i want to try for an au as well

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“Getting really tired of teachers saying whatever they want to me and when I try and defend myself, they send me to in school suspension.” [sonsofthesiren. This fits both of them. High school AU?]

Soji sighed and rested his chin on his hand as he looked out the window of the room that was used for suspensions. “Then I try to defend you and get put in here as well.” He said as if it was a normal occurrence for both of them to be in there together.


What You Will (Chapter 5) - an Elsanna “She’s the Man” AU

“Say,” I said as Elsa put the last set of drops in the solution in the beaker. “I’m not sure if you knew this, but this is my first week here at Milton.”

“I did notice,” she said, not looking over at me.

“Well…” I said, hesitating. Just do it, Anna. Rip off the bandaid. “I’m trying to get to know people and make some buds, you know? So I wondered if you wanted to hang out sometime. My roommate, Kristoff, and I were gonna go out on the town tomorrow night, if you want to join.”

Without a pause and still without looking over at me, Elsa said, “this sounds like a date.”

“What? Not at all. No. Three people isn’t a date.”

“If you say so,” she said, emptying the last beaker and rinsing it with water from the sink. “Sure, I guess I could hang out with you two.”

“Thanks, it really means a lot to me.” Dammit. That sounded so girly. “So we’ll pick you up… sometime. Uhh… maybe we should exchange numbers so I can send you more details later.”

Great, now it sounds like I’m hitting on her. Am I hitting on her? I’m doing this for Kristoff, remember?

“Okay,” she said, waiting expectantly for me to pull out my phone. I did and she slowly gave me her number so I could type it into my contacts.

“Awesome,” I said. “So I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”

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natural, flat and sharp conversation [2/?]
  • Nat♮:you know Flatzo, I'm starting to see what you mean. Sharpay is always trying to one-UP me. They always want to change me.
  • Flatzo♭:I told you from the start they only care about power and being the sharpest thing around. That's why you need to relax and drop down low to some fresh flat beatz.
  • Sharpay♯:just like i suspected, you're trying to take Nat away from me aren't you?!
  • Flatzo♭:I'm protecting Nat from your schemes-
  • Nat♮:-I feel like our friendship is constantly diminishing. WHY DO YOU BOTH WANT TO TRY AND CHANGE ME ALL THE TIME.
  • Flatzo♭:well actually it works both ways, you're always trying to throw your hippie 'be yourself, be natural' routine on me.
  • Sharpay♯:yeah, and me.

Allydia AU: Allison Argent is a semi-retired werewolf hunter, taking a break in order to focus on her private detective agency, Argent Investigations. When three teenagers are murdered, she decides to take the case, not realizing that whomever killed those kids is after her, too.. 

Lydia Martin is just a PHD student, trying not to let her supernatural abilities get in the way. She usually doesn’t let her feelings impact these situations, but something about this latest girl makes her want to try. She saves Allison from an attempted murder, not knowing where it will lead.

Lydia and Allison decide to take on the case together, trying to stop the murderer before he strikes again. And along the way, they might just fall in love.

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new daddy fics ?? and good luck !

I’ll try! :)

And thanks, my exams went quite well, should’ve passed all of them. :D

Daddy Louis

Give It To Me (I’m Worth It) (Harry in the red shorts, YES)

hop hop hop (this is so kinky, seriously)

Our Day Will Come (If We Just Wait A While)

Love Me Like You Do

Got A Lot You Wanna Show Off Baby (rather sugar daddy)

if you don’t want to take it slow

like craters in the moon

I went looking for some fics which were written recently (May/April) and since there were only daddy Louis ones, I hope this fits your idea of a daddy fic. :)

First of all, I’d like to give a shout out to my 500th follower, waitingforthesignal. Second… basically ?!?!?!!?. I first created this amazing muse on a whim, after so many times of trying tumblr RP and giving up, with the hopes of bringing an AU idea of TMR to life. I basically never imagined I’d get even 50 followers, let alone 500. I actually had to refresh quite a few times ‘cause I couldn’t believe it. Like… half a thousand people follow me???? This is a thing???? Why??? WHOA. 

