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Hi! Do you have any tips on how to match colors? Like what colors would look good together? I usually wear punk/grunge so I only know how to work with black and I feel so lost in fairy kei (and colors in general tbh) but I really want to try it. When I wear colors I usually focus on one color, like with a black shirt with a red design I'd wear red red shoes, red choker, red makeup, etc. Could something like that be done in fairy kei?

Hello! I’d recommend looking at coords you enjoy like, and see how they coordinate them ♪

Generally, these are safe colour combos: 

  • Pink x Yellow
  • Pink x Sax
  • Lavender x Pink 
  • Lavender x Mint

You should keep on as you are by focusing on one colour, and building your coord around it. If you base your outfit around a main piece, you can also look at the print it. For example, if your sax t-shirt has a pink print on it, you should incorporate this elsewhere in your coord!

Here’s an example:

You can see the mint cutsew, socks, and bows match in colours. The pink of the t-shirt matches the bottom layer of the tutu, and I’ve expanded on the purple using it as an accent on the socks and shoes! 

Item sources: T-shirt, Tutu, Socks (Listen Flavor) Bows (Chocomint @ Dreamy Bows) Shoes (Reebok)

I hope this makes sense, and if you need any more information please let me know✨

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Can we talk about cuddly (mildly clingy) Harry? Maybe it's late at night and you're working and he just wants snuggles since you've both been so busy. Or you've both had a few glasses of wine and he just needs to have you close. Or maybe it's early morning and you're trying to get up but he's not done using you as his human pillow (and you're somehow softer while wearing his shirt after a night in his bed).

I do not even know which route to take here… but clingy Harry fucks me all the way up.

You’re watching tv but he’s smirking. He can’t stop kissing your neck, muttering “baaaaaby” over and over and punctuating each one with a kiss.

“Harry I have to finish this text…”

“But baby…” Kissing your ear. “Want a snuggle. Miss you.”

“I’m right here.”

“Still miss you.” Nibbling at your neck and wrapping his arms around your middle. “M'cold. Need you.”

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Oh my God i just noticed the sad tragic irony in Aya's death; she wanted to use her powers to help others and because of her the heroes of the story couldn't find Kiral

yeeep, though in an almost hilariously sad way, cinderella still worked to help someone find happiness–shinobu. yes, as it turns out, the facial rearrangement still worked to charm at least one person….but it’s a shame it’s merely an imposter wearing her husband’s face.


The Letran Pscyhology Society (LPS) conducted a seminar-workshop entitled neoPsyche 3: Let’s Get the Job Done! – Millenials at Work. The speakers discussed about improving communication skills, work ethics, personality and attitude development. Basically, they gave advises and talked about the things we needed to keep in mind when we will be setting out into the work jungle.

LPS required the attendees to wear a smart casual/business attire. I have a limited number of formal and business clothes in my closet and I don’t want to buy new one because bankrupt. So the only option I had was to.. raid my mom’s closet! HAHA. I found a classy animal print button down and a mustard shoulder bag. The top is sheer so I have to wear an inner tube and it’s so comfy as well! This is how I’m gonna be dressing up when I enter the corporate world. No boss or company dress code should ever stop you from finding ways to make your business attire interesting. #fashown!

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OtaYuri: Physical Ideals

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I feel like Otabek has the aesthetic that Yurio likes. Otabek is effortlessly dangerous, punkish, and badass. Not to mention JJ is impressed by him and Otabek can shut JJ up in a few words without getting worked up.

 He rides a motorcycle, wears a leather jacket and sunglasses, and has a really collected/cool persona. Yurio, for most of his life off-ice, has been trying to emulate that type of ideal through his personality and fashion.

Additionally, Otabek is ridiculously masculine and strong. His facial structure, body shape, and voice is also very bold and sexy. 

