i want to wear this to work

I saw something the other day and I have opinions on it

So I’ve been sitting on this for a few days now, and everytime I think about it I get insanely pissed off.

Look, I understand cishets going to pride in certain situations, I really do. If you’re there with your friend, family, or partner who didn’t want to go alone, good for you for supporting that person who wanted/ needed you there. Or if you work for a company that’s sponsoring or has a booth or something like that, I get it. You’re there doing your job.

But if you show up at pride wearing a shirt that says “I may be straight, but I don’t hate” fuck you. Especially if you are four grown ass women dressed up in ridiculous skirts that you obviously made yourself from shitty material you got at Michael’s and the shirts have obviously been made for this occasion because someone with no experience in design chose the childish font those terrible words are printed in because this is just a fucking party to you. Fuck you and everything you represent.

But wait, good for you for not hating people who are different than you for simply existing. You deserve a medal for reaching the incredibly low bar.

Which is obviously what this is to you, a chance to show off what an ally and good person you are. You didn’t show up to support us, you showed up for a party, and wild stories to tell, and likes on your social media accounts.

Here’s the point: if you have to show off and brag about how you’re an ally and a good person, you obviously aren’t as good as you think. If you were really that good, people would already know, you wouldn’t have to prove it. You do not get points for doing the bare minimum and not hating us. (Now, if this were 30 years ago, yeah, different story, but today? Nope.)

If you want to support us, you can do something to stop the protesters we had to walk through to get to the festival. You can help LGBT people who are in shitty situations, like getting kicked out of home or losing their jobs or getting killed. There’s tons you can do, not hating us doesn’t help as much as you think. Actions help us, not words.

Also, people who aren’t straight aren’t the only people in the LGBT community you need to be supporting. Why not make a shirt that says “I may be cis and straight, but I don’t hate” and include trans and non binary people?

Basically, I hate everything about the existence and context and meaning of those shirts.

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I AM a Star Trek fan! A couple days ago, I posted a picture of my new Star Trek business suit that I wear to work because BIG NERD! It's my favorite thing! :D:D:D:D

YOU ARE AMAZING OH MY GOD. I am very. Very gone on Star Trek. I’m watching the original series right now and I just want to trek (hehe) through all the Star Trek series again :D I’m so glad I found a fellow fan

Just don't do it

Please stop leaking my sets fam.

If you can’t afford my sets, I suggest getting an account for cosplay deviants, I have 10 entire photosets there under the model name “Minerva Quill”

It’s not a secret, at all! You can even use my model name at check out for a discount off your sign up price. The only difference is that I’ve gained like 5 pounds since my last set and I started wearing color contacts.

I work very hard on my sets, even if you don’t personally feel that way, I really do. I try to deliver content that makes me happy and characters that my patrons want to see, so it’s really sad to see leaked content appear on The internet

If you don’t feel like putting money in my pocket, I understand that. If you can’t afford it, I understand that too! There are tons of artists and Cosplayers that I want to see their content, but can’t afford it, but you know what I do? I don’t buy it, I don’t look for it either.

This is another huge reason why I don’t ever post my nudes, it’s really sad, but people resell them to people who don’t know any better or think they are cheating the system or something. Someone was reselling my CD sets for more than the cost of a membership. Don’t be dumb, just pay the 5-10 dollars and fap like anyone else 🙌🏻

I think the sadder thing from all this, is that there are people who have paid me in the past that are calling me a bunch of terrible names and posting my photosets. If you don’t want them, don’t buy them. If you don’t like my face or my body, if you think I’m ugly, just leave me alone. Why would you want 90+ photos of someone you didn’t find attractive? I wouldn’t.

Even if you don’t realize it, the girl behind Microkitty is a human being just trying to exist.

I have discounts, I have coupon codes, I have sales. I try to do as much as I can to get my sets to people who want them, without compromising how hard I worked on the set.

So if you buy a set, please don’t put my hard work into the hands of people who want to see my nudes to tear me down and be mean to me.

I try to brush it off and not get sad, but sometimes it’s just hard, I feel a little betrayed 🤔🤔


@the-achtung-babe tagged me to post pictures on my mobile phone to describe who I am.  Thankyou for being so kind and I must say I loved your initial post and aesthetic. :D  Hi five for the cap/hat wearing ppl among Tumblr. 

1 - A drawing of Edge ,I made years ago. I love drawing and I’m trying to catch up on the year’s I’ve been neglecting it.
2 - I really badly want a license to drive and buy my own cafe-racer.
3 - I’m a sucker for street art and saw this in Cologne.
4 - First time in  Dublin! Went on a hunt for all the street signs.
5 - I love animals , but I really love sharks. I worked as an Aquarist / Zookeeper/ Trainer for 7ish years and it was a blast. I’m very proud of what I achieved at work then, and that I got employed even tho a lot of people told me not to do so and that there was 1% chance to get a job.
6 - My best friend and me during out trip thorough New Zealand life changing experience. First flight ever. First time remote with no one but ourselves to solve our trouble. Which we got into :’)
7 - Bono, Edge, The Beach, Tho ocean (and maybe some sharks), Soccer. Perfection. 
8 - Drawing of Bono. POP is my fave Bono era..

