i want to throw rocks at everyone

“My husband and I sold everything we had to afford the journey. We worked 15 hours a day in Turkey until we had enough money to leave. The smuggler put 152 of us on a boat. Once we saw the boat, many of us wanted to go back, but he told us that anyone who turned back would not get a refund. We had no choice. Both the lower compartment and the deck were filled with people. Waves began to come into the boat so the captain told everyone to throw their baggage into the sea. In the ocean we hit a rock, but the captain told us not to worry. Water began to come into the boat, but again he told us not to worry. We were in the lower compartment and it began to fill with water. It was too tight to move. Everyone began to scream. We were the last ones to get out alive. My husband pulled me out of the window. In the ocean, he took off his life jacket and gave it to a woman. We swam for as long as possible. After several hours he told me he that he was too tired to swim and that he was going to float on his back and rest. It was so dark we could not see. The waves were high. I could hear him calling me but he got further and further away. Eventually a boat found me. They never found my husband.” (Kos, Greece)

genuinely good and pure sunny moments
  • “did you hear my song?” “i heard it. i loved it. great song charlie.”
  • mac giving dennis the rocket launcher
  • the entirety of dee gives birth
  • “can i bare my soul to you for a second, man?” “of course buddy.”
  • like…the entire end of the christmas episode??? frank giving everyone the presents they wanted…..everyone throwing rocks at trains together…..wholesome.
  • “hooooooooly shit!! is that the ocean??”
  • “sis, i love you.” 
  • "i think i’m out now. yeah. yeah. i-i’m gay.” 
  • anytime the gang sings.
  • the gang recreating entries in charlie’s dream book and giving him a new rat stick because they think it’s his birthday.
  • “charlie did the elephant drawings. you should keep them.” “i did those for you man.” “i like them.” “you should like them, i put a lot of work into them. and thank you for saying you like them.” 
  • charlie’s valentine’s day song to dee
  • the end of white trash when the gang cools off with the fire hydrant
  • every chardee scene in the gang misses the boat.
  • “let’s go be with the gang.”
Magic cheese!

DM: So now everyone is out in the middle of your camp, trying to see the intruder that Elidyr told you about, but it’s too dark because the fire is starting to die down.

Alys(Wizard)OOC: Are there any stones or something nearby?

DM: No, you’re out in the middle of the desert it is literally just sand.

Alys OOC: Okay, well I want to cast light, so I’ll just use my cheese wheel.

DM: Wait, what?

Alys OOC: There aren’t any rocks, so I’m gonna cast light on the cheese wheel and throw it in the general direction of the person!

DM: I mean… okay. So you cast light on this entire wheel of cheese and chuck it randomly at the faint sound of movement. And voila! You see the intruders head poking out from behind your tent.

And thus, the new member of our party was introduced and joined us.

Forbidden Love Sentence Starters
as requested by anon. Feel free to change pronouns or anything else !
  • “We can’t be together…”
  • “What would everyone say if they saw us together right now?”
  • “I have to go home, or my parents will ask questions…”
  • “I wish this wasn’t so hard.”
  • “Don’t freak out, but…I’m engaged to someone. But you’re the one I love!”
  • “Let’s go out in disguises.”
  • “I’m sick of having to throw rocks at your window every night.”
  • “I love you…but I can’t be seen with you.”
  • “No matter how hard we try, this will never work out for us!”
  • “Did you hear the rumors?”
  • “I know you want us to go out and hold hands, and kiss in front of everybody, but it’s more complicated than that.”
  • “Are you ashamed of me?”
  • “I don’t want you to get hurt more because of me. Let’s break up.”
  • “Run away with me.”
  • “I can’t believe I’m saying this…I really, really shouldn’t be, but…I’m in love with you.”
  • “His/her/their hands were all over you! I can’t keep hiding like this!”
  • “No one understands us.”
  • “I might have told someone about us.”
  • “It’s a human thing…wanting what you can’t have.”
  • “I think the only reason you like me is because you’re not supposed to.”
  • “I know you’ll get in trouble for it, but…please stay with me tonight.”
  • “Flirting was bad enough, but now flowers and chocolates are just too far.”
  • “Someone found out about us.”
  • “I’ll tell them soon, I promise. But right now, you need to get in the closet.”
  • “Did I just hear a camera click?”
  • “Whenever you’re with him/her/them, I go crazy.”
  • “I’m supposed to get married tomorrow…”
More Foreshadowing?

Everyone who watches Voltron knows the writers enjoy throwing in hints whenever they can, and I may have just found another.

Remember this scene?

Of course you do.

It’s the iconic “Hey man” one.

And yeah, it’s a great scene, and the Klance is just prime, but something Lance said has me thinking there was more to it than simply a team bonding moment (and hella cool outro)

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1. Iwatobi Swim Club Appreciation Party
High☆Speed! Free! Starting Days Special Event Premium CD
1. Iwatobi Swim Club Appreciation Party

TRACK 1 || TRACK 2 || TRACK 3 || TRACK 4
Thank you @aliasanonyme for the audio clip!


Asahi: There! Alright, gonna swim to our heart’s content again today!

Makoto: Asahi, you really are spirited. Aren’t you tired from the time trial yesterday?

Asahi: What are you talking about!? I was so excited since yesterday I couldn’t contain myself the whole night at home, it was awful! Like Sis was totally yelling at me for being loud and stuff.

Ikuya: You’re such a muscle-brain.

Asahi: What the hell!? Didn’t you also say “I’ll definitely swim faster!” yesterday!?

Ikua: …! I did say that, but…

Asahi: And anyway, you’re good at long distance swimming, right? Isn’t it a little too soon for you to be exhausted?

Ikuya: They are different things.

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Modern!Dad!Ragnarssons Headcannons:

@brightlycoloredteacups & @belle-scarre  I did it. I only did the three for now. I might do sigurd and bjorn later on.

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  • proud as fuck.
  • private schools.
  • ‘my child’s an honor student’ bumper sticker.
  • ‘baby on board’ sign you better believe.
  • organic and gluten-free all the way.
  • buddy system dad.
  • ‘don’t you ever talk to me or my children again’.
  • honda odyssey? you know it.
  • fast food is a big no.
  • buckle up for safety, buckle the fuck up or we’re staying home you shit.
  • calm and collected on the outside but wants to scream 24/7.
  • soccer mom and isn’t afraid to show it.
  • baby pouches for infants and he still rocks the kangaroo mom look.
  • ‘don’t touch that’.
  • ‘put that back it’s not yours’.
  • the ‘if your bed isn’t made, throw it away because it’s too late to make it now’ dad, when expecting company.
  • ‘when I was your age’ dad.
  • paid chores.
  • no pets on furniture.

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  • the dad everyone actually wants.
  • morning cartoons all the way.
  • always ready to take the kids for an adventure.
  • actually has 100% patience with them.
  • answers the millions of ‘whys’ and ‘hows’.
  • suv dad.
  • blankets and pillows in the back for field trip day.
  • healthy snacks and juice pouches in the ‘secret compartment’.
  • always has a first-aid kit.
  • the homeschooling dad.
  • plans all stops for trips ahead of time.
  • totally lets his kids help with planning.
  • let’s them read the map too.
  • will literally stand with them for an hour to stare at a field of dirt if they want too.
  • extremely supportive.
  • good grades get rewards.
  • ‘kodak moment’ dad.
  • memory boards.
  • protective as fuck too.
  • rude to everyone that’s not his children (and wife).
  • ‘look at children for one more second and I will kill you’.
  • ‘tell us to hurry up one more time and you won’t go anywhere ever again’.
  • bed-time stories.
  • would accidentally cuss in front of his kids, then panic when they mimic it.

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  • ‘the rad’ dad.
  • the ‘make good choices’ dad.
  • ‘don’t do anything I wouldn’t do’
  • ‘but what wouldn’t you do?’
  • embarrassingly cool.
  • can’t understand why his kids are hyper assholes 24/7.
  • all the snacks are literally junk food.
  • pop.
  • ‘is your kid eating dirt?’
  • ‘probably.’
  • family matters.
  • small car dad.
  • public school dad.
  • also extremely supportive.
  • his kids may be the reason he can’t have nice things, but no kids could be better.
  • good grades go on the fridge.
  • ‘you’ll get your super powers when you’re an adult’.
  • nothing phases him anymore.
  • extremely chill.
  • video game binges.
  • ‘violence isn’t the right way to deal with things, but yoU GOT HIM SO GOOD’.
  • secretive high-fives.
  • house is probably a zoo.
  • mostly passes out on the couch with his kids on him.
  • family trips are usually a mess.
  • ‘we’re just gonna wing it’ dad.
  • ‘you cannot throw each other out the car window’.
  • ‘stop stuffing each other between the couch cushions before your mom gets home’.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any expecting parents/parents with a newborn aus? Thank you in advance~~

aaaa yes!! these are my favourite kind of AUs to be honest :P

  • “seriously? you want to name our child that?!? it’s like you want them to be bullied!!”
    • “says you! jeez, on what planet would that ever be a good name?”
  • listen, i’m really excited to have this baby with them but if they ask me about what colour the baby’s crib should be, i am actually going to throw myself out a window.
  • “here, hold them.”
    “you’re gonna break the world when you’re older, you don’t know it yet but you will.”
  • “it’s your turn, go on.”
    “they’re your child before four o’clock in the morning.”
    • “fine, fine, fine. rock, paper, scissors to see who has to go calm down the baby.”
      “glad that we’re dealing with this like adults.”
  • “why is it now that we have a child everyone suddenly wants to hang out with us like, we never talk to them!!”
  • i knew it was a bad idea to buy the crib from ikea
      • “…you were reading it upside down.”
  • we woke up in the middle of the night to someone knocking on the door, we opened the door to find a baby lying in a crib on our doorstep with nothing but a note that read; ‘take care of them, please.’ i guess we have a baby now???
    • “there’s a raging storm outside! we can’t just leave them out there!”
  • …were you aware that our baby could fly?
  • our newborn child has been really ill for a couple weeks and you’ve been really worried. luckily, we took them to the doctors and everything’s fine. yet despite it being nearly a week since we went to the doctors, you’ve slept beside the crib every night.
  • the obligatory “my-kid’s-better-than-yours” au
  • our kid is only a year old but they already rule the household and every single aspect of our lives
  • honestly, being married to you was bad enough but when we got a kid i was hoping you’d grow up a little, just maybe…now they’re two kids in the house
  • “i’m sorry, there’s nothing we could do.”
    “…i want to see my child.”
    “i..i highly advise against that.”
    • “correction: we want to see our child.”
      • “you would’ve grown up to be the best kid in the world…maybe it was too much to ask for.”
        “they’re so…beautiful but, the world will never know.”
        • “yeah…they’re still a mess and to be honest so am i. we … tried so hard to have a child and i don’t know if i - we - could ever go through that again.”
  • what the fuck is a baby shower?????
  • “you know, i’m kind of surprised your child isn’t seriously injured at this point with you two being their parents.”
    “haha, yeah…yet.”
  • my child is more talented than me and they’re only two years old.
  • “the scans have just come through and it’s been revealed that we were wrong. you’re not having a baby…you’re having two! congratulations!”
    • “TWINS????”
  • you’re so excited about getting our baby but, what if i let them down? being a parent is a big responsibility and i don’t know if i’m ready. but, i haven’t told you that i’m going to this support group either and i just hope this blows over before the baby arrives…
  • we left you to babysit our kid for literally three hours, what happened?!?

this is a weird post, it suddenly got very sad and angsty towards the middle…oops!!

hope these helped!

