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My three 7-10 year old nephews(?? Kids of a cousin, idk what else they would be called) LOVE me, despite the fact that I literally treat them like I treat my parrots (tho tbf I treat my parrots p. Well).
I am staying over at the cousins hous and they haven’t for a second left me alone lmao. I finally had to lock myself into my bedroom and pretend to be sleeping as I ignore their knocking and attempts to open the door. Its like 10pm when do you kids sleep??? My parents made me sleep at 8pm on weekdays when I was your age..!!

Hey Spirk fans. Especially TOS Spirk fans. If y'all haven’t watch For the Love of Spock. And listen to Leonard son saying that the homosexual out of context video of Spock/Kirk is really damn compelling. Y'all haven’t lived. If y'all have Netflix, please watch it. (Aside from the Spirk BECAUSE I WASN’T EXPECTING IT). The whole movie dedicated to Spock/Leonard is very moving.

Also who made that video? Someone should let them know it’s in this XD I also now want to watch that video. Anyone have the link to the video let me know.


Request: Hi! I’d just like to request a punk Gerard thingy where he gets jealous of some douche hitting on you and beats him up but you end up getting scared and he comforts you and everything? Thanks, I know you get a lot of punk Gerard requests, but agh! You write him so well!

“We don’t have to go Y/N. We can just stay home,” Gerard argued as I put on my heels. 

“No Gerard, I know you want to hangout with your friends so we’re going.”

“I’d much rather hangout with you though,” he grinned, resting his head on my shoulder and wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Gee, I know you want to go out tonight.”

“Okay, I do but my friends idea of bar hopping is way too rowdy and I don’t want to just leave you here.” he protested.

“I’ll be fine. Besides, I’ve never met your friends before and I really want to.” He sighed and bit his bottom lip in thought, weighing his options.

“Alright alright, we’ll go. But you have to promise me you want leave my side okay? I’m serious Y/N, a majority of the people who go to these underground raves are all either asshols or perverts so I want you to stay close to me,” he instructed seriously

.“And where did you fit in the category?

”“Probably asshole,” he admitted. “Also, I don’t want you drinking.”

“What? Why?”

“You get really excited and hard to control when you’re drunk.”

“Oh, so you have to control me now Gerard?” I huffed, crossing my arms at him.

He frowned and massaged his temples, realizing that came out wrong. “If i’m going to protect you, then yes, I need you to be a little more cooperative. Which you’re the exact opposite of when you’re drunk.”

“Fine, I won’t drink tonight,” I sighed, deciding I didn’t want to get into a big fight before we let. He sighed in relief and muttered a small “thanks” before grabbing my hand and leading me out the door.

The outside of the club was a tall behind covered from the ground up in graffiti and looked abandoned. I was sure we we’re in the wrong place

“Nope, this is it,” Gerard said, watching my reaction. “It’s not too late to back out you know.”

“Let’s go,” I said. 

“Suit yourself,” he shrugged. He instantly wrapped his arm around me protectively when we got out of the car, dirty looking every guy we walked past. The club was extremely loud, louder than the ones I’ve been to. The heavy rock music vibrated the concrete walls, echoing out through the deserted street.

Gerard led me through an alley, his grip tightening when a group of guys eyed me up and down. There was a few steps that led down to a door, abstract letters covering the steel door. Inside it was even more crazy. People were filed in shoulder to shoulder, jumping along with the ear ringing music erupting on the stage. Towards the back was a small bar, the only spot that seemed safe from getting your teeth knocked out by a crazy mosh pitter. 

I followed Gerard towards his friends, feeling anxious what they would be like. I heard good things of course, but you never knew with the type of people Gerard surrounded himself with. “Hey guys,” he said as we walked up, gesturing me to take the bar stool next to him.

“Holy shit, haven’t seen you in weeks Gee.” The shorter guy spoke up with a chuckle.

“I’ve been busy,” he shrugged, his hand lowering off my waist and grabbing my hand securely. 

“Are you gonna introduce us to your girl now or what?”

His jaw tightened but he didn’t say anything, taking a step aside so he wasn’t covering me. “Guys this is Y/N, Y/N these are my friends. of course you already know Mikey, that’s Ray, Frank, Billie, Patrick, Joel, Tyler…” The names went on and on as he pointed to each individual person, all of them wearing matching leather jackets and baring tattoos. They looked like the type of guys you see jump helpless people in alleys at night on movies, but they were all smiling politely and seemed genuinely interested in talking to me. 

I clicked the most with Ray and Frank, who Gerard considered more like brothers than just friends. While I started growing out of my shell and not clinging onto Gerard the whole time, I somehow lost him in the crowd of people. 

“Where did Gerard go?” I leaned over and asked Ray, beginning to worry. I knew Gerard and he would never stay a foot away from me in a scene like this.

Ray shrugged casually, looking around. “He probably went to the bathroom or something, he’ll be back soon,” he reassured, taking another bite of his nachos. I shifted in my seat, itching to get up and find him. Gerard and I were both clingy as hell so it drove me crazy not knowing where he was. 

“I’m gonna go see if he’s in the bathroom, he’s been gone awhile.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Ray asked, giving me a knowing look. He knew Gerard would go berserk if I wasn’t here when he got back, but I couldn’t stop myself. My curiosity was getting he best of me. 

“I’ll be right back,” I protested, getting up before he could talk me out of it. I spotted the bathrooms across the bar, squeezing past people to try and get closer to the neon sign. 

A hand latched around my wrist, preventing me from going anywhere. I gulped when I turned around and saw who the hand belong to. He was surely five times my size, towering over me. He had short blonde hair and would almost be cute if it was for the menacing grin on his face.

“Hey gorgeous, wanna dance?”

“No thanks, I have a boyfriend.”

“Oh really?” He scoffed, giving a hard tug on my wrist and pulling me into his chest. “So where is this so called boyfriend?”

“In the bathroom,” I said quickly, squirming to try and get out of his grasp.

“Well then he’s missing out. Come on baby, let’s dance,” he said again more forcefully, hands groping at my ass as I tried to push him off of me. 

“Let go of-”

In  flash, my attacker hit the ground with a gruesome smacking noise. I looked up to see Gerard hovering over him, eyes blazing and fist clenching.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing asshole? Touching my girl like that!” Gerard yelled, kicking his steel toed boots into the man’s torso.

“Look man, I-”

“Shut up!” Gerard screamed, slamming his fist into the blonde’s jaw. “Who the fuck taught you to treat women like that huh? Get up,” Gerard taunted, groaning when the guy didn’t move. “I said, get the fuck up. You and me, outside. Right now!” He challenged, leaning down and  yanking the guy up to his feet by his collar. 

A crowd was beginning to form around us, watching intently. The blonde spit out blood, glaring at Gerard. “Your girl wanted me, someone that hot needs my attention.”

If looks could kill, this guy would have dropped dead form the look Gerard was giving him. A vein popped out form the side of his neck and his jaw was clenched so hard his teeth might burst. Still holding the man up by his collar, Gerard’s fist connected with his cheek, everyone wincing at the crunching noise it made. His fist came down on him again and again, a few to his eye, to his nose, his mouth and beating in his cheek until it was purple and swollen. 

Gerard finally calmed down from his rage, looking down at his bruised and bloody knuckles and letting him go. He whirled around, eyes scanning the crowd. His eyes narrowed at me, snatching up my hand and dragging me out. “We’re leaving,” he said gruffly.

I didn’t say anything, far too scared to protest. Neither of us said anything when we got outside or the short car ride home. I knew Gerard had a temper but I’ve never seen him actually fight someone. It was terrifying and I couldn’t even look him in the eye.  

“I’m sorry,” I finally spoke up quietly when I sat down on the couch, noticing his hands were shaking. 

“Are you hurt?” He asked after a minute passed.

I shook my head, keeping my eyes locked on the floor. I flinched when he sat down next to me, instinctively scooting away.

“Baby? What’s wrong?” He asked concerned.

“I…I don’t know. I just…I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” I sighed, covering my face with my hands when I felt tears brim my eyes. I was scared of him, there was no simpler way to put it. I’ve never been scared of him before, even when he’s punching holes in the walls and screaming. But tonight, seeing what he’s actually capable of, made my legs shake and I felt nauseated.

