i want to travel and get out of here

sometime in the future
  • pete wentz: it was the summer of 2004. ryan wanted to get the fuck out of vegas and go live with her boyfriend. so she meets dallon and she's like "i need to get out of here" and dallon's like "i'm haunted by my tragic past, wanna travel together?" ryans just like "ehh that's cool" and then never tells her best friend

it’s here




A huge thank you to @fy-good-earp-cleavage for getting this signed by Alycia and posting it back across the world to me.  I will buy you many a drink in Vegas next year <3

Like Wildfire (pt. 1/2)


Summary: Okay so I merged three requests together here (all requested by anons, but I’ve made some tweaks). Reader is a Thunderbird, and she’s been travelling with Newt for a while  as his assistant. She’s much younger than him; she’s fresh out of Ilvermorny, and over time she can’t help but slowly succumb to his charm, even if she knows she has no chance with him. When she starts becoming jealous, she knows she has to get out and get away.

Warnings: Age gap (legal), fluff

Word count: 1926

A/N: Oh heyy so I know you guys want Newt smut, and you’re gonna get Newt smut, but this was getting too long so I’m splitting this into two parts. Don’t kill me? I’ll make up for the wait in next part I pinky swear! (Btw, the random bold in the summary is just what was explicitly requested)

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Your name: submit What is this?

It had all begun in your sixth year at Ilvermorny. Your metamorphosis professor had become aware of your fascination for magical creatures upon catching you reading a book on them in his class, rather than listening to him. When he’d called for you to stay after class, you’d figured it would be to to give you material to copy as a punishment. 

Instead, he’d asked you just how much you were interested by magical creatures. After you’d shown genuine interest, he’d commented how it was such a shame no classes on them were being taught at the school. He’d let you go, just like that, and you didn’t think about the incident until a month afterwards, when he’d asked you to stay after class again.

You were stunned when he’d told that he’d arranged for you to correspond with an expert on fantastic beasts, a certain Mr. Scamander he’d studied with in Hogwarts. He’d told you he wanted you to use the opportunity to figure out if the care of magical creatures could be a career path that interested you. Little did you know at the time, that was a turning point for your life.

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Sugar Travels

One of the greatest perks of being a sugar baby is the fact that we get to see all of these amazing sights all over the world! So to help some ladies out who might be preparing for an upcoming trip, or hopefuls who just want to be prepared, here are some tips that I have picked up here and there when I am about to travel to a new place for a vacation.

Pre-Travel Care

  • Whether you are staying in the same room with your SD, or having one of your own self care is very needed.
    • Depending on how long your upcoming adventure is, a little trip to get a wax might be suggested. Whether it’s to tame the kitty, or just to have legs smoother than a baby’s bottom, getting a wax is one less daily hassle to worry about when looking your best.
    • Nails, and hair should be tended to also for a fully polished look. Look at the expected weather during the days of your trip so that you can plan your hair accordingly and don’t end up spending bucks on a beautiful blowout that ends up getting rained out the first night you’re there.
    • Drink plenty of water every day for at least 10 days before your trip for clearer skin.
    • MOISTURIZE! for at least  week


Checked bags

  • When spending more than two nights, I highly suggest checking a bag. This allows you to have space for gifts and goodies acquired from a shopping trip.
  • Look up the weather for the days you are expecting to be there so that you can get a feel of the clothes to pack for the trip, and cross that with your itinerary plans for the trip.
  • 2.5 Rule- 
    • Pack two and a half outfits per day, to cover any surprise spills or last minute changes. These extra pieces should be versatile shirts and bottoms that can be used with most of your other pieces.
  • Shoes
    • Have at least one pair of heels, and a casual walking shoe.
      • For longer trips add a statement shoe that will pop against any basic outfit (LBD anyone?), a pair of flats and some snazzy sandals so that all shoes can match with at least one outfit, preferably two outfits

