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So the last few sheds my gecko had some skin stuck on his toes, and he HATES it if I touch his feet in any way. I've tried giving him a sauna and trying gently rubbing it off but he won't let me touch his toes. Tips?

Unfortunately, he’ll have to get used to it if he wants to keep his toes!

You can try a small soak.  It’s basically a wetter version of a sauna.  Instead of lining a container with damp paper towels, you put warm water in it.  It shouldn’t be a lot of water—-leos tend to panic in deep water.  It just needs to be enough to cover the toes.  There will probably be flailing involved, but at least it’ll get the skin somewhat softer and ideally looser.  If the following steps don’t work, then just keep soaking him every day (or every other day) for 2-5 minutes until his next shed cycle. You might have better luck loosening the shed at the next cycle.

A q-tip dipped in a food-grade oil (olive oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, mineral oil… just anything that’s safe to consume) is an invaluable tool against stuck shed.  But, yeah, it still requires touching the gecko toes.

this is a part of reptile-keeping I strongly dislike, but sometimes manhandling a gecko is necessary for their own health.  So here’s how you gently restrain a lizard: get their head between your pointer and middle fingers and curl your hand around the body, their back in your palm.  This keeps the head steady so the reptile can’t bite you and ALSO avoids gripping their tail.  It also keeps their front legs stable, so they can’t wriggle too much. 

Here’s a visual of what I mean.  It’s a video of Diablo the leachie gecko being handled for weighing, measuring, and having some shed tugged off his claws.

This is HIGHLY STRESSFUL for a lizard since it closely mimics how a bird-of-prey would grab them, so this is really a last-resort kind of handling. I’ve also used it to give medication, so it’s a useful technique to learn.

Another method I use with very small lizards who I don’t feel comfortable grasping is to just tire them out: just keep touching their toes until they essentially give up.  You’ve got a lot more patience than they have energy. Again, it’s stressful, especially if you’ve spent a lot of time building up trust with this animal.

A note for new followers who might not keep reptiles: I normally don’t endorse handling an animal against their will.  But leopard geckos can lose their toes from stuck shed.

a final note on the topic: it’s not the end of the world if a gecko loses a toe.  They have more trouble climbing, but you can adjust their enclosures to their new needs. The biggest risk is infection.

Dean had been hit by a truth telling spell. He had been spewing his deepest darkest secrets without a care in the world. There was one thing you wanted to know, and as much as you knew it was taking advantage of the situation, you had to know what Dean Winchester thought of you.

You looked at him as he fiddled with his gun, taking it apart and putting it back together again to keep himself from talking.

“Dean?” you questioned, touching his thigh gently. “I’ve got a question.”

He looked up at you expectantly. “Shoot, princess. I’m a straight shooter today, so it’s your lucky day,” he smiled.

“What do you really think of me? Like why did you let me come with you and Sam? You have no ties to me. I’m not blood. Why me?” you sighed finally.

Dean narrowed his eyes at you before he opened his mouth.

“I love you,” he stated simply. He looked at you like it was the most obvious answer.

“What?” you breathed, staring at his dark green eyes.

“You’re awkward and weird, and I fucking love it. You exude a confidence that is sexy as hell because you don’t give two fucks about what anyone thinks about you. You like what you like whether I tease you about it or not. You stand your ground and that is a huge turn on. You don’t let me being an ass sway you from being you. And I love you and all your quirks. Shit, I love every damn thing about you,” Dean breathed out, staring into your eyes.

You stared at him, but before you could respond, Sam came through the hotel room door.

“Is it done?” you asked. “Is the witch dead?”

Sam nodded. He looked exhausted. “Yeah, about thirty minutes ago. I’m gonna hit the shower. Dean you alright?” Sam asked Dean.

Dean nodded as your eyes met his, a look of confusion spreading across your face. “I’m way good, dude.”

Sam nodded curtly and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

“Thirty minutes ago?” you breathed out.