“Talk to me,” he persisted, closing the space between us.

“What happened tonight…i’m scared Gerard, I was terrified.”

“I know, that’s why I had to teach that guy a les-”

“Not of him, of you.”

The atmosphere changed, feeling heavy and uncomfortable. I hesitantly looked up at Gerard to test his expression, expecting to see that blazing fury embedded in his hazel eyes again. But instead, they were soft and glossy, and he looked genuinely hurt. 

“You’re, you’re scared of me?”

“It’s weird…I don’t know,” I shrugged. I felt his arm wrap around me and I didn’t protest this time, letting him pull me into his chest. 

“I’m sorry, I went too far. You know I would never, ever hurt you, right?”

“I know…i’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left.”

“No no, it’s not your fault. No more scummy clubs.”

“No more scummy clubs,” I agreed, feeling comforted by his embrace. 


summary: an ace and aroflux!phan fic in which they are both writers and the lines of their relationship blur but they’re always happy with how they are.

aroflux: someone who’s romantic orientation fluctuates (so one day they might be aro, the next demiro, and so on).

warnings: very brief mention of alcohol and i think nothing else?

an: i just wanted to write something one night and this is basically a list of fluffy headcanons  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ reblogs and feedback are always appreciated!! <3 (also ty to larkspurlester who read this over for me!! ily)


They come together in the spring of their twenty third years, young and vulnerable but alone no longer. A college friend tells Dan about this writer guy, eccentric and dedicated to his writing but working in a small newspaper company. Dan’s not the most keen, but Fabian won’t relent, insists that they meet. They say, “Literally, all I ever hear from both of you is something about writing, and it’s getting old and I can’t appreciate it as much as I’d like,” and Dan huffs, rude, but relents and agrees to coffee. 

As it happens, Fabian has to leave the second he turns up. Considering this was the only factor persuading Dan to go, he deliberates leaving, ditching and apologising later. But Fabian pushes him through the door before they leave with a yell of, “Phil!” and Dan’s helpless, floundering in an awkward sea because of them - not the most articulate thing he’s said, but he’s kind of stuck here. Damn you. The first thing Phil says is an absent apology for stealing his napkin to write down an idea. Dan forgets about hating Fabian and their predicament-inducing qualities.

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300 follower smut continuation (KBTBB) Revenge - 1. Shuichi.

[My fingers are pretty much flying. I’m loving this whole idea & I can’t get my ideas down fast enough.. I’m not sure if I captured Shuichi properly but this is what I came up with. Again, Thank you to @teresa-yukibito. She is my partner in smut crime. ENJOY!]

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Smarvis of course! Vash and Wolfwood in Trigun The third one I don’t know Let me end this hahahah

Undercover Feelings

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Words: 1128


“Why must I go undercover?” Kylo Ren asked you. He was in the refresher room changing into his disguise and you were laying on his bed waiting for him to come out.

“Kylo, this is a chance to see what everyone does while you’re not around. Not to mention what kind of stuff they say behind your back.”

“What do you mean?”

You smirked to yourself, “You’ll find out when you go out there. Now hurry up!” You called out to your friend and colleague. 

He came out with a big frown on his face. You bit your lip to prevent you from laughing, “I look foolish.” Kylo Ren said. He fashioned a blonde wig, glasses, an orange vest, and a grey jumpsuit. 

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Kol reading your diary

Based on THIS imagine.  This went in a completely different direction than I had first thought it was going to go, so it got a little long.  Enjoy lovies!

Edit:  Part two is now up HERE

The school day had been long, and the only thing you wanted to do when you got back to your house at the end of the day was curl up and watch some good old fashion trashy television.  Letting yourself into the house you toed off your shoes and let your backpack drop to the floor.  Turning the corner into the living room you quickly realized that your plans of a relaxing evening wasn’t meant to be when you spotted Kol sitting on your couch, deeply engrossed in a book.

“Note to self, change the locks on the doors.”  You teased him, shaking your head as you hopped over the back of an arm chair to sit.

“You and I both know that I’ll still find a way in.  Especially after finding such juicy reading.”  Kol replied, glancing up at you from the book and holding it up so you could see the leather cover more clearly.  You were confused at first of what book he could be reading that had interested him so much.  Staring at the cover, your eyes widened with realization as you stood quickly from the chair.

“Is that my diary!?”  You screeched at the vampire perched on your couch.  Before he could answer you had run towards him, trying to grab the journal from his hands.  Kol wasn’t about to give it back easily, however.  He was off the couch by the time you reached it, and was up leaning against a wall on the other side of the room.

“His eyes are so stunning, I could get lost in them all day.”  He read, a smirk pulling at his face as he flipped through a few pages.


“Here’s a new one.”  He glanced up at you before back down to your writings.  “I had a dream last night about Kol.  It was amazing to say the least.  It left me breathless - “

“God, Kol STOP.”  You begged, lurching forward to grab at the diary one more time.  Again he avoided capture, taking his spot back on the couch as his eyes continued to scan the most recent entry to your diary.

“When I woke up I had reached out for him, thinking that he would be there, but only being greeted with cold sheets.  It was gut-wrenching.”  He read again.  At this point you knew that he had read the most intimate parts of your entries and there was no point in trying to get the writings back from him.  Your privacy had been corrupted.

“I hate you.”  You muttered, leaning back against the wall and hugging yourself as you glared at Kol.  It felt like your whole life had just been put under a microscope.  You were exposed, vulnerable, and you hated the feeling.  Embarrassed tears threatened to leak from your eyes as Kol finished reading the entry and slowly closed the diary.

“Not according to this, you don’t.”  He teased as he set the book down on the coffee table and turned to look at you.  Scanning your face quickly, he knew that he had crossed a line.  The harmless teasing that he had meant to inflict upon your day had taken a turn for the worst.

“That was before.  This is now.  Now I hate you.”  You replied, venom seeping into your words.  Taking another moment to pity yourself you straightened up, uncrossing your arms and letting them fall to your sides.  “Get out, Kol.”

“Y/N…”  He began, rising to his feet and frowning at you.  His mind was quickly reeling for a way to make this better.  To ease your pain.  He hadn’t expected to find anything of that magnitude in your diary, or else he would’ve chosen a different way to get under your skin.  At most he had expected to find a petty lie you had told someone, not the fact that you had feelings for him.  Feelings that he very much reciprocated.

“Leave!”  You shouted, glaring at the stunned man.  He gaped at you like a fish before bowing his head and turning towards the front door.  Time.  What you needed was time.

After the front door had closed behind him you snatched the diary off of the coffee counter and clutched it to your chest for a few minutes.  The tears that had been threatening to fall finally slid tracks down your cheeks before splashing silently onto the floor.  Angrily, you stomped to the fireplace across from the couch and used the lighter you left near it to set the logs aflaim.  When the fire was sufficiently built you kneeled in front of it, running a hand over the cover of the diary as you inwardly battled.  Eventually, you chucked the half filled book into the fireplace, watching the flames devour the pages of writing.  Sitting back against the hardwood floor you watched the pages melt apart, ink bubbling and dissipating until nothing remained of the journal.  

Into the Fire, Pt. 2

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,565

Summary: The Reader finds out Sam is back in the life. 

Warnings: There’s like two or three swear words. And major cliff hanger. AGAIN.

A/N: For @one-shots-supernatural SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge. Prompt this week was: “Oh my god, you’re in love!” This idea came from a conversation I had earlier this week with @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit about our favorite versions of Sam Winchester. So, my dear Moz, here is some Canon Baby Sam for you. 

PT. 1

Originally posted by supernaturalismykryptonite

There was a smile playing on his lips, but it was wary, his eyes full of apprehension and regret. You weren’t sure what you had expected from Sam in that moment.

“How did you find me?” It was almost a whisper, his surprise evident.

“I didn’t actually. Dean found me in the bar, but not on purpose. Then I yelled at him, he yelled at me, and here I am. Not sure what he expects to happen by dropping my drunk ass off here though,” you explained. It was the best you could come up with on the spot without sounding like a total fool.

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Star Trek Beyond: My thoughts

Hands down my favorite of the three movies. Will definitely be seeing it in theaters again. 

