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Fragile Wands

Happy Valentine’s Day Michelle @profoundlyfadedprincess! I hope you have a lovely day! <3 And I hope you enjoy this fic! I have a fun little drawing I’m gonna post in a bit too!

Here is a somewhere in season 6 canon divergent adventure of Emma and Killian getting sent to the Enchanted Forest!

And thank you @spartanguard for betaing! <3

It was Zelena’s fault they were in this mess. The unseasonably warm winter weather seemed to have everyone not in their right state of mind, which was even worse in Zelena’s case. It all happened so quickly: it was a blur of jumping towards Zelena to get the wand, a shout of ‘Emma,’ and a ringed hand grasping around her bicep.

And now, Emma and Killian were stuck in the Enchanted Forest.

Their means of getting home—  

“Love, you alright?” Killian groaned from underneath Emma.

“I think so?” She shifted, sitting up looking around them. She saw the wand that led them here peeking out from underneath Killian. She quickly grabbed it and frowned.

—A broken wand.

“Bloody hell,” Killian sighed at the sight.

“Yeah.” Emma threw her head back and groaned in frustration. “What are we gonna do?”

“What is this? The sixth time we’ve been in another land?”

“Seventh, if you count when we first met,” Emma corrected him.

“And even then, not on the same team, we figured out how to get back to Storybrooke.” Killian squeezed her hand and moved to get up off the cold rough ground. Emma felt the cold starting to seep through her leather jacket. She looked around and away from Killian. They were in the woods. Snow was falling peacefully through the trees.

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Scarf Thief

Word Count: 1491

Summary: Even superheros get cold.

Warnings: Little bit of language, brief references to violence and injury, mistreated winter accessories? idk man

A/N: Surprise! Here’s a little something I never planned on writing. Shout out to the dummy in the Captain America costume who forgot his coat and gave me this idea. Also shout out to @aubzylynn for encouraging me to write it because she’s definitely the boss of me. I regret nothing. Part 2

Originally posted by superherofeed

You really loved winter. I mean you really, really loved winter. When else did you have an excuse to wear what was essentially a blanket wrapped around your neck in public? The soft sweaters, fleece lined coats, scarves, cute boots… And the air just seemed so much fresher in the winter, keeping your mind bright and alert.

It was with a light heart and a barely-contained excitement that you made your first winter shopping trip of the year. You hadn’t expected it to get so cold so fast, but the first snow had come at the end of October. So here you were, running your hands with unmasked glee over the endless racks of fuzzy winter wear. And then you saw it: the most hideous scarf you had ever seen in your life. It was a flannel of confusing and clashing colors, and it was shockingly soft to the touch. When you saw the tag labeling it as a blanket scarf, you knew it was love. This monstrosity belonged in your life.

You enjoyed a month of domestic bliss with this scarf before something altogether unexpected happened to tear you apart. And that something was Steven Grant Rogers.

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I Am An Alpha Ch 15: My Prized Possession

“Where the hell do you think you are going?” Kris snarls when I try to sneak out of his embrace. We are curled tightly around each other, I was hoping he would be a heavy sleeper but I guess not.

“I’m just going to the bathroom,” I mumble.

He sits up, taking me with him, “Okay, go.”

I roll out of bed and watch him over my shoulder as I shuffle to the bathroom. I do my business before coming back out to find him in the same position. With a big grin I eye the door, something he obviously notices.

“What?” He questions, “I don’t hear your stomach growling so you aren’t hungry, no one else is awake so you aren’t in a rush to greet them, so I’m guessing your pack must be on their way.”

I nod eagerly.

“And they are bringing the rest of your belongings today, right?”

Again I nod.

“Okay, lets go.”

I’m honestly surprised by his compliance but I don’t complain as he walks over to his closet and pulls out a sweater for himself and one for me before leading me toward the door. I pull on the sweater eagerly, I feel as if I can’t run down the stairs fast enough. Kris isn’t far behind me despite my rushing, he doesn’t look at all when I attempt to rush out into the snow barefoot once again. His arm wrap around my waist, lifting me off the ground despite the glare I’m giving him over my shoulder.

“You are not going to catch a cold because of me,” He explain as he walks towards the front of the mansion. I can do nothing but pout in his warm hold as he stops at the mat near the front door. I watch as he scans the many pairs of shoes before grabbing a pair of large boots. He takes me back to the living room and sets me down on one of the couches. “These are going to be big so walk carefully but they will have to do for now.” I smile as he gently puts the boots on me, lacing them up tight to keep the snow from sneaking in. When he is done he gives me a nod, allowing me to rush out of the house into the snowy field.

Just as I get out there my pack comes running out of the forest in their human forms. I grin big at the sight of them, my arms open wide for who ever can reach me first. Jimin tackles me to the ground, followed by Taehyung flopping on top of us and the others not far behind until I’m buried under all seven boys and snow. Even though I’m laughing loudly and enjoying the carelessness I can’t ignore the intense anger coming from the house. I quickly collect myself.

“Okay! You’ve got me pinned! Now off before Kris hyung busts out here and murders one of you,” I pat Jimin’s back, barely able to breath with their weight on me. One by one they get to their feet until it’s just me laying on my back, taking deep breaths as if I’ve never breathed before.

“Sorry Hyung,” Jimin apologizes with his hand offered out to me, “I got excited.”

I let him pull me up, “It’s all good kid, just got to remember that we can’t play rough anymore.”

