. You noticed that it was empty, even though you assumed it was normally packed with the NCT Dream members.

“Where are all the guys? I thought they would be here, too.”

“Umm, no. They got picked up by our manager. They have extra practice today.”

“Mmmm ok. So what did you want to talk about Pumpkin head?”



“That nickname. Well, actually not just that nickname…all of them.”

“What? Do you not like them or something?”

“Well, no! It isn’t really that. Your nicknames are cute! Just a little…too cute. I feel like you aren’t…taking me seriously. I like you so much Y/A. You make me more nervous than when I’m performing sometimes. You make me feel like I’m floating above the clouds. I want to be seen as a reliable, comforting person to you but it seems like every time we take two steps forward, you push me 4 back with those nicknames! I know it’s just your thing but…I can’t tell if you like me too or not at this point. A-and…I want to be more than just your Pumpkin head! I want to be your boofriend!”

“……..My-my hahaha my what?! You want to be my Boofriend!”

Major L for Mark Lee. Now she’ll never understand my feelings. At least the boys aren’t here…they would laugh at me forever.

“I meant boyfriend, Y/A, boyfriend! Ugh this is so embarrassing.”

“I-I haha didn’t know you thought that. I do take you seriously! More serious than anyone else. If I didn’t I’m wouldn’t have spent all those night staying up late to talk to you or tell you how I’m feeling or…only call you those nicknames.”

“You do take me serious? And what do you mean only me? You give everyone nicknames.”

“Actually, if you like me as much as you say you do, you would know that I almost never call anyone else loving nicknames unless it’s like some variation of their name or something everyone calls them. I give you special ones because…I like you, too.”

“Well,then now that I can confirm that you like me, too, I want to ask you; will you go to the fall carnival with me? I want to do all the cliche boyfriend things with you there like win you prizes, go on the rides, protect you in the haunted houses, and buy you food. You know, the whole works. If possible.”

You chuckled at Mark’s cuteness and grabbed his hand.

“I guess you can…if I can still use one nickname with you. Just for October!”

“Oh gosh please no-”

“Boofriend! My Boofriend Mark. It has a ring to it!”

“If you get to call me that then I get to call you…
My ghoulfriend Y/A!”


“Sorry. I’ll leave the nicknames to you, baby.”

I…forgot to make it super angsty but i actually have like 2 other mark angst to fluff requests right now so i  hope this is a nice start to the fluff and shows some youthfulness? I don’t know but i hope it’s a nice way to start the cliche fall themed requests! but mark is my irl pumpkin head baby, i can’t deny it anymore!

Accident Prone, chapter 3 (a Baldo fic)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

When Naldo got home from school, his house was quiet. That was pretty ordinary. He really didn’t see his parents much on the weekdays. His mom seemed to always be at work, and his dad was usually in his room sleeping with the TV on (he was on disability and didn’t work). Because of this, Naldo’s house wasn’t the most uplifting place to be. He dropped off his bag and then headed out the door. He was going to head over to the lab, but he had only just exited his front door when he ran into Shelby.

“Hey Naldo!” she greeted happily. “My mom wanted to know if you wanted to come over for dinner tonight. She’s making lasagna.”

Ooh, Naldo loved Mrs. Marcus’s home-cooked meals. He agreed to come over in a bit, and thanked Shelby for the invitation.

“Bring Barry, too! Obviously,” she added, turning around with a quick wave before disappearing back down the street. Naldo went to go collect Barry from the lab, where he was working on a substance that would dissolve the pits in cherries, without damaging the cherries.

“Hey, did you talk to Shelby? We’re going to her house for dinner,” Naldo said, pulling on his rubber gloves.

“Oh, yeah. She said something, but I was busy working. I didn’t really hear her. We’re going to her house then? That’s fine.” Barry did have a problem listening to people whenever he was occupied with an experiment. Although, he wasn’t too bad with Naldo. He almost always paid attention to him. Naldo felt special.

Meanwhile, Shelby and Cyd were setting the table for dinner in the Marcuses’ house. “Remember, Cyd, we need two extra chairs. The boys are coming over,” Shelby reminded her friend, who was pulling chairs up to the table as they spoke.

“Yeah, I know. That was really nice of your mom to invite them. She’s always taking people in,” Cyd smiled appreciatively.

“Yeah, well, she knows Barry and Naldo don’t get a lot of home cooked meals, so.”

Just then Astrid entered the kitchen. “Plus, there’s something I want to talk to all you kids about,” she added, checking the lasagna in the oven.

“Ooh, what? Are we in trouble?” Shelby asked nervously, tightly gripping the plate she was holding.

“You will be if you break that plate,” Astrid retorted with a quick laugh. “No, actually, it’s good news. Your father and I have something fun planned.”

“Yay, fun!” Cyd clapped, nearly dropping the silverware she was holding. “Whoops, Shelbs, your clumsiness is rubbing off on me.”

“You love that I’m clumsy,” Shelby replied, rolling her eyes slightly as she smiled.

“I do love it,” Cyd agreed. “It’s adorable.” The girls smiled at each other as they finished setting the table.

Pretty soon it was time for dinner, and the Marcus family, Cyd, Barry, and Naldo were sitting down to begin their meal.

“Now, before I tell the story of the meal, your father has something he wants to share,” Astrid nodded toward Norm, who cleared his throat.

“I have some exciting news!” Norm paused for dramatic effect, and the kids all stared expectantly at him. Finally he spoke again. “GDD is sending me to their national conference this year, and it’s in Orlando! So we are all going to Disney World!”

“Oh my gosh, us too?” Naldo asked excitedly.

“Of course!”

“Wow, this is awesome!” Cyd cheered. “We are gonna wreck Disney World!”

Norm looked mildly concerned. “I hope that is one of your slang phrases, because if you actually wreck Disney World, I think we’d be kicked out.”


