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So I received this MOST EXCELLENT Pigeon!Phil for my birthday!!  It was commissioned by someone who signed themselves just as a reader, from @pigeoncomics

It is the best pigeon.  I love him so much.  (hugs the snazzy pigeon!Phil)  He is going to go into a frame as soon as I find one that’s the right size.

BUT.  Did you know you could get a pigeon (or other, lesser bird) of your very own?  That is correct!  @pigeoncomics is actually doing a fundraiser right now for a local birb-related charity.  You can find the information HERE!

I will say, however, that these prices are very low.  If you can afford to, you should definitely chip in a few extra bucks.  Stay tuned, since I’m off this weekend, I might be doing something of my own to help the birbs. 8)

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Why does everyone sleep on Mariah Carey? She has one of the greatest voices of all time and yet the lead single #Beautiful for her most recent studio album, Me. Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse, peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100, the same chart on which she holds the record for both, most weeks spent at #1 and most #1′s by a solo artist and a lot of you seem to forget that she wrote/co-wrote 17 of those 18 #1 singles and she also co-produced 14 out of those 18 and lets not forget about her 5 octave vocal range (which includes her whistle register) her iconic single, All I Want For Christmas Is You, peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2015 21 years after its initial release and yet you all still sleep on her and aren’t buying her new music??? She is one of the best selling artists of all time and yet she only has 5 Grammy awards like why is everyone sleeping on Mariah? ALL IM SAYING IS THAT MARIAH’S WORLD BETTER GET GOOD RATINGS BECAUSE I DON’T WANNA SEE MARIAH BEING SLEPT ON ANYMORE AND YOU ALL BEST GO WATCH THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE WHERE SHE IS VOICING THE MAYOR


two of a kind

trashcat813  asked:

Ahhhhh more Daemon!au please!!! Uhh interacting with the Lions?

Friends and followers, please feast your eyes on this very rare, very brand-new snippet of the daemon!AU ‘verse:
Lance’s daemon.

The Blue Lion stares down at them, regal, impressive, and totally not what Lance was ever expecting to find in Keith’s weird cave.

Meri curls around Lance’s neck, for once silent, for once awed.

“Woah,” Lance breathes.

(Give me a prompt and I’ll write a three-sentence fic! Help me stay awake!)

Die trying.

The air was filled with the loud screams of the students that sat around the quidditch pitch. Slytherin against Gryffindor was always huge. The students of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff always supported the Gryffindor team, so a big part of the bleachers was coloured in red and gold. (Y/N) felt the pressure weight down on her. Oliver’s speech before the game didn’t help either. “I swear to Merlin’s shaggy pants if we lose of Slytherin and I leave this school without the cup, I’ll rip all your heads of, this is my last chance! You better win or die trying!”, Oliver had basically screamed to the whole team. Fred had told (Y/N) not to worry and just play like she always did cause he said she always played amazing. Fred was (Y/N)’s boyfriend and tried to calm he down before every important game. He wanted to be a good boyfriend.

“I want a nice clean game”, Madam hooch said. She blew her whistle and everybody kicked off the ground, flying across the pitch. The sky was light blue and there seemed to be no clouds. There was only a bit of wind which made the weather perfect for the last game of the year. “Johnson has the Quaffle, what a girl she is, very beautiful … Johnson passes the Quaffle to (Y/L/N), amazing chaser she is, too bad she has a boyfriend!”, Lee said. Fred glared slightly at his best friend, hitting a Bludger in his way. “AAH! Sorry Fred!”, Lee screamed as the Bludger missed him. “ (Y/L/N) flies to the hoop … SHE SHOOTS AND SHE SCORES!”, Lee Jordan screamed. Already a few minutes in the game and Gryffindor was on the lead with 10-0.Angelina gave (Y/N) a high five and flew back Oliver smiled but he knew the game wasn’t over yet. (Y/N) heard Oliver scream at the twins not even a second later, yelling to kick the other players off their brooms, not hit Lee because of a stupid remark. (Y/N) flew back in the game, her (C/H) hair flying behind her in the wind. Once (Y/N) got the Quaffle again two Slytherins flew beside her trying to kick her of her broom. (Y/N) was too good for them and easily got rid of them, scoring another point for Gryffindor.


