i want to unfollow them because we share like no fandoms

I normally choose to post Mashima’s artwork here, and nothing more. This blog was not made for any purpose but to share Mashima-senshi’s art, I have had no intentions of speaking out, or spreading any word. However, I was greeted with this in the mailbox and this is not okay

Here are the reasons as to why:
1. Anon hate is never okay. It shows that you are a coward who do not have the guts to speak out with your identity attached, likely because you’re afraid of the repercussions. If you do not have the guts to speak out openly about your apparent disgust, you do not have the right to speak out at all, especially not a blog where his work is being shared and loved. That being said, hate in general is not okay. 

2. If you would like to word your dislike for a well-known artist, kindly structure your distaste clearly. We Do Not Type like this in a normal setting. I assume you were attempting to state your opinion of “Hey, do you know that Hiro Mashima’s drawings are disgusting? I hope someone will fucking kill him one day. He is not a great artist at all in Fairy Tail. Story is horrible!!!” At least, that was my inference, I had a little trouble at the end. 

3. Let’s break down point 2, shall we? Firstly, we do not need to know that you find Hiro Mashima’s drawings disgusting. What are you doing on a blog that does nothing but post Hiro Mashima’s artwork if you find it disgusting? It seems you may have a problem. If you find something disgusting, I suggest that you stay away from it. Perhaps you can try a blacklist function, it is easily found with a quick google search. Going to a blog that posts nothing but something you find disgusting may mean that you have an issue, please see a doctor if it persists, it is not healthy for you to continually visit something that contains things you find disgusting.

4. Secondly, hoping that someone will be killed simply because you dislike their drawings is a very dark thought. It is extremely unhealthy to channel so much hate over drawings that does not belong to you, and can be avoided if you take the steps suggested in point 3. Mashima-sensei has done nothing wrong to you, it is not as though he has threatened your family, or harmed you in any manner; such hate is unwarranted, especially if your only beef is with his drawings. If you phrase this in another manner, it can be taken as a death threat, and you may and can be reported for that. That will get you in a whole lot of trouble, as the police may be involved. 

5. Thirdly, we have established that you find Mashima’s artwork disgusting, and in your opinion, lacking. However, do note that the term ‘great’ is a subjective term. For example, you may think that you’re being oh so very great when you send an anon hate ask like this to a Hiro Mashima artwork blog, but in my personal opinion, I think such an action is quite the opposite of great. On the other hand, I’m sure many others following this blog for his artwork would agree that his artwork is rather great in their opinion. As this is a subjective determination, I will leave this as such.

6. Based on inference, it seems that you were attempting to tell me that his art in Fairy Tail is not great. Please be gently reminded that Fairy Tail belongs to him. He created the manga, and the style, and the art for the characters. Be mindful that the canon appearance, art style, literally everything, belongs to him. You may think that it’s not great artwork, but in Fairy Tail, it’s as canon as it is, which technically makes it the greatest, especially if you’re measuring upon the likeliness of artwork with canon. 

7. If you find that the story is horrible, you may choose to drop Fairy Tail like I know many have done. What is the issue here? I find it hard to understand why you continue to apparently torment yourself with art and story that you do not like and find horrible. Like previously mentioned, Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima, What he chooses to do with it, and what he ultimately does with it, is his own choice. You have no right to dictate his actions or decisions. If you dislike it so much, please leave the fandom. No one is stopping you.

8. Lastly, I just want to say that I do not advocate hate in any forms. If you dislike something, the smart move is to unfollow, blacklist, and avoid. Going forward to send messages like such to a blog that enjoys what you do not is honestly not the action you should be taking. You take the fun and happiness out of others because you dislike something. One can not expect everyone to like the same thing, and on the same note, one cannot expect everyone to dislike the same thing. You would not like it if I came up to you and said horrible things about the things you like, you would not like it if I came up to you and said that someone you like, and I quote “I wish someone will fucking kill him one day.” Even if you can not enjoy something, you should not take that enjoyment away from others. It is never okay to hope for someone’s death, especially over such a small thing as artwork or manga that would not be detrimental to your life. 

People who come to this blog came here for Hiro Mashima’s artwork. If you do not have that intention, or like them, please just leave. There is no place for your hate here. This is a place for people who enjoy Hiro Mashima’s artwork to unite and connect. 

If any word is spread in this post, let it be this.


anonymous asked:

C-could you please not reblog art where the characters are white washed? You recently reblogged one where Lance is borderline but Hunk is pretty pasty. Thank you.

Sigh. This isn’t what I wanted to write about tonight. That said, maybe it’s time.

I think I’ve made it clear that this is an anti-discourse blog. That includes race discourse. I think it’s a side of fandom that has done MUCH more harm than good, and I would like it to go away entirely. I understand why it exists, and I would never tell someone else how to use their time, but I will not agree and I will not engage.

I think I know which art piece you’re talking about. The artist was using a rather pastel color palette. It looked like the paladins were sitting in a bright patch of sunlight, relaxing and hanging out together in a lovely room. And that’s all. Yes, Hunk and Lance’s skin tones were lighter than they are in the show. But so was everything. It was clearly an artistic choice and I have no problem with it.

I’m sorry it bothered you. But I’m not going to delete the post. Neither do I intend to keep an eagle eye out in the future to avoid “white-washed” fandom art and avoid reblogging it. I’m sorry if that’s an issue for you. Feel free to unfollow me. I’m not going to train myself to look for problems.

I think the entire mentality in recent years of fandom in general and the Voltron fandom in particular to hunt down “problematic” fan creators and punish them is not only awful and damaging and unhealthy, but also dangerous in a way. Most of the things fans are complaining about their fellow fans doing wrong, or even the show itself, are very minor. By searching so hard for things to be offended about, by finding them and reinforcing them with likeminded fans and working yourself up into a frenzy over them, you are TRAINING yourself to be offended. You are teaching your brain to be pleased and satisfied when you find things that upset you, because the rush of energy and anger feels good. And that just makes you find more and more and more.

This is not a good road to go down. It leads to misery. It leads to depression. It leads to believing that the world is awful and only getting worse, and no matter how much you fight it you can never make a difference, because there’s always going to be some other “problematic” thing to get worked up over. And it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse.

It’s the same way I feel about the “microaggression” thing you hear about in the larger American culture. Racism is bad, and I hate it. But someone asking where you’re from? Not racism. Most of those things I see listed as microagressions are tactless and a little rude, but they aren’t crimes. By teaching ourselves that they are, we’re only making things worse and worse for ourselves and for each other. Morgan Freeman said it best. The best way to cure racism is not to seek it out and decry it, but to find commonalities and learn to love each other instead. You’ll never change a racist by yelling “RACIST!” at them over and over until they shut up. That just makes them hide away in likeminded communities and discuss how awful you are and how abused they are and how they’re right in every bad thing they’ve ever thought about you. You change a racist by showing them that we’re all the same, and our differences are things to be enjoyed and celebrated and shared, not sequestered and hoarded and gloated over like gems.

This is something you learn in therapy for mental illnesses like PTSD and depression, by the way. It’s similar to the counseling I got. Part of the problem with PTSD is hypervigilance, the way your brain is constantly on the look out for things that threaten you. The more you notice, the more tense and alert you become, and then you see more. It’s the same thing with the whole fandom callout culture. I worry a lot about kids who come into the internet fandom bright-eyed and happy, eager to share and discuss the things they love, only to be beaten down by these eagle-eyed folks who see problems everywhere they look that need to be attacked. And these kids are learning to fall in with the crowd, because not to do so is literally dangerous to their mental and emotional health.

We need to train ourselves in the opposite direction. We need to learn to accept each other with a few little bumps and bobbles here and there. If you have criticism to offer, do so, but in a constructive way. And if the creator doesn’t agree, accept that. Accept that their work is just not your cup of tea, and move on with your day. You will be much happier and healthier for it, I promise.

One of my fandom friends was basically hounded out of the Voltron fandom with hate messages she got for one of her fics. The reason? Lance wasn’t Latino enough. Because he was singing showtunes with Blue instead of more “Latin” songs, I think was the crux of the complaints. Mind, this was before he was even revealed to be Cuban, so it was based entirely on fanon. This friend of mine is biracial and grew up in a mixed Latino family. Her godson is a gay Latino, and she based the characterization of Lance on him, because he loves showtunes and his relationship with his partner reminds her of Lance and Keith. The persecution of this friend of mine based on her artistic choices in a cute little ficlet about Lance and Blue having fun together still upsets me and breaks my heart. I want it to end.

