i want to tattoo this all over my body

I Want It Fast, I Want It Loud, I Want It My Way

a/n: THIS PICTURE FUCK. i’ve rode many of things in my lifetime. ;-) just not a thigh, so this might not be accurate but heyyyyyyyyy it’s fine. and if we’re gonna be honest here, how many of y'all actually even rode a dick? let alone a thigh hahaha.  love y'all :-) (smut warning obviously) 

I’m tired. I can feel the familiar ache in my body. I want nothing more than to go home and sleep for hours on end with no interruption. “C'mon, love, lets go.” I whine into Harry’s ear. His arm that is wrapped around my hip tightens, “okay, hold on.” He absentmindedly replies. I huff out. I don’t want to hold on. What the hell am I supposed to hold on to anyways? I notice a chair on the other side of the room and I instinctively follow to it. 

 When I am seated, I rest my head against the wall and close my eyes. “Alright, up you get. It’s time to go, yeah?” Harry awakes me from my quick nap, a whine slips from my lips as I’m placed on my feet. “No.” Harry chuckles lowly as he bends down and urges me to get on my back. A sleepy smile etches on my face as I climb onto him. He stands up with ease. My head falls onto his shoulder as I fall asleep with Harry’s scent lingering around me. 


 It’s hot. I can feel sweat seeping through my shirt. 

My eyes open and adjust to the darkness. The clock reads three-thirty A.M., I can hear Harry’s breathing next to me. It’s relaxing. His arms are pulled under his pillow as he lies his head on it, curly hair flopping over. His mouth is slightly ajar, and I can’t help but look at his lips. They are such a nice shape, they’re so pink and full. The shirt I have on is soaked through with sweat as I peel it off my scorching body. The cool air soothes my skin and I sigh with relief. 

With my head back onto my pillow, I continue to stare at sleeping Harry. How can one human have so much beauty to them? Not just his looks either, he has a beautiful soul as well. My eyes skim back to his lips. God, his lips. If only they were kissing me right now. Down my neck, onto my collar bone. Biting and nipping, leaving a hickey in its place. 

 I play with the idea of waking him up just to do that, but he needs his sleep. When I make up my mind to be a good girlfriend, I groan and roll over. I hate that I’m a good person sometimes. My head is still spinning with the thought of Harry kissing me all over as I close my eyes and try to sleep. Minutes pass before I huff out and grab my phone. 

Looks like I’m not going to be sleeping tonight. One perk of having a famous boyfriend is that I can look up smut about him and totally try it the next time we have sex. And that’s what I do. I head over to my Tumblr app and type in “Harry Styles smut”. The first thing that pops up is an ask. The ask reads “OKAY but imagine riding harry’s thigh i Am HURT. You would grind down on him and it would hit your clit just right and his hands would leave marks on your hips and he could feel you soaking through his jeans, and he just gets off to you getting off FUCK”. 

 Okay what in the hell is thigh riding and why am I so wet now? My mind starts racing after smut with thigh riding involved. I’ve never heard of thigh riding, but I’m already liking it. I stay up a few more minutes, maybe hours, who really knows? Looking at smut that includes thigh riding. I’m aching for the feeling of it right now. My internal conflict is raging inside me and I think I have to wake Harry. The sleeping boy next to me looks so peaceful. How could I wake him up just to ride his thigh? I can feel myself pulsing for this feeling. “Fuck.” I groan out, I can’t wait any longer. My hand starts to shake his sleeping body, “Harry.” All he does is let out a soft groan. This is going to be harder than I thought. With a swift pull from the covers, both of our bodies are uncovered. 

Harry is naked from his hips up and he looks fucking great. The tattoos sprawled across his toned body never looked so appealing in my life. I want to run my tongue over everyone of them. Black  shorts that were around my hips fall off with a swift motion from my arms, my underwear following. Fire is in my veins. Harry visibly shutters from the loss of the covers but I climb on top of him to bring him warmth.

 "Y/N?“ He mutters, his voice raspier and deeper from sleep. Fuck, I’m literally dripping for this green eyed man. “Baby, I want to try something..” I say while unleashing kisses to his jaw and neck. “At-” He stops to check the time, “5:47 in the morning?” Huh, guess I was looking at smut longer than I thought. “Yes baby, please, I’m literally dripping for you. Plus, you have to get up an hour anyways for work.” I moan out, I can already feel his erection through his pajama pants. “Well if you insist.” He smirks. “What did you want to try?” He sits up holding me in his lap. My legs are by each of his hips and his large hands are roaming my back, hips, and thighs. “Well it’s kinda weird, but I really want to try it.” I tug my lip into my teeth, nervously awaiting his response. “Yeah? What’s it then love?” “Well- I- just- let me show you. Take off your pants.” I instruct with a shaky voice, he obliges as he lifts me off his lap. He is left in his tight boxer briefs. 

I manage to mount back onto his lap, positioning myself over his left thigh. “What’re you doing babe?” Harry asks me with puzzlement in his eyes. “Just..” I moan out as I begin to move hips on his lap. The contact of my clit to his thin boxers form incoherent moans. Harry’s hands move to my hips, gripping them. “Oh so you like thigh riding, huh?” Harry’s voice is like gravel on a road sending me to move faster as his hands insinuate rapid movements. My head nods feverishly as he moves me faster. I feel his lips attach to my breasts, sucking lightly. 

Curls are in my hands as I rock back and forth in his thigh. Cotton boxers against my clit work expertly together with the collaboration of my movements and Harry’s lips. Pleasure is racing through me leaving a beating heart and restless moans. Thoughts are construed in my mind as I try to piece together all the overwhelming things that are enveloping around me. Fuck, I’m so close. “Harry…” I moan out and he gets the hint. His inked hands grip my love handles tighter and my moves pick up pace as we move with the rhythm of an imaginary tempo. “Come for me.” Harry barely whispers in my ear as he adds a nibble to my ear lobe and before I can stop myself, I am sent over the top. An orgasm rattles through me with blacked out vision and shaking hands. Spearmint surrounds me as my head collapses into Harry'a shoulder. “I didn’t know you were into that.” Harry’s voice flows out to me and I laugh, “Yeah I didn’t either.” The clock now reads six-fifteen. 

Before Harry can react, I roll off of him and fall into my spot on our bed. The covers are pulled up over me, I hum in response. “Get some sleep, my angel.” Are words I hear before I drift off.

Dipped in Ink (Namjoon/Reader)

Prompt: REQUEST COMING THROUGH! Idk if you know what a stick and poke tattoo is, but I was wondering if I could have one with Joon where he gives the reader a stick and poke tattoo? I know he’s pretty clumsy but I feel like doing something like that for someone who he loves he’d be super careful. (if not pick any other member i’m cool with all my boys). I just think it’d be something sort of intimate cos it kinda hurts. and then maybe it could lead to some sexy times? THANKS LUV U

Genre: Smut

Words: 4K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: “You know,” He began carefully, voice lowering as he leaned back over your body, pushing the needle into your flesh again slowly. “I’ve heard that for some pain can be an aphrodisiac…”

Tags: Mentions of Tattooing (needles, blood, etc.), Dirty Talk, Mutual Masturbation, Daddy!Joon, Baby Girl, etc. 