“Lee Jordan!”

sorry professor, only telling the truth. The score is 20-0 for Gryffindor

The game went on for hours. Oliver was so nervous that he missed two shots of the Slytherin team. “Flint with the Quaffle … Johnson takes the ball … Johnson to Bell … Bell scores! 70-20 for Gryffindor!” The bleachers was one big mess of Red and Gold, cheers coming from them. Even Dumbledore seemed to smile, (Y/N) noticed. “watch out!”, Angelina yelled at (Y/N), pointing behind the girl. (Y/N) was feeling so happy and was so focused on the students that she zoned out. She turned her head, finding a Bludger flying behind her. (Y/N) flew up, heading towards one of the twins, hoping they would kick the Bludger away. Once George noticed what was happening he kicked away the Bludger, making it fly back a bit, but coming back soon enough, flying after (Y/N) once more. “OLIVER, CALL A TIME-OUT!”, George yelled to the keeper, who was too busy looking at the Slytherin team that he didn’t even hear it. (Y/N) was now trying her best to get rid of the bloody ball, almost falling twice. “OLIVER!”, Fred screamed as he kicked the other Bludger in his direction, hoping to catch the attention of Oliver. Once the metal ball almost hit Oliver he looked up. (Y/N) was now going so fast that everything around her was blurry. The wind was making her eyes tear up, making it worse.

Before Oliver could even get the attention of Madam Hooch, (Y/N) got hit by the Bludger. The ball made contact with her stomach, making (Y/N) gasp for air which she couldn’t seems to get. Somehow she managed to stay on her broom. The gasps that were heard from the bleachers seemed muted. The Bludger hit (Y/N) again, now in the face. Red blood was oozing out her nose. (Y/N) fell herself fall down her broom. Her body felt heavy as it came down on the ground with a loud ‘thud’. “(Y/N)!”, Fred yelled as he flew down but Oliver stopped him.

“the game isn’t over yet! It’s too dangerous!”

“I don’t give a damn about the game anymore Wood! My girlfriend just fell off her broom!”

Harry Potter caught the snitch! Gryffindor wins!”, Lee Jordan interrupted the two fighting boys. Oliver saw Harry had the shining golden ball in his hands and cheered while Fred flew down. Madam Pomfrey already stood by (Y/N)’s side, putting some sort of paste on her already bruised cheek and put her then on a stretcher. “I’m sorry, mister Weasley, I think, for now, that your girlfriend needs her rest, I’m sure she’s in good hands with Madam Pomfrey”, Dumbledore spoke from behind Fred as he tried to follow Madam Pomfrey and (Y/N) to the Hospital wing.”The Bludger, it was cursed”, Fred said. His voice sounded heavy as he spoke, tears forming in his eyes as his hands formed fists. “we’ll do our best to find out, mister Weasley”, McGonagall now spoke as she leaded the boy to the common room.


It was already past midnight and the common room finally fell quiet from the party that was held there. Oliver had held a speech, thanking every person in the team. The crowd had cheered extra loudly when (Y/N)’s name was mentioned. Maybe they hoped she could hear it in the hospital wing. But now it was 3 A.M. and Fred couldn’t hold himself anymore. He took the Marauders map and walked to the common room. “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”, He said, tapping his wand against the map. Flinch was on the Third floor, Snape in the dungeons. The way to the Hospital wing was safe. He softly walked through the corridors, the only light he had was from the tip of his wand.