“Yeah. I felt it,” he laughed softly, looking into your eyes.

“And everything you just said,” you barely whispered.

“The absolute fucking truth. I’m tired of pretending like it isn’t, sweetheart. That truth spell made me realize that I couldn’t keep it from you anymore. I’ve loved you from the minute you ganked that vamp,” he chuckled at the memory.

“I distinctly remember you telling it to ‘suck on that’ right after you separated its head from its body,” Dean smiled. “I knew right then you weren’t like other hunters. You’re different, and I love it,” Dean swallowed. “I love you,” he reiterated.

You stared at him, desperately trying to blink away the tears. Your weird awkwardness had always kept you in the friend zone with most guys. Most weren’t able to believe that a girl like you existed, a girl who loved video games, writing, rock music, and loved any movie that was quotable, so they always kept you at an arms length.

You thought Dean had been another guy to stick you in the friend zone, never getting any other indication from him, until now.

“You don’t believe me,” he mumbled, stepping closer to you.

“It’s not that,” you started but before you could finish, Dean’s hand landed on your neck and pulled your lips to his. He pressed his lips firmly against yours as his arm snaked around your back and pressed you into him, like he wanted the two of you to become one.

You wrapped your arms around this shoulders melted and into him. His lips and roaming hands confirmed everything his mouth had just confessed.

Dean Winchester loved you and all of you. How did a girl like you get so damn lucky?


#this episode aired five years ago and I never realized that as damon was gazing at elena #he brought his hand up to stroke her face #and he gently touched her face with his index finger as she fell asleep #and she had to have been awake to feel it since she had just closed her eyes

There was so much in that moment with Richonne that I wanted to mention:

-Their slight height difference.

-Rick saying ‘see you soon.’

-Rick’s hand on her waist (and then her backside; of this I am certain).

-Michonne closing the distance between their bodies.

-The Kiss!

-Them looking at each other with desire, gratitude, adoration and love.

-Michonne gently stroking his face.

-Forehead touches.

-Nose touches.

-Her holding his upper arm.

-Rick saying ‘thank you’.

-His voice sounding deeper after The Kiss.

-Her watching him walk away.

Then I realised: it was probably their first kiss since everything happened and Rick most certainly wanted to ‘stick around’.

Leave me here with my life ruined, please.

BTS Reaction to You Playing With Their Hair

Namjoon would find this to be so comforting. Pretty much any free time you have he has where he gets to spend sentimental time with you, he wants your fingers in his hair. Imagine this: sitting on the couch watching your favorite show as Namjoon places his head in your lap. Naturally, you run your fingers through his soft locks as he visibly melts under your touch, and he eventually grabbed your hand gently only to place his soft lips to your palm as he smiles. “I love you.”

Yoongi would love your fingers brushing through his hair in times of stress or when he is feeling extremely affectionate. He is already a sweetie pie, but the soothing feeling of your fingertips brushing over his scalp just puts him in a place where he feels at ease. On nights where he is working late and is stressed out, he would severely want some sort of comfort, and your habit of playing with this hair would do the trick. Don’t be surprised if he falls asleep on you a few times after you’ve been therapeutically rubbing his scalp for a certain time. “Thank you, jagi.”

Probably one of Seokjin’s favorite things. As with the rest of the BTS members, he would find this comforting, but he would also enjoy this at any given time. As long as you offered, he would take. Often, he would even ask you if you weren’t busy or in an overly affectionate mood. Seokjin would be the one to sneak up on you in the kitchen and rest his chin on your shoulder while he arms would slink around your waist. “Can you run your fingers through my hair?” He would ask in an adorable tone before burying his face in the crook of your neck. 