But, well, none of this would have been possible without the help of a few people to make me want to keep coming back; and that’s the list I bring you all today. FIRST:

teresatheimmune: First of all, thank you, Annie, because without you this blog would not even exist. Thank you for talking me into RPing on tumblr again, thank you for encouraging me to make Mallory my muse regardless of if she was an OC, thank you for guiding me through the entire tumblr experience when it comes to RP because I mean it, I would not be here, celebrating this milestone, without you and your help. 

itsabloodygurl/selfieforscience: For welcoming me so warmly into the depths of tumblr RP and helping me develop Mallory for the greater good and shipping with me, because Newt became as much a part of Mal overall as Honey did and honestly in and out of RP you mean the absolute world to me. Thank you. 

imprxdent: Because at first I was scared to talk to you, but then your awesome videos made me realise you’re just like me, and because of it we started talking and we now have my most favourite ship in Mallory land. Aphrodite had helped Mallory grow in different ways regardless of the very toxic nature of the relationship, it means the world to me, I just can’t thank you enough. 

iremembertwistingit: For being so wonderful to me, I can’t even come close to explaining just how much I love you and your Stiles and everything you do. I love Mal and Stiles, I love YOU as a mun and your Stiles and I just want to wrap you in  millions of blankets of love. 

bethgrne: For being such a wonderful friend out of RP, a great person to fangirl with and the best Beth I’ve seen in this website. You are absolutely amazing and you continue leaving me in absolute awe with everything you are and do. Much, much, much love to you, lady. 

exxxquisites: For allowing me to be part of your universe entirely; it means a complete lot to me and I don’t think I’ll ever actually be able to put in words just how much I love you and appreciate you and adore your talent to get in so many heads and love all your muses so much. I get excited whenever you post a headcanon or anything at all about your muses, you’re amazing. 

                VIP LIST. A.K.A THOSE THAT MADE
                             THIS BLOG WHAT IT IS

beyonsune, limpiing, ensignfinnclifton, kanimascales, sociopach, saltwaterprince, fxgitivescarfiisms, hxuntedstilinski, alwaysfiguresitout, pitifullymediocre, forwhatevercomes, biblxcal, righteousxsinmythologied, unblunting, sweetxlittlexbird, blahblahcancer, 147lbsofdeath, lostwitikodeathsiren, nevermissthetarget, empatthetic, ofcigarettesmoke, pxraclox, crankifies, visionique, jenniferlunahale, sesvm, messrmoonshinechangemebackbroadcastiing.

                 THE WE’RE NOT CLOSE BUT YOU’RE

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                              MEMBERS OF GROUP C

                Also  known as the  you make  my life  because I never imagined anyone but
                I  would  be  playing  part of this AU  of  mine and  now you’re all here and it’s
                unbelievable and overwhelming but I love you and I hope you love it as much
                as I do list. (I know some are repeated on lists above).

ensignfinnclifton, blahblahcancer, bowgirlxbowden, anaxke, limpiing, nevermissthetarget, righteousxsin, sa17henrygray, imprxdent, ofignorance, druiidry, crankifies, amediic, jenniferlunahale, nullspaced, ididthereading, scarredanger, aninterconnection, broadcastiing, ofwckd, vulpestiles, fightsback

In other words, thank you so much for role playing with me, for following me and for helping me make Mal what she is today. If you follow me and we haven’t interacted, there’s definitely something wrong there. I love you!! Every single one of you!! Thank you for everything. Smile because you can!! 

au - brain just wanted to give it a wee try

The chair squeaked as Stamford sat down, his smile tight and his gaze settling on him. He was accustomed to being sent to the ‘headmasters office’ and his friend slid into that role with the same precision he used when sitting down - uncomfortably. 

Mike’s office was its usual tidy self, his desk bare from excess paperwork, as the man strived to keep too heavy a bundle on top of it. The man himself was as usual trying to squeeze into clothes one size too small, his stomach stretching out above his belt and his feet stuffed into shoes that Sherlock could ascertain would be - - “Don’t,” Stamford snapped causing a tiny bit of saliva to land on his desk. 

“Hmm?” Sherlock said in an innocent voice. 

“We both know this isn’t funny, Sherlock.”

“What isn’t?”

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[Aldnoah Zero/Orangebat] Impeccable Boyfriend (V)

Sorryyyyyyyyyy I got so lazy after I moved back from college Dx I really like this AU. Just Slaine and Inaho enjoying a normal, happy life with no war and suffering. I have been thinking about writing this out for quite a bit of time, and I finally got to write it! 

From today I am going to try to write something everyday, two months have passed and I still can’t get out of a.z hell. Might as well write more happy Slaine fanfic to heal my broken soul. I have so much that I want to write. 

I also plan on writing more a.z fan fiction in Chinese. 

I have also made a AO3 account here and I am going to start posting my stuff there as well! 

