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This is based off of the talented @y-annah florist/tattoo au, which I am always a goddamn sucker for. They haven’t shown what kind of tattoos Keith has yet so I just kinda winged it, hope that’s ok! 

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HQ!!AU┌  - Iwaizumi & Oikawa~


“I should never have been allowed to walk into a store and buy this pop figure” I say aloud to myself as an adult, sitting here making my Rick vinyl figure kiss my bobble head of Stan Pines.

peculiar first meetings aus
  • we met in a ball pit surrounded by five year olds honestly what are we doing with our lives
  • we met at a coin laundry in the middle of the night and we hit it off pretty well and hey do you want to go get burgers or something
  • we met in a dog park where you were trying to walk your cat and seriously who even does that 
  • we met in a closed swimming pool at 2am and i thought you were a ghost so i came to investigate but no and how did you even get in here?
  • we met in the woods where i was camping and you had actually been roughing it out here for two days because you ran away from home
  • we met in an umbrella shop and you were soaked to the bone but you had on the widest smile

“Why’d we need to turn the lights off?”

“Does that answer your question?”

Hey, andouilles and obsidianchameleon, two wonderful writers of Weltschmerz (older!au crossover between Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall), MERRY CHRISTMAS! I wish there was more crossovers between these two shows, they go so well together! I wanted to illustrate this chapter since the day I read it. I hope you guys like this, it belongs to you now, happy holidays! xoxo

(Hades) (Hekate) (Artemis) (Zeus and Hera) (Athena)

Persephone is a lovely name but it is hollow and grand and she is neither.  He calls her Rose instead, for the flowers that adorn her, for the beauty that beckons and the danger she hides next to her skin.

I’ve gotta say, canon Danny is one of the most *relatively* well behaved 14 year olds I’ve ever seen. I mean, when I was that age, I distinctly remember most of my peers as children fresh out of middle school, loud, foul-mouthed with something to prove. Certainly, if one of them were suddenly given ghost powers and an alternate identity that theoretically, would not be linked back to their human persona, well.

So consider a dp au where human Danny is an emotionally repressed child with many frustrations (school, family, etc.) that makes the realization that as long as he’s smart about it, no one will ever make the connection between his ghostly alter ego and his human self. And eyyy, ghosts don’t have to listen to parents or worry about being grounded if you say some foul language yeah?

Cue Danny Phantom, the most foul mouthed entity the Ghost Zone has ever seen. The poor newscasters can’t even get a proper recording, at least one fit to air, without bleeping out every other word out of this foul mouthed phantom.

Danny has never felt more free or relaxed after a good fight and yelling session. Most of what he says are general swears, more for stress relief than to really hurt someone, but.. Ooohh boyy, it’s rare, but when it happens, when someone pushes him over the boiling point, the sheer vitriol he unleashes is rumored to cause actual burns (also consider the discovery/manifestation of the ghostly wail came about as the biggest FUCK YOU Danny has ever yelled).

(And of course, because no DP post of mine is ever complete without at least mentioning the fruitloop, Vlad is absolutely horrified by this child’s behavior. Danny gives no shits.)

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Jasper was just sitting on the bench, stretching her legs just so her day can go well at a local gym. She stood up and walked inside, noticing a smaller girl in there, just trying to work up the treadmill. She really didn’t want to bother, but hey why not help right? She went to the girl. “Hey, you need help with that?” She asked.


This is my gift for @dreamersthings for the @mikayuugiftexchange event! I chose idol!AU from her prompts because I had wanted to try drawing those crazy outfits anyway and let me tell you they are crazy ahaha i think i’m gonna stick with the normal outfits from now on. Well anyway here’s some onstage and backstage action ;) I really liked making this, hope you like it!  (I liked all of the prompts, i wish i had time to make all of them!!) 

teacher!au / junhui

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part 4/13 in the teacher!au series

other parts: s.coups / jeonghan / joshua / jun

(note: s.coups is found on my main)

more notes at the end!

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give me a hunger games au but not in the games. i want a hunger games au that deals with the after effects. where either both muses are victors from different years or only one of them is a victor i don’t care. but i want to have an au where the victor(s) are trying to help each other cope with having been in the games, having won them. give me this shit.

“-Are you ready ?                                                                                                  -yep !”