Hoseok is all for this. Once you started doing this, he feels as though he needs it at least every single time or at least almost every time he is with you. You’ve gotten him hooked on the soothing feeling of your fingers through his soft hair, casually brushing against his scalp in a way that has him melting into your side. Hoseok would have this lazy smile on his face as he relaxed into you, and his arms would be securely around your waist before he leaned up and pressed soft lips to your jaw and cheek. “Keep going.” 

Taehyung..what a sweet puppy. By you fiddling with his hair or running your fingers through it whenever you two are together would have him completely ecstatic. He would take this as an intimate part of your relationship where the simple touches to his face and hair can make him fall even more in love with you. While you were midway through touching his hair, he would just turn to look at you before pressing his nose to yours and giving a bubbly giggle. “This means so much to me.”

Jimin is completely obsessed with this. Imagine this: you two are lying in bed just enjoying each other’s presence before he purses his lips. Before you can even ask what is wrong, Jimin moves to lay his head on your stomach as he curls up on the bed and smiles. “Can you run your fingers through my hair, jagi? You know how much I love it.” he would say as he feeds your buttery but loving compliments while you two talk about anything and everything - with your fingers rubbing his scalp, of course. 

Jungkook might be too shy to admit this at first, but he loves this habit you’ve gotten into of running your fingers through his hair. He would especially enjoy it on the most random moments where he isn’t expecting it, and he would turn into a melting putty in your hands. He would give you his signature bunny smile as your fingertips rubbed soothing,circular patterns into his scalp. “You should do this more often.” 


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Let John Watson be soft. I want that for him so badly. Let him be tender. Let him well up over love songs. Let him touch and speak gently. Let him answer to ‘my love’ and 'my darling’. Let the intense, burning need he has to care for others show itself as gentleness. Let him pry himself loose from toxic masculinity and be vulnerable. Let him rest. Let him be free.

The other thing I think constantly about is being repeatedly, continuously bred while pregnant. I want to be on my hands and knees with my big round belly nearly touching the floor as the father of my children fondles my huge swollen breasts and suctions the cups of his milking machine onto my achey nipples as it begins pumping away. And I obediently present my cunt to him as he mounts me from behind and tells me what a pretty cow I am and how happy he is that he has me to carry his children, gently rubbing my belly to feel what he’s done to my body and the result of his seed inside me.

FWB Pt 4

We made our way to the bedroom and ultimately on to the bed. Four people on a bed with the guys on either side and us girls together in the middle. The two of us started making out and touching one another.  I was super turned on when she put her fingers in my pussy. She slid them in and out of me with ease.  The boys came in and claimed their bride by holding us and gently taking off our underwear. My husband laid me back and was kissing me while he played with my pussy. He started asking me if I wanted our friend to fuck me and how much he wanted to see him do that.  My normal response is “I don’t know”.  This is because I worry too much, lol.  He kept suggesting and I kept being too shy to admit I wanted to feel that monster dick inside me. Then I felt hands spread my legs apart and i opened my eyes to see our friend naked above me with his huge cock in his hands. I had her on one side and my husband on the other “encouraging” me. I finally decided to just let it happen.  I had fantasized about it for a long time, ever since I got a glimpse of it months ago.  I had never felt something so big in my hands or ever in my mouth before.  Now I was going to feel him inside me.  I was flushed red as they each pulled a leg back and he put the head of his cock on my pussy lips and pushed the giant head inside me.

Ok let me tell you, I was really wet and he could barely fit that thing inside me. I must have looked like I was in pain, because they asked me if I was okay. Slow, I just wanted him to go slow. I’ve played with big toys and I know sometimes my body just needs to adjust to them. This was different.  It was so warm and soft by comparison.  His cock was super hard but it felt amazing. He was so gentle as he pushed into me, pulled back and then pushed in again.  It was like he was teasing me but any more of him and I might split in half. My husband was relaxing me when the wife started slowly rubbing my clit. It all felt so amazing. I had to see it. I wanted to watch that big, beautiful cock going inside me. I got up on my elbows so I could see what was making me feel so full. All that did was turn me on even more. I had never been stretched like this before. I didn’t know real cocks came in this size.