- jess

request and submissions are open!!:

send in requests!!
submit some aus of your own!!

Pack Mother - Derek Hale - Part 6

Characters: Derek Hale, AJ, Reader.

Kinda NSFW

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

AJ was at the house almost as much as the pack. You’d done subtle things, such as place your hand on his arm when he says something funny, or wear something just a little too short or a little too tight when he was around. No one had caught on yet, but you knew that AJ would jump you the second he got the chance.

Derek had gone out with Stiles for a training session and left you at home with Max. At three months old, he’s been sleeping through the night a little bit more so you’ve had a bit of time to make yourself presentable. Which is saying a lot compared to the first month, when you were lucky if you’d showered that week.

Derek walks in the door, fuming.

You had Max balanced on your hip, feeding him a bottle. Both of your heads turned towards the slammed door. “What’s wrong?”

Derek shakes his head, taking his leather jacket off and hanging it up. “Stiles is so stubborn! He doesn’t even try to learn. All he wants to do it smart off.” He grunts. He walks over to you and holds his arms out for Max. You hand Max to him and his face immediately softens. “Hi, baby boy.” He smiles and Max giggles.

“What’d he do this time?” You grab a towel off the counter and begin cleaning up.

“I mean, he refuses to let anyone tell him anything. I tried to help him with the whole mental side of things and he just won’t listen. We got into a fight and he left. I’m sure he’ll turn up in an hour or so to complain to you.” He sits at the counter with Max in his lap.

“Honestly, Derek..you’re a little too hard on him. He’s got a quick wit but he’s more fragile than the others. He doesn’t respond to tough love.” You shrug.

“Of course you take his side.” He rolls his eyes.

“Hey, I’m not taking sides. I’m simply putting it out there that Stiles is a little sensitive.”

“Well, I’m putting it out there that I think you never side with me.”

“Oh come on. I’m not defending him. Derek don’t be a big baby.” You roll your eyes and cross your arms.

Derek scoffs. “Yeah. I’m the big baby. It’s Stiles, for God’s sake. The kid has a skull so hard I’m not sure insults even penetrate it.”

“Derek, just because he imprinted on you first after he changed doesn’t mean you understand him more. He’s a kid. He’s barely eighteen. You just don’t understand what he’s going through.”

“And you do? You’re telling me that a twenty-three year old woman can understand an eighteen year old high school boy more than I can? Okay..” Derek stands up with Max.

“What the hell? I was just talking with you, why did you feel the need to get so heated?” You sigh.

“I get heated because you always choose the kids first! You never see my side of things.”

“Derek, I am the pack mother. If you don’t like it, fine. But, you’re not going to tell me not to care about those kids.”

It’s been a week an no one has heard from Stiles. You can tell Derek is feeling guilty, but you are beyond pissed at him. You haven’t spoken to him since your argument.

“Y/N..I’m going out to look for Stiles.”

You throw him a sarcastic thumbs up. “I don’t know why you think going out and searching for him everyday will make a difference. He’s gone, Derek. It’s your fault. He was the baby. He was the closest one to me and you had to screw that up.”

“God, will you stop blaming me for everything that goes wrong?”

“I will when it’s not your fault! You yelled at him and now he’s gone. You keep yelling at me too, you’re lucky I’m here. You could never handle the pack on your own.”

“Oh, sure. I lost your baby and now you’re pissy. Get over yourself. Stiles left on his own, if he was really your baby he would’ve let you know where he went.” Derek walked out the front door, slamming it behind him.

You sat in front of the couch, trying not to cry. Derek had been so mean to you recently and you couldn’t figure out why. A switch just flipped in him. You groaned when you heard a knock at the door. You got up and answered it.

“Hey you.” It was AJ.

“Hey.” You felt better. You were going to start your payback right here. Right now.

He steps inside and you close the door behind him. “Where’s Derek?”

“Oh, you just missed him.” You shrug. “You can wait until he gets back if you want.”

He sits on the couch and you sit beside him. “Where’s the little dude?” He smiles.

“Oh he’s down for a nap. He should be up soon.”

“I was just about to go shower…do you mind waiting? I’ll only be like ten minutes.” You smile.

“Sure. No problem.” He nods and you head upstairs. You hoped Isaac wouldn’t come home but you know that he probably would. He’s got a knack for showing up at the wrong moment.

You showered and put on a tight t-shirt and short shorts. You smirked at yourself in the mirror before going downstairs.

“Hey. Sorry, I took longer than I thought.” You sit back down and watch his eyes give you a subtle once over.

“You’re fine..I wanted to ask you something and I hope it’s not too soon.” AJ smiles.


“Do you want to go on a date with me? Tomorrow?”

You smile. “Yeah. I do.”

“I’ll be here at 7 then?”

“Works for me.”

Derek walked in and you turned and looked at him. You immediately stood up went upstairs and left AJ with him.

You called Stiles again. You knew it wouldn’t make a difference but you’re still trying. You looked at yourself in the mirror. You looked hot. You answer the door when AJ arrives.

“Hi.” He smirks. “You look great.”

“Thank you. Come on in, I want to run upstairs and tell Max bye.” He nods and steps inside.

You go upstairs and tuck him in, kissing his forehead before you go. Derek catches you in the hallway.

“Where are you going?”

“What does it matter to you?”

“I’m just asking a question.”

“I’m not sure I should answer. I wouldn’t want to make it your fault.” You go downstairs and meet AJ at the door. Derek follows behind you.

“Ready?” You nod and guides you outside, his hand on your waist. “Bye, Derek!” He waves at him and you smirk. That was petty. AJ was honestly being nice but you knew that would piss Derek off.

The date was average. You knew AJ enjoyed it though. You got home and you saw Derek looking out the window when you got there, so when AJ leaned in for a kiss, you didn’t deny him. You said goodbye and walked inside, taking off your shoes and going upstairs. You got up to your room and started to unzip your dress.

Derek had been staying in Isaac’s room. You didn’t know the details, you just knew you didn’t want him with you anymore.

You take your dress off and put it in the laundry. You’re just about to take off your bra and shower when Derek walks in.

“Derek!” You grab a shirt off the bed and cover with it.

“AJ? Really? Are you trying to make me jealous? Because, it seems like you are.”

“Why does my reasoning for going on a date have to involve you?”

He steps forward. “I know you, Y/N. I know that you’re trying to make me jealous.”

“I couldn’t care less about you being jealous.” You cross your arms over your chest, holding the shirt to your body.

“I know that that’s a lie..I know because I can smell the arousal dripping from you.” He steps even closer.

“Don’t act like I can’t smell you. I know that when I wear those red shorts you’ll smell like arousal for a week afterwards. I also know that when we’re sleeping, if I turn against you I can get you hard.”

Derek smirks, “You getting me hard is no surprise.”

“Oh yeah? Then why’d you tell AJ I was available?”

“Because you are. I don’t see a boyfriend here.”

He steps forward again, your lips inches apart.

He pulls the shirt off of you, smirking.

“Derek..” You look up at him and bite your lip.

He watches your actions and picks you up, holding your thighs while he presses you to the wall. “I think you know what you do to me, the little fights you pick, the outfits you wear..”

“What do I do to you? I had no idea.” You smirk.

“You drive me..” He presses his lips to yours. “Absolutely.” He kisses you again. “Crazy.”

You wrap your arms around his neck, kissing him back. You’d been waiting for this for a long time.

You kiss down his jawline, pressing a kiss behind his ear. You smirk when you hear him groan, sucking on the spot you’d just kissed. You start to pull on his shirt when you hear Max screaming. You both groan and he puts you down.

You throw on a t-shirt and shorts before jogging down the hallway. You kept his crib in Isaac’s room while he was gone. You’d talked about getting a new house so everyone can have their own room, but you haven’t started looking.

You scoop the baby up, rocking with him. His shrieks turn to whispers as you comfort him.

“I don’t want you to go out with AJ again.” Derek says quietly.

“What’s going to stop me?” You turn and look at him.

“Everytime you see him I’ll kiss you like that again.” He smirks.

“You may see that as punishment but I see that as motivation to see him as many times as possible.” You smile.

“If you want it all you have to do is ask.”

You Can Call Me Bruce...(Part V)

Pairing: Bruce Wayne x reader

Warnings: Age gap, mild swearing (? I think?)

Previous Parts: I, II, III, IV

Dedicated to: everyone who stuck by this story. I apologize for this much delayed update, things had been hectic up until a few days ago, but I’m back now. 

I haven’t tagged anyone in particular because I’ve gone too long to even remember those who requested (please don’t throw rocks), but feel free to inbox and remind me for the next installment–which, most likely, will be the last.


“You wanted to see me?” Bruce asks.

He’s standing in the kitchen doorway, using his best Batman impression to try and ward off all thoughts that he’s scared. He isn’t scared. He could never be scared. By even harboring such feelings from the start, Bruce knew that it would come to this, and he’s not scared at all because he’s prepared.

He’s prepared to hear Alfred’s disdain.

He’s prepared for judgmental stares and disguised accusations; for wrathful scolding, for raised voices. He’s even ready for things to get physical, worst comes to worst, and Bruce promises he’ll let Alfred win, for he truly deserves all of it what shall be thrown at him.

“Take a seat.” The older man finally speaks, back to the door as he stands at the sink. Water drips from the faucet, drop after drop. It echoes into the otherwise silent room. Bruce moves.

He seats himself at the counter, steepling his hands on top, and with a deep breath, the butler finally turns. Their gazes meet.

“Master Wayne.” He says; to Bruce, it always sounds like a hello or a good morning . Familiar. Routine. Hearing it uttered now with such venom is almost painful.

“You’re quite punctual for things like these.”He says

“Things like what, Alfred?”

“As if you don’t know.”

A silence.

The two friends stare at each other. Neither speaks. Wind whistles through the room, and they sit, reading the lines and wrinkles and creases carved in their faces from all the battles they’ve faced together.

So many.  And saying Bruce doesn’t feel his heart wrench even a little would be a lie.

