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Do you know why they are saying kyungsoo has changed

I didn’t want to have to make this post. but alas, at this point, I see no other choice.

do kyungsoo has been kidnapped and replaced by a lookalike named bob: a conspiracy theory

evidence #1:

look at what his shirt says. BOB. I know what you’re thinking: isn’t this too obvious? but this is exactly what bob wants you to think. he’s hiding in plain sight.

evidence #2:

the disappearance of his undershirts. 

a quick search on google images will show you this:

non-revealing clothing, shirts always buttoned up to the topmost button, turtlenecks. 

at the mere mention of abs, kyungsoo covers up. when he sees there’s a chance his skin could be revealed he does this:

when his shirt was clinging to his body after dancing in water he covered himself with towels:

the man fucking wears tshirts under his tshirts:

but then he literally went from this

to this


evidence #3:

on idol men when the members were asked who has pets, he raised his hand:

the members have mentioned and shown their pets multiple times, even kyungsoo has talked about other members pets, but not once has he stated that he has one on his own, nor has he expressed desire to adopt one. one can only assume what doppelgänger bob is raising on his behalf.

evidence #4:

“kyungsoo” has recently been announced to enroll in university:

it is a well known fact however, that kyungsoo does not like to study, nor does he find it important:

and finally, the most telling, perhaps the most shocking evidence (caution: this is NOT for the faint of heart), I present to you

evidence #5:

in a recent airport photo, he lifted his cap to reveal this:

bob’s real hair growing in after his polyjuice potion wears off. a fatal mistake on bob’s behalf.

do kyungsoo, if you’re out there, we hope you’re well. hold on tight.

Thighs - Jeff Atkins smut

Summary : “Jeff’s seen your thighs okay. And words can’t describe how much he wants them wrapped around his head.” Basically, Jeff eating you out.  I got this idea from @tevinter-winter, so the credit goes to her for that! Check out the post I got the plot from.

Pairing : Jeff Atkins x reader

Warnings : Oral sex

Words count : 1,428

A/N : Sorry it took so long for me to post it! I had some troubles writing the end, it kinda sucks. Also, this is so long, I didn’t paid attention to the length before the end. I haven’t wrote a full smut in a while so let me know what’s wrong with it so I could make it better next time!

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I was laying on the couch, my legs over Jeff’s lap. We were at his house, his parents being away until tomorrow morning. The both of us were watching some movie on Netflix Jeff wanted to see, but I wasn’t really into it. I’ve been on my phone for the past half hour.

Jeff was so into the movie, he wasn’t really paying attention. His hands were resting on my thigh, his thumb stroking my skin lightly. I was getting inconfortable in my position and too far from Jeff as my linking, so I moved my legs a bit, this way I could cuddle up to his side. He looked down at me as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders, smiling and then kissing my forehead before focusing back on the screen in front of him.

I started to get really bored. I didn’t wanted to distract my boyfriend from his movie, as he was really enjoying it. I innocently started playing with the aim of his shirt, rolling it between my fingers, rubbing the fabric against them. I could feel the end of the movie was near, as the characters were all finding solutions to whatever situation they had going on. My free hand slid up Jeff’s side before finding his hair and playing with it, nuzzling my face into his neck.

Suddenly, his hand moved up behind my thigh and massaged my skin, some other times grabbing it. I would lie if I said it didn’t had its effect on me. I let out a soft moan against the skin of his neck as he grabbed my butt without warning. I hear him chuckle at my reaction which leads me to straighten.

“What are you doing ?” I asked smiling at him, only waiting for him to answer so I could kiss him.

“I just love your thighs.” He eyed to them, massaging them again. “They’re so soft.” I putted my legs on each side of him so I could face him properly.

“Oh, yeah ?” He nodded in respond as my face was getting closer to his, and finally our lips connected. There started the battle between our tongues, dancing in sync, with moans escaping our mouths. I pulled away for air just a second and then slowly kissed my way down his jaw, onto his neck. “Tell me more.”

Jeff moaned louder as I was sucking on his neck, determined to leave a purple mark here. “I want them-” His sentence was cut short by another moan. My core grinning on his bulge, that was getting harder with every movement I made. “Fuck- I just want to put my head between them.”