I’m sorry if this little essay offended anyone. As I said, feel free to unfollow me if my stance makes you uncomfortable. I hold no grudges. But this is something I feel quite strongly about, and I’m not going to change. And congrats if you read this whole thing! It was quite a piece.

Two polar opposite fandoms I am in are currently (both) having drama over the age difference of fans…sixteen year olds and 27 year olds and 30+ year olds are trying to both enjoy content on the same platform…their paths are bound to cross. Is it okay for the 27 to 30+ year olds to follow the blogs of sixteen year olds? To see the content reblogged or posted? Should they reply to posts? Should they comment? Should they allow sixteen year olds to follow their blogs?

I realized that I am old. I am 27…almost 28. I am an adult. I’ve been conditioned from the age of 12 to seek friendship, comfort, escape, and creativity online. I grew up with the internet. I grew up with fandoms and online friendship. My first instinct is to reach out to usernames/blogs/artists/writers and befriend them. Squeal over fandom stuff with them. Enjoy the thing we both love. But those people have always been ages similar to mine…until now…now…now I am thinking I can’t do that any more. And I am at a loss. 

Am I not allowed that escape? That comfort? Where is a place for me? Do I need to unfollow blogs that are run by teens but produce awesome content? I don’t know these answers and it’s kind of flummoxed me. I am the old one so I should be the adult. I am the mature one so I need to do what should be done. But…I don’t know what that is? Have I behaved in a way that would have made someone uncomfortable? My age is in my description but not everyone looks at it so am I responsible for making it known that I am a “mature” blog? Even if any interaction I do initiate or receive is professional? Or a tiny bit of squee-ing over the thing we both enjoy?

I am lost. Being the older one means I have to do the hard thing and pull away. I have to grow up. Because I am grown. But I don’t feel like a grownup. I don’t feel like an adult. I don’t want to grow up. I want to love things and get excited about things and share that love with other people but everything is so complicated now.

TL;DR - I am having a existential crises about my age and whether or not I have to “grow up” and start screening who I follow and who follows me so that I  don’t interact with teens

Here’s the Dealio

As you know, I’ve been disappearing for months at a time for this blog.

I would come back and say “I plan on working on the story!” in trying to keep some of your hopes alive. And there was a point when that was 100% true (I even thought about a revamp the other day)

Unfortunately, the worst, and probably what many of you have predicted, has happened-
I’ve fallen out of the Undertale fandom.

There’s a myriad of reasons why- the most major one being that this was the absolute first time that I let a fandom consume me and my time so much.

I spent all of 2016 pretty much drawing fanart- albeit original-ish in content.

If there’s two things I’m incredibly thankful; it’s for the fact that drawing so damn frequently for this blog and UT in general has helped me improve vastly in my art, and it’s for the people I’ve gotten to meet, briefly talk to, read the content of, befriend…

I pulled some friendships from this fandom that I treasure dearly <3 and other’s that, when I have a chance, I’d love to build up on.

But that’s another story for another day OvO;;;;;;

That aside, I wanted to get back into making original/personal content for the year 2017 and onwards. I’m a storywriter and character designer (which, looks pretty pretentious when self-proclaimed lmao, but it’s true). And those were the main reason’s why I was so attracted to the UT fandom and the idea of how you guys all create such beautiful character designs and stories off of this one amazing story. You’ve all spun it into something of your own, and each twist and turn and development is an amazing experience not only for us as Content Creators, but for us Consumers. I absolutely loved making different offsets of Charas and Frisks
Sometimes of other monsters
I loved making a bajillion AUs and writing stories and making blogs (although the only two I’ve ever focused on were this one and Flipfell).

Sometimes I have a moment of relapse and draw a chara or Frisk or two.

OVERALL, THOUGH; I’ve more or less moved on from this fandom. Not because I’m bored of it, heaven’s no. But because I want to be able to focus on making o.cs and bringing their stories back to life.

Now, what the hell does one do with 600,000 Charas and Frisks they redesigned and altered after pulling away from the UT fandom, you ask?

You don’t just throw those away lmao. O.cs are time, they’re care, and they’re a precious part of you. We all love our children.

So, I’ve managed to redesign and oc-ify most, if not all, of my existing Chara’s and Frisks- including Oreo (NH Frisk) and Snaps (NH Chara). And for the most part, those two  are my absolute biases.

So here’s where you guys, and this blog comes in.

While some of my designs will be taking to the shelf and getting a bit dusty, I’ve been getting to work with NH Chara and Frisk- making them into their own story (whilst tying in some of my other Chara and Frisk biases.)

It’s a story I’ve been actively working on daily for the last 5 months or so. And I plan to make it a comic (originally, it was going to be a pixel rpg- but I’m impatient, and I don’t want to rope my gaming circle into focusing on my characters. I’d rather the game we make be something all three of us create together).

I may not post the comic here on tumblr- I was planning to do that for a site it’s better formatted for like Tapastic or Webtoon. 

However, considering I’ve been working on the story so frequently for the last few months- to the point where I have far more interest in it than I do their origins (No-Heal), or any other o.cs/stories I have, I produce a lot of doodles, short comics, drawings, headcanons, ideas, the like, for these characters. And I’ve been sharing it all on my personal art blog. 

But, I’ve decided I may not want to flood my art blog with a story that “massive” (it’d become the majority of my art blog due to how much I focus on those characters, and I don’t want that).

So I thought


Because this is the place of my bbies’ origin

And because you guys may enjoy my content and where I go with my children

I could convert this blog into the homebase for this comic’s story and content.

Now, I’m not going to delete all of the previous posts- I’m a hoarder, and I like to look back on my growth from the beginning to where I am now. I love this blog dearly. I love NH dearly, I love UT and what it’s given me dearly. 

And I finally have something more to show for it. 

For the most part, I wanted to check in with you guys on this.
Keep in mind, I may go through with the change regardless, so this would be more of a warning post than anything.

The reason I’m choosing to do this here is because some of you have been here since the blog’s conception, watching me grow and play around with NH Frisk and NH Chara. So I thought- maybe you’d all want to keep up with where they are now ; v;

ThatandI’mtiredofmakingnewemailsIhavelike6tumblrsIhavehadenougH lmao

That being said, If you want no part of this, you’re welcome to unfollow, and I respect that decision. You didn’t come here to watch me prattle about o.cs probably ahaha, and I’m sorry to disappoint that I won’t be continuing much with No-Heal. It was nice having been of service to you for the time that you were here!!

I think I’ve gotten everything out that I’ve needed to.

I’m going to schedule this post a few times throughout the day, so everyone gets a chance to see it!! I really would like feedback on this matter, especially if you’re planning to continue following. Send an ask on how you feel, etc.

And send asks about the story!! The characters- what I’ve done with NH Frisk and Chara, a summary if you’d like, etc. 

Just like
Don’t be pissy about me letting go of NH lol

Now for the treat of this post, and my bribing content //eyes emoji- some of the shitty doodles I’ve produced for this story

These are the current designs for all of the main characters!! NH Frisk (Avery) is at the very front, NH Chara (Mikhail) to the right of them. Fun fact; everyone in the back were also once Frisks and a Chara !! A lot of the character’s in this story were.

Some of the designs have most definitely changed a bit up to that point, though, since I’m still working out outfit designs and etc. suitable for each character and the story’s various settings!! So below this, a lot of designs will vary 

I hope I can get you guys on board for this- I mean I might go through with the change anyway- but I’m a selfish shellfish and want as little frowny faces as possible ;v;

Thank you for reading this post, for sticking around when i’ve been disgustingly inactive, and for just
In general being cool people.
I hope you all have a nice morning, day, and/or night <3

Rest of the bribery beneath the cut !!

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How To Have a Positive Fandom Experience (it is possible)

1. Not every post requires a reaction. Seriously. I see people exhausting themselves writing responses to a post they don’t agree with when in reality the ONE nice thing about tumblr is if you don’t agree with an opinion you can scroll…. right…. past it. You can hide it from appearing on your dash again. You can blacklist its tags, block the person, etc. Take advantages of the positives of this website and it will already be a much better experience for you.

2. Not every comment requires a reaction. Same thing above goes for all those comments people put on your posts JUST TO GET A REACTION OUT OF YOU. Do you know how many times a post of mine has made it’s way to a different fandom. I look through my notifs and suddenly just see “BELLAMY BLAKE SUX DIK.” Just. Block them.