“Fine,” He pouts cutely.

“Kookie,” I wave the youngest over, “How are you feeling? Did he leave a mark on you at all?” As soon as he was in reaching distance I grab the collar of his flannel and check his neck. Thankfully I find nothing, with a breath of relief I rest my head on his shoulder. “I was so worried he scared you!”

“Speaking of scars,” Hobi muses playfully as his finger pulls at the collar of my sweatshirt revealing my mark. Before I have the chance to swat his hand away Kris is there crushing Hobi’s hand in his, the smaller whines.

“Don’t you fucking touch it,” Kris seethes with such anger the rest of us find ourselves taking a step back. I quickly recover and save the younger boy from the horrifying alpha who looks ready to murder him. Slowly, I walk forward and place my hands on top of theirs and pull them apart with little fight. Kris has his chest puffed out a stern look on his face, obviously angry but that doesn’t stop Jin from smirking.

“Is that a bite mark I see?” The eldest muses.

Kris’s glare moves to him, “She is my mate, of course I marked her!”

Jin’s smirk doesn’t falter, “I mean on you.”

“What?” Kris’s hand automatically collapses over the small bite mark on his neck, hidden by his sweatshirt. I’m impressed, but not surprised that Jin was able to notice it even though my other mates did not. I grin up at Kris’s suddenly pink face, enjoying the change of character.

“He’s my mate, damn right I did,” I chuckle wrapping my arms around his waist.

“That’s my girl,” Jin applauds.

“Weren’t you supposed to bring her things with you?” Kris blurts out trying to change the subject.

Jin nods, “We left it in the forest so we wouldn’t cause an uproar but it appears we did anyway. Yoongi, can you grab her things?”

The quiet man nods, he slowly walks back and disappears into the forest. He appears a moment later with a backpack on his shoulder and something in his hand that makes me grin ear to ear. Kris is watching with wide eyes.

“What the hell is that?” He questions pointing to my pride and joy in Yoongi’s hand.

Yoongi holds it up, “Don’t look so dumbstruck, you are old enough to know what these are.” He suddenly tosses it to me, I welcome it with open arms. I catch it in one hand and spin it around once or twice for a little warm up.

“Why the hell do you have a fucking sword?” Someone suddenly yells from the house. I look over my shoulder to see Yixing and Minseok standing in the doorway with their jaws basically on the floor.

“Hyung!” I yell back gleefully, “Wanna see my prized possession?”

“This has got to be some kind of joke,” Kris pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“I don’t see what you are all freaking out about,” I mumble staring down at the beautiful object in my hands. It’s leather sheath has a little wear and tear from 100 years of use but that is to be expected. The T shaped hilt was recently rewrapped in black cloth after I wore away the last wrapping. With slow a slow flick of my thumb I pop the hilt up a bit revealing the base of the black blade.

Kris’s nose wrinkles up, “It reeks of blood.”

I nod, “No matter how many times  I clean it the smell won’t come off.”

“Where the hell did you get that thing?” Minseok questions as him and Yixing make their way to us.

“Jin gave it to me when I joined the army.”

“You mean that’s the blade that…” Yixing can’t seem to get himself to finish the sentence as he eyes the blade in my grip.

“The blade that killed my parents?” I finish for him, “Yep.”

“Mine too,” Jungkook looks at the blade with a somber smile.

“Mine as well,” Jin runs his fingers through his hair.

“And many others who aren’t with us now,” I add in.

Kris scoffs, “Why the hell would you want that thing with all those bad memoires?”

“It’s my prized possession,” I snap back. “It’s may not carry the best memories but it’s the only thing I could actually say was mine for all that time.”

Kris’s face softens, “I’m sorry Love, I didn’t mean to insult you, I’m just confused on why you would keep it after being free.”

“It’s been part of me for years, I don’t know what I would do without it.”

“I don’t know what you plan on doing with it here though,” Minseok pipes in, “You won’t be needing it.”

“I don’t know, if that Taemin guy comes back I’ll be ready for him this time.”

Luhan joins us suddenly, laughing humorlessly, “If that mutt so much as shows his face here I will slaughter him. You don’t need to worry about him.”

“Worry? I’m looking forward to it,” I muse, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to show off.”

“Too bad, we can’t spare anymore,” Jimin pouts, “I’m itching to go around with you Hyung. You were always a great fight.”

I look to Kris with wide eyes, but it seems he is expecting it, “There will be absolutely no fighting.”

“Kris hyung, please!”

He groans

I know this is a short chapter and I know it isn’t very good but I got called into work today so I didn’t have as much time as I was hoping so I will upload another chapter tomorrow night! Please let know how you feel about this! If it isn’t good I’ll edit it more tomorrow before adding another chapter, be honest!

White Eyes, Black Eyes | Demon!Dean x Reader Imagine | Request

I took a deep breath, stepping out from my apartment. When I checked the weather forecast this morning I was ecstatic to find out that it was cloudy.

I love it when it’s cloudy. The sun is always harshly beating against me whenever it’s sunny, making me sweat and readjust my glasses all the time. And when it’s rainy I always make my umbrella bump into people and walls as I walk. But when it’s snowy I can’t tell if I’m going to trip into a pile of snow, even if I laugh it off and make snow angels afterwards.

But when it’s cloudy? The air is cool, the majority of people stay indoors, and there’s even a lack of bugs. Perfect…

And from the perfection echoing around me I could definitely tell it was cloudy.