Please note, I am no expert in the art of anything tattoo related, so please do not try to be rude if I messed up any of the details as far as that goes.

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The Hideout (Happy x Reader)

I wrote this earlier in the week and forgot about it. Here y’all go my lovelies <3

Word count: 5,346

WARNINGS: Language & Explicit Content (Smut) 

Playlist: Safari - Jidenna 

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There was only one rule at the Hideout; no problems. In order to step into the building, you had to leave all issues and affiliations at the door. The Hideout was common ground, an in-between, a meeting place. All gangs of every kind were welcome. On the condition that you didn’t bring your violence inside with you. Once you were outside the front doors, well – that was a whole other story.


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Prompt #1

 This took way longer than it should have done… Anyway, this is for the two anons who both sent in similar requests!

Warning: smut, rated M

Hello,angel! I just want to give you a Malec prompt because I really like the way you write them. :) So basically Alec hears Magnus speak/sing something in Spanish and is angry and grumpy because he’s probably the only one who doesn’t understand and can’t talk this language (Izzy& Simon are like perf, Clary and Jace have the basics) . When he tells Magnus, the warlock decides to teach him, but in more intimate and erotic way, while they are in the bedroom. 

“Alec, are you okay?” Magnus asked, suddenly interrupting the previous fifteen minutes of complete silence.

They were sitting on opposite sides of the bed, the mattress between them  cold and the air between them still. Which was fine. Magnus of all people knew that everyone needed some quiet-time every now and again. He was spending this particular quiet-time reading his battered copy of Wuthering Heights for the nth time. Alec, however, did nothing except stare down at his fingers which must have been absolutely fascinating as they fiddled with the frayed hem of his baggy t-shirt.

Nonchalantly, Alec turned his head and said, “Yeah, I’m fine,” his eyes directed at Magnus but not looking directly at Magnus.

Magnus raised an eyebrow. “You sure?”

Alec nodded and shrugged. At the same time.

“What’s that supposed to mean,” Magnus deadpanned.

With an arduous sigh, Alec said, “I’m fine. Really.”

After folding down the top of the page carefully, Magnus snapped the book shut and placed it on the bed-side table, then turned back to Alec. “You haven’t exactly been talkative this evening,” he stated. “Not that you’re usually particularly talkative… Let me paraphrase that: you haven’t exactly been more talkative than the less than talkative but sometimes pretty talkative that you usually are.”

Alec snorted and, despite trying as hard as possible to keep his expression stony, a tiny smile pulled at the corner of his lips. Mission accomplished, Magnus thought, feeling very pleased with himself.

“Really. It’s nothing, Magnus,” Alec eventually said.

“Well it’s your loss,” the warlock said, still not entirely convinced.

And then the silence returned.

“Did I do something?” Magnus asked.

“No,” Alec said in the most unconvincing way possible.

“You’re a terrible liar,” Magnus informed him. “And don’t think that I don’t recognise the silent treatment when I’m given it.”

“How am I giving you the silent treatment?” Alec exclaimed, a hint of uneasy indignation in his voice. “I’m talking to you now, aren’t I?”



“You know what.”

“I actually don’t.”

The warlock rolled his eyes to the ceiling and sent a quick prayer to any deity who may be listening. “Alexander,” he sang.

“Magnus,” he sang in reply.

“Don’t make me come over there,” Magnus warned.

“I’m not-”

Too late. Magnus was already crawling towards Alec and before the Shadowhunter could react, he was straddling Alec’s legs. “Come on. Talk to Aunty Maggie.”

Alec grimaced.

Magnus huffed. “At least give me a clue as to what’s wrong.”

All he got was a slow, displeased blink.

Magnus narrowed his eyes and considered leaving the grumpy Shadowhunter to stew in his own petulance, when a thought suddenly hit him.

Magnus gasped comically, a grin spreading across his face. “I know what it is!”

Alec gave him a sheepish glare.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that Alexander.”

Alec folded his arms across his chest defensively and glared at the duvet beside him. “S'not my fault,” he grumbled.

“Not your fault… what?”

“That I can’t speak Spanish.”

Magnus’ grin dropped from his face. “What?”

Alec’s head snapped up as he realised his mistake. “I thought you said…” At Magnus’ confused expression, he then said, “Wait. Why did you think that…?”

“I thought you were angry because I shrank one of your sweaters when I tried to do the laundry manually!” Magnus exclaimed, his voice rising in pitch as he spoke.

Alec frowned. “You did the laundry manually?”

“Yeah. Whatever. But what do you mean, you can’t speak Spanish?” Magnus asked, completely ignoring that last comment. “Why are you upset because you can’t speak Spanish?”

“You don’t remember, do you.”

“Remember what?…” Magnus asked, suddenly feeling a little guilty.

Alec bowed his head as he tried to hide the embarrassed blush that tinged his cheeks and he worriedly chewed his bottom lip.

Magnus was still straddling Alec’s legs as he sat in thought. He wracked his brain for something- anything. He’d tried to run through all the events of the day in his head, remembering what he did first thing in the morning, and then at midday, and then-


Alec seemed to pick up on Magnus’ realisation, as he then said, “I know it’s not a big deal and I know you didn’t say anything bad, but Izzy and Simon understood you, and so did Clary and Jace and I–” He took in a deep breath. “I just want to know what you said.”

“You could have asked-”

“I did,” Alec said quickly. “But you… I don’t think you heard me at the time. And you had clients in the afternoon, so I didn’t want to interrupt.”

Not knowing how to respond to that, Magnus found himself yet again speechless because of Alec, who seemed so insecure and uncomfortable as he confessed what had been on his mind. This was a shadowhunter who was insecure about not being able to speak Spanish. Most shadowhunters, Magnus knew, would never find it in themselves to care about something as mundane as that. But Alec wasn’t most shadowhunters, and although Magnus already knew this, he still found himself surprised at some of the smallest things that Alec would do.

So Magnus leaned in and kissed him. The contact was slow and gentle, but deliberate. It was clear that Alec hadn’t been expecting it, but he eventually relaxed into the familiar contact and brought his warm hands up to the back of Magnus’ neck and rested them there as if the touch reassured him.

When Magnus pulled away slightly, Alec softly asked, a smile in his voice, “What was that for?”

“For being you,” Magnus answered easily.

With a light snort, Alec told Magnus, “You know, I still want to know what you said earlier.”

Magnus paused, in thought.

“It wasn’t anything bad, was it?” Alec suddenly said, worry creeping into his voice.

“No! No, of course not!” Magnus exclaimed.

“Then why…”

Magnus smirked, and then he was kissing Alec again, slow and teasing. The shadowhunter couldn’t resist at first, but when he seemed to gather his senses, he pushed against Magnus’ chest and pulled away. “Seriously, Magnus, I want to know what you said!”