You can read parts 1-3 here and 4 here!


Inaho met Slaine when they were both in high school.

It wasn’t love at first sight. It started long before Inaho even realized it. When he finally noticed that he has fallen in love with the boy named Slaine Troyard, he can no longer take his eyes off him.

In certain ways, Slaine is almost the exact opposite of him. He is expressive with his feelings, and anyone can easily read his emotions. He is kind to everyone around him and never turns down anyone’s wishes.

His voice soft and gentle. His eyes full of light when he is happy. His smile reminds Inaho of sunflowers growing in the fields.

For the first time in his life, Inaho is perplexed. The type of affection he feels toward Slaine is alien to him, and he does not know how to approach it.

Perhaps he should start out with becoming friends with him.

That was the idea Inaho first had in mind, but the plan somehow backfired.

He knows that Slaine struggled with physics a lot, so he tries to offer him some help by pointing out his mistakes and explaining the concepts to him. However, rather than seeing Inaho as a “friendly” person, Slaine seems to believe that Inaho takes great pleasure in teasing and mocking him.

“Yes, I know what rayleigh scattering is! For the fifteenth time!” Slaine storms out the classroom, cheeks flushed. Inaho can’t understand why Slaine is so angry, but he certainly understands that this approach isn’t working.

It gets even worse after that day. Two days later in physical education, Inaho slips and accidentally pushes Slaine, who is standing in front of him, into the pool. Although he apologizes immediately, from the expression on the pale blond’s face he can imagine that Slaine probably thinks that he did it on purpose.

Inaho doesn’t know what he can do anymore. It almost seems like the more effort he put into becoming closer to Slaine Troyard, the worse their relationship becomes.

Opportunities always presents itself at the most unexpected times. Two days later, Slaine is absent from school. Inaho hears that he caught the cold.

So right after school, Inaho brings his notes and two bags of groceries to the Troyard’s house.

Considering their last interaction did not go well, Inaho had formulated multiple different dialogues in his head to prepare for any situation. The worst possible outcome is Slaine kicking him out after seeing his face.

Hopefully he won’t do that. Inaho thinks to himself as he rings the doorbell.

After a brief moment, he hears a faint sound of footsteps and Slaine unlocked the door. His face appear behind the door crack, and Inaho can tell that he is obvious ill. His face is a little red, probably from the fever. Slaine leans against the doorframe weakly, and his eyes widen in surprise when he sees Inaho. “Kaizuka…….?”

“You didn’t come to school today, so I thought you might need the notes from today’s lecture.” He detects Slaine’s glimpse falls on the grocery bags he is holding. “I thought you might be too sick to cook for yourself, so I also bought some food over. I can make dinner if you let me borrow your kitchen.” If it was just a classmate in class, Inaho probably would have simply drop off his notebook. But Slaine is different.

Slaine eyes Inaho doubtfully, but he is clearly not in the condition to be arguing with the brunette. Inaho’s heartbeat is raising and he actually feels slightly nervous about the blond’s reaction to his sudden visit, but as usual, he doesn’t let any of his emotions show on his face.

“If this is not too much trouble for you……I will accept your offer with gratitude……” Slaine says softly, Inaho notices the sweat on the boy’s forehead; Slaine looks like he can barely support himself. He is really sick.

As if to prove Inaho correct, as soon as Slaine attempts to turn back towards the house so Inaho can enter, he loses his balance and collapses. Inaho rushes forward and catches Slaine before he hits the floor.

“Slaine? Are you alright?” Holding Slaine in his arms makes Inaho realize his body temperature is alarmingly high. Slaine is hardly conscious and looks at him with hazy eyes. Inaho decides that it would be wise to first take his temperature and determine if he should call an ambulance.

It only takes Inaho a couple of second to locate Slaine’s room.

After carrying Slaine to his bed, Inaho finds a thermometer and takes his temperature. The number that appears on the thermometer is 102°F, if Slaine’s temperature continues to rise, he will have to call a doctor. Inaho watches the pale blond sleeps on the bed. He has placed a wet towel over his forehead to help him cool down, hopefully it soothes his discomfort more or less.

The next step in treating a fever is a nutritious meal. This is not a difficult task for Inaho, as he is used to preparing meals for him and his sister, Yuki.

What he brought over is more than enough to make dinner for two people. After setting a cup of water next to Slaine’s bed, Inaho gets up and starts working in the kitchen.