Barry had been so excited to tell his parents about his upcoming trip with his friends to Florida, but his excitement wore off quickly. His parents weren’t letting him go. Honestly, he should have expected it. They were too protective of him to let him go anywhere without them. He was just hoping this would be a special circumstance. Didn’t they want him to have fun? Didn’t they want him to spend time with his friends? They always seemed like they wished Barry had more friends, so why wouldn’t they want him to go be with the few he actually did have? It was so unfair.

Barry didn’t even want to walk back over to Shelby’s house to break the bad news. He knew his friends would want him on the trip, and he didn’t want to ruin their anticipation. He would just wait to tell them.

Or at least that’s what he planned. But when Naldo ran over to Barry’s house to ask him what he should pack for their trip, Barry’s plan failed.

“I don’t know, Renaldo. Clothes for warm weather, I suppose,” Barry answered solemnly.

“Well, what are you gonna pack?” Naldo asked innocently, pulling a suitcase out of Barry’s closet and tossing it on the bed.

“I’m not packing anything, because I’m not going,” Barry explained. He couldn’t keep it from Naldo any longer. He should have known. He always broke so easily.

Barry explained that his parents wouldn’t allow him to go on the trip, and he could tell Naldo was really upset. “I’m sorry, buddy. I wish I could come. I really do. But you know my parents. They aren’t gonna change their mind.”

Naldo thought about it for a second. “Well, I guess it’s a nice thing that they don’t want you to go without them. They just would miss you too much. My parents, on the other hand, won’t even notice I’m gone. Seriously, when I told them about the trip, it’s like they couldn’t get rid of me fast enough.” Actually, Naldo had been surprised that his parents even listened long enough to hear where he was going. It had probably been the longest conversation they had had all week.

“I’m sure that’s not true, Renaldo. Your parents will definitely miss you. How could they not?” Barry sat down on the bed next to Naldo and closed the suitcase. Barry wouldn’t be needing it, after all. “I’ll certainly miss you.”

“Aw, thanks Barry,” Naldo hugged his friend. “Hey, do you want me to stay? If you don’t want me to go without you, I’d understand.”

“No, don’t be ridiculous. I don’t want you to miss out on this trip just because I have to,” Barry protested.

But he still looked upset. Naldo hated seeing him like that. “Barry, really, I won’t go. I’d feel too bad leaving you here alone.”

“Renaldo, please. I’m asking you to go,” Barry insisted. “I’ll be fine here. I’ll go over some experiments we haven’t perfected yet, and you’ll be back before we know it.”

“But I don’t even know if I’ll have fun without you.” Naldo really didn’t know. He had never had to find out. He and Barry spent all of their time together.

“You will have fun. It will be great! Seriously, don’t worry about me. I’d never want you to stay and miss out on this. Not for me.”

Naldo still wasn’t totally satisfied, but he didn’t want to argue with Barry anymore. Barry usually didn’t have a problem saying what was on his mind, so if he wanted Naldo to stay, he would say it. Right? But he didn’t ask Naldo to stay. So it was decided. Naldo was going on the trip. And Barry was staying behind.



Info: Softmap Rakuten Bonus CD

CV: Midorikawa Hikaru

Track 1

What’s this!? The garden is all in white! It even snow here. Hey! Why are you standing there dogging out? Come here quickly. Hey!? Don’t step on the snow there. Are you stupid!? Listen up, walk on the path that I’ve walked. Isn’t that obvious? Then, let’s start to make it now. What are we making? Of course it’s an igloo. I never expect that you’re that hopeless. Although you’re hopeless, you better make use of yourself. Look, gather the snow there. I’ll start from here. With my hands, I’ll definitely build an igloo as awesome as a mansion. Alright! It’s completed now.*fall apart* Aaaaah, my No.1 igloo has….Hey, what are you laughing at..Darn! It’s your fault because you didn’t make it properly. This..I’ll definitely make a perfect igloo. *sneezing* what’s this? *sneezing* What? I caught a cold because I didn’t wear more clothes? What an annoying woman. It’s my right to do whatever and wherever I want. *sneezing* I couldn’t tell whether my body is cold or warm anymore. That’s the symptoms of cold? Shut up! It’s impossible for a vampire to catch a cold. Hey! Don’t touch my forehead without my permission! huh!? Hot? It’s look like I’m having a fever? huh!? Vampire wouldn’t have a fever–…*sneezing* It’s so cold..cheh..It can’t be helped. We will make an igloo next time! Let’s head back now.

Damn. Why do I have lie on bed cover with blanket? Hey, It’s all your fault that I become like this! I say it’s your fault so it’s your fault! If you get it, try to do something about it! What are you going to do? There’s only one thing. You should understand. Now, come into the bed with me. If you’re not coming, I will..Like this! Don’t try to struggle. I’m a patient anyway for the time being. If I drink your blood, I would recover immediately.*drinking blood* I can feel the power is flowing in. Hey, look like you’re not useless at all. Haha..*drinking blood* your blood is hotter than usual. *drinking blood* Don’t you think I would forgive you for only this. It’s because of you that I couldn’t make the igloo.*laugh**drinking blood*haha. With this amount of blood, my fever should have gone..But, I still want more. Hahaha…