Carry on

Personally I like having a carry on, and a backpack/purse

  • In your carry on…
    • Pack a few basics, like clean underwear, a t-shirt and a pair of bottoms. Baggage gets lost sometime, and at least if yours were to get lost, then you at least have a backup outfit to bide some time.
    • Make sure all liquids are under the relegated 3 fl oz limit to save yourself the time at TSA.
    • If you’re traveling on a flight for more than three hours, keep the flashy outfit towards the top of your carry on so that either before you land, or once you do you can quickly make your way to the bathroom to freshen up into a sexier outfit for daddy.
    • A printed copy of your boarding pass
    • Tablet/ Laptop
    • Keep things you won’t need over the trip (like house keys) kept away in a zipped pocket away from hand traffic so you don’t misplace them over the duration of the trip.
  • In your purse…
    • Keep things that are small and more than likely needed over the course of the trip… 
      • Headphones
      • Phone charger
      • Phone
      • A few small ziplock bags
      • Passport/ government ID
      • A magazine/ reading pleasure
      • Spare socks
      • Chapstick/lipstick/lip gloss
      • Empty reusable water bottle
      • And anything else small and important

Getting through security

Personally I think the hardest part about travelling is getting through security

  • Keep your outfit to something simple and comfortable. Stay away from things that a bejeweled, shoes that are hard to get out of and excessive amounts of jewelry.
    • Wear sliders or simple zip boots, and
      • Ie) My outfit of choice is always leggings, a long basic tunic, and ankle boots that slide on and off.
    • Keep your jewelry in one of the ziplock bags in your purse until after you pass TSA.
    • You’re going to be without shoes for a while, so I always have spare socks in my purse, because the thought of my feet touching the airport floor irks me to high levels.
    • Carry an empty reusable water bottle so that you are able to save yourself from getting robbed for $5 water at the airport.
      • Make sure it is empty so that you do not get pulled aside at TSA
    • Headphones with some music playing to keep you in the zone, but not too loud so you can stay updated as the lines move, and for whatever updates come from the officers are over the speakers.

Once you’ve past security it is smooth sailing from there. Check in with the important people, grab a bite to eat, if you’re above age find a bar and stay near your gate until it is time for your to board for your adventure.

Hope you enjoyed my tips! What are your sugar travel tips?

☆ Brown Sugar NY ☆

Convention Spending Tracker
Sheet1 Table, Badge, Flight, Hotel, Printing, Misc., Misc., Total Expense, Amount Made, Total, Profit,

I posted this to Twitter earlier this week and it kind of blew up, but I want to post it here too. Just a little something I use to help myself keep track of spending during convention season, made into a rainbow because why not make more things rainbow?

Whether you’re tabling or just attending for fun, conventions can get expensive - especially when you include travel costs! I’ve used this sheet for about three years now, and helps me make decisions for future conventions. Sometimes it turns out I did better at a con than I thought I did! Or maybe I didn’t do so great compared to last year and need to think about coming back again. Oh, and everything listed are purchases that you get e-mail reminders about, so if you can’t remember the cost of a table or flight, it’s probably somewhere in your e-mail. I try to fill mine out as I buy flights and order prints, but sometimes I’m digging up old e-mails after the con is over.

Some things worth considering that are not on this sheet: food costs, gas if you drive to cons, baggage fees, and shipping if you ship your supplies in advance. Please feel free to download and edit this sheet as you see fit for your own needs! I hope it helps. And let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them!

EDIT: HOLY SMOKES, lenalibrarian on Twitter took my convention spending tracker and made it 100x better!!

–> SMART CONVENTION SPENDING TRACKER <– (original link edited too!)

It now calculates your costs and total profits AUTOMATICALLY!! Which is super useful for someone who’s terrible with numbers like me. I just finished importing all my 2017 convention spending so far, and this smart sheet caught a few mistakes already. I’ll be using this sheet for years to come, thank you lenalibrarian!!

To be honest all I will ever ask for is too meet some real friends. I don’t want any part time ‘I’m only going to be here for the gossip’ type friends. No. I want the ‘I’ll be by your side no matter what’ type friends.. The friends that’ll actually ask me if I want to hang out. The friends who want to travel the world and get lost. The friends who’ll help me every step of the way and make me laugh until my stomach aches. Because God am I sick and tired of being last choice for all of these fake ass friends, I am sick of waiting around, stuck inside when I know for a fact that everyone else.. My ‘friends’ are having fun and I didn’t even get an invite.. Better yet I didn’t even get a 'I’m always here for you’ text when I needed it the most.

Does anyone get the feeling that the Concierge visits Samantha in the laundry rooms to hang out and bitch about the travellers and other guests?

