i want walter bishop to be my best friend

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Series Ask: Alien films 😎

Character I’d want as a best friend: Bishop

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Character I’d want as a parent: Ripley

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Character I’d want as a sibling: Hicks

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Character I’d want as a significant other: Walter

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Character I’d want as a child: Jones 🐱 listen i dont want an actual child

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Character I’d want as a weird inlaw: i mean if i put Walter as my SO i guess that makes David my creepy uncle

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I beg and I beg and I beg.  Each week I beg folks to watch Fringe and I do this because it’s such quality programming.

But please don’t take my word for it.  Entertainment Weekly rated it as the number three television show of 2011.  For perspective, Downton Abbey, a show I very truly adore, was listed at number seven.  Ahem.  From EW’s Ken Tucker:


Fans fearful that following Olivia, Walter, and the elusive Peter into a third timeline might result into a trip down an unsatisfying narrative rabbit hole need not have worried.  Fringe remains fearless–in a time when cutting-edge television is supposed to be dark, edgy, or pessimistic–about asserting the notion that life is a never-ending wonder capable of healing souls and bringing people together in inexplicable ways  Fringe works in the speculative-fiction sci-fi genre to deal with themes of unity and duality, the spirit and the soul, love, and the agony of love’s absence.

Also worth nothing:  this television program has moved me to tears seven times this season.  No show has ever done that to me.  Ever.  It’s just that good.

*For all you Parks & Recreation fans, it’s #2.  And my new favorite, Homeland, was given the #4 spot.  When I get caught up on Breaking Bad I’m certain I’ll agree with its top status. Well done, EW!