3. Not every message requires a response. Again, no ones holding a gun to your head saying “you need to respond to every anon sent to you.” I see people responding to anon hate and I just think why the hell would you do that? You’ll NEVER see me respond to anon hate. I can’t think of anything funnier then knowing someone out there got heated enough just over my presence on the internet to type up an angry message, hide behind anon, and now is sitting there waiting for my response. Meanwhile i’ll have read all of 3 words in their message before blocking their IP from ever messaging me again. And they’ll just keep sitting there and checking back waiting for a response they’ll never get while I keep posting shit like “BLARKE IS GONNA FUCK”

4. Unfollow, break mutuals, block people. You’re ALLOWED to do that. I break mutuals all the time and I unfollow people really easily. There’s a reason I’m never following over 90 blogs. I’m not saying that to be cocky, I’m telling yall to drop the mentality that “oh I can’t unfollow this person because we used to talk and they’re kinda big in the fandom and I don’t wanna start shit” and that ever since I dropped that, I do not see drama on my dash. I see my other mutuals referring to the drama, but I never see it because I’ll have already unfollowed the person. IF THEY WERE PROBLEMATIC ONCE,,, THEY’LL BE PROBLEMATIC AGAIN. 

5. This “Discourse” Trend. isn’t. cute. Take it from someone who used to constantly get involved in that shit. You think it makes you “one of the blarke fam.” It doesn’t okay, it makes you one of the assholes. No one wants to be friends with that person who’s constantly angry about something. I understand calling out problematic things (that absolutely should happen) but when every single one of your posts is just you being angry, you making a problem out of every little thing, you bringing down others with you, you getting involved where you shouldn’t be, you fighting people, you writing posts shading someone else’s post, you bringing up old and DEAD shipwars (seriously why are yall still posting l.exa hate, LET IT GO)… you’re not only ruining the experience for yourself but for every single person who follows you and who sees those posts. YOU are contributing to the “fandom drama” and YOU are the reason so many of the newbies in the fandom get involved in discoursing so fast. And guess what? no one feels fucking sorry for you when you’re the one taking a break from tumblr every week because we all know you bring it on yourself.

**To the newbies in the fandom: I know you see it a lot, I know you think this is the only way to be involved in the blarke fam, I know you think it’ll get you a lot of followers and more known in the fandom. Trust me when I say you do not wanna go down that path. It’s not at all fun and there’s a reason the blogs who do this are the ones who want to quit the show, the fandom, tumblr. TRUST ME, I ALMOST QUIT LAST SUMMER, I WAS THAT BITCH. You wanna be more involved? message people, write positive posts, get involved with shit like bellarke fam selfie night. Stay away from the discoursing.

*Doesn’t apply to social justice issues, those should very much be talked about. But stfu about it if you’re straight and white please. And stop speaking over the lgbt poc in the fandom,,,in attempt to get notes and followers*

6. Stop being bullies. You might think you’re “edgy” and a badass bitch for writing a post shading someone, or for being part of a group that gangs up on that one person in the fandom. You’re not edgy, you’re not That Bitch, you’re just A Bitch. You’re the bully that you never got to be in highschool. That’s really all I have to say about that,,,just don’t be a dick ??

7. And finally. Be the positive presence. Be that blog people can come to for a laugh when they’re having a bad day (making people laugh feels a lot nicer then getting people angry, down, etc.) Be the person people feel comfortable enough messaging you. Be the person who drops KIND anons in the ask box of someone you feel maybe doesn’t always receive a lot of love. ***Reach out when someone makes a post about having a terrible day/being in a down mood/struggling with life or mental illnesses.*** Comment and reblog peoples selfies and hype eachother up. Be the person who points out positives of an episode and who can make someone feel better when they’re feeling disappointed. IGNORE THE NEGATIVE ANONS (seriously no one wants to see “bellarke is never gonna happen” on their dash. If we did, we’d be following people from a different fandom.) Ignore the drama, ignore the discourse, ignore the downers in the fandom.

You never know what someones going through outside of tumblr. For a lot of people logging on here is the only distraction they get from what’s going on in their real life. Think about that before putting something negative on someone dash, or before sending a mean anon, or before joining a group to shade That One Person.

Updates 5/3/17: Faq’s, Asks and Antiblackness

Hello everyone! I’m currently working on setting up a FAQ, if there’s something you want touched on there please feel free to send me a message!

I want to start out by saying that some things will be changing, the main things being events and what this space will tolerate. 

Because of the lack of participation in events the last go round, I’ve decided to cut them all together for now. Once word gets out that this blog is up and running again we can try and find something that works and everyone can be apart of. Im thinking either a yearly event and maybe bi monthly prompts? Please feel free to share your ideas either in the replies on this post, in asks or in messages. 

On the note of toleration in this space, I remember entertaining some white anons when this blog first started, and many people did not want that to be a full time thing. I agree. This space is not for white people, there will be no entertaining of their questions here. I’m thinking the only time a white anon will be published publicly, is when its so absurd and hilarious, so we can all laugh at their ignorance. But of course, if the majority doesnt even want that on the blog, then it wont be, feel free to give your opinion on that.

Another issue with toleration is this: I don’t know if everyone is aware, I referenced it a bit in the most recent post, but there has been some issues of antiblackness going on in the fandom. This isnt a callout so Im not going into details, feel free to ask privately. However:

I dont care if you look up to them, if you just love their art, you are their friend,etc.

If you think what this user did and what many other users have done is okay, that many of us are being to sensitive, unfollow this blog; you will NOT be allowed to participate on this blog. Indifference to such blatant and disgusting anti-blackness will NOT be tolerated. 

That’s all I have to say at the moment! Thanks so much for reading, please leave a like or a reply so I know everyone has seen this post! <3

anonymous asked:

To your last post: Sometimes I feel like the younger generation wants fandom and fan culture to be back in the closet, back to something that isn't talked about IRL. Not even on purpose or anything like that, but it sure feels like that'll happen with all their calls of "don't ship/write/draw that icky thing where I can see, it's PROBLEMATIC". They make fandom unsafe for everyone. The fandom I'm in is so toxic there is constantly people lashing out against what I ship and create and I'm tired.

I really get that. I often wish we had a fan-owned social media platform that could combine the advantages of livejournal (flocking your journal, long, cohesive comment threads) with those of tumblr (shared tags, open spaces, easier ways to connect and share content). But for now, fandom’s platform is tumblr, so we have to make do. 

I think it’s important not to be intimidated. Protect yourself by all available means - blocking, unfollowing, blacklisting - clean your dashboard, follow like-minded people, even if they are from different fandoms - but you’ll see that they have to deal with similar problems. It comes with the benefit that when you see something hurtful on your dash, chances are good that someone else has already written a well-worded reply, which you can then back up with a variety of “This!” if you feel like it. 

Keep on doing what you love and don’t get too defensive. Keep in mind, you don’t have to justify yourself for the things you like - ships, kinks, tropes, whatever, it’s fine. I know it’s easy to doubt yourself when people attack you so viciously, but really, they are the ones deciding to harass you when they could just as easily leave you be, which tells you something about their real motives.

Actually, refusing to get defensive and apologetic over your ships is a surefire way to make concern trolls and would-be sjws froth at the mouth. How dare you unrepentantly ship That Thing™! How dare you not even try to explain yourself by telling them all about your personal life and your reasons for liking That Thing™ (so that they can in turn tell you that it’s not an excuse, and call you names)! No, really, don’t explain yourself. Blatantly refuse to be intimidated. They hate confidence more than anything because they only gain theirs by dogpiling on others. 

Oh, and they hate getting laughed at. So laugh at them. Find an angle to see something humorous in their comments. Roll your eyes at their catchphrases. Award them bonus points, depending on how many they use. “Perpetuating harmful stereotypes”. Check. “Hurting survivors”. Check. “Romanticizing abuse”. Check. “Horrible human being.” Check. “ —> “Congratulations! The SJ-o-meter ranked your post at 15 brp (bullshit rhetoric points).” They’ll get mad at you like you wouldn’t believe. Then, when you’ve driven them into a frenzy, block them. Block anyone else on their side of the trenches, don’t read their follow-up posts, just ignore them. Once you’ve understood the way these people argue, it’s ridiculously easy to predict what their next reply will be. Oh, and ask them questions like these:

“Do you also go to mainstream porn sites and shame the dudes watching gangbang clips? I mean, surely that’s a much more problematic thing than a couple of fans drawing rather exotic kinds of fanart.”