Alfred is his best-friend. Alfred has always been his best friend. More than anything, he’s almost been like a father to him, and facing him in such a rancorous environment is sickening.

He wants to get up and run away, he now realizes. He wants to elude this conflict. Avoid it. Bury it. If you asked him a second ago if he was afraid, Bruce would have said no, would’ve scoffed at the mere preposition. If you asked him now, he’d say the same thing…

Because he wasn’t afraid.

He was mournful.

Mournful that it had come to this; mournful that he was sitting here, in this kitchen, about to be forced to pick a fight with his best-friend.

“You say you don’t know,” Alfred begins. “…and yet here you sit, wearing that very same scowl of intimidation you give the joker.”

“Is that supposed to make me mad.” Bruce retorts. His voice is harsh,stoic.

He watches the older man’s eyes. And then they soften.

And then Bruce feels a vein in his neck twitch, but he can’t do anything about that, not now. Instead he focuses on Alfred, who just as much is trying to shutter his emotions. This is hard for him too. How can it not be? The two of them are family. To Bruce, Alfred is his only family, and knowing that only makes it harder to pull through.

“Master Wayne…”Alfred says, raising himself to his feet as he saunters over to the sink. The faucet drips and drips in the hanging silence, taunting Bruce.  “I’ve known you all your life. I’ve known you since you were just a boy and I’ve seen you grow. Seen you through all your trials and tribulations, your successes, your failures. I’ve watched become batman and save Gotham and in all that time, I’ve never asked for much.” He pauses, eyes searching, searching desperately for any form of surrender in Bruce’s feature’s.

But he won’t let him have it.

Bruce clenches his jaw. It feels like his teeth just might shatter from the pressure.

“But I ask you now.” He continues.  “Please. Let this one go.”

“Don’t beat around the bush, Alfred.”

“I don’t want to see you going Y/N again, you hear me? I don’t want to even see the two of you in the same room.” He’s straight to the point, not sparing Bruce of the bluntness, and it cuts him like a knife. He tries not show it, clenching his jaw further.

“She’ll be leaving soon.” Alfred continues. “A week. A week and she’ll be gone, and until then I want you to put an end to whatever is going on.”

“Nothing is going on.” Bruce’s voice is leveled and yet firm. Authoritative, like he is a captain ordering his cadet. He can see the scorn, evident and dripping from his features, in Alfred’s face as he scowls.

“Don’t be daft, boy..” he grits. “I saw you, I saw the two of you in your room—“

“We weren’t doing anything!”

“So you mean you were just talking as you said?”

“Yes, Alfred.”

“You mean she was just telling you about her work?”


“You mean you didn’t try to kiss her?” He bellows, angry, exasperated.

All the blood drains from Bruce’s face.

His skin goes white, as white as snow, as white as the age painting Alfred’s hair. He can feel it: the embarrassment, as now the unspoken is vocalized, the other shoe has dropped. Bruce gulps thickly, and then averts his gaze, breaking his poker face.

“You mean I’m making this up?” Alfred continues. “You mean I didn’t walk in on you ready to soil her innocence.”

“Stop talking like she’s a child.” A vein in Bruce’s neck pops angrily as his fists clench. He knew this was coming right from the start, but hearing it out loud makes him freeze, makes his stomach feel like molten tar. God, how embarrassing. How incriminating.

“Compared to you she is. Compared to you she might as well be in diapers. Age regardless, sir, you’re older. You’re older in soul and you’re older in mind. You’ve seen things….terrible things. That in itself would mark you as ancient, even if you were clocking thirty.”

“You think I don’t know this, Alfred? I do. Goddamn it, I do.” He does. This is why Bruce never wanted this—this is why he kept it hidden away, locked up like a vile and sinful thing that it was; but now it’s out in the open and he feels exposed, vulnerable. They’re telling him things he already knows.

They’re telling him things he doesn’t want to know because knowing them makes him feel even worse. He doesn’t want that and God, he doesn’t want this to be happening but it is and…

“Act like it. You’re not a child.”

Bruce lifts his gaze. “What do you think I plan on doing Alfred? Hmm? Do you think I want to get in her pants?”

“What other motive do—“

“What do you mean what other motive—“

“What is going on?” A voice cuts through their bickering, confused and harried.

Both of them freeze. Bruce feels his heart, formerly rampant and rapidly beating in his chest, still, and he doesn’t want to look, but at the same time it’s tempting because it’s her.


Y/N, standing in the doorway.

Y/N, estranged and weary.

Finally, he gives in and Bruce’s eyes dart to her, raking over her face.  She looks to him. “What’re you two doing?” The young girl asks. “Why are you arguing like this?”

Aflred, standing by the sink, lets his hands slowly lower and unclenches his fist. He swallows. “Y/N….” He admonishes. “Stay out of this.”

“Like I hell I will, Uncle Fred. I just walked in on the two of you nearly tearing each other’s fucking throats out and you think I’m going to let this go?”

He clenches his jaw. “It’s none of your business.”

“Except it is.”

“Y/N.” Bruce cuts through the growing argument, earning the pair’s attention. Y/N’s eyes flare with irritation and the next thing he knows she’s up in his face, but a few inches away.

“You…”The young girl sneers. “What the hell are you doing arguing with him? He’s your family—you’re both each other’s family! You’re not supposed to be spewing hate at each other like this, for Christ sake.”

“You have no right to interrupt like this.” Says Alfred.

Y/N scoffs and rolls her eyes, about to speak, but she’s cut off.

“Go to your room!” He commands, voice dressed in sternness, authoritativeness that Bruce hasn’t heard in so long. He used to use that tone with Bruce when he was just a child, when they’d get into an argument about him disrespecting Alfred or when there needed to be some disciplinary ground rules. It had once been frightening. Hearing it now, however, Bruce feels nothing but scorn well up within him.

His fists clench at his sides as a protectiveness takes over him, and the next thing he knows, he’s standing in front of Y/N, shielding her from her livid uncle. Just to keep from things getting ugly, but he hears something sift behind him. When he turns around, Y/N is glaring at him bitterly, stepping out from behind his burly form with an offended expression marring her features.

“I don’t need you protecting me.” She says, like she’s angry, like him trying to help her is almost as bad as Alfred’s rage. “I’m not a baby anymore. I don’t need you trying to treat me one, Uncle Fred—and I don’t need you trying to stick up for me when I can do it perfectly fine on my own.”

“I didn’t say that you couldn’t.”

“This is outrageous! Both of you,” Alfred cuts in, and then all hell breaks loose, because Y/N starts to argue with him.

Bruce watches from the sidelines, amazed and frightened. It’s a vicious battle. Words fly from person to person, pure venom, bitter, angry. Y/N brings up their family and how everybody still sees her as a baby, and Alfred retaliates by reminding her off all the bad decisions she’s made that have caused that. He’s yelling, going red in the face. It isn’t until he hears a small sniffle that Bruce realizes Y/N is crying.

“Huh, see that—grown girls don’t cry when you tell them the truth!” Alfred yells.

“Shut up! J-just…just shut up.” Y/N drags her hand across her face, trying to dry her eyes but instead smearing her makeup. The entire image is terribly morbid. Her face is red and blotchy, and there are dark trails of mascara running down her cheeks. She’s crying, sobbing, hiccupping and grappling for air to feel her lungs.

Bruce can’t take it.

“Enough, Alfred!” He cuts in, stepping in front of the young girl. This time Y/N doesn’t shove him out of the way; instead, she cowers behind him, accepts his protection, like a weak dog.

He’s shielding her like a large building, sturdy and strong and trying his ebst not to throw a fist into the elder-man’s jaw. “Jesus, Alfred, you didn’t have to be so harsh. What’s wrong with you?”

“I can’t do this master Wayne!” Alfred’s voice is leveled, dangerously low. He has calmed. The vein in his neck has gone back into hiding, but even then, his face is still the color of blood.

“I’m going to make it easy for all of us; either I go, or she does.”

“What?” Both Bruce and Y/N say in unison, before he cans art to feel it. It takes moment. A second. Then it sets in, the realization of what he’s saying.

A pang of pain shooting through him like an arrow, Bruce feels his body go cold.

Alfred’s eyes hold a pain similar to his that say that this isn’t easy for him either. This isn’t what he wants. But what other choice does he have?

“You heard, master Wayne.” The elder man tries to coat his voice with a strength that betrays him when it almost cracks. “It’s either I stay, or she does.”


“This entire situation has gone too out of hand. For Christ-sake, Bruce—“ Bruce. Alfred rarely—never—calls him Bruce. He has always been Master, to him. Master Wayne. Sir. Variants of a formality that have never hurt him as much as hearing his own name has now.

Memories of his boyhood flood Bruce, a time when Alfred called him that, the only time. It was so brief. He became Sir at the tender age of thirteen. Years later, and the title has been revoked.


“—I can’t let this happen. Do you realize how much is at stake here? Do you realize how badly the two of you would be together? Y/N, you still have your studies to tend to.”

“I know.”

“Then bloody act like it.”

“Alfred…” Bruce cuts in, and all eyes turn to him.

The room quiets momentarily.

Alfred’s eyes glaze over as he looks at him. Their gazes lock—both pained, both not wanting this to fall through. Why is he letting it, then? Why won’t Bruce just do something, he wonders, until he realizes there’s little to do.

“You have until tomorrow to choose. If you don’t have answer by dawn—” Alfred’s eyes go to Y/N. There are tears staining the apples of her cheeks. “—then I make the final decision. Y/N leaves. You own up to your mistake, and clean up this bloody mess you’ve made.” He says and then, before Bruce, or Y/n or the wind that howls through the hallway, can get anything in, he turns and leaves.

Hiss jaw clenches, and he gulps thickly. The room is silent. Footsteps are heard padding away, further and further, until the only sound left is that of Bruce’s heart wrenching in his chest. 


Her heart hammers in her chest.

Her breath feels hot and shallow and not enough, and her skin is drained of all its blood and colorless. She’s standing outside his bedroom door. Outside she can hear the hoot of an owl and the whisper of the wind. It’s two in the morning. It’s cold and she’s scared and Y/N immediately regrets having gotten out of bed to come and do this, because nothing good can come of it.

Turn back now, her mind says. Go back to bed. Go back to silence. Don’t tell him how you feel.

But she doesn’t listen.

She knocks gingerly, but it’s feint and barely audible, so she tries once more, curling her fist tighter this time. She watches Bruce, laying in bed with his back to her, stir and then slowly sit up.

“Yeah..?” He groggily asks, rubbing his eyes.

The young girl bites her lip and wrings her hands harder together, her stomach knotting further.

She’s standing in the doorway, one hand up on the wooden frame and the other rested tenderly on the crook of her neck. Her eyes, wet and red, search the darkness for Bruce’s silhouette. He’s sitting at the edge of his bed, sleepy-eyed and dazed as he looks at her.