The pathway to the park was a memorized route for me, whenever it was cloudy I always went there. So I happened to go there quite often…

I always went there to read, to let my head fall against the soft grass while my fingers gently traced the bumps on the pages. It was great… I got to be away from the prying eyes of other people that I could tell were staring right back at my orbs that matched the color of the cloudy sky.

When I finally arrived to the park, being happily spared from an accidental bump on my shoulder that sent me reeling in surprise, I could finally relax in my little slice of heaven.

I was going to kill that son of a bitch.

Who does he think he is? Treating me like some dog. He thinks that when he says ‘Go kill him’ I’ll say ‘How painfully? Dammit…

I’ll be the one to decide who and how I kill, thank you very much.

As I stormed angrily through the peaceful park I couldn’t help but feel out of place. The park was so untouched, like it had never been discovered. It was perfectly in touch with nature, growing and bursting with life.

When can I get out of here?

Just then my eyes landed on a girl, small in frame and completely unaware. Perfect.

My hand fell to the back on my jeans, gripping the first blade. The blade seemingly sent out a pleasant hum, happy to be reunited with my rough grip.

I want to kill her. Who’s gonna stop me? Nobody.

My footsteps turned silent, creeping up on the dazed girl who was holding a book in her hands but not even reading it. Pathetic. With her sunglasses on and the slow rise and fall of her chest she could possibly be asleep.

My eyes flickered into their black darkness in anticipation, a demon reflex at the happy prospect of murder. So close now… So close to slitting her open…

“You know, it’s not nice to creep up on a girl like that” My breath caught in my throat, shock rippling through my body. How the hell did she know I was there? Not even the strongest beings on the face of this earth could hear him coming.

“Hey, I’m talking to you” She didn’t turn her head to look at him, only leaning up and stretching from her comfortable spot in the grass.

My curiosity got the better of me, halting my body from stabbing her right then and there. “How did you know I was there?”

“Let’s just say I have a refined hearing and leave it at that, okay?” She was hiding something. I know she was. But what was it?

Is she a demon? An angel? Some kind of monster?

“So, what brings you to my spot in the forest?” I snorted, looking at the girl while still holding the trembling dagger that was itching for blood.

“Your forest?”

She shrugged, running a hand through her H/L hair, “I’m the only one who goes here. Everyone else just stays near the jungle gym to watch their kids play”

The girl was about to turn around and I quickly held my hand behind my back so she didn’t see the sharp weapon.

“So why are you here? You’re obviously not a jogger…” Once again I was stumped. Who was she?

“How do you know that?”

She chuckled, pushing her sunglasses upward. “The jogger’s path is a quarter mile that way” She pointed.

“I was…” Think of something… “Just taking a walk”


My emerald green eyes widened in shock, once again this girl seemed to analyze everything I am so far and call me out on my bullshit.

“I don’t know who you are but don’t try to trick me. I usually win”

“How’s that”

She grinned cheekily, “I watch a lot of Sherlock”

I scoffed, fixing my gaze on her plastic sunglasses. “Why are you wearing sunglasses? There’s barely any sun out”

Sighing, she removed her sunglasses, and blinked up at me.

‘Oh…’ I finally got it.

Her eyes were a pale grey, a milky white, and they seemed to stare right into my soul.

“Don’t beat yourself up over it. Nobody really can guess I’m blind unless I spell it out for them”

I tried to think of a response. “W-Well… You’re not exactly the pitiful, bumping-into-everything type”

She giggled and for some reason my stomach did flips at her chuckle. “Thanks asshole, I’m glad you noticed”

“So… what were you doing with a book?”

At this her head tilted, waving the book in the air. “Never heard of brail before?”

“It sounds familiar…” When I got the black eyes I forgot a few miscellaneous things from my pitiful human life. For example, I didn’t have a clue what Football was for a few days. The last guy to make fun at my lack of knowledge ended up with a cut throat.

She waved her hand over, plopping down at her position in the grass and patting the green spot next to her. “I’ll show you”

With slow, wary footsteps I found myself accepting her offer, walking over to her side.

The blade was practically screeching at me.

‘What are you doing?!’

‘Kill her now!’

‘Hang her by her entrails!’

‘Cut out those useless eyes!’

But for some reason… I didn’t want to. There wasn’t any reason to kill her, and she sure as hell wouldn’t pose a fight. I could slit her throat right now if I wanted. But… I didn’t want to.

At my own command my black eyes flickered on and peered deeply into her pale white ones. There was something about the concept of being able to have my eyes stare right into hers and her not caring, not giving a damn about what I am.

So maybe sitting beside her underneath the cloudy grey sky wasn’t such a bad idea…

This was a request! I know you didn’t ask for the reader to be blind but I got the idea right as I started writing and I couldn’t let the idea die!

I hope you guys enjoyed your Demon Dean!

The Dragon Queen

A/N:  Alight here’s day 7.  I’ll come back to six once I get a decent idea. I’ve had this idea for sometime now, but reticently I put it on the back burner until I worked out some kinks with it.