He was half his length inside me as I felt my orgasm building.  I mean this is ridiculous, I was about have an orgasm within maybe the first 4-5 minutes of sex.  That just doesn’t happen. Or maybe it does. It started to build and everyone knew it.  He didn’t change his tempo and just kept fucking me slowly as she rubbed me clit. My breathing quickened and I started rocking back and forth on his cock and then … my orgasm hit, I clenched down so hard I stopped breathing.  I closed my eyes and everything seemed to disappear. No sound, no lights.  My pussy opened more for him and he started sliding his whole cock inside me which made the orgasm intensify even more. I could never take my toys this deep inside but his cock found a way. There was a point where I wanted it to stop because I literally didn’t think I could handle the intensity, but there was no stopping now. I came over and over as I felt every inch of him pushing in and out of me. I don’t know how long my orgasm was, but it was exhausting.  I tried to focus my eyes and regain some level of composure. His cock was still inside me but he stopped moving and I started to come around. This was literally the most intense orgasm(s) I had ever had…and we had just started.  


Close - Cassian Andor x Reader

Summary: Cassian is overprotective over you in battle.

(Based very loosely off Star Wars: Battlefront, the Scarif DLC)

I don’t like the ending sorry argh

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The ship landed with a gentle thud and everyone started moving. Cassian caught you by the elbow as you went past, “(Y/n), a word?” You nodded, stepping to the side with him.

“You need to stay close to me.” He said softly. 

You smiled slightly, “Only if you stay close to me as well.” 

“I was planning on it, but you sometimes tend to get a bit um… distracted hmm? So you’ll stay close, alright? I don’t want to lose you.” 

“You won’t. You’re never getting rid of me.” You laughed.

Cassian smiled but shook his head, “I wish that were true, sweetheart. Now stay close, you promise?”

You nodded.

“Good girl.” Cassian said, touching your hip gently with a hand as he walked past you outside. 

It was oddly quiet, oddly serene. The sand beneath your feet was like snow, soft and light.

“(Y/n.)” Cassian hissed softly to get your attention, “What did I tell you about getting distracted, hmm?”

You crouched beside him in the bushes, off to the side. Baze and a few of the others were directly in front of the doors, ready to attack with their heavy blasters, but you, Cassian and Jyn with your close range pistols were better suited to sneaking in. 

And then the peace was broken. The doors opened with a hiss and the blaster fire started. You couldn’t really tell what was happening, it was all happening so fast. Suddenly Cassian had grabbed you by the wrist and was dragging you away through the bushes, following Jyn’s lead. “That’s our cue then.” You whispered, Cassian merely nodded; he was in combat mode now. 
The three of you came to a bridge over a river and part of the jungle. It was your path into the Data Tower. 

“Stay low.” Jyn said, creeping up onto the bridge. It was unlikely there would be troopers this far from the battle but better safe than sorry. Jyn moved faster, partly because Cassian kept turning around to check you were safe every 2 seconds. Then the blaster fire started. Jyn hopped up, firing down from the bridge into the jungle. You could hear the troopers, it sounded like there were at least eight. You and Cassian started firing as well, but stayed down, popping up only to lean over the railing and fire a shot. Suddenly it seemed like there was silence and you’d defeated them. Jyn and Cassian had stood up to check but Cassian had made it clear that he wanted you to stay down, where you should be safe.

But then you heard it, the beeping. 

“Cassian!” You screamed, seeing the sonic imploder flashing red at his feet. He glanced down at you as you tackled him, pushing him to the side out of danger. 

Then you were blinded, thrown forward over Cassian, who was knocked off his feet. The bridge collapsed beneath you and you all fell down into the Jungle, except Jyn who managed to hold on somehow. Every bone and muscle in your body ached, you lay immobile in the shrub, your head pounding, ears ringing, sight returning slowly. The first thing you saw was Cassian, leaning over you, his face bloodied and bruised. 