“All in good time, my dear,” the warlock teased, taking Alec’s wrists and slowly moving them apart as he moved forwards and pressed his entire body against Alec’s so that he couldn’t escape. He nipped and kissed his way down the side of Alec’s neck, following the large, inky-black pattern of the deflect rune and ignoring Alec’s continued complaints as he did so.

As he reached the collar of the shirt, he released Alec’s wrists to snap away the inconvenience, causing Alec to squirm beneath Magnus as goosebumps broke out over his tattooed torso. Before Alec could push him off, the warlock snaked his magic around his wrists to keep him in place.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” Alec cried indignantly, pushing against the force holding him down but to no avail.

“Did I ever mention being fair?” Magnus drawled. “I think not.”

And then he snapped away the last of the material between them: his own dressing-gown and Alec’s boxers. Alec blushed heavily as he lay completely bare beneath Magnus, who was equally naked. Even though Magnus had seen him naked many times before, the shadowhunter’s pulse would always increase nervously as his clothes were removed.

Magnus then proceeded to make sure Alec was as unselfconscious as possible. He pressed his lips in an open-mouthed kiss to every rune and scar that painted Alec’s chest and stomach, tracing the lines with the tips of his fingers as he went. Alec had ceased straining against the magic that bound his wrists, instead yielding completely to Magnus’ power and relaxed slightly.

When Magnus reached Alec’s throbbing erection, he didn’t dive in straight away. First, he kissed and licked at Alec’s hipbones, well aware o another particular part of his body that would like the same attention.

When his lingered at Alec’s hips for a few seconds longer than necessary, Alec stirred. “Magnus,” he said, his voice throaty and deep. “Magnus, please…”

The warlock cocked an eyebrow. “Yes, Alexander my darling? What is it?”

“You know damn well what it is,” Alec growled.

“I’m afraid I do not understand,” Magnus said nonchalantly. “You’re going to have to explain it to me.”

Alec merely grunted in response, the sound a mixture of a sulky huff and a pained whine.

“Use your words, Alec dear-”

“Okay okay!” the shadowhunter nearly yelled. “Please, Magnus. Touch me, suck me- anything!”

A second later, Alec’s entire erection was engulfed by Magnus’ mouth. Alec let out a choked cry, arching his back off the bed before he could stop himself as he felt the back of Magnus’ throat. Magnus held him like that for a few moments, swallowing around Alec’s pulsing erection, and then pulled off, only to go back down again, causing the Shadowhunter’s entire body to shudder. With his free hands, he gripped the base of Alec’s cock and kneaded his heavy balls, eliciting even more moans from him.

“You do realise,” Alec said shakily as Magnus continued to bob his head, slowly and without rhythm, up and down Alec’s cock. “Th-that I still want to know what you said earlier… This isn’t going to make me forget.”

Magnus pulled off and said, “I’m not telling you what I said. I’m showing you,” before returning his attention to Alec’s straining erection.

“M-Magnus,” he stammered after a couple more minutes of the torturously slow friction. “I’m gonna… I’m going to…”

Magnus pulled off with a smirk. “So soon, darling?”

Alec flushed a darker shade of red and looked away. “Shut up,” he mumbled.

“I thought you wanted to know what I said…” Magnus said with a teasing tone.

“I thought you were in the process of showing me,” Alec shot back cleverly. “Or whatever that’s supposed to mean- By the Angel!” he exclaimed as Magnus swallowed him once more, only this time Magnus set off at a pace designed to make his boyfriend come as quickly as possible. Which he did.

Not even thirty seconds later, Alec came down Magnus’ throat with a throaty whimper which he would have smothered with his hands if his arms weren’t pinned down by Magnus’ magic.

Once Alec’s body had relaxed and stopped quivering with the after-shocks of his climax, Magnus released his softening cock and shuffled up the bed to lie beside his boyfriend. His own erection was still very much hard and throbbing, but it could wait.

“So?” he asked. “Any thoughts on what it was that I said?”

Alec’s eyes were closed and he was still catching his breath when he sleepily said, “I dunno… Something to do with blow-jobs?”

Magnus chuckled. “Nope.”

“Ugh, why won’t you just tell me?” Alec whined.


Alec pursed his lips. “Then at least let me finish you off,” he said with a glance down to Magnus’ cock.

“That does sound nice… But still nope.”

Alec sighed. “Fine then. Have it your way.”

A couple of seconds of silence.

“Magnus. Just tell me.”

“Okay then…” He pressed a deep, tongue-less kiss to Alec’s lips, and said, “I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

“What?!” the shadowhunter exclaimed. “Why tomorrow?!”

“Well,” he said, feigning deep-thought. “It depends.”

“On what?” Alec growled, narrowing his eyes.

Magnus grinned. “On whether that stamina rune of yours can get you up for a round two.”

Clony Smut Headcanons

Request: Love your blog!!! Can you some smut headcanons for clony? Pretty please *puppy eyes*

  • Clay scratches at Tony’s tattoos. 
  • “I paid $800 to get that put on my body, don’t you dare do anything to make them fade faster”
  • Tony leaves hickeys all over Clay’s neck
  • “Dude my parents are gonna freak out if they see this!” “Stay here then.”
  • Clay gets a giant hickey on his collar bone and tells his parents it was a “bike accident. 
  • “Are you sure, honey? I’ve never seen someone get a bruise on their collar bone before.”
  • Tony puts a towel down in the back seat of the mustang before they get it on because he wants to keep a clean car. 
  • Clay is a grabber and can never keep his hands off Tony’s ass
  • “Clay I always top.” “Not with that ass you won’t.” 
  • Clay could get off just by hearing Tony speak in Spanish.
  • Clay always grabs at Tony’s hair, especially when there’s no product in it. 
  • Tony has to install a second lock on his door because his brothers have caught them not once but 5 times
  • Tony always cleans Clay up afterward
  • Clay falls asleep on Tony’s chest
Tacoma Knight

For @a-daydreamers-stories

Happy/Plus size reader

I’m not going to lie. I have a huge crush on Mr Sexy Biker that comes into the store for cigarettes every day. He always winks at me and calls me baby girl. He probably tells all the girls that to get what he wants though. A guy that hot would never go for a girl like me. Not at my size. But nevertheless I want to faint when he comes in. Which would suck. Because then I’d miss the chance to see him for the day. As he makes his way through the store every day I can’t help but to fantasize what it would be like to have him. For him to touch and worship every inch of my very thick body. For me to rub my hands over his sexy tattooed bald head while he digs his face into my chest. I think it’s hotter in here than before. On schedule Mr sexy comes through the door. He rarely buys anything but cigarettes. But he always makes his way and takes his time through the store.

“Good afternoon. Welcome to the Little Charming Corner store.” I manage not to fumble my words. I seriously hate saying that every time someone walks in. But for him I’d say it a thousand times.

“Hey baby girl” His rough deep voice giving me goosebumps.

He continues with his daily ritual. Checking out the magazines. Looking at the news papers. Etc. I try not to look obvious but I cannot stop staring. The ding of the door wakes me up from my daydream and I repeat my entrance speech. Three guys walked in. Real asshole looking guys too.