“Do you think we should ban the bible as well? After all, it’s fiction full of genocide, slavery, incest, and rape. And you have to admit, there are far more people reading the bible than fanfiction.”

“I see you posted about that episode of that series last week, where character A did this Illegal Thing™. Are you not afraid that people could see this episode and think it’s okay to do this Illegal Thing™?”

If they refuse to answer those questions - as they likely will, because the honest answer would be a no - ask them what their real motives are when they criticize other fans.

Also fallacies. It really helps to be able to tell when your opponent’s “argument” is just a red herring, or an ad hominem attack, or an appeal to authority. The famous “I am a survivor, so it’s my right to tell you what is or isn’t harmful” is just bullshit. Don’t even bother refuting these kinds of statement, it’s a waste of time; they’re easier fended off by pointing out their fallacious nature. 

Last but not least, if you get anon hate, but don’t want to turn off anon asks altogether, publish them with random facts about the life of the Australian sea turtle. Or just delete them. They’ll keep watching your blog, silently fuming as you ignore them. 

And remember, you are not alone. Fandom is full of great people, it just takes some effort to weed out the haters, and find a way not to let them ruin your day.

There are a lot of wonderful people I’m not following on tumblr.

This is not a hypothetical statement. There are a lot of wonderful people I know and have had conversations with or admire from afar or would like to get to know better or who are friends of friends and/or following me on tumblr, and I’m not following them. This doesn’t mean they aren’t great or I don’t want to know how they are.

Just that we don’t share a tumblr fandom, or they post so much I can’t catch up with my dash (and therefore have anxiety), or they post about subjects or fandoms that I really don’t want to see. None of this reflects on them (you) as people.

And a while ago I cut back my following list pretty severely, because otherwise I spend way too long scrolling tumblr and feel awful about not getting anything done. But sometimes I will still go onto individual blogs and read through recent entries, because I like people! I want to know how they are!

And a lot of tumblr culture seems to assume mutual following in a way that doesn’t fit with how I use it at all. So I want to stress: me not following you, or unfollowing you, says nothing about how I feel about you. You are probably awesome, and if you have talked to me I probably actually like you a lot.

The Science of Shipping

Shipping culture is very interesting.

What is shipping anyway?

Basically, it’s ‘These two would be great together’ or ‘This is cute, why not?’

Or, mostly, ‘These two deserve each other’ whether you mean it in a nice way or a bad way.

Here’s what I’ve observed:

Shipping basically starts as us seeing chemistry between two characters, feeling that they have great potential. Potential for what? For anything really.

The potential to:

  • Complete each other? (Ladynoir)
  • To make for an interesting story? (Drarry)
  • To be good for each other? (Stucky)
  • To balance each other out with their differences? (McKirk)

Or that they simply make sense based on:

  • Shared traits (Percabeth)
  • Experiences (Zutara)
  • Goals (Superbat)
  • History (Stucky) / (Clintasha)

From then it can branch out to just liking the dynamic, the idea of them, even if it doesn’t lead to a happily ever after or a happily ever anything. This is where ‘problematic’ ships come into the play.

Now, let’s discuss the biggest question –

When is it Shipping and when is it Fetishizing?

We have a big fetishizing problem in fandom in general, and that’s different from having a fetish. It centers around dehumanizing and depersonalizing people, making them out to only be their mental illness, sexuality or just their appearance. Let’s discuss!

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Hey! I’d like to go over something really important! In the pictures above, is my friend, who was cosplaying Hazel Levesque as a praetor. Can you see what’s wrong with it? Because I sure as hell can’t. There’s something wrong with this fandom, and it’s that it’s full of younger, more immature audiences and intolerable people (Please not that not all people from this fandom are immature). I’m aware of that. I’ve been aware of that. I’ve seen tumblr pages go down because the audiences didn’t agree with their content. I’ve seen people leaving the fandom because they succumbed to the vast amount of pressure and expectations placed upon them. I’ve even seen someone get hate because their fancast was racially incorrect. This person depicted in the images above in particular received so many unpleasant comments concerning her race, hair color, etc, and guess what? It doesn’t really matter about ANY of that! Cosplaying shouldn’t matter if you’re white, African American, Asian, Hispanic or any of that, and for those who cosplay, you know how much time goes into it. My friend above had to remove her images from tumblr because she felt ashamed that she couldn’t portray Hazel well enough, and that she couldn’t reach the fandom’s expectations. I, for one believe that she did a GREAT JOB in her cosplay, even if you guys don’t because guess what? She put the time into it. She bought that wig. She styled it. She MADE that gladius, and put hours into it, even mentioning that after she was done with it, she couldn’t feel her hands. She took the time to do a photoshoot, which could often go for a pretty long time because of the many pictures you have to take to get a perfect one. If you think there’s an issue with her race and skin color, don’t. We live in an age where that shouldn’t matter at all. If I’m Asian (which I am), and I want to cosplay as Percy, I’m going to do it. If I’m a boy, and I want to cosplay as Piper, Annabeth, Reyna, or Hazel, I’m going to do it. If I’m light-skinned, and I want to cosplay as someone who is dark skinned, I’m going to do it. There should be no reason whatsoever that would prevent me from doing so. Who cares if it’s inaccurate if I had fun doing it? I mean, look: Cosplay is for fun. It’s a momentary release from the boring working world. It’s a fun pasttime. It’s a great way to meet new people who share the same common interests as you, and it’s a way to promote your fandom to other people. If you think that there’s an issue with her race or skin color at all, and that she shouldn’t cosplay anyone she’d like, feel free to unfollow me, message me (anon or not, I don’t care), or report me. Have a great day, because my friend won’t.



Captive Prince Discourse:

Honestly it’s so upsetting to see so much hate for captive prince in the tag

There are just so many offhand comments about how ‘disgusting’ the series is and how terrible the people who like it are, and I’m honestly so confused. 1) you go into a fics tag to shit on it? You go into the place where people share media/content and talk about it and express their love of it with one another and demand that they see that negative content, just because you view the books in a certain way? I understand if you find captive prince something you cannot read yourself, certainly it’s not a walk in the park. I defend your right to feel that way, and to view those topics in that light. But to instigate that kind of pettiness is beyond saddening. Do you enjoy making other people upset, or implying the need for censorship? Do you want to have a conversation, or do you want people to know how ‘brave’ you are for putting negative content in a series’ tag? Why are you doing this?

2) it spreads such negativity for ships and fandom content in general. People are afraid to reblog/talk about and engage with content as a result of the vicious hate they receive from people who ‘don’t agree’ with them. You’re not being ‘smart’ or ‘pc’ or helping anyone or any cause by upsetting people and spreading the idea that fandom content needs to be stringently acceptable or monitored or comply with strict guidelines that fit into your world view and catered to you so you aren’t upset by it. If the content isn’t something you can stomach, if it’s something you don’t want to see: don’t look at it. Don’t search for it, don’t engage with it, don’t do anything. Block the tag, unfollow people who start to post it (peacefully, without a parting ‘lol you’re racist and a slavery apologist’), get on with your life. Leave it be, as the world will leave you be. 

The world isn’t an intrinsically happy place, the content we enjoy isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, problematic stuff is everywhere. Life is short. Stop being toxic, stop putting people down, stop implying that you’re better because you are more politically correct. Leave the captive prince tag alone.

thoughts on recent developments

so, if anyone reads my tags at all, you’ll notice that i haven’t been a huge fan of the “mendel eats dirt” meme. personally, i didn’t find it terribly funny, but i just left it alone, because who am i to shit on other people’s fun, right?


let me preface this by saying that i am not trying to tell anyone to stop making jokes or memes. i’m not telling you what to think is funny. these are thoughts that i have been having for a few days now, but recent events have made me decide to put in my two cents on the matter. 

 tumblr is a truly wild place. you can find others that share the same interests as you, no matter how bizarre or niche they may be. that being said, tumblr is also a strange place. people come up with their own jokes, headcanons, and ideas that can seem a little crazy to people unfamiliar with tumblr culture. i’ve been in this website for nearly five years- i can guarantee you i’ve seen some odd shit. the fact of the matter is this: not everyone understands tumblr jokes. not everyone gets how tumblr memes come to be, and not everyone finds them funny. if i were to share some of the things i’ve found funny on this website with my real life friends, i’d get some pretty strange looks. tumblr humor is often only understood by people familiar with this website in the first place. 