I internally froze at his words. Jeff and I were dating for a few months  and everything was amazing, but he had never eaten me out before. Not that I didn’t wanted to, oh how I wanted it, I just didn’t know how to bring it up.

“Today’s your chance then.” Our lips were back together with a heated kiss.

His hands went to my waists to help me lay down on the couch. The kiss was broken for a few seconds and he took this opportunity to attack my neck, just like I did with his a few moments before. Moans were flying out of my mouth with his hands cupping me through my shirt? I wasn’t wearing any bra under his large tshirt I had on, and he took advantage of it, sliding one hand to touch my bare skin, the other resting on my waist. He was turning me on so much. The sens of him brushing on top of my skin made me shiver, my body letting him know by tensing up underneath him followed by a louder moan escaping my lips, which caught his attention. He began to be rougher in his touch, biting my neck where he had leaved his mark while rubbing it with his tongue. I was getting impatient, feeling the hot heat between my legs burning harder with every move he made at the surface of my body.

“Jeff, please touch me.” I was so needy at this moment, needy of his tongue, his fingers, of everything he could give me.

“Anything, princess.” His kisses stopped and for a second it felt so empty not to have him against me.

He placed a lazy kiss on my lips before removing my shirt, exposing my breast to his sight. In no time, he had my left nipple in his mouth, sucking on it, massaging the other. His adorable eyes looked up to me innocently, just to witness how it got me out of my mind? He loved it, the effect he’s got on me. Seeing his abilities to make me scream for him. He didn’t waste much time after it, bringing down his hand to where I needed him the most. It only took the light contact of his hands, hovering my core to get me crying out for more friction. I started to roll my hips over his fingers, hungry for more of him.

“Someone’s eager.” He laughed while releasing my nipple with a ‘pop’, noticing my impatient behavior.

“I just need you.” As I stated my desire, my panties were slowly  being dragged down down legs, the fabric brushing against my skin causing me to shiver in anticipation.

Jeff pushed my legs apart, laying down between them, just in font of my dripping core. Looking down at him, my breath got caught in my lungs when I saw the lust in his gaze. My bottom lips was stuck between my teeth, languidly waiting for the tension to break down, those seconds seeming like forever to me. Suddenly, I could feel the warm of his tongue, delving into my folds, leading to a high-pitched moan filling the room and echoing in my ears. I could feel him lapping every corners he explored, licking all the juices coming out the second he went in contact with it.

My head collapsed against the armrest, eyes closed, picturing the work of my boyfriend between my legs. My mouth was parted open, allowing the air to pass, and also a collection of scream. I felt his fingers parting my folds just to push one in? I cried out at the mixed sensation between my legs, almost covering my mouth by how loud I was screaming.

“Oh my god, keep doing it.” I pleaded to him.

My hands went down to grab his hair, tangling on it so hard I thought I was hurting him. But that only made him moan against me, sending vibrations through my whole body. My back was arching, Jeff pushing it back down to keep me still. His hand rested on my hip, one of my mine leaving his hair to place it on top of his. He immediately moved it so our fingers will intertwined, another tender touch connecting us. As he added another finger in, my legs began to shake around his head, tightening around it and I started to see stars behind my eyelids. Electricity waves were send in my stomach making me gaps in pleasure, as I was falling apart under Jeff’s actions. Our hands unlocked and I was back at pulling his hair again. He had to keep me still and did it by wrapping both of his muscled arms around my thighs, this way I couldn’t make a move to disturb him anymore. He kept lapping on the surface of my core and every time the knot on my stomach was getting bigger.

“Jeff, I’m- I’m gonna cum.” I murmured between breaths.

He took note of it and dragged me closer to him, making me scream even more. I felt his fingers picking up the pace inside me, and it only took that for my toes to start curling up, my legs shaking harder than before. I was embracing my release, feeling it was just on the edge. Just as I let a loud moan escape my mouth, my high send vibes all over my body, tensing up. Jeff didn’t stop until I moaned softly, letting him know I came down from my release. His head popped up on top of me and he laid it on my stomach, kissing it.

“Thank you.” Was all I said, out of breath. I stroked his hair slightly, closing my eyes.