Because I do:

“I swear Samantha one of these days I’m going to push one of these guests into a star and just walk away”
“Okay. Can you pass me those towels?”
“Oh, yeah sure here you go.”
“Thanks. Hey I brought wine this time. Want some?”
“Do I ever. Pass it over”

okay but what if keith still believed in Santa and Lance wasn’t about to ruin that?

Lance: keith…. what are you doing? 

Keith: writing a letter 

Lance: to who??? 

Keith: santa 

Lance: san…. santa?

Keith: i know we’re in space and he might not get it on time or he might not be able to travel out here but i still want to send it to him 

Lance, on the inside: fuck this is too cute

I wrote a fic for this: Letters to Santa

Nothing in that Case is Dangerous

Fantastic Beasts Spoilers!

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You, Jacob, and Newt were in Newt’s case, waiting for Tina to take you into MACUSA. Nothing good waited for you there and Newt was pacing, drawing the attention of yourself as well as a few creatures. 
“What if I go up and you two stay down here?” Newt asks. 
“Ain’t no way,” Jacob responds. “We’s in this together, you and me.” 
“They’ll arrest you and wipe your memory,” Newt said. 

You remained silent, knowing an even worse case waited for you, being a wizard and all. Newt and you had traveled here together to look for his beasts. You had grown quite fond of the wizard and wanted to keep him out of harm. 
“I’m going, too,” you said. 
“Absolutely not,” Newt said, shaking his head. “I’m not getting you tied up in this. 

You heard Tina knock on the case and Newt rung his hands together before making his way up the steps. Jacob went next and you followed. Before you could see anything, you saw Newt shut the case. 

You were trapped. 

Newt tightly held onto his case, knowing that everything he loved was hidden inside of it. 
“Graves, take the case.” 
The case flew from Newt’s hand and someone restrained him, Tina, and Jacob. Rough hands grabbed him and pulled him out of the room. 
“Don’t hurt them!” Newt begged. “Nothing in there is dangerous!”

You ran around the case until you found a nice hidden place behind some rocks. You heard footsteps and knew that someone else was now here with you. You held your breath as someone in dark robes passed you. They took something, the obscurus as Newt had called it. The man passed you and you let out a breath. 

Before you could inhale, someone roughly grabbed onto you and pulled you to the entrance of the case. You were restrained and waited by the entrance of the case with the obscurus and the two men. When the case opened, you were pulled out into a room with Newt, Tina, two guards, and a man who smiled wickedly as you were forced to kneel beside his table. 

“Leave her be, she has nothing to do with this,” Newt protested. 
“By the looks of you, she has everything to do with it,” the man answered. 
“Kill them,” the man said, “do it now.” 

You were grabbed by a handler and dragged through a hallway. You burst into tears as you were dragged to your death. Newt looked at you in sorrow, as he could do nothing to fix it. 
“I’m so sorry, (Y/N), I tried everything I could,” Newt said, choking up. 
You were sobbing as you entered a white room. A handler stuck a wand to your head and pulled something out of your mind. She dropped the strand into the water and it began to change. 

You saw your parents back in England, and all of your pets. You saw yourself meeting Newt for the first time when you were assigned to supervise him. Newt filled most of the water. You saw the two of you on the boat over here and you almost getting seasick.

“That looks nice, doesn’t it sweetheart?” the handler asked you. 

You smiled and began walking into the water. You were completely oblivious to Newt screaming for you to stop. He was crying, silenced by the handlers. You sat on the chair, the images beginning to surround you. Until, they were no longer images. Everything turned into chaos and you saw the molten liquid beginning to encircle you. 

“Newt!” you screamed in terror. 
“You have to jump! I’ll catch you!”
Fully trusting Newt, you jumped, stepping onto one of his creatures and landing in his arms. He grabbed your hand and the three of you ran out of the room and into a hallway, Newt firing hexes and everyone he sees. 

You run into a familiar face, Queenie. 
“Get in,” she says. 

You, Newt, Tina, and Jacob all go into the suitcase. Newt takes you by the arm and leads you away from the others. “Are you okay?” he asks, gently wiping the tears from your face. You nod, unable to look at him. 