In the middle a forest a woman stood sword drawn listening to every sound the place offered.  From the birds singing a joyous mid-morning tune.  Rushing water from a near by stream.  The wind rustling leaves in the trees and the on the ground, blowing through her fiery red locks, and whispering in her ear. Though there were two noises she searched for – no longed to hear.  Both extremely rare and sought after for years by hunters and warriors from her village.  The first a roar from a beast so dangerous and powerful that its call pierces the sky and can rattle anyone’s nerves.  The second, a noise that echoed in her ears, invaded her daytime thoughts, and nightly dreams: the sound of ice creaking upon the landscape.

Anna ran a hand through her hair linger on an area where the strands were colder and white.  To everyone else in her village they saw it as a curse, and gave her scorn whereever she went.  To her it was something special a gift from someone who saved her and her sworn enemy. It was a day Anna would never forget.  The moment would forever haunt her darkest nightmares, and entertain her deepest and forbidden fantasies as she got older. 

It was normal just another other in the small town of Arendelle a place she had lived in since she was born.  She was enjoying the sun and playing with her best friend Kristoff.  Like most children they were oblivious to the danger that lurked beyond the wooden gate always guarded every day and every night.  She heard hushed murmurs of what shadowy monsters roamed  the forest.  Though her mom chased her question away telling her they were silly stories to prevent child from venturing into the woods.

With her new red shiny ball in hand Anna called to her friend, “Alright Kristoff here it comes."  Rolling the toy Kristoff’s hazel eyes were locked on ready to kick it as far as he could.  Kicking it the ball went flying through the air both children watched memorized as it sailed farther from them but closer to the gate. Meeting gazes they chased after finding it rolling through crack of the fence just big enough for someone just there size to squeeze through. 

Anna slapped her friend’s arm for losing her ball.  "I saved up a months wore of chore money for that ball, reindeer boy,” she scoffed.

Kristoff took off his hat feeling guilty.  “I’m sorry Anna.  I’ll work extra hard to get you a new one,” he promised.  “Are we still friends?”

Even though she liked that ball it could never replace her best friend.  Smiling Anna replied, “Yeah, of course, but you owe me some of chocolate pudding.”

“Alright, my treat.  Race ya.” Kristoff took without realizing Anna stayed behind.

She glanced back at the gate wondering if she could slip through the hole. Biting her bottom lip Anna knew leaving the sanctity of the enclosed area could spell trouble for her.  Yet, she really wanted her ball back and most of the people did call her a spirally one as well as stubborn.  Looking toward the road leading back to safety and Kristoff she made her choice. 

Anna ducked under the hole squeezing though the tiny gap with a final grunt she made it through.  She gasped wide-eyed at the magical sight before her.  The whole world had changed from a dull brown, bustling town to a lush green practically alien to her. Anna could hear the bird chirping, feeling the wind caressing her face, and smell the fresh air.  The girl wondered what the fuss was about for such a serene place.  Remembering why she ventured passed the gate Anna began to seek out her ball.  Coming to the edge of the grass it dropped off to a hill.  In a squeal of delight Anna fell rolling down the hill covering her tangled red locks with blades of grass and flowers.  Giggling at the bottom teal eyes looked up seeing the clear blue sky above.  The beating sun made her tired yawning Anna nodded off with the beaming suns rays lulling her asleep.

The afternoon soon turned to dusk the sun sinking lower in the western sky.  A mighty roar echoed through the woods alarming Anna jolting her out of her sleep.  Frantically Anna looked around having briefly forgotten she wasn’t in her home or the village.  Getting up her shadow had gotten longer making her actually quite fearful of what exactly made that sound.  Brushing the foliage off Anna glanced around trying to remember how to get home.  Another roar had Anna scrambling to get as far away from it as possible, but she only got a few feet away. A large shadow blocked out the setting sun.  Wings as black as night flapped knocking Anna down from the sheer force of mighty gust.  On her knees Anna knew what the creature was, but she couldn’t believe her very eyes.  She muttered the name somewhere between sounding like a prayer and curse, “Dragon.” 

The dragon landed with a such force the ground shook and earth cracked.  The massive beast looked at Anna with its charcoal black eyes, and Anna could see her very reflection.  Nostrils flared with every inhale upon the exhale warm breath breezed through her hair.  The monster opened it mouth showcasing large yellow fangs the tips stained with fresh blood.  In the back of the mouth orange and red formed.  Anna closed her eyes waiting for the scorching heat of the fire, nothing happened.  She felt a raw icy chill in the air, an even louder roar, and the blood curdling sound of a death whine.  Reopening her eyes Anna noticed the black dragon laying on the ground dead, and a woman beside the carcass.

The woman looked just as wild as the forest itself. Her snowy white hair in matted tangled tufts.  In the red and orange light Anna noticed the blood smeared upon her cheeks and making them a violent red.  The woman wore a dress that sparkled under the dimming light.  Anna could have sworn it was made of ice, but that would be impossible.  She rose from the beasts carcass causing Anna to freeze.  Brilliant blue eyes locked onto hers and the younger girls breath caught.  For having just murdered a monster those majestic, mysterious icy blue eyes held a hint of concern.  Walking closer Anna noticed her feet were bare and with each stride closer ice formed upon the earth. Anna couldn’t will herself to move for she feared the wild woman would kill her as well.  She bent down and slowly reached out to touch the girl’s cheek Anna cringed away closing her eyes again.  “It’s okay little one I won’t hurt you." 