All off the people I follow have been tagged I think so there’s no use in tagging them again This is not a popularity game. If you haven’t been tagged. I want you to please do this for yourself and others to see : Consider yourself tagged ! GOGOGOGOOOO.

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hair dying tips? pls? if you have any

i have a fuckton my dude !!! 

  • you really need to bleach your hair if you want the dye to stay (i have dark brown hair,, if you’re blonde bleach is optional)
  • DO NOT BLEACH YOUR HAIR ON YOUR OWN !!! these are harsh chemicals baby you should really have it bleached professionally – bleach can cause bad burns and i really don’t want you hurt !!!
  • you only really need to go to the salon to get it bleached,, you can do dye touch-ups on your own (you usually do these once a month) – that being said, you should really have a parent/friend do it for you and be really carefully not to get the dye in your eyes ‘cause thats souper dangeroos dude 
  • you have to mix hair dye with developer for it to work
  • also dye sTAINS so be careful and don’t wear clothes you like while putting dye in your hair
  • i’m going to say is again DYE STAINS you will gets stains if your dyeing your hair yourself – have a towel designated for when you’re dying because it will get dye stains, have a bowel designated for when you’re mixing the dye and developer because it will get stains, have a shirt designated for when your dyeing your hair because IT WILL GET STAINS
  • it will stain skin too so make sure you’re wearing gloves
  • when you’re dying your hair put vasaline all around your hair line so it doesn’t stain and irritate your skin
  • CONDITIONER CONDITIONER CONDITIONER !!!! this keeps your hair healthy and soft,,, do not skip on conditioner (try to use conditioned dye if you can too, this is less damaging)
  • i used Joico hair dye, so if you’re looking for a good dye you can get that off amazon
  • try to take tepid/cool showers (especially right after you dye),, hot water will make the dye wash away faster
  • don’t bleach your hair frequently – i always waited a few months before i did a new color (usually 3-5 months),,,, bleach WILL hurt your hair and the more you do it the more damage your doing to your hair

hope i helped !!!

Questions for me?

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Nickname: Ali, Mars Bars (if you’re @gigistorm) Casper (if you’re @secretlyfreestudentworld and @ashleypence)

Gender: Female 

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor  

Favorite Color: Grey

Time Now: 4:45 am (I work overnights… don’t judge)

Last Thing I Googled: google translate ( I used Portuguese in a fit and I don’t speak Portuguese)

Blankets I Sleep With: sheet, comforter, denim quilt

Favorite Bands: Fall Out Boy, Panic!At The Disco, Glitch Mob, etc

Favorite Solo Artist: Lindsey Stirling, Halsey

Dream Trip: Eventually I want to set foot on every continent, but for now I think I’d like to go back to Australia (and possibly stay if it gets any shittier here…)

Currently Wearing: Skinny jeans, a black, cold shoulder top and a hooded vest

Age Of Blog: Uh… less than a year. I think I started this is October…

Things I Post: I write some fics (for marvel and Star Trek as of now) so I post those, I also reblog the shit out of other people’s stuff (cause other people can write REALLY well and I wanna share it!). Funny memes, political stuff, basically anything i find pertinent or cute or whatever.

You’re it!

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THIS IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTANDING THIS COMIC: this is part of an autobiographical series I started months back to document my gender transition. These all took place months ago.

August 24th, 2016. Still fairly early on in my transition and having dealt with being occasionally misgendered put me on my guard in public. I dealt with it by just forging ahead and trying to keep pushing my comfort zone out further. I was gonna wear whatever the heck I wanted!!

Anyway, I don’t feel this way any more (unless my dysphoria gets particularly bad). It’s a nice place to be.