He brings your chin up so the two of you are looking at each other. “(Y/N), I really didn’t want you to go through that, I’m so sorry.” He pulls you into your chest and you break into a sob. You had never almost died before and all of the panic and terror that you had been holding in suddenly overcame you. 

Newt gently rubbed your back. “What if-f, what if I-I never saw you again?” you cried out. Your words were muffled by Newt’s coat. “I think I-I l-love you.”
Newt pulled your head out of his coat. Your face was red and puffy. “Well, (Y/N), I think I love you, too.” 

Legends Drinking Game: S2 Edition

So I should have posted this SO long ago but ykw better late than never. Drinking game for the remainder of s2 or if you want to rewatch s2 and get wasted*

*and by wasted I mean water wasted on that good ol’ hydrogen and oxygen. Drink responsibly kids. 

That being said, take a shot when there’s: 

  • Unecessary Hetero Romance ™. 
  • Sara gets a lady love whilst traveling through time. 
  • Captain of the Week ™. 
    • Take two shots if it’s someone other than Rip/Sara/Jax. 
  • Someone assumes Stein is the leader lmfao 
  • Take a shot WHEN Firestorm fuses because it happens so rarely now that it’ll be a celebration when it does.
  • Amaya channels a gorilla because apparently other animals are out of the question here. 
  • Awkward references to their season 1 teammates without ever actually acknowledging them or saying their names. 
  • Shameless “WE’RE A FAMILY” scene. 
  • They murder someone. 
    • Take two shots if scenes before someone is feeling high-and-mighty about them NOT being murderers. 
      • Take three shots if that same person ends up killing someone the episode before, the same episode, or the episode after. 
  • Someone invalidates Mick holy fuck :) :) :) 
  • Nate remembers he’s a historian (it’s rare so appreciate it!!!!) 
  • “I/we got this” (two shots for when they, inevitably, do not got this). 
  • Take a shot every time Mick drinks. We’ll all be as drunk as him. 
Mini Series: Staying Up With NCT


  • He’s up at a weird time because jet lag and traveling, etc.
  • You stay up with him 
  • But you’re tired
  • and he’s not
  • So he wants to go out and do something 
  • Visit places he usually can’t go to since it’s too crowded in the day
  • or go somewhere and try to find his favourite food to feed you
  • but you’re trying not to fall asleep and just agree to anything 
  • next thing you know he’s dragging you outside and you’re on a sightseeing bus like “how did I get here?”
  • Now you’re fully awake
  • Happy, excited WinWin showing you things he’s seen round Seoul and never gotten a chance to go to with you 
  • Even if you’ve seen it before it’s different because you’re together
  • and it’s a ridiculous time in the morning 
  • You get off somewhere and stroll round
  • WinWin probably gets too shy to hold your hand at first
  • then gets excited by something 
  • and just grabs your hand 
  • tries to teach you the Chinese words for things if you can’t speak Chinese
  • after looking at all the sights and stuff you head home 
  • but there’s no regular busses or whatever 
  • so you have to sit at a bus stop for a while 
  • and you’re tired so you rest your head on his shoulder 
  • and he gets nervous but loves it 
  • the bus gets there and he doesn’t want to move you but he has too 
  • so you get home 
  • and are ready to pass out 
  • but WinWin isn’t so you have to stay up longer 
  • You decide to play video games
  • and obvs get beaten since your so asleep
  • as he finally gets more tired you go lie down
  • and he starts talking to you
  • but he starts using chinese 
  • but either way it’s nice to hear his voice and you know he’s saying all the things he can’t express in korean 
  • so you’re both happy 

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heartofaquamarine  asked:

Got any game recommendations for stuff similar to Golden Sky Stories? Nice, calm, no fighting. I want more be nice simulators.

There aren’t many tabletop RPGs that are quite as… vigorously nonviolent as Golden Sky Stories, but there are a few that come close.

Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple is a lightweight storygame about young monks whose temple teaches the art of flying, traveling amid tiny, floating worlds to answer letters asking for help. The game’s default style of play involves a great deal of physical slapstick, but very little in the way of actual combat. You can get your hands on the PDF here; the physical version is unfortunately out of print, with no planned reprint at the time of this posting.

Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine is a game about teenage gods growing up in a pastoral small town. (I’ve discussed it before in some depth, so that’s a link to the previous post.) It has a configurable genre system that can do combat-heavy if you want - just set the dial to Adventure Fantasy or Road of Trials, say - but with the default options it’s super slice-of-life. Fair warning: in spite of being narratively driven, it’s a very heavy game rules-wise; the linked post only really scratches the surface. The rules aren’t especially complex to execute (no dice, no math more demanding than single-digit addition), but there’s rather a lot of them, and they touch on a lot of stuff you wouldn’t normally think of as being amenable to rules-based handling.

I’d also give Emily Care Boss’s stuff a plug in this context, if you don’t mind games that are often light on actual rules-based gameplay. Both Breaking the Ice (currently available as part of the Romance Trilogy bundle) and Misericord(e) might be up your alley; either can be had via the linked site’s Games Store page.

SNS week - Day 1

Headcannon #1

Naruto leaves Konoha only a few months after Sasuke. Not because he want’s to get away, or because he needs the space to sort himself out, but because he dearly misses the people he met when travelling with Jiraiya, and longs to see the large amounts he met and befriended. 

And, well, if he brushed into a certain Uchiha on his travels, spent a night under the stars, or weaving through packed crowds, food in hand, that was neither here nor there to anyone else but the two of them, was it?

Aw man, Travelers, you must not want that bonus episode after all...

We’re over halfway through our #welcometraveler campaign for more bonus episodes, but we’ve only received 46 of the 100 Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr reviews we need to make that bonus episode happen. It’s sad, really. We had big plans for that bonus episode…

But oh well. I mean, if you don’t want it, you don’t want it. That’s cool. It’ll just go back into the vault. Forever. *ominous clanging noise*

THERE IS STILL TIME, TRAVELERS. Still time to make this bonus episode happen, but if you’re going to do it you’d better do it RIGHT NOW. Wherever you are sitting, whatever you are doing. Reblog this to get the word out, and then WRITE SOMETHING. It can be a few sentences. It can be a tweet. Just get it out there!

Remember, here are the rules:

1) Post a review of The Penumbra Podcast on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr using #welcometraveler for your friends to see.

2) If we get 100 reviews across all 3 platforms by the end of next Wednesday, 11/9, you’ll get 1 extra bonus episode; 200 reviews means 2 extra bonus episodes.

3) In your review, mention a character you’d like to see more of. The character with the most mentions gets the bonus episode centered around them! (The Concierge is still leading, but there’s time for an upset!)

4) Post to all 3 platforms for 3 votes!

(Note: if you post to Facebook, we can’t actually see your #welcometraveler review unless you make the post public. We get that not everyone’s comfortable doing that, so if instead you want to post a screenshot of your review with some kind of friend-interaction (a like, a comment, anything) and get that screenshot to us somehow, we’ll could that towards our total.)

We wouldn’t push this if it weren’t really important to us, friends. Word of mouth is the only way for us to get bigger, and we want to do big, exciting things with The Penumbra. We need your help. You can make a real, measurable difference to us right this second.

So if you’ve enjoyed the show, help your queer creator pals out. Spread the word. Tag it with #welcometraveler. Get a bonus episode out of the deal. Win-win-win-win-win-win-win.

Here’s how I see it

I want to talk about your 20′s. Your 20′s are a vital part of who you are. They are there for you to make mistakes, be stupid, meet new people, kiss strangers, travel and explore. They are a time for you to figure out what it is you want in life. They are a time of discovery and a time of experimentation.
I have friends who are my age (22) and they have a degree, they have a long term relationship, they have 9-5pm jobs from Monday to friday. And sure that’s fantastic and I’m happy for them. 
But if I have to be honest with you guys, I feel slightly upset for those guys, I feel bad because you have your whole life to do that… you have from your 30′s onwards to go to work everyday and to have a strong relationship. 
But your 20′s… They’re a once in a lifetime opportunity to create memories that you will look back on when you’re older. So that you can sit back with a few friends one night drinking beer at 40 and say 
“Hey remember when we climbed that mountain for sunrise” or
“Remember that time we got lost on a road trip and we couldn’t stop laughing” or
“Remember that time we danced on tables in Greece after too much wine”

Those are the kinds of things you want to remember… Instead of I had a steady job and a long term boyfriend at the time, I worked 9-5 and yeah it was alright.

