i want videos of the interview please

The great tradition of hitting assholes on camera continues: 

A reporter from PowNews, a Dutch (racist right-wing & populist) TV station that is known for incessantly stalking people who do not want to be interviewed, received a good smack from a mother yesterday (1 Feb 2017). The mother had repeated multiple times that she did not want to be on television and when the ‘reporter’ continued his harassment she expertly backhanded him.

(If you enjoy this video as much as I have, please share gifs like this and NOT footage showing her face.)

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Is it just me or is media trying really hard to connect H&L with that hand thing? because that discourse wasn't really blown up to be picked up by media, right? tumblr didn't even know it was a topic. What is going on?

well, honestly, the initial article was stupid because i saw nobody talking about that, but in this case, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were people on twitter begging roman to ask that question when harry was in. what bothers me is that i feel like a lot of the time when they’re connecting harry and louis in the media these days, it’s in a way that’s like “oh, the silly fans think this about you two” (for example, with this and with sweet creature, stuff like that) and then harry just denies whatever it is that the fans think (weakly, in the case of sweet creature, but he still denied it when he said ‘i’d lean toward no’) so i’d rather they just……not have the other one mentioned in interviews in contexts like that because it makes us look like idiots and in some cases, it’s uncomfortable for them. niall gets asked about louis’ observer article……and harry gets a ridiculous question about his hand being in a video. if it were actually something that i think would get the general public thinking, oh, are harry and louis closer than i thought??? then i’d be down with it, but instead, it’s always presented as fan nonsense and whatever it is just gets a confused reaction and then it’s denied. the general public isn’t noticing that harry’s eyes are shining while he’s talking about louis, you know what i mean? they’re just hearing him be like uhhhh nope, my hand definitely isn’t in that video. if interviewers want to ask them about each other’s work? yes please!!! that would be awesome. the fan rumors about the two of them though? both the ones that louis and harry have no choice but to deny because they’re closeted and the ones that are clearly false……that stuff is just annoying when it’s asked so i wish they’d stop.

Whatever It Takes || Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Two years was a long time for most people, but after having to deal with busy schedules and barely any time to yourself, you soon got used to it. The idea that just a few years ago you had been a nobody, nothing, and now you were a popular solo artist in South Korea seemed to be such a huge surprise to you.

You found yourself still waking up some mornings wondering how you had gotten to this point in your life. How you hadn’t just given up yet, considering everything you’ve had to go through to get where you were. Two years was a long time, especially when you worked at the same company as your ex-boyfriend and had to see him every time you came together for award shows or meetings.

Jungkook had become known as the golden maknae of BTS, and you were proud of him. But you couldn’t deny a part of you ached every time you thought back to two years ago just before your debut date. It was his decision, and if you could go back you would have done everything in your power to change his mind, but you pushed through and lived with his choice.

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25 Nov ‘11: We get it, Harry.

25 November 2011 brought us some iconic moments. The boys were in Dublin doing a day of promo which culminated in the Late Late show at RTE Studios. They gave us gems such as:

And my personal favorite:

The “Girlfriend” Dance

This day was 4 days after Up All Night was released in the UK, which is amazingly and hilariously the day that Louis and Eleanor randomly decided was their anniversary. I say that to say this day was significant in the intricate dance around the word “girlfriend” that Louis did.

In the first interview of the day, Louis let Niall answer the “do any of you have girlfriends?” question for him (Spin 1038). In the second interview (Muzu TV), Liam answers for Louis when asked if they have girlfriends. For someone who just made it ~official~ with his model girlfriend, Louis sure didn’t want to show it off! 

In the third interview for X Pose, Louis was essentially cornered into saying he had a girlfriend for the first time. Please see this post I wrote about this moment almost 5 years ago (lmao). 

The running theme of the day was possessiveness. 

Cut to this video of the boys leaving RTE Studios that night. Harry would not stop touching/leading Louis around the mob of fans.

They turn and look behind them:

And Harry quickly drops his hand:

But he can’t not touch Louis this day, so he thinks he’s being sneaky and puts his hand on Louis’ hip:

Then thinks “fuck it” and puts his arm back around Louis:

Harry loves Louis and it was very important to him on this day, the first time Louis ever had to say he had a girlfriend on camera, that everyone knew that. 