Anna opened her eyes at the soft gentle tone the woman spoke with.  She nodded, but still flinched at the strange woman’s touch.  Being so close to someone who killed something, but seemed so kind Anna could see a small dusting of freckles on either side of her nose.  Her touch pricked her tender young skin, but it also felt soothing with comfort.  “Sorry, you had to see that human, but sometimes my followers tend to go rogue, and I have no control of their actions then. That means I must disposal of them before they can do any real harm to themselves or anyone.”

She finally found her voice, “T-thank you.”

“You know I have never seen a human child this close,” the dragon lady leaned closer examining Anna further.  “It’s rather interesting.”

“I heard dragons k-kidnap kids.”

The woman gave a lighthearted chuckle, “Not everything you hear about my kind is true.”  Hearing shouts in the distance.  “Now, if you will excuse me, I must leave.  Your kind and I are enemies.”

Anna watched the woman start to leave, “Um wait,” she paused, “Will I ever you see you again?”

Turning the dragon woman knelt down placing a kiss along Anna’s hairline.  She shivered a bit as the woman’s cold lips upon her skin and would later realize what had happened.  “Perhaps when you are older we will meet again.  On what side you will be on only time will tell.” 

Anna felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist picking her she found the familiar eyes of her father tears in her eyes as he hugged his daughter knowing she was safe and sound.  Though Anna was far too distracted as she watched the tail of her savior disappear into the clouds wondering how long she would have to wait to see her again.

Still siting on her rock in the forest a noise caught her caught her attention.  Getting quickly she followed it to a clear where the waterfalls meet a stream.  Ducking into the brush saw a figure standing under the rushing water.  Reading her crossbow she waited wondering, and praying it was her target.  The person emerged from the water naked, save for long blonde locks covering her breast.  Anna nearly dropped her bow recognizing the female as the one and only dragon queen, and her savior long ago.

Steve Rogers/Captain America - Snow Storm - Part 3

Part three of my Cap series Snow Storm! The first two parts are on my Snow Storm Master List. Enjoy!

You’re on a mission with Steve, a simple, run of the mill mission. The two of you end up getting caught in a snow storm so you find a small cabin to stay in while you wait it out. You’d never had a chance to be alone or this close with Steve before, so this was going to be rather interesting. You realize that your firewood supply is running low and you know that you have to conserve it because you have no idea how long you’re going to be here. Since it’s so cold and you have a very limited supply of firewood, the two of you have no choice but to share a bed for warmth

Steve x Fem!Reader

A/N: A huge thank you to @theoneandonlysaucymo for helping me describe the painting in this part! I really aprreciate the help, babe!!

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One Thousand Years

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Chapter 14. Happy Ending

Pale as a ghost, weaker than a corpse, you stalled around, lifting planks and the last of the rotten fruits to throw off to the side.  Tiny firebugs had begun to take notice of the renewed forest.  Bunnies and squirrels hopped on in.  One bunny even paused in front of you and bowed as if recognizing you as the bunny goddess even when you were in such a fragile state.  You patted it on its head and gave it a small carrot to nibble on since your teeth could no longer chew anything solid.  It bowed again before going off on its merry way.

Hauling a pail, you watered the flowers and vegetables delicately as if they were newborn babies.  A dot of black dripped onto the surface of the liquid, immediately expanding into a larger circle until the reminder of the water turned purple red.  In a frantic move to save the plants, you used your own hands to dilute the toxic liquid that balanced atop the leaves and petals.

Another dot landed at your feet, forcing you to stray away to the pile of junk to recuperate.  There, you collapsed on top of the pile, releasing as much of the poisonous blood as possible so that you could resume your duties of cleaning up the area.  You didn’t have much time.  It was the one-hundredth day.

Staring into a pocket mirror that Chanyeol had gifted you during your time together, you applied a bit of concealer to cover your dark veins and a bit of blush to brighten up your complexion.  Chanyeol always liked it when your cheeks turned the color of coral.  So in death, you wanted more than anything to leave him still the same way the two of you met.  Slipping off your clothes, you draped a white robe and skirt, similar to the one your lover had given you a thousand years ago.

With one final cough of blood and double checking of the make up, you pulled yourself upright to trudge back into the city to see Chanyeol one more time.  Even if it was a sneak peek…even if it was only on a television.  So holding trunks and pillars and walls, you pulled yourself together enough to hide behind the corner of the SM building to wait for Chanyeol to enter.  Unconsciously, you rubbed the talisman around your neck.

It didn’t take long for him to show up for you knew his schedule more than anyone else.  The tall giant hopped out of the large van with his hair gelled back and make up already on.  But he wasn’t smiling and he looked as if he had lost a quarter of his weight.  When he disappeared under the canopy, you held onto a rail to forcefully stop yourself from jumping out.  Instead, you flipped open your compact mirror so that you could see his reflection through it without revealing your position.

Goodbye, my love…

He walked into the building.  Your back slid down the wall.  You wanted to sob but even that took too much strength so you just sat there staring out into the busy streets as cars whizzed pass one after another.  You watched as fangirls began to crowd the entrance.  You watched as staffs and celebrities walked out to get lunch.  You watched as a single snowflake fell onto your nose.  You watched as the sun ascended up its daily journey to the center of the horizon, before falling again on the west.  Stars glowed under the moonlight as your eyes clouded up again.

Dal-nim wants Chanyeol to know that she loves him forever…no, longer than forever…

“Dal-nim-ah…” the familiar deep voice called.

You looked up to see the tall handsome man hovering over you.  Tears brimmed in his golden orbs.  Immediately, you pulled yourself up to run away but he latched onto your waist.