“Ew! I heard one of them say. I had no idea what they were talking about. “Thought you said the girl that works here is hot?!”

“She is! She must only work nights or something.” Said the one that appeared to be the leader of their little douche bag club.

“Figures. For real though, this one’s a cow” The third one tried to say under his breathe. But it was too late. The damage was done. Tears began to well up in my eyes. I looked down into my lap. I would never understand how people could be so cruel to people they didn’t even know.

Unfortunately for the douche bag club, Mr biker had also heard them. And if looks could kill, the three would be on the ground instantly. Good thing the owner of the store didn’t have an active working camera. It was there for show mostly now. Because Mr sexy pulled out his gun as he stormed straight for the ring leader. They guys all froze as he put his gun up to the leader’s forehead.

“What did you just say to this lady here?!” He seethed through his teeth. “Apologize. Now!” He roared. I couldn’t believe he was defending me. He was my Knight.

“Dude. We’re so sorry.”

“Not to me. To her!”

“Ma'am we’re s-so s-sorry.” The leader manages to choke out.

“Get the fuck out!” Biker yelled as the three scrambled out almost tripping over each other. He put his gun away and stormed over to the counter.

“I don’t know how to… I mean… thank you so much.” I managed to mutter.

“They won’t be bothering you again beautiful. Promise.”

“Your usual?” I asked him.

“Yeah baby doll. And put your number on the receipt.”

“Pardon?” I questioned. Did I hear him right?

“Put your number on the receipt. I’m taking you out to dinner. I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to ask you for weeks. I’m Happy.”

“I’m happy too… thank you again for helping me…”

“No, my name’s Happy” he grinned. He paid for his cigarettes and gave me a wink. “I’ll call you soon baby girl” Happy turned to leave the store. I was in awe at what just happened. Surely it was a dream. Then he stopped at the door.

“And what should I call you beautiful?” He asked. Honestly he could call me whatever. I was going to go in a date with Mr Sexy Biker himself. I could have died. But I gathered myself and mustered my strength and told him my name.


He gave me another wink before he left..

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Dumbledore’s Fault

Summary: The very first words your soulmate ever says to you are tattooed somewhere on your body since the day you are born and no one could really understand why Dan got stuck with ‘Man I can’t believe Dumbledore died’. For years he worried about the fate of whoever Dumbledore is, until he actually started reading the Harry Potter books. After that, all he wanted was to actually meet his soulmate so he could give him a piece of his mind over having ruined his favourite franchise.

Based off of this post on Tumblr. 

Words: 2.2k

A/N: All my exams are over, all assignments have been handed in, and I can finally start enjoying my Summer. This also means that I finally have time to get back to writing and I decided to celebrate that by posting this little oneshot I wrote. I apologise for the bad summary, but I wrote it while half asleep.

Thank you to @lilialand for being my beta and looking over this for me. 

Read it on AO3

Dan’s soulmate tattoo was not what one would consider to be normal. Most people have greetings permanently tattooed somewhere on their body because, let’s face it, that’s usually what you say when you’re meeting someone new. Imagine how shocked Dan’s parents were when their son was born with the phrase ‘man I can’t believe Dumbledore died’ tattooed above his waist.

Who in the world was Dumbledore? How was he going to die? And, probably the most important question, what did this Dumbledore guy have to do with their son? The only person who could answer their question was Dan’s soulmate and everyone knew it would be awhile before they would get the chance to meet him.

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REQUEST by ANONMOUYS: Can I maybe have a Roman smut where he and y/n are at a family party and y/n her ex is there, constantly flirting with her, causing Roman to get jealous af and when everyone leaves, he makes sure she’s his and his only omg

Warnings: Smut, language
Disclaimer: This is my first time writing smut so please don’t judge. Feedback and help are always more than welcome 


Finally the day arrived where I was looking forward to, unlike my long term boyfriend, Roman. He felt really uncomfortable with my ex being there, which I fully understood, but I had nothing against him.

‘’You getting ready?’’ I yelled from the bathroom. ‘’I’m starting to think you’re the one who needs more time than I do.’’

‘’That might be the case,’’ Roman laughed and came in the bathroom, wrapping both his large arms around me, ‘’you look beautiful babygirl.’’ He started to kiss my neck slowly, causing me to shiver under his touch.

‘’Babe,’’ I laughed and turned around to face him, ‘’I know I’m probably asking way too much of you, but can you, please behave today?’’

‘’Y/N, listen,’’ he took my hand in his and we walked into the bedroom, ‘’I’ll try, but how can I behave myself when your ex is in the same space as me, the same space as you? He will try to hit on you again, I just know.’’ He looked at me serious. I tiptoed and wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders.

‘’I understand,’’ I pouted my lips as I ran my hand through his black hair, ‘’it’s the fact that him and I are still friends, otherwise I wouldn’t invite him, you know that.’’ I kissed his lips, immediately feeling myself getting aroused by the way his huge hands rubbed my back up and down. He sighed against my mouth and pressed his head against mine.

‘’I’m only doing this for you.’’


Both of our families and friends arrived at the house me and Roman shared together and it was pretty crowded. There was food that was being brought along with Patricia and Sika, Jimmy and Jey took care of the music and everyone was having a good time, at least, that’s what I thought. Little did I know that Roman was boiling with anger and jealousy deep inside, watching my ex and I talk with a couple of other friends. Whenever Dan, my ex, got a little too touchy, Roman shot me a dangerous look, signing me to take my distance. At times, I obligated, but he can’t order me around.

‘’Why don’t we grab a bite,’’ Dan said as everyone left, him being the only one, ‘’just like old times, you and I.’’ He smiled. I shook my head as I walked to the kitchen with a few plates.

‘’Look, I’m happily taken and I don’t think it’s smart to go and eat something, especially because you are my ex.’’

‘’Too bad,’’ he said, getting closer to me, ‘’I know you miss me y/n.’’

‘’There is a reason why we broke up, Dan.’’ I looked at him, suddenly realizing Roman was standing in the kitchen opening, arms crossed. ‘’You should leave, everyone left and we want some time for ourselves.’’

‘’Ah I see.’’ He turned around and looked at Roman. Dan chuckled and threw his hands in the air. ‘’Fine, see you later.’’ He walked past Roman, straight out of our house.

‘’What was that?’’ Roman asked low. He was frustrated.

‘’That was absolutely nothing,’’ I said, strolled by him, up the stairs. As I stepped inside the master bedroom, the door closed behind me with a loud slam, ‘’Roman, I’m not doing this now.’’

‘’So you and that jerk are meeting up?’’ He inquired, his voice full of anger and annoyance. ‘’Tell me honestly, do you miss him?’’

‘’Oh my god, Roman,’’ I groaned and sat down at the edge of our queen sized bed, ‘’you are being senseless.’’

‘’Oh am I?’’ He made his way towards me and grabbed me by the arm, pulling me up. ‘’Are you sure?’’ His hands grabbed my ass and I let out a small moan. ‘’I’m being senseless?’’ He mumbled against my neck, biting down on my sweet spot.