Track 2

Hey, how long do you plan to sleep? You’re being too cheeky because you’ve cured my cold. Don’t make me worry about useless thing. You still have a lot of things to do..huh? Your body is hot. You face are redder than usual. huh? This time it’s you who have caught a cold? Anyway, why were you having a cold? hey..wait..Don’t tell me is that reason..Hey, show me your neck. Ah, just as I thought. The hotter part is here. Medicine? It won’t work. That’s because you’re infected by the illness which only occur on vampire. I drank your blood when I was still sick yesterday, right? That’s the cause of this. That’s because I don’t think human would get infected by this illness. So, you’re different after all. HAHA.Isn’t it great? That’s awful? I don’t care whether you’re suffering or having a difficult time, that’s not my business. You should be proud of it because of my fangs that brought you this illness. Huh? How should I heal it? Cheh. How do I know something like that? Well, it looks like I could kill sometime because of it. Well, if you say so, I’ll take that responsibility. In order to cure the cold, the vampire that infected you must use his own fangs to suck the poison out from it. I’m not lying. That’s what I’ve heard. I don’t know whether it’s real or not. Look, it’s painful right? Isn’t it worth for trying? hehe. You look like you’re really suffering, well, it won’t last long. Stay still. Your neck is so hot. *bite**suck* As expected, it’s not a normal cold. The taste is different than usual. How do you feel now? Better now right? Should be. It’s because I suck out the poison. There’s no one else could save you but me. Be grateful about it.*suck* If I continue to suck it out, you should recover very soon.  Your face..Is it because of the cold, or because of me? For showing that kind of expression. *smirk*You’re not aware of it? Your face are so red which tell me that you’re at your limit.*suck* Will I recover soon? As I said before, I don’t know. It’s my first time for trying it *suck*. You should be relieved about it as I will be with you until you recover. Even if it cost my entire life.

Morning, you’re awake? You should feel better now. Look, just as I said. Your neck are no longer hot. Looks like the poison is all gone. There’s only my bite mark left on the  present you..Thank you, you said? Don’t thank for me for biting you, idiot. Hey, don’t you ever think that everything is finished now. You still have something left to do.

Track 3

*hitting* Alright, the igloo is completed now. Listen up, this “the Igloo Number Two- Ayato-sama mansion”. The construction was delayed because of you but…anyway, it was perfectly built. It’s quite wide inside. Hey, come in too. Come if you get it. You’re worry that it might fall? hahaha. If that happens, I’ll pull you out from the snow =) huh? Even though we’re inside , you’re still cold? That’s why human is..If you catch a cold again..It can’t help. Lend me your hand? What I’m planning to do? I’m going to drink you blood from wrist like always. If you struggle like that, always, you would feel warmer that way right? huh? If you get it, give me your hand. Don’t you ever think that you could run away. Yea, just like that. I want your blood so desperately than before. Hey, is it ok for not struggling? Well, then, I’m digging it…Idiot. It won’t work in this kind of weather, idiot =p *blowing out heat on your hands* What is it? Don’t look at me like that. What an annoying woman. Your hand has become warm now. *bite*drink* Why do you start struggling now? It’s too late.*drink*ahaha. It isn’t that bad to do it here. I don’t think others who come here. Let’s enjoy the night slowly <3 <3<3


Translation member: Koyoi

The new seasonal backgrounds for the Industrial Outskirts and Abandoned Pool maps are so cute and charming (THOSE ICE PHYSICS THOUGH) but I can’t help but feel bad for Latch in this weather I mean crocs DO NOT do well with cold they get so sluggish and pretty much don’t want to do anything until they warm up.

Raptor please you’re not helping at all.

Trouble On Hoth

Originally posted by dylans-obrien

Pairing: Poe x Reader

Warnings: nudity I guess, though nothings explicitly mentioned.

Prompt: Anon writes ‘ OMG you’re so talented <3 Can I ask you for a Poe imagine where him and the reader crash in a frozen planet and they are both injured and poe takes care of the reader because he loves her but she doesn’t know and he gives his jacket or something to keep her warm but he almost dies because it’s too cold and the reader tries to wake up him but he doesn’t react and at the end the resistance rescue them and poe confesses? :’) Angst and fluff it’s just a perfect combination.’

A/N: So I quickly threw this together, doesn’t fit the prompt exactly but here you go. I might reattempt this later, I just have a lot of request to work through, and like I said before they are currently closed. I promise I’ll tell you when they are back up again.

Originally posted by kylo-rennn

The cargo ship had crashed on the planet of Hoth, a frozen planet with no intelligent life forms of its own and covered in ice and snow. From inside the ship two life forms began to stir, a young man and woman move trying to escape the wreckage their bodies aching in pain, moans escaping from their lips.

“Are you alright,” the voice was coarse and rough but thick with concern as the man stood up making his way over to his friend. She rubbed her neck, still twitching in pain from whiplash, and looked up into his eyes.

“Yeah I’m alright. You?”

“I’m fine, I think the old rebel base is close by, we will need to take shelter there before dark,” he began to move his way around the broken ship searching for the emergency supplies. He found a bag but inside it was only packed for one. They would both have to share what was inside and pray the resistance found them soon. Folded neatly on top was one cold weather jacket and Poe knew that he would have to give it to her. He loved her deeply and would never be able to live with himself if she got hurt because of him. It was bad enough that they had crashed, but if she got sick or died from cold, he would feel so terrible that he would want to join her in her demise.

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Part One

Part Two

Before you knew it you were in Stiles’ blue jeep (Roscoe as Stiles called it) on your way to the Stilinski house.

‘So how long have you known about us?’ Stiles asked.

‘Well I obviously always knew I had a dad somewhere, you know. It wasn’t until after the reading of the will did I know who and where he was. You however were quite the surprise. I didn’t know he had a second kid, but I had read in my will my mom had heard about him getting married.’ you answered.

‘So where are you from? I hear an accent but I can’t really place it.’

‘Texas, Dallas if you want to precise.’ you said.

‘Really? This must be very different than what you’re used too then.’ Stiles said.

‘Yeah, but not bad, I hear it’s warm up here all year round. Is that true?’ you asked excitedly.

‘Pretty much, might get chili during winters but that’s it. I hear the weather is always changing down there. Is that true?’ Stiles asked.

‘So true, so very very very true. One time it snowed, in the middle of Spring Break, I’m not even joking.’ (A/N: I’m really not, it snowed during Spring Break)

‘What? That’s insane. Oh here we are.’ Stiles said while pulling into the driveway of a nice and humble house.