Read more about November 2011. 

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Jess, do you think Harry and Louis (this applies to both of them) sometimes get naked or walk around the house only in a tiny underwear, or some panties, when the other is doing ordinary stuff? Like, Harry's sitting on their couch reading a book, then suddenly Louis comes and walks around (doing nothing really just trying to catch Harry's attention) in some black-lacy-pants and then when Harry sees it, he moans like "Loouis!!!! I'm trying to read!" I think about this a lot..

Okay first of all this is the best ask anyone’s ever sent me.  Second of all, do you understand what you’ve just asked me for????

You want to know if these two fools like to tease one another???

Does this guy:

tease this guy??

And does this guy

tease this guy?

I can tell you that the answer is YES but I’m gonna put my scientific research under the cut.

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Hey, LGBTQ+ kids. .

As practice for camerawork, film making, etc, I’d like to make a short video based around the experiences of LGBT youth, and I’d really like to include some real stories in it.

The base idea is that it’ll be an interview-like format, using some friends to ‘act’ (or, more specifically, be the ones telling these stories). I don’t know an awful lot of other people in the LGBT community irl, and I really want to involve experiences that people have had from all different lifestyles.

So what I’m asking is pretty much this:

If you’d be willing to let me ask you some questions about your experiences as a person who identifies as somewhere on the LGBTQ spectrums, please send me a message! Once I’ve had a couple of people respond, I’ll start asking the questions and things (and if you have any details that you want to clarify, just let me know!).

I’d also really like to emphasise that nobody will be outed without their consent. It’s hugely important to me that none of the things you tell me about your experiences will not attributed to you unless this is something you’re comfortable with, and if there are enough responses to this, a lot of them will probably be mashed together to cover a range of things in the video so nothing is specific to one single person. You’re also free to back out any time if you ask!

If you’re not somebody who’s interested in this, a reblog to help get this as out there would be hugely appreciated! Any response would be massively helpful, as this is an area I’d really like to make some sort of video on! Thankyou!

On a side note: on the off-chance that anybody happens to live in West Sussex and feels like helping with acting, hmu as well!

TLDR; Making a short video on LGBT+ experiences. Send a message if you think you could help!

Use this share it, it could really help someone

Here’s an email address. An email address for every person out there who is suffering with anxiety, is suffering with anxious thoughts, is feeling worried, nervous, sick, scared. Something we don’t have in this world is a place like this. Just email it, you’ll get a reply, it’s all from a teenager, who has battled anxiety since she was young(me). I set this is up for people who need a place to talk about their anxious thoughts, to someone who understands, to someone who can help pull them through. It’s important this email is recognised. If you want to be an admin for the email, you must message me here, and I’ll arrange an interview over Skype, or another video chat service. Please please please share this. It may help someone.
The email is
Please share to help someone or yourself

My little indie rock and roll outfit from Salt Lake City.

It’s a homage to an unpopular individual i knew of as a youth. Or just a homage to the unpopular in general.

I hope so, a lot of songs I really enjoy may not make the cut. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Lee here. I use my news junkie skills to (barely) keep up with the joyful, absurd and inspiring output of the incredibly prolific Lin-Manuel Miranda.

You may have seen some of my previous work:

This blog is a little different. Interviews, news articles, videos, podcasts…any Lin content I turn up I’ll post here. Queued, so there won’t be floods of posts. If you want that on your dash, please hop on board.

Don’t mind the mess around here. Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here. Come say hi.

it’s your friendly neighborhood high schooler with an english project

Hello!! So I have an English project about discrimination (due July 6, 2017), and for my project I wrote a song about discrimination, and I’m making a music video for it. For the music video I need to interview people about their thoughts on and experiences with discrimination. 

Here’s what I’m asking you to do: 

I need you (if you can) to submit a video to this blog by June 4th, 2017 of you answering the questions below. The video does NOT have to include your face; I understand there’s privacy concerns and just general sketchiness when it comes to internet people asking for you to send a video of you, so it could be your silhouette or you could blur out your face or something. Please film the video in this format: 

1. Introduce yourself! I don’t need real names, so you can call yourself whatever the hell you want, or you can use your first name and a random last name. 

