i want to try for an au as well


@plutoandpeaches requested a rilaya roadtrip au

riley and maya decide to take a gap year before starting college. it starts as a trip to see the world and find themselves, but along the way they find love as well. 

You know how it is....

The ideas come when we don’t expect them.

That’s why I’m trying not to make an AU again.

Did you hear about any Undertale/Supernatural crossover AU, any of you?
I mean a real AU with a name and stuff.

It doesn’t matter at all if it exists or not, I’m going to make some art of it.

Sans would be Dean, that’s clear. Paps is Sam, of course, so is Gaster as John. I can imagine Frisk as Castiel as well. Maybe Chara as…Crowley? I’m not sure.

As I said, it doesn’t matter if it exists, I’ll just tag the creator then, but I’ll make some designs and art anyway.

And if you don’t know about anything like this….what name would you give for it?


I’m probably going to try to write a paragraph or three for each of these (maybe barring a few that don’t fit so well), but I figured I’d open this up for prompts; pick a number and some sort of SouYo incarnation - Souji/Yosuke, Yu/Yasu, Yu/Yosuke, Souji/Yosuke/Yu, shadow!versions, adult! versions, AU versions, shadow x non shadow (s!Yosuke x Souji, for example), throw Nanako in there if you want (since they’re non-sexual), be creative! (Just probably not Yu x Souji or shadow x host, since that weirds me out a bit.) If there’s any sort of details you want included, just let me know, too.

I’ll post them as I write them, and then I plan on turning all ~100+ of them into a long drabble post later.

This prompt originally came from this post. I’ve reblogged it before, but wanted to add the prompt before the post; if you reblog please reblog from the original, as they’re the awesome blog that came up with it!

  1. watching tv/movies together
  2. going to events together like carnivals, festivals etc.
  3. going on dates like to the movies or shopping
  4. sharing secrets
  5. hugs
  6. sharing drinks
  7. phone calls
  8. talking
  9. touching noses
  10. cuddling
  11. philosophical discussions
  12. hand holding
  13. sharing jokes
  14. sharing smiles
  15. laying your head on someone’s shoulder
  16. linking arms
  17. massages
  18. tickling
  19. playing with hair
  20. scratching backs
  21. tracing designs on arms
  22. talking about the future
  23. a hand written note
  24. moving your head to their chest and listening to their heartbeat.
  25. singing together or playing instruments together
  26. dancing
  27. feeding each other
  28. drawing/writing on one another
  29. brushing your partners hair
  30. sharing food
  31. sitting knee to knee across from each other
  32. doing beauty treatments like facials or manicures, hair dying or face masks
  33. reading books together
  34. take care of your partner when sick
  35. talking about the relationship (how I feel with you, How I feel w/ this relationship)
  36. cooking together
  37. head-scratches
  38. hugging
  39. discussions about yourselves (like flaws, shortcomings, passions, stuff)
  40. being physically/emotionally vulnerable
  41. just sleeping together,
  42. an actual open honest conversation
  43. bathing and taking care of hygiene together
  44. butterfly kisses
  45. nuzzling
  46. telling on-the-fly stories
  47. meditating or sharing spirituality
  48. grooming
  49. sharing hobbies
  50. studding
  51. sharing personal stories
  52. shaving
  53. seeing each other without make-up or all dressed up
  54. moral support for major events
  55. crying, sharing emotions, comforting each other
  56. listening to someones heartbeat or breathing
  57. camping/hiking
  58. sleepovers
  59. being with animals together
  60. going on trips together
  61. sharing clothes/jewelry/personal items
  62. sharing online social media
  63. cleaning someone else’s living space
  64. going with them to a doctor/therapist
  65. doing art together
  66. kissing different body parts
  67. making out
  68. volunteer together
  69. work together
  70. talking about wants and desires
  71. experience new things together
  72. do an extracurricular together
  73. play games together
  74. play sports together
  75. walking together
  76. being respectful and kind to one another (helping them do things, open doors for them etc.)
  77. sharing responsibilities (chores, babysitting etc.)
  78. giving each other presents, special things from the heart
  79. talking about and respecting each others boundaries
  80. public displays of affection
  81. grooming in front of each other
  82. wrestling or play fighting
  83. texting/talking online
  84. looking in each other’s eyes
  85. complimenting each other
  86. falling asleep over skype or chat
  87. making faces at each other
  88. sky watching
  89. write poetry
  90. inside jokes
  91. respect each other
  92. tell them how you feel about them
  93. get to know each other better (playing 20 questions)
  94. go for a ride together
  95. close your eyes and memorise each others faces with your fingers
  96. walk arm in arm
  97. make a playlist together
  98. make up your own words or slang
  99. go out to eat
  100. list each other’s best features
  101. bring your faces close without touching and feel each other breath
  102. go shopping together
  103. throw a party or other event together
  104. leave love notes
  105. exercise together
  106. exchange something meaningful
  107. try to have a whole conversation with only eye contact and facial expressions
  108. sit back to back and feel each other’s heartbeat
  109. learn their favorite food and make it
  110. run errands together
  111. look at photos together
  112. take photos together
  113. go people watch
  114. have a staring contest
  115. learn something new together
  116. take turns leading each other on a nature walk blindfolded
  117. get to know each others family and friends
  118. draw or sculpt each other
  119. paint each other’s bodies
  120. play with kids together
  121. practicing a skill together
  122. sharing food
  123. being in comfortable clothes together
  124. waving goodbye


