i want to watch the walking dead bc zombies

suithusiast  asked:

30. 31. And 52. :D do the thing!

(do the thing sounds like i’m about to do magic omg)

30: favorite tv show(s)? i like how this question leaves the answering person the possibility of only naming one, ie only having one like wtf kinda person are you if you only have one favorite tv show, ‘yeahh i guess it’s kinda alright’, what the hell. that aside, i think i need to confess that i don’t watch shows on tv bc i live in germany and german tv is a thing you really don’t want in your life. that aside : supernatural, star trek the original series, hemlock grove, the walking dead (yes i know it’s trash thank you but it is my trash and if i like romanticizing zombie apocalypses that is my business) and sherlock (i guess). also i want to start like eighteen shows, including the expanse ( @trappist-1p that’s your fault and it has nothing to do with me being mildly obsessed about space), deep space nine (again, not because i like space or anything), star trek voyager (it’s not because of feminism in space or anything), star trek the animated series (…….), white collar (emily that is your fault too be ashamed), firefly (…. mark sheppard ………), stranger things (i’ve heard good things about that one), and from dusk till dawn (the description sounds cool let me live)

but yeah haha i don’t like watching tv (always a slut for alarm für cobra 11 tho)

(this got long oops)

31: 3 random facts: a horse’s short term memory lasts roughly 5 seconds, a kiwi’s mating call (i’m talking about the bird here) sounds like a person getting murdered by stabbing, deforest mckelley wanted to become a doctor but couldn’t due to financial reasons and then he joined the army and then he was discovered as an actor and then he became the most well known doctor in the world and also he insisted to wear his mother’s engagement ring

52: something i’m talented at: again, wtf kinda question is this. me, talented??? unrealistic. unfollowed and blocked. um, i’m good with kids and people in general, i actually think i’m a rather good writer, i’m a good organizer too (if i want to be, which i usually don’t), also i’m good at baking.

can’t think of anything else, but there’s probs other things i’m good at too? maybe? :D