I understand that everyone is different and to some, that kind of life is something that makes them happy. 
But I guess what I’m trying to say is

Don’t worry about having everything figured out by the time you reach 20.
Don’t worry about not having a boyfriend/girlfriend.
Don’t worry about the pressures imposed on you by your parents or your peers.

Take your time, do what makes you happy and surround yourself with people who will impact your life positively and go out and enjoy your 20′s
Life will soon find a path for you and you’ll soon know what it is you want.

I know that that’s what I’m doing… And I must say I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time. 

Some Echotale comic~ original AU created by @yoralim

My friend and I’ve been chitchatting about how G and Frisk would meet again. We both agreed that we’d like them to run into each other while they’re both traveling on their own (and we had a moment of OMG FRISK WILL NOT GO WITH TORIEL AND IT’LL BE BECAUSE THEY WANT TO FIND G EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE NO MEMORY OF HIM OMG).

We imagined that G would probably won’t start talking to Frisk, and even try to get away, while Frisk feels nostalgic towards him and chases after because they want to find out why… oh shipping is so much fun.

The Korean version is here: https://twitter.com/under_yuis/status/749511316256194560 but I forgot to draw the rest of G’s cracks and Frisk’s backpack strap (which I edited in the English version)

Brendon Urie Fanfic - Slam Dunk part 1

*a/n thought the festival was fitting considering they’re headlining this year… And guess who’s going? Yes, that would be me 😉*

“Three days living in the bus next to you, not seeing you next to me, that could be interesting” you winked at Brendon you had been together for around 12 months and now you’re performing a 3 day festival together.
“Hey, no sneaking out in the middle of the night into his bus” Dan, one of your band members said.
“Well, unless you want me sneaking into yours, I may get the wrong bunk Dan” Brendon said freaking Dan out slightly and making you laugh.
“Right okay, okay! Do what you want” Dan walked off flustered.

“But on a serious note Brendon, it’s going to be bizarre, my first major festival, three sets in three days… And all the travelling. I’m so glad you’re here with me” you squeezed his hand.
“I’m glad I’m here too. And try not to worry, you deserve to be here, you have amazing fans. I promise you this weekend will be amazing. Right we better get back to our buses okay. We need to get a move on to the venue. I love you y/n” he kissed you passionately.
“I love you more” you said and walked back.

You decided to sleep for the rest of the journey, realising that night was the first night not being next to Brendon, of course you text each other, only being a bus in front but you missed him already. You understand that he needed to spend time with his guys and you needed to spend time with yours.

“Morning sunshine” Dan shook you awake as you guys had pulled up at the venue.
“Eugh, go awayyyyy Brendon” you said pulling the covers over.
“I’m officially offended, it’s Dan. And now you have to get out of bed” he pulled your legs down.
He picked you up from your bed.
“Fuck sake” you moaned.
“Wow y/n if you’re gonna swear at me swear away from my face. You have really bad morning breath” he said cheekily. You kicked your legs.
“Right, let’s have breakfast. Coco pops… Orrrrr coco pops?” He asked throwing the box over to your table.
“Hmm, probably the second option” you said sarcastically whilst you poured it into a bowl “where’s Max and Harley?” You asked with a mouthful.
“They’ve gone for a walk to be ‘healthy’ I think… Well more likely to check out the girls from one of the other bands” he said as he flumped down next to you with his bowl.
“The just can’t keep it in their pants for one bloody weekend can they?!” You moaned.
“You sound so British right now it’s hilarious” Dan laughed at you.
“Well maybe that’s because I am! And you’re on my land now American Boy” you winked at him.

You had grown up in the south west of England but moved to the US when you were 17 with your parents as your Dad had gotten a job out there. You had settled in well and started your band when you were there. And four years later you’re back home touring with your boyfriend’s band and your best friends.
You had met Brendon at a bar 2 years ago, yes you were underage but you looked old enough to get in. And everything happened from there.