“Cassian, You’re hurt.” You mumbled, trying to reach up to touch his face but falling short as you were too weak. 

“You’re kidding, (Y/n). I’m alright, sweetheart. It’s you we need to worry about.” He cradled your head gently in his hands, subtly checking to see if you’d injured your skull.

“I- I’m fine.” You stammered, “I just feel um.. tingly.” You giggled slightly and Cassian gave you a very concerned look.

“Jyn, I have to stay with (Y/n), can you go on?” He called. “Jyn?” He repeated with no reply.

“Shit she’s already gone.” He muttered, shaking his head but placing his attention back on you.

Your vision was clouded with dark patches, the ringing returning in your ears, the tingles turning to sharp stabs of pain. A groan slipped your lips, you were mildly aware of Cassian saying your name, shaking your shoulder gently. But then it was gone.

“(Y/n) sweetheart.” 

You heard a pained moan come from your lips, and you jerked up, immediately being caught in strong arms, hearing a steady heartbeat.

“I got you, sweetheart. I’ve got you.” 

You blinked, the bright white forming shapes as you realised where you were. You were in a bacta tank, but it was more like a bath. Your body was numb, except your shoulder and head which were held against Cassian.

“I’m alive?”

“Yes.” Cassian whispered, “You are. We did it. They have the plans.”

“I stayed close.” You murmured, your head foggy.

A laugh slipped Cassian’s lips, “A little too close yes. But you’re alive. We’re alive. We got the plans. That’s all that matters. I love you.” He kissed you on the forehead gently, continuing to hold you while you healed.


Moonlight | Sehun (M)

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Pairing: Sehun x Reader

Genre: Smut/fluff, drabble, songfic

Word count: 483

A/N: based on Ariana Grande - Moonlight
wrote this lil thingy for @sehuns-bubble-txe because i felt like doing this and she wanted someone to do it and i volunteered as tribute! Sorry i couldn’t make this longer. I have no idea what this is or what i did. But i hope you enjoy it anyway lol

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sterek + touch starved??

aH ! (this is more focused on them touching in general, ngl)

  • listen, touch is such a fundamental aspect of this ship,
  • even before they got together they would constantly come up with excuses to just touch one another.
  • at pack hangouts - pre relationship - stiles would be in the kitchen, talking to whoever about whatever, soda in hand and back to the brand of soda propped on the counter behind him. there are drinks littered all around the kitchen, mind u, but for reasons unbeknownst to him ((gay reasons)) Derek wants the cream soda behind stiles. 
  • he would gently cup Stiles’ elbow to guide him out of the way, resting his hand on his shoulder as he leans forward into his space
  • (it bears mentioning, i think, that derek doesn’t like cream soda.)
  • oh! how many times do you think they would pick “lint” off of one another just so they could touch each other’s shoulders/arms???
  • stiles would touch derek with infuriating inconsistently. always out of no where and unexpected enough to raise goosebumps on derek’s skin. stiles’ touches were the stray breezes you were lucky enough to catch on dry, sticky-hot days; as soon as you’d lean into them, they were gone again
  • stiles’ knee brushing Derek’s on the couch, their shoulders knocking as they stand side by side (Stiles lightly smacking his chest before stepping away, his hand suspended against Derek for too long to be coincidence) 
  • then of course, there’s the touches after their respective wells of feelings burst and flood into one another
  • (that first night, derek kissed the soft crook of stiles’ elbow, the smooth skin of his inner thigh, the side of his mouth over, and over, and over, and no sooner did he kiss him did he move onto another part of his body.)
  • if ever the two of them make it to a couch, it takes them about 2 seconds to become tangled together on top of it
  • half of the time it’s writhing, aching, pushingpushingpushing because they know the other will only keep pulling 
  • the other half is the fully-clothed, mid-afternoon, no sound but the air conditioner and rattling pipes kind. this one still involves a lot of heavy petting; i.e. stiles running his hands through derek’s hair, giving each other foot massages. 
  • back massages where their hands slip under the collar of their shirts, this minimal skin-to-skin contact fizzing between them like a fire cracker that’s burned down to the bit but never goes off, held in a perpetual ache and need for it to explode 
  • wow
  • i love it when stiles and derek touch each other

send me sterek + a trope and i’ll list any headcanons I have for it!

