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Supergirl 2x16: My Thoughts

I didn’t catch all of the episode, and I may rewatch but probably not so here we go.

We start off with Kara being happy. Okay Kara. I want you to be happy too, but you said yourself “Kara Danvers is who I am” just last week. Now I’m supposed to believe binge watching Game of Thrones with Mon-el while you’re not saving the world as Supergirl makes you truly happy? Okay.. Sure..

Mon-el “sacrificing” himself wasn’t him sacrificing himself. It was him confronting his parents alone to keep Kara from finding out he’s Mon-el “Prince of Daxam.” Let’s log this as Evidence A on how he’s still a lying, manipulative asshole.

We get the flashback scene of what really happened on Daxam.. which included Mon-el leaving some girl who begged, “don’t leave me here.” He was actually such an intergalactic fuckboy that the writers wrote in a scene where he left behind the girl he just fucked, to die. He literally fucked her and left.

Mon-el’s mama doesn’t ship it lol

Don’t even tell me they tried to parallel Winn/Lyra with Kara and Mon-el’s storylines for this episode. Lyra lied to get her brother back. Mon-el lied to save his own ass.

Evidence B on how Mon-el is still a lying, manipulative asshole: He actually said, “This is usually the part in the movie where the girl forgives the guy for whatever dumb stuff he’s done.“

That wasn’t even an apology! That was, “you’ve forgiven me every other time, so now lets kiss and make up.”

Evidence C on how Mon-el is still a lying, manipulative asshole: that last scene where Kara asks if he was ever going to tell her the truth after saying he “tried to tell her a million times” then proceeded to say “I don’t know.”

If they get back together, then I am officially done with this show. If the writers are so set on giving us Supergirl in love, then they are doing a piss poor job of showing an actual loving relationship. This trope is not only toxic to women, but I’m actually appalled that so many people are behind this storyline because men don’t have to be written this way! As a supposed feminist show, it is a travesty to our movement that we have to see a man painted as a fuckboy being "better” with a strong independent woman. It shouldn’t be this way. A man can have as much conviction to be a decent fucking human being on his own without having a woman tell him how to do it! You want a redemption arc for Mon-el? Then why not have him tell his parents, “I’ll go back with you, but Daxam is going to be different than it was before. We will rebuild it to be a planet for its people, not for its royalty. Otherwise, I’m staying here.”

This was longer than I anticipated and I’m sorry, but I’m so irked that in the year 2017, we’re still struggling with these ridiculous gender conforming, heteronormative, bullshit tropes.
It’s February 14th 2017 :Today is the day:

Today when Dan releases the new NSP jam I will be at work. But you should go listen to it anyway. And buy it. Support him. Support Brian. Support TWRP. We’ll do a week-of, later, but for now…

Here’s a good Dan song\remix to listen to today: Heat of the Moment ft. Game Grumps by IAGO

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today: Strider: What’s Over Here? -Part 5

For your Dan fact today: Dan has said that loving yourself is so very important. And he gets frustrated with the way media portrays love, as “finding your other half”, and wanted to impart that it’s not about two halves coming together- it’s about two whole people coming together, and loving each other. Love yourself. Dan loves you. You should love you, too.

Love everyone.
Forgive everyone.
Especially yourself.


A little Kazuma Kiryu-circa-Yakuza 6 appreciation post. The man ages friggin backwards I stg

When Matt said, “I’m your Huckleberry, Crispin (Winston’s VA) misunderstood and asked, “My – my uncleberry?” 

Matt’s running with it and now instead of being his huckleberry, he’s Winston’s uncleberry and continues referencing it. Also, Matt is being super sweet while Crispin is getting used to playing the game (this is Crispin’s first time playing OW) and they’re such fun to watch.

If you want to tune in, here’s the link: https://www.twitch.tv/overwatchvo

I Have a YouTube Channel Now!