Red alert. Warning. Spoilers ahead. I suggest not reading until you watch the movie because none of what I’ll say will make sense. Unless you don’t care about spoilers, then by all means read ahead. (Remember I tagged this post and other spoiler posts and art #stb spoilers so blacklist that tag)

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I watch you spin around in your highest heels / You are the best one of the best ones

“Mr. Styles,” you saluted playfully as you walked past him as he spoke to a guest in the function room.

“Hello, my kitten,” he smiled brightly as you passed him. You made him smile all the time. Right now, you were busy at work, and so was he. You were the wedding coordinator at the lovely resort. Over the course of one summer you could plan a lot of weddings. Harry admired how well you worked. You were quick, efficient, friendly, and just lovely.

Harry started calling you kitten for the first time when you were sixteen. You arrived to the resort as you always did, this time planning your very first wedding for your mother and your new step-father. You begged your mom to let you try and much to everyone’s delight, it worked. Everyone was amazed that there were no hiccups. Every, single, solitary thing went smoothly. There were no bridezilla moments, nothing went wrong. It was tremendous practice for you future where you hoped, if you were lucky and the resort was willing, you could put a wedding planning office in the resort while you were there over the summer.

Later that night, Harry found you by the pool, your feet in the water while your mom and step-dad went off on their honeymoon. You were staring up at the stars, the cement digging into the back of your thighs on the edge of the pool. “You did a lovely job,” he smiled. You smirked tiredly.

“I hid every disaster that threatened to strike,” you told him. You were still wearing your bridesmaid dress, a deep purple that made your tanned skin pop. You rolled it high up so it wouldn’t get wet.Harry, who had seen you in a bathing suit and had seen your thighs before, couldn’t think of anything more beautiful than your legs, tanned and dress rolled up high. You looked like a princess.

“There were disasters?” He asked in shock. “You sneaky little kitten,” he chuckled. “I don’t think anyone had a clue,” he smirked as he dipped his toes in the water next to you. You hooked your ankle around his under the water.

“All weddings have problems. You have to hope someone is kind enough to care and not let them happen,” you said with a shrug. “I love my mother, and my step-father,” you told him. “I wasn’t going to let a single thing ruin their day,” you explained quietly.

He smirked. Harry couldn’t believe how lovely you were. He vowed to himself right then, that he wouldn’t let anything happen to your wedding to stress you out. Whether he married you (like he wanted to) or not.

Harry was a caterer for the resort, working at weddings you planned walking around with dishes of hors d’ouervres, glasses of champagne, or pieces of cake. Sometimes he worked the bar and made drinks. After you planned your mom’s wedding, you planned one of her friend’s wedding. Then it rolled from there. You had binders and binders of weddings. A phone book of numbers for all kinds of things from cakes to flowers to makeup artists.

Harry admired you. You did this as a summer thing, but obviously planned weddings all throughout the year leading up to this moment. You were in charge of ordering people where to walk, when to sit and stand. All that jazz. Harry loved watching you work. You were friendly, you got everyone involved and despite how other wedding planners acted, you were patient and never acted like you were better than your clients. And you were so young. People thought it was incredible how organized and perfect you were for this. And it wasn’t even something you wanted to do.

“It’s just a hobby.”

“Kitten, hobbies are like knitting…or stamp collecting. What you do is a full time job,” Harry said knowingly.

Harry was currently walking around with a dish of mini eclairs. Your favorite weddings to plan were for people who were barely into their twenties. You prayed they’d stay together and make your job worth it…and God, did you love how cute their weddings were and simple. They often asked for fun things like an ice cream bar or an unconventional wedding cake.

You stole an eclair and kissed his cheek. “Thanks, babe,” you smiled and made sure everything was going well. Harry could never get over how beautiful you looked.

You two started dating a few weeks after your mother’s wedding. Harry had taken you to the pool deck after a wedding and sat with you in the hot tub. “Do you wanna do that for a living?” He asked as the bubbles subsided. You each had been on your feet for way too long and you needed to relax.

“No…” you shrugged. “I want to help people I think…I think I want to be a child therapist or something…” you explained. “Children are only going to get worse…the world is…Jesus it’s ruining everything about innocence and whatnot,” you told him.

He stared at you. “Have you ever planned your wedding?” He asked curiously.

You nodded. “For the most part,” you hesitated to tell him. “I’m not…like, really girly about it, you know? I just have it planned. I wouldn’t like, force it on anyone I dated…you know? It’s just there. And then when and if I ever need it,” You trailed off.

He did know. He knew you would have it planned. Of course he did. Of course you planned it. Why wouldn’t you have planned it? You were always prepared. He didn’t like your if statement at all. You were going to get married. There’s no way you wouldn’t be married. “What are you missing?”

“A guest list and the groom,” you smiled shyly.

He chuckled. “You’re going to get married here, right?” He wondered.

“Mm,” you smiled. “Hopefully, it’s the best place on earth,” you reminded him.

He smiled and looked up at the stars for a few moments. This is the best place on earth. But it was the best place on earth because the two of you had spent twelve summers together at the beach club. And every summer it got better. You didn’t know how, but it got better–at some point you thought it might get worse, since the two of you were getting older and you didn’t want to do the stuff you always did…but it only got better. It was heaven on that beach. And Harry never wanted it to end. “Kitten,” he whispered suddenly.

“Hmm?” You sighed sinking down a bit into the water to sit next to your best friend. Each of you were deeply in love with one another–neither of you knew that you were in love with one another. But to other people it was obvious. Harry and you talked like you were married. He rolled his eyes at you when you told him to be safe while out and about. He scolded you when you lifted things heavier than he wanted you to carry. He held your door open and you’d fight over who was buying who dinner. You argued and laughed like you two had been together forever. And in some ways, you were. Part of you hoped that you two would date…but then the rational part of you assumed that Harry would want to be with a girl in his hometown…someone he’d see more than four months a year.

He clasped your fingers together beneath the water. “Would you ever consider that I could be the person you marry?” He asked softly.

You blushed and turned to look at him. He was staring right at you and his eyes looked so sure. “Harry–”

“Hear me out, love,” he whispered softly. “I…I’ve known you for years. And I’ve never told you this, but last night, when I saw you playing with your little flower girls, all I could think about is how lovely you’d be as a mother…” he continued. “And I’m in love with you. Have been since we were little and your mom put you in a timeout for defending me and pushing those boys in the sand because they stole my swing,” he smiled. “So…when you told me a couple weeks ago that you want someone who loves and cares enough to make sure nothing goes wrong at the wedding I realized I wanted to be that person for you–I want you to have the perfect wedding, and I won’t let anything happen to you,” he said softly. “But I want to be that person for you every day.”

You gaped and your heart was bubbling almost as much as the hot tub. “Harry, I–”

“Before you say something,” he said softly, nervously. He heard the hesitation in your voice and he wanted you to love him–he needed to make a case for himself. “I want to remind you that I know everything about you and I love all the parts that you hate. And I always will,” he said softly. “I love you,” he smiled sweetly.

Tears filled your eyes. “I love you,” you whispered. “I love you so much,” you said softly. He smiled and cupped your face and pressed kisses to your face and lips for hours.

And now Harry was watching you hand your cards out to other people looking to get married. You were dressed professionally, in a long beige curve-hugging skirt, pink peep-toed pumps and a white blouse and a pink cardigan. You were adorable and Harry was so lucky to have you all these years. He smiled as you showed your ring off. The one he had gotten for you last year. A symbol of your three-year anniversary.

He smirked. Your wedding was at the end of the month. You planned it all year and you were totally excited to be Mrs. Styles. Harry proposed to you on the swing set the year before. He told you that being boyfriend and girlfriend was everything he wanted. “But I want you. All of you. For the rest of your life. All mine,” he said. He presented the beautiful ring, he knew it was perfect for you. “But boyfriend and girlfriend won’t cut it for what I want.”

“I love you,” you said softly and he grinned and wrapped his arms around you. He slid his ring in place and now he watched you giggle delightedly, your cheeks turning pink as you showed off how in love you were.

Harry set the empty tray down. “You okay?” Zayn asked, he was watching him ogle. Harry smiled.