You phone rang from your bunk.
“Hang on let me get that” you said and Dan rolled his eyes.
It was Brendon
“Hey baby”
“Hello beautiful, how did you sleep?”
“It was alright, a bit bumpy” you laughed.
“Oh no, I’ll try and sneak you in mine tonight, it’ll be a better bumpy” you felt like you could hear him wink down the phone.
“Haha, okay good luck with that” you said winking.
“Have you had breakfast? I was thinking we could all go out, got a few hours before anything yet”
“Me and Dan had coco pops… And Harley and Max are looking for girls, but I’m sure I can fit in another breakfast” you said he went silent for a while.
“So it’s just you and Dan?” He sounded concerned.
As you went to reply Dan had written a note on his phone to show you:
'Going out to find the guys, will stay with them for a bit. Bye x’

“Yeah, he’s going out now though. But like I said I can have another breakfast.”
His voice perked up like he had brushed something off. “And this is why I love you”
He cut the phone off and knocked on your door.
You opened it and jumped onto him.
“I’ve missed you so much” you said into his ear.
“It’s only been a night babe” he kissed your forehead sending butterflies in your stomach.
“I know, but still, I really have. Right let me brush my teeth a second and shove some better clothes on. According to Dan I have terrible morning breath today.”
“And how would he know?” Brendon asked laughing it off.
“Well we are in such close proximity of each other. Also the fact we had sex this morning”
Brendon’s eyes widened.
“It was a joke, you dick” you laughed.
He let it wash over realising it probably was a joke.
“Oh so now we’re going from 'I miss you’ to 'you dick’” he chuckled.
“Well how about I miss your dick? That any better” you said taking his hand.
“Much” was all Brendon could muster.
You took him to you bunk and he climbed onto it, you helped you on top of him.
You kissed him moving your hands lower down his body taking his sweats.
“No underwear? It’s you planned this” you said.
“Well, if I’m completely honest I forgot to put it on” he replied making you laugh.
“Brilliant, well you just ruined the dirty talk”
The two of you stopped what you were doing and started laughing hysterically.
You moved back up the bed and laid next to him.
“Sorry” you apologised to him.
“Honestly, I just wanted to be next to you for a while, we can fuck whenever, also your mouth like coco pops now by the way”
“Well you’re the height of romance” you hit him lovingly.
“That I am, that I am” he kissed your forehead. “But we do need to get moving soon” he jumped/fell out of the bed, starting in front of you completely naked, you took a mental picture of him remembering how gorgeous he was. You wolf whistled at him.
“Oi, I’m not a piece of meat” he covered himself the best his could with his hands and you threw his sweatpants down to him.
“Why thank you” he awkwardly dressed himself “I’m just gonna use your bathroom”
Whilst he was in there you stripped by your bed taking you pyjamas off and tried to find something vaguely presentable to wear, standing in front of your clothes just in your underwear.
“Well you’re looking good” Dan said stood in the doorway.

**oohhhh cliffhanger**

"Will It Work On Me?" - Owen Grady x Reader

“Alright, she seems fine, but if she gets a bit droopy again, feel free to call me.”

You close your medical bag, patting the restrained raptor on the head; her amber eyes focused on you warily.

“She’s not sick?” Owen’s eyes travelled from you to the raptor.

“Nah,” you smile, touched by his concern, “I gave her a shot, though, just in case.”

He breathes a sigh of relief. You try to hide your smile; you’ve had a crush on Owen since you started working here, and recently, you’ve been exchanging flirtatious looks and comments.

“You want to go get a drink? I’m done for the day.” You put your bag in the box on your bike.

“Sure,” he secures the raptor enclosure and follows you out, “Want to go to my place? It’s closer, and I have decent coffee.”

You smile slightly. You can’t help but make less-than-platonic connotations from his words.

“Sounds fun.”

You end up racing each other on your bikes back to Owen’s house, which you love; it’s a caravan and a hut built together in a mishmash sort of way. The whole atmosphere of the place is just so like him, though.

“Sorry about the mess,” he says with a grin as he leads you into the house. The place is sort of messy, with books stacked up against one side of the couch, spilling onto the floor. There’s a couple of dirty mugs and plates in the sink, but other than that, it’s not too bad.

“Have a seat,” he gestures to the couch as he busies himself making coffee.
You sit.

On closer inspection, you notice the vast majority of the books are dinosaur-based.

“You should write a book,” you say.

“Yeah? And call it what?” Owen brings you a cup of coffee and sits next to you.

“How To Train Your Raptor?” you offer with a slight smile.