“-Are you ready ?                                                                                                  -yep !”

“-Hina-chan lemme seeee                                                                                    -bruh, it’s a surprise Naruto !”

Look at this new AU and new crack BROTP (PeinHina for those who still not get it)


[RQ] Mafia!Gaster
  • [RQ] Mafia!Gaster
  • LeivalVA

“It’s like flirting with death…”


I’m sorry it took so long to get this to you! I know you said I could take my time but I didn’t want to take too long! My voice is still gone (I’ve been very bad sick) But! I took it upon myself to try as well as I could!

This audio features binaural audio; meaning that it fluctuates at certain parts from left to right! I took this as an opportunity to try several things, so I hope you enjoy! I hope this audio does well in immersing you into this scenario! The Transcript is Under the Cut!

As Always, I encourage your feedback and requests!
Thank you for your reblogs, likes, and general support!

[Preview Image by @kiatokid ! Creator of the UnderMafia AU!]

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Imagine running up to Calum after winning gold in your sport, and since everyone would be crowding you trying to get videos and pictures you would throw your country’s flag over both of your heads. Calum would be smiling so hard then finally say “Now I can say I’m dating an Olympic gold medalist. As he’d lean his forehead against yours. “I’m so proud of you.” Giggling you look into his brown eyes before replying “Well now I have two medals, the one around my neck and the one right in front of me.” Calum’s smile would somehow become even brighter before leaning down to plant a kiss on your lips. The screams and celebrations from the stadium fading away as if it were only the two of you in the whole arena.

nebluus  asked:

you thoughts on an obiyuki Little Mermaid AU, bc it's something we all need now thank u

Okay, this ended up being like – well, it’s going to be generous, calling it a Little Mermaid AU. It’s probably like, ¼ Disney’s Little Mermaid, ¼ Little Mermaid folklore tradition, and like ½ just cute stuff because like AnS is just too cute, and I just want these characters having like, adorable hijinks only now one of them is half a fish. So this is I guess more just GENERAL mermaid AU, I hope that’s cool.

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motherofpearlescentpearl  asked:

Your 18th century au pearlnet gives me life, so much so that I was like "this cannot end here someone needs to write a fanfic".... And I'm telling you I don't read fanfics often...

ooooh! And it will! Not by me ofc, I’m not that much confident in my writting skills, but maybe by harinezumiko ? Long story short, I sent her a prompt within this 18th century AU and she liked it! She writes sooooo well, I love her fics!  what I suggested was:

“Garnet’s a lonely and repressed duchess and ends up infatuated with her newest maid: Pearl. Garnet finds out that Pearl is truly an undercover assassin sent by the queen to kill her husband who she never loved. Will she stop her? “

(I excluded the sardonyx part because I was trying to be an anon and didn’t want to be so damn obvious… but I failed miserably) and she answered:

“Oh, oh man. This is a hell of a plot bunny.

…I might try this.

But unfortunately, the short answer is: yes.

The long answer involves Garnet struggling with her marital and social duties, her infatuation, Pearl’s history of treasonous and sometimes illicit acts to get her missions completed, and her attempts to keep the hapless Duke Gregory none the wiser. Duke Gregory’s young son further complicates things.