‘’Yes.’’ I whispered. I clenched my thighs together, feeling the wetness soak through the lace panties I was wearing. Roman noticed and his left hand traveled down to my center and rubbed me through the thin fabric. I let out a soft moan and gripped his biceps tightly.

‘’You’re all wet baby, all for me?’’ He groaned. I nodded and grinded my hips against his arm, begging him to do more. He chuckled and slowly lied me down on the bed, him towering over me. His hand, once again, slid down my body. He pulled aside my panties and slowly circled my clit with his thumb. I arched my back and threw my head back in pleasure. ‘’I’m still being senseless?’’ He asked. I nodded and pulled his face down to mine. My lips hungrily found his and I gasped against his lips as he slid two fingers inside me. He took advantage of my gasp and slid his tongue inside my mouth.

‘’Oh…my fucking…’’ My voice trailed off in a moan as he pumped into me with an exaggerated slow pace. ‘’Roman…oh fuckk.’’

‘’Does that feel good?’’ Roman growled. My breathing became uncontrolled as I felt myself begin to tighten around his fingers, reaching my peak. ‘’Not yet babygirl, not yet.’’ He slowly pulled his fingers out, leaving me feeling empty.

‘’Roman please,’’ I whined, ‘’I need you.’’

‘’What’d you say there?’’ He purred as he stood at the end of the bed, undressing himself, pulling his black t-shirt over his head.

‘’I said I need you,’’ I said louder. His tribal tattoo left me speechless everytime I saw it.

‘’Take off your clothes.’’ He demanded roughly, towering over me again. Impatiently, he grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. Once I was fully naked, he took his time, looking up and down at me, shaking his head. ‘’You’re so beautiful,’’ his head dropped down to kiss my breast. ‘’And all mine.’’ The feeling of his tongue flicking against my nipple, his hard, thick erect shaft rubbing against my entrance, his warm body pressed  against mine, made me crazy. ‘’You want me inside of you baby?’’ He took a hold of his dick and slowly pushed the head inside. I arched my back, trying to push him inside of me more. ‘’Nah ah, use your words baby.’’

‘’Roman, please.’’ I breathed.

‘’Please what?’’ He smirked against my neck, licking a trail upwards to the spot behind my ear, making me shudder.

‘’I need you inside of me,’’ I whispered as seductively as I could, ‘’please?’’

‘’That’s my girl,’’ he gently said, pushing himself inside of me carefully, ‘goddamn y/n, you’re fucking tight.’’ Roman groaned in my ear, making me even wetter. We both moaned as he fully rested in me, grinding his hips in slow circles. He hooked my left leg around his waist and started to thrust, setting a wicked pace. His fingers dug in my waist, guiding me down as he thrusts into me, causing him to go deeper with every move he made. It felt like absolute heaven. ‘’You’re all mine babygirl,’’ he grunted, biting down on the skin right above my collarbone, making me cry out, both pain and pleasure involved, ‘’mine and no one else.’’ He pulled back and I felt it burn, knowing the mark would be hard to cover, but who cares.

‘’All y-yours Roman, oh fuck!’’ I moaned. ‘’Jesus Roman, p-please.’’ Feeling my orgasm coming, I was into anything that would make me cum. His thrusts became sloppy and less coordinated so I knew he was close too.

‘’You gonna cum for me babygirl?’’ He pants. I nodded, my hands wrapping around his sweaty shoulders. ‘’That’s it y/n, fuck, right there,’’ he moaned loudly as I felt his dick twitch inside of me. He kept thrusting, now roughly massaging my clit, sending me over the edge. I cried out, fireworks exploding as I clenched around his dick. Roman slowly pulled out and fell next to me under the covers. ‘’I’m sorry if I overreacted,’’ he murmured against my hair.

‘’You honestly thought I was flirting back?’’ I asked, looking at his slightly embarrassed face. I chuckled and traced my finger over his impressive tattoo. ‘’I’m yours Reigns, don’t you worry about that.’’

‘’All mine babygirl.’’ He smiled and pulled me in for a kiss.

Request 30-Tattoo

I took the tea from my best friends hands and rested in the chair that sat opposite the window. As I took small sips I watched small groups of people walk past; some of them already clearly drunk, some just starting their night out. Cassie, Jaime and I still had another 3 hours before we could go out to town.

Tying the lace on my Doc Martins I adored the small tattoos that crawled up the outside of my leg. Each of them delicately hand drawn by Jamie and Cassie. I was mesmerized by the beautiful artwork when an unusual voice echoed through the room. “Hi, uh I booked an appointment for a tattoo. Obviously.” Who the fuck told winnie the pooh to get a tattoo.

I looked up to see a tall, 6"2 maybe 3, man stood at the counter. He was dressed in mostly all black and his hair swept to the side as if he never left his emo phase. A beautiful black leather jacket covered his broad shoulders and a black t-shirt hung off his body. Cassie was already talking him through the process before and after his tattoo. “You must be Dan” I interrupted, offering my hand.  He seemed polite and took hold of my hand shaking it a little. “I’m y/n. I think I’m doing your tattoo today.” I couldn’t be more pleased that this man would be my last tattoo of the day.

After a little small talk we walked over to the tattoo chair where all of my equipment was. “So this is the tattoo you want?” I asked pointing to a small crumpled piece of paper he handed me earlier. He nodded his head and removed the jacket. I couldn’t help but be hypnotized by the definition in his upper arms. He was surprising me with everything he did.

I rolled up the sleeve of my laced dress and pulled the metal trolley closer to me. As I lifted my head I saw how Dans eyes had widened at the sight of my arm. Before snapping him out of his trance I searched his eyes. They were like pools of chocolate, capable of trapping anyone. “Dan” I laughed bringing him from his fascination. He shook his head a little and pointed at my forearm.
“They’re amazing” he said in awe.
“Thanks” I laughed looking down at the words and pictures that coated my skin. A thick rose vine swirled around my arm making its way to my shoulder. Petals and thorns rained off the vine. Some replaced by lyrics that caught my heart, some replaced by skulls that caught my mind.

The small purple marker traced over the simple pattern that I previously coppied. Dan let out a small chuckle as the pen ran over his soft slightly tanned skin.

My hair swung behind my back as I wipped the cold blue cream off the inside of his arm. I couldn’t believe the softness of his skin. “This shouldn’t hurt too much by the way. Just thought I’d reassure you.” I laughed before taking the tattoo iron in my more dominant hand. “Okay?” I checked when his breath hitched. He nodded his head and I began guiding the needles.

Five minutes past and he seemed to adjust to the small pain. “So what’s the reason behind your tattoo?” I questioned as I continued tracing the pokeball. “There’s no deep reason for it” he laughed again, “I’m just a huge nerd basically. I’ve always played pokemon so why not be a huge nerd and go all the way.” He finished his sentence with a giggle realising how dorky he sounded.

“What about yours” he sounded curious about the ink that made a home on my body. I thought about what to explain first; the rose vine that he noticed earlier, the butterflies that flew up my neck, the pocket watch on my chest.