And y/n feels a chill run down her spine when her gaze locks onto his.

He knows.

Uncle Fred told him. Uncle Fred told him everything. Now, even just standing before him feels so shameful and embarrassing,  like she’s clad in nothing but her skin suit, like she’s exposed. Because she is. Because Bruce knows. Because….

“I thought you were asleep.” He says, pulling her from her reverie.

Y/N gulps as sweat beads at the nape of her neck. He’s awake. At least, she thinks, that spares her the task of waking him up.

“Not yet. I’m…” she stumbles. “I couldn’t sleep.”

“Me neither.”


“I wish.” A sardonic laugh escapes the elder man. Y/N clinches her hands tighter together. The room is dark and hot and she can feel her clothes clinging to her body like flesh to her bones.

Bruce cards a hand through his hair, tired, worn out. Even if she wanted to, Y/N wouldn’t be able to dismiss his claims of insomnia—he looks exhausted. Rings of grey brim his eyes and the light once glinting fiercely and vivacious in them has dulled down.

Bruce looks tired. Bruce is tired.

Bruce knows.

“Let’s just say I have a lot to think about.” He explains after a silence.  “That kind of things keeps you up at night, you know?”

“ I know.” She nods curtly, biting her lip. She wants to say something in response—anything—but all coherence escapes her. She’s at loss for words, because what can she say?

The bomb dropped a few hours ago still lingers in the air of the house. It’s been two hours since Uncle Fred left the house; he was emotional and angry when she went to talk to him and he ended up storming out and driving off for a drink (or twenty). Y/N doesn’t mention this to Bruce.

Instead, she tries to gather her thoughts and courage and say something, because who will if not her.

“I….” She starts. His head lifts, attention befalling the young girl.

His brow then furrows softly. “Are…you feeling okay?”

“Uh—yeah…I…I am.”

“You don’t seem like it.”

“Well, not getting any sleep will do that to you.” She quips.

He nods slowly. “Right….”

A silence hangs between them. Neither party says anything for a while, and it’s painful because she came here to speak, to tell him how she felt, to vocalize all this rampant emotion that won’t cease within her, and so Y/N forces the words out of her mouth.

“I have something to tell you.” She says.  She swallows, trying to mollify her nerves. You can do this, Y/N tells herself. You will do this.

“I…Uncle Fred told you already, didn’t he?”

Bruce is quiet.

She waits for a response, one that doesn’t come, until she has top force herself to speak up once more.

“I said Uncl—“

“I heard what you said.” He says curtly, cutting her off.

Y/N closes her mouth, and then mutters a quiet oh. Her heart is racing—God, is it racing—and her lungs constrict and the blood drains from her fingertips and from her face and from her, and Bruce is looking at her with inquisitive eyes that egg her on.

“I know that he told you—obviously. It’s uhm….it’s okay, if you know” Y/N explains, trying (and failing) to not let the desperation seep into her voice. “I wanted to tell you myself, of course, but, having somebody else do it is okay, because the outcome is still the same. You still know.”

“You don’t have to say it.”

“And if I want to?”

“Then you have to stop. Just,…” Bruce sighs, eyes sliding over her face from a few inches away. The room is dim and quiet and her heart is in her throat, but it doesn’t matter, because Bruce is so close, and he knows.

“Just…”.” His voice is different, baring an edge and uncertainty that she has never witnessed before that makes things seem even more eerie. His eyes, a rich grey, bore into hers.

“Stop this, Y/N. Please. Don’t make it harder than it already is.”

“I’m not trying to.” Her eyes water and she shakes her head softly. “Bruce, I…”


They’re less than inches apart. Neither of them dare to break eye contact, only leaning closer in, and closer in, and Y/N’s eyes begin to flutter shut, and Bruce doesn’t pull away, and it feels as though the world is fragmented on a cosmic level when their lips meet.

Their mouths are pressed together, and they kiss.

They kiss.

His tongue is warm and wet as runs along her lips. Y/N gladly lets it, lifting her hand to his head to real him closer in. She presses herself flush to his form. Bruce reciprocates, cupping her face in both his hands and maneuvering his lips against hers, and—

“Bruce—“ Y/N tries to speak.

“Just stop.” His breath fans against her skin, against her nose. She lets out a breathy moan as he captures her lips once more, feeling her heart flutter like a cage of untamed birds.

Her hands slide through Bruce’s hair like water when she feels his hands leave her face and go to her waist. He hoists her up, and she jumps, wrapping her legs around him, not caring what they’re doing or what they’re about to do because, god, this feels too good.

They make their way to his bed. Fall onto it. Kiss, touch. Y/N swears that she can feel her soul floating higher and higher until it’s of her body and into the astral plane, watching their two bodies mould together upon the covers. Bruce’s hand slides beneath the fabric of her shirt and she feels a jolt of pleasure at the contact.

“Bruce…” She pants, chest rising and falling rapidly.

He dips his head and slides his lips down to her jaw, to her neck until they’re peppering desperate, wet kisses along her collarbone.  The young girl moans at the contact; her mind is fogging up like a car window on a misty evening. Fear clutches her heart in its icy talons and gives it a firm squeeze. This is wrong—God, this is all so wrong, that she’s certain of as much as she is that the sky is blue…

But Y/N doesn’t want it to stop.

Hopefully the wait was worthwhile lol

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Long Life Friends (Harry Hook x Smee!daughter reader)

Requested by anon 
Request:  could you do a Harry Hook x daughter of Mr. Smee maybe?

“Dad, how did you end up on the isle when you’re so nice?” You ask one day as you got home from school 

“Because I was still part of Harry’s father’s crew, all of us ended up here.” He says “And I did do a few things I later regretted.” 

You look at him in surprise then nod, messing with your sword. 

“Aren’t you supposed to be meeting with the crew?” He asks 

“Technically yes. Am I? No. I don’t want to deal with Harry and Uma’s endless flirting.” You say 

“You still haven’t told him?” He asks 

“No. Are you kidding dad? You helped raised this child for heaven’s sake. He’s a player. Besides, if he does ever stick with one girl, it will be Uma.” You say 

Here’s the thing, you had fallen for your life long friend, but you knew he was probably in love with Uma. You have seen the way he looks at her, and the way she looks at him. Not that you are complaining. Uma was there after your good friend Carlos left you for that stupid prince and princess school. 

“Y/N!” Harry’s voice rings out 

“On the roof!” You yell 

“Why didn’t you show up to the meeting?” He asks 

“Cause I didn’t feel like it?” You say with a shrug 

“You know how Uma feels about you missing a meeting. Especially when it has to do with Mal and her king.” He says 

“What about them? We’re stuck on this stupid island while they get to live the perfect life!” You say, throwing a rock, watching it as it hits the water 

“They’re actually back as of right now. All four of those traitors.” He says “We nicked King Ben and could have used your help.” 

“How? You guys barely ever want me there. All I am good for is running errands and remembering the plans.” You say 

“That’s not true.” He argues 

“Yeah it is Harry. Why do you think I’m still here and not staying with everyone else.” You say “I’m only on the crew because of you.” 

Harry looks at you, and suddenly, you feel his lips on your’s. 

“Don’t ever think like that again Y/N. You know fully well that isn’t why you’re here.” He says “Now get up, we have to prepare for tomorrow. We’re getting the wand, or we get to watch the king walk the plank.” 

I rewatched Soshitsu

You know how this goes, I posted a ton of tweets with my reactions. Will do a more serious analysis later on.

Here are my reactions for Saikai, Ketsui and Kokuhaku.

  • i rewatched those 5 first minutes and oh my God if I had been Maki I’d also be PISSED AS HELL 
  • I wonder what happened to the other 3 original Chosen Chikdren
  • Also Daigo x Maki are the original Takari
  • Pyocomon really go super pissed when Sora stepped on her leaf
  • Tokomon is super cute I want to have it for breakfast
  • I love Jou he’s the best in this OVA can someone give him a medal
  • In Adventure the Digimon knew those kids were their partners, they were waiting for them but after the reboot they have no clue of who they are.
  • Meicoomon has to be killed who are we even kidding
  • Koushiro’s such a nerd talking about the Oolong tea I love him so much
  • Motimon really wanted him to stop talking LOL.
  • Tokomon’s teeth are so dangerous
  • How did Mimi turn out to be a chef again
  • Koromon is such a fatass I love him so much
  • Now we know why Sora was carrying two bags, one was mainly for the food
  • Sora really is pissed about the reboot not working out with Meicoomon
  • Can Jou’s girlfriend appear already
  • How can the Digimon not know their own names
  • After Mimi openly stating Palmon was ugly it’s nice to see her saying she’s pretty
  • My brother just really wants Meiko dead LMAOOOO he has no idea
  • Whenever Meicoomon’s angry the infection reappears this is something
  • In 1999 they didn’t have phones life was simpler
  • Taichi and Yamato sharing looks because they know Sora’s unstable
  • Taichi really tries his best to make Sora feel better and Yamato wants to get closer but they really are clueless
  • Maki’s computer has a DigiWorld Google Maps
  • Taichi is the worst he never knows when to SHUT UP
  • Sora really exploded with Taichi and Yamato, perhaps because they’re the closer to her. Calling them selfish, and they really are
  • Can Taichi, Sora and Yamato openly get in a polyamorous relationship already
  • I wonder what would’ve happened if Taichi and Yamato hadn’t gone looking for Sora
  • What did the rest of the gang think when the golden trio came out of the woods how kinky
  • Sora really closes herself when she’s bad with Piyomon yet she doesn’t stop caring for her at all
  • Maki made the reboot her final goal in life, she got obsessed
  • I wonder if Meicoomon opened portals in the distortion so the kids would survive
  • Piyomon is stone cold how many times must she make Sora CRY
  • Will they ever let us know how did Meiko get to the DigiWorld
  • Hikari is so pure so graceful she was simply taking a nap next next to a tree
  • The kids appeared in iconic places i wish they had done more things there
  • Meiko is a girl scout this is canon
  • What kind of drugs did Hackmon use on Daigo oh my GOD
  • Palmon is a better artist than Taichi
  • Piyomon sleeping next to Meiko instead of Sora was too much WHY TOEI WHY
  • The train was coming after Koushiro and Yamato and the Digimon wouldn’t move AT ALL
  • Everyone loves trolling Yamato let’s make an OVA where everyone trolls him 10/10 would watch
  • Hikari saying they should accept their partners as they are now was such a nice thing to say, plus she knows Nyaromon didn’t get to suffer this time around
  • I’m glad Meiko was there to comfort Sora tbh she really needed to be listened
  • Sora saved Meiko’s ass
  • I wonder if the Mysterious Man gets to control whoever he wants
  • Meicoomon opened tge portals so the rest of the gang could go help them out
  • Sora throwing rocks at the MM is so iconic I want this in every fanfiction

The Mysterious Man: licks Sora’s cheek 

Sora: does nothing 

Mugendramon attacks Piyomon. 