Really, everything would be much better if Pearl would run away overseas with Garnet the first time she asked. Or the second. Or even the third.”

newdog14  asked:

I heard Lilo and Stitch AU and I most definitely want to know more.

Oh ho ho well then, you’ve come to the right place.

Dipper and Mabel are teens that live in Hawaii with their Grunkle Stan. Mabel is like Lilo in the sense that she has a bubbly personality and takes hula dancing lessons. Dipper is like Lilo in the sense that he is shy and doesn’t really have any friends.

Mabel is friends with Candy and Grenda, two girls she met at her classes. She’s trying to befriend Pacifica (Myrtle) as well.

Stan is Nani. After Dipper and Mabel’s parents died, he became the kids’ legal guardian. He runs a surf shop near the beach that is suuuper touristy.

Bill is Stitch. He’s not a creature like him though. He’s more humanoid. He was created by Ford (Jumba) so obviously he’s not Stan’s bro here) and is very, very dangerous. He escapes to Earth after breaking out of the alien prison place.

Ford and Fiddleford (Plekli) (I’m probably spelling all these wrong rip) are sent to Earth to capture Bill aka experiment 626

Agent Powers is Gantu (did I spell that right? Idk) and Agent Trigger is the little guy that makes sandwiches for Gantu.

Blubs is Agent Bubbles

Ok now on to how Dipper finds Bill. He’s actually exploring the forest near his house when he finds Bill there. He’s startled by the alien but also fascinated so what does he do? He brings him home. At first Stan is freaked out but eventually he caves and let’s Bill stay.

Over time Dipper teaches Bill how to speak and behave (cause Bill is very bad at first lol) and eventually they fall in love.

So yes, there that Au. I’m still working things out so if anyone has some suggestions to help things make more sense, please send them in haha.

The Death of Yellow Diamond!Bill and His Effect on Homeworld

I decided to go a bit meta here after rewatching some episodes with the loveable Peridot and trying to figure out how to work as much of the show’s canon and chronology into my AU as possible. Also I wanted to thank you guys for being so supportive by giving you some more to work with for my AU.

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Six Sentence Sunday

Here’s a little snippet from my Rom-Com Challenge fic, an gender-swapped AU of She’s All That.

“Easy for you to say, people like you,” he said. “Besides Daisy, and–and now you, everyone at school treats me like shit.”

Jemma bit her lip as she considered how she wanted to respond, how much of a risk she wanted to take with her reply. In the end, she forged ahead. “Do you ever wonder if there’s a reason why?” she asked carefully. When Fitz’s frown deepened, she added, “Because I seem to remember trying to talk to you on the first day of ninth grade and, well, you treated me like shit.”

Fitz blanched. “Jemma Simmons, language.”

She laughed softly and bumped her shoulder into his. “Don’t dodge the question.”

fatheroftheyearhalwardpavus  asked:

well now you know you need to draw the rest of iwas crew and/or all the thirsty office workers or else well all die

oh maaaan I really want to! I’m on holiday in a week or so, so I’ll try to scribble some more from this AU if I get a chance.

Same Paris, New... - Chapter 2 - Aka_Mel, Lennibug - Miraculous Ladybug [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

SO! In honor of @buginette just being simply awesome and for the MLFandomWeek (WHICH I AM SUPER LATE FOR BUT OH WELL). I finally sat down and finished this to post!

Chapter 2 of Same Paris, New… revolving around buginette’s awesome reverse au is up!

Same Paris, New…Origins.

This really should go before chapter 1 but I’ve been so stressed trying to make this fic perfect that I just need to go for it and have fun again XDDD

Head to @buginette‘s page if you want to see ML edits and facts about the reverse au! DO IT. THEY’RE AWESOME!

Hope you enjoy :D

lasafara replied to your post “Now I’m thinking of that AU’s origins of Leviathans. They can’t…”

well yeah, but then like. For the AU of the AU, how would Naga!Dean and Leviathan!Cas have babies? Would Cas still have heats? Does he try to eat his babies?

I reserve the right to always make Cas the exception to the rule ;D (I mean he is always the exception to the rule, so it’s fitting).