I decided to explain the meaning behind the pocket watch as it was the most absurd tattoo on me. “Well this is uh… basically I’m a huge fan of Alice In Wonderland and somethings that everyone recognises from it are the pocket watch, the hat which is further under my dress, and the eat me cake and drink me potion which you can see parts of out of my dress.” I finished explaining, managing to never take my eyes off Dans tattoo.

Leaning back in my chair I placed the iron back on the metal table. I wipped away the ink that surrounded his now permanent pokeball. I took the time to move the neck of my dress over and show him my collection of tattoos. His mouth formed an ‘O’ shape as he saw they weren’t what someone would expect.

“So uh Dan, you sure you don’t want any colour in this?” He looked down at the outline and I watched as his brain ticked. “I could put some red in, like a pokeball.” I saw confusion form on his face “My best friend, Jamie, is a huge nerd.” I filled in the blanks for him. He nodded along and I began filling the space with a bright red ink.

Time past and I finally finished Dans tattoo. The red on his arm stood out from the black outline. From what he told me, it suited him. I cleared the ink away and applied a small amount of anti-bacterial cream before covering the tattoo with a non stick bandage. I explained the instructions he’d need to follow until the area fully healed.

“If anything happens that you don’t think is normal be right back here okay” I added before he left the parlour. I watched as he made is way down the street. “He’s just gonna come back so he can see you!” Jamie laughed. I rolled my eyes at his comment, secretly hoping he was right.

A/N: Just so people can get an idea of the tattoos I’m drawing them and they’ll be done later in the week so drop me a message if you want to see the ideas.


…aaaand here’s another drabble. Are you sick of them by now? Anyway, it’s another short one (1.5k), and again it’s from Harry’s POV. It’s about how Sophia and Harry first met and I hope you’ll like it!

| you can read Porcelain Skin here |

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After not being able to properly work out for several years now, due to multiple injuries causing chronic back pain, I am finally starting to get back in shape.

 Last year an MRI revealed that I had two herniated and three bulging disks on my spine. After countless doctor visits that only led me to dead ends and no pain relief, I finally realized I had to do this on my own and took matters into my own hands. Because of my injuries, I haven’t been able to go right back to my old workout plan which included some of my favorite exercises such as deadlifts and squats, doing those now causes a feeling like my spine is going to break. Instead, a friend of mine with similar issues suggest that I try Pilates and yoga, I have been doing both on a semi-regular basis now and I have noticed that I am starting to slowly regain some mobility in my back. I am still in pain on a daily basis and I’ve definitely got a long way to go, but I feel like I’m finally on the right path to getting better and that feels really good. At this point I don’t really care if I have the “perfect body” or not, I just want to get back in shape so I can feel control over my body again and not have to experience pain every single day. I don’t know why I had the urge to share this now, but with all the things that can go wrong with our bodies, I know someone can relate. Pain killers are not a solution, determination and perseverance is. 💪🏽✌🏽

I’m in love with the shape of you

Narry Fanfiction.
Words: 3463
Summary: Niall has been getting off with strangers via webcam for a while now. No one intrigued him like the guy with the pretty tattoos though. SMUT.

Dedicated to @leprechauncupcakes​ and @littlemissmeggie​ because I love their narry stories ✌💛🌞 and @harry-nofookingway-styles because she’s amazing

Niall hits the spacebar again and again, one boring bloke replacing the next one. He’s not sure why he’s so into that webcam thing, why it thrills him to get off with strangers. Maybe it’s because he feels a little less vulnerable, a little more confident about his body than he usually does. When he’s at a bar with his mates and a boy or a girl start to hit on him he turns into a tongue tied idiot, already putting himself down. He points out his flaws to them and himself, making it obvious how scared he is of being close to someone. 

In the end he’s too much trouble, especially when all they’re looking for is a shag. Louis and Liam keep shaking their heads at him but he can’t help it, he can’t get out of his own skin. Only when he’s in front of the webcam his flaws turn into strengths and he never once wastes a thought on what the other person might think about him.

But tonight he feels jittery, restless, and no face or body showing up on the screen interests him for longer than a second. It’s all very shallow of course but that’s what you get yourself into when you’re doing stuff like this. So he keeps skipping to the next connection with his chin resting in his hand and a bored expression on his face. No one can see it anyway because he only ever shows himself from the neck down. He’s too paranoid for more and his face, his crooked teeth, it’s one of the things he feels most self-conscious about.

But suddenly he stops thinking, stops his hands and just hovers over the spacebar with his eyes glued to the screen. The first thing he notices is the ink on the boy’s body. Birds above his chest, a butterfly right underneath and the hint of leaves cut off right above the edge of the desk he’s sitting at. There’s more on his arm, a heart, two hearts, a ship and Niall can’t stop staring. He’s so toned and probably works out on a regular basis.

Stranger: Are you from Ireland?

The message pops up right next to their webcam screens and Niall blinks in confusion for a moment, until he remembers that there’s a huge Irish flag on the front of his low cut tank top. It’s what he feels most comfortable in while still showing some skin.

You: You’re a right Sherlock aren’t you?

It’s ridiculous how focused Niall is on the way the muscles in the stranger’s arms work while he types out his next words.

Stranger: Don’t be mean :( Some people wear shirts with flags just for fun.

You: Sry, just fucking with you.

Stranger: Fucking sounds good :))))

Niall shouldn’t be choking on his own spit because that’s exactly what they’re here for but he does anyway, feeling his cheeks and his throat flare up with heat. He bites at his bottom lip and tries to ignore how nervous he is. He has done this a thousand times before, it’s just getting off with a stranger. Granted, this is the hottest one he’s been with so far and he doesn’t even know what the bloke’s face looks like but it doesn’t matter. Niall is hooked.

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anonymous asked:

Hey love, if you're comfy with it, can you do something fluffy with 76 and or Pharah, where they wake up next to their s/o and spot their tattoo, which is normally hidden beneath clothing or armor.

Soldier 76:

76 was very excited to spend the night with you for the first time. It’d been so long since he experienced such tender intimacy, and quite frankly he had the best sleep he’d had in awhile that night. 

He was so happy to open his eyes and see you snuggled up to him. Jack lovingly watched you as you slept, relishing in the peaceful appearance you gave off. However, his eye caught a spot of color on your skin that he did not recognize. Suddenly concerned, he shifts your clothing just a bit to get a better look and he was surprised to see that it was a tattoo. He didn’t remember you ever mentioning that. 

Jack stared at it quietly, gently ghosting his fingers over the artwork. He was actually quite fond of it. The way the colors popped against your skin, the way it contorted with the curvature of your body, he loved it all. 

His gentle touches eventually stir you awake, and he chuckles upon hearing you groan with exhaustion. “How long have you had this?” he asked softly, running his fingers over the tattoo for good measure. 

“Awhile,” you say after a yawn.

“Does anyone else know about this?”

You take a moment to think before uttering a soft, “I don’t think so?”

With that, Jack chuckles and presses a soft kiss to the tattoo. “Good,” he purred. “I don’t want anyone else to see this. “Your body is a work of art, and I’m keeping it in my private collection.”