Ever wanted to watch two gay ladies play video games and make real dumb jokes? WELL, you’re in luck! My friend @emilysbagelsandwich and I have started a YouTube channel together: the Gaymer Girls (har har).

We started with Until Dawn - of course - and our first video is already up. We’ll be posting new videos every Wednesday and Saturday.

You can find our channel HERE, and keep up with us on Twitter HERE. And a big thank you to @banhmiboy for all of our awesome channel art! ADIOS!

Love y'all😚😚😚😚😍😍😍😍

The past little bit has saddened me. I miss the old valdaya ship. Right now it seems like everyone has moved on( at least partly). I miss when there would be fanfic updates all the time, I miss when everyone actually watched dwts, I miss when it was fun to ship ( even with the drama). I know people move on and find other ships. But I just want everyone to know I love y'all and I know I don’t really talk to anyone (even on the internet I’m socially awkward) but I’ll always be here silently with this ship. Because END GAME.

I said I was going to make a post containing almost all the Watch Dogs 2 fans (I know I totally missed some because there’s a lot of you guys) so here it is!

Some of these blogs are either all about the Watch Dogs games or they’re just fans who occasionally post about them. Either way they’re great blogs(:

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I know there’s a lot more watch dogs fans but these are the only ones that I know of. If you’re a watch dogs fan or post about the games feel free to reblog and add your blog!

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Sanvers Promt: Alex invites Maggie to game night with the gang but everyone is really surprised when Clark surprises them and turns out to be old friends with Maggie

Ok, this was actually kind of a challenging one to write, just because I wanted to make it good. Not sure if I did that, but I hope you like it!

As always, here’s the link if you want to read it on A03: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10159067/chapters/22765412

“Hey, are you ready for tonight, babe?” Alex was watching Maggie cook breakfast over the kitchen counter. She had lost a bet over a game of darts to Maggie the night before and was now awaiting her penalty of vegan chocolate chip pancakes upon Maggie’s insistence.

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Have you seen all the... negative things, regarding Andromeda? I'm not talking about dumb things like sexism or whatever, but I'm talking about the animations and whatnot. Like, I have nothing against Bioware, and I've been wanting to get into Mass Effect for a while now, but the stuff I've seen makes the game look... unfinished, to say the least. Almost like a beta. Again, I don't mean to come off hating it, but you're the ME expert on my dashboard, so I wanted to ask you your thoughts on it.

I’ve been staying away from spoilers as much as I can, so I haven’t watched any of the new videos or reviews but I caught a glimpse of a few gifs and screenshots here and there. I can’t say how bad it is until I actually play the game, if these things happen in literally every scene, then yes, that would be very sad. But if these bugs and glitches are just an occasional thing in this game, like they were in the previous games, then I don’t really care. Bioware have always had somewhat crappy animation in their games and ME trilogy is still my most favorite game ever.
Plus, you gotta remember that sometimes people online tend to focus on the negative and blow things out of proportions. Even if the game has bad animation, yeah, that would suck, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be really enjoyable.   
So, yeah, all those complains about bad animation don’t scare me, but ultimately I’ll have to experience the game myself to estimate how bad things are. 

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color me curious about Lisa the RPG


o god okay soSO

Ill be talking about LISA the Painful and LISA the Joyful. There is a game before this I havnt played but you can play these two without the first

So LISA is a dark comedy rpg maker game. It takes place in a post apocalyptic world where all the females have died and only men remain. Te plot of the starts when our main character Brad finds a baby who happens to be female. From here the story starts

Now when I mean dark comedy put a lot of emphasis on dark. Like this game is heavy body horror, drug addiction and abuse, PTSD, heavy violence as central themes among others

If you are at all interested i say watch the first 15 minutes of the game here

Its a fucking emotional rollercoaster and I love it dearly and want to talk to people about it……………

15milbosses Day 2!! How long have you been subscribed and when/how did you find the channel?

