i want u bad by r5

“I’m in love with someone else’s boy (girl) you rock my world, but you’re the one that I can’t have, boy (girl) I want you bad, in my crazy mind, I’m with you all the time, Cause your the best that I never had, boy (girl) I want you bad" 

~ "I Want U Bad” by R5

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: in the BACK of a TAXI CAB ONE--quick turn you were on my lap WE toucheddd;handss;; andwepulledthemback yeah I want u bad!! AND eventhough it should be so wrong /I/// can't help but feel this strong CAUSE the way you turn me on like ALIGHTSWITCH I MIGHTJUST GO crazyyy ur my best friend's BABY but you got me thinking MAYBE just MAYBE i don't know what else to do!! iminlovewith