‘Wow, if my friends back home could see me now. An actual house.’ you smiled as you got out the jeep.

‘Where did you and your mom stay?’ Stiles asked while getting your bag.

‘Mom might as well have gotten her mail at the hospital. I stayed in apartment after apartment and crashed at friends apartments between apartments. Never any houses though, Kinda excited about this.’ you said eagerly.

‘Well then let me show you your first house big sis.’ Stiles said in mock politeness, as he unlocked the door.

‘Thank you lil bro.’ you mocked as well while following him inside.

‘Woah.’ is all you could say.

The house was home-y, not like super clean that it was sterile and inhumane but it was cleaner than most of the places you had lived in before.

‘Come on, let me show you your room before I give you a tour of the whole house. Dad will be back some time in the morning and since you’re probably tired I figured you’d probably want to get some sleep first.’ Stiles informed as he lead you upstairs and down the hall.

Second door on the left, you noted.

‘Yeah you’re right, I didn’t know I was tired til I saw this bed.’ you said while laying down face first on the already made bed.

‘Is this Memory Foam?’ you asked.

‘Yup, enjoy it. Sleep well sis.’ Stiles said before placing your bag down and leaving.

‘I’ll try bro.’ you said before you fell asleep.

anonymous asked:

I respect anyone who has 1) given birth. 2) made any hard decision that got them out of a bad situation. and 3) anyone who can survive weather colder than 5 degrees. -20?????? oHmyg0d ?? just?? I am amazed. You're a bloody legend. You have my utmost respect and admiration and wow. I really want to say "I hope that 17 degree weather returns" but it honestly pains me I'm sorry. But I'm assuming nothing over in Germany is built for 30 degree heat so I hope it cools down soon (and warms up here) :D

Maybe we can somehow send that stupid heat in your direction ;DD

But hey, you obviously have a lot of respect for a lot of people. I mean, Germany is a comparatively mild climate zone (usually we’ve got around 0°C in winter), but countries higher up north or for example certain parts of Russia - they’re really hardcore, with -40° till -50°. I’d probably freeze into a ice statue back there :DD

deciding on going camping with luke but neither of you thought to check the weather forecast and it’s absolutely bucketing down but you already travelled like four hours to get there so there’s no way you’re turning back now.  you’re both stood under a tree hoping that the rain will subside soon so you can set the tent up and have some sort of decent shelter, but the rain is relentless and if anything it keeps getting heavier and there’s no sign of it stopping.  you decide to just set it up in the rain because you’re already both soaked to the bone.  
half an hour after pulling the tent out, you’re trying to make out the writing on the soaked instructions paper but nothing is making sense so luke is winging it but it’s going terribly and he’s swearing and he’s tangled up in the fabric of the tent and he’s cold and regretting this idea so so bad and the thought of a nice warm bed is so appealing that he mumbles ‘fuck it’ and packs the tent up and puts it back in the car and tells you that ‘we’ll just go to a motel or something’ and ‘we’ll go camping in the summer and for god’s sake check the weather next time’ 

RFA+V with a Winter Loving MC

A/N: This one was a bit challenging since I’m not a huge fan of cold weather/winter lol but I had fun writing it! I’m putting everything under Yoosung’s under a read more so I don’t clog up your timelines. Hope you enjoy it :)

Zen was not a huge fan of winter. In fact he absolutely hated it, the biting cold wind always dried out his skin and made his lips super chapped. Winter just ruined his beauty just like it ruined the beauty in everything else. But he had to admit, looking at you laying in the snow making a snow angel nothing had looked more beautiful. Surprisingly not even him. Your cheeks were red from the cold and a huge smile was on your face as more and more snow fell from the gray sky above. 

“Babe! Come make a snow angel with me!” You laughed and with a small grin on his face, Zen plopped down in the snow next to you stretching his limbs out to make a decent looking angel. He didn’t care if it was freezing cold or the fact that the wetness of the snow was starting to seep through his pants, he was content just to see the smile on your face. God, he loved you so much and it was then he realized that he would gladly risk getting frostbite just to see you look as perfectly happy as you did in that moment.

Jumin knew he should’ve listened to you more closely instead of admiring you as soon as he saw the tree that he was trying to avoid was getting closer and closer to him. And he couldn’t help but think back to what got him into this situation in the first place.  You had come into his office earlier and dragged him out for a much needed break since he had gotten into a little argument with his father this morning about his new gold-digging girlfriend. 

So he hadn’t asked any questions when you pulled him up one of the snowy hills at the park not too far from the C&R building. He remembered inwardly grumbling about how the snow was going to ruin his brand new shoes and also you motioning to a contraption called a sled that was a bit too small for his 6’0 frame. Still, his father had always taught him to appreciate people’s gestures and just because it was you he had climbed onto the sled and let you push him down the hill. 

All this because you had wanted him to have some fun and get to do things that he had missed out on during his childhood. But he loved you so he didn’t mind too much when he landed face first into the snow or the fact that he knew that the next headlines would be of him, the 26 year old heir to C&R International getting his ass handed to him by a mere sled. To him, it was all worth it just to hear your laugh as you sled down the hill not long after him.

Yoosung had always had a love-hate relationship with winter. On one hand he mostly loved it because of the snow which sometimes led to snow days, Christmas, and New Year’s and longer hours pent up inside played LOLOL. But he also hated it because he had noticed that there were always more couples during wintertime and he got jealous that he didn’t have someone special to spend the holidays with. 

Of course, that had changed when he met you. You loved the cold weather so you had somehow convinced Yoosung to quit LOLOL for the day and build a snow fort with you. You were about to finish the final touches when you’d noticed that Yoosung was shaking like a leaf after being outside nearly all day. “Yoosung, honey, how about we go inside and cuddle up with some hot cocoa by the fire?” You smiled. “That sounds great. How are you not freezing MC?” Yoosung’s voice was muffled through the scarf wrapped around the lower half of his face. “I’ve always loved the cold so I guess it doesn’t bother me as much as other people. C’mon after we drink our hot chocolate I know another way we can warm up!” You winked at him and giggled at how his faced flushed red. Oh yeah, he had definitely had nothing but love for winter now.