  • Will forever fangirl at the fact Taichi and Yamato got into the PORTALS TO SAVE SORA 
  • I wonder if the gang saw Gennai/the MM harassing Sora like shit 

Taichi: are you okay, Sora? 


  • Gennai on full sith mode is scary as fuck 
  • How powerful can Plotmon’s attack be 
  • Joe saying the bad guy is Yg whatever he’s called ayfiebf
  • Koushiro typing random stuff in the laptop and everyone getting his plan is too funny
  • Leaving Meiko alone was a badddd idea y'all
  • Sora’s eyes when Piyomon called her by her name <3 <3
  • Yamato!!!!!!…… kun
  • How did Maki know where to find Bakumon exactly
  • Maki really went full cray cray
  • What was that underwater scene where Taichi and Yamato die it was so weird
  • Was the lake frozen or how did they manage to stand now
  • Palmon saying Tentomon got shrunk is so CUTE
  • what kind of food does Sora eat to make her bones so strong
  • Yeah, don’t mind me here I am about to die yet I want to talk about meatballs
  • I love Hououmon’s sparkly feathers
  • Seraphimon and HerkulesKabuterimon really were unnecessary imo
  • 20 minutes of evolution sequences later
  • Pyocomon’s de-evolution sequence was super cool okay
  • So Jou did notice Piyomon and Sora weren’t getting alone
  • I never knew how much I needed a Star Wars x Digimon crossover
  • The first thing that Sora says to Taichi and Yamato is asking them if they got hurt I adore this woman so MUCH

Taichi: hits Yamato so he’d talk to Sora 

Yamato: hits Taichi so he’d talk to Sora 

Sora: bakas

  • Meiko is like super dead but not really.
  • My brother can’t stop laughing at the fact Seraphimon appeared just because lmao 
  • sooo…. Hackmon is with Homeostasis and Alphamon is with Yggdrasil
  • What I still don’t get is why Gennai needed Ken’s for to get into the Real World when he already could get into with his Digital form

I still feel like I have to watch it one more time to fully appreciate everything… but this definitely was something.

I really enjoyed seeing Sora have the spotlight, I didn’t enjoy all the time lost with evolution sequences, but what to do.

Also, that cliffhanger?? God knows when will OVA number 5 will come out.

𝕡𝕠𝕨𝕖𝕣𝕝𝕖𝕤𝕤 𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕤

» Feel free to change pronouns as needed. || Mix of fluffy, angsty, NSFW, etc. «

  • ‘ I alter the structure of expectations. ‘
  • ’ Just to be clear, I’m not gonna do whatever you want, so… ‘
  • ‘ If you are lying to me I will put rocks in your pockets and throw you in the ocean. ‘
  • ‘ Gone are the days of a man in a bandit mask stealing a ruby from a museum. ‘
  • ‘ If I knew I could fail up, I would’ve done it years ago. ‘
  • ‘ You know how everyone wants to have sex with robots, right? ‘
  • ‘ Now you’re smelling it like a creepy person. ‘
  • ‘ Prepare to feel my powerful balls…of fire! ‘
  • ‘ You promised me that we were going to stand in awkward silence. ‘
  • ‘ Did you just call yourself a bitch? ‘
  • ‘ You don’t even feel shame properly! ‘
  • ‘ It’s called “Being a Dick”. ‘
  • ‘ That’s very aggressive language. ‘
  • ‘ This will cut off the heating, AC, and sewage, but it might get us the internet back. ‘
  • ‘ Were you making that whipping sound at other black people? ‘
  • ‘ You’re on the very short list of things that upset me. ‘
  • ‘ We bitch and we procrastinate because that’s what we do. ‘
  • ‘ We would’ve gotten it done at the absolute last possible minute. ‘
  • ‘ You are definitely not our friend. ‘
  • ‘ You are a turd in my toilet, and you can’t even swim. ‘
  • ‘ My dad always said, “Buy your mistress the same perfume as your wife.” ‘
  • ‘ The only way to know for certain is for one of us to sleep with him. ‘
  • ‘ Daddy doesn’t love me. ‘
  • ‘ He’s even half circumcised. ‘
  • ‘ This is far too important for you to screw up. ‘
  • ‘ I’m naked from the waist down. ‘
  • ‘ You therapy-inducing windbag! ‘
  • ‘ The acceptance of a racist grandfather is still my white whale. ‘
  • ‘ Batman never leaves anything behind, including insurance information. ‘
  • ‘ You’re like Jason Bourne if he was destined to die alone. ‘
  • ‘ If I leave now, I can still get home in time to not be here. ‘
  • ‘ I bet he stole it from somewhere really nice. ‘
  • ‘ I took the high road and it felt like crap. ‘
  • ‘ I invented the pretend-to-fall-and-grab-a-pair-of-breasts move. ‘
  • ‘ Why are you watching a guy get a handy? ‘
  • ‘ I know what you’re thinking: not a lot of white guys named Reggie. ‘
  • ‘ Please tell me this is a Japanese game show. ‘
  • ‘ Why, unprompted, did you just tell us your entire evil plan? ‘
  • ‘ My Bugatti is because my father didn’t hug me. ‘
  • ‘ Old girl’s still got some moves. ‘
  • ‘ I am not the “Hobbit” movies. ‘
  • ‘ What’s up, really hot loser? ‘
  • ‘ The joy of obeying a direct order from your superior, that lasts forever. ‘
  • ‘ Apparently, she has a “squad” and they have “goals”. ‘
  • ‘ That’s so sad. Except for the cartoonish level of opulence. ‘
  • ‘ Yes, I’m talking about sex! ‘
  • ‘ He’s definitely talking about his penis. ‘
  • ‘ There’s a chance you’ll get to punch a stranger. ‘
  • ‘ Please stop bonding with me. ‘
  • ‘ Aww, people are using my name as a verb? ‘
  • ‘ I’m giving you an opportunity to snitch on a friend. ‘
  • ‘ Grasp the furniture. ‘
  • ‘ You’re sort of reliable and capable in a middle school hall monitor sort of way.  ‘
  • ‘ Maybe I have too many bounds to step over. ‘
  • ‘ Your punishment will be of biblical proportions. ‘
needed you.

one-shot: fremione

word count: 1461

harry birthday, anina! ♡ (june 17th, 2017)

the sundown series. night four.

“why did you leave me?”

she asks in a worried tone, her mary janes scuffed and muddied from running in the fields. he has a sheepish grin on his face, his cheeks reddening. behind his back are some hand-picked flowers and a few overgrown weeds, straight from the earth.

“george isn’t as fun as you,” she says, a blush rising to her ears as she looks at her feet. “i like you more.”

“hermione, you’re adorable.” he ruffles her hair. “for you,” he says, and her eyes light up in delight as she takes the flowers from his hands.

“oh. that’s where you were. i’m sorry for doubting you.”

“that’s okay. i will never leave you.”

“why did you leave me?”

he asks, a frown on his face as he sits on a bench, beneath the night sky.

“ron and harry needed my help,” she says, and she holds out a box overflowing with delicious food. “forgive me. i got you something while i was inside.” she smiles as she sees a grin spreading across his lips.

“and you promise that i’m your favourite after ron and harry?” fred teases, lighthearted.

“yes,” hermione laughs.

“ok, and before george, right?”

“don’t worry,” she smiles, leaning in. her eyes catch the sparkle in the moonlight. “i like you the most.”

“i’m sorry for doubting you.”

“that’s okay,” she laughs. “i will never leave you.”

“why did you leave me?”

she asks, her breath caught in anger and fear. “you could have been hurt!”

“hermione, i’m older than you. i can handle myself.”

“but fred,” she says. “look.” she gestures at the chaos around them, spells flying and wizards casting left and right. “it’s dangerous.”

“it’s not the first time i’ve fought in a battle, hermione. you need to trust me.

“i do. i just don’t want you to get hurt.”

he wraps his arms around her small frame, giving her a gentle kiss on the head. she fits in perfectly, like a missing puzzle piece he’s had in his pocket all along.

“i know. but you need to trust that i can handle myself. we’re both brilliant wizards, aren’t we?”

“we are… i’m sorry for doubting you.”

“that’s okay,” he assures her. “i’ll never leave you.”

“why did you leave me?”

he asks, and he runs towards hermione and embraces her. “i told you to stay where you were!” tears streak down his face as he holds her tightly. he rocks her, slowly but surely, trying to make sure of himself that she’s still alive.

“they needed me,” she says, and she clutches his robes like it’s a lifeline.

“who? who needed you? i want you to be safe, hermione.”

“harry. ron. they all needed me. everyone.”

“you can’t throw yourself in danger like that, you could die.

you think that i don’t know that?” hermione erupts, and the strong facade she held onto before just falls as she launches closer into fred’s arms. “i know every single day that i could die, and leave you behind,” she says.

they walk together and sit in a secluded spot, away from all the violence and the blood. she finds her way comfortably in his lap, cuddling deep inside his arms and into the warmth she couldn’t find anywhere else.

“will you miss me when i’m gone?” she whispers into his chest, and her arms snake around his waist in attempt to hold him closer.

“you’re not going anywhere,” he says. “you have a whole life laid out in front of you. with me,” he assures her, soothing, running his fingers through her hair and wiping away the trail of tears down her cheek with his thumb. “we’ll fight through this. i swear.”

and in that instant, a deadly spell was cast and they hear screams echoing throughout the great hall.

“do you promise?”

“yeah. i do.”

“promise me, fred,” hermione whispers, and she reaches to touch his face; his eyes, his nose, his mouth. her gaze lingers on his lips and she pulls him in to kiss him softly, full of love and tenderness.

“i promise,” fred says, breathlessly.

“i’ll come back. i will always be there for you, but i need to go. now.” she says, after a yell of despair she swear is neville’s. “they need me.”

“go on now. i’m sorry i doubted you.”

“that’s okay. i’ll never leave you.” she turns her heel and walks into the catastrophe.

“you weren’t supposed to leave me.”

she says, the fight behind her finally finished, but this battle before her will forever be a mess. he’s still breathing, she tells herself. his heart is still beating and his hand is still holding hers. loosely, but still. they are together.

“you promised we would fight together.”

she brings his hand towards her lips, leaving a fluttering kiss on each finger and a hope of survival.

“if you love me, you’ll stay, won’t you?”

she asks, another hand resting on his chest, then stroking his face, trying to remember what he looked like with the flowers behind his back and a twinkle in his eye.

“look what happened to you. i told you to stay,” she laughs harshly, a hitch in her throat as a hiccup leaves her mouth, tears beginning to fall from her eyes and leaving marks on the bloodied ground.