When he returns to Slaine’s room, Slaine has already woken up. Again, he looks at Inaho with surprise in his eyes. However, this time the shock seems to be elicit from the tray of food he is holding.

“How are you feeling?” Slaine’s condition has obviously improved. Inaho put the tray down and without thinking, puts his hand cover Slaine’s forehead to check his temperature. Slaine stiffens at his touch but doesn’t push his hand away. “The temperature has dropped.”

“I am feeling much better…….um……thank you.” Slaine peeks at him nervously and turns away quickly. “……you know how to cook?”

“Yes. I am usually the one that cooks at my house. My sister works in the military.” On the tray there is a bowl of chicken soup, a plate of steamed vegetables, and some sliced fruit. Inaho tried to keep the food light. Slaine makes a face at the oranges. “I’ve never liked oranges.”

“Oranges are rich in vitamin C. They are good for you.” Inaho explains, although he does find Slaine’s reaction to oranges rather……adorable. Orange is actually Inaho’s second favorite color. His favorite is the color of Slaine’s eyes. “Are you hungry? You need to eat something.”

Slaine nods without saying anything else and takes the tray from Inaho. Inaho hypothesizes that perhaps he hasn’t eaten anything all day long.

Watching Slaine eat quietly, Inaho realizes that this may be his only chance. If he doesn’t clear up the misunderstanding between them, he might not get another opportunity ever again. “I am sorry about what happened last time.” He sees Slaine looking up at him in astonishment, Inaho has always been straightforward with his words, right to the point. “I didn’t mean to anger you in physics. I was…….trying to help. If that bothers you, I will stop.” He quickly added, “and the pool was a complete accident. I apologize.”

“I…….I should apologize for snapping at you the other day too. I didn’t mean to. Sorry.” Slaine lowers his gaze sheepishly, “and thank you for taking care of me today. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t came over. And the food is delicious.”

Before Inaho get the chance to speak again, he finds himself lost for words.

Because Slaine Troyard has turn towards him and is smiling at him, the exact smile that he has always dream of seeing, the one that reminds him of sunflowers.

“Hey, Kaizuka, you are actually a lot easier to get along with than I had imagined.”

That night, his sister beams as soon as she sees her little brother walking into the house. “Oh, Nao-kun, something good happened today, didn’t it?”

“…….I suppose you can say that.” Inaho knows exactly where this topic is going. “Have you eaten dinner yet? I can go make something…….”

“Don’t change the topic on me! I know you are hiding something! Come on tell me Nao-kun—”

“I have homework to do. Good night Yuki-nee.”

Hurrying upstairs before Yuki can stop him, Inaho closes the door and ignores his sister’s demanding protests. He sighs softly, then slowly, a smile begins to spread on his face.

He left the Troyard household only after making sure everything is situated for Slaine. He knows that both of Slaine’s parents have passed away a long time ago and that Slaine lives alone. He wants to ensure that Slaine will be okay after he leaves.

“If anything happens, you can call me.” He said, “I can come by tomorrow if you want……” Tomorrow is Saturday so they don’t have to go to school. He glanced at Slaine, who was covering half of his face with the blanket.

“……If you don’t mind the trouble, I guess it’s fine with me……” Slaine whispered, taking quick peek at Inaho. “Plus, you might need your physics notebook for homework.”

“See you tomorrow then.” He doesn’t mind me visiting him. Knowing that made Inaho happy, excited, even.

“Okay, see you tomorrow, Kaizuka.”



“You can call me Inaho.”

“Okay, um, Inaho.”

“Good night.”

His heartbeat is irregular again.

The sound of Slaine Troyard calling his name is better than he can ever imagine.

And his smile…….

Shaking his head, Inaho forces himself to concentrate on something that is more important.

For example, what should he make for Slaine tomorrow?

He left plenty of food at his house, so he probably doesn’t need to go to the supermarket again tomorrow…….

If Yuki-nee sees the expression he has on his face right now, she would probably start screaming and saying things like “this is not the Nao-kun I know! What did you do with Nao-kun?”

After that day, his relationship with Slaine Troyard changed drastically. The change is so noticeable that even the other classmates in his class are aware of it. The pale blond and the brunette are always seen together, no matter where they go.

It would take another two weeks before Slaine texts him for the first time.

It would take another three weeks before he goes to the pale blond’s house again to work on a project.

It would take another three weeks and two days before Inaho begins regularly making lunch for Slaine.

It would take another four weeks before Inaho takes Slaine to the aquarium after learning his love for marine mammals.