“You’re welcome, babe.” He laughed gently at my words, which made my laugh too, just before his head came to my height and kissed me with love.

  • If you know me at all you know I love 70s Marauders headcanons but I would LOVE to see more 80s Marauders AUs??? 
  • Like, no one dies and they’re all happy as clams raising Harry in the age of possibly the worst best fashion and Bon Jovi and Indiana Jones movies???
  • Give me James and Lily in their sock feet in the kitchen at 3 am because Harry can’t sleep and the only way they can get him to stop crying is to have a dance party to Footloose
  • Give me Sirius going through a hair band phase pLEASE
  • Also Sirius flying through the sky on his motorbike singing “We Built This City” at the top of his lungs (I am WEAK)
  • I want to see Lily leaving Harry with the Longbottoms to play with Neville for a night while she and the Marauders and Marlene and the whole gang goes to see Guns n’ Roses
  • How about James MELTING when he sees both Lily and Harry getting ready for bed and wearing his oversized band tshirts as pajamas???? SOUNDS NICE TO ME!!!!!
  • The Marauders serenading Remus every month with Total Eclipse of the *Moon* and they think it’s the funniest fucking thing ever
  • Give me Sirius teaching Harry how to make the rock out hand sign
  • CAn yOu imAGiNe???? the trend of wizards carrying their wands in fanny packs and wearing 80s workout gear out in public??? because they think that’s what Muggles wear day-to-day???? I sure can!!!
  • Remus watching The Wonder Years and Growing Pains religiously!!!
  • James and Sirius convincing Peter that neon yellow parachute pants actually look good on him and that yes he should totally wear them on his first date with the cute Muggle girl he met at the record store?? definitely would have happened.
  • Give me basically what would be an 80s Marauders sitcom 
  • And basically their theme song is Heaven Is A Place on Earth (I’m crying and it is 12:30 am please send help)
  • Basically we got cheated out of some quality content right there wtf JKR 

We can joke about goths being vampires all day long, but I actually wonder how many goths are Autistic. Not to say they all are, but I’ve never met a goth who wasn’t neurodivergent in at least some way.

- Most of us have unusual and intense interests/preoccupations that are considered creepy or wrong to have. Something macabre. Halloween/the supernatural/horror films/gothic lit are actually Special Interests of mine. I’m obsessed.

- Most of us were socially ostracized before we were visibly goth because we were “weird” and obsessed with weird things.

- Most of us has our loner status forced upon us due to not relating to peers/them hating us, not because we didn’t want to make friends.

- “Goths hate sunlight”. Is it all for The Aesthetic ™ or because some of us have horrible light and heat sunsitivity? Because I have always hated the sun for that reason. Also, the world is quieter and less crowded on a “dreary” day. Peaceful and beautiful.

- A lot of goth guys wear the same uniform - a black tshirt and black pants. My husband has 6 of the exact same black tshirt because he likes the way it feels and he doesn’t have to match it to anything. This is so common among autistics.

- A lot of autistics will dress to include their special interests (if they have a special interest in science they may wear a science shirt and shoes and have science posters in their rooms etc). Goth garb/decor is reflective of those macabre obsessions.

Harry trying to show commitment: ermmmm….i just fink that…..yknow…….we’ve been seeing eachother quite a bit……*sniffs*……I mean……um…..*pushes hair back*……overshley….yknow…….do you want to…….wear my old holey tshirt

i just imagine anti buying a bunch of dark merch like a sweatshirt, a tshirt, and a tank top to wear just in spite of dark like,

dark: anti what are you wearing take that off immediately.

anti: okay if you insist. *takes off dark sweatshirt*

dark: ….that too.

anti: okay. *takes off dark tshirt*

dark: …how many layers do you even have?

anti: *takes off dark tank top* there.

anti: i have darkiplier underwear, do you want me to take them off too?