“She’s just beautiful,” Harry said quietly. “And she’s perfect,” he continued. “By this time next month, she’s going to be my wife…she’s going to be Mrs. Styles,” he whispered in near shock.

Zayn smirked as he looked at his own girlfriend. He kissed her temple. “Do we have to crash that one, or do we get an invite,” he asked. Harry rolled his eyes. He wasn’t supposed to be here, but Harry wouldn’t say anything.

“I’ll let you crash on an invite, how about that?” He asked with a laugh.

Zayn nudged Harry and he turned to face you. “Hi kitten,” he smiled.

“Hi, Har-bear,” you whispered.


Harry spun you around and dipped you as he pulled you onto the dance floor. You giggled and your cheeks flushed red, you were breathtaking. “Kitten, you’re so beautiful,” he whispered with a bright smile. He pulled you closer to him and smelled your hair. His lips brushed against the tip of your ear. You hair was beautiful and Harry was so happy to be around you…as always…but when you said I do, he lost it and started crying. He tried to hide it; and he did, enough. He said I do back, he kissed you and walked you up the aisle.

He tugged you into the bridal suite and he cried into your neck as he held you. “I love you,” he cried. “I love you so much,” he sniffled. He pulled away and wiped his face with a handkerchief. “God, you look beautiful,” he whispered. “You look just…perfect,” he kissed your eyes and brushed his thumbs along her cheeks. “You’re my wife,” he mumbled and stared at you. You could hardly breathe. “Mrs. Styles,” he said softly. You giggled. Your heart screamed. You were your best friend’s wife. You married your best friend.

You smiled shyly and he wrapped his arms around you. “I love you,” he said as he held you close to his body. “I love you so much,” he told you swaying you around the dance floor.

You grinned and rested your head on his chest. “Harry,” you said softly.

“What, baby girl?” He asked.

“You kept your promise,” you mumbled and pressed your lips to his neck.


“That you wouldn’t let anything bad happen,” you told him.

“Of course, darling,” he whispered. He rubbed your back as he sang along to the song playing. Watch you spin around in your highest heels. He twirled you and you laughed as he chuckled back and held you tight. “You’re the best one,” he said softly. “My only one,” he whispered. “Mrs. Styles.”

“I love you, Mr. Styles,” you said softly and cupped his face ready for the flashes to start as you kissed your husband. “Best of the best,” you whispered to him and slid your lips to his as you danced around in your highest heels.



“Michael?” You questioned, carefully walking into the dark hotel room. “Michael?” You repeated again. Michael did not respond and dug his head more into the pillow. “Hey” you coo’ed, sitting down beside him, flicking on the light. As soon as the room had lit up Michael turned around so he was not facing you anymore. Grumbles left his mouth as he tried to hide his puffy red eyes from you. “Michael what is going on?” You questioned getting more worried by the second. “Nothing” He said, trying hard to not burst into tears, again. Michael shook your hand of his shoulder and dug his head under the pillows. “Michael” you tried again. “I SAID NOTHING OKAY” he suddenly said straight up throwing his hands in the air. Tears started to stream down his cheeks “it sure doesn’t look like nothing” you argued silently. “I am just feeling very home sick. There you have it, now go away and laugh at me.” Michael laid back down and you followed him, pushing his back against your chest as you formed the bigger spoon. “Why would I laugh about that Michael?” Michael grumbled something in the lines of I don’t know and cuddled more into you. “I would never laugh at you, for something like this” you whisper in his ear before pecking his cheek lightly. “Promise?” “Promise” he smiled up to me “thank you” you shrugged and pulled Michael closer. “No problem, softie” you added giggling hoping to lighten the mood.


“Luke?” you questioned walking into the hotel room. Luke did not respond but you could hear him in the shower, so you walked into the bathroom and sat on the sink. “The boys are going out tonight and asked if we wanted to tag along” Luke made a soft sound, which you could not place immediately until he did it again, louder this time. Within a second you got rid of your clothes and joined him in the shower. “Hey” you whispered, lightly placing your hand on his back. Luke turned around and pulled you into a hug straight away. “Hey” You spoke again, lifting his head of your shoulder. His hand were shaking and his eyes red and puffy of the tears. “What is wrong” Your thumb started to stroke his cheek, Luke’s cheeks heated up and he looked away avoiding your gaze. “It is stupid” Luke whispered, “No it is not, it clearly got you upset” you argued back, forcing Luke to look you in the eyes “I just” he started out before sobs interrupted him. He dropped his head onto your shoulder again and pulled your closer. His whole body was shaky and you started drawing things on his back to calm him down. “I just” he tried again, taking a deep breathe “I am really missing home” he managed to choke out, feeling his lip trembling against your shoulder before he bursted out in sobs again. “It is okay Luke” you hushed him, guiding him out of the shower and covering you both with a towel. Luke was so much taller than you and he was throwing all of his weight on you, tried pushed my off lighty. Luke lazily plopped down on the bed and got under the covers as you threw some clothing on before you got in next to him. “Do you want to talk or just cuddle?” You whispered in Luke’s ear, straight away his hands found your hips and he pulled you down into his embracing. He buried his head into the crook of your neck, lazily placing kisses on your neck as you whispered sweet nothings to him. Luke’s cries slowly turned into a steady breathing and not long after into soft snores, still clutching onto your body like his life depended on it.


You knew Calum would be skyping his family after the show so to give him some privacy you went up to Luke’s room and hung there for a bit. You knew that when you came back Calum would be sad, but you did not expect him to be curled up in a bowl, bawling his eyes out. You directly ran to him, gently lifting him up a bit so his head was resting on your lap. ‘’I was talking to Mali an.. and..’’ Calum started rapidly, getting out of breathe because of the sobs. ‘’Ssssh, take your time babe’’ you hushed him, leaning down to kiss his hair. One thumb wiped his tears away whilst the other hand played with his hair. ‘’I.. I.. jus-‘’ Calum tried again but sobs held him back ‘’you do not have to talk about it, we can just sit here until you feel better’’ I suggested and Calum heavily nodded, burying his face in my thighs. You hated seeing Calum sad, let alone crying. You liked to pictures Calum as a happy puppy so when he was sad it broke your heart. Calum was from nature already a very cuddly person but when he was sad it only increased more. ‘’I am ruining your jeans’’ he stuttered with a thick voice through his tears, you laughed at him ‘’it is okay, they will dry.’’ You knew the best way to cheer Calum up was let him cry it all out and then watch a movie. So after a solid 15 minutes Calum lifted his head of your lap and looked up at you. You wiped his tears away and kissed him gently. ‘’Ew, teary kiss’’ you teased him, he pouted at you and you laughed pecking his pout. ‘’Which movie do you want to watch?’’ ‘’None, can we just cuddle and tell stories?’’ I nodded and laid down ‘’can I be the little spoon?’’ Calum asked quavering, you nodded and enveloped him in your embracing starting off a story of when you were on holiday with friends.


“Baby?” “Hm” Ashton poked your side gently as you hummed in disapprovement wanting to focus on your book. “Babe” he whispered, nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck and pecking it lightly. “What is it Ash?” You sigh and turn to him. His eyes were dull and a bit puffy, he had dark bags and red cheeks of sleepiness. Ashton his scheduele had been really tight recently and he had barely gotten sleep. “I am homesick, can we cuddle?” He cocked his head to the side. Ashton was never the one to hold back his feelings for you, he always was straight up about what he was feeling. Today was no exception, “please?” He added whispering, his voice going a bit higher as he questioned it. You nodded and opened your arms as he crawled into them and kissed you cheek before nuzzling his head against you chest. ‘’I just hate not being there for them’’ Ashton mumbled. ‘’Ash, this is your job. They understand that you will not be home a lot’’ you tried to reason him. ‘’I know but now that Lauren gets bullied I feel like a shit brother, I should be there for her and Harry looks up to me so much but I am not here and I feel like I am not a good brother and rolemodel to him and I do not want hi mto turn into someone like me who is never there and I just want to go home and be Ashton the big brother again and babysit them like I used tos o my mum can go out and we would make cookies and watch a movie and.. and.. I just realy miss them a lot.’’ Ashton rambled whilst you listened, playing with his hair because you knew how much that calmed him down. Ashton’s words turned into sobs and you pulled him closer into your embrace and kissed his hair. ‘’It will be okay Ashton, they know how much you try. And two more weeks and you are home yeah?’’ Ashton nodded slowly, still crying into your shoulder. ‘’Th..thank you’’ Ashton chocked out inbetween sobs, kissing your shoulder before fully bursting out into tears. ‘’You could always watch movies with the boys when you feel homesick.’’ You suggest, earning nods from Ashton.