i won’t let you + robron (robert pov) for @beautifulhigh

“Robert,” Chas comes through the curtain, her face pinched, looking panicked. “What happened?”

Robert looks up at her, blinks slowly. He’s cradling his right wrist gently, trying to ignore the pain currently threading up his arm. He gives her a weak shrug. “I didn’t know who else to call.”

Chas flounders for a second, drops her bag on the chair by the bed. “It’s okay.”

There’s the sound of voices outside the curtain and then a nurse pokes her head around the curtain. “We’ll be right with you, Mr. Sugden.”

Robert opens his mouth to say something, but Chas is already sniping, “Can you make it quick? He’s in pain.”

The nurse assures her they will and disappears. 

Chas approaches Robert slowly, gently touches Robert’s arm above the obvious wound. “What did you do? Where’s Aaron?”

“I didn’t want to call him,” Robert says slowly. He doesn’t remember much of what happened, just the pain ripping through his wrist and forearm, and hitting his head on the way down. “They think I have a concussion.”

Chas runs a hand through his hair and it’s such a motherly thing to do that Robert sucks in a breath, doesn’t know how to deal with it. “You should call him. He’ll want to know.”

Robert nods. “I know. I just wanted - I woke up and just wanted my mum.”

Chas looks startled, shocked enough that she doesn’t say anything as the nurse comes back in, starts to deal with the wound on Robert’s arm. She gently tells him she’ll bring his prescription and as long as Chas is willing to watch over him and take him home, he’ll be free to leave. 

When she’s gone, Chas sits beside him on the bed. “You could have asked for Diane.”

Robert doesn’t want to talk about her, just shrugs. He stares down at the bandage on his arm. “I need to call Aaron. I’m gonna hurt him again.”

“This is different,” Chas says, reaches over for Robert’s good hand and clasps it gently. “This is the kind of hurt that he’ll want to know about. He loves you.”

“I love him too,” Robert says, oddly fascinated by the contrast of Chas’ nail varnish against his thumb. When he looks up, sees the concern and worry on her face, Robert blinks again. “I didn’t want to be alone. Diane is - I didn’t want her, didn’t want to worry Aaron. I needed my mum and I didn’t want to be alone.”

“You’re not,” Chas promises, keeps her grip on Robert’s hand. “I won’t let you.”

Chas isn’t Sarah, not even close, and they have a lot of history, most of it bad. Despite that, Robert’s glad she’s here, lets himself relish having a mother, just for a second.

as discussed, the fic that will end our friendship ;)


Ciel awoke from his night terror, chest heaving and lungs on fire in the middle of the evening. His eyes flickered open to stare at the darkness above his bed, the occasional pain in his bones and terror of feeling completely alone beginning to flood throughout his body. It was madness, until two hands, warm and with a gentle touch, slid underneath his nightshirt, melting his fear away. Sebastian gently turned the small boy to face him, scooping him up to his chest.

Strong arms coddled Ciel and onyx tipped fingers caressed his skin, pulling him in even closer. His breath slowed, his mind calmed and fear was but a haunting memory as his half-closed eyes searched the demon’s face. Sebastian was a beautiful nightmare, his forehead now pressed against Ciel’s and banishing every thought that didn’t include him.