dark: N O


yuri!!! on ice instagram: phichit chulanont, leo de la iglesia, & guang hong ji

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Living with Baekhyun

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  • Him waking you up by singing loudly
  • Sometimes he would be a nice boyfriend and let you sleep
  • Him sneaking into the shower when you’re in
  • You making breakfast together
  • Him stealing food from your plate
  • Him feeding you
  • You fighting over the tv remote
  • “But I want to watch music shows!”
  • “You only watch them because you want to see yourself Baek! You’ve already watched this episode!”
  • Watching puppy videos together
  • Him lifting up your tshirt whenever he has the chance
  • You wearing his hoodies
  • Him bringing Mongryeong over
  • “Why are you cuddling my dog when you have me?”
  • “Your dog is cuter”
  • You helping him dye his hair
  • Backhugs 7/24
  • Him walking around naked
  • “Wear something.”
  • “I know you like it, stop denying it.”
  • You using him as a pillow
  • Him playing with your hair
  • Cuddles on the couch
  • He would start kissing your neck as you cuddle
  • And that turns into something more later because you can’t say no to Baekhyun *wink wink*
  • You trying everything to make him moan
  •  His moan is your favourite sound
  • Him stealing the blanket at night
  • Him begging to shower together
  • “Why not?”
  • “You know, when we get into the shower together, the last thing we do its shower.”
  • You distracting him while he plays video games
  • “(Y/N) stop showing your foot into my face!!!”
  • Him being loud
  • Him making your laptop wallpaper a picture of himself
  • Cuddles on the couch
  • He would start kissing your neck as you cuddle
  • Living with Baekhyun would make you tired but you would have a lot of fun with him! 

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What is Yuuri's #1 outfit that makes the Chads go crazy? (Even the non-a/b/o universes Chads have a crush on Yuuri I'm assuming)


  • the classic, the Forever21 leggings a size too small and a Hot Topic shirt Phichit bought and put on top of the laundry pile so Yuri would wear it
    • “i mustache u to leave”
    • hedgehog “I just want a hug”
    • “nap all day sleep all night” sloth
    • (this doesn’t exist but I want it) a pichu looking very cute and “USES CHARM! IT’s SUPER EFFECTIVE”
    • cartoon raccoon, “#trashpanda”
    • cookies and milk holding hands, “MFEO<3″
  • ditto leggings, ratty tshirt fished out of free box at rink, Chads have been known to hopefully leave their own shirts in it to see Yuri Katsuki wearing it
  • if god is kind and you stalk the grocery store he likes to go to, you too may be #blessed to see Yuri Katsuki in a poodle theme hoodie with ears, soft flannel pajama bottoms, and Ugg boots
    • you’ll die of cute. but it will be worth it
  • one time a Chad managed to spill Coke on Yuri’s shirt and convinced him to wear his jersey, the Chad was immediately murdered by the other Chads but it was completely worth it to have that as his lock screen
    • sidenote: Yuri definitely has a PK Subban jersey and wears it and the Chads all want to cry 
  • jeans, fluffy aran sweater, cozy beanie 
    • is it a human or is it a PSL in human form, the Chads just don’t know
      • this is one of Victor’s favorite looks, it’s just like the epitome of “cuddlesome”
  • jeans, nice buttondown, the “I have to talk to a professor about my absences” look, or as the rest of campus calls it “There Goes Yuri K Looking Like A Hot Young Professor Again”
  • very short shorts and crop top, mostly because he isn’t expecting to see anybody else anxiety-jogging at four am in August, he’s wrong, so wrong
  • poledancing outfits including sequined booty shorts his instructor gave him for being the best, shorts have SPICY on the ass, Yuri doesn’t want to talk about it. 
  • practice gear straight from Mizuno, like he filmed an ad for them at the rink and every Chad in the arena thought he was gonna fuckin die
  • once Phichit had pity on the Chads and talked Yuri into going to a pool party and it’s not like they all died, but Yuri Katsuki in swim trunks.

because this tshirt smells like you
and I have strong lungs
I breathe in slow,
and hold it,
hold it,
slowly release;
because that is how I am trying to let you go

because my dad hates it when I ramble, I will tell you that I miss everything about you over and over
but only in my head
because you left,
and the corner of your suitcase that I tucked myself into
is getting too cramped for me to breathe
in slow,
or even at all.

because I said goodbye to you when you got on a plane,
yet you still called and told me you loved me
and yet,
I let you,
because your tshirt is in the bottom of my drawer
and when I see it
I think of you dancing in a thick, hazy fog of smoke,
brashly sliced by moonlight

because when I told you
that I wanted you to start new,
you told me you loved me,
and as my mind tried to conjure up the proper words to tell you that missing you
made my lungs weak, you asked me to never text you
again you let me down,
again you let me

because you left
because you chose to wear the soles of your shoes down on a different grain of concrete,
and I am still standing right where you said goodbye


said goodbye

because it’s been nearly two years
since you took my breath away
and sometimes I still forget
to breathe.