Once in the Hospital wing he walked towards the first bed, where a small and bruised body laid. Her arm was wrapped up along with her stomach. Her cheek was slightly swollen but it looked better then when he saw her lay on the quidditch pitch. “(Y/N)? Wake up”, Fred said, slightly pushing the girl’s body. (Y/N) groaned but opened her eyes eventually. “Fred?”, She smiled slightly when she saw Fred’s face. “how’re you feeling?”, Fred asked. (Y/N) shrugged but smiled. “I’ve been better. but I guess I almost died trying.”

Fred sat at the end of the bed, talking about the party and how everybody cheered for her. How he thought that she was so brave and strong and how scared he was. After half an hour Fred grew tired and yawned. “you can sleep here”, (Y/N) suggested. Fred and nod and laid down next to her, pulling (Y/N)’s body closer to him. “I love you” “I love you too”.


When Madam Pomfrey walked to (Y/N)’s bed the next day she was slightly pissed when she saw the ginger boy lay next to her, but couldn’t hid her smile. She let the two of them sleep and put a cup of water next to (Y/N)’s bed, telling herself she could come back later.


Napoleon and Illya being a cute married/domestic couple in ‘The Suburbia Affair’ 

Xuichen vs. Sulay

X: Do you know you can’t whistle with your eyes closed?
C: Really? *closes eyes and tries to whistle*
X: *kisses*
C: Yah-! o/////o

S: Do you know you can’t whistle with your eyes closed?
L: I can’t whistle.
S: D-don’t you want to try it?
L: But I can’t whistle.
S: …




        ‘ i was looking at colleges you could apply for today.   i thought maybe later on we could look through them together? if that’s what you want to do. ‘ // @depraevity

@rhaegxr ( THE PRINCE?? ) tati this verse was calling to us too okay? but 2 new starters today ahah :

     the thought of her father finding a cure for his curse terrifies her, but what scares her just as much is him finding a means to IMMORTALITY. either way, her life would be forfeit, as would lucina’s blessing over their family. war would break out in byzantium between fractions, bastards against bastards.

    she had overheard her father discussing how he has found the answer to his dilemma. a book of spells that can help him obtain immortality & break the curse. her heart had stopped that night & she began to prepare to end her father’s life & take his throne. screw waiting until she has more solid support. that will mean NOTHING if she’s dead.

    however, just after poison was slipped into her father’s medicine & food & alcohol, he called her & ordered her to pay respects to a prince who is soon to be king.

    (“the prince has something important to me, daughter. see that you charm him so that he would give it to you.”)

    a day later, she set off with only three knights, a lady in waiting, & one of her father’s trusted lords by her side. only one knight (fakhri) & her lady in waiting (mai) were people she could trust. but she had no choice but to stay. she must DESTROY whatever the prince is supposed to gift to her father.

    how right she was to not trust them. she had awoken to fakhri screaming at them to get RUN. she & mai ran as far away as they could as quickly as possible, but it didn’t matter much. as they neared a small cliff, one of the knights used a crossbow at her. mai jumped right in front of her, taking the arrow instead. they both fell into the water below.

    now, as she runs for her life, body & dress soaked & covered in her own blood & those loyal to her, she has only one goal in mind: to get to the prince’s palace. she knows she’s close ; she heard the traitors talking about. there are no words to properly describe her RELIEF when she sees an imposing palace before her. it didn’t even matter to her that despite its magnificent, it looks rather desolate. she just wanted to get to SAFETY. she just needs to HIDE. she runs into the palace, bars the door & runs up the grand staircase.

    the interior of the palace should TERRIFY her (dragons everywhere, so this is the prince’s palace), but what is outside terrifies her even more. DEATH awaits her there. even so, she can’t help but shiver. where is everyone? had this prince story been a lie, too & it was nothing more than an excuse to kill her on foreign soil?

    ❝ h-hello? is anyone in here? ❞

yeaaHhhh buddy! gimme a chicago whistle dog, hold the mayo, extra mayo. I want my chicks on the raft with a lil Italian perfume, and make it sob baby.