“you say i’m always right, but you never listen, don’t you?” she says, a knot in her stomach and she can’t feel a thing. no emotions, no physical aspect of anything in front of her. the ache in her chest creates short breathes and she wants to feel happy, be happy because the war is over and everyone can go on with their lives again.

but she can’t.

because she would run through the world with flaming torches and set the planet on fire if it meant for fred to come back.

“stay,” she says. “stay, stay, stay, stay.” each time, it grows more urgent with a new wave of desperation settling into her skin and the cruel face of reality finally coming to light.

“don’t go,” she murmurs, holding him close.

the looks on the weasley members are heartbreaking, reeling with sadness for another piece of family, but also mourning for what kind of future he could have had.

another future that fred and hermione could have established, gone and forever lost. the dreams and the hopes and the puzzles laid in front of them will now forever be incomplete because one piece of the puzzle is now lost. gone. and will never come back.

FRED!” hermione’s voice broke, and the sobs came and then the anger.

you have to come back.

“we still have so much more to do.”

“you can teach me more of your pranks.”

“we have so much more time to do anything we wanted.”

hermione laughs softly. “we can even take over the world if you wanted to.”

“i’m sorry.”

“i’m sorry i couldn’t save you.”

i’m sorry.

the tears stream freely down her face, and she tastes the salt through her lips. she presses a hand to his heart, one more time.

and there isn’t a beat.

NO,” she screams, and a clench of pain shoots through her lungs and all of a sudden she can’t breathe. she gasps for air, and then the memories of her and fred come rushing back.

hermione rolling her eyes at fred’s attempt to ask her out, rejecting him three times before she finally said yes. he brought her to a muggle amusement park, where she had the most fun in a long while. she came back to hogwarts with a stuffed animal as big as she.

fred holding her hand during dinner in the great hall, while the rest of their friends were swooning and whistling. fred only looked at her. he looked at her like the universe was in her eyes.

hermione and fred beneath the bright stars, a night after he convinced her to sneak out of the school. they sat together under one blanket, holding each other close.

“i know you love me,” hermione says, a last brush of a hand through fred’s flaming red hair, a last touch of his lips.

“and i should have loved you sooner.”

the words barely escape her lips, but they do.

“i’m sorry i doubted you. i’m sorry i doubted your love.”

“i think i’ll be okay.”

“i’ll never leave you.”

and hours later, they had to drag hermione’s body away from fred’s, her hands trembling like she was eleven again, trying to search for fred in the forest, while he was innocently picking flowers for her.

wait for me fred, i’ll find you.

Shtpost #2


EXO is currently taking over my life. 

(i hear distant groans of agreement don’t lie i know we all are being dominated by a particular south korean family that sing and dance and do crazy stuff)

I wake up and the first thing I instinctively do is literally open my phone (no lie) and go on Instagram and search up chanbaek crap (hands up if you follow chanbaek_sister or chanbaek_idclub ayyyyy) because I am that fking deprived of EXO and also because international fan sTrugGLEs. 

Oh, i also heard rion (the ‘fan’ of suho who is always making him feel uncomfortable and exos disgsuted bc she did unspeakable things while obsessing over junmyeon) attended the manila concert.. yikes (i dont want this post to be negative so let’s just stop here and wish for. suho’s well-being) and then something else like an anti (i’m not going to spread names) bringing plush penguin toys to the concert and stuffing rocks inside them with the intention of throwing them at exo??? like, you’re just become absolutely petty and rude and dumb and i kind of want to laugh at these ‘fans’ bc they’re so… immature and sad (but hey, to everyone reading this, bts and exo and in fact, all kpop groups, are close-knit friends. they know what it’s like to have to practice for crap all day and they respect each other. i just want everyone to be positive and love because that’s how. we can end these disputes. i hate having to see ‘armys are just petty 13 y/o babies hating on exo’ or ‘exols are so loud and annoying don’t they get tired of screaming’ crap all the time on my feed. it wasn’t like this before. and we were a family once, we can be a family again. it’s not that hard. 



Who wouldn’t like these two beautiful beans?

Chanyeol loves Baekhyun so much that Baekhyun loves him back I-

And did anyone else notice that for their special stage Baekhyun and Chanyeol had MATCHING BRACELETS????!!!!?!?! I had to rewatch the stage because of a chanbaek fanvid (yes, that’s how I found most of my moments despite being a 2015-current fan) and I literally had to pause,

sit back,

look again,

lean closer,

and just:

me: bish what?

like, hello?

*asian voice* what, the hell?

okay please please please tell me they went on a little secret “boyfriends-that-do-a-lot-of-romantic-stuff-but-it-isn’t-platonic-or-anything” nights’ out and got each other bracelets like the ones in scarlet heart ryeo shkhsdkufhjh i love how they’re so intimate and lovely with each other *insert guttural noises*

another thing i realized is whenever baekhyun smiles or does something, chanyeol always seems to feel it and just copy his (boyfriend’s) best friend bandmate’s actions i stg they’re sOULMATES~~~

also, i’ve noticed that baekhyun’s movements are always so soft and gentle but if you notice, during concerts he’d always go the extra mile and have the perfect facial expression, hand gestures, everything, so that he’d look smooth af (probs why some call him daddy…(please don’t)) so when he’s standing beside this giant of a dork, aka the endorser of masks, baek always seems to small and cy always needs to protect him (although they probably hit each other and play lol all weekend)

i mean, just look:

you have their ridiculously weird side…

you also have their romantic yet fluffy side


but then you get this “???” aka “error 404?”

pcy…your hands. hands. hands to yourself, please. ( although i’m lowkey wishing that they had more skinship ;-;)

pcy where are your HANDS!! keep the awards pg-13 please!

(but baekhyun smirked so i actually have no idea what they are anymore hahahaha)

yeah so that was my rant because i just realized how. much i. love . exo . and chanyeol and baekhyun and exo in general like SEHUN, the baby that has a lot of respect, XIUMIN, the kind-hearted hyung who loves everyone and just wants to make everyone get comfortable, SUHO, the leader who never gives up and always laughs because he loves his members so much, KAI, the hardworking second maknae with the most contagious laugh ever (personal opinion), CHEN, the lowkey most observant vocal range god that everyone loves, LAY, the one who is selfless, innocent, and willing to try new things, D.O., our precious squishy bean who has the smoothest voice and the chillest attitude. EXO is such an important part of my life that I almost wish that I had never met them (it’s a good thing to think, almost like when the water is so cold it numbs you and you think it feels hot) 

So, kudos to all the exo fans who supported exo and stayed together no matter what happened because it’s only thanks to. you that i can be so blessed like this. love ya~

2nd is the best {Newt x Reader}

Originally posted by glader-tribute

Author: Joi A. Wade 

Requested: Yes @collinsftjohnson #3 and also #12, hope this satisfies you my friend❤️ 

Summary: Envy. An overused sin.

Warning: LOOOONGish

Everything in the glade was different after I came up the box. I bet you’re wondering why, huh? I’m a girl. Yeah, that’s right, a girl. Apparently the glade has never had a girl in the long run of them being trapped in the maze. I got a few off looks, many suggestive, a lot flirtatious. But, the only look I cared about getting was from the scrawny, second-in-command. Newt.

After a few months, Newt and I grew close. He showed me around the glade, was calm and professional with me, and made me feel comfortable. Soon enough I remembered my name. Y/n. 

“What a beautiful name, for a beautiful girl of course.” He would say. I was a sucker for him, and I knew it. So did the whole glade, then after a while Newt started to see it too. To make a long story short, neither of us had the guts to tell each other how we felt. But, good ole Minho helped us out.

“Just kiss already!” I remember him shouting the night of the bonfire for the new greenie. Thomas, I believe is his name. And with an awkward smile, Newt leaned in and I happily met him halfway. The best shucking night of my life. 

The love he showed to me made me feel special, and according to him he was glad that he was lucky enough to get his hands on the first ever girl. To say I was happy too was an understatement…because it made me wonder. 

What if a new girl came up? Be careful what you wish for. 

Teresa came up the box months after me. Everyone was more shocked, because…she was breathtaking. I never really got that kind of response when I came up. Sure, the guys found me attractive but…I never took their breath away. 

Her jet black locks, those crystal blue eyes, and her slim figure screamed: Attention. But the only one she seemed interested in talking to was Thomas…but that never really stopped anybody from trying to grab her attention. 

And it’s not even like she’s begging for it, they’re just giving it to her! And the worst part is, the gladers, even my friends barely pay attention to me. I know I’m better than to be comparing myself to another girl but…I started getting worried when she started catching Newt’s attention too.

We were all in the homestead, chilling out like any normal day. For some reason it was 20 question time with her, as everybody waited for their turn to ask Teresa millions of questions, which is irrelevant since we have no memory of our past lives, likes or dislikes, or passions. 

“So what’s it like being a girl?”

“Do you think you had any siblings?”

“How are your eyes so blue?”

Question after question, all stupid things to ask…and I think she sees that as well, but tried to answer as much as she could. I tried MY best to get my friends back, at least get them to talk to me again.

“Hey, Minho, you wanna race to the deadheads? I bet I could beat your sorry-excuse-of-a-runner butt,” I teased, but got no response from him. A little hurt, I shrugged it off, moving over to Fry. “Hey Frypan, do you maybe wanna-?”

“Sh!” He quickly shushed me, not even giving a side glance. Ouch.

Then I tried Clint and Jeff, then Winston, then Zart, even shucking Gally and not one of them gave me a time of day. Last, but not least, was Newt. I know he would never turn me down. I mean..sure he’s been distant for a while but, he’s my boyfriend. Me wanting his attention this badly should spark SOMETHING, especially for me not known for being clingy.

I tap his shoulder. Nada. Crouching down to his level, I lightly kissed behind his ear. I know that’s his one weak spot, but only to have him shrug me off.

“Y/n, would you cut it out, please? I’m trying to listen.” Newt said, not even looking at me. Tears brim my eyes, as I feel a pain in my chest. A guy behind me shook my shoulder, roughly, I might add.

“Y/n, can ya move?! I can’t see Teresa!” He basically growled in my ear, squeezing my shoulder tighter. I let out a yelp, stopping Teresa from talking, and all eyes were drawn on me.


“Could you be any louder?”

“What’s your problem?”

Everything was being shot at me at once. They were annoyed at me. My own shucking friends! My family…

Without a second thought, and before the tears fell, I quickly leave the scene, defeated and unwanted. I guess now it’s official.

I’m in second place.


I watched Y/n scramble up to her feet and run out of the homestead.  For a moment, everything was dead silent. 

“Who was that?” Teresa spoke, making us turn our heads back to her.

“You’ve never spoken with her before?” I asked, with a raised eyebrow.

“Only a couple of times. She seems very upset with me, so I figured she wanted nothing to do with me.”

“Don’t worry about it, Teresa. She’s nobody.” Gally waved off the topic, but I was quick to bring it back.