 "but why, sydney, is this important now?“ you may ask. "surely everyone already know this!” ah, but this is where you may be mistaken. 

 today, while scrolling my twitter feed, i came across a tweet that genuinely shocked me. never had i thought that i would see sweet, 12-year old anthony rosenthal tweeting about this dirt joke that has taken the fandom by storm. how did he even know about it? to my knowledge, neither he nor the rest of the falsettos cast have a presence on tumblr! now, i’ve posted about when things in this fandom have gotten a bit out of hand before- what i saw today blew all those other times out of the fucking water. 

 what’s my point, you may ask? yes, anthony rosenthal is a kid. yes, he probably find random shit like this hilarious. yes, he is an accessible broadway star who is more likely to actually see and reply to your post than many others. but here’s the catch: he’s not a tumblr user. he may be a kid, but we have no way of knowing whether or not he uses this god forsaken website, and therefore, we had no idea if he would think the joke was funny or not. and judging by his response to the multitudes of tweets regarding this meme, he didn’t. stating that he was “clearly missing something” didn’t really seem like he was shitting his pants from laughing so hard at the mental image of not only a character that no doubt means a lot to him, but also a coworker who he probably misses quite a bit, eating dirt. eating. dirt. why on earth would he think that that was funny? he has no reason to think it is! he has no context of the joke and hasn’t been around for all the other weird shit the falsettos fandom has produced these past few months- did people really expect him to agree that it’s hilarious? 

i’m gonna reiterate something that was brought up a few weeks ago with the arrival of the bootleg: ACTORS ARE PEOPLE TOO. the cast of falsettos did not ask to be invited into our weird jokes. they don’t have any clue that any of this has been going on. and i guarantee you they are feeling the loss of this show harder than any of us are- can you imagine performing such an intense musical over a hundred times? they are adjusting, like us all, to the fact that this show is no longer an active presence in their lives. however, i don’t think they’re doing it by discussing whether or not mendel eats dirt. 

 this has gotten waaaayyyy too long, and most of you probably disagree with me anyways, but let me just say this: actors are real people, with real lives, thoughts, everything. they are not untouchable entities for us to place on a pedestal and yell shit at: they can be made uncomfortable. they can get weirded out. judging from some things i’ve seen across the run of the show, they likely already have. but here’s the point: keep your odd, niche jokes amongst yourselves. post about them in tumblr, start a group chat with your friends about them, fucking eat dirt if you feel so inclined- just don’t bring actors into this. let them grieve the loss of the show without having to wonder if mendel eats dirt or whatever the next weird thing is gonna be. don’t use the excuse of “we miss the show and are trying to keep it alive!”- i guarantee you these people are missing it more than you. 

 this is long, overdramatic (for effect), and wordy, but this has been stewing for a while and i needed to say something about it. i’m not gonna answer any asks about this, i won’t respond to any replies or messages about it either- i’ve said what i want to say and i’m leaving it at that. for now, i’m gonna avoid the falsettos tag indefinitely, hopefully until this all blows over. i would still love to talk about the show, the actors, the cube, your headcanons, anything you want- but i wanted to make sure my stance on this was known. if you don’t agree with me, unfollow me. i’m done talking about this.

Things to Consider || DL Fandom

Rather than make another post covering this issue of being respectful to the translators that we have in our fandom, I will utilize bullet points instead.

About Translators

  • Diabolik Lovers is entirely in Japanese. Everything we know about the characters, background, plot, etc are all due to the efforts of past and present translators who’ve dedicated their time to sharing information with us, when they could’ve just kept it to themselves.
  • It is out of the generosity and thoughtfulness of these people that we, the rest of the fandom that don’t know Japanese, get to experience the same enjoyment that comes effortlessly with having a grasp of Japanese that our translators have.
  • We would not be able to understand every new game and information about new CDs, tokutens, events that come out if it is not for our translators giving their time to share the information with us. Again, they do this for free - all they ask for in return is a little appreciation and respect for what they do!

About Translating

  • Translating Japanese is harder than you think. It’s not the same as translating something from French or Spanish into English. There are no common Latin words to back you up, and what’s more, staring at characters that look like mere scribbles to us for a long time can make anyone have a headache. 
  • Oftentimes, translating also involves listening to the vocabulary, tone and context of speech. It’s not always just staring at Kanji and going back and forth between a dictionary. Also, there are times when you’d have to pause, rewind, and listen again several times before a word/sentence finally becomes clear.
  • Unlike English, there are many additional meanings and phrases that exist in Japanese, but there is little to no equivalent for us. This is something else that makes translating a challenge. Just because you know the language, doesn’t mean you can just translate it in one go - you also have to interpret and use your best judgement to find a way to translate something so that we can understand and relate to - and something that fits the particular character who is talking. 
  • For ex: Characters like Reiji have very difficult vocabulary that just makes things even harder when you’re not a native speaker. Characters like Ayato speak in a way that is very rough and filled with slang, thus it is never taught in actual classes and usually must be learned on one’s own.

About the Undeserved Hate

  • The first rule is - if someone paid for a product, then they have the right to complain about it. 
  • If there was nothing expended on their part - then what grounds do they have to send undue, uncalled for hate to a translator who providing free service?
  • With that said, there is always a tactful way to express any concerns one may have. However, that does not involve:
    • Insulting the translator or their work in any way
    • Belittling them to make them feel small and insignificant
    • Harassing them to make their translations more ‘suitable’ for you
    • Sending them anonymous hate, or hate in general
    • Telling them to leave the fandom 
  • Remember, there is a difference between constructive criticism and unhelpful rudeness.

What YOU can do to Help!

  • DL Fandom, if you see that a translator is getting hate, here is what you can do to help:
    • If the translator is receiving hate, then be sure to counterbalance that with positive messages. If their ask box has anon off, then send a nice message, but just specify that you want to be kept anonymous.
    • Send them a nice message through chat if asks are turned off.
    • If you see that a translator is being harassed or bullied, don’t be afraid to make a post directed at the translator and encouraging others to send positive messages - you may feel more comfortable not mentioning any names. Either way, this brings the attention of the fandom which can deter any bullies.
    • Block & Unfollow the individual sending the hate (oftentimes they are a troll)
    • Advise the translator to block the bully if they haven’t already.

Translators are the very lifeblood of a fandom like ours. Without them, it wouldn’t matter how many new games or merchandise or new things debut - no one would understand a thing. And when you can’t understand something, how can you enjoy it? 

This is why we need to stay alert and support the people who translate for this fandom. 

Thanks for reading this!

Tao and EXO

Alright, now that I’m not about to lose my mind, it’s time for me to say something about this entire mess. I’m sick and tired of people acting on their emotions, making assumptions as though they know more about the situation than the rest of us do, or people jumping on hate/drama bandwagons just because there’s a popular person or post on tumblr telling you that’s what’s happening.

First things first, I want to take us back to when this whole mess first started. With Papa Huang’s letter on Weibo. He explicitly stated that it was HIM, Papa Huang, who was pulling Tao out of EXO. He explicitly stated that it was his decision and that Tao fought with him about it. However, because of the Chinese culture and the importance of filial piety, Tao ultimately agreed with his father’s decision, because in China that’s just what you do. You don’t go against your parents no matter how old you are. It is unheard of, especially if you’re close to your parents on top of that. 

Now, I’ve seen people left and right claim Tao set this whole thing up and hid behind his father, but the 5% of information we have from this entire situation proves to me otherwise, as one of Tao’s actor friends in China made a statement that during the rumor that came out just before the one that started with Papa Huang’s letter, Tao had told him that it wasn’t true and he would make a statement soon. Does this not sound like Tao’s father was getting ready to tell the world that Tao was out and that Tao was fighting with him? Because even just before this whole thing happened, Tao was still telling people, “no, it’s not true. I’m going back.”

It would also shine light on why Tao’s manager went back to visit with Tao and his family while Tao was supposed to be resting. Because they knew that Tao was fighting with his parents so he could stay in EXO. They probably started negotiations as far back as then to try and get Mr. and Mrs. Huang to agree to let Tao stay in EXO, to assure them that they had Tao’s best interest in mind, but parents do not forget and they do not forgive anyone that has hurt their child and proven that they don’t care. 

Let us not forget how Tao messaged everyone saying he was sorry. Let’s not forget how he cried on his birthday and how his friends had to send him encouraging messages reminding him that it’s okay that he won’t be in EXO anymore, it’s not the end of his journey, but the start of one. 