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24 Days of Christmas: Day 16

Imagine Yoongi being your secret santa. It was a fairly small affair, with gifts being exchanged only between you and the other seven boys. 

“Y/N, who did you get?” 

“Hmm? I’m not meant to tell you this, am I?” 

“No, but you always tell me everything anyway, so who is it?” 

“Hmm, let me check if he’s here- no, it should be fine. I got the maknae, what about you?” 

Secretly, he’d hoped you would have gotten him as well and you could exchange presents, but that didn’t seem to be the case. 

“Aish, you know I can’t tell you that. The clue’s in the name, it’s a secret santa after all…”

“Oppa, sometimes you’re really so annoying. I should have guessed you wouldn’t tell me, you’re always like this…”

“You make it to easy, it’s not my fault.” 

“Fine. But do you have any ideas what I could get for Kookie? It’s not even that difficult, I could probably just buy him shirts and he’d be fine. Or do you think I should help him buy another beanie, I know he likes those-”

“When did you start calling him Kookie?”

“Ehh? I guess it was just a habit I picked up after hearing you guys say it all the time, why?” 

“Oh no, no reason. What do you want, though?” 

“Hmm? If anything, not too much- maybe just a book? Oh, there’s this new one that came out that I absolutely love, it’s great! But you’re asking for someone, right?” 


“Tell me who my person is! Yoongi oppa, just tell me!” 

You’d grabbed hold of his arms and was gently shaking him, though not enough for him to even move. 

“Aish, you’re so annoying sometimes! Maybe I should go and ask everyone else…” 

“Then you’ll just ruin the fun of it! Come on, Y/N, you don’t need to know.” 

“I guess so…oh well.” 

You stood up and stretched, turning around to see Yoongi still lazing on the sofa. 

“Are you not even going to get up?” 

“Hmm, not really? I mean, I could but I’m tired so…”

“You know you’re so predictable. I bet your santa is going to find it so easy. Besides, you- oh wait! Sorry, I have to go now! I think my parents are waiting on a call for me, bye Yoongi!” 

“Oh, are your siblings there?”

“Yeah, do you want to say hi to them or anything?” 

“Can I? Are you sure?” 

“Yeah, I think they miss you anyway!” 

You quickly logged onto your computer and set up Skype, fidgeting while waiting for your family to log on. Soon the notification popped up and you happily accepted their notification. 

“Mum! Dad! Wow, I missed you guys!” 

“Oh is that Yoongi next to you as well? Ah, tell him hello for us! Are the two of you together yet?” 

“Mum! You can’t just ask things like that! And no, we’re just friends, don’t embarrass me!” 

“Oh, it’s a shame, the two of you are so sweet together!” 

“No, your daughter’s too good for me, I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with her…”

“Aish, Y/N look! I really think you and Yoongi would be so sweet together!” 

“Fine, fine, whatever you say. By the way, where’s dad? Where’s the rest of the family?” 

“Oh, they’re here, but I think they’re just finishing up some things.”

The rest of your family soon joined together, crowding around to give your greetings. They were all fairly comfortable with Yoongi, having met him a few times before and always keen to push the two of you together. 

Whilst watching you talking, Yoongi realised the biggest gift he could give you would be time with your family. But of course, this would require extensive planning ahead, and would be incredibly time consuming. Not to mention, the biggest hurdle would be the cost factor.

He looked back at you again, animatedly talking to your family and knew what he would give you for your secret santa present. 

It was only a few days before Christmas, but everyone had already decided to open the presents as they’d be going home for the holidays. This was with the exception of you- you had to work over the holidays and so instead, you were left with messaging them. 

“Oh cool! Someone gave me a snapback and- is this a voucher for Timberlands? Oh my god, I love it!” Jungkook said as he opened his gift. 

“It was Y/N, right? I could tel form the wrapping paper, no one else in the group can wrap presents so nicely…” 

“Yeah! And by the way, I have a group gift, if that’s alright. I know you guys probably didn’t do this, but I wanted to get you all something.”

You rummaged behind you, despite their protests of how unfair it was that you’d gotten them all something without mentioning it. 

“Guys, you’ve done so much for me I would have felt bad if I didn’t. But here, you don’t need to feel too bad! I got you all things for the colder weather, so I think there’s three scarves, three pairs of gloves, and also a beanie somewhere…”

Everyone scrambled to get their present from you, excited about the additional present. 

“Thanks Y/N! It’s going to keep me warm in the winter. I’ll wear it every day!” 

“Alright, so we’ve just got your present to open now. Who was your secret santa, Y/N?” 

“I’ve no idea?” 

Everyone else seemed suspiciously quiet, as if they were all part of a secret plan. 

“Let’s just say that your santa wanted to get you a super sentimental gift. He’s also hoping you’ll secretly notice him and fall in love!” Hoseok said. 

Everyone suddenly turned on him, hitting him and shouting. 

“Yah! Don’t you think hyung should be the one saying that?” Taehyung said. 

“Guys, don’t give it away any more. Let’s just bring her thing in.” Yoongi said coolly. 

“Guys, I’m seriously so confused?” 

The bell suddenly rung, and everyone looked up at you to get it.

“Aish, it’s always me! You boys are so lazy sometimes!” You got up quickly and opened the door to see your parents. 

You were frozen in shock to see them standing there, after not seeing them for so long. You burst into tears and began hugging them, and you felt arms around  you from the entirety of your family. 

“Did you like your present?” Yoongi said awkwardly, having followed you into the hallway. 

“Oh my god Yoongi, did you fly my family over for my present?” 