“-Hina-chan lemme seeee                                                                                    -bruh, it’s a surprise Naruto !”

Look at this new AU and new crack BROTP (PeinHina for those who still not get it)


High Skool AU (open as heck)

Jewls ran as fast as she could down the school hall, her dark teal hair flowing behind her. Well, if she wasn’t in trouble then, she was certainly in trouble now. Why did she have to try and defend that nerd? Now  football players were gonna beat her to a pulp. Jewls made a sharp turn and sprinted into the library, quickly immersing herself with the bookshelves. “I think…I lost them…” she whispered to herself, peaking behind the books. 

tigerlily-foxtrot  asked:

O-okay um well as you can probably tell, I'm not a very confident person, but I really want to be a writer and I've written several short stories and poems but every time I try to show it to someone whose opinion I value (my dad, brother, mom, aunt, etc) they either shoot it down or not even read it. I know it shouldn't bother me, but unfortunately I'm really sensitive :/ basically I'm asking how I can become more confident as a writer?

Hello there, understandably-shy writerly friend~ ♥︎

I absolutely understand where you’re coming from. Writing is hard, and even more so if you live in an environment that may hinder your craft :c

Thankfully for you, this is something that I’ve touched on in the past. Here are a few helpful links:

If you’re going to read ONE of the links, read the last one. It is seriously my best reply (to date) about gaining confidence. Seriously, I could go on and on repeating everything I said— but this is not the place for that.

Because there’s something else I want to talk about.

You need to develop a thick skin if you want to be a writer, because (just like you have no control over how people will react to your work) you don’t have any control over what people will say or do. There are nasty people out there in the world, and eventually someone will look at your art and tell you things like…

  • It sucks (or YOU suck)
  • It’s bad (or YOU are a bad writer)

And so on. You have no control over this. Great writers, and awful writers alike, have all had to deal with this. What I want you to understand is that you’re not alone in this struggle— this is something that all writers have to deal with. The successful ones (and the ones we remember) are those who can overcome this.

Let me explain…

Do you like RPGs? I love RPGs. I grew up playing them— and sometimes I find my logic to be broken down into RPG terminology. So, let me explain to you why I think a thick skin is important.

If life was a video-game (particularly an RPG) and your ‘class’ was that of a writer, the way in which you succeed in life is by improving your ability to write (your writing skill). Everyone focuses on this, on their craft. It makes sense. It’s like upgrading your attack attribute. People forget about defense, though. Your ‘thick skin’ (or the ‘confidence’ skill if we continue with the analogy). I have seen tons of people who are great at their craft, but as soon as they get their first 1-star review (and trust me, it’s coming, It’s going to happen sometime) they give up. They literally have to step away from what makes them happy because they can’t handle it. They are practically Glass Canons, they write good stuff (really good stuff) but they have no defense whatsoever.

I am the #1 person to tell you to write all the time, because I truly believe that the only way you will get better is by writing. But, even so, I have to admit that while buffing up your attack stat may seem like the cool thing to do… you need to buff up your defense too. It’s a killing field out there, and if you want to survive you are going to need a thick skin.

Now, how can you go about doing that? Read my article on confidence. You need to understand that your work is not an extension of your persona. And…

Learn to break down the information that is given to you. When people say things like “This book sucks” what they are really saying is “I didn’t like this book, but I don’t want to be held responsible for my opinion so I will claim that my words are objective and ultimate.”

Seriously. Learn to break down what people say. I keep saying this about characters, but it also applies to real life: what people say is a DIRECT reflection of how they view the world, and a reflection of their own most intimate persona.

I can tell you, with confidence, that most of the time people are not effectively trying to be mean you (or your writing). Everyone is wrapped up in their own lives, and (sadly) most people don’t know how to step out of their problems and instead go about mistreating other people as a way to combat the problems they’re not actively working on.

What I am getting to is that… the world is full of people with problems. Some of those people are nasty. Most of the nasty people would rather say mean things than dealing with their problems (because it’s easier to not fix problems than fixing them). You, though, have NO control over this. So, the best thing to do is to work on your defense stat. Gain a thicker skin. As you level up in life the struggles only get harder. If you want to be successful (at ANYTHING in life) you need to be able to take punches.

I hope this helps! Be strong, writerly friend. I know you can overcome this~ ♥︎