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Physically, he is a contrast of Yurio, but also acts as Yurio’s ideal. I mean, my cat son wanted to skate to “eros” and the idea of eros/masculine and mature sexiness appealed to him but he really had none of those qualities (which isn’t a bad thing, by the way). BTW, check Mila and Sara’s fangirl faces seeing Otabek skate. Otabek is conventionally attractive/sexy. 

On the other hand, Yurio has the aesthetic Otabek likes. Otabek has always been impressed by grace. Yurio has both of those qualities (that he probably doesn’t even notice). Otabek’s most prominent memory of Yurio was when he was in the graceful, resembling a first arabesque, position at the ballet barre. 

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Graceful beauty and flexibility was and is something foreign and difficult for Otabek to express. In turn, Otabek admires these qualities in others. And who, other than Yurio himself, fully embodies such ideals, to the extent that he does, in YOI? 

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TDLR: Yurio and Otabek are each other’s physical ideals and complete the physical aesthetics that both want but don’t have. Mental ideal meta coming soon!

You learn very quickly that the trappings of [becoming a celebrity] is how much you bring to it. If you surround yourself with three security guards and an entourage, people are gonna look at you. As opposed to my friend Josh Groban, who takes the train to work. And he’s Josh Groban. He’s got millions of fans. He wears it lightly. He’s still just a guy. I’m inspired by that. I refuse to sit on a pedestal that people want to put you on. I’ll write a dumb tweet in the morning and someone will be like, “Pulitzer Prize winner. Can’t get his coffee right.” You can’t stop being the person you were just because more people are looking at you.

How I made $2000 off a meth dealer.

A few years ago I was married to a degenerate tweeker (she wasn’t originally like that, but y'know, meth does what meth does).

I kept interfering with her tweeker lifestyle trying to get her treatment etc and she rewarded my efforts with a restraining order (lied, said I beat her and other overly dramatic stuff).

So, I get kicked out of my place and end up in a studio apartment with nothing but my toothbrush and the clothes I was wearing.

One of her great plans was to get a front for a ton of dope using EVERYTHING OF VALUE WE OWN as collateral.

Drug dealer literally takes everything and puts it in a storage unit somewhere in town. Wife plans to stomp on the dope, sell it and by the weekend be a millionaire (tweeker logic).

Of course, she fucks off the plan and ends up just doing the dope so now all our expensive stuff is in the wind.

I try to work out something with POS drug dealer but he wanted an absurd amount of payback, plus I made some threatening comments he didn’t appreciate so negotiations stalled.

Eventually, I catch wind that he got locked up and that some friends took all HIS property and put it in storage for safekeeping until he got out.

I hit every storage place in town with my story and his picture hoping to catch some kind of break.

Eventually, I find the place. Owner tells me that the unit is going up for auction the next weekend for non-payment. He tells me if I just pay the 3 months back rent that he’d write it up as I won the auction and I can have the unit.

$320 gets slapped on the counter and we go drill the lock.

All my stuff is there! And, whaddaya know, now I own all his stuff free and clear.

And, cuz I’m a nice guy, I dug out all the personal irreplaceable stuff (old photos, important documents, etc), boxed them up and gave them to his mom (found her on Facebook).

Actually made quite a bit of money off the deal selling his shit on Craigslist (came out about $2000 in the black on the deal).

Divorced now, have all my stuff and am happy….

important moments from Lin’s Drunk History to discuss

  • how he’s sitting
  • the facetimes w/ Quest and Chris
  • the gun noises
  • playing I Know Who I Want To Take Me Home on piano while wasted
  • the way he is sitting
  • the drama of the inverting of the colors when burr and hamilton become enemies
  • Tony Hale and Alia working together again god bless
  • fucking Aubrey the whole time
  • “fuck-you-itive-ness”
  • Lin singing History Has It’s Eyes On You into Derek’s face
  • Lin wearing That Sweater
Your first date with Newt Scamander would include

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Anonymous asked OMG I need more Newt fanfics in my life! Can you do what your first date with him would include?