If you enjoy my work, maybe consider supporting my transition via Patreon? Link on my front page. :)

and another boxer!lexa~

tree bros hcs
- connor gives 0 shits and he’s like “move it im gay” to everyone that’s in his way and evan trails behind with his face all red apologizing to ppl for his edgy boyfriend
- connor left his sweatshirt in evans room once when they were smooching and evan panicked when he found it bc that sweatshirt is connors comfort object; it’s got worn down holes on the cuffs of the sleeves from years of connor fidgeting with it; and evan rushes to school that morning to give it to connor bc ‘holy shit what if he thinks i did it on purpose i distracted him w kisses and i stole his sweatshirt and he’ll never talk to me again’ and connor is like 'dude. buddy. keep it. i feel good knowing you have it. it’ll keep u safe when im not there. it’s chill, okay?’
- evan wears the connor sweatshirt every night to bed even if it’s hot af out bc he never ever feels safer than in that sweatshirt
- (connor honestly did freak out when he realized he left it at evans but then he thought abt evan tucked nice and snug in it and that was a more comforting thought to him than actually getting it back. so he buys a new sweatshirt for himself at hot topic and they both match)
- evan is so fucking extra he finds 56 cents in the pockets of this fucking sweatshirt and gives the loose change back to connor and connor is just like …….bruh
- they go on walks all the time it’s their favorite date activity and evan gets so PUMPED to show connor his trees and evan is like “okay GUESS WHATS COOL ABOUT THIS ONE” and connor is like “it’s….tall.”
- connor went to see evan a lot when he worked at the park as a lil ranger thing and he LOVES evans silly uniform like it’s not even hardcore embarrassing or anything, he just gets a kick out of the fact that evan gets to wear a badge for knowing Some Facts About Trees
- evan always fixes the tags sticking out of connors shirt collars
- and connor always gets defensive like “maybe i wanted it there did you ever think of that >:|” and evan gets all cute flustered
- connor is the first to say i love u and he doesn’t make it a big deal, he just kind of says it one day and evan works himself up into a Panicked State bc he wanted to say it for the longest time but was too anxious to be the first one and now the barrier is just suddenly gone and connor loves him??? and that’s just a lot to handle so obviously evans hands get sweaty
- evan proofreads all of connors essays and connor loves watching him get lost in reading them
- ONE TIME and one time only evan gets up the courage to ask connor what the heck weed is like and connor hands him a brownie like “eat this” and evan eats the brownie and wow is he calmer or? something? and he’s being just WEIRD and connor is snorting bc it was just a normal, clean Cynthia Murphy brownie. he’d never give evan weed are you kidding me
- zoe and evan play this game where they bet on how many of connors outfit pieces are from hot topic but it’s all very discreet like “wow that’s a cool chain leather jacket connor where’d you get that from” and he’ll tell them and then one of them inevitably screams
- evan braids connors hair bc it’s calming for the both of them
- they watch nature documentaries like all the time and no one knows why or how it happens. it will be the middle of the day and somehow these two are dead asleep on the couch with natgeo on the tv at full volume
- they also watch a lot of antiques roadshow but they seek it out and genuinely have a good time with it

[TRANS] non-no Magazine 2017 Aug Issue - BTS Suga


Q1: What’s your hobby or something you’re into recently, how do you spend your holiday?

A1: I just do ordinary things in my holiday. Going to the coffee shop alone or meeting with friends, or doing nothing, that kind of everyday life is important to me. Rather than doing special things because it’s a holiday, I think relaxing and enjoying it is more important.

Q2: Tell us your fashion style or preference!

A2: I’m the type to stick to my favorite type of clothes and use for a long time rather than having various types. I think I have worn my type of clothes and also expensive clothes tons of times from debut. I want to look special even when wearing ordinarily, so I choose simple clothes now. Other than that, I don’t like exposing my skin so I wear long sleeves even in summer.

Q3: Favorite perfume?

A3: I like sweet scent but since I only use sometimes depending on my mood that day, I never use all of one kind. I like drinking coffee and I feel calm smelling the scent. Coffee’s like the substitute for water to me so I can’t live without it.

Q4: Favorite work among Japanese movies, dramas, mangas?

A4: The best manga of my life is Slam Dunk! I read my favorite work over and over so I have read it more than a hundread times. Most of the animes I watched when I was young are Japanese animes.



I first met rapping and made my bond with music in elementary school, and I’m still active and making music now. Music is the only thing that I, with no particular hobby, can do. It’s the existance that can’t be taken away from me.


The word that represents me. (laughs) I rarely look for attention, I’m passive, quiet and like being alone. I’m not that active and like lying down too so. (laughs)


My way of thinking before was to seek the answer out of either 0 or 100. For example, if someone doesn’t like me, I would ask myself “Why?” or show my emotions. But through various kinds of experiences, I have come to understand each person’s sensibility and value. I have learned to think that “every thought is possible” and open every possibility to myself.


from JIN

“Lamb skewers, furniture, goods… He’s interested in a lot of things but when he goes shopping, he only buys music equipments. This is an exclusive information only I, his roommate, knows.”

from V

“Yoongi-hyung’s really interested in Japanese lately so I often see him studying hard. And I think the way and the things he talks about have become more interesting than before. (laughs)

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  • Me: *puts my hand in my hair to itch my scalp*
  • Me: ho don't do it
  • Me: *starts pulling out hair instead*
  • Me: oh my god