“Well sort of… I mean I helped them plan everything…”

“Yoongi was the one that paid for our trip and some of our expenses here.” You father immediately stated, going forward to thank Yoongi. 

“I- I’m speechless right now, I… Yoongi, I really don’t think I can express it in words how grateful I am!” 

You could see the rest of the group peering out from behind the doorframe, not wanting to disturb your moment. 

“Well, I wanted to get you something important to you that was a bit sentimental, and then when you were talking with your parents I got the idea.” He said, looking away and scratching his neck. 

“Yoongi, thank you so much again. I- I really…how can I thank you?” 

“Go on a date with me?” The words slipped out of his mouth before he even realised, and his eyes widened as he processed what he said. Involuntarily he turned around to look at you, and you blinked back at him. 

The pause seemed to hold for much longer than a moment, as the seconds ticked by. You broke the still image as you smiled and nodded enthusiastically, your hands going up to cover your smile. 

All of a sudden, everyone else began whooping and cheering as the two of you came forward together in a hug. 

You whispered in his ear as he held you tight. 

“Thank you so much. I think this is my best Christmas yet.”

Weekend Update Post!

I apologize for how boring I’ve been lately. It’s okay. You can say it; I won’t be offended. My mind has been preoccupied with other things and I’ve been shutting my computer off around six every night to get out of the internet bubble. Sounds silly, but it’s how I vacation my brain every now and then. 

I wanted to do a little catching up post to stay connected and I promise to make a comeback with some better posts. 

I was blessed to wake up to the warm weather Sunday morning. I’m blessed to wake up every morning, but Sunday felt so special. I wasted no time. I leashed up the dog, ate a quest bar, grabbed my iPod, and put my running gear on. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a good run in, which is really bad since I plan on running a half soon. I need to get the motivation to try harder. The weather has been dragging me down. 

After my run, I had a quick bite to eat. I had two cups of grapes, strawberries, pecans, almonds, and vanilla yogurt. 

After showering and getting ready for the day, I sat down for a cup of tea. My throat gets really dry after I run. I tend to breathe out of my mouth more than I should, so hot tea helps. 

A couple hours later, after helping Jeremy out at the hospital, I made a quick lunch. I was standing around in the kitchen eating the soup I made the other day out of the container before I decided what I was actually going to have. 

I ended up making a wrap with mozzarella, avocado, and turkey. On the side, I had carrots and ranch. 

Later in the afternoon, I used my espresso maker and made a little treat. Grumps had his eye on it the entire time. 

My drink had 2 shots of espresso, ½ cup skim milk, 1 packet stevia, topped with Whole Food’s 365 light whipped cream, dark chocolate chips, and a pecan! Jeremy actually threw the pecan on top from across the room. I left it.(well fixed it’s location a little) 

Later in the night, the three of us went out for a long walk to enjoy the weather. Grumples is way too spoiled :) 

I ended the night with a giant salad with all of the weeks leftovers. It sounds kind of gross, but tastes awesome. The salad had soup (no broth or that would get soggy), croutons, tortilla strips, turkey, avocado, cranberries, and mixed nuts. 

Yesterday morning, the weather was still nice. I went for a sunrise walk with the dog. The sky is always so pretty by the lake. 

I spent the whole day out and about running some errands. Around five I headed over to Jeremy’s hospital to help him out. His project is finished, but he is doing a couple small things to get it ready for it’s opening tomorrow. 

It’s crazy to believe that seven months ago, this was all mud. I can’t believe how fast he puts these hospitals together. 

Last night, I made a quick dinner. I cooked up sweet garlic chicken breast and roasted vegetables!

January 1st (Short Story)

My sleep was interrupted by my phone mid-ring. I had been dreaming, what I was dreaming is lost with time, yet I tried to catch my dream before it was broken up by reality. Ignoring my phone, I tried to close my eyes tight enough to re-enter my world of sleep, however, my phone began to ring again.

“Hello?” I answered half awake.

“Charles! You told me you would be here by 9:00AM! It’s 9:07AM! Are you even ready!?” A disappointed voice shouted over the phone. “We are going to catch traffic! We said we would leave ear-”

“Yes, yes, I’m driving over there already! Give me like 5 minutes!” I lied to halt the attack.

“5 minutes!” Daniella mocked before she hung up.

After putting the phone down and rubbing my eyes, I pulled the covers off my chest. The sudden cold made me shiver. Pushing myself off my bed, I put on a shirt, changed my shorts, and combed my hair without much try. I left my house in a hurry, grabbing my wallet, keys, and phone.

I arrived to Daniella’s house about 15 minutes later. She sat on her front porch with a large beach bag and she wore a beige sunhat that slightly flapped over her face. Inside her bag I saw two towels that stuck out. She did not smile seeing me, but I couldn’t help but smile seeing her.

“Good morning my love”, I said nonchalantly.

She glared at me and said nothing.

“I’m sorry I’m late.” I added.

“Let’s go already!” She snapped.

“We’re leaving, we’re leaving. Are you hungry? Did you eat?” I asked half curious and half hungry.

“No! We are going to hit traffic if we don’t go already!”

I smirked sarcastically and put the car in reverse. The sun had already began to rise towards the middle of the sky. I put my sunglasses on to aide my sight and we headed toward Highway 85. It was a beautiful day already.

“Here” I said handing her my phone. “Will you play something you want to hear?”

“I don’t want to listen.” she rebuttled without looking at me.

“Fine”, I whispered.

I changed the station to The Beatles on Pandora. “Something” played and the opening tune echoed in the car. I looked over at her and she stared off into the valley that surrounded us. I decided to not say anything and drive quietly for a while. We drove onto the 101-S freeway and headed to Carmel. It was the perfect day for the beach.

It had been a solid twenty minutes into our silence induced drive before she extended her hand onto mine. I squeezed it and told her that I loved her very much.

“I’m sorry I was late. I really am.”

“You told me to be ready! I woke up at 7:00am to get ready for today. I was so excited!”

