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A huge thank you to @fy-good-earp-cleavage for getting this signed by Alycia and posting it back across the world to me.  I will buy you many a drink in Vegas next year <3


So, I was reading on the compuserve that Diana has said that the Forget-Me-Nots at the stones are very important and Diana informed Maril and Ron to make sure they had them in the show when Claire goes to Craigh Na Dun. 

These are the flowers from Episode 1 “Sassenach.” 

Interestingly enough, they were also the title card. 

In both the book and the show, the flowers are the reason Claire revisits the circle and thus the reason why she falls through time. These are all the times Claire thinks and/or talks about them in “Outlander.”

“Casting an eye over the ground, though, I did see an interesting plant growing near the base of one of the tall stones. Myosotis? No, probably not; this had orange centers to the deep blue flowers.”

“Perhaps we could come back later,” I suggested, still curious about the blue-flowered vine.”

“Looking for that plant,” I answered, sticking a finger between the pages to mind my place. “The one I saw in the stone circle. See … I think, forget-me-nots—but it could even be a variant of this one, the Anemone patens.” I pointed out a full color illustration of a pasqueflower. ”

“The plant was easier to find. It was where I remembered it, near the foot of the tallest stone. I took several clippings of the vine and stowed them temporarily in my handkerchief, meaning to deal with them properly when I got back to Mrs. Baird’s tiny car, where I had left the heavy plant presses.”

My questions are: Does anyone have any theories as to why they are important to time traveling or why it is important Claire’s sees them? Also, who do you think planted them? @gotham-ruaidh any thoughts, since you are our Outlander expert ;)


Okay. I can’t. No, that’s fine.

It’s only a rough wip atm because I’m busy rn packing to travel back home. But I wanted to post it now! Based on one of my favorite fics/series/au; The Florist and Wedding planner by @ingthing I found the scene of Viktor using a face mask so cute I didn’t resist! 

“It amuses Yuuri to see Victor’s hair pushed back with a headband and weird goop all over his face, but it’s not enough to relax him into restful sleep.”

it’s 2016 !!! i’m replaying bioshock infinite !!! it’s still so good !!! the Luteces are SO GOOD AND I LOVE THEM !!! IT’S 2016 AND i love the Luteces so much. why is this happening to me

Concept: the walls of my villa on a tropical island are crowded with lush green vines. The sun is shining bright. My lover feeds me grapes while fanning me with a banana leaf. I wear a Grecian style white dress that compliments my brown skin perfectly. I feel rested and calm.

Kame Radio Tidbits 2017.01.07

Fanmail: Good morning Kame-chan, my goal for 2017 is to be able to speak English at work with others without assistance. Kame-chan, you use English for work, do you have any recommendations for how to learn it?

Kame: Well I can’t really speak it either ya know… At any rate, for work I’d listen (to English), watch movies and stuff with subtitles. Create that environment as much as possible. Hmm, I put effort into it. Well if your work creates such an environment, that is great. Because then you would really want to speak English. I think that feeling is the most important, even more so than just studying. [Translator’s Note: I totally agree, for learning any language]

- - - - - - 

Fanmail: My goal for 2017 is to travel. Right now I’m studying French. I want to learn enough that when I travel I won’t have any troubles!

Kame: That’s nice, everyone’s studying languages. Tokyo Olympics is coming up ne. If you can speak a bunch of different languages, that is definitely enriching. I truly think so. French huh? Bonjour (Hello)~ Bonsoir (Good evening)~ Isn’t that nice. I also love France and have been there many times, but I can’t speak the language at all. When I’m about to go on a trip, I’ll learn just the most essential phrases. But in order to practice speaking as much as possible, sometimes it’ll be like “Ah!” and then I pull out my cellphone and look it up. On the flight there, it’s fun to read books in that country’s language. I do that a lot

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Oh, no! Now I want to read the Time Travel fic of your Rivals AU 。゚(TヮT)゚。 I am a sucker for those kind of fics, haha. On another note, how is the planning for the companion fic going? I myself am planning my own (first) fic and the process is both fun and kinda stressful... Any tips on how to organize ideas better?

Just make sure you know exactly what is going to happen when and how each main event is going to connect to each other, it’ll save you a lot of stress later and help stop you writing yourself into a corner. I your fic covers a lot of time writing timelines helps with this too.