He chokes on his coffee, laughing.
“That,” he says, “is a good idea.”
He gets a sort of distracted look in his eyes, the sort he gets when he’s thinking about his raptors.

“Hey,” you say softly, “Charlie’s gonna be fine. It was just a little scratch from them all roughhousing. It didn’t have any sign of infection or anything.”

He nods. “Yeah, I’m real glad you came to look at her. I was just freaking out. Which is dumb, ‘cause, y’know, they’re dinosaurs, not pets.”

You smile.
“Shows you care.”
“Yeah, well,” he shrugs.

“So you’re like, the alpha of the squad?” you ask, curiously.
He grins. “Yeah. Blue’s the beta.”

“So that’s why they listen to you?”
“Pretty much.” His gorgeous eyes sparkle at the thought.

“Would your alpha commands work on a person?” the words are out of your mouth before you can stop yourself.
His grin morphs into a smirk, the sort of smirk you refer to – privately – as a ‘bedroom smirk’.

“Maybe we should find out?”
“I bet you say that to all the girls,” you mumble, seconds before his lips meet yours.

His kiss is hungry, urgent. You loop your arms around his neck as he pulls you into his lap.

Owen’s lips leave yours, brush along your jaw, then he kisses down your neck, his hands roaming to the hem of your scrub shirt. Moments later, both your shirt and bra are on the floor, and his hands cup your breasts. You can’t help but look down, at the scarred, rough hands of the man you adore, touching you in a way you never thought possible.

“Eyes on me,” he says softly.

Reluctantly, you look up into his eyes.
“That’s it,” his fingers gently massage your breasts, thumbs ghosting across your nipples, “see? This is what happens when you listen.”

His hands leave you, briefly, so he can strip off his own shirt.

“Stand up,” there’s still authority in his voice, but it’s still definitely a request, not an order.

You obey, and as if reading his mind, you return to his lap entirely naked.
“Good girl,” he murmurs, carefully slipping a finger inside you. You whimper.

“Oh, god… Owen!” you moan as he adds a second finger and slowly pumps them in and out of you.

“You want more, darling?”

His fingers withdraw from you and he stands, lifting you effortlessly, carrying you into the next room. He deposits you onto the bed.

There is a distinct sound of a belt hitting the floor, a creak of bedsprings, then he’s hovering over you. You take in the muscles of his arms, his chest, then your eyes travel down – you really can’t help it – so it’s almost embarrassing to be caught staring.

“Eyes on me.”
You obey.

You can feel the tip of him rubbing against you, teasingly deliberate.
“You want this?” his tone is low, eyes dark with desire.


His hand slaps your ass, not hard enough to really hurt, but hard enough. Your core tightens with desire.
“Yes what?”

“Yes, Owen,” you try, but the moment the last syllable of his name leaves your lips, you know you’re wrong again.
“Almost, but not quite. Get it right, baby girl.”

You’re practically squirming with frustration, but you try again anyway.
“Yes, alpha.”

“Much better.” His lips leave bruising kisses up your neck.

“Owen, please,” you beg, as he slowly – too slowly – begins to enter you.
Amusement flickers across his face as he pushes inside you fully with one thrust. You cry out.

“See, darling? This is what happens when you do as you’re told.”
Obediently, you don’t let your eyes leave his as he thrusts into you, slowly at first, then harder and deeper with each stroke.

Because he’s so dominant, it surprises you when he rolls, pulling you on top of him.
Tentatively, you roll your hips, unsure of exactly what he wants.

“That’s it, keep going,” he encourages.
So you ride him, slowly, letting the tension between you build.

“Mm, just like that,” he groans, “that’s absolutely perfect…”
With no warning again, he rolls so you’re beneath him. He’s rougher this time, more animalistic as he thrusts into you over and over.

You moan and whimper as each of his strokes hits the sweet spot inside you, one hand raking up his back, the other in his hair.

“Oh god, Owen, don’t stop… ohh… right there…” you moan as your climax hits you, rolling over you in waves of pleasure.

He comes soon after, groaning loudly, collapsing on top of you.

Still breathless, you stroke his hair.
“I’d say those alpha commands work just fine on people,” he smirks, rolling off you and pulling you into his arms.
“I’d say so too,” you say, snuggling against him, already half asleep.