Tao even wore his OT10 bracelet for quite a long time after this all happened, and one of his first statements after it happened was: I will miss the past, but I look forward to the future. 

This wasn’t something Tao planned on doing, it was not a decision he chose to make. Not in my opinion. I have no reason to think Tao was actually hiding behind his dad and I have no reason to think Tao has ever been underhanded. In my opinion, I have every reason to believe Tao genuinely wanted to stay in EXO, that he meant what he said about being loyal, that he was right there with Lay in wanting to find a better way to manage their differences with the company. But then other forces pulled him out. 

That’s the thing about life. Shit happens. People say things and then do something else and it happens all the time. When I was younger, I said I would never sleep with a man I wasn’t married to. Guess what happened? I also said I would never drink alcohol, and I would never smoke pot. Guess what happened? I said I would never move back home, I said I would never sleep with someone or kiss someone I wasn’t dating. Guess what happened? When I made those statements, every bit of me meant them and yet I grew and I changed and I wanted to see the world, I wanted a new outlook. The younger you are, the more likely you are to change your mind. 

And besides being young and growing and learning and changing, sometimes the world gives us a situation that forces us to make decisions we never planned on making. And that’s what, I believe, happened to Tao. 

I also really do believe he, his father, and SM were in negotiations this entire time. It would explain why they were so quick to make a statement about Tao’s Studio. I think Tao maybe was even holding out hope that he could return to EXO and I think the boys were too, which is why it took so long for them to totally severe the ties between each other on SNS. I think they saw the negotiations as hope, because they kind of were. At this point, however, I think they have ended what with SM being so silent about Tao’s comeback, with Baekhyun and Chanyeol unfollowing Tao and Tao unfollowing everyone. Things just didn’t work out, and it sucks, but that’s life. 

This whole situation has shown me that a lot of you have really unhealthy ties to this boy group. If your happiness lies in the success of a boy group, then you need to find something else that makes you happy, something that you, yourself, can control. Your happiness should not depend on the success of something that can wither away and die in an instant. 

Can you be sad? Of course you can! But you need to stop treating these boys as possessions. None of you even truly care why Tao, Kris, and Luhan have left, you only care that they did. That they somehow broke the magic of your perfect boy group. That they won’t be around the other members now to entertain your shipping or interaction fantasies. They are not playthings and they do not live to help fuel your fantasies. You cannot actively be so bitter about something that, honestly, has nothing to do with you. 

This sort of mentality is proven to me when people were on Tao’s instagram telling him not to delete the pictures because: “These are our memories.” No, darling, they never were your memories. They were Tao’s memories that he was kind enough to share with you. He doesn’t want to share them anymore for whatever reason. He has every right to take them down. Because for all you know, maybe they hurt him. Maybe it hurts that things didn’t work out, that he had to go back on his word. You don’t know what Tao goes through, you don’t know how he feels about this. 

You don’t know any of these boys. You haven’t spoken to them one-on-one. You don’t share text messages with them, you don’t live with them in their dorms, you don’t go to the studio to practice with them, you didn’t grow up with them, you aren’t their brothers or sisters, you aren’t their mothers or fathers, their best friends. No… you are just admirers. You can only know what these boys choose to tell you, just like I can’t know you guys apart from what you tell me. It’s no different, and the sooner you realize that, the better. 

Remember that things always look different from the outside. Tao may look like he’s confident, excited about going solo, ungrateful even. But do you know that maybe that’s his strong-face? What do you expect him to do? After having had to swallow his words due to circumstance, do you want him to hole himself away from the world and act like he hates himself and never move on in his life? No, Tao is doing exactly what everyone should do when their feet and pulled from under them and they’re forced to make a new life for themselves: You get back up, put on your game face and show the world what kind of a fighter you are.

And EXO will do the same thing. 

You guys want to talk about double standards, I’m seeing a lot of them. Especially now with this instagram nonsense. First of all, tumblr is the only place talking about this, because blogs don’t publish dates on them like they should. (Tumblr should really get on that) Just now, I checked Tao, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun’s latest posts on IG back to the last hour. 

I’ve heard from everyone all day long that Chanyeol is getting hate and Tao is getting praise. In the last hour, I saw but one comment on Chanyeol’s page mentioning anything about unfollowing Tao. The rest was intense love and admiration. 

I checked Tao’s. His page was actually flooded with both intense support and some hate, as I assumed I would see. 

Then I checked Baekhyun’s, whose was similar to Tao’s and yet only three of the bad comments I saw were about Tao, one of them being them supported him for removing Tao and saying they loved him more because of it, and all the rest were… stupid comments begging him not to work out anymore, but that’s another conversation. 

You guys want to talk about double standards, and yet you pull one immediately. Tao has been getting just as much if not more hate than Chanyeol. If you see Tao getting a flood of support it is mostly from Hailangs who have been dying to see Tao again ever since he first got hurt and had to return home way back in March. And Hailangs haven’t been going to Chanyeol’s instagram to send him hate, we’re too busy fangirling over Tao’s solo. 

Tumblr is doing more to cause drama about this than the actual anti’s are. If people aren’t posting their passive aggressive judgements on Tao for every breath he makes that isn’t as a member of EXO, then someone else is screaming at the top of their lungs about how fucked up the fandom is and how everyone unjustly hates Chanyeol or something. Those of you who do that contribute more to the drama than any of this SNS nonsense. 

Long story short, we are just fans. We are not entitled to anything these boys have to offer, not at all. EXO is a career for them, and if they decide that it’s best to move on from that career or if there are better opportunities, they have every right to make that decision to leave. 

Think of it this way, if I were working at McDonald’s (which I did before, I hated it), and say everyone loved our McDonald’s because we were fast and friendly and our food always tasted so good. I had good if not great relationships with all of my coworkers and the regulars, too. But then let’s say I got offered a better job somewhere, let’s say Applebee’s and they want to pay me a great deal more. Do the regulars or my co-workers have a right to tell me I can’t take that job because we’ve always been good to each other? Nope, they sure don’t. It’s no different. 

I’ve seen some people in their 20′s all the way well up into their 40′s that have been acting really petty and immature about this. People that are grown and should know better than to throw a fit over a boy group, no less over a boy group where the average age is 22. They are still young, they are gonna make mistakes, they are gonna change, they are gonna make promises that they think they’ll be able to keep because they’re young and naive and then later have to break them because life happens and people change or they realize now that keeping that promise will only hurt them. 

If you want to be angry at someone, be angry at SM Entertainment and their inability to properly manage their groups. It’s no coincidence that beyond EXO, nearly all of their major groups have had scandals with members leaving or being kicked out for ridiculous reasons. It’s no coincidence every member that has left has had to do so to maintain their health and to be successful. 

Kris wanted to act and I’ve heard somewhere, don’t know where, so don’t quote me on this, that SM turned down up to 15 offers for him. 

Luhan was known for having a phobia of heights, and SM cared so little about Luhan’s mental health that they actually had him enter the stage from above. I’m not even talking about him constantly being on a flight, I’m literally talking about SM disgustingly showing no signs of concern for his wellbeing when it came to performances. 

Tao should have been the main rapper from the start, but he was always overshadowed by someone else, and let’s not forget that Tao was offered a movie role that was supposed to go for a week and yet SM pushed it back to 3 days. Then, they didn’t even promote his movie.

If these idol groups are made to make money, SM sure doesn’t know how to do it. Why would they turn down 15 movie offers? Why would they cut Tao’s recording time and then fail to promote his movie? Why would they give their most popular Chinese member any reason to want to leave after one of them already did? 

You guys might want to pin this on the boys, but excuse me for thinking a company should be held to a higher standard in the way they treat their employees. Employees have rights, you know, and them filing for a lawsuit is no different than someone going on strike and demanding to be taken care of. Don’t give me that: Well they signed up for this, they knew what they were getting into. That’s victim blaming if I ever saw it.

This is the last thing I’m saying about it. I’m so over the petty drama, I’m not here for people pointing fingers, for jumping on the blame game, the hate game, the drama game, whatever. I’ll be over here cheering on Tao, Luhan, Kris, and all the rest of the members of EXO. I’m not going to hold it against anyone for making choices that will benefit them and their happiness. And you shouldn’t either.