Ciel’s small hands were pressed against Sebastian’s chest, fanning out and prodding lightly on the smooth and flawless skin. It was so warm underneath his fingertips. Sebastian used his nose to swipe dusty locks off of the damp forehead, placing a small kiss there before leveling his face back with his young master’s. It was as if the action itself was checking to see if any thought, any worry, any pain dare pass through that mind while the demon hold his charge. Sebastian was a selfish creature. And Ciel reveled in it. He scooted closer, pressing his nose to Sebastian’s. He was just as selfish.

Sebastian didn’t even jump when small, parted lips gently touched his. He mirrored Ciel’s action, gently nudging the young boy’s mouth with his own. Heads settled on the pillows, limbs entangled and eyes closed, the two slid their lips across the others. It was not just a kiss. They were feeling. Memorizing. Tasting. Ciel closed his mouth slowly around Sebastian’s bottom lip, Sebastian pulling it out to replace it with his tongue. Every movement was careful, languid, filled with deep sensuality. Ciel met Sebastian’s tongue with his own, sliding around it before giving it a soft suck. It was gentle yet fiery, soft yet passionate, every taste, every lick, every delicate caress eliminating more and more of Ciel’s disturbed past from his weak heart.

To instead embed the clutch, the heat and the taste of his demon there.

I ache so wildly for his nearness.

His lips on mine in pure secretiveness. His words building towers in my heart. His dreams sneaking in under my skin, gently touching mine. His goals and plans, holding up mine as I hold up his. But most of all, I want the intimacy of his soul and character placed upon mine.

It hurts, watching him fall away from me, piece by piece. That is creating a soreness deep in my bones. A restlessness, breaking me apart. Almost making me explode. I am not made for distant; I can’t breathe living with faraway. I ache for his nearness. And if I don’t get it, I will go mad.  

I ache so wildly for his nearness. He is only spurning for mine.

—  Tina Jaxén // December 29th 2016
I Don’t Want To Be Alone

A/N: Just a small little something

Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluff? 

Word Count: 253

“Dean,” you whispered, gently making your way towards his sleeping form. You felt guilty as hell having to wake him up, but with Sam gone on a food run – you had no other option. His soft snores continued to fill the room, his beer nestled right next to his arm. You wanted nothing more than to join him and sleep the day away. “Dean,” You whined softly, touching his arm yet wary of him being startled.

He slowly opened one eye, yet somehow he was still startled by your presence.

“Dammit,” he cursed under his breath as some of his beer spilled on to him and on to the couch. “Y/N? What’s wrong?” He quickly glanced around the room in search of a threat, hands outstretched to the knife that rested on the couch side table.

Instantly you could feel your cheeks redden at how stupid you were to have waken Dean for something so trivial. He needed his rest. He finally watched you, waiting for your answer.

“I-um, I was just lonely and I’m sorry for waking you up. It was stupid, I’ll go back to my room, I’m sorry Dean-“

“Come here,” he demanded, hands outstretched towards you. You hesitantly made your way towards him and was certainly surprised when he pulled you down and let you rest against his chest. Allowing yourself to get comfortable, a content sigh escaped your lips.

“Thanks, D.”

Wrapping an arm around your waist, his lips against your temple, he hummed an acknowledgment,

“Anytime, sweetheart.”

Dating Problems

Newt Scamander x Reader

Words: 700


“Are you alright, love?” Newt asked with concern, patting your back gently while you nuzzled your head into the white pillow of your bed.

“I met a guy.” For a second, the tender touches stopped and a long silence filled the conversation. However, the moment you tried to say something else, Newt cleared his throat to properly continue the conversation.

“Ohh, great. And?”

“The coffee I spilled in him was great, too.” You said in a muffled voice, the smooth material of the pillow was suffocating but you didn’t want to raise your head and let him see how embarrassed you were.

“That’s an interesting way of…flirting? I will try to use it someday.” The freckled man teased you with a sarcastic tone bordering the warm sound of his voice. When you groaned he chuckled a bit, leaning against your back. “I´m joking. Why do you keep trying with every single person you met…love?”