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[AU Series] L.H. Mr. Hemmings Pt. 12

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3* | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7* | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10* | Part 11* | Part 12* | Part 13*

Warning: **Smut**

“Luke give it to me!” You growled at him whilst jumping your heart out to get the spatula in Luke’s hand which was up in the air. He smirked watching as you tried so hard to jump for it. “Come on baby, you can do it! A little more.” He teased, you decided to bake a cake since you felt like doing so. “Luke I swear! Give the damn spatula.” You groaned and tip toed whilst using his chest as a support. “I don’t want to, give me a kiss.” He demanded, you rolled your eyes, “I don’t want to.” You sticked your tongue at him. He was totally being childish right now. “Please Luke, let me just finish this, yeah?” You pleaded, and he chuckled pecking your nose before giving you the spatula. You grinned at him and you jumped to give him a quick peck.

It was Saturday morning and Luke was staying at yours. You had come to an agreement that he would spend the weekends over yours, and you’d spend the weekdays over his. Today was a lazy day for you two, you decided to just stay in at home and absolutely do nothing. Except this. You fold the batter until it was smooth then placed it into the cooking tray. You had set the timer for 20 minutes for the mixture to be in the oven.

“See that would’ve been quicker if you had given the damn spatula.” You went back to the spatula-fight. “Yeah? But hey, I wouldn’t exchange the cute look on your face for the cake.” He smiled widely. “I really can’t imagine you being that romantic guy,” you told him, he said it himself that he wasn’t the flowery or dating guy, but look at him now. “I never said I am that romantic guy, that’s exclusively only for you,” he leaned a short peck on your forehead.

“I’ll just take a short shower.” Luke announced and you nodded. “The cake will probably be done by the time you finish,” you informed him and he nodded. He went to your bedroom and collected some change of clothes then headed to the bathroom. Whilst you were waiting for both the cake and Luke, you turned on the tele to entertain yourself. You were watching the opening credits with your phone in hand when someone ringed the doorbell. You put your phone in your short’s pocket, “Ugh,” You groaned, but stood up and fixed Luke’s oversized white tops that you wore and your hair.

You opened the door and suddenly, the person advances to you covering your airways with hanky. You struggled for a bit knocking over the vase next to the door until you blacked out.

Luke came out of the bathroom fully dressed with his black skinny jeans along with a white button up shirt, which had a few buttons left undone. His hair wet, but a towel hanging over his blonde locks. He smelt the burnt cake dough, “Y/N, the cake is fücking burning,” he joked which wasn’t even a joke cause ot was literally true. He head to the kitchen which was the found on the other side of the living room. He turned the oven off and pulled out the burnt cake. He narrowed his eyes when he didn’t receive a reply from you. “Y/N?” He called once again heading to the living room. The door was left ajar and he noticed the knocked over glass, that was when he hissed a curse. “Shït.” He fumed and immediately looked for his phone. Angrily he dialled his private security team and the police. “Fück. Fück. Fück.” He cursed grabbing his car keys and ran down the steps. Lifts seemed the least option.

He dialled Michael’s phone, “Mate, what’s up, you’re calling the wrong time, I’m in the middle of a meeting?” Michael answered and Luke had a few seconds paused before replying. “Y/N got taken away by her stalker,” horror in voice was visible. “What?!” Michael screeched and Luke heard a lot of shuffling around. “Cancel this meeting right now, I have an emergency. Out now!” Michael scowled at his board meeting, Luke hearing everything. “Any clue on her where abouts?” Anxiously Michael asked, “I hadn’t been informed on anything yet, fück.” He groaned. “I’ll send my search team as well,” he told Luke before getting off the phone.

An hour had been past and there were still no news about you. “Y/N…” he bit his lips, hands over the steering wheel gripping it hard. His phone rang, he answered it via the car’s speakers. “Sir, we’re getting signal from Miss Y/N’s phone,” his head of security informed. “Where is she?” He demanded, “I don’t think it’s the best idea for you to go there, sir, we’ll handle it.” Fück sake, he slammed his fist on the steering wheel making it honked. “Where the fück is she?” He demanded in a more harsher tone, the security replied immediately telling him that you were supposed to be at an old rundown building just before exiting Sydney, still a very populated area though. He drove off not caring about speed limits. He could careless getting fines than get you hurt.

You awoke from the incident finding yourself at an old looking building. Your hands and feet were tied. You tried to struggle, but the more you attempt at freeing yourself the more hurt you received.

“You’re awake, princess.” A somewhat familiar voice spoke, calling you a pet name. However, you couldn’t pinpoint who it was. “How was my gifts to you? Were they to your likings?” The masked person asked as he neared you. Your eyes filled with fear as he got a step closer to you. The gap between you two were closing. He was crawling closely to you, his hands on your thighs and you squirmed at the contact making your eyes wet. You muffled incoherent replies as a cloth was preventing you to speak. Your eyes continued to let wet tears drop, you kicked him with your tied feet to push him away from you. “Fück. Fiesty, was that why that CEO likes you? I knew you’d be like this, that’s why I like you too,” he laughed regaining his position. He once again advanced near you, he begun to place hot and lewd disgusting kisses on your neck. You muffled and muffled, trying to struggle to keep him away from you. “Stay still.” He slapped you hard across your face. Your fears over this psycho grew. All you could think about was Luke. His hands were all over you making you cringed. You couldn’t do anything about it, you murmured Luke’s name over and over again. “Stop calling that man’s name, I am here can’t you see?” He irritatedly scowled at you, but you continued.

He removed the cloth from your mouth and grabbed your mouth forcing you to kiss him. You refused to kiss this psycho, so you spitted on him. “Get the fück off me.” You angrily yelled, disgusted with both yourself and the man. You wiped your lips to your shoulder hoping the disgusting wetness over your lips goes away. “Luke!” You yelled, making the man’s brow furrowed over you. “He’s not coming for you.” He grinned a winning smile. “He will, and when he comes get your ass off ready.” You knew Luke would come for you, you knew he would. “Your mine,” he whispered in your ears, and you scoffed. “I am Luke’s and will never be yours, psycho.” This skunk was over the top of his head, the fears within you leveled with the nauseating feelings towards this man. If your fears grew and you showed him that, it wouldn’t do you any good.

You yelled over and over for Luke’s name and that made the man snapped. He pulled out a small knife out of his pocket. “Shut the fück up!” He pointed the tip of the knife in your chin, you held your breath in. “I thought so too.” He taut. He then ripped the top you were wearing using the knife he had. Your body was exposed to him, you closed your eyes fearing for the worst. He waisted no time to caress your breast and licking your immoble body. His hands let go of the knife, you adjusted yourself to be able to get the knife. He continued sucking on your skin leaving visible marks, you got the knife and started to cut the ties that tangled your feet. You couldn’t properly do your hands, but this was enough for you to be able to ran. He held your hips. He felt your phone sticking out. “Fück.” He hissed as he pulled out your turned on phone, how stupid was he doing an abduction and abducting a CEO’s girlfriend leaving the phone on? This was your cue to run however, you guessed that you were probably not at the ground floor.

As he was busy with your phone, you took the liberty to stand up and ran for it. You ran immediately to find the steps, you quickly navigate them and started to ran down. “Get back here,” you heard steps following after you. You didn’t focused on it, but continued to ran down. You were at the ground floor before you knew it. You feet were covered with splints and it hurt you. You stumbled over and he had caught after you. “Let go of me!” You struggled, he was behind you his arm snaked over your waist and the other over your hair. He gripped your hair hard amking you cry in pain. He wasn’t just a stalker, but a fücking sexual harasser or even a rapist. You were tainted by someone else’s filthy hands. He sniffed your neck, caressing your thighs unbuttoning your jean-shorts (jorts). You heaved a screech holding your breath. His hands slid inside, “No, no, no!” You chanted, “You like it this way, huh? I can do better than that man.” You cried, you were disguted, he was touching you. You could feel his hands in your sex. “Hmm. Do you feel that?” He lewdly whispered in your ears. The hands that was gripping your hair crawled to your beast. He caressed it roughly, he placed his fingers to your mouth. “Maybe you’re ready?” You were in a trance, you struggled more when you heard that. Your orld crumbled, but you’d rather die than him raping you in the broad daylight. “Luke!” You called, why can’t no one hear you? Why can’t he hear you?