I found Jack’s channel because my friend (who is a HUGE fan like myself) told me about it. I was actually kind of reluctant to check it out because I knew that he swears a lot and that is kind of looked down upon in my family. I was actually watching Good Mythical Morning (another awesome channel: @rhettandlink ) and they were playing Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Jack’s video of the game popped up in the recommended/related videos beside it. I knew how much my friend wanted me to watch him and I thought “Sure, why not? This is a good excuse to start watching this person!” So I did. Now here’s the funny part: when I started the video, (I was wearing headphones) his intro scared me. Like, legit SCARED ME. Made me jump in my chair. My first thought was “What did he say?” My second was “Why is he so loud??” And my third was “He’s crazy!!” As you may guess I immediately fell in love. I subscribed 1-2 weeks later (I don’t remember exactly). This was sometime in November 2016.

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Joker X Harley

As many of you can probably tell by now, despite how “problematic” it is, I absolutely LOVE Joker x Harley. They’re one of my OTP’s and have been ever since I was pretty young.

I understand the toxicity and abuse behind the foundation of their relationship, but at the same time, the factor of how twisted and dysfunctional they are is one of the things that makes them so intriguing to watch. But if you want to know any more of my opinions on them as a couple, you can easily find them right here on my blog.

Send me a ship and I’ll be brutally honest about how I feel about it!

Watch on dontexpecttomakesense.tumblr.com

EDIT: the video is now here


I want to learn how to make let’s plays. I made this video to show what I can do right know, I intend to improve but I’m also on the need of feedback. Coud you please watch the video and tell me what you liked/didn’t like? It would be extermely helpful to me.

Thank you very much.

So last year when I first got my drawing tablet, me and my best friend had a couple inside jokes that I decided to illustrate. Here’s what that looked like.

Now maybe two weeks ago I decided I wanted to redraw it. It’s around the same I got my tablet last year.

That’s a year’s worth of drawing. Of random doodles, of not knowing how layers worked, of watching youtube videos for hours on end. That’s a whole year that took me from that first drawing, to the second one. I think I’ve come really far, and that’s because of all the mistakes I made. All of those messed up proportions and wonky lines that I drew. They got me here.

Improvement is something you don’t always see. Just keep going, don’t give up. Push through making those mistakes. Get a sketchbook and fill it with mistakes, because after that first hundred or thousand bad faces, or poses, or hands or whatever, you’ll have gotten better. So don’t give up. And don’t devalue your old either. It’s priceless. Don’t think of it as your trash art. Think of it as your map, your guide that led you through that dungeon (catch my Zelda reference?) of art and progress. (Art isn’t a dungeon though, it’s a lovely, open field that you found your own way through, because you had all of your old drawings, your mistakes to guide you.)

That’s why drawing and seeing improvement in your art is so amazing. It’s your own little journey. So don’t give up half way.


This art is not to be reposted or used in any way, it is not for free use.

Okay so here is a story of why ThePeacePigeon is one heck of an awesome guy.

Yesterday I went to the League of Legends LCS Spring Finals and at 13:30 (1pm) Sp4zie was hosting a meetup. Unfortunately I got stuck in traffic and right when I got there they closed the meetup and I just had to watch him leave.
It was disappointing, but I can’t stop that.

Now after all 5 games of Fnatic vs H2K (me being in favor of Fnatic) I was completely exhausted and didn’t even want to meet any of the casters, so I let my friend Oskar go ahead to meet H2K and in the end he actually pulled me to go meet Sjokz, Deficio and Krepo (Who were all sweethearts). While we were waiting out of nowhere..
Pigeon just stands there and casually talks to us. I’m extremely anxious when it comes to talking to people so I just tried to hide behind my friend who went to get an autograph.
Soon we got to the topic of Sp4zie and in the end Pigeon said he would try and get the picture to him the next day. 

So I sit in the car for 4 hours and while I’m at the gas station I just see a notification on twitter pop up that actually made me shake and almost cry.

I can’t describe how emotional I am for the fact that he did give it and being a complete pleasure to talk to. Thank you so much, Pigeon <3