Fareeha nearly screamed when she opened her eyes and saw a flash of color on your body. She panicked and thought maybe it was a rash or worse— so she adjusted your clothing while you still slept soundly, then gave a sigh of relief to see it was only a tattoo.

She then proceeds to smack you awake with her pillow. “Why didn’t you tell me you had a tattoo!?” she exclaimed. “I thought you were dying!” 

You, in your freshly woken daze, have no clue what’s going on. You glance at your tattoo, then proceed to laugh at her ridiculousness. You both share a good laugh over it, and when you both wind down, you lie back in bed where Pharah carefully traces a finger over the intricate artwork. 

“i kind of like it,” he said with a chuckle. “And no one else knows you have this?”

You shake your head no, confirming she is the only one to know about it. She can’t help but smile. It’s just a little thing, but it makes her feel special. 

“Maybe I’ll get one too…” she muses. “Then it can be a nice little secret between us.” 

Shut Your Mouth (Jason McCann) (MATURE)

Walking into the house, I heard faint mumbling. I threw my bag on the couch and slipped my shoes off.

I walked into the kitchen to see Jason sat on the counter. I would’ve smiled but - for the hundredth time in the last few weeks - men were crowding the kitchen. Not just men, men I didn’t know, men with guns. I stopped in my tracks.

“Babygirl,” Jason said, he smiled as he was jumping off the countertop. “Hey.” His hand trailed around my waist and pulled me close.

“Hi.” I looked up at him and felt the familiar wave of happiness as I looked up at him gazing lovingly down at me.

His lips met mine then. He was rough as he pushed against me. He pulled away almost instantly. “I missed you.”

I nodded. “What’s going on?” I asked, looking around the crowded kitchen as some faces stared back at me.

I asked even though I knew; whenever they were here, something was happening. They were planning something important and I knew Jason didn’t really want me here when it was like this.

“Oh, it’s nothing, baby. Just business.” He pulled me into the living room and pressed me up against the wall. He hummed before pressing his lips against mine again, this time he slipped his tongue between my teeth. His hands travelled past my hips and to my ass, he squeezed it in each hand. “You’re so sexy. I love you.” He said while moved down to my neck where he left open-mouthed kisses.

“Jason, stop.” I said, I was unable to move anywhere so I simply shoved him away by his shoulders. “I’m just gonna go upstairs, I’ll see you later, yeah?” I didn’t give him time to reply as I walked away.

“Baby?” He asked, watching me as I grabbed my bag and my jacket before heading for the stairs. “[Y/N], don’t ignore me.” He ordered, but I did.

Once I’d got to our bedroom, I simply sat down on the swivel chair that sat near the desk and sighed. I spun helplessly.

The room was silent, even though every now and then I heard the faint sound of laughter coming from downstairs, and I couldn’t help but think back to the time Jason had taken me in this particular chair.

I had been working all night while he was free of work to do, after he tried so hard to get me to stop what I was doing, he got frustrated and gave up.

That was until I had finished what I had to get done and he got somewhat angry and demanded that if I insisted on sitting there all night instead of spending time with him, that he was going to fuck me there since I ‘loved it so much’. I felt my stomach flip as I remembered the uncomfortable but exciting night.

I could still hear the muttering coming from downstairs and I felt myself becoming both annoyed and scared at the same time. I wanted nothing more than to go down there and tell them to leave, and maybe even tell Jason to leave but I knew it was important and I knew I would never have the confidence.

I was exhausted and tired of the same thing everyday. The same feeling of being on the outside with no idea what was happening, or if my boyfriend was going to come home the next night, I was tired of being scared.

I watched TV for a good few hours, I wasn’t sure when they were going to be leaving but the second I heard the scraping of chairs and the shuffling, I felt relief wash over me.

“Yeah, alright. I’ll see you guys in the morning.” I heard Jason’s voice near the stairs and my heart jumped.

“Don’t be banging your girlfriend for too long, we’ve got a busy day tomorrow, McCann.” I flinched when laughter followed the man’s deep voice.

“C'mon, man. Leave her out of it.” I shuffled uncomfortably under the sheets.

They exchanged a few more words before I heard the door slam and the sound of Jason whistling a tune as his feet touched each step. He stopped when he entered our room.

I laid on my side with the TV still beaming in the darkness but I faced away, my head deep in the pillow.

“So,” He said quietly. “Are we gonna talk or are you gonna be childish and pretend to sleep until I have to come over there and tickle you?” He asked. I didn’t budge but I sighed.

I felt him climb into bed, and run a hand over my hip.

“Tell me what’s wrong. Why did you storm off like that?” He asked.

I had to stop myself from scoffing at his choice of words. “I didn’t storm off.” I mumbled from under the sheets.

“I believe you did. You didn’t even say ‘I love you’ back.” He said, sounding hurt.

I knew Jason, and I knew what words meant to him. I tried my best not to feel guilty.

“Jason, I’m tired.” I said, wanting nothing more than to sleep this all away.

“Then I suggest you tell me what’s making you be so short with me because you’re not sleeping until you do.” He said with a firm tone. I turned over to see him laying so that his head was resting on the palm of his hand.

“You wanna know, Jason?” I sat up and kept a hard stare on him. He didn’t seem effected as he nodded at me. “I’m tired of it all. Of the constant worrying and panicking because I don’t know what’s going on, because there’s men coming into our house everyday to talk about things I’m not allowed to know about.”


“And then you don’t even explain. You think you can just pull me away and kiss me and make it all go away. I go with it normally, and I smile and politely leave you alone, only for you to come upstairs like five hours later and fuck me until you’re satisfied. And then you tell me you love me and we sleep, only to wake up the next morning to do the same day over again.” I finally breathed, feeling tears in my eyes.

He frowned at me now. “[Y/N]. I do all of those things because I don’t want you to have to deal with my worries on top of your own. If you think this is my way of being rude and selfish to you, then you’re fucking dumb.” He spat, finally sitting up. I tried not to flinched at his words. “And you can’t tell me that I don’t please you when I make sure you’ve cum once or twice before I even get started on fucking you. I care more about your satisfaction than I do my own.”

I didn’t speak. I wasn’t done saying everything I needed to say, but I felt as though if I said anymore, I’d cry.

“Ja-Jason.” I stood up now, I paced the room while I rattled my brain for what to say next. “This isn’t what I thought it was going to be and I just don’t think it’s what I want anymore. We’re both not sure about this, and we’ve both lost sight of what this was and I-I think it’s best if we take a break. I th-”

“Shut your mouth before I shut it for you.” He spat. I hadn’t realised he’d stood up and was only feet away from me, towering over me. He had a deep scowl on his face while his jaw clenched.


“What did I just say?” He asked. “You’re not leaving me. I can’t not have you in my life, [Y/N].” He took a hold of my hand and intertwined our fingers. He pulled me impossibly close and pressed his lips to my forehead. “Tell me you love me. Please don’t tell me you don’t love me anymore. Just say it.” He whispered, his fingers tightened around my hand.