“Let go of her, you dick head,” you heard the so familiar voice you had been wanting to hear. “Luke!” You cried. Luke in a matter of seconds launched a hard punch to the masked man making him tumble over the ground. Luke took off the cover and continually punched him until his knuckles bled and so does the so familiar looking already crooked face. It was your co-worker, Brent. The one who insisted to get you home that time you went drinking with the others. He had nearly raped you. You were tainted, he touched you.

Luke was overly angry and he could kill this guy if you hadn’t asked him to stop. The guys was already knocked out. “Stop now, Luke! You might kill him,” you voiced, since your hands were still tied all you could do was gave him a reassuring kiss that you were okay. Before he let the guy alone he made sure to kick his balls hard making sure he wouldn’t be able to use it in the future.

Soon the place was filled with the sound of sirens. He backed away and looked at your state. His eyes filled with fear and sorrow. He inched towards you and engulfed you with a tight hug. He pressed a kiss on your forehead. He wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if you had gotten any more worse than this.

He lifted you up and you burried your face to his chest. “Sir,” saluted the search party and the police. “That guy’s inside.” He said, there was a huge search party scattered around Sydney for the past two hours. Michael’s private search party was present, the news got to Ashton’s and Calum’s, they too sent their own search parties to help navigate you.

“Y/N!” A distraught voice of Cee called. You looked to the voices direction and saw Cee crying. Luke put you down and Cee launched onto you. “Are you alright, sweetie?” She asked in concern and you nodded in reassurance. “I am fine.” You voiced. The medics came and led you onto the ambulance. “I’ll be fine Cee, Michael…” you told them before the ambulance door closes. Luke was with you. You held Luke’s hand throughout giving it a squeeze. The medics sedated you on the way to the hospital.

You were placed into a private room of the hospital, Luke paced back and forth. He was crossed at himself for not being able to protect you when he said he would. “Fück.” He ruffled his hair, he was a walking mess. “This is all my fault.” He whispered, “It wasn’t your fault, Luke.” You croaked and his attention immediately flew to you. He rushed to your side sitting on the edge of the hospital bed. Tears were falling down his eyes, it broke your heart. “Stop crying Luke, that is so not like you,” you joked trying to ease him. He leaned his head to your shoulder. He was hard on himself, your bruised hand caressed his tousled hair and rocked yourself back and forth to comfort Luke. “It wasn’t your fault.” You repeated again and again to him.

When he calmed down, he looked you in the eyes and stared at you for however many hours. He held your hands tightly, he leaned a short passionate kiss to your lips. It was warm, sweet and it terribly eased you off your own worries. “I was so worried.” He spoke and you soften your gaze to him. “I know you were, I am sorry you had to go through that feeling,” you pressed tpur forehead against his. “I am sorry, I wasn’t there,” he apologized. “You’re here now, that’s all it matters.”

The doctor came and told you that you needed a lot of rest as you were probably unconsciously understressed when you were abducted. It was the worst 2 hours of your life. You asked if you could be cleared today, you didn’t like hospitals. After convincing both Luke and the doctor, the doctor gave you the permission to be cleared. Luke called his private doctor to head to his pad to do hourly check on you when you and him get there.

You arrived at Luke’s pad with the wheelchair because he refused to let you walk. He pushed through the inside and headed you to his bedroom. He carried you to his king-sized bed, as he was to head back to the door you held him tightly. “Stay. Please stay with me,” you couldn’t help, but the tears rundown your face. It psychologically damaged you too. Of course it would, you knew it, however many times you convinced yourself it was fine, it wasn’t. “He touched me Luke.” You murmured to him, fear in your voice filled as he might not want you anymore. You were touched by someone else’s hand. “I feel so disgusted with myself, he touched me down there… he left marks on me.” You cringed, you hugged yourself in distress. “I hate myself. I hate it.” You bawled, Luke as well in distraught because of that man you were in pain emotionally and psychologically. His words willn’t be enough to ease you. “Y/N, look at me.” He softly said, but you were now too embarassed to even face him. “Please. Look at me.” He again pleaded. You slowly brought yourself to look at him with shame in your eyes. “It wasn’t you, it was him. Don’t hate yourself for what that man did.” He said, “He will pay for it, I’ll make sure to use all my powers to get that shït locked down for life.” His orbs glowing dark, with his social standing and the power he held he sure can lock down that man for life.

“I love you, do you hear me? It doesn’t change the fact that I love you.” He assured you. He stayed with you for the rest of the time just repeating how much he loves you. He would never get tired of however many times he had to utter those words to make you better.

When you fell asleep, he immediately dialled his secretary to hand him over your parents number.

He ringed your parents, after a few rings they finally answered. “This is Y/L/N residence, how could we help at this hour?” It was quite late about 8pm maybe. Of course people didn’t expect unusual call at this hour. “Hi, this is Luke Hemmings,” he paused waiting for your mum to reply. “Oh, Mr. Hemmings, Y/N’s boss, right? How can I help?” Your mum asked. “Yes, I hope you could fly out to Sydney as soon as possible, I will fax the ticket for you ma'am and your husband,” he informed leaving the part that also he was your boyfriend, he knew parent’s comfort was the best thing that you’ll received. “Oh, is there a matter?” She asked, “There was an incident that happened, I know Y/N needs your comfort the most.” His voice wavering which was unheard of. Luke explained briefly what had happened and your mum had said they’ll be there first thing in the morning.

Luke couldn’t sleep, he kept an eye on you until the morning. He knew the man was already taken away, but he couldn’t forgive himself for taking his eyes of you. He sent his chauffeur to picked up your parents at the airport. He looked at you sleeping peacefully, he gave you a peck in your forehead making you stir. “Luke…” you mumbled. “I am here sweetie,” he reassured. You opened your eyes and looked at Luke’s restless face. Your hands caressed his cheeks, “Had you not gotten any sleep?” You asked softly and he shook his head. The incident not only took a toll on you, but people around you especially Luke, Cee and Michael. You knew that for sure.

“I called your parents last night, they’re on their way to here now,” he told you, your eyes widened. “Sweetie, don’t worry, I don’t know who else to call, the comfort I give probably isn’t enough at the comfort they’ll give you,” your eyes softened, he only wanted the best for you. “Thank you, I haven’t seen them in a long time too,” you only flew out back to Perth every once in a while, you barely saw your parents since you went to Uni and started working.

Soon, you heard the doorbell rang, it was probably them. Luke stood up to greet your parents at his lobby. “Sir, Ma'am,” he politely called, and their gaze fell onto him. “Mr. Hemmings?” In a tone of question your mum said. “Yes, Y/N is in the bedroom, this way.” He gestured for them to follow. He led them to your whereabout, his bedroom. “Mum, Dad.” You croaked with a small soft smile. “Oh, baby, are you alright?” Your mum’s voice wavered tears rolling down. “Mum, don’t cry, I am fine.” Luke left the room quietly to give you time to speak with your parents.

“I was so worried that you did something wrong when your boss called us last night,” she patted your head. “I didn’t even knew he called you until now,” you bit your lips. “Me and Luke… my boss are a thing,” you awkwadly said, you needed comfort however, you also needed to tell them. “Y/N!” My mum gasped, “We’ve been seeing each other for 4 months now…” you explained to them vaguely. “Does he treat you right? Was that why he was the one personally called us?” Your mum bombarded you, this helped you a lot. Instead of talking about the incident you felt much more better with talking about you and Luke. “Yes, he treats me more than what’s right, and yes probably.” You told them sincerely.