“Why?!  Why are you avoiding me?” he strained into your shoulder as he brought you against his chest.  Thump.  Thump.  Thump.

Dal-nim is so happy to be able to hear the comforting sound of Savior’s heart one last time…

“I love you,” he admitted, pulled your face in to place his lips onto yours but you shook your head.

You knew you were caught so shamelessly you asked for a final request.

“D-do…you want to go somewhere with me?” you whispered with a sad smile.

Flustered by your sudden request, he could only nod.  Widening your smile, you laced your hand through his and walked toward the forest again.  You knew it was selfish of you because initially you wanted Chanyeol to completely forget about your existence but one touch was all you needed for your barrier to break.  Midway into the path, you coughed and stumbled onto a log.  Your lover instantly held you tight.

“Hmm…why do I feel like I’ve been here before?” Chanyeol observed.  Before you knew it, he was walking in front of you as if he was guiding you along instead of the other way around.

“Our home…” he unknowingly whispered.  His eyebrows furrowed at the sound of his own voice.  Squeezing your hand, he turned around and narrowed his eyes at you.  “Dal-nim…?”

“Hmm?” you asked, a single tear trickled down.

He turned around.  In his eyes, you saw the memories come back to life as if a flipbook had been presented before him.  All the memories from the cave…from the meadow of flowers, the snowy day, your home…

“Dal-nim…” he repeated, this time firmer.  His palms grabbed the talisman around your neck.

“Savior…” you whispered.

“I…” he clawed his hair, “I…I’ve seen this talisman before…”

A wolf howled in the distance.  Chanyeol’s eyes widened.

“I gave this to you!” he concluded.

Swarmed in tears, you could only nod.

Holding his forehead in absolute bewilderment at the recollection of memories from his previous life, Chanyeol consciously took deep breaths to ease his overwhelming mind.  A dry cough alerted his attention so he began to set off to the forest again.  With every step, his grip tightened around your hand.  His body trembled.  In front of the forest, the two of you burst into tears.

“Seobangnim…” you called.

Turning around with streams flowing freely from his eyes, he held your pale face into his hands, “Dal-nim…you are my Dal-nim.  My Saekshi.  My everything”.

His lips pressed against yours as you sobbed.  You were beyond thrilled that your husband finally remembered you, but it was a happiness laced in poison.  As the two of you kissed, a dark trail of blood dripped down your mouth.  Instantly, you pushed him away, dabbing at his tainted lips.  Chanyeol’s eyebrows furrowed as he panicked at the sight of your torment.

“Wh-what’s going on?  Are you bleeding?” he questioned, lifting up a finger to touch the toxic liquid but you backed away.

“Savior…” you tearfully began, “Dal-nim is so, so happy that you remember her…”

He took several steps toward you but you continued to retreat back.  It wasn’t until you succumbed to another fit of coughs and blood rushed out did you let down your guard and allow Chanyeol to get close.  Your head whirled and your insides burned in flames.

“Dal-nim-ah…what’s going on?” your lover sobbed.  His finger touched the black liquid and immediately a scab appeared.

Desperate, you push him away but the wolf spirit summoned his strength to carry you in his arms over to the hay bed.  There, he rocked you back and forth, just like the old times.

“Let’s go to the hospital,” he suggested but you calmly shook your head.

“C-can you just hold me close?” you tearfully asked, “One…last…time”.  Immediately, your head was placed against his chest.  

“Dal-nim-ah…” he sobbed.

With a sad smile, you lifted your hand to touch his tear-stained face and spoke, “Seobangnim…Dal-nim is so sorry she wasn’t able to guard your grave for a thousand days…”      

He shook his head violently, “As long as you’re with me now.  Let’s go to the hospital, okay?”

You shook your head and sobbed, “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect our child…”

He squeezed his eyes shut and cradled you securely with his arms.

Another gush of blood rolled out, soaking onto your white robe.  

“Dal-Dal-nim…” you wheezed, “Dal-nim…will love Park Chanyeol no matter…how many years…no matter how many lives…”

Nodding, he wept, “Same.  Same.  Park Chanyeol will only love Park Dal-nim.  Do you hear me?”  He shook your feeble form to wake you up.  “Do you hear me?  You can’t leave me!  Not when I finally remember!”

He placed his wet cheeks against your cold ones.  You shivered from his warmth.

“Chanyeol-ah…” you faintly called.

“Yes?” he spoke through tears.

“C-can you hum me a lullaby?” you requested, gazing up into those glittering eyes that meant the entire world to you.

With a nod, he rolled his tongue and whistled the tune to your love song.  Your breathing quieted as the beating of your heart slowed its pace.  With a gentle smile, you closed your eyes and allowed for your consciousness to slowly fade with the beautiful melody of love.

Seobangnim…will you promise Dal-nim that you will forever smile that captivating wide smile of yours?  To forever love those pointy ears?  And to forever laugh that laugh of yours that sounds like music to my ears?  For as long as you are happy, no matter where Dal-nim is, she will be too.  This…is…our happy ending…

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Fic: In My Bones

Length: 4,121

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Kurt is the alpha of his pack of werewolves and lord of his woodland hall. Little does he expect his life to change in the form of a terrified and scrawny runaway wolf. For the Klaine Bingo prompt “mates.”

Warnings: D/s mostly based around alpha/omega bond, briefest mention of murder.