“What? How could you say that?” I raised my voice, “How bloody dare you?!” I stood, eyebrows furrowed.

“News flash, Newtie! Y/n is getting kinda boring and clingy! I mean, she came over to me asking if I would show her how to build something.” Gally crossed his arms.

“She asked me if I wanted to race her, like, could she not see that I was busy listening to Teresa’s story?” Minho jumped in.

“It wasn’t really a story, you all were asking me bogus questions that are impossible to answer. And besides I thought you all were her friends.” Teresa stood, “I’ve seen how you all treated that girl the past few days, and I’ve got to say I don’t like it one bit.”

“And aren’t you two dating?” Thomas pointed at me, and I only nod with a confused look.

“Yeah, so?”

“Not really boyfriend material, if you ask me.” Teresa crossed her arms, practically looking down upon me.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” I glared.

“Oh don’t act so surprised, she tried to be affectionate to you, and you just brushed her off like an annoying fly! ALL of you should be ashamed. Being new or not, she was here first, and should I be treated different from her adds more shame on your cold hearts.” Teresa spoke so calmly that it only added to the guilt building up inside of me. I had to find Y/n.

Who knows what she could be doing left alone. 

Three hours. Three shucking hours, and no one could find her. I was starting to have a panic attack, where the bloody hell is she?! I limped to the nearest glader, Chuck.

“Any luck?”

“No, but she’s good at hide and seek!” Chuck smiled brightly. Of course I couldn’t tell him that Y/n is missing! Especially since it’s all my fault she is.

“OW! SHUCK!” I heard a yell over towards the deadheads, making nearly half the glade rush at full speed to where the noise came from. 

Once we’ve arrived, we all see Minho holding his cheek with one hand, and holding a shoe in the other. And not just any shoe. It’s Y/n’s shoe! Minho was glaring at something in the trees, drawing all of our eyes to follow. And what do you know.

Y/n was perched perfectly between two thick branches. Huh. I guess she is good at hide and seek.

“She’s up there. I tried to get closer, but she threw her shucking shoe at my face!” Minho yelled up to Y/n, only to have another shoe thrown in his direction.

I hesitantly walked closer to the tree she was in, only to have a stick pelt my head.

“Ouch..! Y/n! Stop throwing things, I want to-!”

Another stick, then another, followed by some rocks. Why in the hell would she bring rocks up there with her anyway?!

“Y/n, please we’re sorry we ignored you!” Frypan yelled, getting a couple of rocks to his direction.

“Hey! Throw ONE more of those things-!” Before Gally could finish, he got a hammer barely missing his foot.

“She’s got tools up there?!” One guy yells, as next a knife was thrown.

“SHE’S GOT WEAPONS! Hit the dirt!” Clint yelled, everyone hiding behind trees or dropping to the ground, but not me. I stood my ground, I have to. And even if I get hurt, which I probably will, is what I deserve.

“Love, please don’t shoot! I only want to talk!” 

“OH now you wanna talk? Well how about I just ignore YOU then!” Y/n screamed, aiming another rock in my direction. 

“Y/n I am so sorry I made you feel like this, I promise I’ll make it up to you some how-OW!” She hit a bulls-eye, right in the center of my forehead. I rubbed the spot, but stood there.

“Just leave me alone!” she shouted, I could hear the pain in her voice. How much did I break her? “Why don’t you just hang with your new, and perfect girlfriend Teresa! Since she’s waay more important than me!”

“Don’t you see? I’m in love with YOU!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, I hear it echo across the whole entire glade. The only thing being heard was the sound of the maze moving about, and my heavy breathing. 

Y/n looks down at me, lowering the next rock she was about to throw at me.

“W-what?” She stuttered.

“That’s right. I love YOU, Y/n. No matter what thoughts you put in your head, or what awful things I say to you I don’t mean, I’m always going to come back to you.” I mean every word. I’m pretty sure the thing that surprised her the most was that I said I loved her for the first time. Never in our months of dating have we said these words to each other…it was now or never. 

“Newt but you…you said-”

“To hell with what I said, I love you! I LOVE Y/N, I LOVE Y/N, I LOVE Y/N! Do you hear me mates?! I love Y/n! DO YOU HEAR ME TERESA?! I LOVE Y/N! DO YOU HEAR ME GRIEVERS?! I. LOVE. Y/NNN!” I said with every breath I had in my body, every beat to my heart, getting a few weird stares from the gladers, but that didn’t matter.

Because when my attention was back towards Y/n, during my little performance she had time to climb down the tree, crushing me in the tightest hug she has even given me.

“I love you, too.”

 Music to my ears.

{A/N} Sooo this was long! But I hope you enjoyed! And hey, more requests on the way! If this feels all over the place, don’t be afraid to let me know, I’m open for feed back! Adios, my lovelies! ~Joi

| masterlist |

Prompt List ~ Requests Open

RULES: Send me an OTP or OT3 in the 13rw fandom and the prompts you’d like me to include. Please send the number and sentence for each prompt, in case I come back and add to this list. Drabble’s will be a few paragraphs long. Please be patient as these may take a long time to complete due to headcanon requests in the queue.

I have made this list myself, it’s been a work in progress for years. I’ll try and re-find the posts which inspired it and tag them later :)



1. “What if I kissed you right now?”

2. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

3. “Did you just kiss me?!”

4. “Is it bad I really want to kiss you right now?”

5. “This is where we kiss, right?”

6. “So are we going to kiss or not?”

7. “Don’t talk just kiss me.”

8. “You owe me a kiss.”

9. “I’ll go home, but it’s not home unless you’re there…”

10. “Stay with me.”

11. “Stay the night. Please.”

12. “Please don’t go.”

13. “I just need you here with me right now.”

14. “Just hold me.”

15. “Scoot over a little bit, please.”

16. “It’s lonely without you in the bed.”

17. “I miss sleeping with you.”

18. “I love cuddling with you first thing in the morning.”

19. “Please come back to bed.”

20. “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this.”

21. “You’re so cute when you’re tired, you know.”

22. “It’s too cold! Come back!”

23. “Mmm… you’re warm.”

24. “Here, take my hand.”

25. “You’re so clingy, I love it.”

26. “We’ll get through this, I promise.”

27. “I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”

28. “It’s okay I’m here for you.”

29. “Just sit down and let me take care of you.”

30. “I need you.”

31. “I can’t do this without you.”

32. “If you walk away everything will fall apart.”

33. “There’s no one I’d rather have with me than you.”

34. “I’ve made so many mistakes… but you’re not one of them.”

35. “Promise me you’ll come back… I need you to promise me.”

36. “Promise me you’ll stay.

37. “When I look at you, I see my whole world, and that scares the shit out of me.”

38. “It’s always been you. You and only you.”

39. “I’m yours, in every way possible.”

40. “I love you and I am terrified.”

41. “Please… I love you.”

42. “I think I might be falling in love with you.”

43. “I’m so in love with you.”

44. “This is why I fell in love with you.”

45. “I never believed in love till I met you.”

46. “You’re all I ever wanted.”

47. “For some reason I’m attracted to you.”

48. “When you smile I fall apart.”

49. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”

50. “You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”

51. “I like the way I feel when he looks at me. Like I wanna believe in myself.”

52. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you don’t think I can see you.”

53. “I just really miss talking with you.”

54. “Actually… I just miss you.”

55. “I don’t know who I am without you.”

56. “We’re not just friends, and you know it.”

57. “But do you love me the same way I love you?”

58. “Those things you said yesterday… did you really mean them?”

59. “Just say it is okay. I just need to hear you say that.”

60. “Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you.”

61. “I know you told me to stop thinking about you, but I can’t get you out of my mind.”

62. “None of that matters anymore.”

63. “I’ll make it right for you.”

64. “I had a nightmare about you, and I wanted to make sure you were alright.”

65. “Is that my shirt?”

66. “You know, it’s okay to cry.”

67. “You’re cute when you’re all worried.”

68. “Despite what you think, I am completely capable of taking care of myself.”

69. “Promise me you’ll take better care of yourself.”

70. “Please don’t give up on me.”

71. “Please listen to me.”

72. “Please don’t go.”

73. “Please don’t leave me.”

74. “You’re worth any fight.”

75. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”

76. “You look like you could use a massage.”

77. “He/She’s pampering me, let him/her be.”

78. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

79. “You’re way too pretty to be out here by yourself.”

80. “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”



81. “Wait a second… are you jealous?”

82. “Stop being so jealous will you?”

83. “You deserve better than them.”

84. “They’re not right for you, you know.”

85. “It’s not fair that they get to be around you all day and I don’t.”

86. “I noticed them checking you out.”

87. “They were hitting on you.”

88. “Were you checking them out?”

89. “I’m not gonna stop leaving marks ‘till I’m sure everyone will know you’re mine.”

90. “This is mine. Are we clear?”

91. “You are mine, you will always be mine.”

92. “You belong to me.”

93. “I want you all to myself.”

94. “If I ever see you anywhere near her/him, you’ll have to deal with me!”

95. “I’ll kill the bitch.”

96. “No one will ever love you like I do.”

97. “Say you love me, and only me.”

98. “Say that I’m yours.”

99. “Mine.”

100. “I didn’t realize I needed your permission.”

101. “I don’t love them. I love you.”

102. “You don’t own me.”

103. “You’re too damn overprotective!”

104. “I can’t do this anymore.”

105. “Where do you think you’re going?”

106. “I just want to be alone right now.”

107. “And where do I go?”

108. “What are you doing in here, it’s 3 in the morning. Get out!”

109. “I will not hesitate to murder you.”

110. “You don’t need to protect me.”

111. “Stop looking at me like that!”

112. “You don’t scare me.”

113. “Would you just hold still?”

114. “Don’t you dare walk away from me!”

115. “I’m not the one that’s always leaving.”

116. “Give me a chance.”

117. “You see, unlike some other people, I don’t sleep with everyone I make eye contact with.”

118. “Please don’t argue with me.”

119. “Please shut up. Just shut up.”

120. “Oh my god, I don’t care!”

121. “What the hell is your problem?!”

122. “What more do you want?!”

123. “I knew you were trouble when you walked in.”

124. “I’m sorry I made you into who you are today.”

125. “We could’ve had it all.”

126. “I almost forgot you only come around when you need me.”

127. “A date? An actual date? To an actual place?”

128. “I’m tired of being your secret.”

129. “It’s hard to believe you actually care about me when you’re so hell-bent on keeping this from all your friends.”

130. “It just feels really shitty, to be the secret boyfriend/girlfriend.”

131. “Are you ashamed of me?”

132. “They didn’t just find out. They already knew!”

133. “Do you regret getting involved with me?”

134. “I’m only dating [name] as a cover. You’re still my baby.”

135. “I’m not ready for them to find out about us!”