“Does Cee approved?” Your dad asked, yep, Cee’s judgement really mattered to your family. “Yes. She approved mum and dad,” you laughed. You heard a knocked, “Come in,” it was Luke. He actually knocked, you narrowed your eyes on him. It was his house? “Breakfast is ready and served, would you like a bite?” He asked you and your parents, “I’m famished,” you grinned him a smile. Your parents head out back to the lobby leaving you with Luke. “Uh… I told them,” you fiddled with your hands. “Of course,” he laughed at your nervousness, nothing to hide when you were already at his house. He headed towards you and fished you out of the bed, “Luke, I can stand up!” You told him, he shook his head placing you to your wheelchair.

He led you to the lobby, “Please, this way.” He pushed your wheelchair to head to the dining area to lead your parents. Housekeepers pulled out chairs for your parents. He pulled out a chair and helped you stand up to sit in the chair. You said you could walk to him, but mentally you couldn’t. The incident didn’t do you any harm except emotionally making you unbale to do things as of for now. You wobbled as you stood unstably, but Luke got you and you used him as a support gripping on him tightly. “That’s it baby,” he whispered at your accomplishment. Your parents knew you were in good hands. The way he looked at you, like you were the only one. Your father gave your mum a squeeze in the hand. You were old enough to understand things and they’re there now to only give you guidance and advices.

You filled your empty stomach graciously eating everything you could. You could careless if Luke thought of you as a pig right now. Luke snickered a laugh watching you eat. It gave him light that you were okay and you were, you. “What? I am hungry.” You gulped the bite you had before speaking. “I know you are, you’re cute.” He complimented you every time. “Thanks,” you laughed.

After your breakfast with Luke and your parents. They decided to head back. “I can see he loves you and whatever had happened yesterday, you two will be stronger, trust me, I see it in his eyes,” your mum whispered, Luke was somewhere around the house. “You’re strong and can get over this soon, it’s gonna take time, and it hurts I know, but you gotta hold on.” She continued giving you wise words. “Visit us more often, you know we miss you. Maybe come by with Mr. Hemmings sometime,” Your dad told you. “Sir, it’s Luke.” You heard Luke popped out of nowhere. “Then it’s Y/F/N,” your dad smiled. They shook their hands and he gave your mum a quick hug.

You missed your parents dearly, on a whim you thought maybe you could spend time with your parents. “Luke… I want to…” he flashed you a smile, he knew. “I already called the private jet, and I packed your bag.” You narrowed your eyes. “You’re not going?” You asked, “You should spend your time with your parents for now, you haven’t seen them in a long time, I’ll handle your work.” He grinned, although he wanted to be with you, maybe you need to clear off your mind away from Sydney. And him, maybe clear off his mind. He still can’t let go of not being able to protect you. “I’ll come and visit you in a few days, yeah?” That made you smile, you wanted Luke to accompany you, but you knew too what he was going through. You both knew what you guys are going through. “I am phone call away,” you flashed him a smile.

He pushed your wheelchair to the lift, your parents left momentarily and you were gonna catch up with them. “Mum! Dad!” You called outside as they where getting into the car. “I am coming with you.” You giggly announced. “Thank you, Luke.” He gave you a smile, kissing your forehead. “Are you not joining, Luke?” Your mum asked, “No, Mrs. Y/M/N, maybe I’ll come by in a few days, you should have a family time.” He told your parents and they thanked him.

“I’ll see you, yeah?” You asked him quietly and he nodded. “Of course, baby.” He placed one last kiss to your forehead. “Off you go.”

He sent you away. Now, it was time for him to do the deed for getting that man lock for life.

Author’s Note

Bonjour, hi guys, sorry for the super duper late update of this chapter. Writer’s block is always at the corner and phew thankfully I had written something.
This chapter is especially a bit too crowded and there was a lot going on, but i hope even though it’s very messy, you guys had come to like it. Please tell me what you think about it. The whole story so far. Literally, don’t know what I was doing.
Oh!!! I’ve done research for the sentence for stalking/ sexual assault and rape. I looked at the Queensland one however, anywho, I know it’s different state, but sentences couldn’t vary that far right?
Rape (since errr like the guy umm ya knownin her ya know) it’s considered as Rape - max imprsonment is for life.
Stalking is 7 years - aggravated stalking 14 years max.
Abduction is actually included too lel. Too many so he can go to prison for life 😇😇😇.
I rushed the part where her parents visited 😅😅😅 and yeah and other stuff but I hope it’s still fine.


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//the anon from the other day// I found a lot of star trek on netflix do you know what order it needs to be watched in? Should i watch enterprise or voyager first? theres also just "star trek" 1968 i think thats first also theres 9 movies and an animated series. Please bestow knowledge upon me so i may suffer emotional sciency space shows with the cool kids- friendly neighborhood anon

I’ve actually only watched The Orginal Series and the first four movies, so that’s a good place to start? I’m gonna watch the fifth and sixth movies (The Final Frontier and Undiscovered Country) and then eventually go onto The Next Generation, but I have no idea about Enterprise or Voyager :0 I’m planning to just watch them in the order they were produced.

If you specifically want Space Husbands then you’ll wanna watch TOS, so the 1968 one!! The first six movies are all TOS-based uvu Also, The Animated series is hilarious please give it a try after you watch TOS. Half of the show is pretty much half of Kirk’s face taking up half the screen for no reason???? It’s pretty great.

I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a more detailed answer, but plaidshirtjimkirk has seen all of them and could definitely help you!!!! They’re my Star Trek senpai, not gonna lie. Whatever you choose to do I hope you enjoy!!! owo

Watching The Bees

“It’s been a rough couple of months.” Dean set his beer down against the wooden bar top and stared listlessly at the condensation slipping down the glass. “On all of us.”

Sam nodded. “I can’t imagine.”

“No, you can’t. I love him. I used to tell him that every single day. Now… now I tell him but it is more for me than him. I don’t even know if he really understands what it is I mean by it. I mean, the other day I told him that and he said ‘of course’. Like it was as normal as saying ‘hello’.” Dean closed his eyes and tried to calm the anger boiling inside of him. “Sometimes he looks at me and I don’t think he sees me.”

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Enterprise: My Experience (Season 1)

As a huge Star Trek fan, I felt it unfair of me to have not watched Enterprise, mainly due to the terrible reputation it has amongst those I know who have suaded me against the show.

So, after re-watching Next Gen, watching DS9 for the first time, and then Voyager for the first time, both of which were amazing, I’m now currently watching through Enterprise.

I feel it’d be best to document that experience, again, due to how bad of a rap the show has. There wont be much organisation to this review, but I’ll try to keep it concise. I might do one for each season.

NOTE: This will obviously contain spoilers for season 1 of Enterprise, parts of Voyager, maybe DS9, maybe Next Gen, maybe TOS! Don’t be silly and read and then get mad at yourself for not reading if you don’t want minor spoilers!

The Premise

The premise for the show is interesting. It’s a very open-ended exploration concept, like TOS and Next Gen, based on the first days of warp travel with the first warp-capable Enterprise ship.

What I knew of the Enterprise prior to Kirk was that it was manned by Pike, but everything else is a mystery, so I’m open to learning about it.

However, with the “it’s in the past” plot, so too do we lose: transporters being used on people, resulting in many boring spaceflights, no holo-deck/holo-suite, resulting in the lack of filler holo-episodes (though some are aces), no replicators, nothing past warp 5, no dermal regenerators and much much more. It’s interesting to see the crew interact with space travel without these things, but it’s very fleeting. It’s like “haha, oh man, Picard would’ve just transported to the surface” and that’s it. After a while, it’s laborious and boring to endure the crew coping without these mechanisms. Don’t even get me started on the lack of a universal translator.

The Crew

Captain Jonathan Archer

Captain Archer, played by Scott Bakula, is a very laid back type of captain. He feels less like a starship captain, and more like the leader of a bunch of astronauts. As the first season progresses, and he has to make some tough choices (Dear Doctor for example) we see more of his leadership qualities.

But, for the most part, he just seems very plain of a character to be a captain. Picard had his love of classical literature and staunch Starfleet Academy dedication, Janeway her passion for engineering, Sisko developed from a broken, bitter Starship commander to something remarkible in deed and Kirk, well, he had plenty of personality.