——It would take another four weeks and three days before Inaho Kaizuka officially asks Slaine Troyard out.

And Slaine, with a shy smile on his face, replies “yes” to Inaho’s question.

important snowells AUs to consider:

  • “i’m trying to make you breakfast but you keep on kissing my neck do you WANT a hot pancake flying towards your face” au
  • “we just met at this function and now everyone’s suddenly pairing up to dance, will you dance with me and while we’re having this conversation you seem like a great addition to my company would your employer mind if i hired you right here right now?” au (harrison, probably)
  • "i’m a race car driver and gosh what are you doing with my tires how did you end up working in a pit stop– yeah ok it’s been 2 minutes and i’ve given up all chances of winning this race but hey since we have the time what’s your name?” au (harrison to caitlin, who just happens to be filling in for cisco for the day and has no idea how to work cars)
  • “i can’t believe we’re getting massages together and sorry i can’t stop laughing at how your back keeps cracking every two seconds yes keep talking about how you said this was supposed to be a refreshing experience” au (caitlin, probably)
  • "barry got de-aged and now we’re going to have to act as his parents you got it yeah here’s a fake wedding ring we need to wear 24/7” au
  • “oh my god this science fair is a mess we need to help all of these kids fix their experiments QUICK while the teachers aren’t looking” au
  • "we’re both trying to get featured in nat geo but we’ve somehow picked the same topic to write on stop stealing my data and sabotaging my experiments no it’s YOUR fault but– oh my god no nono i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings nononooo i’m sorry here you can use my data just stop crying and maybe we can start making out instead” au

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You know, I really wonder if they know the characters at all. Because even in AU world, the character's personalities should remain intact. Henry would NEVER try and run Emma's life. We saw by how he was okay with her and Walsh in NY and how he encouraged her to talk to Killian that he just wants her to be happy. And he genuinely likes Killian. And in what world would Ruby who hates being controlled help Henry run Emma's life? Same with Archie.

Well don’t forget, Heather, they also routinely have Hook as either supremely evil, supremely stupid or both…..with SMF (who was, lbr, a marble mouthed knuckle dragger with very shitty grammar) speaking like a Rhodes Scholar. Not to mention their headcanons of him becoming a teacher in NYC prior to being found. Cause obviously he’d find the $$ and time for 6 years of formal school and as a felon, wanted by the FBI, he’s sure to have easily passed their background screen!

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hi shai in what ways are you trying to eat healthy bc i want to eat healthy as well

You should go and follow these blogs on tumblr: essenaoneill ( she also has a youtube acc and her own website : essenaoneill.com.au) , agirlnamedally, and cleanbodyfreshstart

P.s someone suggested that you also should check out : vegan-hippie.co x

I love visiting to their pages because it’s full of healthy stuff like smoothies and easy healthy sandwiches/salads and I love their advocacy and passion!!! I try to drink A LOT of water everyday ( esp lemon water!!!! ) and I try to eat as much fruits and veggies as i can!!!

P.s educate yourself to a lifestyle you want and apply it in you every day life and just absorb balance and positiveness! 🍑✨
More Than Meets The Eye

Prompt: Tattoo
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Kurosaki Ichigo, Kuchiki Rukia
Setting: Highschool AU 
802 Words

”I still don’t see why we have to go to my place,” Ichigo grumbled again, glaring at the back of the petite girl walking just a few steps ahead of him.

“Because my brother is very strict and he would have a fit if we went to my place,” Rukia replied. And it was true, though the actual, more pressing reason was her desire to keep her home life secret. She had wanted to try to have a normal life, and as soon as someone from school would learn the truth, she could kiss that dream goodbye.

“Well just so you know, my father will get the wrong idea when I bring a girl home.”

“Eh, it wouldn’t be the first time people thought we were dating,” came her unconcerned reply.

Ichigo’s scowl darkened as he recalled the incident with the upperclassmen who had been looking for a fight and had plotted to use Rukia to get to him. “Kurosaki, we’ve got your girl,” the note had read.

Ichigo had decided to distance himself from her after that.

But the princess had remained oblivious of his bad reputation and the consequences of associating with a delinquent like him.

Or maybe she just didn’t care, Ichigo thought. She was a weird girl.

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gancena asked:

I am so HAPPY omg. Dude, tho, it just dawned on me that we never got a full story for how you think Kotal and Jin got together? I think??? We have lots of nice slices, but, like, I want it. I want it framed.