This video… A lot- AND I MEAN A FUCKING LOT- in the fandom happened last night and this past week and half. Basically since OTRA started. Nedd a recap? -L&JH arrived in Australia on the same plane, looking happy -They left in the same van - We’re not gonna talk about Eleanor -Interaction - Going on numerous bathroom breaks together - They shared not only the same hotel, but the same hotel room (thanks Des xx) -McBusted had their wives/girlfriends/significant others while the boys weren’t allowed to our they were too busy (That’s probably a spin on not wanting to get anymore shit because of Eleanor) -Louis was “hacked” -Most of the boys unfollowed M!M - The video above -A longer YouTube video of the one above - 3/5 were “hacked” I know what you’re thinking, “That’s a lot of emotional trauma and shit seems like it’s going to go down.” But can I be honest? Shit has been going down. It wasn’t like Pompeii where everything fucking happened at once. No, this is like a building slowly getting demolished, one floor at a time. The moment those boys became something, there would be a twist in what their careers are going to do. The twist? 2/5 members are not straight and are, in fact, in a committed relationship. This post is going to be long, so bear with me. It’ll explain everything on that list and what I meant with how this shit is going down. Because we all knew that in the end, one ship would sink and the other would sail for a very, very long time. We all did. Let’s start with the plane. Everyone believed Louis left with Liam since they came to L.A. together. I wasn’t in an area with great internet that day but I can imagine the freak out. Which probably made some people think L&H would be on seperate planes. Wrong. Same plane. Same flight. Same freak out but an even different response. A 14 hour flight would made me want to kill a person or two. (But I like to think I’m nice so I wouldn’t do that.) Yet, Harry and Louis came off looking like they were just on the best flight of their life. Judging by their faces when they first came off, I think them being on the same flight was NOT supposed to happen. The boys are getting new management sometime soon. M!M isn’t on recent merchandise. But they still have to play by their rules until they’ve switched. They’ll probably go to Azoff if Harry’s new Azoff badge means anything. My guess is their new management said they could fly together- in turn fucking shit up with LS emotions and M!M. Damage control. I didn’t put it in the list above, but that’s a pretty good guess why there were pictures taken of Eleanor, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Sophia on the yacht. Damage control. The plane was probably a test. A test on the reaction they’d get being seen together. I only saw good reactions, but that’s probably because I avoid ES as much as possible. Not only did they fly together, but they left in the same van. A fan took an above video of Louis getting in a van, then Harry getting in the same one not much longer later. Aw… boyfriends must’ve been so so happy. The actual shows… I’m feeling some 2012 right about now. The high fives. The talking. The looks. THE INTERACTION. Every show it happens. I love it. Not to mention their bathroom breaks together… Quickies? (This makes me so happy I’m seeing them in July.) There really isn’t much to say here besides it’s another floor being demolished in the building. The interaction barrier. After one of the shows, Des (Harry’s biological father) posted a picture and tagged both L&H in it with the caption ‘Hotel Crew xx’. Not only that, but some paps took pictures of Louis and Harry on the balcony of their hotel room. Harry looked like he just got of the shower and Louis was wearing that baggy shirt. Des confirmed the other boy was Louis - because it was a little covered up by the face - by posting that picture. I’m not gonna touch on the McBusted/significant others because it’s self explanatory. Then we get to last night… I really don’t know what to say besides the building fucking tumbled and there’s only a couple of floors left. It’s pretty much a done deal. What’s probably going on is the switch between managements. Since Louis turned into an egg, people are saying he got hacked. No. He didn’t. 3/5 of One Direction did NOT get hacked. Zayn obviously didn’t. So he’s not a contender. Niall didn’t unfollow M!M so he could be 1/3 but I doubt it. Liam, Louis, and Harry… We haven’t gotten much word from those three. I haven’t gotten many notifications that weren’t Niall or Zayn. Liam posted ‘Tomorrow won’t be easy’ and ‘Help me’. My first initial thought was he was going to do something with Sophia. (💍 That’s a ring.) But now I think he had something to do with all of this. Louis has been silent. Probably to enforce the ‘hacked’ rumor. Harry has been almost like radio noise. Barely there, but you hear it occasionally. We got a tweet or two, but other than that he was similar to how Louis is now. My guess is that with either the new management or within the boys themselves, they’ve started clean up… Getting rid of anything homophobic or remotely close to it. Louis being “hacked” along with two others is probably clean up. I don’t believe anyone was hacked because it’s too circumstantial. Coincidences happen, but not like that. 4/5 unfollowed M!M as well. I don’t think Harry ever did if I’m being honest. The unfollowing was probably the last thing Louis did on Twitter before going quiet. They’re all quiet. Normally, I wake up to a few tweets. Just two from Zayn today. Normally I’ll have Niall added in or Louis or Liam, but that wasn’t the case. Niall probably still follows to add onto the hacked rumors. Then we get to the video… This is just.. Wow. If you haven’t seen it, it’s at the top. There’s no doubt that the person speaking is Louis. Not a single one. People say that he’s saying, “I’m gay and that’s pretty unfortunate.” I don’t hear unfortunate. I hear fortunate. I don’t hear a single hint of “un” in that “fortunate”. There’s a longer video of the same thing where it goes on. Louis says, “I’m gay and that’s pretty fortunate, isn’t it Eleanor?” Then someone else in the group says, “I can’t believe you just said that..” Louis was drunk. We know he ignores Eleanor when he’s drunk. Almost everyone tells the truth when they’re drunk. Louis is one of those people. So yes, in all honesty, Louis Tomlinson came out last night. This is NOT a confirmation on Larry. Harry has hinted on being gay or bisexual but has never flat out said it. But he’s not straight. It still is NOT a confirmation on Larry. We now have compete proof that Louis is not in fact straight. Now we need proof he can carry Harry’s children. This whole thing has been led up to since the beginning. We’re almost at the climax. One Direction has not hit their peak. This could bring them up there and bring us another couple years of One Direction. I think them being in the closet is why there’s so much stress. If they come out, we’d get our 2011/12 boys back. The boys from the stairs. Our boys. Not the media’s. Ours.

I don’t do this on Tumblr often but I’m about to get serious for a few minutes - if you really don’t care about fandom related things like people being dipshits, then scroll on by and keep on keeping on, it’s all good, but this has been been building for some time now and I feel like I need to say something about it. I included a nice picture of Geoffrey to tide you over in the meantime.

First off, what is being a fan about? Well, to me it means you like Thing, and you enjoy Thing, and you decide you want to spread some of the joy of that Thing to other people, so you set up an account on $website and you start posting about Thing and then maybe other people join in with you and you all squee and enjoy Thing together and talk about it and swap ideas, and then maybe you start sharing really hard to find stuff about $actor from Thing and you get warm and tingly when people discover Thing and enjoy it because of your $website. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy helping people discover and enjoy the things I like! It’s FUN for me to share, and I like contributing. That’s fandom at its most excellent and how it all should be.


I really dislike ‘gatekeepers’, and I really detest people who go out of their way to repeatedly harass other fans when they decide they don’t like them. On its own, this is a common problem in fandom, and one I am fine with ignoring for the most part, but the particular thorn in *this* fandom’s side is complicated by the fact that Paul Gross is officially on Twitter these days, and when a celebrity is made party to this negative behaviour, things get really unpleasant and awkward for everyone.

There is a person on Twitter that some of you all may know, who is currently making it her business to harass other Paul Gross fans. She tags him into conversations that he has no business being part of, she makes very disturbingly creepy flirty tweets at him, she acts as though she is his personal agent/bodyguard and she has this odd habit of claiming her ‘cousin’ is running her Twitter account so she can repeatedly tell him, via her ‘cousin’, how ‘grateful’ he should be for her Facebook page (because he totally wouldn’t be so well appreciated without it… never mind that he’s been a successful actor for decades on his own merits).

Full Disclosure: I had a bit of a run-in with this individual on Tumblr a few years back; they were putting copyright symbols and their username on photos they had no such copyrights to and reposting them. I had the temerity to point this out, and was met with such teenage-level vitriole, verbal abuse and personal attacks, it was simultaneously amusing and annoying. I ended up blocking her on Twitter to get her out of my face, and thought no more of it. I was done with it and felt that was where things ended.

Alas, no.

A friend alerted me to her ongoing stalkery, harassing behaviour towards others a few months ago. As you might expect, I shook my head at the ridiculousness and just kind of shrugged and moved on, while simultaneously wishing they would find some other thing to obsess over. Then I began seeing disturbing things in my timeline: people tweeting at Paul that they would have to unfollow him because they couldn’t handle his ‘fans’ - or rather, a particular fan, for barraging them with insults and doing the textual equivalent of prodding them repeatedly and demanding they apologise for what I saw were completely innocuous comments - not directed to her, but at Paul.