2. Answer the following questions

Also, if you could look slightly off camera so that way it looks like I’m interviewing you that would be super helpful lol. 

If you can do this, I’d really appreciate the help!! This project is 120 points and I really want this to be the best it can be to get that A. If you can’t submit a video to me, then please reblog this post to spread the word! Thank you so much!

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Hello! If you're doing prompts, could you please write Kevin watching a video with his mother (like an interview or something) and just general sadness because I am starved for Kayleigh Day content! Thank you xx

Hey <3 thank you for your prompt, Nonnie! 

Keep them coming! I might be slow, but please, send in more prompts if you have any. :) 

I didn’t use the idea with the interview video, but I hope you like what I came up with. 


Read here on ao3.

Can you come to my flat? I have something I want to show you.

When Kevin receives that text from Wymack, he’s sure this is about Exy. What else? Sure, they have slowly been bonding over the past few months, and Kevin finds he is starting to truly accept that Wymack is his real biological dad, and that there is still someone close to him who shares his genes, some of his habits, his haircolor and his smile. 

It’s even gone so far that there had been a moment when Kevin had looked at Wymack, and thought ‘This is what I’m going to look like when I’m 40′.

Still, most of their relationship is centered around Exy, and that’s okay.

So when he arrives at Wymack’s flat which looks like a miniature tornado hit it, he’s a bit confused. 

“Uh… what are you doing?”

Wymack looks up at Kevin, with his eyebrows furrowed, but his expression eases when he sees him. “I’m decluttering my apartment.”, he simply replies, then gestures for Kevin to come in. “Come, I found something I want to show you.”

Kevin, now even more confused, does as told. Wymack gestures for him to sit on the couch. He grabs a VHS tape, which has been lying readily by the TV, and puts it into the player. 

“Who even still has a VHS player?”, Kevin asks as Wymack fiddles with the remote.

“Yeah, I know, I’m an ancient dinosaur. Shut up now, and watch.”

There’s fizzing, and then the VHS starts playing. 

A court, or rather, the wooden floor of it. 

A man’s voice asks, “…is this working?”

A woman somewhere around the man laughs, a sweet sound, and it makes Kevin’s spine tingle. 

“You need to point it at me, David! Not the floor.”

“Oooh.” A younger David Wymack (Kevin now recognizes the voice) points the camera up, and Kayleigh Day comes into view. It knocks the air right out of Kevin’s lungs.

She’s wearing jeans shorts, white trainers and a black t-shirt, and is holding a racket. She’s lean and beautiful. 

“Ready?”, Wymack’s voice asks, and Kayleigh nods with a laugh, her hair flying around her face. 

“I’ve been ready for the past few minutes!” Her voice isn’t soft and sweet, it’s rough, and firm for a woman, the way that would allow her to yell loud enough to be heard across the Court. 

“Go on, then.”

Kayleigh adjusts her position, standing straighter, and looks directly into the camera. “Hello, I’m Kayleigh Day, one of the inventors of Exy, and this is- stop laughing, David!” 

The camera has started to shake, blurring the picture just slightly. Kayleigh puts her hands on her hips, and glares at a laughing, off-camera Wymack, but there is a smile tugging on her lips still, obvious that she’s not really angry with him. 

Kevin can see that there is something between them, something that would later result in him, and he’s not sure how he feels about that. Not bad, though. 

“Sorry, Kay!”, Wymack’s voice says, “Let’s try again.” 

They do try again, but it works about as well as the first time. 

Wymack sits on the couch next to Kevin, and a soft, nostalgic smile softens his features when, on screen, Kayleigh walks towards the camera and his past self, determined but grinning, and rips it out of his hands. 

“Let me do that.” She turns it so both of them are in the frame. Wymack has a ridiculous moustache, and Kevin can’t help a little snort. 

“Shut up, that was in style at the time.”, present day Wymack grumbles next to him with a grin. 

“Do you want to do this? Do you want to do the intro?!”, Kayleigh asks playfully and loops her arm around Wymack’s neck. The frame consists of unfocused shots of their faces, shaky as Wymack loops his own arm around Kayleigh’s middle and the video becomes laughter, playful jabs and jokes and a kiss that’s only half in frame before the video cuts out. 

The screen is black. Kevin stares at it for another minute, until Wymack breaks the silence. “…she dropped the camera.”