“Are you not anymore?”

“Of course I am… I just wish you had been here when you said you would be…”

“I’ll make today perfect okay? Don’t let the start define the end.”

She looked at my cheek after I responded. I could feel her eyes as I watched the road. She rested her head on my shoulder and changed the song on my phone.

“I am hungry… “ She said innocently.

“I had a feeling you would be. Do you want to stop soon or closer there?”

“Closer there…”

“Just wanted me to know?”

She laughed and told me to not drive so fast.

“Traffic isn’t too bad, huh.”

“Not as bad as I thought it would be… you still should’ve been here.”

“I know, I know, but let’s just think we’re right on time.”

“Okay… fine…” she hushed.

The weather was warm, not too hot, and not too cold. The clouds were drifting freely in the sky and the wind made Daniella’s hair sway as we drove through Monterey and into Carmel. We drove through the city and onto the bridges that hovered over the sea. She looked out into the ocean with great awe. I told her to take pictures while I slowed down the car. When she would find a spot she liked, I pulled over and we took photos together with the sea behind us. The sun rays laid on the water and the sea sparkled as the waves flowed together in harmony. It was very peaceful.

“Let’s go down onto the rocks!” She shouted with enthusiasm and a smile on her face. Her eyes glowed to the thought of being on the rocks while the waves splashed against them. Hopping over the fence that read “Off limits”, we made our way down the hill towards the sea. Holding her hand, I helped her down to the shore after I went first. She passed me and began to hop, rock by rock, toward the last floating stone. I followed, stumbling a bit, but nothing noticeable.

“Will you take a photo of me?” She asked me as she landed on the final stone. Pulling out my phone, I told her to pose for me. Smiling big and beautifully, she danced rather than posed, and I snapped as many photos as I could. The sea and it’s vastness laid behind her. The wind blew her hair, softly, and the sun made her shine.

“Stand tall and pose like you’re the champion!” I shouted.

She placed her hands on her hips and held her head high towards the sky.

“Good, there we go. Now, blow me a kiss.”

She put her hand over her mouth and blew me a kiss as she crouched just a bit.

I showed her the photos and she didn’t seem to like the majority of them, even though I disagreed with her. She did like some, however, and those I sent to her for her to keep. I saved them all. I kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly before we headed uphill.

“I love you!” She exclaimed before she took charge and ran back to the car.

I smiled and followed her.

I closed her door for her and entered into my side of the car. When I got in, she asked me what I was in the mood to eat. I replied saying it did not matter, but I knew she wanted to enjoy what Carmel had to offer. We headed downtown and looked for a nice coffee shop to enjoy some coffee and a meal.

“I like it here.” She announced as we parked and began to walk on the sidewalk.

“I do too.” I agreed.

“Everyone seems calm, but not very social. I don’t like that.”

“I see it.” I replied.

“Do you think we could live here someday?” She asked while looking up at me.

“Of course we can. We will actually.” I answered looking into her auburn eyes. The sunshine made her eyes bright and they captivated my heart every time I looked at them.

“But I thought you wanted to live in Monterey?” I inquired.

“Anywhere near the sea, Charles. As long as there is a beach.”

We walked, hand in hand, and took in the city as well as the people. The sun was overhead and the breeze was calm. Many families walked along the sidewalk and wandered into stores. Daniella liked to window shop and anything that caught her eye, she chased. We made many stops before we reached a place to eat.

Upon entering the coffee shop, we were greeted by a man working behind the counter. While standing in line to order, Daniella decided on a fruit parfait and I decided to get the same. Nothing seemed as appealing anyways. We took our seats in the small, mellow shop after paying and began to eat without much pause. People came and went as we sat quietly enjoying our food. I was happy she was not one of those people who left as quickly as they came.

“You were hungry!” I joked.
“Yeah… I was busy getting ready this morning that I didn’t have time to eat. Thank you for the breakfast.” She told me sweetly.

“Of course, love, wait until dinner.”

She smiled and asked if I was ready to go.

We gathered our trash and she put her bag back on her shoulder.  Entering back onto the sidewalk, we thought of what to do next.

“How about we go for the 17 mile drive? I’ve never seen it.” She explained. “I hear it’s beautiful!”

“Let’s go then.”

We got back into the car and headed towards the entrance of Pebble Beach. We paid $10 to enter and I joked that if we said we lived there, we wouldn’t pay a thing. Their luxury is our expense. We will change that soon, I explained, we will live somewhere beautiful, too. The houses along the drive were splendid to look at and she enjoyed driving through the neighborhoods, rating the style, aesthetic, and build of each of the homes. It made her very excited and we drove through the neighborhoods alone for about an hour.

After, we drove along the ocean side. The sun began to descend towards the West, but we still had a good hour before sunset. Well, based on my observation. We made stops at each angle and sight she liked. The sun shined differently each time, but everything stayed the same. It all depended on our perspective. The waves began to rush harder towards the shore and we could hear the smack made by them.

“Let’s sit here for a little bit.” I advised. “The sun will set soon and this is a good spot.”

“Alright. Oh! The sky is going to look so pretty!” She screamed with excitement.

Her smile made me happy. I smiled, too. I opened up to her that I liked it when she got excited about little things.

“Why?” she asked out of curiosity.

I placed my arm around her to embrace her tightly as we sat on a rock watching the waves. Her soft hair comforted my chin and I rested it on her head.

“Because I get excited about little things.” I whispered into her ear. “You remind me what I tend to miss sometimes. When you smile big, I forget everything bad and smile too.” I answered softly and as best I could. It was hard to explain.

She looked up into my eyes and kissed my lips. She told me she loved me very much and that it made her happy that I loved her. I told her I’d love her until I died. Then after that, too. I meant it. She explained to me that she feared my death, even if we were young. She told me to never join the Army and to never go to jail. She couldn’t handle being without me. I told her I wouldn’t do either, and that I could not stand being without her. I would never do anything to cause that, I assured her.