Maybe Leviathans have potential mating cycles, just that they always ignore them, because what’s the point, they have worlds to devour, who would want to mate anyway. Sometimes they do, but it’s more competiton than anything else and it often ends with someone eating someone else. *lol*

Leviathan Cas would probably have survived the terrible mess of being born by just being clever. Maybe he was so small at first that his mother assumed he’d die and/ or get eaten by a sibling. But he managed to survive, get away and lived in isolation pretty well, far away from other Leviathans because he knows when to keep a low profile. 

He’s not as terrible and evil as others so his first instinct when Dean wanders into his swamp is not to eat him. He usually looks human too, because it’s easier to blend in and keep a low profile. But he’s still pretty terrifying. 

And if they had a baby, I’m pretty sure Cas wouldn’t eat it, because Cas is sweet. Kinda weird and creepy but he’s sweet. Also, it’s easy for him to pass as something else. Rise himself out of the swamps and stand on two feet. So he could even leave the swamp and go with Dean to Naga city. *lol*

After all, Nagas are known for their good cuisine. ;D

(I’m just making something up. As always.)

no but a solangelo pokemon au

like you know at the start when a group of kiddos get the Pokemon well that happens to nico and will and they get eevees but they’re mutuals so they don’t interact until they keep bumping into each everywhere. It’s like it’s inevitable bc wherever nico goes will is just leaving the Pokemon centre or is there trying to battle the gym leader too. And when nico’s eevee evolves it turns into an umbreon (what else would it be) and it /keeps/ leading Nico away from what he’s been trying to do to go find will’s newly evolved jolteon and gradually they become friends, to best friends, to something maybe more then friends and they battle together and help each other when they’re in need. And finally when they leave the last gym,,,,,,,,, let’s just say they’re always together now

anonymous asked:

Sheipos au roommates

(I’m just gonna see where they go. Maybe they’ll be sentences, maybe they’ll be paragraphs lmao) 

He hadn’t intended to stare. Ipos knew it really wasn’t any of his business, but he couldn’t really help the way that his eyes were drawn to the woman giving the moving company directions even though her back was turned. He thought that perhaps it was because she was busy with trying to figure out where she wanted to put things, or maybe she just didn’t want the attention. He himself knew that feeling all to well. So he went about his business, locking his door and leaving for his bar down the street.

Five days later, Ipos was awoke to the sound of someone fumbling with his door handle. It wouldn’t have been an inconvenience, though it was 8:30 in the morning and he was still trying to sleep off his hangover from the night; which, he should mention, had been approximately an hour before. He opened the door, fully ready to snap on the person who interrupted his dreams, though he looked down to see pink, cotton candy hair, and blue eyes that looked milky blue, like the sky meeting wisps of clouds. Needless to say, he was intrigued.

As it turned out, through breakfast of eggs and pancakes, he learned her name was Sheila and lived next door, that she was a morning person who went to the cafe down the street for a fresh smoothie every morning, and she lived alone. What he hadn’t come to expect, though made through simple observation - and Sheila asking why he didn’t ask about it - was that she was blind. In the time Sheila spent telling him how she lost her sight, he swore he saw her smile from him saying there wasn’t any reason not to think she wasn’t like anyone else. He couldn’t help feeling his lips crook into a small smile as he took the last bite of his eggs.

[EDIT] OOPS… I for some reason misread Roommates as like next door neighbor… SO… Sorry about that lmao

anonymous asked:

Sorry Pdge, but isn't it a myspace AU canon that Hux is into vivisection? That's the part that grosses me out because the moment gore is sexualized it makes me sick to my stomach. That's why I blocked the myspace au tag and would appreciate it if people tagged this AU properly.

oh gosh! i am in NO way trying to say “you have to like this. you don’t get it.” no, no, no! that stuff isn’t for me either!!! blocking the tag is great! it’s the mature and rational way to protect yourself from work you don’t want to see. (^ __^) and that’s great! it just makes me sad when people attack something without understanding it’s intent, and… well… frankly… attack things at all. i mean… in a fandom context, there is always a time and a place to talk about things, but there is never ANY place to speak hatefully about things. everybody is different, and the things they want to explore and work through with their mind and heart is always gonna be different. shielding yourself from what you don’t want to interact with - yes! that is totally the way to go! (^ __^) But people can do that without decrying things, and that’s the key part that people often forget <3