He gets up and takes the tape out of the VHS player. “…thought you maybe wanted to see it.” His voice is a little sheepish.

“I-…It was nice. Thank you.”, Kevin grinds out after another moment of silence. Wymack goes over to his liquor cabinet, takes out two tumblers and a bottle of whiskey. He places them in front of Kevin, and pours the alcohol. 

“…to your mother.”, he toasts. Kevin lifts his own drink. “…to… to Mom.”

Their glasses clink, and the whiskey burns comfortably down Kevin’s throat.


Shoma’s interview at FaOI Makuhari:

I: How do you feel after skating your next season’s SP in front of the large crowd?
S: I almost fell while skating today instead of jumping, it was a bit embarrassing, but by showing my degree of completion of the program right now, I will be able to receive feedback and stimulus and other things, so I hope that can connect to what I do in the future.

I: Please tell us your feelings that you want to convey through this music, as you will be using this for the Olympic season.
S: Right now I am too concentrated on the choreography so there isn’t room for me to think about the artistry and expression, so I can’t really think of that right now. But since this is a good opportunity to get motivation and stimulus, I would like to improve properly.







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Recommend me some of your top 5 under rated boy groups pls!!! And maybe some links on what to watch??

this is also in No Order, but a random mix of my top 5 (also i dont know if you wanted music videos or shows?? so i put both??)


music: Aphrodite / 1.2.3 / Taola / Hello / Are you Ready? 

shows: The Immigration / Pops in Seoul / Sound K / Music Access 

Topp Dogg

music: Arario / TOPDOG / Follow Me / Open the Door / ANNIE / Rainy Day 

shows: Pepero Day Game / All Kill / Dogg on Topp /  HelloKPop interview, Super KPop, Pops in Seoul


music: Lollipop / Lollipop (dinosaur version) /  In the Club / Feel So Good / Please Be My First

shows: Pops in Seoul / Hot Beat / IMFACT Alive 


music: Still 24K + BINGO (in that order!!) / Superfly / Hey You / U R So Cute / Hurry UP /  Secret Love

shows: Self Introductions / Gangnam Style / Pops in Seoul (era: Hey You) / Pops in Seoul (era: Superfly) / Sound K / Warm Up Time / 24K TV 

Cross Gene

music: Black or White (TW!) / La-Di Da-di / Yin Yang / Amazing Bad Lady / Billion Dolla /  Play With Me / Shooting Star

shows: After School Club / Sound K / Pops in Seoul / X(TV) / Super KPop / Behind the Show 


Genre: Angst
Info: Idol!AU, Jimin
Rating: PG-13
Word Ct: 2.126
Summary: Jimin thought it was all pretend, so why did he feel this emptiness inside of him? Like she was gone forever?
A/N: Sequel to ᴘᴙᴇᴛᴇᴎᴅ, I really did try to get out some drabble requests but this wanted to be written. Sorry all! Though I definitely know that some of you have definitely been asking for this. Here it is!

“Who wants to be in a relationship when their boyfriend loves someone else?”

It was all pretend.

“I love you and it’s killing me knowing that you’ve just been faking it this whole time.”

It was all pretend.

“Every day I’ve looked at you, wanting you to love me like you love her, but you don’t.”

It was all pretend.

“Please, never ask me to do anything like this ever again.”

It was all pretend.

Somehow the words didn’t seem to stick, no matter how many times he repeated the phrase. But they had to stick. They had to. Because if they didn’t, that meant – that meant that he – he had to know the truth. Jimin held his phone tight in his hand, his knuckles blanching from the tension, shakily dialling her number. The words had to stick.

“Hello, you’ve reached –“

He dialled again.

“Hello, you’ve reached –“


“Hello, you’ve reached –“


“Hello, you’ve reached –“

Without hanging up, Jimin pitched his phone across the room. He needed to talk to her, needed to hear her voice, he needed answers to the questions she left him with. Tilting his head back, he gripped his hair in desperation.

Why. He asked himself. It was all pretend.

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Anon Said: Can you make a Exo reaction to their s/o’s fame skyrocketing after being cast as the star of a superhero movie and themselves suddenly gaining attention from western media because of their relationship? (Chanyeol, Chen,Sehun and Suho)


To make up for the lack of proper updates I’m just going to do this reaction in parts then once each member’s reaction is up, I’ll put the links to them in the original ask.