Then, a silence came over us. The waves and the roaring of the ocean filled our ears while the wind began to increase it’s strength. I did not know what to say, and frankly, I did not want to say anything. I wanted to hold her and never let her go. I wanted this moment to be a picture that never faded. She seemed to feel the same and we sat there, in silence, and in love.

The sun began to set and I told her to make a wish before the sun disappeared for the day. I made a wish, too. I looked at her and asked if she was ready to go. She shook her head, “no”. So, I held her closer to keep her warm and away from the strong winds that approached.

“Charles, this is going to be a good year, right?” She asked, somewhat doubtful.

“Of course, Daniella. Think of today as a foreshadow of the days to come. Don’t be afraid of what’s ahead. I’ll be here.”

“I believe you. I’m ready to go now.”

“Let’s go get some dinner, yeah?”


Together, we walked with our backs against the current to the car. I opened her door and gave her a kiss before she entered.

“I love you very much, Daniella, I don’t think you’ll ever understand.” I admitted to her sincerely.

“I don’t want to Charles, just don’t stop.”

“I won’t. I promise.”

We began to drive back home. There was more traffic going home than leaving towards Carmel. I could hear her snoring softly, the sun made her sleepy, and I did my best to drive carefully as not to wake her.

Arriving back to San Jose, I grabbed her hand to wake her gently. She awoke slowly and asked if we were home. I told her we were close and I asked if she wanted to change before we went out to eat.

“I don’t want to go out anymore Charles. Can we pick something up? I know you wanted to do something, but it’s okay.” She asked softly.

“Of course, love, let’s just pick up some sushi and we’ll head to your house, sound good?”

“Yes, please.”

I called in and placed an order for the two of us. She fell back asleep and I parked outside. Running in to pick up our order, I left a tip, and headed back to the car. When I sat back in the front seat, she turned to me, and she seemed to be in distress.

“Charles, I can’t do this again…” she said choking a bit.

“What do you mean?” I asked quietly. Something in my chest tightened up. I was unsure why, I did not know what caused it.

“This! Us! The distance. All of it! We spend all our time together when we can, and I love every second. I really do. But as soon as breaks over, I have to go back to school and you go back to work and it’s not the same!” She yelled as if something was tight in her chest as well.

“My love, relax. Why are you saying this?” I asked with nothing but concern.

“Because Charles, I’m scared! I’m hundreds of miles away and I’m living my life somewhere new. I want to do things I’ve never done before, I don’t want to leave a part of me behind, I want to experience it all!”

I did not know what to say.

“I love you so much Charles, I don’t think you’ll ever understand. That’s why I can’t put you, me, us through this again and again. I never thought of living my life without you, but I cannot keep you because I’m selfish. I can’t do that!”

“Daniella, you’re not selfish. You’re not stopping me and you’re not doing anything wrong. You help me so much, your love revives me like water does a rose. I love you. I don’t want to be without you, no matter what happens or where we end up in life. I don’t want that.”

“Charles, why can’t you understand? You’re so stubborn!” She seemed frustrated, but flustered. Tears began to run down her cheeks. The car began to fog from the inside and both our breaths became heavy.

“Daniella, what are you scared of? That’s what I fail to understand. We have done this before, our love has prevailed over every obstacle thus far. Why are you telling me this? Why can’t you do this?” I asked slightly raising my voice. I grew a bit impatient by the sudden change in her emotions.

“I’m scared of losing you when I’m finding myself. You tell me today is a foreshadow of tomorrow, but it’s not true. We won’t be together. I can’t hold you anymore. Charles, our lives are changing now and it’s not either of our faults. Please understand.”

I couldn’t believe it. It seemed like a nightmare. In those few seconds while she stared into my eyes, with her lips slightly opened, and her tears rolling slowly down her eyes, I felt my heart shatter. It felt more painful than anything I’ve ever felt. I felt like I could not breathe and suddenly I felt sick to my stomach.

Turning on my car, I opened the windows in order to air out the fog we caused. I turned away from our parking and headed back on the freeway without a word. I could feel her heart like I felt my own and something made me upset that she could really want to end our relationship. I wondered how long she wanted to tell me this. I wondered why she didn’t tell me all day. I imagined her with other men and other friends and her smiling for them. I wondered and wondered while we both sat, quiet, confused, and alone as I drove her home.

“Daniella, are you sure? Are you really sure? I don’t believe you.” I asked as I drove with my eyes fixed on the road.

“Charles… I’m not sure. I’m not sure at all. I won’t ever be sure. All I know is that our lives are going in two separate paths. I leave to LA tomorrow and I can’t take you with me anymore. I hurt too much missing you and waiting to come back to you. I can’t handle the pain anymore. Maybe it doesn’t make sense right now, but we will move on.” Daniella replied more certain than before. She didn’t look at me either, her eyes were on her knees, and she played with her thumbs.

I grabbed her hand, brought it to my lips, and kissed it gently. I told her I won’t bring it up again and I told her I wanted to hold her hand until we got to her house. She kissed my cheek and rested her head on my shoulder.

Once we got to the driveway, I told her I loved her with all my heart. I told her I’d think about her every day, no matter how much time passed and I reminded her that she’ll never understand how much I love her.

“Please Daniella, please enjoy yourself. I don’t quite understand why we must give up on our love, but I’ll accept it if it’s what you want. If it’s what you need.”

“Charles, please, just let me go.”

She got out of my car and walked towards her front door. I sat and watched. Halfway to her door, she turned around and ran to me in the car. I opened the door and hugged her tightly. I did not want to let her go. We stayed embraced forever, and then she kissed my lips.

“I love you, Charles. Please, let me go now.”

“Okay Daniella. Okay. But you’ll always be my love.”

She turned around and walked into her home. She closed the door behind her and that was the last time I saw her.