If before you couldn’t exactly breathe, now you were choking thanks to the closeness of Newt´s body pressed to yours. You had been friends with the strange man for a –really- long time, about eight years or so, but not even once he had noticed your immense crush on him. That’s why you decided to settle down with someone else. (It didn’t work as you planned, your luck with other guys was plainly awful. And Newt´s caring nature only made things a little worse every time you got rejected.)

“He thought I was crazy…” Ignoring his previous question with bitterness, you whimpered attempting to raise your messy head. Once you finally found yourself in a comfortable position, Newt leaned more and put his right arm above your head to silently gaze at you. “Hey, not to be rude or anything but you are crushing me.” Your best friend didn’t appear to care about your discomfort but decided to move his upper body while his legs tangled with yours.

“I don’t believe you´re crazy, maybe clumsy sometimes.” He stated with a frown. “Next time try with a more educated man, please.” Scrunching his freckled nose up in disgust, he snuggled closer.

“I will give me a break for a month or two before next time. Although I will keep that in mind.” You felt him sigh deeply at those words. “What is it?”

His blue mottled eyes observed your face with fondness, tracing your features in complete silence, probably debating what to say. “It might be selfish, but I will get obnoxiously pleased if you stopped doing it for more than a lifetime.”

“What are you trying to say, Newt?”

“Perhaps I didn’t show you my emotions properly but…by now, it´s getting painful to watch…” he mumbled in a hoarse voice, provoked by the nervousness that was fluttering on the pit of his stomach. “I th-think-, truly believe I love you.”

“Oh.” Newt gulped soundly already making a move to get out of bed and run away from you. Before he could stand up, your hands gripped his white shirt and forced him to lay down again. He didn’t dare to watch your frame, instead he observed the plain blue wall behind you.

“Plea-please just think about it- I mean I know I´m not the guy you are looking for-” Still shocked but knowing he would escape if you slipped your fingers off his clothes, you heard him ramble. “I remember this Mason, with his broad shoulders and confidence and-and all of that manliness-, and oh goodness! That other man that looked like a- like a truck or something…I don’t even have…” He stopped abruptly when your arms moved to embrace him and your chin placed itself on his shoulder. “Um…” Newt choked out feeling startled by the sudden display of affection.

“I love you too.” You whispered, settling your lips on the smooth skin of his jaw and kissing it tenderly. “A lot.”

“You aren´t pitying me, right? Because if you are I will cry or something…”

“No, I promise. I love you.” Reassuringly you kissed his soft skin again, this time getting closer to his lips.

“I wasn’t doubting you, I wanted to hear it again.” Now you laughed loudly, slapping harshly his back. “Ouch! love!”

“You are not innocent at all!”

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Its amazing how stoic Peko is, even under such cuteness overload coming from Fuyuhissko, or was it Fuyuneko? Nekohiko? Uhuhu.

Watch your mouth ! 


Huh? What is it Peko? You look like you want to say something…

I’m really sorry for asking that but…Can I touch them?


Fuck fine, fine. Just a bit, okay?!

Yes ! Thank you…*approaches him and pets them gently*


*purrs without realizing it*

Bully pt 9

Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader x Minghao
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Summary: Can’t trust everyone.

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> Chen starts tearing up again, and Suho takes the chance to gather him up in his arms as Chen buries his face in his chest.
> [Chen] “I can’t be mad at you. But I… I just want my Junmyeon back…”
> [Suho] “And he’s here, somewhere. I just… need help finding him again, and I don’t think I can do it without you. Can I ask for your help? Please… show me how to love you again.”
> Suho gently eases Chen’s grip from clutching tightly at his shirt. He lets go of one hand to tilt Chen’s face upwards by his chin until their lips are barely touching.
> [Chen] “If I show you, will you remember it…?”
> [Suho] “Pinky promise.”