  • Him shyly asking if you wanted to get dinner with him. And you ask if it’s a date, and he hesitates, but says (avoiding eye contact) yes.
  • You wearing a huge scarf that almost swamps you and he thinks it’s adorable.
  • Him picking you up from your apartment and the two of you walk to the restaurant.
  • The two of you talking softly about work, and Newt’s admiring how you look out of the corners of his eyes.
  • Him offering you the seat, all gentlemanly like, at the table.
  • Newt talks about his passion for animals, and you just sit there, smiling shyly at how adorable your date is.
  • Once you get your foods and are eating, you ask him if his food is good. He lifts his fork up and says “Open wide?” Blushing, you try his food and offer him some of yours.
  • Him asking you if you’d like dessert or not. As it turns out, both of you couldn’t really afford two of the fancy cakes, so you share one.
  • He lets you eat the last bite of cake, off his fork.
  • The two of you talk and take a stroll under the bright lights of New York.
  • You get a little chilly and scoot closer to Newt. He asks if you’re cold and before you can answer, swishes off his coat and gives it to you. And on top of that, he wraps his scarf around your neck, over the other one.
  • You notice his scarf smells slightly musky, like hay and dust.
  • Newt asks if he can hold your hand, and you say yes. He takes your hand and slips it into his pocket, keeping both of your hands warm.
  • Once you’re done with your walk, you make your way back to your house, still talking about animals.
  • Him sweetly asking if he can kiss you.
  • You standing on tip toes to kiss him.
  • He wraps his arms around your waist, and you gently pet his hair. His lips are warm and yours are cool.
  • The date ends with him asking if he can show you his animals tomorrow, and you say yes.
  • Newt watches you walk up to your apartment, smiling a bashful smile and rubbing his neck, thinking, “I think that first day went rather well indeed.”

Fashion-watch: Huckleberry <3

Practicing with sexy jesse cux I got demotivated with my other piece.
Wanted to see him in smart wear & bae gives me no regrets. <3
Last piece for 2016 and wishing ya all a Happy New Yeaaaaaar!
2017 pls be a lot kinder & I’ll work a lot harder. 

Under Amour Has Officially Endorsed Trump

Hello my dears,

I am disappointed to have to inform you all that Under Armour has officially released an endorsement of Donald Trump. I know that several people will be affected by this and no longer wish or be able to support them by wearing their binders or sports wear, so my suggestion to you lovely people is this:


The sweet darlings there make incredible fashion binders for ALL sizes, and have several customization options besides your measurements. If you have a need for something or an idea that they don’t list, email them - they do amazing collaborative work. Giveaways and sales are frequent.

These aren’t scratchy hard-seamed undershirt binders. (Unless you want it to be an undershirt binder, in which case, that’s what they’ll make for you.) These are soft, smooth, sensitive-skin friendly FASHION binders that you can wear as a part of your wardrobe! I wear mine early every time I go out (the only times I don’t are when I’m going to work out or swim) and it is durable, goes with all of my clothes, and has given me my social life back. They use medical grade binding mesh, and it works wonders.

Note that they’re not trans-exclusive, either; if you want a binder for cosplay, that’s cool, too! If you need bathing suit shorts or a skirt, they’ve done that. Dresses, too. Everyone is welcome.

Love to you all,



I mean, first, she was so sad. So sad. Like I feel really bad that she had to entertain us because she wants to lock herself in her room just like the rest of the world. But she was still so funny and wonderful and I just love her so much.