“I do love you, Jason. Of course I do. I just think it’ll do us both some good if we-”

I was interrupted. Not by words, but by the touch of his dry lips on my own. Both of his hands met the sides of my face and his thumbs rubbed the skin of my cheeks while he moved his lips rapidly against mine.

My hands ran down his chest. I was captivated by his touch and I felt my emotions fly out of the window when his hands moved down my neck.

He pushed me against the nearest thing he could find, which happened to be the door. My back was thrown straight into the door handle and I whimpered, Jason seemed to see this as a sign of arousal because he growled into the kiss and moved his hands down.

“Tell me,” He kissed my lips sloppily. “Tell me you want this.” He kissed me again. He left small, insufficient pecks.

“I-I do.” I pulled him back against me and jumped when I felt him hauling me up by the back of my thighs.

“You know so well.” He grinned. “You’re so hot, and so beautiful. Please don’t ever forget that.” He mumbled against my skin as he walked us over to the bed. He threw me down before grabbing the ends of his T-shirt and pulling it over his head. All of his upper body tattoos were revealed to my eyes then.

I watched intently as he undid the button of his trousers and yanked his trousers down his legs. I saw his black Calvin Klein boxers and bit down on my bottom lip. He smirked as I did so.

He moved closer to me once again and took a hold of the end of the T-shirt that was actually his, and pulled it over my head.

“I don’t think I’ve ever actually told you how much I love it when you wear T-shirts. You look so small and adorable and I look forward to seeing you wearing them.” He said quietly while his fingers ventured into the depth of my underwear.

I hummed and let my eyes close as I felt his fingers touching my pelvis. I could feel his fingers brushing up and down my clit softly and when I opened my eyes, I saw he had a strong gaze on my face with a small smile on his lips.

“You like that?” He mumbled, already pushing his fingers harder against me.

“Mhm.” I said, pushing my hips up.

“Baby, listen to me.” He said suddenly while his fingers slip to my entrance. “I’m going to pleasure you tonight. Hard. Just like I know you like it.” His face came close to my own and I felt his breath against my lips. “I’m mad at you. I’m angry that you thought about ending this, I’m angry that you suggested I do anything without only good intentions for you. And I’m angry that you’ve made me angry with myself for making you think those things.” His eyes bored into mine and I felt guilt mix in with my arousal.

He pushed one of his slender fingers into me then, and I gasped with surprise. He hummed while he watched me. “I love that face so much.” He whispered.

“Jason.” I whispered. I could feel his finger touching my walls and I only wanted more.

“I know, princess. You want my cock, right? You want to bury myself deep inside of your tight cunt until you’re cumming all over me, isn’t that right?” He spurred me on as I rolled my hips up. “Now, do I let you cum now or make you wait? I think I should make you hold out.” His lips attacked my neck.

He spent time there. He sucked harder and harder and I felt a stinging sensation as I knew he was leaving marks that, by tomorrow, would be a deep purple.

“God, I can’t wait to fuck you.” He rasped, grabbing a hold of my right leg and pulled it closer to him while his other hand still worked on my clit.

“Then d-do it.” I said, looking up at him. He retrieved his hand from my underwear and practically ripped them off of my body.

He took a deep breath while his hands ran up and down my sides. His thumbs moved independently around my skin and I watched him, wondering what he was going to do.

“You’re the light of my life, [Y/N]. You’re the most amazing thing, and I couldn’t be more willing to please you all through the night. I want to make you feel good so you know just how much I love you.” I felt my stomach flip instantly at his words, and once I saw the hard on behind his boxers, I felt the arising excitement.

Finally, I noticed he was placing his length at my entrance. It wasn’t long before he slammed into me with so much more force than I was expecting.

“Oh, baby.” He whispered. “I never get over how tight you are for me.”

He pushed into me roughly, not even giving me time to adjust to him as he slammed each time. I felt myself becoming lightheaded whenever his hips touched mine, but I simply let the pleasure consume me.

While I let my hand run through his hair, his head fell against me. He latched his mouth around my nipple and bit down and tugged it gently. I whimpered at how much pain entered my body.

“Hopefully this’ll teach you that you can’t leave me. I care about you, and only you.” His length hit my g-spot every time and I moaned loudly into his ear. “You’re my little slut, aren’t you? You’re my fuck doll that I adore so, so much. I’m nothing without you.” He muttered.

“Jason, baby. Don’t stop.” My back arched off the bed. I screamed quietly when I felt him pull out, only to slam himself back into me with pressure behind his movement.

“Fuck, do you like that? I love when you scream for me.” He was panting now, and his thrusts were becoming alarmingly fast as he steered us both to our highs.

“P-Please make me cum.” My chest heaved and I felt my palms becoming sweaty while my heart thumped behind my ribs.

“Don’t you dare cum until I tell you to.” He slapped my thigh and caused a sharp buzz to run across my skin. “Remember what happened last time you came before I let you?” I nodded and bit down on my bottom lip. “That’s right, you weren’t allowed to cum for a week. I know you don’t want that, and by how much your pussy is clenching around me, I know all it wants is release. So hold tight.” He rasped and placed his hands on my hips so he could force himself in and out of me with more ease.

I admired him as I tightened my body so I wouldn’t cum. His hair fell in front of his face, it shook with his movements but it still made him look beautiful. His dark eyebrows furrowed and caused creases on his forehead, the look of concentration on his face while his eyes fell closed softly was enough to make my body jerk. His lips fell into a rounded ‘O’ shape, they shined in the light after he ran his tongue across them a few seconds ago.

“I’m gonna cum. Fuck, I don’t wanna cum yet.” His eyes were closed tightly now, and I felt his fingernails digging into the skin on my hips. “Don’t cum, [Y/N]. I swear, if I feel you cum you’re gonna regret it.” He still wasn’t looking at me. It was as though he was trying his best not to let go.

“I can tell you wanna cum. Let’s cum together, baby.” I said tauntingly, loving the way he shook above me.

“Fuck it.” He muttered, opening his eyes. “Look at me.” His right hand snaked around so that it cupped the side of my neck. “Don’t fucking close your eyes, keep my eyeline. Cum for me, slut. Let go for Jason, you know you want to. Do it now, release your sweet cum all over my cock.” He spat.

My back arched while I dug my nails into his arms. I blinked a few times but I didn’t let my eyes stray from his own as he gazed at me. I noticed his left eye twitching as he raised one side of his mouth, showing his white teeth as he growled through his orgasm. “Fuck.”

“Oh my God, Jason. Shit.” I whimpered, feeling my whole body tense until I started to come down.

He was panting and I loved the sound, and the way his chest heaved. He fell onto me. He kissed my shoulder.

“Like I said,” He swallowed as he breathed heavily. “You’re not going anywhere.” He bit the skin on my shoulder.

“I love you.” I said. “But we do need to talk about this at some point.” I ran a hand through his hair and down his neck to which he hummed.

“I promise to keep you informed on important things, but that’s as far as it goes. I don’t want you physically involved in any of it. I’m not about to lose you.” He said firmly, letting his fingers lace around my own.