136. “I don’t want to be just friends with benefits anymore.”

137. “I told you not to fall in love with me.”

138. “Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.”

139. “You’re not her.”

140. “I tried to move on, but nobody is you.”

141. “Jealousy isn’t cute on you.”

142. “You’re wrong and I’ll prove it.”

143. “Don’t even think about it.”

144. “Well. Yell, scream, say something, anything.”

145. “Just talk to me.”

146. “Oh, so you do speak?”

147. “Do you think at all before you speak?”

148. “Are you high or just stupid?”

149. “You’re so fucked, you know that?”

150. “We’re not going to be like them.”

151. “Do it, I dare you.”



152. “Are- are you flirting with me?”

153. “Stop sending me weird pictures.”

154. “Is there something you want to tell me?”

155. “Quit moving, I’m trying to sleep. Wait… are you… what?!”

156. “You’re in trouble now.”

157. “And how are you going to make it up to me?”

158. “Come here.”

159. “You have no idea what you do to me.”

160. “Just marry me already.”

161. “Do you trust me?”

162. “Are you going to let me go now?”

163. “Don’t bite that fucking lip.”

164. “Bite me.”

165. “Kiss me.”

166. “If you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, i can think of a few ways to make you shut up.”

167. “I’m pretty good at providing distractions.”

168. “I just want to help you relax.”

169. “You know you want it, sweetheart.”

170. “Lay back.”

171. “Does that line ever work?”

172. “Am I supposed to be impressed?”

173. “Oh don’t mind me. Just enjoying the view.”

174. “Damn that’s hot.”

175. “I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”

176. “Take off your clothes.”

177. “Take. It. Off.”

178. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

179. “Well if you’re up for the challenge.”

180. “Is that a challenge?”

181. “Well… don’t keep me waiting.”

182. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

183. “I’ve been thinking about you all night.”

184. “We haven’t had sex in like a month, you’re just going to tease me like that?”

185. “I need you so bad.”

186. “Get over here.”

187. “Quiet, they can hear us.”

188. “Beg for it.”

189. “Did I stutter?”

190. “Say that again.”

191. “Say my name.”

192. “Tell me what you want.”

193. “I want you. Right here. Right now.”

194. “I want you to fuck me.”

195. “Take your clothes off.”

196. “Stop undressing me with your eyes and start using your teeth.”

197. “You can stay but your clothes must go.”

198. “Is there a reason you’re half naked in my bed?”

199. “Put your hands somewhere useful.”

200. “That’s distracting.”

201. “Don’t tempt me.”

202. “Stop teasing me so much.”

203. "Behave.”

204. “Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you?”

205. “How bad do you want me?”

206. “Do you know how bad I want you?”

207. “It’s like you want to ruin men/women for me.”

208. “Make me.”

209. “How about you make me?”

210. “Well if you insist.”

211. “What, does that feel good?”

212. “Do you like it when I touch you like that?”

213. “Is that your hand on my ass?”

214. “Ha! I found a weak spot on you, didn’t I?”

215. “I want to take a shower so you should probably join me. It’ll save water.”

216. “Friends don’t get each other off.”

217. “Can you do that again?”

218. “Good girl.”

219. “Good boy.”




220. “Why are we at a strip club?”

221. "Save the last dance for me.”

222. “Woah, I never knew you had a tattoo!”

223. “What even happened last night?”

224. “Do you think if we met differently, we’d be friends?”

225. “I just wanted to fit in, I don’t know.”

226. “I can’t do this without you.”

227. “You owe me.”

228. “Have you lost your damn mind?”

229. “Everyone knows my job here is to look hot.”

230. “I can’t believe you didn’t think to ask me first.”

231. “Put me down!”

232. “Would you quit moving around?”

233. “Quit hogging the blanket.”

234. “Are you throwing rocks at my window?”

235. “I’ll go if you go.”

236. “You called for backup?”

237. “Give me back my phone!”

238. “Hey have you seen my- Oh.”

239. “Look at me.”

240. “Why are you always so cold?”

241. “You make me nervous and happy and horny all at the same time and it’s confusing as fuck sometimes.”

242. “I didn’t know you could do that.”

243. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

244. “Everything is fine.”

245. “The boys and I will handle it.”

246. “I’ll take care of it.”

247. “I think you’re just afraid to be happy.”

248. “If my parents knew what I was doing they’d kill me.”

249. “Share your jacket, I forgot mine.”

250. “Hold my hand, we have to make this look convincing!”

251. “Please pretend to be my girlfriend/boyfriend.”

252. “We’d make such a cute couple.”

253. “Are you sure you two aren’t married?”

254. “Why can’t they see they’re meant for each another?”

255. “Somebody’s in love!”

256. “Do you remember when you use to think you were straight?”

257. “Oh, HELL no! Not in MY bed!”


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~☯☆ღ soft angst sentence starters ღ☆☯~
  • “Please don’t die on me.” 
  • “Are you not afraid of what’s out there?”
  • “I don’t want to do this anymore.”
  • “You can’t make me go.”
  • “Please don’t leave.”
  • “You have so much potential and you’re throwing it away.”
  • “You can’t save everyone.”
  • “You can’t save yourself.”
  • “You can’t save me.”
  • “Maybe this is rock bottom.” 
  • “Maybe things will get better from here.”
  • “Maybe this is rock bottom and things can only get better from here.”
  • “I still believe in happy endings, even through all of this.”
  • “Why don’t you love me?”
  • “Why don’t you love yourself?”
  • “I am lonely.”
  • “You are lonely.”
  • “Ooo, child, things are gonna get easier — do not ‘boo’ my signing!”
Episode 4x07: "Gimme Shelter" - Part 2, Arkadia
A lighthearted romp through the Arkadia half of this week's storyline, where absolutely nothing soul-crushing or emotionally devastating happened at all!

Welcome back to Part 2 of our recap of “Gimme Shelter,” already one of our faves of the season!

Part 1, all about the lady BAMFs of Science Island and their snartastic “ramsi” Murphy, can be found here.  (Also don’t miss the outtake from that section where we learned some hard truths about our very different priorities on postapocalyptic house tours.)

And now, please join us as we plummet into the depths of emotional despair as Harper, Kane and the Blakes get trapped by the black rain in a crucible of dark and terrible pain from which most of them do not emerge by the end of the episode, DOES ANYONE ELSE SOMETIMES JUST WANT TO THROW IN THE TOWEL AND SWITCH TO PARKS AND REC OR SOMETHING BECAUSE JESUS H. CHRIST THIS ONE GOT GRIM

0:00 – Story Craft 101: Raise the Stakes By Making Them Smaller
0:08 – This Is Not a Drill: Black Rain Moves the Apocalypse from Abstraction to Reality
0:15 – From the Ashes They Will Rise: Octavia, Bellamy and Kane Hit Rock Bottom
0:21 – If Bellamy Can’t Protect Everyone All the Time, Does He Even Know Who He Is?
0:34 – Fire and Water Imagery in That Octilian Scene
0:46 – Gradually Moving From “IF THIS EPISODE HAS OCTILIAN HATE SEX I QUIT ” to “… Okay I Can See It”
0:51 – We’re at Record-High Levels of Optimism About the Show Finally Reckoning With Octavia’s Treatment of Bellamy
1:00 – LOL If You Didn’t Think We’d Spend a Full Hour on Kellamy You Must Be New Here
1:16 – Kane’s Season Arc Finally Starts to Emerge
1:22 – “My Sister My Responsibility” and Love Are Not the Same Thing
1:39 – Today On “Erin and Claire Get Super Real About Their Personal Lives”: Purging the False Narratives About Who You Are, Even When It’s Excruciating, Is Progress
1:54 – Next Week, We Have Special Guests! @hawthornewhisperer and @knowlesian Will Be Joining Us For 408 Before We Go Back On Hiatus!

anonymous asked:

....Actors supported and actively promoted the crap. Abbington was the most vocal of them all. I find it disgusting. A 'fix-it' would've been relevant if it was released shortly after the fuckup, but it's not happening. If season 5 is going to happen (how many years people are going to wait for this time?) there will be no point in watching it, at least for me as I don't tend to 'come back for more'. Sorry for the anon, but my blog was Sherlock-related so I deleted it.

While I don’t actively follow Amanda, I do know she has both “promoted” and then shot from the hip and denied. In fact, from what I’ve seen on here she shoots from the hip on a lot of stuff, and I don’t really feel anything about her either way so I honestly don’t pay attention to her. Aside from her, I can’t really think of anything? Martin’s “I don’t know I’m just in it” and Ben rambling like a five year old about who knows what? So I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to say here. David Nellist? Maybe he knows more that we do?

As for “shortly” after, it’s been a month. Like…in tv time, that’s not long. Winter hiatuses are longer. In Sherlock time that’s a second. I don’t think we have a decent rubric for “shortly after.” Shit, we haven’t even hit the date that was highlighted in TLD. How long did ACD wait?

Truthfully, S4 was SO FUCKED I’d wait until S5, which besides all the “we don’t know,” is happening. They do that every time a new series airs, then everybody freaks out and they get attention. Ben and Martin are contracted through S5, S5 is already mapped out, and didn’t we see something last year that it was already commissioned? You gotta do what you gotta do, and I’m not about convincing anyone. And, remember, we are not the people they are trying to really trick. The larger audience will watch. I have many casual friends who hated S4, think something is up, and will watch S5. I have casual friends who hated S4, think it was a bad season, but will still watch S5.

But even if we assume they were terrible writers who thought they were better, there are SO MANY OTHER THINGS that are inconsistent (there was a fucking camera in a shot!) that I just can’t believe it. Everyone would have had to suck consistently. And to me it’s a cliffhanger despite that shitty freeze frame because of all those shitty things that just don’t make sense. I’ve said a million times that if we are wrong I’ll be throwing rocks alongside everyone else, but the only way ANYTHING makes sense—both in the show and in my real successful adult life where I know what it’s like building a professional legacy people want to put their sticky hands all over—is that the series doesn’t make sense purposefully. There are many, many theories, all of which are beautiful readings and make sense with the narrative that WE DID SEE throughout the rest of the series. Things like this really don’t all of a sudden do 180s. I mean, I’m sure there has been SOMETHING, but it’s much, much harder for me to believe 1) they just really did suck and were faking it, 2) it was all a joke and that yes without johnlock the show doesn’t make sense and also means there are cameras in shots and iconic set pieces change and John’s feet are still in the well, or 3) they got so mad at everyone engaging in a level that was higher than they expected so they smashed it to get back at everyone.

You do you, especially with what you need to do for your health. But whenever start to doubt, I remember I literally predicted the end of TAB on 7/10/2015 (http://whimsicalethnographies.tumblr.com/post/123726639695/i-want-the-last-scene-of-the-special-to-be-john). I’m gonna trust my instincts on this one.