Archer comes across simply as the everyman, which can work, but his personality is almost identical in parts with his chief engineer Charles “Trip” Tucker.

PS Having a bloody dog does not a good captain make. What kind of captain makes a command decision to take a dog on an away mission for the love of

Charles “Trip” Tucker

Trip is fun, friendly, homely and reminds us of those good old Earth values. His character grates wonderfully with the uptight logic of T'Pol, which make these two characters fantastic together.

Later in the first season, however, the writers seem to latch Trip onto Malcolm Reed, which I feel to be a bit of a mistake, which I’ll come to later.

Trip seems a capable engineer and great comedy relief. His relationship with Captain Archer is that of close friends, and even when the Captain is in a super bad mood (Vox Sola, episode 22) he knows he can just swan in there and calm him down. In this way, Trip is really acting less like the chief engineer and more as Archer’s number 1, his second in command.

I can’t help but feel that Trip’s lack of social etiquette and his doggedness for loyalty to his Captain and crew could land them in some trouble if ever put in command. But, as it stands, he’s generally always taken on away missions. Along with Hoshi…

Ensign Hoshi Sato

Hoshi is the ship’s translator, and is relevant in almost every first contact situation, as she must input fancy algorithms into her computer box and work out how to speak alien.

Hoshi’s responsibility is huge, and she genuinely is a frickin’ genius. Her character has some really cool arcs, but they aren’t really developed.

In season 1’s “Sleeping Dogs”, she has a great moment of weakness where she is supported by T'Pol, a moment where she reveals she just isn’t cool with away missions because they scare her, and T'Pol helps her with a Vulcan mini-mindmeld. Firstly, this is a nice moment as it refers back to when Hoshi freaked out earlier in season 1, in episode 3’s “Fight or Flight”, so it’s nice to see this character point didn’t just evaporate.

However, we never follow-up with the T'Pol and Hoshi story, which I would have liked. It reminded me of how Tuvok and Kes started meditating together to improve Kes’ psyche. But, nothing happened. It was seemingly forgotten about for the rest of season 1.

The sad thing about Hoshi, however, though she does have some fun moments (namely her story in Two Days and Two Nights), you can’t help feeling that in Next Gen onwards she would be replaced by a simple computer algorithm.


T'Pol is awesome. She invokes everything it means to be Vulcan; logic, lack of emotion, strength of character, boldness, speaking her mind, and so forth.

T'Pol has the most well developed character arc throughout the first season, where she is posted on Enterprise by the Vulcan high council, and then comes to terms with being okay with that, to eventually enjoying her time on the ship, to inevitably defending Enterprise when the fate of Starfleet’s first foray into warp travel is threatened (Shockwave, part 1).

The only thing that bothers me is the whole “Vulcans are logical, that’s so dumb” conflict that exists between Humans and Vulcans throughout the first season. It’s understood that Human/Vulcan relations are not very friendly, but my god do they go on and on about it.

After having Spock on TOS and Tuvok on Voyager, it’s hard to imagine a time when Humans didn’t actually “get” Vulcans, but this time is now. Many, many of the stories told, though usually sidestories, are about how x can’t abide by a Vulcan decision. Yes, it’s logical, but it doesn’t have heart, blah blah. It gets old fast.

Hopefully, moving into season 2, we see less of this, as the crew become more accustomed to a Vulcan science officer, and stop treating her like the third wheel.

Dr Phlox

Dr Phlox is amazing, and is played by John Billingsley like a star. The only problem, though, is we never see him!

He’s such a hugely strong character. For starters, he’s a doctor, in what is essentially frontier medicine, from a species we’ve never known (Denobulan), with a great sense of humour and a strong thirst for understanding the Human condition.

From recollection, Phlox is given two main stories throughout the entire first season, and they are the two I remember the highest. The first is his maybe relationship with his female friend, which brought up great intrigue in interspecies courtship from the episode “Fight or Flight” which was very well done and referenced back later in the season, and the second from the episode “Dear Doctor”, which pushed Archer to make one of the first Prime Directive type decisions (which is hard since there’s no Prime Directive and oh gosh isn’t it funny when he says Prime Directive blah blah).

Doctors in Star Trek are typically always underused in the first season. Bashir from DS9, EMH from Voyager, Beverley in TNG, so I can only hope that the writers realise what an amazing character Phlox is and utilise him more, and give him more stories, in the later seasons.

Malcolm Reed

I started off really liking Malcolm Reed. He’s the weapons officer of Enterprise, and that’s it. That’s all you know about him, he likes guns and he’s good at his job. And he’s got a very militaristic set of behaviours, but that’s it.

There’s an episode in season 1 where Hoshi is trying to find out his favourite food, to present to him for a birthday gathering, which showed just how private of a man he really is (Silent Enemy).

However, shortly after, they completely threw away this character developement and made him Trips best friend. They bond tremendously in the episode Shuttlepod One, but it’s such a shame! They built him up to be this mysterious and odd character, who gosh maybe it’ll take a few seasons to crack, but nope, by the end of season one (Two Days and Two Nights) he’s handcuffed naked in a wine cellar with his best bud Trip in a sad case of weird comic relief. I hope his character redeems itself in season 2.

Travis Mayweather

I’m including Travis mostly because he’s listed as a “star” of the show, but for the first season, it doesn’t really feel like he is. He’s a background character with a few lines. I feel they were trying to write Mayweather kind of like Ensign Kim in Voyager; the new guy on the ship, you relate to him, you get where he comes from and his views, but due to a lack of character building and an extreme lack of being actually prominent in an episode, it falls short. The couple of episode I do remember with him in them (Strange New World and Fortunate Son) were okay I suppose. His character needs a lot more depth if I’m meant to feel more for him.

Side Stuff


A dog has no place on away missions.  I’m sorry, but the episode where Porthos accompanies Captain Archer on an away mission (Strange New World) I nearly flipped a table.

Porthos is okay, I suppose. He’s Captain Archer’s dog, and is generally used for Captain Archer to “talk to” (otherwise known as “we need the audience to know this thing but we don’t know how to write it so we’ll make him tell the dog). It’s weak.

Pets on Starships aren’t uncommon, who can forget Data’s cat Spot, or Captain Picard’s lionfish Livingston, but they didn’t take them on away missions. They stayed in their quarters and were the subject of mild comic relief (Data/Worf/Spot). The less I see of Porthos, the stronger I hope the writing becomes.

The Theme Song

The theme song really lets this show down, I think. I think it’s one of the reasons people mock the show actually. It’s just so gosh darn cheesy. Every other Star Trek has had orchestral music with narration, or even without narration (DS9), but it was simple, elegant "space opera”. This, on the other hand, is like a Bon Jovi B-Side. And sadly, it really shows.

I’m pretty sure they’ll keep the theme song, but damn it sucks. The song is actually okay, but in the opening for the type of show Star Trek is, it just doesn’t fit. That said, the actual intro for Enterprise is actually surprisingly interesting! We see the developement of “The Enterprise” to it’s current warp-capable version, from the HMS Enterprise, to early shuttle missions. It even made me wonder if they’d ever consider a HMS Enterprise, to boldly sail where no person has sailed before. Who knows.

The Prime Directive

The Prime Directive doesn’t exist. We fucking get it. Get over it already. The sooner the Prime Directive gets directified by Starfleet the better, because the amount of meandering around the subject tries one’s patience something fierce.


In conclusion, the first season has been a lot better than I had expected it would be. There were some really fantastic episodes (Dear Doctor, Shuttlepod One, Shockwave part 1, The Andorian Incident) and some really terrible ones (Acquisition, bluh), but overall a very decent Star Trek experience.

Going forward into season two, I hope to see the following:

  • a hell of a lot more Dr Phlox content, he’s such an underused trove of entertainment
  • less T'PolxTrip
  • more first contact
  • more exploration
  • less 10-minute-montages-of-Hoshi-learning-a-language
  • less Porthos
  • less Vulcans-are-so-logical-whats-up-with-that-lol scenarios
  • more ship upgrades
  • more battle scenarios (Silent Enemy, another fantastic episode showing the vulnerability of the early Enterprise)

Anyway, that’s all for me for now. Onwards, to season 2!

If you have any thoughts, feel free to add!