Well, it’s sort of vague in my imagination too lol, but I’ll try to put the framing device for these ship tidbits together

SO. I started shipping this after beating Kung Jin’s chapter and before finishing MKX and I didn’t know Raiden was gonna go COMPLETELY INSANE AND PROBABLY GO TO WAR WITH OUTWORLD so I thought at the time that if Outworld and Earthrealm’s cooperation went well or was just in the end successful, maybe they’d form an actual alliance and open more diplomatic relations including exchanging ambassadors. I’m not certain who Outworld’s ambassador would be (probably Li Mei all things considered), but after seeing his skill with twisting situations with a few words and his knowledge of Outworld Kung Jin made some sense to me to be Earthrealm’s ambassador to Outworld.

So, with Jin probably living in some part of the palace at Z'Unkahrah and working closely alongside Kotal and his inner circle, that would give them plenty of opportunities to speak, get to know each other better, butt heads, and establish a wHOLE LOTTA SEXUAL TENSION. Things would lead to other things until one day Takeda gets a text at noon (4am Outworld time) from Jin reading FUCK FUCK FUCK I SLEPT WITH KOTAL KAHN AND I THINK I’M GONNA DO IT AGAIN CAN I GET FIRED FOR THIS?????

And a romance for the ages was born.

Though as you can no doubt see, a lot of this is probably downright impossible considering how Raiden is going to seek out the enemies of Earthrealm and crush them… and Kotal made the mistake of attacking Earthrealm near the end of the game…… Yeah I’m currently working on ideas of how they could meet again and bone down in MK11 and it’s slow going.

Hi hi?~

Well, after many months of absence, I’m back. I lost my muse for Aladdin and I didn’t feel comfortable in this fandom anymore… but I don’t feel like that now, and I want to try to get my Aladdin back. Although, I’m going to change some things.

Until I say it, this blog (in terms of roleplaying) will be private. I mean, I will just roleplay with people I know for a long time ago (if they still want to of course);because I want to get comfortable in this blog again little by little.

All relationships my Aladdin have will start from 0, and I will keep all AUs I have for him as well… 

Thank you for understanding and I hope I can roleplay with some of you uvu.

the bed was made for two.

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1bSYBoB

by pastelgoth

“Will I see papa on my birthday this year?”

“N-no baby. Y’know how last year he couldn’t be here b-because he was with the angels?” Autumn nods and Harry can already see her bottom lip trembling, can feel his eyes already starting to well up. “Well he’s been with them for the past year as well hasn’t he?” She nods again. “And that’s what he’s going to be doing as well on Friday. But he’ll be watching over you, making sure you’re happy and that it’s the best birthday you’ll have.”

“But, but I want papa to be there please.”

or the AU where Harry is just trying to get through the week leading up to his daughters birthday without falling to pieces as he continues to mourn his husband

Words: 11992, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1bSYBoB

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Hey there! I was wondering if you have any good bellarke fics that you could recommend to me? (PS your blog is amazing!)

well bellarke is a very big ship for me, so i’m always reading something of them (like everyday… whatever) so i’m going to try to do it very consistent and helpful i guess :)

  • the feel-good hit of the summer by disco_vendetta (modern au. this is a must if you want to be in the bellarke fandom, it’s all told from miller’s perspective -he’s a journalist from rolling stones- and he basically goes on tour with clarke and bellamy’s band. A++++)
  • moving on is never simple by eomeking (also modern au where clarke left medical school and is starting a career as a lawyer and is octavia’s new roommate. slow burn bellarke -like really slow- and it has a lot of the gang/delinquents moments having fun and sad times (also a lot of minty, memori, princess mechanic friendship, and i think there would be clarklexa in the future but bellamy’s whipped so he’s clarke’s bae anyway)
  • all that matters is what we do by dutchmoxie (teen wolf!au/buffy the vampire slayer!au mash up bellamy is a werewolf and clarke is a bamf -u should also read more of dutchmoxie stuff)
  • i also made a fic rec including a pacific rim!au series -very angsty- and an antrhopologist! au series -also angsty. bellamy’s a nerd and clarke is cold af-

(i went with aus so if those aren’t your thing you can still ask me for some canon ones/related to season 1 or 2, or specific tropes (rock band!au, zombie!au, supernatural or superhero!au, and more) and i can go on forever. to conclude you can also read anything from these people:)

ok this ended up being pretty decent but if i keep going i’ll never stop so you’re free to talk to me in private anytime!, just in case here is my fic rec tag, my fic rec page and blogroll. tell me what you thought of them later :)