—  you’re not my muse, you just dragged me through hell and made it taste like heaven
The Montreal Problem

Chapter 5

Summary: The reader has big plans to spend a month in Montreal with her boyfriend. The problem? He breaks up with her just as her flight is leaving. Now she’s going to be stuck in an unfamiliar city for a month with no place to stay. That is, until an unexpected hero offers her a solution.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

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Title: FaceTime

By: GreasyGyeom

Summary: He’s been away for a while. Yugyeom x Reader. Dirty Talk/Smut/Fluff.

Playlist: 170909

Author’s Note: This is another smut(?) something I wrote instead of the smut that I was supposed to???? I have fallen down a terrible path. I hope you enjoy it and suffer with me <3

It’s a quarter past midnight and you’re sleepless; sleepless because you miss him; sleepless because you want nothing more than to be in his arms and ask him to sing you to sleep. You miss his voice. You miss his laugh. Your head is so heavy with this thoughts you think it might spontaneously combust into the night sky.

Fuck, you miss him so much.

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Peter Parker Helping You With Your Insecurities Would Include...

Request// @adrenalizinq How would (insert character) respond to your insecurities? (I would give you a name but I’m 80% sure you’ve done both Peters and that’s who I wanted so you pick)

A/N: Sorry for this unrelated gif Xx :)

Originally posted by v-writings

-Peter ordering in your favorite food so the two of you could spend the night together

-Peter marveling at you, even though your just wearing sweatpants and a simple tshirt

-”Parker, I’m just in sweats, not a ball gown”

-”Yeah, but no one makes sweatpants look as hot as you do,” he says with a stupid grin

-You punching him in the arm, jokingly, for this comment, but still feeling so thankful to have him

-Netflix marathons which Peter constantly interrupts with comments

-Peter leaving his arm around you the whole night

-Him occasionally whispering how cute or beautiful you are, or how lucky he is to have you

-You blushing furiously at ever single compliment

-Peter making fun of his own quirks to help you laugh and feel better about your own insecurities 

-”I mean at least you don’t have to stand up to bad guys in a onesie”

-”Very true” you laugh

||Soul Mate|| Theo Raeken Imagine

]Requested: “Heyy! I wanted to ask you if you would want to write a Theo Raeken imagine based on Dusk Till Dawn by ZAYN and Sia? Love u 💗💗 “

Not tryna be indie
Not tryna be cool
Just tryna be in this
Tell me, are you too?
Can you feel where the wind is?
Can you feel it through
All of the windows
Inside this room?

It was one of those nights where I felt the need to run through Beacon Hills Preserve, wanting to escape from everything going on. I sneaked out during a pack meeting at Scott’s house, feeling too overwhelmed by our current situation. Gerard Argent was forming an army, an army with one goal, wipe out the entire existence of supernatural beings.

I felt my phone vibrating, making me groan as I slowed down. I looked at my phone to see Scott calling, they noticed earlier than usual. I declined his call and continued on with my run, wanting to get to the highest point which had the best view of the moon. Most people come here for the ‘aesthetic view’. I finally made it to the top and sat on the edge. I let out a sigh, slumping down onto the leaves.

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Two Strangers : Coffee & Cuddles

Genre: Fan Fiction (Vikings)
Pairing: Ivar/Reader
Warnings: N/A
Rating: G
Length: Drabble
Disclaimer: a strict work of fiction, I own nothing except the original characters and the plot line. In no way am I affiliated to any of it.  

A/N: Because shy, sweet Modern!Ivar is too cute not to love. 

Read:  Two Strangers ,   Two Strangers: Take You Home &  Two Strangers : Doubts

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