I found myself apologising on fandoms’ behalf in one instance, and assuring them that this was not at all representative of people who genuinely enjoy Paul’s work. I was able to allay their concerns, but it heightened mine. And now it’s coming to my attention via a few other avenues that she is continuing to harass and insult established fans for reasons unknown, while simultaneously crying that she is a victim. She has sent private FB messages to continue laying into them, when they just want to be left the hell alone, even after she claimed to block them. The latest target of this nonsense? A German fan who is, in my personal experience, one of the least offensive people I follow on Twitter. Why? Because Paul actually followed them, when they asked him. She even demanded that this person share any Direct Messages Paul might send them with her. Uh… how about no?

What’s to be done? - well, that’s a pretty good question. What can you do, really? Nothing. This person has a right to be an asshole on the internet, just as it’s our right to ignore them. But it reflects poorly on us as a whole and I fear it looks even worse when the celebrity is constantly sucked into it; my fear is that it would make him withdraw from the site completely and how exactly does one tell a stalkery obsessive fan to just stop? You don’t, really, not without a restraining order.

Please note: I am not really advocating any sort of action, and there’s not really any action TO take that isn’t likely to be irresponsible and get people into trouble. I don’t advocate dogpiling someone, or targeting someone. It never ends well. I am not a violent person. But perhaps we can just stop validating them. Stop following them, stop replying to them. Unfollow their page. Don’t respond to their insults (I actually did suggest just replying with random nonsense words, since their comments and actions are about as nonsensical in nature). Not everyone has a thick skin, and not everyone can resist engagement, I know. I just felt like this had gone on long enough that I needed to comment on it, because one thing I profoundly do not like is people harshing other fans’ squee because they are so desperate and needy for attention that they will verbally claw out the eyes of anyone else they see getting it. It’s mean, it’s spiteful, and it’s rude and against everything that makes being a fan enjoyable.

So why make this post? I felt I should get this off my chest, mostly, because it’s been bothering me that someone is being so mean-spirited and selfish about something that I and many others enjoy, and I wanted those who’ve been picked on to know that they’re not alone in having been picked on, and that it’s not okay, not ever, for someone to do this to you. I really don’t like seeing people feel bullied and harassed, and it’s not in my nature to stand aside and not say anything about it. Fraser wouldn’t, and neither will I.

(Oh and if said person sees this page… you’re welcome. I’m glad you realise that this is about you and that you do indeed have a major problem. Maybe time for some self reflection, yes? Or… you can do what you usually do and probably will, which is hurl incomprehensible babbling rage at me and make a lot of vague tweets/facebook posts about how put upon you are and how everyone is bullying you somehow. Your choice. I won’t see them anyway, and don’t care about your opinion, so have at it.)

You may now all return to your regular Tumblring. You are all lovely people.

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Honestly I'm really disappointed. I'm so done with them, every video they get faker. Literally every single person in the fandom knows they're in love and if the "important" video isn't something relating to Pham or sexuality or somethinf like that.... I honestly don't know what I'll do

i’m going to have to stop you right there. sure, at first i was a little disappointed too, because i was wanting something that had no real base to happen. but you need to realize something: they are under no obligation whatsoever to disclose their personal information to us. not the reality of their relationship, not their sexualities, not what they do in their free time, not even what kind of food they like or what their favorite band in the world is. they don’t have to tell us anything and we are not “deserving” of “knowing the truth”. we can’t force them to tell us anything.

we are not their friends, we are not their families, we are fans. we are only fans, and supporting them, even for years, is not good enough grounds to demand that they tell us personal things like that. some youtubers share their whole personal lives in detail, and that’s fine. good for them. but you know well enough that dan and phil are not like that. they are very private people, and they are very deserving of having that privacy. it doesn’t matter that “they’re in the public eye now!!!” or “fame comes with no privacy they should’ve expected it!!!” that’s bullshit. utter bullshit.

you don’t have to buy the app. you don’t have to pay attention to the hype, you don’t have to watch the video they did on it. hell, you can unsubscribe and unfollow them on social media and become an aesthetic blog and denounce your fan status, if you want to. but don’t be an ass to them about something they’re obviously excited to show us and tell us about. and stop acting like you deserve an “explanation” about phan, or their sexualities, or anything about their personal lives. you have no right.

have a good day.

H’s guide to fandom

As made after a month break that was really quite refreshing. And recommended. 

- Clean your dash. Don’t think about popular blogs, don’t think about mutuals. If you don’t like the content they post, unfollow. Your dash should be however you want it. You want drama? Find it. You want peace and happiness and cute boys and never ever any drama? Find the blogs who reblog that content (it’s doable, trust me). You want occasional ballet pics or Harry Potter posts or biology facts or puppy pics? Find those blogs. Mix it up, it’s fun. 

- Is tumblr not fun today? Is there drama? Did something bad happen? Are anons freaking out in your inbox? Leave. Log out. Take a day off. You’re not obligated to follow what happens, you’re no obligated to be in the know all the time, you’re not obligated to function as an update account for confused anons. If it becomes too much, turn off anon for a while. It’s okay, it’s allowed. Take a day every now and then. If it’s all too uurrgghhhh, take an entire month; get it all put into perspective, get some distance. I promise, by the end of that month, you’ll know a lot more about how you want your tumblr experience to be. Maybe you don’t want to come back at all. That’s okay too. You don’t owe anybody anything.  

- Be nice. Always, always be nice. Respect others, respect their opinions and treat them nicely. Nice breeds nice. Remember that.

- Don’t be a hypocrite. Just don’t. Tumblr is a nasty place 65% of the time. Don’t be one of those people.  

- Don’t talk down to anyone. Don’t talk down to those of different opinions, don’t talk down to anons. Just don’t. You don’t know why they might be more ignorant than you, you don’t know why they might know less. You don’t know if it took them a lot of courage to contact you. So don’t. Help rather than bully, educate rather than ridicule. Do humanity a favour, eh?

- Don’t let anyone guilt you into not reblogging something (or reblogging something for that matter), keeping mum about something, or not liking something. You don’t agree with the general consensus? Well, that’s alright. Your blog is your space, as long as you stay within the limits of what’s, you know, decent human behaviour and ethics, you’re allowed to think whatever you want. Don’t compromise what you are or think in order to fit it. It’s okay not to fit in sometimes, you’ll probably find that there’s a lovely group of “outcasts” just like you, and it’s a lot more fun being there anyway. 

- Don’t make fun of other people for their English. DON’T DON’T DON’T DON’T. I swear to God, I’ll haunt you in your sleep if you do so, and I can be a very scary person. 

- Fandom sometimes feels like a very exclusive club you can’t get a membership to. Sometimes it feels like the friendships you make here are superficial at best. Sometimes you might look at your dash and see everybody be friends and feel a lot like you don’t fit it. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe it’s the time of your life and you look at your RL friends and think they have nothing on your online ones, Maybe you get the blues because you can’t meet up with your tumblr friends on the regular. Who knows. Just don’t feel obligated to have those really close friendships, don’t feel obligated to give away more of yourself than you feel comfortable with. Don’t want to give out your name or nationality? Don’t. And if you wanna talk to people, do it. Write them. If they don’t write back, they’re the assholes anyway, it has nothing to do with you. 

- If it starts affecting your real life, your own mood, take a break. Their lives are not your life and such they shouldn’t dictate your happiness.

All of these things are something we all know in theory, but 9/10 bloggers are terrible at actually practicing this. Just do it. Seriously. Your fandom experience is going to become a thousand times better. 

Especially for fic writers:

I’d say write for yourself not others, but I also know that’s bullshit. Every writer craves feedback, we’re vain like that. That’s okay. But don’t write if it isn’t fun, don’t write if you don’t like the process of it. Write because you can’t not

This fandom is really gross when it comes to fics and writers a lot of the time, but don’t feel encouraged not to write because some writers are held above everyone else. Everyone starts somewhere - everyone! Maybe it’s not until your third or your thirtieth fic that the fandom as a whole gets their eyes up for what a brilliant author you are, but that doesn’t mean your first fics aren’t appreciated. Everyone starts somewhere – everybody starts from nothing. If you’re not sure about your fic prior to posting, ask someone to read it through, get some feedback, find a beta. Just above all else have fun with it. No matter what, there’ll be people who don’t like what you write. Luckily there’ll definitely be people who like it too.