AO3 | Sequel

Before it all started, Kurt used to love the chilly descent into fall, the shortening days and increase in opportunities to dress in as many layers as possible. He was cold-blooded, and relished the turning of the seasons and the arrival of winter.

But that was before he had been integrated into the pack. Before his father had announced him as his successor. Before his first turning.

Now, the arrival of November means chopping wood and salting meat and digging up the last vegetables for the winter, preparing the huge wooden hall where the pack resides for the certain snowstorms and freezing drafts that ravage the area come December. It means less woodland animals around to hunt, less berries on the trees, fewer trips to the town on the far side of the forest. Now fall means long, gruelling days and a chill settling deep in his bones.

The first morning arrives when Kurt wakes up and there is snow outside the window. He pulls on a pair of thick hide leggings and fur-lined coat and goes out to start the day.

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Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Request: ‘would you write fanfictions based on songs? if yes, can you make a bucky x reader based on “close by nick jonas;tove lo”’

Summary: They were addicted to each other. They needed each other. They couldn’t breathe without each other. They couldn’t live without each other. It was dangerous and their relationship was toxic. But they needed to be close and sometimes close wasn’t close enough. 

Warnings: Violence, fighting ect

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Snow crunched under your black boots as you ran through a snowy forest, after your target. You followed his path as he weaved haphazardly through trees but stopped as soon as he fell to the ground, a hammer sitting on his twitching body. 

“I had him.” You sneer into the com. The hammer soared back into the air. 

“Sure you did.” Thor teased. “That’s why I had to stop him from getting away.” You scoff but turn to join the main fight. 

“(Y/N)!” Steve calls and you turn in time to see his shield flying at your head, you duck and it crashes into the person behind you. You pick it up and fling it back to him, kicking someone who was coming at you in the chest. A fist comes at you and you move your head just in time, grabbing the persons arm, holding it out then shoving your palm against their elbow almost immediately hearing a crack as they scream out in pain. Once they fell to the ground, you turn your attention to the next person coming at you. You were doing pretty well until you turn just in time to see Bucky fall to the floor, something sticking out of his back. It doesn’t take long to process what happened and it takes an even shorter amount of time for you to react. 


You could feel someone try to wake you, you were tired and you wanted to sleep but the moment you remembered that there was a chance it was Bucky that was shaking you awake, your eyes shot open and your head snapped up. Bucky was still sleeping, he looked okay but that didn’t make you feel any better, because he was still in a gown in a bed in the infirmary. 

Your head ached from crying so much and your face felt gross and crusty, again from crying so much. You cared about him so fucking much and you were so mad at yourself that this happened to him and not only could you not do anything to help him then, you couldn’t do anything now and that fucking sucked. 

“(Y/N), Fury want’s to see you.” You turned to see Steve who looked just as wrecked as you did. You both loved him, you both needed him. 

“I want to be here.” You say, your voice cracking. Steve nods. 

“I know, I’ll call you.” You narrow your eyes as he insists you go. It must have been urgent if he was telling you to go so you stand and nod. If anyone knew anything about you it was that you were completely and utterly in love with James Buchanan Barnes, and he with you. You helped him through his transition after HYDRA, and became close quickly after that. 

As you walked down the hall to the conference room, you thought about your first date when he took you to dinner. He was a complete gentleman, respected your boundaries and treated you like a queen. You went mini golfing on your second date and he did the cliche, wrapping his arms around yours to help you with your swing, even though you were better than him at golf. He made you feel like you were floating and you loved him so much it actually hurt sometimes. The only thing you regret about your relationship with him was that you were completely emotionally dependent on him. He had your heart, and thus the power to destroy you. 

Your face contorts in confusion when you see the other Avengers standing around the conference room, it had already been a few hours since you guys got back, had they been there the whole time? 

“What the hell happened?” Fury inquired, the moment you stepped into the room. 

“That’s what I want to know.” You retort. He sighs deeply and taps something on the tablet in front of him, footage starts playing on the large monitor behind him but he doesn’t turn around. The video shows you stand, picking up Steve’s shield and throwing it back to him. You watch as you fight off a few more bad guys before you roll your eyes. 

“Fury-” You try to tell him that you were actually there and remember what happened but he puts his hand up silencing you. Your eyes widen as you see someone behind you lift something, ready to stab you with it when Bucky zooms into the frame, catching the object in his back as it comes down intending to make contact with you. You turn and stare at his body for a moment before something happens. It’s almost unnoticeable but it’s there, your body tenses and straightens, your face goes blank and your eyes glaze over. Calmly, your hand moves down to the gun in your belt, you pull it out and shoot the person who just attacked Bucky but you don’t just shoot them, you executed them, and everyone else around you that wasn’t your team. One by one you shot them in the head, between the eyes with perfect precision and a blank expression. 

The video stops when everyone is dead and your jaw drops, tears filling your eyes.

“I-I did that?” You ask, looking around to see the solemn faces of your friends. You lift your hands to your mouth to muffle your gasp. You did do that, and you did it because Bucky got hurt. That person hurt Bucky and that was the one thing that made you lose your shit, abandon all your morals, and kill almost everyone in the vicinity. You turn and walk out as Fury called your name a few times. That talk was no where near over but you weren’t really in the mood to talk, and even if you were there was only one person who you wanted to talk to but when you thought about him you wanted to throw up. You knew what you needed to do but that doesn’t mean you had to like it, or do it right away.