  • She was hilarious and sweet and encouraging to girls and telling us to work hard and surround ourselves with positive people and I just feel very inspired
  • She was so PUMPED when Parks and Rec was brought up. She loves that show, man
  • If she could have played a different character on Parks and Rec it’d be Andy because she loves Christ Pratt. She’s play him by killing Chris and wearing his face.
  • She wishes someone would start a show called “SHHHHHH” where people of color sit white people down and explain why the things they do are racist. And every time the white person says “But I-” the person of color says “SHHHHHHHH!”
  • She’d like an aestroid to come down and kill us all before Janurary. That’d be cool. 
  • “Speed round of questions. What’s your spirit animal?” “No, that’s racist.” 
  • She’s very short. Did you guys know that???? Cause I did NOT
  • OK there’s so much more that I can’t remember now but I’m gonna leave you with this:
  • “What similarities do you have to Leslie?” “Well, I’m generally a pretty positive person *quietly* except right now…”
  • She keeps trying to think about how Leslie would handle this, and she would hunker down, gather her people, and get to work. And she says she’s too angry at the moment to do that. But let me tell you, there’s a reason that when I think of Amy Poehler, I imagine Leslie. She’s all the good parts of Leslie, and we deserve her SO MUCH RIGHT NOW

When I showed up I was in good shape because of Pain & Gain but when I saw Chris, he looks like a Greek god. I thought, well shit, I gotta work out more. So I dropped like 12lbs and just really got in good physical shape so I could stand next to him and not look like a joke. But then I was like, I want spandex. I want the tight under armour shirts and they gave him all the tight shirts and gave me sweat shirts. So I was asking the Russos, if I’m in part three then some point in time I want to wear the wings with no shirt and baby oil.

and another boxer!lexa~

i would never ever be MAD at someone for wearing makeup, but like why is there SO MUCH FOCUS on a woman’s right and ability to wear makeup and how ~radical~ it is to wear makeup … and how you should wear makeup to show how much of a real woman you are blah blah the list goes on…

when thats always been the fucking norm, women are told they look unprofessional without makeup and dont get jobs without wearing it, or they’re fired for not wearing it, women are never portrayed in media without wearing makeup, female politicians are always encouraged to wear makeup and ostracized when they dont, women are mocked and harassed when they don’t wear makeup women are shunned when they dont wear it. etc. 

yall can point all day to twitter users who are like “i prefer a woman without makeup” but at the end of the day their reference photo for a woman without makeup is just a woman with “natural” makeup on. They simply don’t want to hear or notice that work goes into performing femininity. 

like… why is there such a focus on supporting something that’s already encouraged by society …. when we could also [as in at the same fucking time] support women who ARENT wearing makeup and not doing things they have been told they should be doing since forever. 

again, not saying “hey don’t wear makeup” but … saying … maybe support women who don’t wear makeup, or can’t wear makeup just as much as you support women who do wear it? and maybe not fucking PRESSURE people to do something they don’t want to or can’t do?

Possible Concept for Season Three:

  • Big fancy party where Prince Lotor will be

  • Voltron needs to get in somehow

  • Princess Allura goes in, ready to be Royal Guest™ but she cannot go alone

  • Shiro could be possible date but not the point of post lmao
  • Cue Allura excitedly wanting to put Pidge in a dress (cue Pidge internally screaming)

  • Pidge comes out

  • “I feel stupid” - Pidge, scrunching her nose and giving everyone venomous looks because she looks as uncomfortable as she feels and she would rather die than wear this dress anymore because pants are a thing

  • “Yeah, no. This is not going to work” - Hunk

  • “Now what will we do?” - Allura

  • “Lance, get in the dress” - Keith

  • What?!” - Very startled and slightly offended Blue Boy™ because Keith clearly has the curves for the dress while Lance does not, not to mention that mullet will make him look even more princess-y

  • Cue Keith and Lance arguing over how no, Lance will not get in the dress, and no, Hunk, that does not mean Keith will be his date, while Pidge flings the dress off her body, much to Allura’s dismay

  • Anyways, the screen suddenly goes to the party, where Allura and Shiro are linking arms, with the rest of Voltron looking out and meanwhile, Coran is back in the castle, wearing the dress and muttering how rude it was that no one even considered him