Suho: His phone had been going off nonstop for days, he finally reached the point where he turned it off completely and debated getting a new phone. “babe, why is your phone still off? I’ve tried contacting you several times today to tell you that there have been packages sent to you at SM and they’ve contacted me because I’m the only person who could get a hold of you. Aren’t you going to go down there and get the packages? and please turn on your phone.” “Are the packages from those companies that you work for?” “yeah, probably.” “You know the reason why I’ve had to turn off my phone is because of them right? They’re completely relentless. They won’t stop! Even when I’ve told them that they need to contact SM to get me set up for any interviews or movies. I mean, they, of all people, should know how these entertainment industries work.” “They’re aware of it honey,they’ve been contacting SM too. OH, speaking of which…” you pause to pull a rolled up packet out of your luggage bag “SM has agreed to let you and I go on an interview together for a movie that we might work together on and to talk about our relationship and what you think of my movie and my character. We’ll also be doing a guest appearance on CinemaSins and HonestTrailers to talk about my movie and the one we might star in together.”

Suho looks at you with raised eyebrows as you wave the contracts in the air.

“Let me guess”  he nearly deadpans “the movie we might star in together has something to do with us being superheroes since that’s what you’ve become most popular portraying, especially in your latest movie?””yep.” you reply affirmatively, “wow, how did I guess?” he actually deadpans this time. It’ll take a moment for everything to really sink in but when it does he’ll look up to you and smile excited, “it would actually be pretty cool to be in a movie with my babe.” He’ll open his arms for you to come to and he’ll wrap them around you as he grabs the packet from your hands, serious once again. “If this’ll get those companies to stop calling me nonstop then I’ll agree and sign the contract right here right now.” “OK, here you go” you say, holding up a pen. He’ll take it from you and sign in the designated spot for him before handing the pen and paper back to you. “I assume you will be sending that to them or handing it to them directly” “Yep. Tomorrow morning as a matter of fact. prepare for the guest appearances and interviews. They’ll be starting in three days, one of those including travel.”

When the time for the interviews and guest appearances hits, Suho will be at his most proper behavior and look at you lovingly occasionally when cameras are on both of you to get a special reaction from crowds, he’ll also wave at the cameras from time to time to keep the audience interested and not make them feel to overshadowed by his love for you.

“So Junmyeon” the reporter asks “how do you feel about being a superhero in the upcoming movie with your partner?” Everyone will go dead silent in their excitement to hear his answer “well actually” Suho says, leaning closer towards the reporter “between you and me” he continues on but still talks at a normal volume cause he wants everyone to hear and get a good reaction out of them “I want to be a bad guy. you know, like a villain or something instead.” The crowd will go wild with this which pleases him and the reporters because once the videos are posted online later that same day, everyone who watches has major reactions and the interviews go viral.

Enthusiastic Fighting – One-Shot

A/N: Tadaa, here it is. Let me know what you think, please? And if you want on/off the tag list.

“That freaking bastard,” Steph whispered to herself, closing the Youtube video she just watched. “Tom Hiddleston, you stupid git.” Did she really just watch her boyfriend complaining about her during an interview? Well, not knowingly complaining for the public, but she knew exactly what he’d meant with his answers.

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MTV Broadcasting Eurovision for the USA

To my other American fans of Eurovision: Svala just confirmed in a Wiwwi interview that MTV will now be broadcasting Eurovision in the US. What this means for us is most likely, since LogoTV and MTV are both owned by Viacom, that the youtube stream/videos will be blocked again. I highly suggest downloading a VPN. 

MTV is more accessible than LogoTV however last year they didn’t air the semi finals, both of which were blocked as well, so if you want to watch the semis please get a VPN ready. Also they will probably keep the two same announcers as last year and if you were as annoyed with them as I was you’d probably rather watch the comment less youtube stream.

Hopefully things will work out and somehow things aren’t blocked, but I really wouldn’t keep my hopes up. If anyone needs help finding a working VPN just shoot me a message and I’ll help you out

Edit: I’d also like to add this applies also to Canadians, Brazilians, South Koreans, and Taiwanese people as well.