You walked into Bucky’s room the next day, without knocking, a habit you would soon need to learn to forget. He was standing in front of a mirror, examining his abdomen. It looked like nothing even happened to him.

“Not bad huh?” He jokes and it takes every fiber of your being not to go over to touch him everywhere, and kiss him all over. You didn’t even know you had this much self control that he was talking to you shirtless, with his deep and sexy morning voice and both your clothes were still on. “Dr. Cho did a really good-”

“She wouldn’t have had to do anything if you hadn’t done something so stupid!” You cut him off, crossing your arms

“Stupid?!” He spins around, furious. “I saved your life!” He thundered.

“You were reckless and got yourself hurt!” You snap.

“Don’t you dare say that like you would have rather died than me get hurt!” He demands, but his tone sounds more offended than anything. You open your mouth to say something but he cuts you off, pointing at you. “No! Lets get one thing straight, because I don’t think you fully understand how I feel about you.” He takes a step closer and you contemplate taking a step back but you don’t even though you could tell this wasn’t going to end well. “If it came down to my life or yours, I would choose yours! Every time!” He was yelling now, and honestly it kind of scared you but your expression never faltered.

“You would die for me?!” You scoff. “That’s insane!” You exclaim, throwing your hands up. 

“No, whats insane is that is have been completely captivated by you, the moment I laid eyes on you. And all you had to so was smile and I would do anything for you.” His vice becomes low and dangerous as he steps closer to you, slower like he knows you’ll move away. Although your instinct to step back was stronger, the need to step forward was almost unbearable. 

“You would do anything for me? I just killed 23 people because you got hurt!” You’re the one yelling now. “23 families lost loved ones because of how much I love you! I just destroyed at least 23 peoples lives! I should be broken but instead all I want to do is kiss, you and-”

“So do it.” It’s a dare. You know it’s a dare because he was smirking. His breath teased the skin on your cheek. His fingertips challenged the goosebumps on your arms. His scent provoked your knees to become weak.

“I can’t. We can’t.” You manage to mumble out, taking a step back, shaking off his touch even though you wanted nothing more than his touch. “We can’t keep going like this.” You should probably be crying at this point but you couldn’t ignore the tension pooling in your stomach that would only be satisfied by him.  “Putting ourselves in danger for the other…putting aside our own mental health…” You couldn’t think of anything else, you couldn’t think of anything with him around. He made you stupid. He made you do reckless things. He made you dangerous. He made you happy.

“We’re terrible for each other.” He agree’s. The look on his face is conflicted like he knows the truth and even though he doesn’t want to accept it, he has to. “So thats it then. This need’s to stop.” He confirms. But his eyes are still daring you and god they are so fucking blue. And something in you snapped, similar to the way it did yesterday but different. And your lips were on his. And then your shirt was off. And then his pants. And then you were seriously questioning your self discipline.

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I shouldn't have freed the girl I found chained in the shed

(Credit to manen_lyset, via Reddit)

I didn’t understand why her father kept her locked in that run-down shed in the woods. When I first saw her chained in that musky place, I was too drunk to figure it out. If only I had paid attention, I might have been able to save her.

Judging by the dozens of missed call on my dying phone that afternoon, high school officials had informed my mom that I had skipped again. My friends and I had something more important to do than calculus: getting shit-faced drunk in the woods behind the school. Before we knew it, it got dark, and the group disbanded. In my drunken haze, I must have taken a wrong turn, because I wound up deeper in the forest, where I came across a lone shed. As far as I could see, it didn’t belong to any home or cottage. It was just there, in the middle of nowhere. A hunter’s hut? I wondered, No. What the fuck would they be hunting here … groundhogs?

Stumbling forward, I began hearing sobs escaping through the cracks of the old wooden structure. They were definitely the cries of a human girl. My head spun in a pleasant buzz, turning a simple walk into an awkward zig-zaggy trek. As I reached the shed, my foot sunk in a particularly deep patch of snow, causing me to lunge forward. My hand rose towards one of the walls for support. It went right through the wood, the plank disintegrating into soft mush, like a soggy piece of bread. Gross. After steadying myself and wiping my hand on my pants, I peered into the hut through the hole I’d just inadvertently created.

It was blurry inside, though that was probably due to the alcohol in my system. I squinted to try and make out shapes through the darkness, but it was almost impossible to see. If I hadn’t heard another whimper, I might have missed her entirely. There was a girl, maybe 5 years old, curled up in the corner. Her arms and legs were bound in thick iron chains, which rattled as she desperately pawed at a stuffed bear just out of reach. She looked up and, for a brief moment, our eyes met. I could feel her fear and sorrow, chipping away at my heart. Through her messy, curly black locks of hair, her lips stretched into a shy smile. She was covered in filth, but seemed otherwise healthy. What kind of sick monster can do this to a kid? I wondered.

“H-hey,” I called out.

Still wearing a solemn smile, she stretched an arm towards me, but the chains held it back. She didn’t speak, but her hopeless eyes told me all I needed to know.

“I’ll get you out of there,” I promised.

I staggered to the door, reaching for the handle. I pushed and pulled, but the damn thing wouldn’t open. The simple latch might have been too much in my drunken state.

Returning to the window, I waved to get her attention, “I’m going to go for help,” I said, through slurred speech, “I promise, I’ll get you out of there.”

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